Black teen showing hairy pussy

Black teen showing hairy pussy
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Being 17 years old and working the very early mornings at this café before school wasn't exactly my definition of living the dream. I made pretty decent money, sure, but it meant getting in there at 4 in the morning and then having to go straight into school. The café was renowned for doing these little patisseries and shit made to go along with the coffees. I was really good at making those, but they needed them fresh in the early morning.

No matter what the reason, a teenage boy should NOT be up that early in the morning. Ever. But I slugged it out, only because the pay was so good. But even that didn't work as enough of an incentive anymore, I was very nearly about to quit when this new chick started… Obviously in a coffee place you're going to need baristas.

Even on the early shift I was working. It was normally just the guy who owned the place, but as the shop started making more and more money, the owner figured he could afford to sleep in now, and he hired this new girl named Gia. She was fucking insatiable. Blonde hair, green eyes. Nice perky tits, and THE roundest, bubbliest ass there is.

She was apparently 25, but she didn't look any older than 20 to me. She was perfect. I tell you, that ass alone was enough to make me want to stay at that job.

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Better yet, part of the uniform is that you have to wear all black, and she didn't have any black pants, so she just wore tights everyday that just clung to her body, giving me the perfect outline of her body. It can not be stressed enough how hot this chick was. So we worked together with this arrangement for a while. I would make these little patisserie things, and she would stand at the counter looking bored as hell.


At first we didn't really speak much. Then we started having some awkward chit-chat, which developed into some pretty good conversation. I found out she was kind of in and out of relationships since she was pretty young so she found it kind of hard to take her relationships seriously. I found out she was pretty strapped for cash, and when she found out I in fact made more than her, she started teasing me and making a lot of jokes about how I was "Mr.

Rich Guy" and stuff like that. I professed my love for her body many times, to which she was very flattered. Customers very rarely came in while we were working (and by rarely, I mean perhaps one customer every two weeks) so we enjoyed a complete lack of interruption.

It was a really great situation, I really enjoyed her company. I couldn't imagine it being better.

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But believe me, it got better So perhaps I should have mentioned, it's a really small place that we work in. Gia and I bumped into each other a lot, something I loved.

Probably the highlight of my job was if she would ever have to walk past me. Because the space was so tight, if she ever had to get passed me, we would really press together. So I would always take a step back, and she would always go with her back facing me, so as she went past, her ass would graze against my crotch. Very easily the highlight of my job.

So one day, I was kind of tired so I was a bit out of it. I spent the morning just staring at her body.

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She had recently died her hair red, and she was wearing her glasses, which she didn't normally. Christ, she looked so fucking sexy. I saw her spill something and I got kind of excited because I knew she was going to have to walk past me to get the broom. Normally, I can keep my composure, but considering how tired I was, I was struggling to keep myself controlled.

That, coupled with how hot she looked today caused me to get a pretty massive boner. She comes by and turns away from me in order to try and slide through.


Her gorgeous round ass faces me and it lightly grazes my rock hard cock. She squeaks a little as she feels it, but otherwise seems to pretend it hadn't happened, she didn't seem at all upset by it. I remain stood against the wall, still reeling from that thrill, of my dick being pointed into her ass, only separated by the fabric of my pants and her leggings.

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My boner shows no signs of going down. Gia grabbed the broom and began her return trip towards me.

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I remained stood back at the wall, and she gave me a little knowing look as she turned her back to me. My cock grazed past her first cheek very slowly, so that my dick came to rest in her crack. But instead of continuing past me, Gia waited there. After a moment, she pushed her waist hard back into mine, allowing my cock the full ecstasy that a clothed ass could offer. I instinctively put my hands on her waist and started to very slowly, very gently grind against her. She started to moan softly, and as my arousal grew, I started to push myself hard into her, causing her to squeal.

I could not believe how lucky I was, and she was so consenting too. I knew I had to push this as far as I could. I began to kiss and suck at her neck, soliciting nothing worse than more seductive moans. I reached around to gently rub her pussy through the thin fabric of her leggings. The only reaction this received was a slight dampening between her legs. With my other hand, I began to fondle one of her ample breasts.

Once again, it warranted no worse a reaction than this cock-hardening coo. It seemed I could continue to push this indefinitely, and we simply stood there, grinding against one another, wordless in embrace. And then the worst fucking thing that could happen at that time did.

A fucking customer comes in. I mean seriously, who the fuck wants Coffee at 4.30am? Fuckwit… Anyways, luckily he didn't see what we were doing, but Gia went to tend to him right away. I'd never been to a strip club, but I remember thinking that the blue balls they give you there could not possibly contend with what I was dealing with right now. I watched her deal with the customer. I thought our moment was over and I was naturally quite irritated. She returned to me, grinning wickedly, surely knowing I must be suffering from a severe case of blue balls.

"What do I have to do to get you to do that for me again?" "Hmmm…" She pondered, making a cute little face as if she was thinking it over, making the aching of my cock even worse. Eventually, she leaned into my ear and said, "Tell you what, Mr. Rich Guy. If you put a little something in wallet, I might let you put something else in my mouth." I quickly fumbled for my wallet and took out all the money I had.

"Woah, save it baby." She said, coolly. "Save some of that money for all the other stuff youre going to get me to do to you." With that, she took a single 50 dollar note and then fell to her knees. She looked up at me with big wide eyes as she slid the 50 into her cleavage. The she unbuckled my pants, allowing my cock to spring forward, hitting her in the face.

She giggled, and slapped my dick against her face a few times, the contact with her hands and her face increasing the tension in my balls. She then smiled up at me widely, looking so fucking cute. I seriously thought I was going to unload all over her face right then.

Then she begins to flick her tongue against the tip of my cock, with one hand around my base my slowly up… and down&hellip. Up&hellip. And down&hellip. She then spits on my cock and uses her hands to lather it all over dick, which is becoming ever more sensitive to her every touch. She then starts to rub me a little harder, and as she looks up once again, she grins softly as she sees how intently I'm watching her. She then takes me in her mouth, all the way so that I press at the back of her throat.

This feels as if this is would surely be the height of my ecstasy, but then she reaches out her tongue to flick against my balls. Feeling my cock begin to twitch, signalling my orgasm, Gia suddenly stops. She wordlessly, stands up, removes her shirt slowly, allowing me to gaze upon her glorious breasts for just a second, and then she fell to her knees once more to resume her oral assault. She works my base with her hands while sloppily sucking over the head til I begin to twitch again.

She takes her mouth of my cock and asks me where I would like to cum.

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My head was in the air, I found it difficult to answer this question. I wanted to cum everywhere, in her mouth, on her face, and all over her body. Eventually I came up with the answer, "On your breasts." She smiled and squeezes her breasts together while looking up at me.

I enthusiastically jack my self off until I finally feel the heavenly release of rope after rope of cum sailing out of my cock. The hot, wet cum begins to drip and slid down her body, and she scoops up some to put sexily in her mouth.

She then puts my half deflated cock back and her mouth and slurps on it until she starts to feel it harder again. She then stands up, slides her leggings down her legs so they drop to the floor, then turns around and leans on my working table, as she gazes back at me over her shoulder.

I finally get to see her sweet, plump ass. She starts to sway her hips invitingly, and her cheeks seductively roll around next to each other. I position myself behind her in the tight space and manage to slip my cock inside her. I position my hands on her hips and start to rock myself into her harder and harder.

It feels like im dominating her as she girlishly moans and squeals, and the fact that im dominating a beautiful older woman only arouses me more. Her warm pussy clamped around my cock, with her juices glazing it, it was too much to bear.

I knew I was about to cum soon, but not before she came herself. She started wailing, and pressing herself harder against than ever before. After a few seconds of convulsing she went limp. I then pulled myself and jacked myself off all over her back. I came so hard that some of it even wound up in her hair. After Gia had regained her composer, she stood up again, her entire back and front laced in my jizz. She smiled and me and I told her honestly that it was the best 50 bucks I ever spent.

She then lent over and whispered in my ear, "Well let me know next time you have another 50 buck you want to… blow"