Geile nackte frau mit riesen titten am pool

Geile nackte frau mit riesen titten am pool
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PLAYTIME CHAP. XXIX - RERUNS Kelly, Mary and John sat in the dining room at a leisurely lunch of Caesar salad, mild chicken wings and breadsticks with nacho cheese. "The next time we go downtown and play 'Sluts 'R Us', we ought to dress in fancy business-suit outfits, like we're hotshot executives," said Mary. "Think they'd recognize us?" "Wait what's this about a trip downtown?" wondered John.

"Oh, you haven't heard yet, dear our little tramp went with me to that store in Central City again and we had our way with about a dozen guys in the gloryhole room. I sucked up so much come, I wasn't even hungry at dinnertime. They gave us a room that had TWO holes in it, one for her and one for me!" "John," explained the Toy, "I knew you'd be like this, so I took my videocam and taped the whole thing.

Since I'm your Toy, I thought of you the whole time and knew you'd want to watch." She smiled that sexy cute grin. "She did, baby taped the whole thing!" said Mary. "After we eat, let's watch it, okay?" "Whew!


You girls amaze me. You're on." "Oh John honey, it was incredible. Brown cocks, black ones, white ones, and one after the other! I'd suck and stroke 'em and make them come right in my mouth, of course, and sometimes just all over my face or my tits. Me and Kelly both sucked come off each other's tits.

It was too fabulous." "And I turned around once and let this guy come on my butt and then had Mary lick it off. She said she really liked that, too." John had no words left. He wished he could have been there to watch&hellip.but there was the video!! Kelly plugged the videocam into the unit on the shelf. All set for girl-fun. Since the marrieds had already plopped down on the couch, she invited herself between them, her butt lying on John's lap with her head in Mary's lap.

On her side, she watched as the screen pulled up a picture of the two girls. A naked Kelly camped it up, wiggling her butt and squeezing her titties, then was on her knees stripping her companion. John said, "I like it already." Next to Mary, Kelly had the prettiest set of 32B tits of anyone, thought John.

The camera caught all of the action as the two played with each other, preparing. John caressed his Toy's butt, and his wife roamed a hand over the girl's chest as they watched the action unfold.

Kelly giggled and said, "Feel free to take liberties, you guys." When boners popped through the holes on the walls, the girls went to them instantly, moths to the flame. He recalled when he and Mary saw that big black yard o' beef come thru and how even he couldn't hold back from the sexual tension and the excitement of the room's privacy. John watched as his wife and the girl teased and played with them, tongues and lips expertly working, and he felt his own tool grow in response.

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He had long since decided it turned him on to watch his wife suck dicks, even if they weren't his. Especially if they weren't his! "Wasn't that first one too wild?" said Mary. "I was so astonished!" said her friend.


"I didn't know whether to believe all you said or if it was just a huge trick you were playing on me!" In a few minutes, when the girls manipulated their cocks to ejaculation, John watched as they both pulled away -- "The money shot," said Kelly. When it happened, he ran his hand between the Toy's legs, rubbing gently in the warm hollow. Mary delved into a loose shirt. Kelly squished herself into the couple. "Ooh, you guys make me feel so family," gushed Kelly.

John unbuttoned Kelly's capris, slid his hand into her pants and rubbed the outside of her blue silk panties.

She opened her legs wider to allow him access, and he felt the dampness. "Oh man, this is just like high school in the back seat," Kelly said. "Getting felt up." On the screen, the girls attacked a new set of penises. "Give me that hand, John," said Mary.

She sucked on his index finger, wetting it good. "Now slide your finger in her, she likes that." A minute later, Mary reached over and took John's hand out from Kelly's pants, licked his fingers.

"Doesn't taste a bit like butterscotch to me, baby," she said. Kelly smiled, "Nope, today it's just plain ole vanilla." She reached into her own pants and slid a finger into herself, pulled it out and tasted.

"Yum, still tastes like pussy, though. Hot fucking pussy." Kelly unbuttoned her blouse, clicked open the front-opening bra, and invited Mary's hand. John watched as the TV girls pressed their rears against each other and enjoyed the desserts poking through the walls.

His hand was back in between Kelly's legs, massaging now. Mary's hand worked on Kelly's breasts. "Oooohhhh, you guys are making me such a slut," said the Toy. "Thanks!" replied the marrieds together. "JINX!" Mary looked at her husband, wagged her head and they both slowed down their actions on the girl. She did not want the Toy to get too sexed up just yet. Mahogany, cream, and ebony black penises poked through the holes, the girls sucked one and all, made them come on their face and breasts, and in their mouths.

"Wasn't sloppy seconds great?" said Mary as it splashed her. John said, "Ya know, it's pretty exciting watching you both suck black dicks." "Ah, once you've sucked one, you've sucked 'em all," intoned Mary, the silly new expert of cocksucking.

John watched as the girls on the screen took a break and licked each other. "You girls are too hot!" he said. Now he wanted badly for someone to take him, too. The air smelled like sex, as his finger slid easily in and out of his Toy's slippery hole&hellip.his wife pinched the girl's nipples lightly…and on the screen, the girls ate cock after cock.


Onscreen, Mary abruptly stood. The girls shifted to 69'ing. John said, "You know, I never would have taken either of you for flaming lesbians." Mary said, "We're not lesbos, baby. We just like to eat each other out." "She knows how I like it, and I know how she likes it. That's what you get when you put two hot chicks together…" Mary rose from the couch and knelt by his legs. All three continued to watch the TV.

"John baby, are you hard yet?" "Ha! See where my hand is? See what those two women are doing on the screen? Take a wild guess, darlin'." Kelly chimed in, "I'm pretty sure there's something goin' on underneath my hip…" "Baby, how about we 'liberate' some of that delicious stuff he hoards in his balls?" Kelly rose off John and the couch, knelt beside Mary, looked up at John with big doe eyes "Please, sir, may I have some more?" .

"Open his pants, doll," she told the Toy. Kelly bent to the task, adrenalized. John lifted up to allow disrobing.

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Both girls grinned as his solid erection popped free. "Fluff him up for me, dear make him juicy. I like watching you facefuck my husband." More dirty talk for John's benefit.

In a second Kelly was on the man's cock, licking the pre-come already glistening on the slit, grasping the shaft while she sucked his balls together in her mouth. John softly caressed Kelly's cheeks and hair as she made him harder and longer.

Mary watched as she stripped. "Now it's MY turn," she said. Climbing aboard her husband's lap, with her back to him, she guided him into her and settled on John's lap with a deep sigh. There's nothing like having seven big fat inches of your husband's cock deep inside, she thought. Kelly relaxed at John's knees, watching the action from her front-row seat. What a thrill to watch him slip it in her friend, and enjoying the marrieds get it on only inches away. It was always exciting to watch them have sex, and Kelly loved their new lifestyle that included her.

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She leaned to Mary's lower stomach and held out her tongue, letting Mary's pumping do the work as clit met tongue. "Have a taste, baby," said Mary as she lifted up slightly and popped the cock out for the Toy.

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"Oh yeah…" as sloppy sucking noises took the place of language. The younger girl's other hand went inside her pants, rubbing herself. John's husky voice said, "Put it in her again, Kelly." She aimed it back to the lips and watched as it disappeared inside Mary.

Her vigorous pounding brought him to a climax, easier and quicker these days since he had an audience.

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He pushed hard into her, pulsing his ejaculation, his hands gripping her hips tightly. Kelly stood up to kiss Mary as John's last thrusts subsided. "Oh yeah, we're gonna have to do more of this threesome thingy," the wife said.

"Kissing my new girlfriend while my husband's coming inside me is the thing, baby the Real Thing." "That's just what I needed, baby," she told him. "Kelly, be a good Toy and clean my man up," she said to the girl, dismounting and offering her sloppy seconds. In an instant, the girl mouthed the organ, tasted both the marrieds, licked him spic 'n span. Then she spread Mary's legs and sucked everything she could get from the red lips as Mary spread herself with her own fingers.

"What a beautiful sight," he said to both. "You two are the best sluts I know." "Know what the best thing about a limp dick is, Kelly?" The girl shook her head.

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"You can get the whole thing in your mouth!" replied Mary. And once again Kelly shifted to the man and proved his wife's point.

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"You girls are gonna have to spend some more time together, if this is the result I get," grinned John.