Dick addict slut in interracial hardcore action

Dick addict slut in interracial hardcore action
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We sat on the floor of the hotel suite that we would be spending the next week and a half in for our honeymoon. Surrounded by a collection of cliché honeymoon night items like champagne and chocolate strawberries, discarded items of clothing, and suitcases we didn't dare touch until the morning after, we held each other close as we talked and laughed about our life together so far.

"So tell me," I asked seductively, "When did you first realize your sexual attraction to me?" Koeda rose and dark eyebrow at me and looked me over appraising the white corset and lingerie I had worn underneath my wedding dress all night. I had even replaced the garter he had removed with his teeth at the reception just so I could enjoy the feeling of him doing it again when we were ready. "Well I always thought you were very attractive but my… feelings got more intense during junior year.

You were really starting to fill out. I found myself checking you out and sometimes even drooling over your perfect… everything." His heart started to pick up a beat, and so did mine. I smiled to myself, pleased I was able to get that kind of reaction from him at such a young age. "So you tell me," he continued, "when did you first start to realize how sexy I was?" He mocked me. I laughed nervously. When did I start to really notice that every time he spoke to me I thought that I'd soak through my underwear?

I began to become very aware of our proximity to each other; us both facing one another propped on one arm in front of the fireplace but facing away from it. The memory suddenly came to me. "It was the first time I saw your band perform before you guys asked me to be the lead singer. You got up from behind the drums and came to the microphone and sang 'When You Were Young' by The Killers." He caught on the last part, remembering also.

"Your voice and they way you sang like you were singing right to me made me quiver everywhere. I wished you would have hopped right off the stage, kissed me, taken me backstage, and made love to me on top of a speaker." I bit my lip as he processed this. He noticed and chuckled in response, cupping his hand around my cheek while using his thumb to ease the grip my canines had on my lower lip.

I sighed. "You were really that into me?" he asked. I nodded timidly; embarrassed by the way I had acted like some sex-crazed groupie. "Jaeda, that's hot. That's really hot," he replied.

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I smiled and he chuckled again. "Please tell me about the other times you felt that way." I licked my lips reflexively, unaware of his stares. "Chronologically, the next time I remember being extremely attracted to you was basically anytime you danced when you thought no one was watching, when you came home from soccer practice and were still just a little sweaty, when you tied your hair back when you were drumming during band practice, when you absentmindedly twirled your drumsticks in your hand-" "Wait, you thought that was sexy?" A smile played on his lips.

I couldn't stop the girly giggle that escaped my lips as I thought about how hot I thought he was when he stretched out his muscular arms to twirl those stupid drumsticks.

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I rolled my green eyes at the foolishness of it all but shrugged and nodded. He rolled his eyes too but beckoned me to continue. "The major event that climaxed it all during our high school career was junior year when I was dating Anthony and you and I went into the woods behind our houses so you could take pictures with your new camera." "Ah, I was waiting for you to get to that part." "You set the camera down so we could take a picture together and as you were walking over to me the sunlight came through the trees and landed on your body and I nearly drooled on how perfect your browned skin was and how amazing your muscles look through your shirt.

You didn't say anything but you just kept looking me in the eyes. It took all I had to keep from jumping you right then and there." I could feel my skin getting warmer at the memory and the sexual tension building but I held it back. "I was trying to read you and figure out what you wanted.

I hated that you were with that asshole and I knew you didn't want to be with him." His eyebrows furrowed as he remembered how I had been abused, nearly raped, and eventually shot by my drug-selling ex-boyfriend for refusing to sleep with him.

Koeda had been there for me in the hospital but we had gotten into a huge argument that temporarily ended our friendship. "I was praying to God that you wanted me as much as I wanted you right at that moment." "When you kissed me I thought I would explode with passion I had been keeping in for nearly three years. You picked me up and pinned me to the oak tree with my legs wrapped around your waist and I was just about to come right then and there but I stopped you because I was afraid of being a cheater." "Of all the things to be afraid of…" he murmured as he shook his head as if to shake away the frustrations of my naivety during my teenage years.

"I wanted to make love to you under that tree so many times. It felt so right, so natural to be surrounded by trees and sunlight and curious forest animals." I laughed at the thought of some Disney-oriented forest creatures finding a pair of teens doing the unthinkable in such a perfect place.

I told Koeda my thought and he laughed whole-heartedly.

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"So what about the time at your dad's house when I came to visit?" he asked. At that time we had already been together for three months and it was after my mom died and I had been forced to live with my drunken, abusive father in Los Angeles while Koeda still lived in Redlands.

We had gone out on a date for the first time in over a month of not seeing each other and had come back to my dad's house to spend a little more time with one another.

I had decided I didn't want to wait anymore to make love to him but I was driven mostly by the attempt to piss off my dad. He thought we were having sex anyway so I thought I'd make it official in the hopes that he'd kick me out already and I could live on my own, or with Koeda.

I had the money to since my mom had left me a good three million dollars she had kept a secret from the whole family just in case something had happened to her, but I wasn't old enough to have it all for myself so she assigned Dr.

Thoreau to be my "caretaker" to give me a monthly allowance so I wouldn't go without necessities while I lived with my dad. My father hated that he wasn't trusted with the money and was always trying to sell my car or my laptop for alcohol money but Koeda's mechanic father installed top-of-the-line security systems in both. I would have done anything to piss off my dad despite the beatings I got afterwards. "Honestly, my head wasn't in it," I confessed to my husband.

"I just wanted to upset my dad because he thought we were already at it and I figured he'd kick me out if he could prove it. I hope you're not mad," I lowered my head ashamed that I had once attempted to use Koeda for his body just to spite my father. He used an index finger to lift my chin to his face and kiss me lightly on the lips. "I'm not mad, I'm just glad I understand why you didn't want to wait anymore.

I was so nervous and unprepared my heart was about to leap out of my chest. It was because of that moment I began my… transformation. When I got home I thought I was dying but my parents told me I was finally just making my first change into a shape-shifter. Don't worry," he quickly added as he saw the worry in my eyes, "it was going to happen sooner or later. My parents were actually worried that it took me so long to change.

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Atreyu had already shifted a few days after you left and Luke just a few days after that. Just look at it like this, as corny as it sounds; you complete me." I let out a long sigh and smiled. He dropped his hand from my chin but let it rest on my waist, which I couldn't help but notice and my skin got even warmer.

"Now what about after you got kicked out when your dad found evidence of our 'fornication' and you came to live with me and my family senior year?" he asked. "Well, now that we were actually living together and had those little make-out sessions in either your bed or mine I felt more or less in control, but I want you to tell me about what happened on your birthday…" That night he had lost control and nearly took me without consent.

I was terrified at his force, turned on definitely, but still terrified that our first time would be as such. He turned his head away to look at the flames and reveled in his own self-hatred, which wasn't so much an on-going thing, but he is pretty hard on himself for the few mistakes he's made in his past.

It's been my job to coax him into forgiving himself one mistake at a time. "I try not to think about that day.

I don't know what came over me. I remember feeling like I had to have you or I would die. I was so angry at myself for all the things I had done to you and all the things I let be done to you.

When those men raped you I wanted blood. I wanted to slaughter them for making you scream the way you did and making you want to take your own life and I was so angry at you for trying.

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I ended up being just like those sick bastards by trying to take advantage of you and I've always hated myself for doing that to you." He turned his head to look at my expression. The only emotion I could muster up was that of love. I could never hate him even if I tried and we both knew that from my failed attempts in the past. "Koeda, I've never held any kind of contempt or anger towards you over that because I knew and understood your frustrations. We had been forcing resistance from each other for so long and we had so much further to go and you were tired of waiting, and so was I.

Please let it go and forgive yourself. There's no need to hold on to that self-hatred anymore," I pleaded.

I watched his deep brown eyes relax as he washed away his laments. I raised my right hand to stroke the back of his head as I kissed his cheek, forehead, eyelids, nose, and at last his lips which parted as he kissed me back. He began to massage my back where his left hand lay as his right supported his weight.

I sighed, almost moaned at the feel of his hot hands rubbing the small of my back. In response he pulled me closer and pressed our bodies together and I lowered onto my back as his hand roamed my body, playing with the edges of my lingerie. He stopped and propped himself on an elbow to hover over my curvaceous frame. "I hate to stop but I have to hear about the rest," he said. "The rest…?" I said, still dazed by his kiss.

"Yes, from when we moved into our own apartment for college." "Oh," I said, blinking my eyes a few times to regain coherence. I remained on my back as I continued my stories of erotic awakening throughout me and Koeda's relationship. "So when we were in college," I began. I remembered that time to be extremely difficult to resist Koeda.

"We shared the same bed and had that dance class for the program we were in and that's when I truly realized that I was completely, undeniably sexually attracted to you. If you knew how many times I had to change my underwear daily from soaking though them your jaw would drop," he chuckled next to me, "and when you danced in class I had to suppress my moans of ecstasy as I came so close to coming to my dance shorts. The one dance I remember that happening was when you guys danced to 'Raindrops' by Jeremih and I could barely contain myself." "Same here.

That same day you girls danced to 'Ride' by… oh, I forget, and I had one of the hardest boners I've had in my life so far. That was the sexiest dance I've ever seen you do and after that, I couldn't keep my eyes off you, or my hands." My skin's temperature rose even more and I could feel the back of my neck begin to sweat just a little.

I shifted slightly and lifted my hands to rest above my head, arching my back as I did so. "When we had that pool party for the dance program at the apartment complex and you wore that black bikini I nearly lost my mind. It was the first time I had actually been able to see your new body after your transformation into a Ravian. I didn't think you body could become more curvy than it already was but it did, and everyone noticed too." I giggled shyly and bit my lip at the thought of my body rendering him speechless.


Our promiscuous neighbor, Blake, was the first to break the ice and express how undeniably hot I looked. "Blake was drooling over me the whole time," I laughed. "I can't blame him, so was I," he admitted, "And that night in the shower…" Instantly I moaned silently. That night was the most erotic moment Koeda and I have shared so far. "I invited you to join me since I still had my bikini on and we lay down in the tub with the shower still on and had the hottest make-out session ever in the history of mankind," I recalled.

Koeda's breathing picked up but he didn't say a word.


I continued, "You started to take off my top and my bottoms and ran your hands down my side and I almost blacked out from the pleasure of having your hands roam my skin uninterruptedly." My right hand began to move down the side of my neck and my chest and I squeezed my thighs shut to hide the moisture that was starting to collect between my legs. I looked up at Koeda and saw that he had closed his eyes, probably to shield himself from the sight of me touching myself.

"I really didn't want to stop but I had to so I decided we had to be away from each other for a while so we could get ourselves together so I went down to my car planning to go to Ava's house but I never made it out of the garage." "Really?" Koeda opened his eyes. "Yeah, I had put on my trench coat over my still wet bikini and when I got down to the car I opened it up, took off the swimsuit altogether, put my feet on the dashboard and touched myself." Koeda moaned and shuddered beside me, turning away to hide his erection.

I watched him feeling extremely turned on by both my story and my curiosity of what his penis looked like at the moment. "Oh, man. That's… that's… oh god," he groaned.

"Shhhh…" I relaxed him while I rubbed his back and waited for him to cool down. I wasn't finished and I wanted to hear what happened when I left the apartment.

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"Tell me what happened when I left." He took a few deep breaths and finally turned to me. I tried not to look down at his erection so I focused on his eyes instead. "Well," he sighed, "I was really trying to save myself for our wedding night," he looked pointedly around the honeymoon suite we were in, "so I took a cold shower which didn't help at all so I ended up just leaving the apartment, shifting into a wolf, and ran around the forest for a few hours to distract myself." "I was saving myself too," I said.

"But you just said you touched yourself," he said questioningly.

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"What I mean by touching myself is that I don't touch… down there. I just touch my breasts and my hips and what not. That alone drives me crazy. I was saving the rest for you so that you could give me what I never allowed myself to have before; an orgasm." I bit my lip at my honesty. "You've never had an orgasm?" He seemed very shocked. I shook my head no. "Even when you were with…" He meant with the werewolf prince who kidnapped and kept me as a sex slave for five months in Egypt, Ahmes, who sadly I found out to be my brother.

He had raped me nearly every night I was there. I shook my head again no. "Hmm. Well I can change that," he said seductively making my heart flip and the wetness in my panties soak through. His hand moved from the curve of my hips around to my butt which he gripped experimentally.

He chuckled at the sound of my coos of pleasure and lowered his head to press his lips to my exposed throat. I moaned loudly in ecstasy at this and again arched my back and squeezed my thighs together to hide my wetness, all in vain.

Koeda could smell the sweet scents coming from between my legs and wrapped an arm around my waist to lift me up off the floor and wrap my legs around his waist.

My heart pounded in my chest and my skin was in flames at this point. He lowered me back to the ground, now nestled comfortably between my legs and rested his hands on either side of my head as he continued to kiss and lick my neck and even nibbling at my ear.

I could feel his hardness on my stomach and adjusted myself so I could feel it where it counted. He moaned into my neck and trailed his left hand down my body to feel for the wetness of my crotch which had coated my underwear already.

I shuddered and moaned louder at the feel of his hot hands finally touching my womanhood and uncontrollably came. He looked up at me confused for a moment then finally realized what happened and chuckled, probably feeling a little shocked at himself for being able to provoke such an intense response from me. "What was THAT?!" I panted.

He laughed at the sight of my chest heaving and my face covered in a thin sheen of sweat. "That, Jaeda, was an orgasm." I moaned and smiled. "Oh please, Koeda, do it again?" "And again, and again, and again…" he murmured into my blazing hot skin as he kissed his way down to my breasts which were at this point trying to escape from my tight corset.

He pulled at the strings with his teeth as he kept his left hand softly petting my pussy and his right supporting his weight. I left my hands above my head so he could have more access. He only used both hands to finally remove the corset completely, leaving my full, round breasts exposed to the hot air. He marveled at their size and firmness as they dared not fall to the sides but instead stared straight up at the ceiling.

He tossed the corset off to the side and kept his eyes on my breasts as he watched them jiggle slightly in response to my ragged breath.

Now resting on his knees, he was able to smooth his right hand over the silkiness of my thigh, up the side of my hips, my ribs, and eventually my left breast which he cupped gently in his large hand, able to fit his entire finger-span over the mound fully.

He lowered his head down slowly to place his lips around the dark nipple and suck gently. I arched my back yet again and threw my head back in ecstasy as my vision blurred at the edges. The feel of his hot tongue making circles around the areolas of my nipple sent huge waves of pleasure through my body and just when I thought I couldn't take enough, he flicked his tongue over the rock hard nipple and I came again. This fueled him as he moved on to the right one and repeated the same treatment only this time using one hand to massage my clitoris lightly through the thin material of my panties.

"Oh god, Koeda! Ahh…" I moaned as another orgasm hit me. How many more of these could I possibly have in one night?!

He brought up his face to lock his lips with mine in a kiss as I helped him remove his shirt and pants. He broke the kiss to remove my soaked panties and marvel again at my now naked body.

The sweet aroma of my juices filled the room and he kissed me again, trailing his kisses down my body to rest his lips at my shaved, moistened pussy. He licked experimentally and, as you could guess, I came again. He began licking up my juices and pushing his tongue into my slit as I cried out his name. He then licked at my clitoris and I rose up to my elbows to watch as he gave me the best pleasure of my life. When I felt another orgasm about to hit my eyes rolled to the back of my head and I fell back down to the floor.

I ran my fingers through his dark brown hair, and as I came, gripped a tiny fistful in my sweaty palms. He lapped up my juices and kissed me passionately before he picked me up and carried me to the bedroom where he laid me on the soft sheets of the large bed. "Love, where are you?" I spoke quietly, already tired from having four orgasms in one night.

My eyes were closed and I could hear the sound of him slipping out of his boxers. Dang, I wanted to see that part. "I'm right here, love," he said. He was beside the bed. I opened my eyes and gasped at the sight of his beautifully naked body.

My eyes trailed down his body, savoring every toned muscle illuminated by the fireplace which was set into a wall that divided the living area and the bedroom so there could be natural light in both. My gaze rested at the stunning length and girth of his penis which had to be at least eight inches.

I got up to sit on my knees at the edge of the mattress and beckoned him to come to me. He walked slowly over to the bed. "How long is it?" I had to know. "Nine and a half," he said softly keeping his eyes on mine.


My eyes bulged slightly at this information but I was more so intrigued at his ability to hide it from me for so long. "Can I touch it?" I asked. He nodded eyes still on me. I gulped loudly and spread my knees so I could get more level and stay erect. I wrapped my fingers around the base of the phallus slowly letting one finger close at a time. I wasn't able to touch my fingers to my thumb but he still sighed in pleasure at my touch.

I smiled up at him and he continued to watch me intently for any signs of doubt. To ease his worries I kissed the head of his penis lightly and jumped a bit when it jerked in response. He moaned softly and all I could think of was how much I wanted to hear him do it again, so I kissed it again but this time I used my tongue to make tiny circles on the very tip. "Jaeda, you don't know how amazing that feels…" he sighed. I responded by opening my lips more and inching further down the shaft.

He groaned loudly and cupped his hand around the back of my neck lightly and used the other to push my long tendrils of raven black hair out of my face. I pumped my head up and down the shaft using my tongue to massage it and sucked gently as I went. I wasn't able to go all the way to the base, his penis was just too long for that, but I did make up for it by using my hands to milk him for all he was worth.

"I'm going to come," he warned, but I wouldn't let up. He shot right down my throat and I savored the sweet and salty taste of his sperm. I looked up at him and he stared in awe that I had actually swallowed his semen. "I love you," I whispered. "I love you," he replied. We kissed passionately as we moved underneath the bed sheets and he rested himself between my legs.

"Koeda," I spoke softly. "Yes, love," he said kissing my neck and exploring my body with his hands. "I'm still a virgin," I said. At this he paused and rose to look me in the eye questioningly as he lifted an eyebrow. "Care to explain?" It was no secret I had been raped plenty in the past by Ahmes in Egypt and by those drunken men when I was fifteen, but being a Ravian meant that I heal fast and my body repairs itself back to perfection.

This ability made the sexual abuse from Ahmes even more painful. "I heal after every time," I explained. His expression softened and he kissed me on the lips. "Then I'll just have to be even more careful with you," he said, "Oh, and I'm a virgin, too." I chuckled; well I already knew that one. He kissed me again and used his hand to hook my left leg around his waist.

My breath caught as I realized what was about to happen next and my heart raced with anticipation and fear. His heart raced too as he aligned his penis with my slit. My body reacted instantly and my lips were again soaked with more wetness. "Are you ready?" he whispered, his breath shaky as his face hovered over mine.

I kissed his lips as lightly as a falling leaf. "Yes…" He pushed in slowly and my back arched as I moaned I pure ecstasy.

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When he got to my recently healed hymen he paused, kissed my lips, and pushed further in. Tears came to my eyes and my moans turned into half moans half screams from the pleasure and pain of losing my virginity all over again. Koeda shushed me and kissed my cheek before he continued. When I had quieted he pushed further in slowly until his whole penis had entered me.

Then he began to slowly thrust in and out and my moans started up again in a higher octave than before with Koeda joining me in the song. This went on for a good half hour before he started to pick up pace now that I was accustomed to the feeling of him in me. I left one hand on the small of his back but raised the right one above my head onto the pillow above me.

His hand followed and grasped mine. Our fingers would stay intertwined all night. I lost track of time and could only tell it was late by the moonlight shining through the window and falling across our sweating bodies. Eventually, the moonlight disappeared and we had not yet stopped.

I could feel the climax of our passion within me coming soon and I held onto Koeda tighter, my nails digging into his shoulder. He could feel it too and pumped faster, our breathing becoming more ragged and heavy. My moans picked up again and he joined with me as we hit one final crescendo before he collapsed over me, his hand gripping tight to my own. We lay like that with his weight on top of me for what seemed like hours.

I had never felt more at home, more complete, or more in love. He woke up from his reverie and shifted to lie beside me, waking me from my own. Needing to be in his embrace forever, I rolled over to rest my head on his chest. We fell asleep that way, I with a smile on my face, for fourteen uninterrupted, peaceful hours.