Tamil guy ass licking hot

Tamil guy ass licking hot
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As we were laying there recovering from the best orgasm ever, I asked Cassie when was the last time her mom kissed her down there. She told me that when Tracie and her moved in with me. She told me we couldn't do that anymore because I might find out. If I found out I would have Tracie put in jail and she would never see her mom again. As I was laying there thinking about what Cassie just told me, Tracie called to let us know she would be home in about an hour.

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I talked with Cassie some more about what just happened. I told her she must never let anyone know what we just did not even her best friend or she would never see her mom or me again. She said she understood and wouldn't tell anyone. I then asked her if she would like to do what we did again but have her mom join us.

She had a grin on her face you could see from a mile away so I knew that was a yes. I also knew that Tracie would have to be tricked into it. Don't get me wrong I think she would be ok but you never know if her maternal instincts might kick in and freak out. So I told Cassie my plan and we put it in place. When Tracie came home we told her we wanted to go out to eat since we had been stuck in this house all day.

I knew Tracie would take a shower before she went anywhere. So as Tracie was taking a shower Cassie went in and started talking to her.

She made sure to tell her mom that I had left to go to the post office to check the mail. While she was talking to her mom, I sneaked outside to look into the window from the outside. I had to time this perfect. Cassie waited till her mom was through showering and drying off then popped the question. Mom do you still Love Me.

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Tracie shocked said of course why would you ask that. Which Cassie replied because you never kiss it any more. Tracie turned white and quickly looked toward the door. Where Cassie said, I already told you Jo left to go to the post office. She then looked at the lock and it appeared to be locked. So she grabbed Cassie's hand and said.


Baby I told you what I did was wrong. I should have never done that. It isn't because I quit loving you. But mom it feels so good will you do it just one more time please. I could see Tracie's lip quiver. She wanted to so bad but she was being cautious. Finally she couldn't resist any more. With Cassie sitting on the sink counter she knelt down and just dove into her little girl's pussy. I was so into watching I almost forgot about the rest of the plan.

So I walked back into the house and took a deep breath and opened the bathroom door. Tracie you got something in the mail I blurted out as I walked into the bathroom. The expression on Tracie's face was priceless, it was like getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar or as in her case, her tongue buried in her daughter's pussy. She stood up and stepped backwards as far and quickly as she could until she was up against the wall.

My response was what the hell is going on in here, while steady walking straight toward Tracie. I pinned her against the wall and started kissing her hard and shoved my fingers up in her pussy. Man was she wet. As I was standing there finger fucking her and kissing her Cassie just sat there enjoying the show. That is until she cleared her throat.

Tracie jumped and said wait Cassie is in here.

I walked over to Cassie, who was grinning from ear to ear, and told her lets show mom what you learned today.

She stuck out her tongue and I started sucking on it and then she did me. Tracie walked over and grabbed me and spun me around asking me what the fuck I thought I was doing.

Cassie then grabbed her mom's arm and said shut the fuck up and give me a kiss mom. While Tracie was now sucking on her daughters tongue, I was shedding clothes.

I walked up behind Tracie and started massaging her tits. Tracie started moaning and damn if she didn't have an orgasm without anyone even touching her pussy. I turned Tracie around and kissed her. I turned toward Cassie and picked her up and started walking toward the bedroom. Tracie at first just stood there until Cassie said come on Mom what u waiting for. Tracie started walking with us but I could tell she was very apprehensive. I stood Cassie on the bed and turned around and looked at Tracie.

I told her look I am not going to penetrate her ok but we can still have some fun. This seemed to relax her a little and I told Tracie to show her daughter how to suck a dick.

She started sucking on my dick but she kept looking at Cassie. I picked up Cassie and put her where she was straddling my dick.


I started moving my dick in between Cassie legs and rubbing my cock against her little pussy. I would pull all the way back so her mom could lick her little pussy then ram my dick down her throat. It wasn't long before Cassie started shaking and I wasn't far behind. I shot cum all over Tracie's face and got cum all over Cassie.

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Tracie immediately licked her daughter clean of any evidence. Cassie in turn started kissing and licking her mom's face removing what was left. I looked at Tracie and she wanted to smile but she also looked scared. She started mumbling something about what she just did.

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I told her it would be ok. As we were talking, Cassie crawled down between her mom's legs and started licking her pussy. Tracie jumped and tried to force Cassie away but Cassie had one thing on her mind. She looked up at her mom and said it is your turn mom.

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I crawled down so I could watch this little girl eat pussy for the very first time. She was licking all over the place so I pointed at her mom's clit and told her to lick and suck on it. It wasn't long before Tracie was screaming out Cassie's name. When she first screamed Cassie jumped back but I grabbed her head and pushed it back down and told her not to stop that her mom is enjoying it.

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Trace pulled Cassie up to her and started licking her face clean. I leaned in and got me a kiss from both of them. I think I can actually say now there is no way it can get better than this.