Cunning bitch gets her sweet pussy fucked hard by a big ramrod

Cunning bitch gets her sweet pussy fucked hard by a big ramrod
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It was a beautiful warm summer morning as I set off for my run. A mile into the run, I felt the warmth of the sunshine on my bare arms and legs- covered by a no-sleeve t shirt and elastic waisted shorts.

The music on my MP3 player was blasting and I felt warm from the inside out with warm cum dribbling out between my legs from where my husband fucked me this morning. As I ran along the bike path, I decided to head into the woods near my house for a bit more of a hiking type of a run.

Little did I know, that decision would have a huge impact on my life. I slowed down a bit to navigate the more rugged terrain and never even heard the commotion in the bushes until the dog bounded out into my way on the path, barking frantically! I have always been a little bit afraid of dogs, especially big ones.

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This one was massive- a large black dog with short hair and seemed to me to be very menacing. I panicked a bit and stopped still while trying to think what to do. The dog did not seem to expect me to stop and ran into me, knocking me to the ground.

I was really frightened at this point but remembered in a flash that dogs like to proove who is the alpha dog and, if you are confronted, be submissive. So, I balled up on the ground and turned my head away from the dog, taking a very submissive pose and hoping the dog would just leave me alone. For a moment, I thought it was going to work. The dog quieted and seemed to be moving away from me.

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I kept my head in my arms and breathed a sigh of relief. Too soon. The dog seemed to pick up my scent from my crotch because all of the sudden, the dog came back to me and stuck its snout right up into my running shorts. I lurched and said- NO! Bad Dog!. But the dog was persistent and began licking up my thighs, smelling where my husband's cum was mixing with my juices. I started to thrash and try to get away, which was another mistake. The dog tried to clamp me down and I began to fight in earnest.


All that did was the dog managed to get a grip on my shorts with his teeth and grabbed them down my legs. I was so scared at this point, I tried to get up and run which only earned me a serious trip and fall flat on my face. Immediately, the dog was on me, licking my legs and up to my ass and cunt. My shorts were around my knees, holding me immobile. When the dogs tongue hit my clit, I almost yelled out it felt so incredibly hot.

I thought maybe to try the submissive route again and hope the beast would lose interest.

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So, I again balled up and pulled my legs up under me and let the dog have its way licking my cunt. As he started to lap up all my juices, my cunt began to tingle and twitch and I was embarrassed to feel myself getting really turned on. Luckily, we were on a out of the way place on the trail, so there was minimal chance of getting found, but, after a short period of time, I did not care one way or another about getting caught!

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I was getting eaten out by a monster dog and it felt good. I felt my legs spreading a little bit farther to let him really get his tongue into my cunt and I started to feel the beginning of an orgasm. Soon, the spasms were upon me and I was actually grinding my cunt into his mouth. OhGod, it felt so damn good, but I was so ashamed.


As I was coming down from my orgasm, I felt the dogs cock rubbing up against my thigh. I was shocked! It was veiny and dripping pre-cum. Now I was really panicking and realized I needed to get away- the submissive pose was not cutting it. The dog kept trying to mount me and I would twist and turn to get away from its thrusts. But, eventually, his cock slid into my wet and gaping cunt.

As soon as he had his bitch, he began to pound away at me- thrusting his big cock into my now waiting body. As ashamed as I was, this was an incredible fucking and this dog was really letting me have it- I could feel every hard thrust as he pounded his dog cock all the way up my cunt.

I could hear the sucking sounds as his cock slid in and out of my dripping cunt- his balls were slamming up against my as and I was thrusting back against him. As I felt my second orgasm wash over me, this dog slowed and stopped for a moment his hard thrusts. I was enjoying the feel of my orgasm, my cunt feeling like it was sucking in the dog cock.

All too soon, I started to feel some sort of pressure in my cunt-never realizing this dog was knotting me. The pressure just kept growing and I tried to get away, but the dog growled at me and nipped my neck. I was never more humiliated- or so I thought.

All of the sudden I heard someone say- Holy Shit! I looked up to see a man had come up the path and was now watching the scene in front of him. I would have asked for help except the guy was standing there with his cock in his hand, jerking off while he watched me get fucked by this huge black dog.

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He told me I was such a slut as he walked up to my head and jerked my head back and told me to suck his cock. I told him no fucking way- but he threatened to reveal me- he told me he had taken some pictures while I was cumming on the dog cock and he said he knew me and would post the pictures on facebook!

I opened my mouth to protest, and soon it was filled with cock. I now was impaled on a dog cock in my cunt and was sucking this guy all on the trail in the forest. As I started to suck off the cock in my mouth, the guy ends up making a call on his phone and telling someone to meet him in the Lawson Woods in the gardening shed. I knew I was in big trouble at that point- just as I felt his cock stiffen and he deep throated me as he came down my throat. Cum dribbled out of my mouth and I felt a big pop as the dog finally was able to remove himself from my cunt.

I was covered in dog cum dripping out of my cunt, and cum running down my chin onto my shirt. The guy lifted me up, and said to me- let's go to the shed where we can have more fun.

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I tried to struggle, but he immediately showed me the pictures on his smart phone- I was terrified. More to come.