Beautiful Angella jerks and sucks a cock

Beautiful Angella jerks and sucks a cock
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Billy boy Caufield sat at the kitchen table watching his mom fix breakfast. He couldn't take his eyes off her remarkable ass as it swayed and sometimes jiggled a little under her short teddy that showed about two inches of ass when she stood straight and more when she bent over. His mom, Betty, must have had an extra expressed gene for exhibitionism because she was always showing or just barely not showing her incredible body.

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For a 30-year-old very over-sexed woman who'd had 3 children in her mid-teens, she still had a body that could make a teenage boy blow a load without a touch.

She was petite but cushioned nicely everywhere--about 5 foot 5, with a few extra pounds but still quite a trim waist and a classic hourglass shape. She had huge 34DD tits with tips that pointed toward heaven and a pussy that was a perfect peach. She was naturally not very hairy but kept her pussy hair shaved and sometimes she enjoyed trimming a small patch of her pubic bush in a heart shape or some other silly thing.

Her pussy lips were very internal, labia barely there--neatest pussy you ever saw except for maybe her two daughters, Jody and Jill. As Betty was frying some bacon and eggs, the grease splattered on her bare tits which she kept outside the teddy just for comfort. When the grease splatter hit her tits she exclaimed and stepped back and turned to face her son who sat as the breakfast table with a growing hard-on watching his mom shake and jiggle her tits and ass in that little teddy.

He got up and walked over to her and kissed her huge tits where the grease has stung and said in a baby voice he would make it all better. Billy sucked on his mom's tits and squeezed and fondled her breasts with one hand while his other hand found her cunt and he slowly slipped one finger in, then two fingers and slowly finger-fucked his mom. Betty was loving the attention. "Oh, Honey, your fingers feel so good in my pussy. I haven't had anything there since last night." They were both enjoying the feeling of Betty's pussy and her son's probing fingers when she reached for his cock which was very accessible through his loose pajama bottoms.

She pulled his dick out and stroked it. For a 14-year old boy Billy had nearly 7 inches of hard thick cockmeat that was always ready to fuck and had already had about two years experience fucking his mom and his two sisters.

"C'mon boy, let's get in a quiet fuck before your sisters get in here." Betty bent over the kitchen table, spread her legs and Billy guided his hard dick into her pussy with a nice slow smooth stroke. Her pussy was wet from the finger-fucking and Billy just leisurely pumped his huge dick in and nearly out of his mother's tight loving pussy. "God that feels so good Mom. I love fucking your cunt." "Oh, Baby, just hit every part of it, oh, just keep fucking like that.oh.oh.oh." Betty loved the feeling of a huge teenage dick sliding in and out of her shaved bald pussy.


The incestuous pair just slowly fucked and groaned for about 10 minutes when they heard footsteps coming toward the kitchen. "You two still fuckng? You were fucking last night when Jill and I went to bed" said Jody as she and her sister came in the kitchen. "Well, we haven't been fucking the whole time, silly," laughed Betty as her son squeezed her tits and rammed his cock deep into her. "Yeah," said Billy. "We just started before you came in. Besides, sleepyhead, it looks like you two have been the ones fucking all night." Both girls took after their mother with huge tits for their ages and beautiful shaved pussies although Jill, being 13 only had peach fuzz but still enjoyed shaving her cunt and Jody, 15, kept her pussy bald but, like her mom, loved little artistic hair patches to adorn her pubic patch.

Both girls wore loose half-tee tops that showed some bottom tit and undies a size too small. "Well, Jason came over last night and snuck in the window and we fucked for a little while," Jody said as she and Jill sat at the other end of the breakfast table and watched their mom and brother fuck.

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Jason was Jody's boyfriend. He was 16 and was one of the Calder boys. The Calders lived just a little deeper in the woods and Jason was welcome to come over anytime, but many times he just snuck in at night and fucked Jody and, of course, Jill was there and, after watching the fucking for a while, she would always need relief and Jason wound up fucking her too.

Sometimes the kids could be heard fuckng in the girl's room till nearly sun up. Betty looked at her two girls across the table while Billy continued to fuck her pussy with long smooth strokes. "You two look like you've been sucking cock or pussy for hours. My god, your lips look swollen red and, Jill, is that cum in your hair?" Jill giggled, "Well, it's either cum or pussy juice.

We had kind of a full night, Mom. I'm sorry, I thought I washed it out." "Did you fuck Jason too?" "I fucked him a little, just in my cunny and mouth, but I saw him and Jody fuckng in her ass." Betty replied, "I know they do that, but you're too young little missy for ass-fucking.

You leave that to your older sister. And Jody, you can't let Jill suck any cock right after fucking your ass, understand?" "Yes, Mom.I understand--whatever, " said Jody in her sing-song way. "We practice clean, wholesome loving in this family," said Betty, starting to lose her breath as Billy picked up the pace of fucking her bald cunt.

The sloshing sounds of their fucking and heavy breathing were filling the kitchen as Billy felt his cum building. His mom's tight cunt around his cock and the view of her beautiful ass and her swaying tits, not to mention his sisters' half-tee tops and cum-smeared faces watching them was just about too much.

He stroked a few more times, pushing his cock as deep as he could into his mother's cunt, then withdrew it all the way out so that cool air would hit his cock and give it a special thrill, then he would plunge it into mom's pussy again all the way.

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Finally, with one last thrust he shot load after load of his sperm deep into Betty's pussy. Betty seldom needed more than intercourse to orgasm but loved to diddle her clit or have someone else do it.

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She bent over the table, fingering her clit, and came along with her son in a wonderful release of sexual energy. It was their first fuck of the day and not likely their last. Jill and Jody just sat and smiled at each other as their brother pulled his huge dick from mom's pussy with a popping sound. Jill said "Oooh, that's the same sound it makes when Jason pulls out of my pussy." Jody said, "Billy, I get dibbs on sucking you clean." Jill said, "I get second dibbs." Betty stood up, straightening her teddy and tucking her tits in, "You two can suck some cock while I finish getting this breakfast ready." She turned to the stove just as Billy walked with his still erect dick over to his sisters.

He stood standing while Jody took his cock in her mouth and slurping loudly licked and sucked it from base to tip. Jill watched her sister suck the cock and brought her lips close to the union and Billy started to fuck Jody's mouth with Jill licking his cock while it went in and out of her sister's mouth. After a few minutes of cock cleaning Billy said, "Ok, you better stop or we'll never get breakfast.

I want to save some cums for later. I've had too many Saturdays of you two draining me early, then I'm dry when the evening gets good, ya' know?


This Saturday I'm conserving cum just so I can fuck all day long. Ok?" He pulled his clean hard cock from Jody's mouth and loosely put it back in his pajama bottoms as he sat at the table and Betty turned with platters of bacon and eggs and pancakes and served her children, her tits jiggling, barely contained in her short teddy as she sat to enjoy breakfast with her kids.

"Alright, what's everyone's plans today?" asked Betty as she poured a thick swirl of syrup on a 3-high stack of pancakes. Jody answered first, "I got a double-date with Jason tonight. He's coming over in his dad's Chevy with Cletus and Lucy." "What time are they coming?" "Oh, 'bout 8--depends on how long Lucy takes to get ready--She's kinda prissy." "Ok, that'll give me time to tidy up a bit." "Well, Mom, ya' know the last time Jason and I had a date you sort of 'tidied' up Jason's cock before the date even started.

It might be nice if you didn't do any cock 'tidying' or sucking before my date this time." Betty looked at her daughter a little sheepishly and said, "Well that was half your fault and half Jason's. First, as I recall, you were being little miss prissy and kept him waiting for nearly half an hour.


I had to entertain your boyfriend on the couch and Billy had left one of your dad's old porn tapes in the vcr and when Jason was switching channels he hit the play button and the porn tape started playing and it was this big-breasted slut sucking off her pool boy or the pizza delivery boy or sombody and I tried to stop it from playing but Jason wasn't about to stop it. Then he asked if I minded if he took out his dick and stroked it.

Jody interrupted, "I do believe that--he likes to take it out and stroke it a lot--and apparently in the Calder's house they're as easy with sex as we are.

They're all fucking and jacking off all the time." Betty continued, "Well, that's the impression I got. He wasn't shy about pullin' it in front of I let him enjoy himself and just watched him stroke that dick of his till it was a good hard 7 inches and big purple head. Then he told me his mom loved to suck it when she caught him masturbating. And I'll admit after having a few beers, I said 'Any mom would love a cock like that,' then he wrapped my hand around his dick and I--uh--ya' know sort of lost it--the Caufield instincts just took over." Jill had been silently listening to her sister and mom but now she giggled and Betty and Jody both saw that she had fished out Billy's dick from his pajamas and was stroking it under the table.

"See!" said Betty, "We Caufield girls just have urges." Billy chimed in "That's one way of putting it--tits and pussies, asses and urges." Betty replied "and aren't you the luckiest 14-year old boy in the world!?" "No argument there" said Billy as Jill stroked his cock expertly and he pushed his chair back from the table so his mom and sis could get a better look.

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Jill's little hand stroked his shaft then encircled her brother's big purple dick head and smeared the pre-cum till his dick was slick and shiny. She absentmindedly pumped his dick while Betty and Jody continued talking. Jody, getting back on track, said, "But Mom you could'a stopped. You still sucked him off after I came in. Maybe this time you can avoid sucking off my boyfriend before our date!?" Betty threw out excuses, "Sure honey, but you know how hard it can be to stop.

I just want you to have a good time." She batted her eyes, " If you don't need me to fluff him up, that's fine, honey." Jody raised an eyebrow and mimiced her mom saying "right.'fluff him up'--I don't think he needs any fluffing, Mom.

Anyway he's coming over with his sister Lucy and their cousin Cletus so I don't think the party will start till we at least reach the car--but they are a bunch of horndogs." "Where you guys goin'?" " I think we're just gonna get some beer and drive by a new little makeshift club way out on Miller's Road and see if we can hear any music for free." "Ok honey but stay in touch with your cell phone and one of y'all needs to stay drivin' sober.

I'm serious, comprendez vous? do-you-understand?," Betty spoke every word slowly and deliberately. "Yes Mom," Jody sing-songed, "Jason really doesn't like beer that much. He's happy with a coke as long as his cock is getting sucked--but I guess you already knew that," she cocked an eyebrow and looked directly at her mom.

"You don't need to be smart little girl," Betty couldn't help but grin. "You don't need to be sucking any boyfriends off.little girl," Jody mimiced with a grin. Suddenly Billy said, " you don't little Jilly" as he took Jill's little hand off his cock which was so close to shooting cum all over his chest and her hand. They all watched as Billy's cock stood erect and jerked and spilled a small dribble of cum from the head as Billy breathed deeply and thought about baseball scores and did his best to halt the orgasm "You're gonna have to wait.--maybe this afternoon I can shoot you some cum but I really gotta save it 'cause I wanna have some fun tonight." Betty added, "That's my mature little man--delayed gratification--Now that's not a Caufield trait" They all laughed.

Finally Betty made sure she and the girls took their birth control pills. The pills were kept in a bottle on the kitchen table next to the salt and pepper.

She marveled at how much the pills had enlarged the girl's breasts. Both Jody and the younger Jill had larger and perkier tits than most other girls their age and certainly dressed to accentuate that feature. They sometimes walked around the house topless but more frequently wore tiny halter tops or loose half tees that showed a lot of undercleavage like this morning.

Jill being only 13 already had breasts nearly her sister's size. They were 32 Bs and she enjoyed playing with them nearly as much as her brother and her sister's friends did. She spent many afternoons putting on some music and dancing.

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After watching her dad's old porn tapes she had decided she wanted to be a porn star. The idea of fucking and sucking and making money and making people happy seemed the perfect life. (CONTINUED) (all right reserved by author, copyright 2008)