Happy to See Black with Wife

Happy to See Black with Wife
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CHAPTER 1 - Making a play date After our evening with Peter and Samantha my wife had been a changed person. She would rub up against me in the garage while I was cleaning the car, she wore nothing to bed and was more than willing to initiate sex.

The overall effect of her experience with Peter seemed to have been overwhelmingly positive. I, on the other hand, was a little dismayed to see the effect he had on her. Okay, his dick was a truly unique monster but I am well endowed and I knew that our lovemaking had, up to now, been satisfying for both of us.

I wasn't worried about the competition, especially as his wife was as hot and sexy as mine. It was just me, trying to understand the nature of her changed attitude towards me - more loving and more open, I suppose.

This was the first time I knew of that I had been 'cuckolded' and I wasn't exactly sure how I should be behaving. I really couldn't work up the passion to be outraged because, when all was said and done, I had effectively cheated on my lovely wife with Samantha, while Cat watched on. This was a unique situation for both of us. Anyway, Cat was eager that I get in touch with Peter to set up another evening and I wasn't averse to that. Last night she had almost threatened to withhold a promised blowjob unless I called him there and then.

The call went to answering machine so she relented and put her mind to pleasuring me instead. She stripped both of us and then started at my neck, licking, sucking and nipping with her sharp white teeth.

As she moved down my body my hands went to her head and I pushed her to meet my rising cock. She laughed and dipped suddenly to come face to face with my manhood. Within seconds, encouraged by my moans of pleasure, she was swallowing and sucking my balls, lapping up and down my shaft and then gulping me down into her mouth.

She never gave me time to treat her but instead she stroked me furiously until I spurted my load onto her round, soft, luscious tits. I lay back a happy man with a single task in mind for the morning.

In any event it was Peter who rang me early the next morning. "Hello Daniel," his voice had a cultured edge to it and I could almost tell he was smiling as he spoke. "Sam sends her love! We are going to have to pick the car up from the garage today. Any chance you could give us a lift over there?" "No problem, bud. I was going to call you anyway. Cat wanted us to get together again. I need to get a quick shower and then I'll be with you.

Where shall I meet you?" I asked, moving towards the bathroom with the phone cradled under my chin. "I'll walk over to your apartment block." He said. "Be there in fifteen. Give Cat this number and she can set up a date with Sam." I wrote down the number Peter gave me and passed it to Cat, sitting upright and naked in our rumpled bed.

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Her kiss was surprisingly passionate as she took both paper and phone from me, laying back and stroking her hardening nipples with a smile.

"You go off and do your boy thing while Sam and I get organised." She giggled. I smiled and nodded, blowing her a kiss as I headed down to the street. I only had to wait a few minutes before Peter turned up, dressed for winter with overcoat, scarf and hat.

"C'mon buddy, I said. Let's get your car." We headed underground to find my car. As we dropped through the levels I told him of our experience down there the day we had met. "It was awful. Man came out of nowhere.

He wanted the car but I think he also wanted a piece of Catherine at the same time." I shivered. "If she hadn't screamed…If he hadn't fallen…Jeez, I hate to think what might have happened." "Do you think he might come back? Isn't this car park monitored?" Peter asked, looking at me nervously.

"I don't think he will be back and, yes, the place does have CCTV but it doesn't always work. " I grimaced. "Peter, listen, about the other night. When we rescued you." I broached the subject carefully. "Afterwards. Is that something you have done before?" "Well, no. To be honest Samantha and I have talked about opening our relationship but we hadn't got any further than that.

It was just that…", he paused and looked at me as I drove the freeway. "I don't really know how to say this but your wife, sort of&hellip. came on to me pretty strong; and I just went with it." Peter looked more than a little nervous.

"Is this a problem? I thought you seemed pretty cool with it but… Can we be honest with each other?. "Go ahead." I nodded.

"What are you trying to say?" "Well, Sam and I talked about it when we got home. She wants to apologise for falling asleep by the way. She was so tired. But she wanted to say how much she had enjoyed the experience." Peter smiled at me.

"And she wants me to ask you if you would be prepared to do it again sometime. She really likes you, you know!" "Damn me, that's exactly what Cat was saying to me. She was insistent that I call you today to arrange something." I glanced at Peter, who was smiling broadly now and nodding.

"So perhaps we ought to sort out a date or something." I concluded, but negotiating the traffic on the freeway prevented us discussing the rather interesting idea further. "Why don't you follow me back and park in our garage for the moment and we can have a coffee or something." I offered. Within half an hour we were at the garage where Peter had arranged for his car to be mended. Bills paid, he hopped into his lovely Mercedes, started the engine and then followed me out onto the freeway, heading home.

CHAPTER 2 - Cat goes out to play The moment Daniel left I picked up the phone and dialled the number my hubby had just given me. Sam's throaty voice came on the line immediately but her words suggested that she had only just woken. "Yes? Um…Who is it?" Her voice immediately reminded me of the other evening, her moans as she took my husband's dick deep into her. "It's Cat…Catherine… Em, from the other night." Suddenly I felt both hesitant and excited.

"The car, we er, we rescued you." "Oh, hell, honey. Sorry but I slept in. What time is it? Is Peter with you yet?" She sounded confused. "Peter and Daniel have gone to get your car." I said. "I just wanted to talk to you about…" my voice tailed off.

"Mmm. About the other week? God that was something. You have a fine man there Catherine, a really fine man." Her voice picked up.

"And we had fun too didn't we girl?" "Damn right. That's the reason I was calling. To er, set up another date perhaps? The boys are no good at this sort of thing." I tried to keep the excitement out of my voice but, remembering Peter's thick shaft, I was almost trembling with anticipation. "Say, honey. Why don't you come over now for coffee? We are only just over the other side of the park. Then we can sit in comfort and chat.

I would like that." She sounded cool, calm and not at all like my own emotional rollercoaster made me feel. She gave me the address of her flat and I wrote it down in very wobbly writing, my hand shaking with excitement. All I could think of was my husband watching as Peter pounded my cunt with that beautiful instrument of his. I swear I almost experienced a mini climax there and then.

My pussy tingled and my belly ached at the thought of it. "Right now? Well, that would be good. Give me ten or twenty minutes and I'll walk over. See you!, Bye!" I nodded pointlessly at the dead phone.

I was shucking my tee as I dashed to the shower and soon afterwards, I was towelling my hair and throwing the nearest clothes onto my still wet body.

Eighteen minutes later I was pressing the doorbell, slightly out of breath from the jog across the park and down the corridor. Sam called out for me to come in and I opened the door to this amazing zen minimalist apartment, all shades of black and white. Sam was laid across a white leather sofa dressed entirely in black, a cat-suit made out of some stretchy material which was stretching around her curves to great effect.

What surprised me more than the apartment was the lurch my stomach made as I looked at her. The other week had been my first ever experience of touching another woman - apart from some occasional joke kisses with girlfriends at school which had turned a bit kinky. Now my mouth was dry and my pussy was all tingly. Not what I was expecting at all.

"Hi, hun!" She turned and stretched letting the warm light enhance her curves. "Come and sit here while I make us some coffee. " She rose like a panther, taut and graceful. She gestured to the couch while she wandered off into the kitchen to make our drinks. I sat, first tentatively and then decadently, relaxing into the warmth left by her body.

Within moments she was back surrounded by the aroma of freshly ground and percolated coffee. I scrunched up and she sat beside me nursing her coffee in a big black mug totally in keeping with the decor. Her eyes narrowed for a second before she spoke.

"Let me get this right, hun. The thing between you and Peter, between Daniel and me. You okay with all this?" Her eyes were searching, probing for my answer.

"I-I am, I suppose. This is all so new to me. I'm a little confused about what happened and what I'm feeling." I lied, hoping she wouldn't notice. Samantha leaned forward to lay her hand on my shoulder, brushing aside the sleeveless tee and caressing my bare flesh. "Listen. If this is going too fast for you then say so. Peter can be a little aggressive in the sack. But Daniel - he's a sweet guy and I'm really into him. I know he's your hubby but if you would consider sharing.

And, of course, if you want Peter…" I looked at her with astonishment mingled with emotion. This girl was offering to share her husband's massive cock with me. I blushed furiously and nodded with my head down. Sam's grip tightened slightly and she pulled me towards her until my face was barely inches from hers. Her eyes took on a serious look and she arched one brow as if questioning.

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"And us?" Her hand moved to my neck, caressing gently. "Are we going to enjoy some girl time too?" I was, for a long moment, speechless. I remembered our activity from the other week, the urge to go down on her after being stimulated by her husband's prowess.

The taste of her, the scent. My heart began to race.

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Did I want something more? What was she suggesting? Had I misheard? Was this who I really was? "I-I, what do you mean? " I asked tremulously. "This!" She leaned forward and her lips brushed mine. Then the tip of her pink tongue traced the gap between my moist lips, encouraging them to open, to accept her. Without thinking I let my tongue steal out to touch hers and slide slowly past to taste her open mouth.

I put one arm on her shoulder and we drew together, tongues darting, chasing flicking and then probing each other. Our noses brushed against each other and our hair mingled as we slid down further into the soft welcoming couch.

I could hear her breathing change as she moaned almost silently. My breathing quickened and as I kissed her my mind began to somersault. This was new, it was strange and yet.so exciting, so right. Sam reached down and drew my tee upwards over my breasts, momentarily snagging the hem on my hardening nipples pushing through the lace of my tee-bra.

She reached behind me and deftly unclasped the skimpy bra, drawing the straps from my shoulders and dropping the garment to the floor beside her. Once freed, my breasts felt suddenly cold and an involuntary shiver ran through me. Sam used her hands to lift and cradle them, admiring their round soft shape.

I reached up and freed the shoulder straps of her catsuit, pulling the material down until her bra-less breasts were exposed. I was a little surprised how small they were by comparison. Little more than raised mounds each topped by an upright hard brown nipple. She drew me to her and stroked her nipples with mine, raising each to stiffness and sending a tingle down, through my belly to light a small burgeoning fire in my groin.

We continued to kiss for a moment, exploring each others mouths. My hands lay limply in my lap. I simply didn't know what to do next. It seemed that Sam recognised my indecision and she suddenly stopped her stroking and motioned for us both to stand.

"It's a little bright in here." She said, calmly. Shall we find somewhere more.intimate?" She took my hand and guided me to the room behind us. As we walked just those few steps I could feel wetness leaking into my panties and making my pussy lips slide together.

As she pushed open the door I gasped. The room was almost pitch black but I could make out the overwhelming presence of deep burgundy. The walls and curtains, the bedding, the thick carpet. Everything an identical shade of deep dark blood. I stood trembling like a schoolgirl by the immense bed as she took my tee from me and then kneeled in front of me like an angelic supplicant.

She popped the button on the waistband of my jeans and then started to unzip them kissing each inch of exposed flesh as the zip parted. The touch of her lips sent cool shivers up my body and I had to bite my lip to stop myself calling out. She slid my jeans over my rump as I wriggled excitedly, helping her to ease them gently down my legs and off my feet.


For a moment I felt like a student in front of some fabulous tutor as I watched her stand, reach behind to unzip her black catsuit and let it drop to the floor. She moved closer to me, our breasts touched and a shock ran through her to me. Her eyes smouldered as she took in my body. Mine never left her face as she ran a hand behind me, grasped my ass cheek and pulled me sharply into her.

I felt our pubic bones collide and another shock ran through me. I could feel her owning me, dominating me with every move she made. And I liked it, I loved it and I wanted more. Sam started a sinuous movement with her hips, holding me tight to her and rubbing my pubic bone with hers. I felt something warm trickle down my leg and blushed with the thought of it. Her closeness was driving me crazy, I could feel her heart beating slowly faintly through my own body.

My lips opened and I began to pant, trying to dissipate some of the heat rising from our joined bellies. She smiled and stopped her rhythmic movement, running her other hand down my arm, across our bellies and between my legs. Her touch ignited something and an involuntary moan escaped my open lips.

She reached forward and stifled the moan with her own lips, once again searching for my tongue with her own, all the while sliding her wet fingers towards my sex. I felt my knees giving way as they started to tremble. Somehow she sensed this and leaned forward, almost pushing me backwards onto the bed. We fell together in a tangle of limbs and hair. The spell was momentarily broken and we both giggled as we sought a comfortable position.


"I find you so attractive, Cat." She whispered in my ear. "I have known other women but you seem so. innocent, so alluring." "Sam. I'm not sure.I don't know." I stammered as her breath blew hot at the base of my neck. "Please. Samantha. Help me to understand.what to do." I watched Samantha as her eyes sparkled. She grinned mischievously and pushed me down on the bed, my legs dangling off the edge.

She began to run her fingertips down my arms, setting up sensations which made my hairs stand on end. My tummy tensed and I exhaled with a barely stifled moan. Her lips followed the line of her fingers, stopping every inch or so to peck at my skin. My mind was whirling, imagining, anticipating as her fingers crossed my belly and her head following as she knelt between my legs.

My arms shuddered and the temptation to lift them, to grasp her head and pull her into me was overwhelming. Her fingers met at the apex of my legs and her thumbs began to circle my pussy mound. I groaned with frustration. Her thumbs pressed in on my sex, triggering lightning flashes of desire which chased up and down my body, making my breasts heave.

Then her touch was gone and I wriggled with the lost sensation. I ached for more. I started to lift my head and then a different sensation hit me with a jolt. Her finger had parted my swollen lips and was in me! Just like that, she had driven a finger deep into me, swirling it around, touching and teasing every part of my wet and hot cunt.

My body arched and the moan I released this time was real and startlingly loud. I thrashed my head from side to side as another finger joined the first, stretching my cunt slightly and filling me in a most delectable way.

She continued to slide her fingers forward and back, making me writhe with ecstasy; then I felt the tip of her tongue flick my hardening clitoris just once and in that instant I came, groaning with the release, my body heaving and my legs shuddering. "Oh, fuck!

Yes! God, yes!" I screamed. "Oh Sam, you fucking wonderful bitch!" The orgasm continued as she fucked me faster with her fingers, and I began to feel the vaginal climax building as my clitoral climax washed through me and dissipated. I drove my pelvis upwards to meet her fingers as she used her other hand to push down on my pelvic bone anchoring me to the bed. Her fingers were rapidly ramming into me, the motion aggressively penetrating me, much like a man but, in some uniquely different way, more intense.

She encouraged me on, moaning with me as her own sensations increased. In a few short moments I screamed as the orgasm hit me like a blast from a furnace, scalding me, paralysing my muscles as my body fought the sensations cascading through my tender hot cunt.

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Her fingers slowed and she caressed me more gently as I came down from the emotional peak she had driven me towards. She laid her head on my belly, savouring my shuddering cries as the climax drained away. Then she began to kiss my body, touching every possible inch with her lips, working her way slowly upwards until, like a pale panther, she mounted the bed and lay down beside me.

Our lips touched, our noses touched, our bodies moulded into each other. Her breath was ragged, she was panting gently as my own breath was laboured and harsh. As I came down from my last climax, my breathing slowed and I turned to my new lover. "Oh, God! Sam." I whispered with all the breath I had left. "That was so wonderful.

What you did to me. Never before, like that. I never came as hard in my life." Sam smiled. "Welcome to the Sisterhood, my darling. perhaps you will do the same for me later on; but I wanted this first time to be special for you." I looked up into her face and smiled back. God, I was exhausted! I lay back in her arms and closed my eyes for a second as her arms enfolded me. What seemed like a second later I heard footsteps outside the room.

CHAPTER 3 - Daniel's special delivery I checked my rear-view constantly as the white Mercedes slipped in behind me on the freeway. We had arranged for Peter to park his car in the underground garage I used because getting a space outside his block was always difficult and at this time of day could be nearly impossible.

I watched him carefully as we took the down ramp and eased round the corners to the entrance. I breathed a sigh of relief as his gleaming white hood came round the last corner and followed me down the ramp into the garage. I found two spaces together on Level -3 and we parked up. As I got out of the car I scanned the parking area carefully but our thug was nowhere to be seen. "How about a coffee, Peter?" I offered once we had locked our cars.

He nodded. "That would be great Daniel, I can't say how grateful we are for your help. We know nobody here and Sam found it a little difficult to settle in. We are so glad we met you two." Peter paused for a moment. "But wait a minute. Why don't you come over to my place for lunch? Call Cat and get her to come too. Sam would love to see you again." Peter's wink was unmistakable as was the genuine grin on his face.

I could tell he was thinking of my wife again. "Sure, why not!" I grinned back. I pulled out my mobile and called our landline. There was no answer. Perhaps Cat had gone shopping. I shrugged, that meant more time with the lovely Samantha.

"Let's go. I can't get hold of Cat, I will try again later." We jogged along the path through the park and were quickly at the door to Peter's flat. He let us in and we moved towards the kitchen when we both heard a giggling from the bedroom.

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Peter walked over and pushed the door open. I looked over his shoulder. There, in naked beauty, were our wives. Giggling, intertwined and clearly sated from lovemaking. My darling wife had a glow about her that I only occasionally saw. Peter yelled with pleasure and dived onto the bed where he was immediately covered in warm pink flesh as both women rolled onto him and started undressing him, still laughing and teasing him. Once he was completely naked, and clearly looking ready for action, the girls turned their attention on me.

They both rose from the bed and stalked towards me. Samantha pulled my shirt out of my pants and started fiddling urgently with the buttons while Cat undid my cuffs and pulled the sleeves. As my shirt fell away I watched as first Sam and then Cat dropped to their knees and unbuttoned my jeans, Sam slowly drawing the zip down as Cat removed my shoes and socks.

Cat pulled on my jeans legs as Sam hooked her fingers into the waistband of my white boxers. Both jeans and boxers slid to the ground and I stepped out of them as the girls rose to their feet. "God, you look fantastic Daniel." Sam said as she stroked the hairs on my chest. "If I were Cat I would have you fuck me every night and in every hole." Her smile was wide and welcoming.

"He does and I love it." Catherine responded proudly. Her arm went around my neck as she pulled me down for a passionate open-mouthed kiss. I reached forward and grabbed both girls, encircling their waists with my arms. I pulled them towards me, their shapely bottoms rubbing against my groin causing an already hardening cock to spring to attention.

They set up a sensuous rhythm teasing my cock with their bodies, rubbing themselves up and down my body. The temptation was too great and I slid my hands down to cup their pussies. Cat squealed and wriggled but Sam let out a low moan. I looked at Peter, rising naked from the bed and smiled. I reached further to slide a long finger along their cracks and then curling upwards I pushed a wet finger into each of them.

I jerked my hands upwards, driving the fingers deep and pulling them closer to me. As I manipulated each finger I felt their bodies writhe, seeking more. Peter joined us and began to caress first Sam and then my wife. His hands grasped one breast of each girl and began to knead and twist them, making both girls moan with pleasure. I slid a second finger into their wet cunts and began to jerk them furiously, forcing Cat to scream with the sensation while Sam simply increased the moaning which had been continuous throughout.

Peter took Cat's nipple into his mouth and sucked it to hardness while twisting his own wife's nipple savagely. "Oh! No! Daniel please stop!" Sam gasped as my fingers thrust into her. "No! Wait! I don't want to come yet." Sam pulled away from me and led Peter towards the bed. Cat followed, my fingers still inside her until she broke the contact by lying down next to Sam and Peter. She grasped the base of Peter's enormous erection as his wife took hold of Cat's head and lowered it onto his shaft.

Cat began to suck him into her mouth as Sam pushed down, forcing Cat to swallow the whole length into her throat. Cat gagged momentarily and then began to slide up and down, breathing through her nose and occasionally removing the cock to allow her to gasp air. Sam was merciless, however, pushing her back onto the rigid cock, forcing more of it down her throat. I knelt between my wife's legs with the intention of tasting the juices running down her leg but Sam shook her head furiously.

She let go of Cat's head and pushed me down onto the bed next to her husband. She sank to her knees and began to lick my member into full hardness. Her technique was awesome. She would hold my cock in the palm of one hand and then run the flat of her tongue up the penile ridge to the helmet, circling this and then returning to the base to start again. Within minutes she had my cock throbbing with the stimulation it was receiving. At this point her action changed and she hung her head over me and slowly lowered it onto my throbbing member, sliding my helmet past her lips and then slowly but constantly accepting more and more of it into her mouth and then further into her throat until I was buried totally in her.

Then she paused as my twitching throbbing cock was surrounded by her. Finally she rose equally slowly and began to fuck me with her mouth, slowly, deliberately and fantastically.

I almost dried out with the sheer ecstasy she induced in me but any noise I might have made would have been drowned out by the sound coming from the other side of the bed. Cat had finished swallowing Peter's huge dick and was now lying back on the bed with her legs by her head exposing the gleaming wet pussy that I knew so well.

Peter was banging the tip of his dick on her slit and she was yelping like a bitch in heat. I closed my eyes as another man's wife slide back down my shaft until her nose hit my balls.

When I opened them again my own wife was panting heavily as Peter began to push the first third of his cock into her tight, creamed pussy. Samantha stopped for a moment to watch as Peter slid another third of his length into my wife. Her eyes opened wide and she began to gasp, wriggling either to accommodate or escape this massive penetration. Peter grasped her shoulders and pushed harder.

Cat let out a low moan and her eyes rolled up into her skull. Peter grinned at his wife and nodded to me then began the slow deliberate withdrawal. We watched as inch after inch came gleaming wet out of Cat's cunt, her lips gripping around the shaft as it left her.

When only the helmet was inside her she nodded to him and he rammed the whole length back into her. Her scream echoed around the dark burgundy walls as she took everything he had. I looked at her and she nodded vigorously to him, wanting more. "Oh, God. Oh, Peter. Go on. please". Her throaty voice wavered slightly as she begged him to fuck her more. Samantha looked me in the eyes. "I want you to fuck me fast and hard. Leave the slow lovemaking to them, I want it rough and NOW!" That was an invitation I wasn't going to refuse.

I positioned my saliva covered dick at the entrance to her cunt and rammed it home. I grasped her hips and began to pump into her like a jackhammer. Her tiny tits began to bounce up and down as I lifted her hips off the bed to penetrate her totally.

Sam closed her eyes and began to pant as her climax began to build. I looked across at the man fucking my wife and grinned. As he went in long and slow I rammed his wife hard and fast. "Oh, yes, yes, yes! Do it to me Daniel. Fuck me hard! Ram me, my honey!" Sam's words were hurried and breathless as I increased the tempo, pulling her onto my pounding cock.

I looked across to my wife, or what I could see of her, legs by her head, body covered by that of another man. She was moaning and, I think, sobbing as he continued to slowly ravage her. I returned my concentration to the beautiful woman beneath me. I took her breast in one hand, teasing the nipple, flicking it roughly with my thumb. My other hand I slid between us, gathering moisture from our union and using it to stimulate her clitoris with strong, slow strokes of my finger.

Her body writhed on me as I flicked her exposed nubbin, each movement causing her to jerk and writhe under me, making me penetrate deeper, stimulating my manhood to greater width, my thrusts hastening my own orgasm. With a scream that made me jerk, she came trembling beneath me. I could hold back no longer and my own body spasmed as pulses of hot semen spurted deep into her, coating her vagina and spilling out of her as I pounded my frenzied body into her.

I heard an echoing howl from my wife as she thrust her hips into the air to ease Peter's massive cock deeper into her. She held that pose for a moment until he drove once more into her and both of them collapsed as his orgasm matched hers. Samantha suddenly broke my grasp of her breast and leaned over to press her burning lips against Cat's open mouth. Their tongues met and intertwined as they smooched and licked each other. I had never seen my wife kiss another woman passionately - in fact I had never seen my wife fucked by another man.

So many firsts for me and not a trace of jealously could I detect in my body or my mind. In fact I felt an overwhelming pride in seeing my wife so happy, so horny and so well satisfied. I slid to one side and my softening member slipped out of this stranger. I watched as Peter did the same, grinning happily at me. Then we both looked on in amazement as Samantha straddled my wife and went down on her, licking and sucking at her wet cum-soaked cunt.

As we watched, my semen began to drip from Samantha's widened hole straight onto my wife's face. She opened her mouth to let the mixture of our love juices drip in long creamy ropes into her mouth. I watched as she licked her lips capturing every last morsel of my cum and saw Samantha completely cleaning Cat's slippery cunt. "Now that'll what I call a finish!" Peter grinned as he lay on his back and winked at me.

"That must be the most amazing thing I have ever seen!" I nodded to him. Her job done, Samantha rolled over to rest in his arms while Cat spooned me wriggling her pert bottom against me. I looked into the eyes of both Peter and his wife and saw nothing there other than contentment. My wife's breathing slowed and within moments I could tell that she was drifting into sleep.

My eyes felt heavy and without my volition they also closed as we four playmates drifted off into a satisfied sleep. Watch out for Episode 3 - Samantha's Story (A Chance Encounter) I would love your feedback on this story as it develops. Please leave your comments at the bottom of the page.

If you leave a negative vote then please explain why. It helps me to improve and satisfy my readers as my characters satisfy each other.