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The rest of the morning and into the early afternoon I merely continued my day with typical weekend stuff. Usually, I find the monotony of such things soul-crushingly dull, but I needed time to think anyway, so for once, I didn't mind.

Around 1:30 in the afternoon, feeling a minor sense of accomplishment for scratching off some of the low hanging fruit from my wife's 'honey do' list, I decided it was time to talk to Chani. After all, I was expecting my wife to be home in a couple of hours; I couldn't put it off any longer. Even if I hadn't already known that my daughter was holed up in her room, I would have had little trouble locating her.

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The music reverberating down the hallway made it easy to identify her whereabouts. After a quick knock, Chani lowered the volume and responded with a friendly, "Come in, dad." "Afternoon, sweetheart.", I said entering her room and looking around. "What'ya working on?" Chani's room was typical, I imagine, for a girl her age and socioeconomic status.

A desk sat against one wall, cluttered with papers, a few keepsakes and the fancy purple Bluetooth speaker she got for her birthday earlier in the year. Space next to her window was occupied by a tall bookcase.

There were a few books, but mostly it was adorned with decorations, along with a few old toys and stuffed animals. At one time they were prized possessions, too dear to be hidden away in storage. I suspected that now they were just familiar fixtures on their respective shelves and would remain there until space was needed for something new.


Her closet door was open, and the light was on. Larger than a "normal" closet, but smaller than a walk-in, it was completely full. This child did not want for clothes. Though I only ventured a quick glance something caught my eye and my suspicions from earlier in the day were confirmed.

There, in the back of the closet, I saw a couple open totes. Usually said totes, three or four of them in all, were stacked neatly, keeping safe and dry an assortment of childhood memorabilia, things that Chani may want to one day show her own children.

Favorite toys, old art projects and even some articles of clothing were kept therein. Clothing like the t-shirt and panties, proudly printed with colorful representations with some of Chani's childhood heroes, that she wore this morning while watching TV.

My thoughts returned to the image from earlier in the day, that of Chani's glorious backside covered in smooth fabric stretched to be nearly transparent. "Dad!?", I was brought out of my reverie by my daughter's voice. I turned to face her, seeing her sitting on her bed surrounded by books and papers, and blinked as my thoughts returned to the present. "I said," she continued with just the sliest hint of annoyance at having to repeat herself, "that I just finished up my history homework and was taking a little break before I began memorizing my lines for drama.

How about you?" "Nothing as exciting as homework," I responded. "Your mother just had a few chores for me to do. Actually, though, I was hoping we could talk for a couple minutes." "Sure.", She responded as she moved a few things out of the way, clearing a spot for me to sit.

Then she paused, "Wait…," a note of apprehension in her voice, "…about what?" I chuckled a little at her hesitation. "Nothing bad, sweetheart. I just wanted to continue our conversation from last night. More specifically I wanted to offer my help with some of this stress you've been under lately." Her friendly and upbeat tone from a few moments ago soured, "No offense, dad, but I'm not sure how you can help.

I mean it's just life. I just need to work through it." "Well, my dear," I said trying to inject some levity. "I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but your old man is a hypnotherapist. I actually own my own practice, and, you may be surprised to learn, I'm pretty good at it." She rolled her eyes at me. "I know dad, but I'm not trying to quit smoking or lose weight or something." "Wow, seriously?" I was genuinely a little hurt.

"Chani, is that really what you think I do? I mean yes I do help people with that stuff sometimes, but 95% of my clients come to me for stress. And a good number of those are because they are overwhelmed at work or even <i>at school</i>." "Really? I mean, yeah I guess I knew that. I just hadn't really thought about it." She was obviously a little embarrassed.

"Forget it, you're fine," I quickly tried to reassure her. "Now that I think about it I guess I don't really talk about work too much. Your mother got tired of hearing about it years ago. By the time you were old enough to understand I had already gotten into the habit of avoiding too much work talk. I mean, <i>technically</i> I'm not even supposed to talk about my cases." "So, how would you help?" She finally asked after a brief and slightly awkward moment of silence.

"Well, first off, it's important to understand that everyone…and I mean everyone…get's overwhelmed at times, so you are completely normal," I said.

It's a true statement, but I've long found that reassuring my clients that they are normal can be very powerful.

"So, keep that in mind…" I continued.

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"And just like it's normal to become overwhelmed, it's also normal to ask for help, and that's where I come in. I mean, usually, I charge. But don't worry, I'll give you the family discount, and I offer a convenient payment plan." My expert use of dad humor was met with another eye roll.

Everybody's a critic. "Let me put it to you this way," I was once again serious. "A few times a year you get a three-day weekend, right?" "Sure, yeah. I could really use one now." She agreed. "Exactly," I responded enthusiastically. "Because even though you might have a ton of work to do, it feels like an extra day, a free day. So, what do you do?" Eventually realizing it wasn't a rhetorical question Chani tentatively responded, "Um, nothing.

I mean I just chill or hang out with Jessi." Her eyes dropped a little as she recalled she was on the outs with her best friend. I prompted her again, "And after relaxing for a day are you still overwhelmed and completely stressed out, or do you feel better, even though you still have just as much work to do?" "Feel better I guess.

I mean, I'm probably not looking forward to getting back to work, but I see the point you're making." Her eyebrows furrowed a little, not entirely clear where I was going with this. "Well, that's what I do. I help people to vent out their stress, so a session with me is like having a day to relax. The work is still there, but the stress is not." There was likely a hint of pride in my voice.

I really do love helping people. "Hmm, that does sound good. Do you think it could work for me?" She was curious and a little hopeful. "That's why I'm here," I responded matter-of-factly. "It only takes about 20 minutes, and we could do it as often as you need." "Okay, I'll think about it. Maybe we can try next week. For now, I better get back to work." Her tone was somewhat dismissive. <i>Shit!</i> I hadn't sold it, and I could tell she wouldn't be asking me about it later, next week or otherwise.

I needed to get her on board, and I needed it now. Marsha would be home in about an hour, it was time to turn up my sales pitch. "Honey, I think you're missing the point." There was the slightest tone of disappointment in my voice.

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I knew that would get her attention. "Last night you were in tears when you got home from school. You were so stressed out that you practically passed out from exhaustion. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that most of last night is a bit of a blur to you?" My last sentence more of a question that a statement. In reality, I wasn't sure about that. This whole 'daddy's little girl' regression <i>thing</i> that she was experiencing was new to me.

I had a strong suspicion that I was right though, that if she really thought about it, she would probably have trouble remembering any details from last night or this morning. "What? No, I mean yes, I was tired after school, but that's not unusual, and I certainly remember everything… from…" she trailed off a look of concern coming over her face.

"Oh my god, daddy! You're right I can't remember any details from last night!" She was scared now. "It's okay, Chani." My voice was just authoritative enough to get her attention but soothing enough not to startle her any further.

"It's not uncommon. I see it all the time. Yesterday was just an awful day, and sometimes very high levels of stress can cause short-term memory loss.

You'll be fine. But, now you see why I don't want to wait until next week." "What should I do…" Wow, she was stressed out. Most people don't know this, but hypnosis is NOT about relaxation. It's actually about mental overload. When someone comes into my office feeling relaxed and refreshed, I have to work extra hard to get them into a trance.

On the other hand, when someone is completely stressed out from work, then has to drive through rush hour traffic before trying to find a parking spot and running into my office 5 minutes late…I can literally drop them into trace in seconds. In fact, they are probably in a trance long before they even step through my door. That's where Chani was now. She was already stressed, but I helped guide her over the edge. It was just too much, and part of her was already checking out.

It was time for me to get to work… "Do sweetheart? All you have to do is listen to my voice, use your imagination, and follow along." It turns out I was right. Chani was already so completely overloaded that I was able to drop her into trance super quick. And, a deep trance at that. Knowing that I was short on time I got right to work. Now, I needed her to come out of trance feeling good.

Afterall, my plans were going to take multiple sessions. I needed her to want, strike that. <i>need</i> more sessions with me. So the first thing I did was to develop a sense of calm, peace and relaxation within hypnosis. Then using simple suggestion, I expanded those feelings all throughout her body and mind.

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It's a bit of a trick I learned working with my clients and growing my business. Hypnosis usually feels really good. In fact, you wouldn't believe how many of my clients tell me that their sessions feel as good or better than the best massage they've ever had.

For years it was just a point of pride for me. I was glad that in addition to helping people to achieve their goals I was also helping them to feel good. Eventually, though I realized that I was missing out on a golden opportunity.

It costs money to attract clients. So, the more sessions I can get out of each person, the more profitable my business is. I figured out long ago that if I make my clients feel absolutely fantastic during their hypnosis session that they keep coming back, even after they've achieved their initial goals for hypnosis.

I mean, why not. That's money that they're going to spend anyway, so why not spend it with me. They feel great, and my business grows. It's a total win-win.

So then, once I had Chani feeling fantastic, both physically and mentally I dropped her even deeper and began to enact my plan. You never know how someone is going to respond to something like this. It's vital to start simple and work your way up, and Chani would be no different. To that end, I had decided that I would just nudge Chani into changing something small about her behavior around me.

Something that she probably wanted to do anyway, but didn't quite feel comfortable. "Chani, I'd like you to imagine yourself going about your day at home. It's just a normal, typical day. Nothing special.except you notice that you feel a little different.

You feel so RELAXED. So CALM. So FREE.

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You notice that all stress has simply disappeared. In fact, Chani, as you continue to imagine yourself going through your day, I'd like you to repeat, out loud, after me." "I am so relaxed," I said. "I am so relaxed," she parroted. "I am so calm," I stated and she obediently echoed back. "I am so free," we both said. First me, then my daughter.

Twice more I stated, and she repeated. On the final round, the fourth time through, we said them in unison. "But Chani, I wonder why that is. I wonder why you feel this way." I said, just a hint of confusion and concern in my voice. In response, her eyebrows furrowed, just a little bit. Good. "There must be some reason. There must be something different.

What is it.what can it be.," I paused for dramatic effect. "Ahha! There it is! I see what's different. Chani, you're not wearing a bra." The look of confusion on her face lessened. Here was an idea that, at least on some level, she already accepted. It does feel better to occasionally "let the girls out." It was easy for her to accept that idea. "I am so relaxed." I began again with Chani quickly matching me. We went through each of the phrases a few more times.

"But wait!" I exclaimed as if I had just realized something vital. "Chani, you often go without a bra. That's nothing new. Heck, you almost never wear a bra at night after changing into your pajamas. No, there's something we're missing." The look of concern returned to her face. Again.good. "Now I see it. Now it's obvious. Chani, look again. Look again as you go about your day. There is something different. What's different is that you're not wearing a bra around me, around your dad!" At this, her look of confusion intensified.

Not to worry though, it's what I expected. "I am so.," I said with a tone of authority. ".relaxed," Chani finished and continued on her own. "I am so calm. I am so free." "Keep going, Chani. Keep repeating.

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Even as I continue speaking, and you continue hearing my words, you will also continue repeating." I encouraged her in a soothing voice. And she did just that. "I am so relaxed." "Good, Chani. And as you continue repeating those truths you can also and will also become aware. Aware that there's something more.


You see it's not you that's creating these feelings. They're coming from outside. They're coming from your father.," I continued in that soothing voice before taking on a tone of total authority, "Every time you show off your breasts to your father you feel so relaxed, so calm, so free. so good. It is him looking at you, him admiring your breasts that causes these feelings. So free. so good." Without even telling her to do so she adopted the "so good" phrase and added it to the list she was already reciting.

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I waited for a few moments as she continued to repeat and her brow smoothed as she calmed and began to accept this new idea. "Every time you show off your breasts to your father you feel so relaxed, so calm, so free, so good. And the more you show, the better you feel. And the better you feel, the more you will show. So good. The more you show, the better you feel. The better you feel, the more you show." Adding this new aspect again caused Chani to look concerned, but that soon faded as she continued repeating her phrases.

As she continued reciting her list, I took her a little deeper and again built up the positive feelings.


(I wanted her feeling fantastic when she came out.) Finally satisfied, I counted her out, finishing with. "FIVE! Eyes open. Wide awake!" "Wow, dad, I feel amazing!" Chani exclaimed as she stretched, a huge smile beaming on her face. "I had no idea hypnosis could feel that good! I feel like I've had a nap, how long was I out.

Oh shit!" Chani glanced over at the clock and realized that she'd been under for about 40 minutes. "Oops, sorry dad." She looked sheepish for letting a little profanity slip out in front of me.

"I really need to get back to work. That was great though, when can we do it again?" I was so excited at her enthusiasm that I could barely contain my excitement. I quickly clamped it down though, I didn't want to look too anxious, that might seem weird. "Soon, sweetheart. We'll see how things go, I'm sure we can find sometime later this week." I think my tone managed to sound neutral. With that finished, I excused myself as Chani got back to her schoolwork. Everything had gone great!

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I couldn't have asked for anything better. Now, I just needed to see how my suggestions manifested over the next few days so I could plan my next steps.

The sounds coming from the front room indicated that Marsha was home. As I headed in that direction to greet my wife, my mind was filled with the image of my daughter's magnificent breasts. I simply couldn't wait to see how she chose to display them for me.