Sexy blowjob with adorable young chicks

Sexy blowjob with adorable young chicks
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If you read part one you know this is a diary entry that started nearly two years ago when I became involved with some of my high school students who are 15. When I got involved they took videotapes of me and sold them on the Internet. I didn't like the idea at first. I didn't want my husband, John knowing about them.

I have since changed my mind and would like John to find out and maybe he would be willing to join us. I'd love to watch him in a video sucking young boys' penises. At this point he hasn't found out about my cheating. At least I don't think he has.

In the meantime I keep having sex with most of the young boys. I have concluded I cannot stop.

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I cannot stop for two reasons; one is that so many of the sexy young boys know I am a horny woman, and two because I am such a horny woman who needs sex. All the young boys love it when we get into a 69 position and I suck their penis as they suck my vagina.

I usually have 1 boy at a time, but want to try 2 penises in my vagina at the same time. Keith returned to my home while John was on another business trip. He was my first cheating partner and we have sex several times a month. He is 15 years-old. He told me once that I am his best teacher. He learned how to please a woman by sucking my vagina. He is so much better at sucking my vagina than John is. I enjoy Tim because his penis is not as big as some of the other boys.

He also loves it when I rub my vagina in his face as I suck his young hot penis of sperm. He wants John to suck his penis and my vagina after he ejaculates in my vagina. I would also like to fulfill a fantasy I've had a long time; John sucking my vagina.

I want John to suck my vagina after the boys have ejaculated in me. This would be a great video and I know it would sell for much more than any of the others. I've seen many pornographic videos since making my own and none of them have a guy sucking a woman's vagina while another guy fucks her and ejaculates in her vagina. I need to get back to my diary entry. I met the local newspaper delivery boy who has been watching me masturbate. I wanted to invite him in to see if he is horny and will let me see his little penis.

I heard the doorbell ring when I was in the kitchen with just a bra and panties on. He came in when I said, "Come in, the door is unlocked." I expected Roger. I lead him to my bedroom and we hugged and kissed right away. He is only 14, but he certainly knows how to kiss.

We French kissed and groped each other. I got his shirt off right away. I was anxious to see his young penis and see how well it fit in my vagina as well as in my mouth. He had an erection that was big.

You readers might think I spend a lot of time having sex with young boys. Well I don't have sex often enough. When John is home I can only masturbate.

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Lets get back to my latest conquest. Phil is about 5'2" and his penis is all of 4" long. I got on my knees and took his penis out. I sucked for about 3 minutes.

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Three minutes was all it took before he ejaculated in my mouth. I said, "Phil I want you to fuck me and ejaculate in me." He said, "I'll try to cum again." I prefer sex from behind. A penis feels better when a guy fucks me that way. I arranged the bed so I could watch it when one of the boys fucks me from behind.

Phil said, "Cheryl I want to get on top and fuck you. I think I'll be able to cum in you if I'm on top." I said, "Phil I don't care how you ejaculate in me, just do it." We had sex for an hour and Phil managed to ejaculate three times. He ejaculated in my vagina, then in my face and finally in my favorite place in my mouth.

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A few afternoons later the doorbell rang. When I went to it I was surprised to see one of the neighborhood girls. Sara who is 14 always watched me masturbate. She has been a girl that I fantasize when I masturbate if I use girls to have an orgasm. I've never seriously thought about having a lesbian encounter, until now.

Sara asked me, "Cheryl would you come to my house and help me with my hard homework?" I said, "Sarah I'd be happy to help you." I changed clothes. When I got to her home I had a sexy mini dress on without underwear and she opened the door. She looked so sexy in tiny shorts and a cute braless top. We went to her bedroom to work on her homework. She got on the bed and I wanted to try my first lesbian sex with her right away.

She looked so hot. I took a chance and asked her, "Sara have you ever had sex?" She said, "Cheryl when I have sex next if will be my first. I was hoping you would be my first." This excited me so much even though I thought I was not a lesbian.

I reached for the strap holding up her shirt and pulled it down to see what her boobs look like.

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Sara didn't stop me. She watched as I hot her top down to reveal the cutest little breasts I've ever seen. Her breasts must be about a 32AA bra size and so perky. I said, "Sara I want to suck your breasts." She said, "Cheryl I want to suck your boobs first." I pulled Sara to my breast and held her between my breasts. She kissed my breasts while I moved her from one to the other. This fulfilled another fantasy of mine. I never expected I would get to fulfill this fantasy.

The phone rang and John said he would be home soon. Sara had to go home and I didn't get to have my first lesbian encounter. The following week John had a trip. I went back to Sara's home but she wasn't home. Her sister Bridget who is 16 was home and she said, "Sara told me you want sex with a girl.

So do I Cheryl." Bridget said, "Cheryl I really don't want sex with you. I lied when I told you Sara is not home. She is in her bedroom waiting for you. I want to watch you have sex. I hurried to Sara's room and took my clothes off on the way.


When I got there Sara was on the bed. She was naked. I knew I was about to have sex with her. I got in bed with her and she hugged me and said, "Cheryl I don't know if I want sex with you, but I would like to cuddle with you." I loved hugging with Sara. Sara massaged my breasts and I took her little breasts and rubbed them until I felt her nipples get erect. I saw her sister with a video camera taking pictures. Bridget said, "Cheryl Keith told me we could make money when we sell videos of girls having sex with girls." I already have many videos on the Internet.

I guess another one won't make a difference. This will be one I want to watch with John.


I know he likes lesbian porn and will love this one. Sara is hot.

Sara has to be the hottest teenage girl I have ever seen. I got on the bed with her and massaged her cute young breasts. I sucked her nipples. She had an orgasm. Sara asked, "Cheryl what just happened. I loved that so much and I felt to good." I said, "Sara I think you just had your first orgasm. I want to give you many more." Sara said, "Yes Cheryl I've read about orgasms but I didn't know what they were. I want you to lick my cunt. I heard when my vagina is licked I'll have an orgasm." I said, "Sara you are so sexy.

When I sucked your breasts I had an orgasm and when I lick your vagina we'll have an orgasm. Have you ever had a penis in you?" She said, "I'm afraid to let a guy fuck me. I want to suck your cunt." Sara went to my vagina and I enjoyed my first lesbian sexual experience. I want many more. Sara stuck her tongue in and out of my vagina.

I watched on a monitor as she sucked my thighs and my clitoris. I want to return the favor and suck her vagina. Bridget said, "Sara and Cheryl mom is coming home in about 10 minutes you have to stop. We got dressed just in time. We pretended that I was helping them. Later that month I was at school when another teenage girl asked for extra help after school.

Dawn who dresses almost the same way I do asked for the help. We sat on my desk after school was over. If you remember I wear panties only when I have jeans on. Today is one of those days. Dawn looks so cute and sexy. Dawn said, "Cheryl I want to tell you the real reason I want you to help me after school. Sara told me that you like sex with girls. I want to try sex with girls too." I was shocked, but glad to hear it.

I asked, "Dawn don't you want sex with a boy your age first?" She said, "No I don't. I want sex with a woman who is sexy. Cheryl you dress almost like I do and I want you to teach me about sex. I know you will be tender when we have sex." I said, "Dawn I'll love having sex with you." I didn't say anything when Dawn leaned over to me and gave me a friendly kiss.

I said, "Dawn if you are going to kiss a woman you have to kiss her with passion." She asked, "How do I do that?" I said, "You have to hug the girl and then you have to stick your tongue in her mouth. You should massage her breast too." I reached over to her young tender little breasts and said, "Dawn this is how a woman likes her breasts massaged.

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After this she wants them to be sucked." She asked, "What does that do for a woman?" I said, "Let me show you what happens when a boy or a guy sucks and massages a girl's breasts." Dawn said, "Cheryl let me try and see what happens to you when I massage your breasts." She massaged my breast through my shirt and I almost had an orgasm. I said, "Dawn that feels so nice but it would feel better if you massaged them when they are naked. I nearly had an orgasm. I'll show you what an orgasm is." Dawn pulled me to her and stuck her tongue into my mouth as she massaged my breasts again.

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This time I had an orgasm as she sucked my tongue in her mouth. I screamed, "Oh Dawn that feels so nice. Please take my shirt off and kiss my breasts like you kiss my mouth." She said, "Cheryl I think you had an orgasm." I said, "I sure did have an orgasm. Your touch is what gave me the orgasm. Your tongue helped me. I still want us to get naked.

I can give you an intense orgasm." I want you to experience an orgasm when we suck each other's vagina. That is the greatest feeling you will ever have when you have sex with a woman." Dawn asked, "Cheryl can I take your shirt off and see your breasts?" I said, "I was hoping you would ask. After you take mine off I want to take yours off." Dawn said, "Cheryl you don't have a bra on.

You have great boobs for a woman who is 61. They don't sag at all and they are firm. Mine are firm but I'm only15." I said, "Dawn feel my breasts and see if you can give me an orgasm. Your hands feel so good on my breasts." She said, "Wow Cheryl your boobs are so sexy. Can I suck your boobs Cheryl?" I wondered when she would ask. I said, "Dawn I need you to suck my breasts and you will see what that does to my orgasm." I said, "Dawn let me take your shirt off an see what your breasts look like.

I want to see if I want to suck them." She said, "Cheryl please I want you to suck me." I said, "I'm kidding Dawn. I want to suck them and see how quickly I can give you an orgasm. When you have your first orgasm you will want many more." I pulled her shirt off and Dawn raised her arms over her head.

She was wearing cute little red bra. I said, "I don't wear a bra because John doesn't want me to. He says he thinks my breasts stay firm because I don't wear a bra.

Whatever the reason I don't like wearing a bra. It is easier to get to my breasts without one." I couldn't wait to see what Dawn's breasts look like. She unfastened her bra from the back and I want to take them in my mouth and suck until she has and orgasm.

She had a difficult time getting her bra unfastened. I asked, "Dawn do you want me to help you take our bra off? This is another reason I don't wear a bra." She said, "Ok Cheryl maybe I'll stop wearing one. My mother wants me to wear a bra. She says only sluts don't wear a bra. Do you think I am a slut Cheryl?" "Dawn you are not a slut. You are a sexy young girl with a beautiful body that I want to see. Can I help you take your jeans off?" She said, "Ok Cheryl help me." Just as I started to unfasten her jeans she managed to get her bra off.

I had to stare for a while as I saw the most beautiful young breasts I have ever seen. Dawn asked, "Why are you staring at my boobs? Don you like them?" I said, "Your breasts are the best I've ever seen. What size are they?" She said, "They are 36C. I said, "That is all the more reason not to wear a bra. If your breasts are that big when you keep then in a bra they tend to start to sag before you reach forty." Dawn is so young but she is sexy. She is 6' tall and my face can look right at her breasts.

I want to suck her breasts. She said, "Cheryl lets take our jeans off now." Dawn pulled her jeans off and she was wearing tiny red thong that barely covered her sex ass. I had trouble unfastening my jeans. Dawn said, "Don't wear them." I said, "That is cute. I usually wear a mini skirt. I can get out of a mini skirt easier than jeans.

John also likes it when I wear a mini skirt. He'd like me to go naked." Dawn said, "Cheryl it sounds like your husband likes you." I said, "He does, but we don't have sex enough. He masturbates when he watches porn movies. Most of the porn he watches is of teenage girls having sex with teenage boys or with other girls. I want him to see the video I know you are making of us." We stood in the classroom with just our panties on. Dawn asked, "Cheryl what do you think John will do when he sees the video of us having sex together?" I said, "I hope he will want to join us and maybe realize I'm as good at sex as any 14 or 15 year old is." She said, "Cheryl I bet you are better than we are." I said, "Thanks, but I still want us to have sex." I put Dawn on the table and felt her vagina.

I got between her thighs as she wrapped them around my waist. We rubbed our vaginas against each other and I had another orgasm. I never realized how exciting that would feel. Dawn had her first orgasm with me.

I still had socks on and Dawn took my socks off me as I sat on the table. She spread my legs and said, "Cheryl I don't know how to suck a woman's vagina." I said, "All you need to do is close your eyes and think of your favorite food. Once you get a taste you will wonder why you hadn't tried a vagina before." I said, "Dawn let me show you how. Once you've had sex you will always want it. I've only had sex with a girl once. I want sex with a girl as much as with a guy." I went to her beasts and sucked them.

I've never seen such big and firm breasts. I massaged her breasts and sucked her taut and really big nipples into my mouth. Dawn said, "Ok Cheryl get on the table and let me try and see if I can suck you cunt." I said, "Remember close your eyes and stick your tongue in my vagina." I had to watch the monitor as we were still making a video to sell on the porn site on the Internet.

I had many orgasms. Dawn sucked my vagina with her eyes open. Be sure to watch for part three. Yes I am a slut who likes young penises.