Lanza teasing your in tight skinny jeans

Lanza teasing your in tight skinny jeans
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chapter 1 Joyce was licking her stepsons Max's asshole as he sat on the couchwatching his mom Carol lick his girlfriend Ravens 20YR old cunt.

as Max wacked off he told his slutty stepmom to begin licking his nuts. He had trained both his mom & stepmom to to be both great cocksuckers & pussylickers.


Raven was moaning in ecstasy as Carol licked her clit. She was nearing orgasm &Max was so turned on that he now shoved his dick down his stepmoms throat.

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As he unloaded his jism load down Joyce's throat, she swallowed her dessert .Raven in the meantime had her orgasm. Chapter 2 Max & Carol visit Raven & her mom Lynn 3days later Carol proudly wore her collar & 5 inch spiked heels as she followed her master/son Max to Ravens front doordressed only in her leopard skin bikiniCarol looked every bit the mommy slave as her massive tits bounced.

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Max rang the doorbell & Raven the mind controlled slut immediately answered, dressed in frilly brapanties & short heelsshe was sportier than Carol. Raven rang a dinner bell & immediately her mom Lynn entered the roomat 5ft 2with 34dd tits she was stacked & was wearing 8inch thigh hooker boots along with wearing a french maids outfit.

Ballgagged & collared Lynnwas blonde & carried a tray of alcoholic drinks for her guests. Two days earlier Max had hypnotized Lynn & had also made her a submissive to her daughter Raven. As they all sat down in the living roomMax motioned to Lynn to sit by him on the living room couchas Max took Lynns'ballgag off he shoved his prick down her throat as his other sex slaves lovingly watchedsoon he had Carol get down her knees and lick his balls.

He had Raven turn on some music & had her dance for his entertainment.As Max drank his beerhe had Raven take off her panties & ordered Lynn to eat her daughters cunt. 48yr old Lynn licked at Ravens 20yr old pussy like it was steak.

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Meanwhile Max came in Carols mouth like he had done many times before. Chapter 3 Carol was licking Maxs ass as he fucked his stepmom up the ass.

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As he did that he was also french kissing Lynn. Fuck Max thought he loved using Milfs as sexslaves. He was bored with 20yr old Raven so he told her to go shopping at the mall. Ravens father who he had also hypnotized gave her $100 that she could now use.

Max now wearing a hood & wanted to make an hour video of him abusing his 3 mature sex sluts. So EdgarRavens pop was now filming. LYNN,CAROL & JOYCE were all collared, leashed & wearing identical 5 inch spiked heels. Max lined them up doggystye side by sideas he facefucked first his mom Carolstepmom Joyce & finally Ravens slutmom Lynn. Once Max was rock hard he got some lube & ass fucked Lynn followed by Joyce & finally mom Carol.

When he was ready he unloaded a massive load of facial jiam on all three moms. He had all three sit down on the sofaas Edgar filmed all 3 ladies coated with facial cum.


Drinking beer while watchingMax decided what the xxx finale should be? Still coated in his jismthe ladies got on their knees as ordered & Max pissed on all three faces &replaced his jism with urine, Edgar got it all on film & handed the camera back to Max.

THIS MAX THOUGHT WOULD BE HIS RAINY DAY PORN ENTERTAINMENT. Chapter 4 Raven was using Edgar as a footstool as her submissive mom Lynn cooked dinner naked except for her spiked heelscollar & leash.

Raven was bored earlier her mom had licked her pussy & then she had Edgar lick her moms ass. Before she had strapon fucked Lynnthats why she is a little wobbly while cooking dinner.

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She decided to get off the sofa & told Edgar (her stepdad) he could watch the Golf channel ( he liked that).As she walked to the kitchen she said hi momhi mistress responded Lynn knowing what was proper, Did you enjoy getting fucked up the ass by my strapon mommy slut ?Yes i did Mistress but may i be frank ?

Yes you may mother Raven responded ? im a still a little sore & wobbly on my feet. Well thats because you need more experience mom. Just then the doorbell rang & Raven told Lynn to answer iit naked which she did. Oh hi Master Lynn said. ImmediatelyMAX had her get on her knees & she got out his prick and began sucking him.

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. as he & Raven began to french kiss.


Chapter 5 Lynn 's face was covered in cum as Raven licked it off Max decided to collar & leash both ladies as he lead them to the bathroom & pissed all over their facesHe took pics for his cellphone. Before he left though he ,had Lynn & Raven call Edgar from the living room & the two sluts pissed on him. After all they were now his femdoms Max laughed.

What a family Raven was in charge she would later piss on Lynn &Edgar continuously, but only Max used Raven as his pissbucket.

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Chapter 6 Max was relaxing on a cool Saturday afternoon, he was watching a bondage fuck movie where a 60something granny was getting gangbanged & gangbanged pissed on by a group of 20 something men.smoking a jointwatching porn & getting a slow blowjob from his mom Carol.

This was the life he grinned as he looked down at Carol who couldnt talk with her mouth full.