Wet bath and good fuck

Wet bath and good fuck
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O'Malley spread her cheeks. Well boys, who is going first. Lets flip for it Sarge. Ok. First guy to only get Tails goes first. Sarge slapped the Bitch Ass. That's the tail you get.

Oh, look Sarge, the poor little Whore is shaking. She should have thought of that before she came into my district. They all laughed and flipped their coins. Heads, Heads, Tails. Fuck You O'Malley, you are first again. Yea sick of your sloppy seconds. Boys you like it, fucking a pussy with my cum running out.


O'Malley squeezed her ass cheeks. Gonna fuck this guinea bitch good. She should have stayed up on Taylor Street with the rest of the gumba's. READY FOR SOME STREET JUSTICE, WHORE.

Lisa started to move her legs, her knees were buckling. Bitch, I told you keep them spread wide, you won't like it if I have to improvise. Sarge slapped the Bitch ass on each cheek. Look at that boys, jiggles real nice.


Come on Sarge fuck her already, we are stiff already. Yea fuck that pussy already. Lisa, naked, cold, trembling handcuffed in the alley waited yet another ordeal. There was the brief moment of hope, the fresh air of freedom now pulled away. She had fallen in among the street cops of this backwater district. This was the hood and the cops that no one wanted to know about. Every day they would come from their quiet neighborhoods of safe streets, clean cut lawns and flower boxes to the backwater of the inner city.

Vacant buildings, empty lots, cars on crates, crap everywhere. The urban decay of the 70's had set in. In this harsh environment they had learned to cope and survive in a hostile environment. Lowest on the food chain were the street whores.

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Mainly addicts the cops considered them vermin. Especially worthy of contempt were the white girls who would come down to sell themselves on the street. A hand pulled Lisa's head to the side.

Ready for some White Cock for a change? We're not going to pay you, this is a freebie. If you are good, maybe we won't dump you in the river.

He spit in her face. Fucking Skank, what shit are you on.

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Please, you are wrong you don't&hellip. Shut the fuck up with the bullshit, every one of you Bitches has some BULLSHIT sob story. Her head jerked the other way. Oh the little slut is crying.

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What's a matter the cops being mean to you or you miss the black dick. Tears ran down the little Bitch's eyes as the Sergeant ran his hand over her cunt. Violently he rammed his dick inside her. A spot light lit up the scene as another cop car came into the alley. Hey boys, thought we come by to join in the fun. You guys got to wait your turn. Sarge likes to take his time and then we are next. Look like a nice young cunt this time. Yea they are getting younger.

Sarge was grunting and moaning.

He had her hips in his hands as rammed his dick inside her. Hey Mikey, why don't you check this shit out. One of the new cops, a tall bulky young blonde man walked up where Lisa was cuffed to the pipe. Mikey pulled her by the hair and looked into her red puffy face.


Cute little Bitch, you guys are wasting a hole. He took off the cuffs and grabbed her hair holding her head waist high and jammed his fingers into her mouth. Lisa gagged as pushed his fingers around her mouth. He looked down at her red crying face. Ready for some throat fucking, you little whore?

TWO HOURS LATER Lisa lay in the alley as the cops stood around smoking and laughing drinking beer. Curled up in a ball Lisa lay cold and shivering in the alley. The cops joked as they took turns pissing on the helpless piece of trash.

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Mikey held his dick aiming his yellow stream at her head. Worthless Bitch. Lisa shivered as the warm piss turned cold. Finally a police truck with a box built for prisoners pulled up. It was the MEAT WAGON. They used it to transport groups to the county jail. Nights they would round up a group of whores, just enough to make a good show. They would throw them in the meat wagon and take them to the jail and hold them in a cell for court. The cops opened the back of the meat wagon and it was already almost full.

It was motley lot of Whores. The Good the Bad and the Ugly but no good. You two, pull her in. Two Black bitches pulled Lisa into the Meat Wagon. Hate to be that girl. Got that right, lets give them time to have some fun. Two cops drove the Meat Wagon over to the local restaurant and went into eat. Inside the Meat Wagon. So What we got here, fucking Snow White. What you doing down here, girl. No, you don't understand.

Shut the Fuck up, we understand alright, come down here selling your white ass. You should stay with your own kind. Hard enough for us without some young white whore coming around.

Wait, Wait. Mahalia, an old fat black whore grabbed Lisa by the hair. You ever eat any black pussy. Oh No. What you got something against me. No NOI never.

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Slap. Lisa took a slap across the face. Mahalia pulled down her shorts down around her fat thighs. Bout time you learned. Get in here and start licking. Had five fucks tonight so it should be nice and juicy for you. The other girls were laughing their asses off.

Now that something I wouldn't want to smell. You watch what You talking bout. Yelled Mahalia. She pulled Lisa face down into her crotch. I wants to feel some sucking and licking. That's it, lick it, suck it. Get that tongue inside me. Let me hear you slurp bitch. Eat It. Eat it. Eat it. Fucking White tramp. Mahalia wrapped her thighs tight around Lisa's head. Her mouth was deep inside the fat, smelly dirty ugly black cunt. Lisa couldn't even see, her head was trapped by the belly fat rolls hanging down the fat whore.

Eat it Bitch. Suck on it. Lisa could hardly breath. The smell, the taste were so putrid. The smell of urine, cum made a toxic mix.

To Be Continued.