Golden haired girls lips print on wazoo tube porn

Golden haired girls lips print on wazoo tube porn
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Hi Guys. If you have read many of my stories, then you know pretty much about me. I'm going to be 61, a widower, after losing my wife 9 years ago. She was 60 at the time when cancer took her life. We'd been together 30 years.

She was a gym teacher for many years and my lover and best friend. We did an awful lot together, but never cheated on one another. We didn't need too, we were swingers. I loved watching her with others, as she did me, and we were both bi. I am now living with her sister Kim, who also partook in the lifestyle and, we had many a threesome with her during our life. This story happened almost 4 years ago, with a friend of Carol's and mine.

Toni is a friend who used to live on the same street as us until 15 years ago, when she and her husband, and daughter, moved down to Kentucky. Toni did not want to go, but Bill, her husband wanted to move back by his family. We were good friends with them, but in a vanilla sort of way. Carol and Toni always chatted together, or went shopping and did girl things.

Bill was pretty much a stick in the mud, and we often wondered what Toni saw in him. She was a good looking woman who stood 5'4, weighed in the neighborhood of 120 lbs. Gorgeous green eyes, and her face was soft with high cheek bones. Never knew her real hair color. Most times it was blond, then change to brunette, or have streaks of blond in it. Her hair was kind of on the short side, which I do like. Toni was 4 years junior to me, but one thing I do know, she tans all the time and has a deep, dark tan.

One that I always wondered was all over, like Carol and I. She also does not wear lots of makeup, if at all, and now was no difference.

She had that natural beauty to her. They used to come over for cookouts and such, or we'd go there, but we never played with them. Both Carol and I wanted too, or at least with Toni. Carol had confided in Toni of our lifestyle and Toni so wanted to get Bill to do that. One time, we had them over, plus some other neighbors, and just Toni and I were alone in the kitchen, when she came up to me and said.

"Tim, if I can ever talk that man of mine into it, I sure would love for us to fuck one night. I'm dying to try that out" I told her that I was game, as was Carol, and if it ever comes to pass, I'd enjoy getting naked with her and having some fun.

It never did come to pass.

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Her husband thought people who did that were touched in the head. When they moved, Toni confided in Carol that she was going to hate living down there, especially now that their daughter was off to college. After they moved, Toni did stay in touch with us, and when Carol passed away, she came up for the funeral. About a year and a half later, I got a call one night, and it was Toni.

I was shocked and thought something was wrong, but she said no.

She wanted to let me know that she and Bill parted ways. We talked a good hour on the phone that night. She did tell me that she had a great job now, so it keeps her busy. From that point on, we would talk like every month to six weeks.

We just stayed good friends. Chapter 1 About 4 years ago, Toni called me one evening. She told me she was coming to a conference that would be held in Independence, which isn't too far from me. I asked where she was staying, so we could get together. She said they were to put her up in this one hotel, which was next to where the conference was. I knew the hotel and it was ok, but not as nice as the one the conference was at. She laughed and said her company was cheap.

"You should just stay here with me. The conference is only 20 minutes away, and this way, you could visit with old friends and neighbors too in the evening" I told her. "I couldn't impose on you like that Tim.", she said. "Bullshit. It's no imposition and I would enjoy the company. Stay here and have the run of the house, use the pool and hot tub, and be my dinner partner those evening." "Well.

you do make sound inviting. Tell you what. The conference starts sunday, and runs to Thursday. How about I make it a mini vacation too, and come in the Thursday before, that way I can get to see people." "Sounds like a winner to me Toni. I'm at your full disposal" I exclaimed. She chuckled and said, "Ohhh, I like the sounds of that" Since it was going to be towards the end of July, it may be hot out and great for pool use and sunning herself.

I had always wondered how she looked naked, so who knows, may be she'll want to do what she told me, all those years ago. Since Carol's passing, I don't date all that much. Every once in awhile I would go out with a friend of a friend, things like that.

Usually end up having sex once or twice, but not wanting to be tied down. No one could ever replace carol, in my eyes. Chapter 2 The Thursday finally arrived. I had made sure the house was neat, and fresh linens on her bed. Not that they were clean before, but felt it should be done. Been years since anyone has slept, or even fucked there. Toni arrived a little past 6pm. I remembered she enjoyed margarita's, so I had made a pitcher of them, and baked a lasagna, for us, for dinner.

When she came to the door, I was there to meet her and took her suitcase from her. She hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. "My God Tim, you haven't changed one bit. Still as handsome as ever. I do like the touch of gray in your hair too." "Why thank you my dear. You look amazing yourself." I told her. "You liar. Look at this flabby tummy. I didn't have this when we lived here." she scolded me. "You may think it flabby, but I think you look great. Now come inside and let's have dinner." "Great.

I am famished." We then went to the kitchen where I poured her a margarita, and then had her sit at the dining table and served our meal. When she arrived, she was wearing a fitted top that accented her 34C breasts, and a pair of khaki shorts, that stopped mid thigh. She had a very dark tan too. "Damn. I really need to know if that tan is all over." I thought to myself.

After our meal, which took a great bit of time, since we were talking about the old days and people we knew, we did up the dishes and headed to the deck and enjoyed more conversation. We were getting close to finishing the pitcher of drinks, when she told me about the end of her marriage. "Bill changed once he got down there. I was more of his servant, than wife. As time grew on, he started drinking more and becoming verbally abusive.

I have no idea why I stayed as long as I did.


I threw myself into work, just to keep away from him. Most evening I would come home and he would be passed out on the couch." "Man, that sucks. To live like that." I told her. "Yeah it did. The kicker was one night, he started telling me to get in bed and be ready for him.

I told him no. If he wanted sex, go find someone who was willing because you are never seeing this pussy again" 'Ouch. Bet that didn't sit well with him." I told her.

"You're right. It didn't. He smacked me in the face. Then he started apologizing for that, but I just turned, went upstairs and packed my clothes and left. The only time I went back was to get the rest of my stuff. I found a nice little apartment. The only time I saw him was in court, the day the divorce was final. I got half of everything, including his pension. Last thing I said to him was good luck.

With a little dick like his, he'd be real lucky to find a woman who's want it." I busted up laughing at that. And here, she wanted to swing with us, at one time. Carol would have been short changed there. She then asked if she could shower, that the drink was getting her sleepy. I took her to the guest bath and showed her where everything was.

I too, went and showered, and even got a bit of a hard on, thinking about her naked, just down the hall. I put on a t-shirt and loose running shorts and headed for the couch.

About ten minutes later she came out and joined me on the couch. She was wearing these very short pajama bottoms, and a loose pajama top. I could easily see her nipples through the thin material. "Fuck. she has great legs", I thought. We were watching some show on cable about beach front properties for sale. "MMMMM, I could go for living like that. But somewhere secluded so I could tan naturally" I chuckled and said, "Let me know when you do, so I can come for a visit.

I like natural." She leaned back on the couch and was rubbing her foot. I asked if she was ok, and she said that her feet hurt from being on them so much today. Her old bones weren't like they used to be. I told her to put her feet in my lap and let me massage them, which she happily agreed too. After about ten minutes of massaging her feet, which she did quite a bit of moaning, I switched up a little and massaged her lower legs. Her skin was so smooth too.

As I would massage her calf, she would spread her legs a little more and I got to peek up her shorts. I then knew, she tans naked because I could see her pussy lips, and they too, had a golden tan. Damn I wanted to crawl up there and just lick that all night. I could tell she was getting a bit turned on, when she said, "Oh Tim. You need to stop. I'm getting real sleepy. So I better get to bed now." With that, she got right up and walked quickly to her bedroom and closed the door.

She later told me she had to go, or I was going to see and hear her cum, which she did after she crawled in bed. I heard her use the bathroom, then shut her door. I too, turned into bed and as I lay there, I could her faint moaning coming from down the hall. I'm sure she was pleasuring herself.

My cock was as hard as a rock, so I lay there and quietly masturbated until I came short time later, thinking of Toni. Chapter 3 I went into work early, so I could get out early. I had left a note for Toni telling her the house was her's and to enjoy the deck and pool later. She had said she was going to try and see if her old neighbor Tina and Ralph were home and visit with them for a bit. I got home around 12:30, or so, and as I pulled in, I noticed Toni's rental in the drive. I parked mine in the garage and went into the house through there.

This takes me into the laundry room, then the kitchen, which looks out over the back and the deck. I peek out the window that overlooks the deck and pool and saw a gorgeous site. Tina was laying on her stomach, in the chaise lounge.

From the looks of it, she had on a small 2 piece, in which the bottoms were a thong, and it was bright orange in color. Her cheeks had that deep tan, just like the rest of her.

I would love to run my tongue all over them. I went upstairs and changed into swim trunks too. Mine were light blue and very loose fitting.

It is a rarity that I wear trunks at all. Most of our friends from before were nudist and always went naked. Kim still does when she comes over, and that always leads to a good fuck session for us. Kim was quite aware of Toni coming and staying with me too. We had recently started seeing one another for dates and sex.

I went to the fridge and got us two glasses of sweet tea, on ice and then brought them out to the deck. I came out and said, "What a beautiful sight I have in front of me" "Oh yeah. If you like fat asses, then I guess it is." she retorted.

"Trust my sweet lady, you have a marvelous ass. Here, I brought you some tea." She got up and re-positioned herself, so she was now sitting up and stretched her legs out.

The top of her suit covered just enough of her nipples, but that was it. "Fuck me" I thought. "I'll be honest, I usually don't sun with this bikini, or anything else on.

Just felt I shouldn't do that here" I laughed, then said, "Huh. You must of forgot that Carol and I were nudist, and I still am. Me sitting here with clothes on is quite unusual for me." "Oh shit. I totally forgot about that. Hey. don't let my presence stop you from being natural in your own home. You take yours off, I'll take mine." then smiled.

I stood up and then dropped my trunks to the ground, and kicked them aside. I heard Toni gasp, and saw she was looking at my shaved crotch. "What's wrong?", I asked. "Honestly, not a damn thing. Just never saw a man shaved like that in real life. Seen it in porn, but not in the flesh. Got to admit, it looks great." She then took off her top and dropped it on my trunks, then lifted up and scooted her thong off.

I too, noticed she was shaved, and her front was a deep dark tan too, and looked very sexy. She does have a slight pouch in the tummy area, but so what. We that are at our ages should be allowed this. "I wish I was in better shape, but I know I am not in bad shape either." she said.

"Toni, my dear, you look great. You really do. In fact, you look quite sexy." She smiled then said, "Thank You Tim. Carol did not exaggerate about you either. You still are in great condition and if I may be so bold, nicely put together down there. But if I am so sexy, how come I don't see any excitement from it?" I chuckled and told her, "Look, I have been part of the nudist world for over thirty years, and seeing a naked woman, just doesn't make me pop a chubby.

It takes some stimulation, physically, or mentally." She giggled a little, so I asked, "What's funny?" She smiled and then asked, "Remember in your kitchen all those years back, when Bill and I were over, and it was just us alone?" I nodded, "Like it was yesterday." "Remember what I said?" I smiled at her and said, "Oh yes, I remember quite well." "Good.

Would you like too now?" I smiled again, and said, "Only if you do, and if so, it would be my pleasure in pleasuring you." She got up and came to my chaise and straddled it, and sat down on my crotch. I could feel the heat coming off her wet pussy. She leaned into me and we kissed passionately. Her arms went around my neck and my arms went around her waist and ass, making sure I grabbed some fine ass cheeks.

She broke the kiss after a few minutes. "I guess the physical part got you growing." "I think it is a combination of both. Mentally seducing each other and now the physical aspect of it. You are incredibly sexy Toni. But, let's take this upstairs to a bed where we can be more comfortable." We got up and walked hand in hand, kissing a lot of the time, until we reached my bed. I picked her up and lay her gently on the bed then crawled up beside her.

We were now kissing again and our hand explored. Mine went to her breast and then her hard nipples and slowly played with them. She moaned into my mouth then.


Then I let my hand roam down her belly to her mound, then to her moist lips and started rubbing them. Her hand was on my cock and was massaging it. "Oh Shit. Carol was right, you do have a nice cock Tim. Bill was only 5 inches at best and not thick." She then stopped and sat up. "What's wrong?" I asked. She looked at me then asked, "I never asked, are you involved with some woman?

I don't want to be a cheater." "No. Toni. I am not involved with anyone. I don't date. Tried it a couple of times, but they all want commitment, and so far, no one likes my lifestyle." We were now facing one another and asked, "Well, who takes care of you like this then? You can't just masturbate?" "Honestly. Kim does.

We are very close still, especially after her divorce. She tried the dating scene too, but found that the guys either just want to fuck, with no romance, or they want to marry you after a few dates. So we decided we would be lovers, but open to being with others too. So we take care of our needs every few weeks, when we are both free." "Damn. Now that's a great arrangement. But won't she get pissed knowing I am here and we are doing this?" "Nope.

She knows you are here and wishes she was too. She is down in Virginia visiting her kids and grand-kids. She has always liked you and knows you and Carol did experiment a couple of times with girl play. Remember, she is bi too." "Oh My God. She knows about that? You guys must think I'm a slut." I shook my head, seeing this was going off the tracks quickly. "Stop.

Of course Carol and Kim talk, they are/ were sisters and both bi and both found you very attractive. I know too. Carol and I hid nothing from one another. Carol knew, as did Kim, that I wanted to go to bed with you back then, and still do now. If Kim was here, she would join in. We haven't had a 3some in quite a long time." "Wow, I never knew. I was so serious, yet scared that day I told you we would fuck one day.

Being honest, I wanted the lifestyle that you and Carol had. But, unfortunately, I ended up with a prude, and a lousy fuck at that. Carol would have been short changed, while I was hitting the lotto." She smiled then, after she said that, then leaned into me and kissed me very passionately.

I pushed her gently to her back and then started licking down her body. I play ample attention to her tits and nipples, but her pussy is what I craved. I figured if I could get my tongue in there, all thoughts for her would stop, and just pleasure would take over. Once I started eating her, she was in heaven.

I would take her close to cumming then back away, which got a loud sigh from her, then "Don't Stopppp" Each Time I did that, I could tell she was getting frustrated, but I wanted her to remember this oral session. After a good twenty minutes, my lips attached to her swollen clit, which stood out like Carol's did, almost an inch. This time though, she was cresting towards an orgasm, and I didn't stop. "Oh Christ Yessssssssssssss. Eat Me Eat Me Eat Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee", and started cumming hard.

Her whole body shook and quaked. Her moaning was very loud, which is something I love hearing. Her hands were pulling on my head, tighter into her pussy. Her head was shaking back and forth and her legs came way up, as she continued to orgasm. Her pussy was running like a river now, with her juices and she tasted great. As she came down, she gently started pushing my head away, telling me to stop, that she was so sensitive right now. My head rested between her thighs and lightly kissed her labia.

"Oh My God Baby, That was the best I have ever had. Oh Fuck… You can take a woman's breath away with that tongue of yours." "Glad you enjoyed that. I did too. You taste great. I could live down here. " She smiled at me and thanked me again. "Tim. I owe you a blow job, but right now, I really need to have you in me.

I need your cock. I have dreamed of this for too many years. Fuck Me Tim. Fuck Me Now" "Get on top Toni. That way you can control the action." I rolled to my back and she got up on her knees then straddled me.

She wasted no time in grabbing my throbbing member and used the head to stroke her pussy lips, getting it wet, then inserted it and slid down my 8 inches. We just started going slow and she said, "Thank You. God I never knew this would feel so good. You fill me up completely. This is my favorite position, though I never got to use it much. And thank you for last night. The massage felt amazing, but it also caused me to come close to cumming. Which is why I stopped you when I did." "Your welcome Baby.

And, I have this feeling you came a little later, just as I did." "Oh shit. You heard me moaning huh. I wanted you to rip off my PJ bottom so bad and do me right on the couch, but then, lost my courage." I smiled then said, "I almost came into your room then and wanted to help you out.

Wish I would have now." She was starting to speed up just a bit, then said between breaths. "I wish. You would have. Had I known how amazing this would… have. Felttttttttt… i'd have fuckeddddddd, you all night." In between moans, I said, "Aw christ… your pussy, is so hot. And tight. Wish I would have… nowwwwwwwww&hellip. "Oh Fuck Timmmmmmmmmm.

I'mmmmmmmmm cummingggggggggg again" She fucked me through her orgasm, moaning and shaking the whole time… "Roll me over Baby. Pound me with your dick… I need pounded badddddddddddddddd" We rolled over with me never leaving her pussy.

I pushed her legs back towards her head and started. They were strong thrust, yet not fast yet. But every thrust you could hear our skin slapping together. "Oh Yesssss. That's It That's Ittttttttt Fuck Me good. Oh Christ you are so deep in me." "Oh Wow Toni, you are amazingly tight. Love this" I started picking up my speed now and her moans were really loud. Every thrust in she would let out a "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" When I really got going, our skin was slapping together loudly.

If someone happen to be in the house, there was no mistaking what we were doing right now. "Harder Tim Baby, Harderrrrrrrrrrrrr" she yelled out. Her pussy was so wet now and very hot. I could feel my balls tingling, and drawing up to let loose my cum. "Oh Fuck Baby, I'm going to cum." I said. "In me Baby. I want it all in me" I let out a loud grunt and started to cum.

This made her wrap her arms around my neck hard and she started to cum too. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cummingggggggggggggg" she yelled out. I shot at least 5 good ropes of cream deep inside her. We were both sweaty now, even with the air on.

I started kissing her as we let our orgasms subside. She is a great kisser too. Loves getting her tongue into it. I was on my elbows, so my full weight wasn't on her and looked at her and just said, "WOW" Then I asked her, do you by chance, swallow?" She laughed and then said, "What a strange question to ask after sex. But yes, if my lover is worthwhile. And you Lover, are more than worthwhile." I smiled down at her, still trying to catch my breath, then moved down so I could eat her.

Not sure if this would freak her out, but decided, "In for a penny, in for a pound", I thought to myself. When she suddenly realized where I was going, she asked, "what in the world are doing?". I shushed her and said to enjoy it. I licked her for a couple of minutes, capturing both of our love juices into my hungry mouth.

She did enjoy it too, moaning the whole time. Then I crawled back up on top of her and brought my lips to hers. Her tongue immediately started licking my lips, then she parted my lips and stuck her tongue in my mouth.

I opened so she had free reign. We swapped cum for a few minutes until she patted my ass, signaling for me to get off. We were laying there, facing one another. Sweat dripping off of us. Toni finally spoke. "That was the most erotic session I have ever had in my life. You rocked my world, just like I thought you always would. I hope I was just as good for you too, for an old broad." "Your kidding right? We are hardly old, we just take longer, which is even better.

My god Toni, you are everything I thought you would be as a lover. I am so glad you get into it too. I hope you'll let me do this again with you." She smiled and rubbed my forearm, "I'm glad you enjoyed that.

How could I not get into with you. You made sure my needs were attended to, which has been unusual in my life. When I was married, our sex lasted maybe 10 minutes tops, if that. No foreplay, or if there was, it was nipple sucking.

Usually, it was he fingered me, get me wet, stick it in and fuck me until he came. I usually waited until he was asleep then, went down to the basement family room and took care of myself." I shook my head, "Wow, that had to suck big time.

Carol's needs, or any woman I have been with, always come first. I wish Bill had approved of swinging. We would have been a fun 4some. You are a great lover." "God damn Tim. I wanted to swing with you guys so bad. Hell I wanted to go alone with you two, but Carol said, I couldn't, unless Bill was aware, or participated. I have to ask, do you always clean up like that?" I chuckled, then said, "Yeah. We had a rule about being with others. Had you been single, then there was no doubt you would have joined us in bed, or anywhere.

Carol wanted to introduce you to your bi side so bad. As for cleaning up. No, not always. Many times Carol, and now Kim, would push me out of the way and do the cleanup.But when it is just one on one, like this, ALWAYS." "MMMMMMMMMM. You can clean me anytime, especially if you share.

Love the taste of your cum. I wish I would have been single back then. I'd still be up here too and had this lovely cock all these years.

And by the way, I'm almost willing to blow off the conference and stay in this bed until next Thursday" "Now there's a nice thought. We'd have to take Ensure, to keep our old bodies up for it. I think the rest of the time you are here, you should sleep with me." "Already had planned on that.

Mind much if I nap a bit?" I pulled her into my arms and we fell asleep. Chapter 4 I awoke a little past 4pm. I looked at Toni, and she was still in dreamland, so I quietly got out of bed and headed down to the kitchen, still naked.

I was going through some menus of places that we could go out too, or order in, when Toni came into the room. She was wearing a short, blue silk robe. She looked at me and saw I was still naked. "I take it, this is how we should dress for now on?" as she let the robe fall to the floor. She walked up to me and planted a big kiss on my lips. I pulled her even closer and responded with a passionate kiss, while holding her ass. She broke the kiss and bent down some and took my dick into her mouth.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I moaned. "Yes. I prefer naked to being clothed, if you are ok with it." She kept sucking away as I sat there. She got me hard again, which I thought would not happen so soon. Guess the sleep helped a great deal. After about 5 minutes, I tapped her on the shoulder then asked her to stop for now.

She looked hurt because I asked her to stop. "Was I doing it wrong?" "Oh God no. It felt great. But I may shoot off any time now and I'd prefer waiting until later.

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If that's ok with you. I mean, I am in my 50's now and not accustomed to multiple orgasms like I used to do." "Oh, all right. But promise me you'll let me drink from the fountain later. I promise I'll hold some so we can kiss again like that. God that turned me on. Let's stay in tonight. I prefer staying naked with you all night. Mind going to the pool area? Where I can sit on you and we talk about our sexcapades." We went to the deck and put our lounges together so we were close.

I also grabbed a bottle wine too, and poured us each a glass. After getting comfortable we started to chat. She smiled and then asked, "How many people have you swung with? If you don't mind telling me." "I don't mind at all actually. I trust you. We started with Karen and Pete. You remember them from some of our BBQ's. They were, and still are to me, my very best friends.They lived next door to Carol, when she resided in an apartment.

Every night, it seemed, we could hear them fucking. So that made us horny and we'd fuck too. After a while, we met them and got to know them.

Then Carol and Karen were talking one day and come to find out that they wanted to try swinging and Carol told them we did too. So it just happened one night. And since then, we have partied with them ever since. When I see them now, it is just a 3some, or sometimes a 5some, if Ann, my cousin, and her husband Sam join in. Kim and I go as couple too with them. But we generally do not stray from the core group. That way, we all know we are clean and no need for condoms." "Wow" Toni said. "You guys sound like family.

And in one case, you are." then giggled. She then asked, "Do you still meet up with them?" "Not as much as we'd like too.

Sometimes life gets in the way. But on average at least once a month. Now if you still lived up here and were single, I would take you as my partner. All the men in our group treat the ladies, as ladies and much respect. Truth be told, when I am with Karen or Ann, and especially Kim, we make love too, not just sex. We have strong emotional ties to one another." "Just so you know, I don't sleep around either.

Besides Kim, I have had sex with 3 other women since Carol, and I used a condom each time. Kim, Ann, and Karen are really the only women I have been with." "Well lover. You are the first one to cum in me since Bill. I haven't had that many lovers since the divorce, and it was for purely selfish needs on my part.

In fact only 3 since I have been single. One was a one time deal. He was cute and all, but stuck on himself and I swear, came in like 5 minutes. Oh, and he wouldn't lick me. I had twenty some years of that from Bill not licking me." I had to chuckle at that. She playfully smacked my arm. "Stop laughing. That is something I have always craved. And you Mister, by far are the best I have ever had. The second guy I went out with. Well we dated a month before we went to bed and after the third time he's telling me he loves me.

That ended that. I didn't want love then and even though he was better than the last, there was no spark. That takes me to Jack. We lasted 4 months. He is 15 years younger than me.

We met through work. At first he was fun. He got me out of my shell sexually. I never talked dirty before. Bill said only sluts do that. Then I found out there is so many positions to have sex in." I asked, "So what is your favorite, and your least favorite?" "MMMMMM on top is my favorite.

I feel so in control. I also love where my legs are over your shoulders. Though the one you really did me in before is pretty high up there. Damn, you were so deep. I like doggie too, at times. Not sure if I found one I didn't like yet. I think it all has to do with your partner." "Oh I agree there. I hate a woman that just lays there. Maybe she moans out a little, but for the most part lays there and does nothing. No fun. Sex is suppose to be fun, even when making love." "Tim?

Would you make love to me once this weekend? I just want to know what it really feels like. To feel totally connected to someone." "Since we have known each other a long time, flirted endlessly too, and now have enjoyed sex, I would say yeah, we could easily make love too.

When I am like that, I don't talk dirty or be commanding. Just go with the flow. But I do love kissing a lot throughout the whole time." "So you like when I talk dirty then? I actually enjoy it too and hearing it.

Like now, your cock looks so good and my pussy and I really like fucking you. I really like you Tim. Always have. You sure Kim won't mind?" "I am positive of that. I'm suppose to Skype with her tomorrow evening. She knows you are here, and since you two haven't talked in ages, feel free to join us. Be forewarned though, she will be naked, and so will I" "Ohhhhhhhhh. Sounds like a video threesome then", then laughed. We sat and talked about life for another hour or so. We both admitted we knew we'd end up in bed this weekend, and Toni was really happy it happened already.

We both agreed too, that any time one of us felt the need to be alone, just say so, and it would happen. But, we also agreed, that if we are horny, just start something and have fun. Chapter 5 We ended up ordering from this Italian place that delivered. Toni said it would be her treat for this. She put on a robe when the kid showed up, not wanting to "Scar his mind for life, after seeing an old naked broad". We ate out on the back deck, by the pool.

We talked about the neighbors and changes to the area. All the while playing footsie under the table. In fact one time I was just about to bite into my fork of spaghetti and felt her foot rub my cock.

I returned the favor by rubbing my toe right down her slit, which was surprisingly wet. After dinner and cleaning up, we opened another bottle of wine and head to the pool again. From years past, I knew Toni liked to party some. She and Carol would sneak off and smoke a bowl or two, without her husband's knowledge. "Care to smoke a bowl Miss?" I asked "Hot Damn. Yessssssssssss.

Been ages. One time Carol and I did some and then we had our finger session. Makes me a tad bit horny too." I went inside grabbed my stash, which I don't do too much anymore. Usually just with Pete, Karen and Kim. I was back in a minute and fired up the bowl and we took our hits off of it. It was starting to get dark out now and we were in the pool. We'd swim around, then embrace and kiss passionately, then swim some more. Toni then swam underwater and came up to me and held my growing member in her hand.

As she came up, out of the water, she was still holding it and kissed me again. My hands went to her ass and started squeezing them softly.

"I love the way your hands feel on my ass. Do you like me holding this hard cock Baby?" "MMMMM yes I do. But if you keep doing this, I may have to take you to bed and ravish your body." "That's the plan Mister. Do you mind when I call you Baby?" "Heavens no. I like hearing it. I like you a lot Toni, so you can call me whatever you like." "Good. But what I really want right now is to head upstairs, get on the bed, and be your little slut tonight. Fuck Baby. I want to fuck and suck all night.

Take me Baby. Take me now." We damn near ran out of the pool. Grabbed some towels and did a half ass drying job and raced up the steps. She hopped on the bed first then I got on. She pushed me to my back and told me to relax and enjoy.

She looked at me with wicked eyes, then said, "For the next 6 days, this is my cock to suck and fuck, and this pussy is all yours, and may be even my ass. I want it all Tim" I let her suck me for a few moments then asked her to 69 with me. She gladly threw her leg over my head and squat down on my face. We pleasured each other for a good ten minutes before she started to cum again.

She especially loved when I put my tongue in her ass, which was virgin territory for her. I knew I would not be cumming too soon. As the orgasm ripped through her, her mouth pulled off of my cock and she let out a loud moaning sound, as her body shook and trembled. "Oh shit Baby, that was fantastic. Never had my ass tongued before. That was awesome" she said after she rolled off of me. But I didn't let her rest too long.

I crawled between her legs and put her legs over my shoulders, lined my cock up with her super wet slit and inserted it to the hilt. "Godddddddddddddddddddddddd. You are so deep" she told me. "Fuck me good and hard now. I'm all yours!" I started slow but I was using strong thrust inside her.

She grunted her approval on each downward thrust. Her pussy seem to grab my dick hard when I came down. Her pussy was very tight in this position too. After a good five minutes, she started meeting my thrust with her hips, telling me she was close to cumming again.

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"Oh God Tim. Going. Tooo. cummmmmmmmmmmm. Again" she yelled out. I really started bangin ginto her now. Her hands were behind her knees pulling them back even farther, I couldn't hold off any longer and told her I was close. "I want it in my mouth Tim. I want to drink you down" At the last second, I pulled out and dropped her legs.

I was half way up when the first spurt came out, hitting her in the neck and right tit. I moved faster and had my cock near her open mouth and the last three spurts made it into her hungry mouth. "Fuck Toniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. You look so sexy now" She had quite a mouthful and was licking her lips with her cum covered tongue. I bent down and sucked her tit and then her neck and got all the cum off of her, then moved in for a kiss.

The kiss lasted a good five minutes, with us exchanging the cum back and forth. I finally rolled off, panting like a dog in heat. "MMMMMMMM That was amazing Tim. I've been this thoroughly satisfied in my life.I love, what do you call it, snowballing? That is so erotic. I want more of that." she said as she snuggled up against me. "I love doing that, especially with someone who also enjoys it. Do you want to take a shower now, then hit the sack?" I asked "Actually, I'd prefer just going to sleep like this.

I love the smell of sex on us. We can shower in the morning. Together, too." "What say we go to Geneva tomorrow and watch the hot air balloons at this one winery" "OOOOHHHHHH, now that sounds fun. I can wear this new outfit for you. It was bought to maybe help seduce you some." she then laughed.

"I guess I don't need any seduction with you. Damn… I wish I still lived up here and was single. I could get used to this. Even if I do have to share with Kim. Although I bet that would be fun too, with her here." I smiled and told her it would be fun too. We then drifted off to sleep. Chapter 6 I awoke at 5am to pee, then quietly went downstairs and made coffee, but then came back up and crawled back in bed with her.

Around 6:30, I awoke again only find her out of bed and heard her in the bathroom. She came back to bed and snuggled close again. I told her good morning and kissed her lightly on the lips. Then we started kissing more passionately. I wanted to make love to her now. No talk, just passionately love making. I rolled her on her back and got on top.

"MMMMMMMMMM. I like morning time" she said. "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I said. "Let me do all the work here, which is no work" I said as I kissed her forehead, "God you are beautiful in the morning" Toni just smiled. We kissed and held each other close, then I moved down and licked my way to her breasts and took my time giving each all the attention they craved.

Then moved down lower until my tongue found an extremely wet love hole. After a few minutes of light kissing and flicks of her clit, I moved back into position to slowly thrust into her. Her pussy was very accommodating to my hard cock. We slowly moved and started gaining a very slow but pleasant feeling, and rhythm. The whole time our mouths were locked together. Her legs were locked behind my back and her arms around my neck.

We did not rush anything, we just made slow love to one another. We both moaned in delight, in each other's mouths. After a while though, our passion got the better of us and started speeding up, both wanting to release our juices to each other. Toni's legs really clamped around my back as she started to cum. I thrusted inside her hard and released my seed in her. Our kiss was hard and our moans loud, but muffled by each other's mouth. After a few minutes of resting inside her, I tried to pull out, but she wouldn't let me.

"Don't" she said. "Stay in me a little longer. I want this to last", as a tear ran down her cheek. "Are you Ok? Did I hurt you?" She shook her head, "Heavens No. That was a first for me in over thirty some odd years. Making love, and not just fucking.At first we used to do that all the time, but after Jen was born, sex wasn't a priority and when we did it.

He was on top. Stick it in, fuck me fast and then cum, roll off and he was done." I could feel my penis shrinking as we lay there talking.

I so wanted it to stay hard for her and do it again. "Wish I could keep it up for you, for some more." "This was excellent and I thank you. This had meaning behind it, at least for me, and I could feel it from you too.

I hope we can experience this again before I leave." "How about we go get coffee, then shower, then go visit some of the old neighbors, together? I asked "Sounds like a plan to me." Which is exactly what we did. She did get very touchy feely down in the kitchen, almost coaxing me hard again. We then showered which took a while, because we both had to shave. I told her next time I wanted the pleasure of doing that.

She agreed, but only if she could return the favor. Chapter 7 After showering, we went and visited old neighbors, which was fun. We probably started some gossip, since she was with me, but who cares. Gives them something to talk about. We then ate a light lunch and Toni went and changed. I changed too into khaki shorts and a blue polo and sandals.

Toni came back down about a half an hour later in a white mini, that was kind of loose around the hem but hugged her ass and hips nicely. She also wore a pale yellow tube top, with a pale yellow shirt, tied up to show off her belly and not buttoned at all. Her dark tan really stood out now and she looked fantastic.

She even wore some makeup. "Wow" I whispered. "You look fantastic. If you bought that to seduce me, trust me, it would have worked." "Thank You. Glad you like it.

I feel really sexy in it" Before we left, I ran upstairs and got a little helper for later today. Being in my fifties, sometimes a certain head doesn't want to last as long as I like, or the woman likes. So I figure I will take the pill just before we leave for home, because I want to pleasure her a good while tonight. On the way there, the phone rang, and seeing I have bluetooth, I was going to be on speaker in the car.

It was Kim. "Hey Tim. How are you and how is Toni?" Toni answered for herself. "I'm great Kim and you? It's been so long since I have seen you." "Oh my God girlfriend. It has been ages. We need to catch up sometime soon. Has Tim been taking care of you?" "Oh Yes. He has been a great host." as Toni winked at me. "No Sweetie. I mean really taking care of you. Cuz he better be." I interjected, "So how's it going down there Kimmy?" She giggled a second then spoke, "Ok. Only thing is at night.

I lay in bed and have to hear your niece getting all the sex she wants. Least she got those genes from me" then giggled. "So other than being extremely horny, it's been doing great." Toni and I looked at each other and smiled. She knew Kim quite well, because of Carol and knows how blunt Kim can be. Then Kim said, "Tim, give Toni your phone so we can speak in private.", which I did.

They talked for almost ten minutes. Lord knows what was said, but Toni said Oh God, and Great a few times and also amazing. The last thing she said, was "Oh, I don't know if I can change." Then she put the phone back on the car speakers and Kim asked, "Tim, see if you can help Toni change her flight to next Sunday, instead of Thursday.

I am back Friday afternoon and would love to catch up with her and maybe even find some time for the three of us", then giggled. Last thing she asked was for us to Skype her that night.

The kids were going out and she said the grand-kids would be in bed by 9:30, so call her around 10pm, so she could see us. We agreed to that and hung up. "You realize she is going to be naked when we take that call, don't you?" Toni had a nervous smile on her face, then just nodded. I patted her thigh and told her we don't have to take that call later. "Oh No. We can. Just never been on a video call before." Then I asked, "Was she serious about you changing flights to Sunday? "Very serious.

Let's put it this way, she wants to wear your bionic dick out next weekend, and take me to the Bi side. So I told her I would think about it" It was a beautiful day too for ballooning. Very few clouds at all and the wine was good. We sat on the side of a hill and drank, then joined in the buffet line for dinner and ate out on the hill. Many times we just sat and watched, talked some about life. She even sat between my legs and rested against me. It felt really good.

If she still lived here, I could feel myself growing close to her and maybe even start a relation with her. We meshed that well together By about 7:30, she was a bit tipsy and I suggested we get going. She agreed. On the way home Toni said, "I would like to change my flight, if we can. To be honest, I would love to experience being with you and Kim.

I thought long and hard about it and really want to try this. Right now, I am soaking wet." Then she reach over and started rubbing my crotch, then unzipping my shorts. Her hand went inside and smiled. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Someone is going commando. Mind if I take him and and suck him?" She didn't wait for a reply and pulled my hardening cock out and started stroking it. As she stroked it, there was a glint in her eye, like she wanted to be ravished right then and there.

Then she moved the arm rest out of the way and leaned over and took me into her mouth. She slowly sucked, then licked my hard shaft, then sucked some more. I was getting close too, which kind of surprised me, since the little blue pill usually prolongs any cumming, with me. She then stopped and said, "MMMMMMMMMM that's enough for now. But I love sucking your big cock Baby" then kissed me on the lips and sat back in her seat.

We got home just before 9pm. We were both horny, and Toni was definitely feeling no pain, but not drunk, drunk. I suggested a dip in the pool to relax. Our clothes were stripped in the kitchen and out to the pool we went.

We swam for a bit but also kissed and fondled a great deal. One time her hand was stroking my cock and my fingers were in her pussy, which was super wet. "Damn Baby. You are super wet." Toni just smiled and put her arms around me then and then her legs. "Put it in Babe. I need your cock in me for just a few minutes. Trust me. I feel very naughty right now, so I plan on doing what Kim said earlier and wear this dick out." We did fuck for like ten minutes, then she dismounted.

"I was getting close to cumming. But I want to save that for later." We then hung around until 9:50 and went inside. I grabbed my laptop and booted up. We were sitting on the bed, next to each other when Kim called on Skype. Kim's face appeared on the screen. As I thought, she was naked, sitting indian style.

She too has a nice tan, but not as dark as Toni's. "Hey guys" Kim said. We both said our Hi's as well. Then Kim said, "My God Toni, can you get any darker? You look amazing. I really mean that" "It's the Italian blood in me. I have always tanned like this." She made sure that Kim could see her breasts. "So Toni. Have you decided yet if you are going to stay the extra days?

I'd really love to see you. Oh Shit. I'd really love to be with you right there on that bed." Toni looked at me, then back to the screen and told her.

"Yeah. Tim is going to see what he has to do to change it for me. Cost will be the prohibited factor to this." I cut in then and told her. "Don't you worry your pretty heads off. I'll take care of that." "Oh Good" Kim said, then continued "I guess I should ask. Would you like me to join you two next weekend, and not just for catching up? I think it could be a very fun time." Toni smiled, while I just nodded, then Toni said, "You better come.

I have been dying for that for years. And, as you said, how can we wear his dick out, if you aren't with us?" Kim just started laughing at that, "Yeah. I did say that. But it's not about his dick next weekend. It's about welcoming you to our world and your Bi side too. Pan the camera down to his cock. I bet it's hard as a rock." Which I did, then back up again. "See. I told you. No worries about him.

Plus, if he takes his blue pill, he'll keep us up half the night." Toni looked at me and raised her eyebrows. "You always use a pill?" I chuckled and told her, "No. but seeing how I will have two women to help out, I will take it, just like I took one earlier.

I plan on pleasuring you a great deal tonight." Kim laughed and said, "Oh shit Toni. You may be walking bow legged tomorrow. He can fuck for hours using one of those. I love that feeling." Toni just shook her head, then smiled. "I'll do my best to keep up. I like a good pounding too." "Well then" Kim said. "I'll let you two go for now.

Think of me while you guys are fucking. I'll have my trusty toy going too thinking of you two." holding up a good size, flesh color dildo. We both said bye to her and cut the connection. "I'm kind of surprised at Kim" I said. "Why's that?" she asked. "I thought for sure she would show us her using her toy on herself. Kim is very open sexually. Talks very dirty too. And, if you really want her to cum a lot, if you eat her, lick her ass a lot. She loves that and cums very hard." "Oh God Tim.

I do plan on eating her. I am so excited about next weekend now. I thought I'd lose my courage, but bullshit. I want both of you two. What will you do if we are playing?" "Oh, there's a few things I could do. I might just let you two alone then join in later. Or I could caress you while she eats you. Or bring my dick up to you and let your mouth work its magic.

Or get behind her and lick, or fuck her as she eats you. And if you are doing it to her, just reverse who I do things with." She grabbed my hard cock, then moaned. "I wouldn't mind sucking this wonderful rod of yours then. Like I am going to now". I watched as she lowered her head and engulfed my cock to the back of her throat.

"Oh Fuck Sweetie." is all I could say to her. She was sucking and licking for a few minutes, then I asked her for her pussy, so I could eat her too. She didn't hesitate. She swung her legs over my head and bought that gorgeous pussy to my mouth. My tongue didn't hesitate, it went right in her wet slash. Her mouth popped off of my cock and she moan, "MMMMMMMMM Fuckkkkkkkkkk.

I love when you tongue me" then went back to working my cock. As I ate, she sucked and stroked my cock with her hand. She wanted me to cum, but I knew I was far from that episode from happening. My tongue then found her ass and started licking and sucking that hole, as I replaced my tongue in her pussy, with two fingers. Then I inserted a finger in her ass and licked between the two holes.

This really got her going. "Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. You are driving me crazy. I'm gonna cum soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

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Eat Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" I started to fuck her holes fast now and she lost it. She started cumming, and cumming hard. "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" as her body shook and she pushed hard into my face now. Then she went limp and collapsed on top of me. I just laid there and kissed her pussy and also drank up any juices that were flowing from her.

She didn't squirt, but she sure had a lot of lady cum flowing out. She finally kneeled and straightened up and flipped around. She guided my cock inside her until it was fully embedded. She sat there a few moments then gyrated her hips, like getting for comfortable.

"Oh Wow. I swear you are bigger tonight than I have ever seen you yet. I'm really starting to get addicted to this wonderful dick of yours and the magic you perform" "I think it is my partner for sure. You are one sexy lady, and judging from the many times you have orgasmed, have a very high libido, which is good. Everyone in our group has a high libido and a true love for sex.

But, just because we love sex, if your partner and you don't click, it just won't work, and trust me when I say, we click on some many levels. Toni, I can't get enough of you." "Good. I can't get enough of you either. I should have stayed up here and we could have been enjoying this for a time now.I feel so close to you. Maybe that is wrong, who knows, but I really am liking us together, even if it is only a week or so." she said.

I looked into her eyes, then kissed her passionately. Holding tight and kissing brought back many memories of Carol and our fantastic love making we always had. Yes, we did share with others, but we also made time for loving one another on a daily basis. Even when we felt like being sluts, we mixed it with love making too. For some reason, I was feeling like that with Toni. "You know?" she said after our kiss, I had many fantasies today, as we spent time together at the winery. One actually isn't a fantasy anymore.

Giving you that blow job on the way home. All my inhibitions are gone, when I am with you. I never thought of, or wanted to do that before. Kim got me all hot and bothered when you couldn't hear our conversation. She wants to be behind us while we fuck, so she can lick us as we do." I chuckled then said, "Oh Yeah. That's Kim. She is very open to anything. What other fantasies did you have?" "I want to lay next to you two when you fuck. I may lick you guys too, but I just want to watch for a bit.

I hope I don't get cold feet. Right now if she was here, I'd do anything. I also want to be with you and another couple. That has to be so hot… MMMMMMMMM. Your cock just throbbed inside me. You must want that too." I smiled, "I can arrange that. Pete and Karen would enjoy you.

Pete would love this Italian bombshell. Oh yeah Baby." "Oh Fuck baby… I am so turned on now. Being a little drunk to helps the inhibitions. I love that we can talk dirty and turn each other on. Oh God&hellip. I should move back here." "I'd love that, if you did." "Really?" she asked.

"Really" I said. She then starting riding me hard. She was bouncing up and down on my shaft as I held her ass tight. I sat up again and started sucking and biting her nipples. "Oh Yessssssssss. Bite them Baby" As I did this, my one hand went to her ass crack and found her hole. I wiggled a finger around the opening, then inserted it. "Oh Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Yesssssssssssssssss." she yelled. After a couple minutes of intense fucking, with my finger buried half way in her ass, she jumped off of me, which shocked me.

Then got into the doggie position, with her ass way up in the air. "Fuck My Ass Baby. I want to feel your cock there." "You sure Babe? This may hurt." "Yes. Yes. Please do it. Never had it but wanted it done for years." I reached over the nightstand and pulled out some lube. Kim and I do get into anal on a few occasions, as did Carol and I. Not all women like it, so you have to go slow, until it can accommodate the size.

After lubing up her ass and my dick, I slowly inserted the head. She was grimacing as it entered her. I was about a quarter of the way in when she yelled for me to take it out. Which I did. I surely did not want to hurt her, or end this evening. "Oh Damn. That hurt.Son of a Bitch. I wanted that so bad." "You ok now?" I asked. "Yes. I feel fine now. Maybe we can try it again later this week." She was on her back now and spread her legs.

"Get back in here. I want you inside me again. I know it fits there, fits rather well too" Once I was back inside her, her legs came around my waist, and her arms around my neck. "Make love to me again" We kissed as we slowly made love for the next ten minutes, until she came once again.

I started to pull out, thinking she was done, but I was wrong. "Oh no you don't. That wonderful dick is so hard and needs relief.

Leave it inside and then start fucking me again. Bad Toni is back and she needs a good pounding, like last night" I kneeled, so my back was straight, then pulled her by the hips to meet my cock. She giggled, then said, "I love a take charge type of man" I slipped my cock deep inside her.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM nice and tight, and oh so wet too" She giggled and said, "I think it has something to do with my lover. God, your cock is so hard. No more talk now. Just fuck me, and fuck me good." We did too. We started slow but built up speed. Her legs were spread wide as I pounded her pussy.

The only sounds that could be heard were our grunts and moans and our skin slapping together quite loudly. She yelled out, "Harder Baby… Give me your cum" I was getting close now. I could feel my balls tingling as I approached my orgasm. I grabbed hold of her wrists and held them above her head, pinned to the mattress and asked; "You love this fucking don't you Baby? You love this hard fucking?" Just hearing that put her over the top, "Fuckkkkkkkkkkk Yessssssssssssssssssssssss.

Cummmmingggggggggggggg" I could feel her hot juices coat my cock as I slammed harder inside her. The bed was rocking, we were fucking so hard now. Just as I was about to shoot my first shot of cum, I pulled out and the first shot went to her one tit, then I kneeled up and started shooting 4 more ropes all over her belly.

I let go of her hands and she started rubbing her tit, like my cum was a hand lotion. As my custom, I leaned down and licked her belly clean. Then we shared a very passionate kiss. Her legs were now down on the bed and I was laying on top of her. My cock was still fairly hard, and she felt it. "Om My. You are still hard. Hope you won't be disappointed, but I don't think I can go another round.

I wish I would have met you before you met Carol. I would have loved this all night long. Can we just snuggle and get some sleep?" "Of course we can. I shouldn't have taken that pill earlier. But I wanted to make sure I could pleasure you tonight. I haven't had this much sex in so long and I wanted to make sure I could perform." Toni rolled to her side and I came up behind her and held her close. "As for performance. You never need to worry there.

You are so good and make me feel fantastic." She reach between us and grabbed my cock, moved her leg and guided back inside her. "MMMMMMM perfect fit. Let's fall asleep now with you in me" Chapter 8 Toni was up before me. When I awoke it was past 9am and her side of the bed was empty.

I padded off to the bathroom and took care of business, then made my way down to the kitchen. Toni was by the stove, wearing a t-shirt of mine, while frying bacon. "Good Morning" I said. "Hi yourself. You must have really been tired last night. You only moved twice the whole night, that I could feel. But at least you didn't snore." she retorted. "Yeah.

I guess I am not as young as I used to be. Plus, I think it is my partner wearing me out too. I must say though, you sure do make that t-shirt look sexy." "I hope you don't mind that I rummaged through your dresser to find one.

I wanted to make you breakfast this morning and didn't want to splatter grease on myself. Thank you though for the compliment. I have to get used to that. I never got that much in my past." After serving our plates, she removed the t-shirt, exposing her naked body.

She was lovely, and her body did turn me on. Her areola's were dark brown and probably a silver dollar in size and her nipples, when hard, stood out almost three quarters of an inch, which I adore. She loves them bitten too. We talked about today's plans.

I was going to mow the grass and work the yard, then clean the pool and hot tub. She was going to go over her sister Gina's house and visit. She said she wasn't going to tell her where she is staying, but just let her think she was staying at that hotel.

I had to laugh when she told me that Gina always wanted to bed me. We had met Gina and her husband Tom on many occasions. She is a year and a half older than Toni, with two grown kids. It had been ages since I have seen her, but she was a good two inches shorter, but has the same type of body as Toni, except her breasts were a good D cup, which she liked showing off.

When we finished, Toni was going to shower. When I asked if she needed her backed washed, she said not this time. "I know what will happen. We'll start touching and then next thing you know, Little Toni will want big Tim inside her, But she needs a little rest." She came down almost an hour later wearing this really cute jump short outfit.

It was peach color and showed off her tan nicely. It was a halter style top, but she was wearing a bra. All I could say was "Wow. you look fantastic." "Thank you. This another outfit I bought to come up here. If I was wearing it just for you, there would be no bra. But since I am going over to Gina's, I'll need one. Tom likes to leer at me and flirt too. I usually laugh it off, but it gets real old after awhile." She continued, "About ten years ago, Gina caught him fucking around on her. That pissed her off, but she didn't want a divorce.

She asked if they could start swinging, like you guys did. Tom said no. He didn't think he could handle watching another man fuck her. So they came to a resolution of going out with others. So she gets some strange dick while he gets pussy. But, he's not getting mine. He tends to tell the woman what he wants, but doesn't always reciprocate.

Typical Italian, at least the one's I know well." I shook my head and said, "No. The lifestyle would not be for him. If you can't handle watching your partner enjoying what you are also doing, then the drama isn't worth it. Not just for them, but also the partners they are involved with." She came up to me and kissed me, and said she was going to eat over at Gina's too, so don't bother making her anything.

The rest of the day I spent working in the yard and cleaning the pool and tub. As I worked I thought about what Toni and I have started. It was different than what Kim and I enjoy, but, I knew, was from being so close to Kim.

I love Kim. Not sure if I was in love with her, but I still loved her, and never want to lose that with her. With Toni though, I felt no pressure for anything, and we meshed well together. I know for sure, if she lived up here, I could easily see us together as a couple.

I am not sure if I could "fall in love". For no woman will ever replace Carol and the deep love we had together, but I could love her in a different way. And could she handle the lifestyle I have embraced for over thirty years now. I was resting on the lounge chair, out on the deck when Toni came back. I had already eaten and was drinking an ice tea, and was fresh from a shower. I even had a pair of shorts on. Toni must have seen me when she came into the kitchen.

She came out to the deck and sat down next to me. "How was your sister's?" I asked "Good&hellip. Of course Tom was undressing me with his eyes.

I was half tempted to just strip and let him see me. But I figured he'd want to take that a lot farther. Otherwise, it was nice. My nephew stopped by too, whom I hadn't seen in ages. It's like, once they leave the nest, they stay gone." I chuckled and said, "Yeah. Kim says the same thing. She really misses her kids. Especially when she was going through the divorce." "I know what she means.

Jen was already out of the house when Bill and I split. Then I got that apartment, and god, it was lonely. I wanted to just chuck it all in and move back up. But I wasn't leaving Jen down there all alone, even though she was on her own. But now, with her living up in Columbus, I never see her anymore." "You ever think now of coming back up here?" I asked. She sort of got quiet, then answered.

"I have thought of it many times. Then thought, what for?, you know? I really don't have much up here, except for Gina. My parents are both gone now. I got a really good job. Just no one to spend time with." She got quiet again and I was about to ask something and she spoke up.

"Before I came back this evening, and after I left Gina's, I went over to Aquilla Lake park. I loved going there. It always helped me clear my head." She got quiet, yet again, so I asked, "And? Did it help?" "Honestly. To some degree. I think I am going to talk with my bosses boss this week. Our main office is in Mayfield, and he is the vice president of Marketing, and see if I can transfer up. But I really need to know something first." She took a breath and asked, "Do you think that there could be an Us?

Before you answer, just know I am having strong feelings for you and hope you may develope them for me as well." I took her hand in mine and told her, "Funny. I was thinking about you too, while you were gone. Yes. I think we could be an Us. But, you have to know, I could never love you exactly like I did Carol. It would never be the same, like that. But it could grow into something as deep, but something you and I grow into.

If you can accept that." She smiled and started to say something, but I held a finger to her lips. "Also, I need to know that you would want to live the lifestyle I am accustomed too and share that with me. I know that is a lot to ask of a person, but there is six of us right now that are living proof that is does work. We also know that our partner is the love of our life and the sex is shared in good fun and nothing more.

But also know that we do have strong feelings for one another. In time, if you embrace it too, you would too." "Tim. I thought of that aspect too, and I do believe that I could handle that quite well, as long as I know, when the night, or day ends, you are in my bed with me, and not straying. I think this weekend could be a good test, if I can handle it. Right now, the thought of sharing myself with Kim has me so excited, plus the thought of seeing you two together actually makes me hot." She got up and then sat in my lap facing me.

Her jumper rode up high on her thighs and I could see the peach thong she was wearing. We started kissing passionately, with her grinding her sex on my now hard cock. "MMMMMMMM. I see someone approves of us. How about a shower and then make love. I have to be up early to get ready for tomorrow.

I have to be there by 7:30am, and I know traffic will be a bitch over the Valley bridge." That's exactly what we did. I sensual shower with lots of kissing and fondling of one another, then off to bed. There was little foreplay involved, just some fondling of each other and me sucking her nipples. Ten minutes later we both came. We were wrapped in each other's arms as we did, and her legs came around me as she got close.

The only sounds made were low moaning from each of us. Not like the night before when we were extremely loud in our orgasms.

"So far, that was the best of the whole weekend Tim. Not that I am discounting the wildness of our sex, but tonight you made me feel special and cared for. That was love making to me. I could go for that nightly." Chapter 9 Since we went to sleep earlier than I normally do, I was hoping to wake early and wake Toni with some slow oral stimulation.

She too, must have had the same idea. I know at 3am, I did awaken to pee, but went right back to sleep. Around 4:30am I felt a warm sensation around my cock. I opened my eyes and could see Toni silhouette, well her head, down there licking my shaft. "Good Morning Sweetie." I said. Her mouth lifted from my shaft and she smiled.

"I hope it is a good morning for us both" she cooed. Her tongue then darted out of her mouth and licked the pre cum coming from the tip of my cock. "You know, it's impolite to eat in front of someone" I said, and chuckled. "Well then, I guess I should give you your breakfast" and giggled, but then swung her legs around and one over my head and lowered her pussy to my waiting mouth. For the next 5 or 10 minutes, we ate each other.

When I started sucking her clit hard, she started to tense up, and I knew she was about to cum. Toni then dismounted me, before her orgasm took hold. She then straddled me and sunk down on my cock. "This is the way I want to cum this morning.


And, I want yours deep inside me, so when I am at the conference, it is leaking out of me, which will make me horny for you later." "Well then My Dear.

Let's fuck" I said. She started slow, and as she did, I sat up so I could suck her hard nipples. I gave each equal attention too.

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"Bite them Baby, Bite them" she moaned out. So I started biting them gently, and as I did, she started rocking back and forth on me. "That's it Babe. Just like that. God, I love when you bite those nipples." After a bit she started bouncing up and down on me.

The noises from us fucking filled the room. The bed was creaking and that sloshing sound from an extremely wet pussy was music to my ears. I could feel her body starting to tense, so I started meeting her thrust with my own, and soon you could hear skin slapping together. She was ready and so was I, so I started rubbing her clit as she fucked me. "Oh Fuck baby, I am going to cum. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

I love this cock in me." I grunted real loud and started shooting my load deep inside her. "Oh God Yes Timmmmmmmmmmmmm Fill me up. Cummmmmmmmmmmmminnnnnnngggggggg" Then she collapsed on top of me, where I just hugged her close, with one around her back and one on her ass, gently stroking it. After a few minutes she said. "You know, I love morning sex best. Not sure why, but I do. Didn't so that much when I was married though.

Of course we never did this much anyways. One good thing came of that marriage. That was meeting you and Carol, and now enjoying you. Had I not married him, we might not have ever met." she said "This is true. One never knows how life is going to turn out.

Let's shower and then I'll head out to work." During the work day, she would text me, telling me that she was bored silly, but did find some of it interesting.One time in the afternoon she texted, "Wish we were in bed naked", of course I texted back, "Come home and we can be" When she got home, it was almost 7pm, so we went out for dinner. We discussed her day.

She did tell me that she did speak to her big boss about transferring up here. He said he would look into it and get back to her. We came home and just cuddled on the couch, and before long, she was asleep.

I gently woke her and said let's go to bed. We both slept until the alarm woke us. We showered together and although we did some fondling and kissing, she thought it best we wait until this evening.

I agreed. Sex yesterday morning was great, but it did drain some life from me at work. Couple that with thoughts of the whole weekend we had just spent, and it was quite difficult for me to concentrate.

It's one thing to enjoy sex with a woman when you are young and can go many times, but now that I am closing in on 60, the stamina just isn't there anymore. At work on Tuesday, all I could think of was finally letting go of my past life and moving forward. I know it won't be the same type of love I had for my wife, but I could not see myself being alone the rest of my life.

Toni was the ideal woman. Smart, funny,very pretty and extremely sexual, and open minded, or at least says she is. Guess we'll need to see about that. That night, she got home just a bit before 6pm. We decided to make BLT's for dinner. It was a gorgeous night too. Mid 80's, not a cloud in the sky.

So we went swimming, wearing our favorite suit's, which is nothing. We were leaning against the side of the pool when she told me about what happened that day at the conference. "Frank. The big boss, came up to me at lunch time and took me off to the side and said he looked over my records and was impressed. Then said to me, that we should meet up for cocktails before the dinner tomorrow evening, in his room.

That threw me for a loop.

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I said I would let him know." She was visibly upset. 'Damn Tim, couldn't record speak for itself. He wants to fuck me, then I may get the job. Did Carol ever get hit on at work? This is new to me." "All the time. If it wasn't a co-worker, it was one of the dad's from one of the teams she coached." "What did she do? Toni inquired. "Most times, she just ignored them. But one coach was persistent about it, so she told him, Tell you what. You bring your wife, and I'll bring my husband, and if they get along and fuck, then I will fuck your brains out." I said, laughing too when I was done.

"Oh my God, she actually said that?" and she was laughing too then. "Oh Yeah. carol never minced words. She would tell you exactly what she felt. The guy got real quiet and said his wife would never go for that.

Carol replied, well, my husband would, so I guess you are out of luck. That was the last time he ever bothered her." Toni laughed, then said, "I knew I liked that woman for some reason, well many reasons, but shit, I think I may try that tomorrow if he approaches again about this.

I don't want the job if I have to sleep to get it." "No you shouldn't. I don't think any woman should have to put up with that shit." We stayed out there another good half an hour, then went inside and chilled out on the couch. By 10:30, we were both pretty tired and padded off to bed.

The next morning though, I greeted her with my tongue, and she loved that. Then we made slow love before showering and heading off to work, and she, to her conference. We didn't text to much that day. She was busy with group sessions all day, and then the dinner later.

By the time she got back to the house, it was after 10pm and I was sleeping on the couch. She woke me and took me up to bed. All we did was talk, while laying there. "He approached me again, and this time I told him if he brings his wife, and I get to bring my boyfriend, then yeah, we could have some fun while our partners did too." I laughed at that one. "I'd have loved to seen the look on his face." "Oh Christ Tim, it was priceless. The mere mention of his wife and he got all flustered.

Said that could never happen. I told him oh well. That was the only way I'd do it." The next day was only to be a half a day for her, then everyone would be heading back to their home cities. When I got home, she was lounging by the pool, soaking in the sun. I soon joined her and just chilled out with her. No sex, not really even talking much. That evening we went to dinner, then back to my house and sat out on the deck sipping wine.

We shared some more wine out on the deck and just talked about things we still needed to learn about each other. It was getting easier for me to talk about my past life with Carol, which was hard for me before. Same with Toni, and her marriage. I got the impression though, that they only stayed together because of Jen. Toni had not been in love with him for many years, and admits, maybe she wasn't at all during their whole time together.

It was getting dark out now and I needed to get some sleep soon. I had planned to only work a half day the next day. I knew my time with Toni alone was drawing to an end. I really like this woman and could see us dating and so much more. Not sure if she felt that way or not yet, but from indication I received from her, it was a good possibility.

As we got up, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. As we kissed, my hands roamed all over her body and made sure they caressed her ass. She still thinks she has a big ass, but I don't. Granted, it's not like a 20 year olds, but it is still a damn fine ass. "I have to say Tim, this week has been wonderful.

I have been treated like a person, no matter what we have been doing, and not some object. I really like you, a lot. I hope I can move back up here, and if I can, I hope we can be more than just friends. My fear is you will forget about me, once I leave here Sunday." "There is no way I am going to forget about you Toni. Even after you moved away, you stayed in contact with Carol and I, and then afterwards, you stayed in contact with me and Kim.

That meant a lot to me. We already share a friendship and a love for one another, so taking it to the next step is something I believe we can do. I want to move forward now and not live in the past.

When you move back up here, I hope we can start a journey together." "Take me to bed and make love to me Tim. This may be the last time this weekend we can make love to one another." "Oh we'll make time for that. Kim won't be here the whole time, trust me on that. Are you sure you really want that to happen this weekend?" "Honestly?

I am scared. Scared I won't like it, like you guys do, or be as good as you guys are. But yes, I really want to try it and hopefully embrace it. To be honest, I want some one on one time with Kim.

I know she'll teach me what I need to learn. Then we're going to wear this dick of yours out.", she said as she laughed. I laughed and told her I will be their sex toy this weekend. Then guided her upstairs to bed. We made slow passionate love to each other. Our lips were mostly locked to one another, except when we both finally came.

When we finished and cuddled, I asked her if I could come down in two weeks and stay the weekend. She smiled and said, "Oh Hell Yessssssssssssss" I let her sleep the next morning, as I got ready for work.

I got home about 11am. When I pulled in, there was a strange car in the drive. When I came into the kitchen, and looked out on the deck, she was sunning herself, with her sister Gina next to her.

Both were wearing small bikini's. Gina still looked good. In her bikini, her tits looked even bigger than the D cups' they actually were. Her tan was just like Toni's, which I find super sexy. I went out on the deck and greeted the ladies. Gina asked if I was going to join them, but I begged off, letting them know I had some errands to run and cut the grass later. But feel free to enjoy the pool and house. "Damn" Gina said. "And here I thought you'd come out naked and give us girls a show." Toni slapped her shoulder and told her not to embarrass me.

Gina just smiled. I did leave and was gone a couple of hours. When I came back, Gina was gone. There was an envelope on the island addressed to me. Toni said it was from Gina. "God Tim. She wants to fuck you in the worst way." I chuckled and said, "Not going to happen. I respect you and care deeply about you, not her." Toni just smiled. We pretty much just hung out after I finished my lawn work.

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Both of us sporting swimwear. We decided on Chinese for dinner, and ate around 5pm. I could tell Toni was getting a little nervous. She kept playing with her hair, or fidgeting with her bikini top. She eventually had a big glass of wine, then put on a throw, that was almost see-through, over her bikini.

Just after 7, the door opened and in walked Kim. She had on a light blue halter top and frayed legged, cut off jean shorts, that barely covered her ass. She walked right by me and hugged Toni tightly, and kissed her on the lips. "Oh My God Girlfriend, you look amazing. I am so glad you decided to stay this weekend. I have a surprise for you guys this weekend too" ************************************************************** Toni and Kim have read this.

I left out some of the really dirty stuff Toni said too. She is one insatiable creature, that is for sure.