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Pretty czech teens gape their asses with anal plug and fat dildos
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Ultimate Heroes Part 2 Spiderman swung across town back to his apartment. When he arrived he saw Kurt Conners Passed out on the floor. Mary Jane was nowhere to been seen. Spiderman saw the light on in the bathroom.

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As he approached he saw Mary Jane laying over the toilet. Her belly had begun to swell with the symbiote seed.


" Dammit the stupid bitch!" Spiderman thought. He knew it was too late Mary Jane would give birth to the symbiote child. Spiderman picked up Mary Jane and carried her to the master bed. She struggled lightly. "Please no Peter I don't feel well." She said.

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" Fuck you bitch you should have gotten rid of the symbiote while we had the chance." Peter said. Spiderman threw Mary Jane down and climbed on top of her. He spread open her gaping ass cheeks and pulled out his dick. Mary Jane's ass cheeks were raw and red. Spiderman lined up his dick and slammed forward causing Mary Jane to gasp in pain. He began thrusting in and out of her ass with no remorse for the pain she felt. Mary Jane begged for Spiderman to take his dick out of her ass, but he refused.

Pushing her head into the mattress and fucking her ass harder. Spiderman began to buckle as his organism began to build. He pushed deep into Mary Jane's ass and let his dick spew his thick web into her abused asshole.


Mary Jane thought she was done…but Spiderman had plans yet for her still. As she began to roll over spider man grabbed and spread her legs once again. He lined his hand up at Mary Jane's pussy. "What are you…" Mary Jane said as Spiderman punched Mary jane as hard as he could in the pussy. His form arm went all the way into Mary Janes gaping cunt. She screamed in pain as her pussy was ripped apart by Spiderman's massive arm. Spiderman began to twist his arm and pump in and out as Mary Jane screamed for her life embedded on his arm.

Her pussy bled all over his arm. Spiderman pulled in and out repeatedly fisting Mary Jane's pussy. "You stupid bitch (thrust) don't you (thrust) Ever (thrust) try and fuck with another man again. As Peter tortured Mary Jane Wolverine and Storm were sparring in the hyperbolic chamber. Storm kicked Wolverine in the face. He went flying against the chamber wall. Wolverine couldn't concentrate, because Storm was wearing a very revealing outfit. Her huge black tits were barely held in by her purple tank top.

On bottom she had a skirt so short that Wolverine was sure he could see the edges of her pussy lips. Wolverine pounced slamming storm to the wall. Claws extending into Storm he pinned her arms against the wall.

"Looks like you win Logan." Storm grimaced. " I'm not done yet ." Logan retorted as he went in for a kiss. Storm tried to push Wolverine off to no avail. Wolverine's tongue found its way into Storm's mouth. She could feel herself begin to moisten.

Wolverine pulled his claws back and with one big slash left storm standing naked in front of him. Her black tits huge and firm staring him in the face. She had a little pubic trail leading to what could only be one of the finest pussies this Earth had ever seen.

Logan Stripped out of his tattered clothes and approached Storm. The rage of the beast was in his eyes as he picked her up and with on motion slammed her all the way down on his 10 in dick. The wind was knocked out of Storm as her eyes began to roll back into her head.

She had never taken a dick this big before. Logan began to pump her up and down on his massive pole her black tits slapping him in the face with each pump. Wolverine put Storm up against a wall. Her legs automatically wrapped around his back as he thrust into her darkest depths. Wolverine could feel storm's pussy contracting around his huge fuck stick. She moaned into his ear as he fucked her harder and harder.

Storm let out a howl as Wolverine began to shot load after load of hot spunk deep into her pussy. As Wolverine and Storm came down from their climax Wolverine picked up a weird smell. As he turned around a black blob of ooze shot straight at his face.

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BOOM! A red beam blasted the ooze at the last second blowing it into thousands of tiny black pieces. " What the fuck was that?" Wolverine said. Cyclops said, "Your welcome for starters, but it looks like were under attack from some time of symbiote go check on the kids while I contact the professor. The Black Cat was awoken from a loud bang in the alley way. She sat up too see a hulking form blocking out any light from the street.

She was in no shape to fight after taking two huge loads of symbiote seed from venom. "Hopefully he doesn't notice me she thought." The form started walking deeper into the alley.

His skin had a strange green glow to it. " Oh shit!" Black cat thought "Is that really him?" The hulk pushed his way deeper into the alley. His eyes were stuck on the Black cat's wet pussy. The Hulk moved forward slowly he was not going to let this hot piece of ass get away from him. The Black Cat tried to roll out of the way, but the hulk caught her with one arm and shoved her up against the wall.

The Black Cat could feel the bulge in the hulks pants as he rubbed up against her. It felt like a tree trunk was begin pressed against her back. She winced as she felt the Hulk rip off his shorts. She knew what was too come. She tried to tighten her legs together but the hulk pulled them apart and shoved his three foot dick half way into her fuck box.


At only half way in the Black cat already felt like her body was being ripped in too. The hulk took no time gaining speed and momentum as he began to fuck the black cat's wet pussy. Her pink lips stretched to the max as the huge tree like limb pushed deeper than anything had gone in her pussy. The black cat began to organism like she had never known. Wave after wave of pleasure and pain shot through her body as the Hulk's dick pummeled her pussy. His dick was so big it was like having a baby every time his huge pole was removed from her snatch.

The Hulk 's cock began to grow bigger as he began to organism.

His tip became the size of two apples as he shot loads of green spunk into the black cat. She fainted on his dick. As he pulled out she feel to the ground in a slump. Eddie brock sat on his bed in his small apartment. The train rattled by through the open window. Eddie heard the door to the apartment open and slam shut. "Lisa must be back," Eddie thought as he got up and approached the living room and entrance. Lisa was a mess after spiderman have severely raped her a gang of bikers had found her lying naked in the alleyway and taken advantage of her.


Lisa's dark black hair glistened with cum. Her tits swung out in the open as her black shirt had been ripped open exposing her mammoth breasts. Her short skirt was ripped and her lime green thong lay dismantled and wet next to her used pussy. Her pussy lips were swollen and red from the severe beating it had received.

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Brock was instantly hard as the symbiote began to creep up his leg and make his dick throb. Lisa wouldn't even notice one more fuck. Brock thought thisbut in reality it would be one of the hardest fucks of her life. Brock walked across the room and picked up the stumbling Lisa. Carrying her to the bedroom he instantly stripped revealing the symbiote covering all his body except his face. Brock threw Lisa on the bed. She moaned softly as Brock mounted her missionary style.

Reaching down brock pushed his fist into lisa's destroyed pussy. She screamed in pain as he began to fist her hard. Her pussy was leaking juices all over the bed. Blood cum and sweat dripped of Lisa's ripe thighs as Brock pummeled her. Brock pulled out his hand and slammed his black cock in Lisa's cunt. She yelped loudly.

"UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH UGHNNNN!' "OH DADDY FUCK YOUR LITTLE DIRTY WHORE FUCK ME HARD DADDY!" "FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!" Lisa screamed at the top of her lungs. Brock pulled out of Lisa's pussy and rolled her over doggie style. Lisa tried to get up but brock held her down. He positioned his throbbing dick and slammed into her starfish. Brock's dick when so far up Lisa's ass she instantly shit on his dick.

"Take it like a dirty bitch" Brock yelled as his balls slapped hard against lisa's cunt. Lisa could only yell into the pillow head was smashed into as Brock ran a train on her ass. Brock new he was about to cum. He pulled out and slammed into Lisa 's dripping pussy.

Shit blood and cum moistened the already soaking pussy. Brock couldn't take much more as his thrust picked up spead. In out in out inoutinout. "FUCK FUCK FUCK take it bitch!!" Brock screamed as his dark sperm shot deep into his daughters bloody womb. She was instantly impregnated. As Brock lay relaxing to bed next to raped daughter he smiled. He could feel his off springs presence in the city. It wouldn't be long before he had an army of symbiotes. Brock laughed soon he could take over the city and claim all the pussy he ever dreamed of.