Saggy Titten reifen wichsen Hahn mit guten cumshot

Saggy Titten reifen wichsen Hahn mit guten cumshot
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It was right after school and I had play practice.

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My mom forced me to audition for the role of Lumiere in Beauty and The Beast. Practice went from 2:30-6:30. But today when I came to practice the teacher had to cancel and told us to call our parents to pick us up.

My mom doesn't get technology so she doesn't use a cell phone and she was at work until 6:00 so I had no way of reaching her until then. So I had to stay there on the school stage for 4 hours with 2 people waiting for their parents. My friend Evan and a girl in my class named Mikayla. After about 30 minutes Evan's parents picked him up. Leaving just me and Mikayla which was awkward since we weren't close.

"My mom is at work so she can't get me." She said to me "Same here," I replied back. "This is pretty boring." "Yeah it is. Hey you wanna go play with some of these props back stage? It'll pass the time." "Yeah sounds fun." We put down our stuff and played with some of the props. There was a bow and arrow prop there so I used it to see which row in the bleachers I could get to. Mikayla put on this costume that was in the dress room.

It was a princess dress.

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"I look good don't I?" The dress wasn't her size it went up to her knees. I have no idea how she breathed in that dress. "Yeah you do." "Thanks." Her smile was so cute. she went back in the girls dressing room to change back into her clothes. I started walking around looking for something to do but then I slipped on a roller skate that Mikayla used about 10 minutes ago and fell into the girls dressing room.

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"WHAT'RE YOU DOING HERE!" She covered up her boobs. "I-I-I slipped I swear!" I was stuttering really bad I had popped a boner. And lets note that I was wearing baggy pants. If I got up I would be exposed. "GO ON GET OUT!" She shouted even louder.

So I decided to just get up I tried to cover up the fact I had one but I didn't work she saw it.

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"Oh you really find me that sexy?" She said uncovering herself so that I could see her boobs again. I got harder and she came closer. "What are y-you doing?" She got down on her knees and touched it through my shorts. She then pulled down my shorts and boxers and my dick hit her in the face. She then started to stroke it. I almost came just from that.

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"Oh this is your first time?" This concerned me. I was 15 and she was 14 I think. And this wasn't her first time? Well at least she knows what she's doing. Then she started to lick my dick up and down. It felt so good! "Oh man." I moaned. She giggled and put the head in her mouth licking it. "Oh man." I couldn't stand it. I shoved her head down on it and made her suck it deep. "OH YEAH!" She forced me to stop and said, "If you want me to go deep just ask." She then started to and it felt like heaven.

Then I got the feeling down in my cock. "IM CUMING!" I shouted.

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She stopped, "I want to make you cum with my tits. She wrapped her boobs around my dick and stroked it up and down. "I'M CUMING RIGHT NOW!" I came all over her face. She wiped it all off with her fingers and then licked it off. "My turn now. Get on the floor!" I did. At this point I would've done anything just for more action.

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She got on top of me. She wanted to 69.


So I started to lick her pussy. She moaned so much then she climaxed. All her juices flowed right into my mouth.


It tasted weird. "That was good." "Now if I let you do me in my vagina you can pull out in enough time right?" "Yeah no prob!" I honestly had no idea if I could control myself. She hopped onto the table where we kept props and shoved them all off and layed on her back streching her pussy out with her 2 fingers. "Cum on in Jake." I slowly went in then when it got to where my balls touched her butt I started moving faster and faster. I felt like I was the king of everything.

She started to moan so loud I was afraid everyone in a 10 mile radius could hear her but I didn't care! I grabbed her boobs and started to go faster and faster while squeezing her boobs. "OH FUCK ITS SO GOOD!" She moaned.

I was at my limit so I pulled out and shot my load all over her chest and her boobs. "I hope you don't think were done you still have one more thing to do." She got on all fours and pointed at her ass. SHE WANTED ME TO FUCK HER IN THE ASS I WAS SO HAPPY! I wanted to cry but I didn't. I came closer to her ass hole, "Are you sure about this?" "YES DO IT!" She shouted. I put it in her ass hole. It was so so tight.

I felt like my dick was stuck in a head phone slot.


It took about 10 minutes but when I finally got all the way in, I started going faster and faster. "Man your ass is so tight!" I expected her to be crying from the pain like I've seen on porn but she was smiling and kept shouting "YES!" so I kept going.

I grabbed her ass with both hads her cheeks were so firm so I spanked it which made her feel even better. After about 2 minutes passed she asked me "ARE YOU GONNA CUM SOON?" I said yes. "CUM INSIDE MY ASS I WANT YOUR HOT CUM IN MY ASS!" I followed through I got faster and faster then I came inside of her ass hole.

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It felt so good I fell over after pulling out. She cuddled up next to me. It was still only 4:28 we had another 2 hours. The entire time we fucked and fucked and fucked. Until it was 6 o' clock and we decided to clean up. When I got the call from my mom saying she was on her way there from home. Mikayla told me that if I ever wanted to go for a ride again just come over to her house.

She walked out of the building. "Your moms here?" "No. I live right down the street." She winked and walked away.