Milf latina giving a blowjob

Milf latina giving a blowjob
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It was Monday, the first day of school, and Tracy had grown closer to Sandy over summer vacation. Sandy had shown Tracy the beauty of lesbian love, the tenderness, the softness, the sweetness and innocence of it. Sandy had spent many nights at Tracy's house over the summer, and Tracy's parents had no suspicion whatsoever that the girls were lovers.

Rita and Betty had spent the summer at Rita's parents' cabin in the mountains and Sandy and Tracy were excited about getting together with them again for some hot sex. As Sandy and Tracy waited on the steps, Rita came running toward them. She had changed in the past few months. Her hair was longer and she had gotten her nose pierced with just a tiny gold ring accentuating her supple, flawless complexion.

"Hey, girls! How great to see you!" Rita shouted over the crowd of voices in the schoolyard. She had lost weight too. She looked good enough to eat, Tracy thought naughtily.

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Sandy and Tracy ran to Rita and embraced her, copping a feel here and there when they didn't think anyone was watching. "Where's Betty?" Sandy asked, looking around the parking lot. "Oh, she'll be here. Wait until you see her! She looks sooo hot!" Rita explained to them. They linked arms and entered the school, heading for home room. When they walked through the home room door, they spotted a platinum blonde with bright red lipstick in a skin tight leather bra and hot pants with boots to match.

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Sandy and Tracy's eyes widened in shock. "Betty?" Tracy asked, walking forward. "Yep, it's me, bitch. Whadda ya think?" She asked coyly. "God! You look great!" Sandy replied, checking out Betty's cleavage. "What happened?" "I got a boob job. Check this out," she said as she opened he mouth to reveal her pierced tongue, "Great for sex," she said with a wink.

"I guess we'll find out about that later, huh?" Rita said, walking to her desk. The girls settled in for the long school day, aching for the end of the day so they could get together and see what changes had taken place in all of them over the summer. At 3:00 they rushed home, ate dinner, and arranged to meet at Joe's house. His dad was gone for the week and he was spending the night with Mark. He would leave the key over the doorway for them to get in.

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Sandy picked up Tracy and they walked to Joe's house together. They let themselves into the house and found that Joe had left a six-pack of beer and some chips for them to snack on. They only had a couple of hours so they wanted to make the most of their time together.

It wasn't 15 minutes before Rita and Betty knocked on the door, looking sexy and filled with lust. Sandy took Betty by the hand and led her to the couch, bent her over it and pulled down her panties. She knelt behind Betty and began to kiss and lick her ass, then she spread Betty's ass cheeks and began tonguing her asshole.


Betty writhed in pleasure, moaning and squealing in delight. She removed her bra and her beautiful new breasts hung down heavy toward the gravity of the floor, inviting attention.

Tracy wanted to feel them. She and Rita went to her and began to pinch and pull on her nipples, then squeezed her breasts gently."They feel real!" Tracy exclaimed. "They ARE real, stupid!" Rita told her, giggling.

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"Will you two just go take care of each other and leave my tits alone!" Betty ordered teasingly. Rita grabbed Tracy's hand and led her to Joe's bedroom. The girls quickly stripped off their clothes and began to kiss passionately, breasts against breasts, pubis against pubis, grinding themselves against each other as their passion rose. "Show me what you learned this summer, Tracy," Rita whispered in Tracy's ear as she kneaded her firm, high breasts.

"Lie back, Rita. I have some new tricks to show you," Tracy told her as she gently shoved her backward. Rita lifted her arms above her head and Tracy took in the view of her long, lithe body, her firm round breasts, the large aureoles, and the shaved pubic area. Her eyes widened as Rita spread her legs to give her a better view. Tracy immediately dove between Rita's legs and began to nipple, suck and nip at her labia as Rita closed her thighs around her head, writhing in sweet torture.

Meanwhile Sandy had slipped her hands between Betty's thighs and was manually stimulating Betty's clitoris, rubbing small circles rapidly as Betty bucked and squirmed at her touch, her large breasts swaying back and forth.


"Let's get comfortable, Sandy," Betty suggested as she stood and turned toward her friend. Sandy moved closer and wrapped her arms around Betty and kissed her as their bodies clung together in lust. Sandy enjoyed the feel of Betty's body, the soft, round curves enticed her with the promise of exquisite delight.

She knew Sandy was a wonderful lover and she had been looking forward to spending some private time with her. "Oh, feel so good," Betty moaned lightly as Sandy squeezed her ass and slipped a long, slender finger into her asshole. "You feel good too, darling. You taste heavenly." Sandy moaned back as Betty slid her fingers between Sandy's legs and into the damp moistness within.

The two young, nubile women lay down on the couch side by side, rubbing against each other. They spread their legs and began to grind their pubic areas against each other slowly, then faster, slapping their flesh, stinging their labia with each thrust as their clitorises hardened in lust. Their pounding increased as they concentrated all their attention on their fucking, bracing themselves against the couch for leverage as the pushed forward, each trying to envelope the other with their bodies.

They fucked hard, fast, and passionately until both of them began to jerk spasmodically, spilling their love juices onto the couch and each other's thighs. Afterward they embraced quietly, kissing and fondling each other, saving every inch of their bodies to each other's memory for times when they couldn't be together. Tracy and Rita had settled into some serious cunnilingus. They were in the 69 position, with their arms wrapped around each other's asses as they hungrily ate each other out, thrusting their pelvises at each other, fucking each other's tongues and lips, devouring the soft, tender flesh, tasting the juices of their lust.

As Betty and Sandy were culminating their lovemaking, Tracy and Rita held onto each other tightly, bucking and spending their love juices into each other's mouths. As their orgasms subsided, they rolled off of one another and relaxed in each other's arms. "Tracy, that was great." Rita whispered as she made little circles on Tracy's hardened nipples. "Yes it was, wasn't it?" Tracy replied, pinching and pulling on Rita's nipples.

"What time is it?" Rita asked lazily. "It's seven o'clock. Why?" Tracy told her. "Oh shit! I have to be home by 7:30! Let's get dressed!" Rita told her, jumping up from the bed. The girls got dressed and went downstairs to find Betty situated between Sandy's legs, showing her what a pierced tongue could do.

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Sandy was squealing in delight with her legs wrapped around Betty's head, bucking up and down into her mouth. "I'm sorry, gals," Rita said, "We have to get the hell outta here!" "Damn!" Sandy said, pushing Betty aside gently. "Why don't you spend the night with me this Friday, Betty. We can continue this uninterrupted." "Sure, no problem," Betty answered, glaring at Sandy. "That's fine with me, Betty.


Tracy is going to spend Friday night at my house, aren't you, Tracy?" Sandy said, glaring at Betty. "Er.sure. I guess I could do that." Tracy replied. The girls got dressed, locked up the house, and went their separate ways.

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Sandy and Tracy walked home together. "What was that all about?" Tracy asked Sandy. "What?" "What was that thing with Betty about?" Tracy asked again.

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"We just have some unfinished sex, that's all. Don't worry. I love you, but it's hard to resist a pierced tongue," Sandy explained. "I'll have mine pierced tomorrow," Tracy said with a wink.