Helena amp_ Henessy Get Drunk And Start To scissor Fuck

Helena amp_ Henessy Get Drunk And Start To scissor Fuck
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Ruth and Bob were going to have a great time travelling around the orient and this was their first stop of a series planned to take them through half a dozen countries where they would find pleasure with the respective locals.

"After all," Ruth had smirked when they had planned their trip, "variety is the spice of life!" Between them they fully intended to take in some of the spice on offer in this part of the world. Tonight was their first in Thailand and they decided to wander the streets of Bangkok to get a feel of the nightlife.

Bob wore light slacks and a silk shirt whilst Ruth dressed in a short micro skirt which hardly covered her pussy and she too had on a silk shirt which showed her rouged nipples proudly through as they bobbed along with each step. As they passed the multitude of bars there was no shortage of offers and it seemed like they were in for a good start to the holiday. The problem was where to stop as there were so many possible bars and clubs around.

"Hello you two. You want to come in here to buy me a drink and have a good chat?" The voice was the usual high pitched squeaky sound the girls had given off all night as Ruth and Bob had walked through the streets of Bangkok.

This time though there was something extra attractive about this girl and Bob stopped and eased Ruth into the bar. "Come on babe, we may as well stop here for a while. I'm ready for a drink and she looks like she could help us pass the night along.

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What do you say?" Ruth eyed the girl slowly from head to foot and back again and she nodded approvingly. Bob seemed to have done it again and found a real oriental pearl! The girl was wearing a deep blue silk pencil dress with slits up both thighs revealing a superb long pair of legs.

Her breasts thrust out before her and she swayed her hips invitingly, flashing a vivacious smile through scarlet lips and swishing her long jet black hair across her shoulders. "Hmm, I think you could be very enjoyable" she thought to herself as she accompanied Bob into the bar. The girl immediately draped herself over Bob's shoulder and the three of them found themselves in a small booth. "My name Lilly," said this Thai beauty into Bob's ear whilst twirling her finger through his hair and smiling seductively at Ruth.

Ruth and Bob introduced themselves as the drinks arrived and they all sipped the cocktails.

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Lilly had her left arm behind Bob's shoulders and slowly stroked her finger tips up and down Ruth's arm as she followed a similar pattern with her right hand on Bob's thigh. "Yes," thought Ruth, "we definitely have a winner here. I'm going to love having her eat me out as Bob fucks her later!" Lilly jumped to her feet and dragging Bob behind her headed for the dance floor as the waiter appeared with more drinks and gave Ruth a flashing smile.

"I might have you tomorrow," she thought of the waiter as she watched Bob and Lilly swaying on the dance floor. Lilly had her hands on his butt and he had one hand slid through the slit in her dress where he was clearly stroking her ass. Ruth felt herself get wet at the sight and she began to fidget in readiness for what would come next.

Bob was whispering in Lilly's ear and she looked intently at Ruth before rocking her head back in a throaty laugh and beaming a hot lip-licking smile at her.

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When they returned to the booth, Lilly pressed herself warmly into Ruth's side and slipped her hand along the top of her thigh, feeling the lace trim on her stocking top. "Ooh, you got sexy stockings, you sexy lady," she smirked "let see what else you got sexy there." She slid along her thigh top straight to her pussy lips which were naked under her skirt.

"Ha! You commando like me," she laughed, "you got nice pussy here, all wet already, you need good fuck to make feel good." "You are not wrong there," Ruth responded as she leaned back and slid her hips forward to give Lilly better access, "this feels so good Lilly, now finger me quickly, I'm cuming already," and as Lilly plunged two fingers in and out of her she gushed her juices out in a throbbing orgasm and as she gasped she could see the waiter grinning widely at her from across the room.

Now Lilly extracted her fingers from Ruth's open pussy and sucked them deeply in her mouth. "Oh lady Ruth, you taste real good, maybe I lick you cunt for you eh? We have good time me and you and your man Bob. What you say?" "Oh yes," purred Ruth as she slid back down from her orgasm, "lead the way Lilly, I want your tongue and Bob's cock in me just as soon as we can get to the hotel." "I'm with you on that," chipped in Bob "and I want to get stuck into Lilly as you two suck each other off" and he rose from the booth and took both their hands to pull them to their feet after him.

As Bob walked towards the door with one arm around Ruth and the other around Lilly, the waiter took his chance and slipping past the trio he slid his hand up the back of Ruth's skirt and swiftly dipped his finger inside her.

She gave a little yelp of surprise and delight and he hurried off laughing over his shoulder. "I wonder what time he finishes," Ruth pondered and Bob beckoned him back to them and passed him a hotel card which he scribbled the room number on. "Come join us later if you want to dip more than a finger" he told him and the waiter grinned even wider than before as he nodded rapidly saying "Yes, yes, I be there too" and then Ruth, Bob and Lilly left the bar and headed for the hotel.

All the way to the hotel Bob had his arms draped around them both and he cupped a tit in each hand, squeezing and fondling them both and mentally judging Ruth's tits against Lilly's whilst anticipating the sight of both sets naked when they reached the room. No one paid much attention to them as they moved along the streets and then into the hotel where they took the elevator up to their floor. Once in the lift, Bob nodded to Lilly and as if in some pre-arranged deal, Lilly moved over to Ruth and kissed her deeply, thrusting her hot tongue into her mouth and swirling it around as her hand slid up Ruth's skirt to slide a finger into her.

Ruth pulled away briefly to say "As soon as we get through that door I want your tongue to do that again but this time I want it in my pussy." "Sure thing Ruth," Lilly grinned back as she winked at Bob, "me just want to taste your pussy and lick you out, just like Bob say to do.

Then Bob fuck us both, yes?" "Oh yes, I'm sure he will, and by the time your tongue has finished licking me out I'll be ready for that big cock of yours Bob, even if you've got it stuck in Lilly, don't forget whose cock it really is!" They exited the elevator and bundled through the room door to hurry across and tumble onto the bed where Lilly quickly pounced on Ruth to lift her skirt up and reveal her trim pink pussy framed in the lace of her stocking tops.

"You got nice cunt," she said as she spread Ruth's legs and opened up her pussy lips with her thumbs before dipping her tongue straight in and lapping around her hole, "you like Lilly?


Lilly lick you good yes?" "Mmm, yes you do Lilly that feels so good. Oh my! I'm going to cum already!" and with that she shuddered through a massive orgasm as she pulled Lilly's head hard onto her pussy. The Bob was alongside her and holding his rigid cock in front of her so she grasped it in her hand and pulled it hungrily into her mouth, licking the head and swirling her tongue around and under it as she stroked its length with her hand.

Lilly looked up from Ruth's gasping pussy and yelled out, "Wow Bob! That nice big cock! You want fuck Lilly with that nice cock now?" "Sounds a great idea to me," replied Bob as he moved away from Ruth's mouth and readied himself behind Lilly who was still up on all fours lapping around Ruth's pussy. He reached forwards to unzip her dress and peeled it from her to reveal to Ruth a superb set of tits with neat brown nipples standing proud from them.

"Why don't you two sixty-nine and I'll fuck Lilly close up to you Ruth and I can dip from her into your mouth and back again?" Both Ruth and Lilly began to slide around to get head to tail on each other and then Bob heard Ruth gasp "Fucking hell, she's got a cock!" Lilly rocked in fits of laughter and Bob said, "'Course she has, I thought you knew.

Lilly is a 'lady boy'. We can both fuck her and get fucked by her" and he reached forwards and began to stroke Lilly's cock in front of Ruth's face. She watched in amazement as she realised how sexy it looked to see a girl with superb tits and a cock as well and she waited as Bob stroked Lilly's cock and edged it towards her mouth.

"You got nice cunt Ruthy," crooned Lilly as she prised the lips open and slid her tongue along the slit, "mmm and you taste real good, like spicy sushi dish, nice!" Ruth shuddered as Lilly's tongue delved into her and she crashed through another orgasm as bob dipped Lilly's cock into Ruth's mouth where she greeted it with hungry licks and sucks, feeling it grow harder against her tongue and tasting the salty pre-cum which now oozed from the tip.

Lilly tasted wonderful and the feelings she was giving Ruth with her tongue and fingers held her on the crest and all she could do was moan with pleasure. "Get on top baby" she heard Bob command and she duly rolled Lilly onto her back and straddled her head so that they could continue their '69' with each other as Ruth stuck her ass high in the air and swished it from side to side to entice Bob to fuck her "yes that's it baby, that looks so good from here" he continued and she felt him probe her dripping hole with the head of his cock.

He dipped the tip in and then pulled it out again and she knew when Lilly stopped licking her that he had now slid it into Lilly's mouth where he got the same expert treatment as she had just been given. Now she felt him at her hole again and Lilly re-commenced licking her as he slid his cock slowly up into her, seeming to take ages as he filled her and then held her hard to him and twitched his cock head against her cervix a little thing she loved to feel when he fucked her 'doggy style'.

"Oh, fuck me deep Bob, slam high into me and fuck me deep!" Now she rocked backwards and forwards to get the very best feel from both Lilly's tongue as she lapped her clit and Bob's cock as he fucked her with long slow strokes. She could tell that Lilly was also taking time out to lick along Bob's shaft as he fucked her and she could feel Lilly's cock pulse and throb in her mouth as she held it deep in the back of her throat.

"Oh yes baby," Bob cried as Ruth came again and he felt her cunt walls contract along his cock in waves of pleasure, "Oh boy! Lilly, you must get a feel of this" and he slid his cock from her and lifted her off Lilly's prone body to lay her on her back across the bed. Lilly needed no further urging and with a throaty giggle she placed herself between Ruth's legs as Bob lifted them by the ankles to give Lilly ease of access.

Ruth looked down to see this firm breasted 'woman' with a proud solid cock throbbing and pointing towards her as Lilly give it a couple of strokes and then slapped it against Ruth's open hole and her clit bud, sending more shudders through her.

"Yes" she muttered, "give me that lovely cock of yours Lilly, fuck it in me." Then Lilly slammed home! Hard and fast and right to the hilt and Ruth arched her back to meet her. Now Lilly began a frenzied ploughing of Ruth's cunt and she grinned at Bob saying, "You like how me fuck you lady Bob?

You fuck slow but me fuck fast. Look she like my fuck better than yours" and she pealed a laugh at the idea of this and then she reached over to kiss Bob and search his mouth with her tongue. Ruth looked down to watch Lilly slamming into her and she twitched her cunt muscles to grip tighter and enhance the feelings as she tried to suck the cum from Lilly. "Ha, ha, you got nice tight cunt Ruth, you hold on my cock real good and me fuck you real good too, yes?" "Mmmmf, yes," Ruth squealed back, "yes, yes you fuck real good Lilly.

God I'm gonna cum again, keep going, harder and faster. Yes, fuck me Lilly!" and she crashed through yet another orgasm which shuddered down to her ankles as Bob held them in the air either side of Lilly's shoulders.

"OK baby" Bob said as he moved over her face, "suck on me now and get me real nice and wet and hard 'cos you're fucking Lilly now and I want a piece of that action soon." Ruth opened her mouth to take in Bob's cock and she began to soak it with a mouth full of saliva as he slid it in and out of her, pausing right at her lips and then again at the back of her throat where she gargled against his cock head.

Ruth visualised in her mind how they would have looked Bob knelt above her head with his cock in her mouth whilst he held her legs high and apart for Lilly to frantically slam into her gasping cunt. This image kept her riding the crest and she waited eagerly for the next orgasm to hit when Bob pulled away from her head and moved behind Lilly. Lilly slowed in anticipation and reached behind to pull her ass cheeks apart and give Bob better access.

He looked down at her pulsing puckered hole and spat onto the bud before smearing his cock head around the hole. Lilly arched her back to take him and Bob popped through her sphincter and into her ass hole where he paused a few moments to appreciate the twitching grip Lilly exerted on him.

As he had pushed through Lilly gave a deep throaty gasp of pleasure at this big cock filling her ass hole "Oh you got nice big cock Bob, me grip you tight so you get good fuck, yes?" "It sure is a good fuck Lilly" Bob responded and then he slid full length up into her bowels which, in turn, drove Lilly's cock deep into Ruth.

As he pulled back on the out stroke, Lilly did the same in Ruth and the three of them now set up a steady rhythm. Bob looked down at Ruth over Lilly's shoulder and grinned, "How do you like this baby? I'm fucking you through Lilly. I know what a good tight cunt you have so Lilly must be enjoying it too but she's got a great ass hole which might be just a tad tighter.

Pity you can't feel what this is like too!" "Oh this feels good enough as it is," Ruth responded with short gasping sentences, "Your cock feels so good Lilly and I can feel the extra thrust Bob is giving through you now.

Damn but this is one good fuck!" Lilly tilted her head back in peals of laughter at this. "Ha, ha, you think before that you and Bob go with girlie and you be licking cunt but now you get better with two cock to fuck, yes? You like Thai ladyboy now yes, bet she best fuck you ever have so far. You like too Bob? My hole give you good fuck too yes?" "It sure does Lilly and now I'm going to cum in your ass hole so you get ready and shoot into Ruth when I shoot into you." He began to speed up his driving and Lilly responded likewise.

"Yes, yes" squealed Ruth "give it to me now, I want to feel your cum in me now. Now!" and she bucked herself harder onto Lilly to feel her cock hit deep up to her cervix and then Bob howled as he started to cum.

High up into Lilly's ass hole he shot his spunk in thick wad after thick wad and the sensation did the trick in tipping Lilly over the edge as she now began to shoot her spunk into Ruth.

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Ruth felt Lilly's hot spunk hosing into her and she looked at Bob's clenched eyes knowing that he was shooting his load as well and the thought of the two cocks spurting, combined with the sensations she was feeling crashed her through even another orgasm so many now that she had lost count long ago. Slowly they throbbed through their orgasms and Ruth lay back exhausted feeling Lilly's cock slide from her and hearing Lilly move back up the bed to her.

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She opened her eyes to see Lilly's cock in front of her face, dripping with foamy cum mingled with her own pussy juice and she greedily took it in her mouth and began licking the mixture from it and squeezing the last drip of spunk from the end and down her throat as Lilly leaned down to take Bob's cock in her mouth and lick it clean of his cum and her ass juice.

Bob then closed the circle, dropping his head between Ruth's legs and delving his tongue into her gasping hole through which dribbled Lilly's creamy spunk. They lay in this ring shaped cluster for some time licking and sucking on each other and slowly the two cocks regained their hardness as they prepared once more to fuck with Ruth. Then they heard a light tapping on the hotel room door, "I think I know who that will be" said Bob and he strolled over to open it and reveal the waiter who he beckoned in without further conversation.

The waiter moved past Bob's naked body with it's rock hard cock and stood facing the bed where he could hardly believe his eyes as Ruth lifted her head from Lilly's cock which she then stroked with slow flicks of her wrist and smiled at him. Lilly meanwhile simply took over from Bob and was busy lapping Ruth's glistening cunt lips. "Hi! Me name Tommy, you say to come over when finish work so me here now" he stuttered, eyes fixed on Ruth's wet pussy. She smiled and beckoned him across where she then reached out and unzipped his trousers to reveal a neat cock, already half hard.

"Mmmm, welcome Tommy, the more the merrier. Am I going to have a night to remember here? Now come on and get the rest of those clothes off or are you just here to serve drinks?" she teased.


"Yes come on Tommy" purred Lilly as she raised her head from Ruth's wet lap "me suck you cock like usual and you lick out this nice Ruth cunt. She good taste and she fuck real good." Tommy shed his clothes and began to move over to the bed. His cock was full and firm already and it bobbed and swayed as he walked. He moved across to Lilly who took him in her mouth and began to bob her head on the length of his cock. Ruth still stroked Lilly's cock and she opened her mouth to take Bob in as he joined them.

Tommy just stood there enjoying Lilly socking on him as he looked longingly at Ruth, wishing he was feeling her mouth on his cock alongside of Lilly's. "Looks like you've got another fan here baby" said Bob and then he nodded to Tommy "how would you like to lick her out and drink her juices son?" As Tommy nodded open mouthed, Bob gestured him to lie on the bed next to Ruth and he then helped her move across so that she straddled his face with her cunt wide open and ready for him.


He needed no further urging and she shuddered as she felt his tongue shoot straight up into her and then swirl around, lapping her juices from her. As his tongue delved into her he sucked hard on her clit to throw her through another rush of ecstasy. Lilly eased herself from Tommy's cock, which now stood rigid poking into the air, and she moved off the bed to place herself between Tommy's overhanging legs which she eased up around her waist and then smearing her cock with spittle, she began to slowly insert it into Tommy's ass hole.

Bob looked on and could tell by the way they both reacted that this was something they had done many times before and the way they were both performing now he guessed they were regulars with the tourists in the area.

When Lilly was fully inserted in Tommy's ass, she began to rock in and out, slowly fucking him whilst grasping his cock and slowly jerking it with one hand as she stroked Ruth's tits with the other. Ruth leaned forwards to kiss Lilly and plunged her tongue deep into her mouth to copy the movements of Tommy's tongue in her cunt.

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Bob, his cock now released from Ruth's mouth, edged behind Lilly and slid up into her ass hole. He looked over to the mirrored wardrobe and took in this fantastic sight. Tommy lay on his back with his legs hanging over the edge of the bed. Ruth squatted over his face as he munched on her and she delved into Lilly's mouth with her tongue. Lilly was slowly fucking Tommy in the ass whilst she jerked his cock and Bob was matching her pace as he fucked her in the ass.

Suddenly, Tommy arched his back and a long thick jet of spunk shot from his jerked cock across his belly and chest with some splashing over Ruth's belly.

She felt his hot stream and looked down at his still spurting cock as Lilly continued to drain him and she dropped her head to catch the last few shots on her face and in her mouth.

Watching this through the mirror Bob yelled "Come on then, lets shoot some cum here, that's what we're here for! Yeah! Yeah! Fuck, I'm cuming now!" and he tilted his head back as he thrust deep into Lilly's ass hole and began to shoot high up into her bowels again. As if on cue, Lilly grasped Tommy's thighs and rammed high into him as she began to fill his ass hole with her spunk too.

Her rhythmic movements kept her own hole sucking on Bob's cock as she slammed into Tommy and her movements in him kept Tommy's cock hard as he enjoyed her thrusts against his prostate gland.

After a few minutes where they all grunted and groaned in their respective orgasms, Lilly eased out of Tommy's ass hole whilst clenching to keep Bob held tight in hers. She leaned against the end of the bed and continued to rock herself on Bob's cock as she said "You cock good Tommy, now you fuck Ruth good and fill her nice cunt with you spunk, yes?" Ruth responded to this before Tommy and she slid off his face and onto her back, grasping her ankles she pulled her legs wide open for him to get at her and he climbed between them and slammed into her without pausing.

She was gushing so hard he needed no preparation and although he had a better than average cock in both length and girth he slid straight in to the hilt. "Oh God Tommy! That's so fucking good. Fuck me hard now, I'm cuming again. Yes, yes!" He had waited long enough for this and he began to fuck her with a fury. Bob continued sliding in and out of Lilly's ass and Lilly slid her finger into Tommy's spunk filled ass to finger fuck him. Bob looked down at Ruth's ploughed cunt as Tommy thrust into it and he watched it foam with a mixture of her juices and the spunk she had taken.

She had her eyes closed and her teeth clenched tight as she squeezed her cunt walls together to better feel this pumping cock and she felt them shudder and twitch through another orgasm as she let out a long throaty moan of pleasure.

Tommy felt her convulsing inside and knew she was ready for him to shoot so he tensed and prepared to let fly. "Me gonna cum now! Where you want me cum missy?

You want in cunt or in mouth or where?" "Fuck yes! Just fucking cum now! Fill my cunt with your spunk and let me feel that cock empty into me. Now! Fucking cum and fuck me now!" she squealed. With one final thrust he buried himself into her and began to pump stream after stream of hot spunk into her womb.

She could feel it bath her walls and she felt his cock head brush the head of her cervix as the cum oozed from him. As he slowed in his final shoot, she pushed him from her and got up onto all fours to lean over him and take his still rigid cock into her mouth where she licked and sucked it clean. She felt his spunk running from her and dripping onto the bed then she felt Lilly's mouth clamp over her open hole as she drank it down and savoured the mixed flavour of her and Tommy combined.

Bob pulled out of Lilly's ass hole and jerked his cock in front of Ruth's face to shower her with a final load of cum and she switched her mouth from Tommy's cock to Bob's and back again as she savoured these last dribbles of cum with a huge grin across her face.


"My oh my Bob, are we going to have a good trip out here if all these eastern countries show us as good a time as this!"