My dick bounce in slo mo

My dick bounce in slo mo
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"Redoing My Sexual Past" __My boyfriend and I were laying in bed watching a porn video about a time machine. This girl went back in time to her first sexual experiences. He turned to me and said: "If you could redo your sex life in the past, what would you do?" That triggered a life long fantasy of mine. To go back in time and change my past sex life to how I wanted it to be. I had thought this through many times. I had never told anyone my fantasy.

I smiled at him with this golden opportunity to share my story, I also knew it would give him a real big hardon, which I planned to take full advantage of. I started revealing the very start of my sex life&hellip. I told him I knew exactly how I would change things. First of all there would be complete sexual freedom.

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I would be able to fuck anyone I wanted to, at any time. I was the younger sister and very shy. I had tiny tits and only a shapely butt. My 2 year older sister was very sexy acting and outgoing. She got all the attention in the family, and had nice growing tits and ass.

I envied her and watched her get more than just attention from males. I would start with my brother and uncle.

As a young girl these were the first guys I wanted to want me and have sex with me&hellip. plenty of sex! Next, the boy down the street, then two male teachers and a girl I got a sexual crush on in school. Yes, a girl. She was the first girl I got sexually aroused over&hellip.but & very first sexual turn on… was a boy I liked named Dana, who lived just down the street. He use to go by on his skate board and smile at me. Nothing ever happen…but I would change all that now.

I would have him stop and talk to me. He would look all excited at my hot body. We would go in the garage and he would feel me up and kiss me. We would get in the back seat of my Daddy's car and he would take my panties off and lick my pussy.

My older sister had done just that very thing&hellip. and I had to stand guard for them so they wouldn't get caught. Now it would be 'me' he would be licking and then we would fuck all we wanted to. I envied my sister so bad as she told me what it was like to be licked by Dana.

Now I would reverse that and I'd tell 'her' how thrilling it was to be licked by him.

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Daddy favored my sister. When no one was looking, he would kiss her on the neck, face and kiss on her dress over her titties when ever he got her alone. She got really horny, I could tell. He didn't seem to care that I was in the room watching him get her all aroused. I know now he was enjoying getting me all horny too.

They did a lot more when I wasn't around. I remember I started getting horny too, just watching them. One time in the garage, I had secretly seen him feel her butt under her skirt and between her legs. I was behind our car playing when I heard them. I squatted down and hid. I peeked around and daddy was behind her and she had her legs wide apart.

He had his hand inside the front of her panties and was rubbing her pussy. She started acting like a rocking horse on his fingers and making little groaning sounds. I stared at them behind the car as they didn't see me. That was the first time I felt wet in my pussy. I reached down inside my panties and rubbed my finger on my own pussy, just like he was doing to her. That was my first time to rub my clit.

It felt wonderful and exciting. He started rubbing her pussy faster and faster, so I rubbed mine faster. She held his arm tight and let out little 'oooo' sounds rocking her pussy on his hand.

My eyes became fixed on his hand. It was easy to imagine he was rubbing my pussy. I know now he did see me and was aroused to be making both of us all excited and turned on.

I had the best feeling in my pussy and it started feeling better and better. I had an urge to feel my own titties, so I did. I suddenly had a real good wonderful feeling jolt in my pussy and I got a little dizzy.


It was my first orgasm. I sure wished it was my pussy he was rubbing,&hellip.but not once did he ever do that to me. I would change that as I wanted to feel his hands feeling me and kissing my neck and my titties like he did her. I want to feel his fingers feeling my pussy too. When mom was gone, my sister would go and sleep with Daddy.

I had to stay in our bedroom&hellip.but I went out and I listened at daddy's door.

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I heard them making moaning noises. She would come back to bed with wet panties. I would change that to 'me' sleeping with daddy and 'me' having the wet panties.

I would pretend to be asleep but see her putting her finger in her pussy and then licking her finger. I never got to do that&hellip.but I sure wanted to. My brother had tried to feel me up but I always shied away all embarrassed but I wanted to let him, but never did.

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He was always nice to me. He never teased or made fun of my plain body. He sometimes would hug me and tell me I was sexy, just to see me blush and run away. I know now he really wanted to have sex with me. After my senior prom and I'd had no sex, he got me alone and we danced in my bedroom. I let him feel my tits and he leaned me over my bed and sucked on my tits and tingled my nipples.

I let him put his hand under my prom dress and finger my pussy.

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I was in heaven it felt so good. I let him take my panties down and he kissed my pussy so nice. He opened up my legs and put his tongue in my pussy. I went weak and couldn't move, I didn't want this night to ever end. He slowly came up and started kissing me. I was in a heavenly daze as he put his cock in my wet pussy.


He turned out to be my very first full sex. We fucked secretly for hours. He let me feel his cock and balls.

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I sucked on his cock and he shot so big in my mouth.&hellip. that…I would never change. When I was younger, I saw my sister once in dad's shed. My brother had his cock out and she was stroking and kissing it. I wished it was me. I would change that day and I would be the one sucking on his cock and I would even give him a hot blow job and swallow his cum. My boyfriend interrupted me and said: "My, you certainly were a horny little shit, and no one knew it." I smiled at him and said: "You ain't heard nothing yet&hellip." Uncle Ted, when he use to baby sit us, he would set us girls on his lap and feel us up.

I would jump down and run away all red in the face. My sister stayed and I watched him put his hand in her panties and rub his finger on her pussy. I wished it had been me. I would change that to her being the shy one and I would let uncle Ted finger me all he wanted to and any thing else he wanted to do to me. He was so handsome and sexy looking. He would take my sister in the bathroom and I would hear the sounds. She would moan and uncle Ted would too.

I just knew they were doing some sex stuff, and I was not getting any attention at all. Uncle Ted took a picture of us naked once, but we never got to see it. I would change all that too. I wanted to see that picture and I would have him show it to me. I would give uncle Ted a blow job and let him fuck me all he wanted to.

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He was one sexy man. My boyfriend ask: "What about these male teachers and that one girl at school?" I said at school I would change it so that those mean girls were never there. I would be the popular one with all the jock guys after me. The girl I got a sex crush on,…omg… we would have the ultimate sleep over.

She had the body I wanted. Tits, ass, hair, face, everything… and she was so sexy. I would sit in class and stare at her. She brought out all the bi-sexual curiosities I ever had. I wanted to have a sleep over with her and we could feel us up and kiss passionately.

I would change that to we 'did' have many sleep overs and I licked her body, tits and pussy too. I would rub our pussy's together and both climax big. She had this really sexy hot body and now I would tongue fuck her all night. If I had then, the body I have now, big tits, nice ass and long flowing hair, she would have envied me and we would have had hot sex all the time.

Today, when I see her now in the grocery store, we always go to my van and feel each others bodies up. We want to have hot girl sex real bad. We've kissed and made each other orgasm with our fingers right in the parking lot, but we want to take our time with total privacy.

She's a very pretty and sexy girl. We say how someday we'll get together and have hot girl sex. I would change that instantly to right now. I want to get her all naked and lick her bare body.

I want feel her tits bare and suck on her nipples.


I want to feel her bare skin on mine and lick down to her pussy and go 69 with her. I want to feel her lick my pussy as I lick hers. I want to grab her beautiful legs and bury my face in her sweet pussy. I want us to have the ultimate girl sex.

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Moaning, twisting and squirming until we yell our climax and squirt our juices. I want all my girl sex urges satisfied and she's the one I want to do it with&hellip. The two male teachers. They both came on to me separately. Now I had nice full tits and they both had kept me after class. It was so hot to have them be turned on by me. I told the first one to lock the door. I led him to the back of the classroom. We started off with a hug. I let him feel my tits and my pussy. I gave him blow jobs and swallowed his cum.

The other one I would meet after school in my van. He loved to kiss me and feel me up in the back of my van with my mirrored blacked out windows.

Students walked by and never knew he was licking my pussy as I sucked his cock. There is nothing I would change about that except I wanted to fuck them both, and they couldn't dance with me and then go have sex after the senior prom.

By now you and I started to get together. You were the best ever. I had waited a long time with just a dreams about you and I making hot sexy love together. Finally the timing was right, and well worth the wait. The dream I never ever thought would come true. Now I don't need a time machine&hellip.

I rolled over on top of him. I opened my night gown and let my big tits rest on his smooth chest. He felt my tits, kissed my nipples and I felt his big hands massaging my ass and body. I reached down and felt his extra big hardon. It was huge, rock hard and felt so wonderfully hot. This was the one man in my life that could make my whole body tremble inside.

The feel of him under me, the feel of his warm skin excited me to a high I never imagined. He knew how to get me so hot and make my nipples hard. My pussy tingled inside and got wonderfully wet. He could lick my pussy until I shook with a wonderful high, then…fuck me until tears of joy ran down my face.

He made love to me like no other man on the planet and I made him cum so hard he just couldn't fuck me enough.

He was all mine now and I was all his. I spread my legs and let his hot cock go between my legs. I rocked back on it feeling it rub on my slit and then reached back and slipped it in my wet pussy.

I slowly scooted back until I felt it touch the bottom of my pussy. I gasp …like I always do. His big strong arms came up to hold me and rock me gently. His hands knew just where to feel me. My pussy was dripping wet as it tingled inside with anticipation. He whispered: ("Is there anything else you would change?") I smiled at him and shook my head… 'no'.

I ran my fingers thru his hair, kissed him all over his face. His big cock felt hot and so damn good in my pussy. We lay there waiting for the ultimate to happen. Now my daddy 'is' my very own boyfriend. I looked at my daddy. I then put my lips to his ear and whispered the two words we both loved to hear: ("…lets fuck.")