Fucking hot Jessie bangs boyfriends cock like a wild animal hungry for cum

Fucking hot Jessie bangs boyfriends cock like a wild animal hungry for cum
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Mary Jane was 19 going on twentyshe was a wholesome looking young lady, with a figure some would no likely die for if I could use that term. I had first met her when she was three years old, a little curious tyke. Her family had moved in across the street from us and we had become friendly neighbours even though there was a language of origin difference. At 16 I was a young lad, willing to help any one in the neighbour hood, no matter what job they asked me to do, often I found myself across the street helping may Jane's father with yard work.

I guess Mary Jane became accustomed to my help hand, as she began to asking me to fix things for her, a tricycle tire, a wagon wheel, a broken doll's head, all silly little things which I never minded doing for her.

There were several occasions I was asked to baby sit Mary Jane and her brother which I always handled with the utmost of professionalism, I was not into little girls, I had my hands full with the teen girls that I went out with.

This relation carried on for several years, until one day her mother had a heart attack or something similar and her aunt came to live with them to help out. One day out of the blue Mary Jane came over to our house to invite me back to hers for a picnic where she officially introduced me to her Aunt as her boyfriend.

Now there were many years difference in our ages, mine was much closer to her Aunt's age than it was to Mary Jane's however we played along with Mary Jane's understanding of things.


I had no intention of going out with a 7 year old that was for sure, but the event itself played apart in my life in the long run. Mary Jane's aunt and I became romantically involved and eventually married, and that is how Mary Jane became my niece.

As growing children she and her brother spent a lot of time with us, providing the necessary breaks to her mother whowhile having recovered from her heart attack had remained frail and sickly for many years. My new wife and I fretted over the two, as we had not yet had any children of our own and doted more or less on Mary Jane and her brother.

Of course things never remain stagnantwe eventually had a childhad moved to another city, only to find us returning to our origins about the time Mary Jane became a young woman. The story me being Mary Jane's boyfriend became an antidote that was told during family reunions, when I or my wife were asked how we met.

Mary Jane on the other hand had developed into this young woman that caused me at time to wonder why I had not remained her boyfriend and wishing I was much much younger to be able to fully appreciate the now much in evidence womanly qualities of this young lady. Mary Janehad moved on and from the information that filtered through the family line had been involved with several boys, some nice, some not so nice, and had ended up with this last one who appeared to be a large teddy bear of a thing.

A bit lazy, and slow in style he appeared to be a comforting soulmate for our young niece and it looked as though this was to be the one she brought into the family on a permanent basis. It was Saturdaynot quite early morning, perhaps even a bit after twelvethat the door bell rang. Upon opening the door I was greeted with the sight of this beautiful young creature, dressed in summer clothes.

I am sure I looked Mary Jane in the eyes when I said Hello, but I am also certain that my eyes took in her lovely shaped mounds as they lay spread on her chest. Mary Jane was wearing a tight tank top, thin enough that the out line of her bra was prominent, as were the little protrusions that represented her nipples.

She promptly placed two kisses on my cheeks as was her habit, one on each side of my face, a greeting that most of the females on my wife's side of the family presented to all the males they metthis was one habit that while I had not really gotten into, I always welcomed.

Mary Jane's greeting were always most welcome. I allowed her to pass through the door stop and let my eyes follow her vibrating asswhich was covered but a very short pair of cut offs as she walked into the kitchen to greet her aunt.

Sighing ever so slightly to myself thinking of all those young lads who might have been afforded the opportunity to handle those assets ( no pun intended), I excused myself and descending into the basement to operate my model trains. Several hours later I came up for coffee, opening the basement door to a scene that took my breath away, and almost caused me to slip on the last step. Mary Jane was lying face down on our large kitchen counter top, most of her body covered with a big fluffy towel, but it was obvious that my wife was massaging Mary Jane's bare shoulders.

Now as goody good Uncle, I could not just stand there and stare, so I went about my business of making a coffeenot making to many comments in case I let my thoughts come out in words that would not be appreciated.

I stretched the coffee making as long as I could, hoping my wife would not chide me and tell me to move along. I surveyed the room, finding the little pile of Mary Jane's clothing neatly placed on a chair, I sought to take inventory, trying desperately to see if I could see underpants. Mary Jane's bra was in clear evidence, so I knew she was almost bare under that towel, but I was curiously concerned trying to figure out if she was entirely naked, laid out flat on our kitchen counter top.

Before I could establish this fact, my wife suggested that I continue back down to operate my trains, leaving them to continue their work in privacy. Being the devious person that I am, when I moved back to the first landing, I did not pull the door completely closed, again hoping that my wife would not notice. Lady luck was with me that day, well for a few minutes at least as I turned back to see what I could through the crack, I was able to see right up Mary Jane's long legs.

However before I could determine just exactly what I could see, the door was clicked closed, no doubt by my wife, not however before the blood rushed to my manhood along it to spring halfway to life as my mind wandered.

Grudgingly I returned to operating my trains, my mind wandering trying to imagine just what scene was being played out up in our kitchen. How long it was I have no idea but suddenly I heard my wife calling my name, she was asking me questions but for the life of me I had no inkling of what she was saying.

Finally I shook the thoughts from my head and moved part way up the basement stairs to ask just what she wanted. My wife had been looking for my shaving supplies, and could not find them, she wanted me to come up and get them for her. Arriving back up in the kitchen I looked to see Mary Jane still covered in that fluffy towel, but now she was laying out on her back, and I still remember that at that moment I had wished for X-ray vision.

My wife explained that Mary Jane was thinking of going south for a few weeks and they were going to fix her bikini line, just what I needed to know, immediately I felt my cock vibrate. I moved quickly up to the master bathroom hoping that my condition had not been noticed, and pickup the supplies my wife required.

I tried hard to keep my mind focused on trains, as I came back into the kitchenmy eyes falling directly on Mary Jane's pile of clothing, her pretty pink panties sitting spread out right on the top of the pile causing me to choke.

Honestly I was sure I heard my wife chuckle and I appeared to have been caught red handed so as to speak. My wife took her time taking the things from me, asking if the blades were new, should she heat the shaving foam, how long should she leave it sit, and if it was alright to run it on sensitive skin.

I felt myself redden as she continued to tell me that she thought using her neat on Mary Jane's private parts might be to dangerous as that product was formulated to melt the hairs from the body. Fortunately I had thought to place my hands in front of my slacks keeping my cock for springing straight up like a rigid tent pole. This time it was I who sought to leave the girls some privacy, well better stated I wanted to take me and my hardening cock out of their sight so that I would not embarrass myself.

I slipped through the door and down on the landing forgetting to pull the door behind me in my haste. Once I was out of sight however, I had the good mind to turn back to look into the kitchen, just in time to see my wife slip the towel from Mary Jane's body, exposing her glorious nakedness to my eyes.

Suddenly the door was pushed closed, to sounds of girlish giggling, leaving just the vanished image of Mary Jane's firm young breasts heaving as she breathed before my eyes. Forced down into my dungeon, I stopped the trains running, and tried hard to dissimilate any sound that I could from the kitchen, imaging any and all scenarios that might be occurringletting myself exercise that right we men have. With my bare cock in hand I stoked myself to orgasm, shooting my hot cum all over the floor, disregardful of where I was and who if anyone might be watching.

How long you ask was I playing with self satisfaction, I cannot tell you, but I did not miss the fact that the upstairs door was opened gently and that my wife called softly down to ask me to come up.

I cleaned myself quickly, sipping up as I moved up into the kitchen, only to realize that Mary Jane was still laid out on the counter top, her body covered quite properly by that fluffy white towel.

As I stood in the door way, my wife grabbed at me, placing me in a warm sensual hug, reaching between us to rub at my now softening cock. Surprising me with her actions, she told me that she believed that I had been teased enough that day and thought that I might like to help her out. I was certainly not thinking straight, I was unable to figure out just what she was taking about. To add further confusion to things I noticed that Mary Jane appeared to be wearing some kind of mask or blindfold over her eyes.

My wife continued to rub my man hood, causing it to respond, and her to begin making little comments regarding my reaction and perhaps my willingness to help. Wanting to know with a bit more precision what the hell she was going on about I asked straight what she was inferring, what did she wantwhat did she expect of me and all this is a frustrated perhaps loud voice.

Quickly me wife told me to be quiet, she had just gotten Mary Jane to doze off and did not want her waking before she had completed what had been planed. In a firm voice my wife explained that Mary Jane had become very frustrated with he newest beau, while he was polite and pleasant, he was a bit of a bore in bed and she was having trouble satisfying her needs. Mary Jane had decided that she needed a holiday away from her big guy, hoping that perhaps a planned trip with a bunch of her girl friends to the south islands would help clear her mind.

My wife went on to explain that she had just expected to dye Mary Jane's hair, and perhaps do a bit of remodelling down below so that she would look real good in some of her new bikini outfits. However when Mary Jane began talkingshe spilled the whole contents of the sorrowful situation she found herself in and my wife decided to change the planned program of the day.

She went on to explain to me that back when, before we met she had been involved in several eventsincidents, or experiments she eventually called them, that had been girl only situations and that had provided her with some wicked satisfying moments. She had asked Mary Jane if she would be willing to give herself into her aunt's competent hands so that a way could be found to eliminate some of the frustrations that had been built up over the passed period of time.

She had required Mary Jane to accept any and all directions that she was given. My wife explained that she had tested Mary Jane's willingness, by having her accept to tease me, letting my wife expose bits and pieces of her naked body to my view, trying not to make it too obvious as to what they were doing.

Once she had Mary Jane pumped and primed she pushed forward, requesting Mary Jane to agreed unconditionally to any act, subversive, degrading or other that my wife requested she do.

My wife continued telling me that this had taken a bit of time, had involved a through message, from top to bottom, with special attention paid to particular girly parts.

Finally, the act of clearing up the area for Mary Jane's newest bikini, provided the opportunity for my wife to receive complete and utter submission from her young niece. The time had come to create a situation that hopefully might change the relationship with our young niece to the satisfaction of all, a new more open feeling between us that could be natured for all it was worth and for as long as possible, without anyone getting hurtthat is why my wife had called my up from my place of solitude her ultimate plans included me.

I was told to stand, to be quiet, to enjoy watching that was going to happen, and to be ready to get involved at my wife's signal. During all this conversation, my wife had been very busy, once she had rubbed my cock to a good size, she managed to unzip me and fish my pulsating member from inside my shorts.

I was ready to go, ready to do her bidding, no matter what was required of me and I am certain that she knew this. My wife moved back over to Mary Janebegan rubbing her shoulders and at the same time placing gently little kisses all over her face. Once Mary Jane started to emit soft murmursmy wife proceeded to fold the top edge of the towel down over her body.

When my wife had uncovered a large portion of Mary Jane's chest, allowing me to view the exquisite bare skin of the tops of her breasts, she changed positionsmoved her mouth down over this expanse and continued with her kissing of Mary Jane's young body. Mary Jane was now not only murmuring, but was moving about on the counter top, not quite enough to cause the towel to slip from her body, but enough to indicate to both my wife and I that she was definitely enjoying the attention she was receiving.

I watched this scene unfold as my wife grabbed hold of Mary Jane's arms, forced them above her head and at the same time moved the towel down off her lovely firm tits, down her stomach leaving it bunched up just over her sex. I heard myself sucking in my breath as I was afforded this wonder sight, a sight I had only dreamed of, never never thinking I would have a chance to see these two fabulous mounds of firm young flesh.

I mean it was not as though I had never tried to get a good sneak peek at them. Ever opportunity that had presented itself over the years had seen me trying to take a look down Mary Jane's top, but even given all the little bits I had seen, never had I been provided such a wonderful opportunity to just stand there and look as they were exposed in all their natural beauty before my sorry eyes. My wife must have heard my gasping, as she turned to look at me and give me one of little wicked smiles, the she attached her mouth to one now very perked out nipple.

Not only Mary Jane groaned as the contact was made, I felt my own slip from my mouth as I watched my wife at play. While she licked and sucked on that first nipple, she reached over, and from where I was standing, I could see her pick the other little nipple between her thumb and index finger and rub at it, until it swelled from her manipulation. Mary Jane's chest was now heaving as she grasped for air in reaction to my wife's teasing.

Suddenly my wife signalled to me, not saying a word, but indicating with her hand that she wanted me to grab hold of Mary Jane's arms and hold them in place. At first I did not move, my mind was playing tricks on me, flooding my brain circuits with the information that I was going to be allowed to hold on to this lovely young body of human sexualitystopping me from assimilating the gestures of my wife, my thoughts were getting ahead of my actions.

Hearing my name being called out, brought me back to reality, shaking me head, I then moved to place my hands on the smooth, soft, warm upper part of the inside of my niece's arms and hold them firmly, fixed as my wife had placed them over Mary Jane's head.

I was now in a position to view this young body from the other end of things, looking down over her blindfolded eyes, past over her ruby red lips, the dimpled round chin, up over her heaving chest, and down on to her cute little belly button I treated myself to a vision of loveliness.

My wife having transferred to task of holding our young niece fixed firmly on the counter top, severed her mouth from that one tit she had been suckling on extracting a loud No from the mouth of our wiggling captive. With her one free hand, she pulled the last remaining cover from Mary Jane's body, exposing a clean shaved raised mound.

At long last I was looking at pure heavenpure pussy, even if it was from the head of her body. My cock responded immediately, increasing both in length and in girth as it jerked in the opening of my slacks.

I salivated to the point that I almost allowed it to dribble from my mouth, and drip down on to Mary Jane's head of auburn hair. I could feel my heart pounding, as thought it was going to burst through my chest, as I watched my wife reposition herself between Mary Jane's slim muscular legs and hover her mouth directly over the center of Mary Jane's universe.

Looking directly up at memy wife smiled, this time she flashed me a huge grin, baring her teeth, she then pushed her sensuous pink tongue out of her mouth as far as she could moving it up and down flat at firstthen funnelled it as she pulled it back into her mouth. My wife continued to tease meto provoke me until I unconsciously allowed a deep groan slip from my lips certainly advertising to Mary Jane that a male was holding her firmly by her out stretched arms.

Whether or not Mary Jane was a willing partner allowing her uncle to participate in this particular undertaking I did not know.

She was wearing that blind fold for a reason, either she was uncertain she wanted to see meor have me able to look into her eyes, or if she wanted to pretend that perhaps I was someone else I did not know, but I was not going to spoil things by suggesting that the mask be removed. Once however my wife felt that Mary Jane was well aware of my presence, she reached out and raised her thighs on to her shoulderslowering her mouth on to the one part of Mary Jane's body that was going to produce an extreme reaction, so I prepared myself to handle what every movement that I thought Mary Jane would provide.

Fortunately for me, it was not her upper body that the moved, she did however buck her lower body sharply, forcing her ass off the count top, her cunt pressing upwards into my wife's wicked mouth.

Mary Jane, squealed, almost like a young piglet, so sharp and loud I had thought my ear drum was going to burst. Wasting no timemy wife moved one hand under Mary Jane's bottom, extracting further screams from Mary Jane, as she brought her bottom back down hard on to the counter. Her screaming left little for me to imagine, I was sure my wife had pressed a finger on to her back hole, or maybe even right up her back chute.

Between screams Mary Jane was sucking air, gasping for breath as she gyrated her body, reacting to what ever my wife was doing. After some time, I am uncertain as to how long, Mary Jane appeared to go rigid, her body lifted off the counter top, you could see the mussels in her thighs pressed vice like on either side of my wife head, her legs stretched straight out behind my wife's back.

Then Mary Jane's body shivered, vibrated, and rocked as she shuddered, she was calling out with cries of "Oh Gawd!Oh Gawd ! " Two, maybe three, perhaps five minutes passed, before Mary Jane's body relaxed and flopped back down onto the counter, her thighs released my wife head, her legs folded down on to my wife's back. She appeared to be spenther body showed signs however that she was still experiencing sensations as you definitely see it making spasmodic motions as she lay in a state of limpness on the counter top.

My wife eased herself from between Mary Jane's legs, and to my astonishment motioned for me to take her place.

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The sour sweet odour that waffled up to my nostrils as I manoeuvred myself in between these lovely smooth young legs is some thing I have never forgotten. Instinctively I placed my hands under her little rump, pried open her body joint ,bent my nose towards the origin of the odour and breathed in as hard as I could.

I heard my wife snickeringthen telling me it tasted much better than it smelt. I wasted no time plunging my warped tongue down into the little crevice that was staring me in the face, seeking what ever I could lick at leeching myself onto Mary Jane's smooth cunt like a depraved person.

I did not even notice that my wife had moved behind me, until I felt a cool breeze flow over my lower body. My wife had managed to undo my pants and drop them along with my under-shorts down to my ankles.

Before I could protest I felt her hands slip under my T shirt and push it up toward my head. I broke off contact with Mary Jane's cunt when she asked me to straighten up and allow her to remove the shirt completely.

That accomplished, she fiddled around with my feet, removing the last of my clothing from my body, I was now as naked and exposed as Mary Jane, my wife knew it, I knew it and my cock certainly knew it as it stuck out proudly from between my legs, bumping up against the side of the kitchen counter.

Suddenly I felt my wife press up against my back, I felt bare skin on bare skin, so naturally I turned to look, only to see that my was as naked as well. The three of us were standing, well Mary Jane was not quite, but any way the three of us were there that Saturday afternoon standing bare ass naked, exposed in the middle of our kitchen.

Once divested of my covering, I realized that my wife was trying to make me stand upon the little step up affair that we used in the kitchen to reach the higher shelves, so I made it easier for her to lift each of my feet and place them on the top level. The result of this activity brought my lower body high enough that my rigid cock slipped right into the crevice of Mary Jane's cunt allowing the head to make contact with her soft wet lips.

My wife repositioned herself behind mereached around metook hold of Mary Jane's long slender legs and lifted them to my shoulders as she pushed me towards the end of the counter. With out any effort on my partthe head of my cock slipped past the entrance of Mary Jane's cunt and settledengulfed by a warm wet surrounding of tight young flesh. Before I was able to react and start pumping the rest of my hard cock all the way if, my wife grabbed onto Mary Jane's hips and pulled her on to me, effectively pushing my cock all the way in.

I saw Mary Jane grimace as my cock reached the end, coming up hard against her cervix. I remember thinking that even if I had been given the opportunity to do this myself, I would most likely have been more gentle, but as it was my wife to appeared to be controlling things I just let it ride and enjoyed the feelings.

My wife pressed her body into mine, forcing me flush up against Mary Jane's cunt, then she pushed Mary Jane forward, letting my cock trail out of this lovely encasement. Again and again my wife repeated these movements of hers, it was like she was the one who was doing the fucking, I was just the phallus, to be used for her pleasure.

I began to wonder if she would agree to letting me buy her a strap on cock so she could get rid of the middle man. As my wife continued to manipulate the sceneI felt Mary Jane's body beginning to react, she was now helping my wife move her body back and for on my cock. Mary Jane was rotating her body as best she could, pressing the backs of her legs forcefully into my back, she was indeed seeking to bring herself off. I knew I was not going to be able to hold on much longer, I had become verbalized, and quite loud.

My wife increased the rhythm of her rocking, she increased the pressure she had on my back, pushing hard into me as she pulled Mary Jane's cunt onto my cock, there were no more slow long strokes, I was being worked like a pistonrunning at full steam.

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Mary Jane was making loud noises, grunting sounds at first then the sounds rose in crescendo, indicating to me that she was getting herself along just fine, rising no doubt to her peak, ready to orgasm.

I was trying hard to hold myself back to hold off until I felt Mary Jane readybut my wife had other ideas. On one vigorous forward movement my wife somehow managed to get her finger in place and shoved it right up my rectum, the palm of her hand coming to rest between my cheeks. Well let me tell you that set me off, there was no way in hell that I would have been able to hold back. My cock surged, swelled to a size I had not before experienced and sent my hot jism deep into Mary Jane's tight young cunt.

Not a minute too soon, as I felt Mary Jane seize my rod with her interior muscles and squeezecrying out in a loud voice letting us know that she cumming. How long we remained fixed like this I do not remember, but it was my wife who first disengaged herself wiggling her finger in my ass, as she slowly pulled it free.

She rose on her tippy toes placed a kiss on my cheek and told me to remain coupled to Mary Jane as long as possible, that she would be right back. By the time she got back with a warm wet cloth, my now limp member had slipped from that precious little holebringing with it a mixture of both our love juices. My wife got me down off the little step stool, and gently inserted the wet cloth into Mary Jane's leaking cunt, blocking further loss of seed.

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Turning her attention to me she knelttook my limp cock in her mouth and sucked me clean of all remnants of the event. She was unable to bring me back to my manly form however. I was definitely spent from the afternoon's activities, it would take a while before I would be able to get it back up for sure. I was told to dress and move off back downstairs to play with my trains and recuperate, incase there would be further need of me.

I took my time covering my body, hoping to observe more of this naked Mary Jane, laid out no, now sprawled out limp on the kitchen counter, her little body showing signs of reacting to further sexual tremors.

By the time I tying my shoes, my wife had taken the wet cloth from Mary Jane's cunt and was busy licking up the residue that remained. It had been a long time since I had participated in such an event, a long time since I had seen my wife so sexually involved, so intense in her actions.

Finally, allowing a loud sigh escape from deep inside my body, I made my way down to the basement, my mind certainly not focused on running my trains at all. It was much later, that I heard chairs being moved around in the kitchen, and sounds like normal speaking voices in conversation. Then my wife came down the steps wanting to speak with me again.

She told me that Mary Jane had decided to stay the night, that supper had been prepared, but first and foremost she wanted my complete and utter co- operation. My wife went on to explainthat the idea behind what had happened was to allow Mary Jane to enjoy the fantasy of letting go, having no regrets and participating in some different experiences.

She had been blindfolded so that it would not be too embarrassing for her to know that she was being fucked by her uncle, it had been planned so she could be visualizing any the male of her choice taking her, bringing her the pleasure she needed, and that was how my wife wanted it to remain. She went on to tell me that under no circumstances was I to mention, or make reference to anything that had happened that afternoon.

I was to concentrate on being Mary Jane's favourite uncle nothing more nothing less, I had to control my emotions, and show no more than my usual loving kindness towards Mary Jane, after all she was still my niecethe same little girl that I knew so many years ago. There was to be a catch however, that would definitely cause me some problems, but that I might find pleasing to the mind. As I had been told earlier, Mary Jane had agreed to place herself in my wife's control, or possession, perhaps dominate desire, if you could say that and her resolve was going to be tested as long as she chose to remain with us that weekend.

Once I told my wife would do my best and be on my best behaviour I was told to go wash up and come for supper. Imagine my surprise when I arrived back in the kitchen to find Mary Jane all fresh and spiffy, dressed in her tank top and a short wrap around skirt that my wife had worn so many years ago. It was sort of impossible not to stareno matter how hard I tried, no matter how hard I wanted to be the proper gentleman and uncle.

Mary Jane was not wearing a brassiere under the top, her areola were clearly outlined beneath the material, her nipples which appeared to be rock hard pushing at the material very prominently.

I tried as I could to keep my eyes on or about her face level, but it was almost a loosing battle, it was like her chest was callingtelling me to look at her almost bare tits. I swallowed hard and turned my attention to the dining room table taking the seat at the end of the long table. My eyes wandered however, fixing themselves on the swaying of the pleats of the short wrap around Mary Jane was wearing.

While my eyes followed the movement or sway of the material, my mind wandered back in time to the fist time my wife had worn that short skirt. It was a fairly warm summer day, and we had decided to go a movie theater as we figured they would at least have the air conditioning working.

While I was picking up some popcorn, my wife had taken the opportunity to attend the ladies washroom. We were cuddling like two teenagers as we enjoyed what ever was on the screen, when my wife took my hand and slipped it in under the material of her blouse.

Immediately I made contact with a bare breast, she had gotten rid of her bra; needless to say, my attention was taken from the movie that was playing on the screen. To make a long entertaining evening short, once I had gotten her blouse completely open, her two tits exposed in the semi darkness of the theater, I created a sexual atmosphere that caused my wife to direct my playing to her nether regions, under that short wrap around skirt there was no barrier preventing me from sinking my fingers in to her hot and extremely wet cunt.

My wife had taken off all her undergarments that evening, and by the time the movie had ended she was hitting her third of fourth orgasm sitting almost completely naked, her blouse hanging around her arms, her skirt bunched at the sides of the chair.

My memories were rudely broken as I was brought back to reality; my wife was asking if I was more or less of something or other on my plate. My response resulted in Mary Jane returning to the dining room carrying a plate of food in her two hands.

She way was holding the plate about the middle of her body, her free swing tits in plain evidence, hidden only slightly by the material of her tight tank top. What however caught my attention was the amount of flesh that was showing below the level of the plate.

As Mary Jane walked from the kitchen, I noticed that her strides appeared to a bit slow, deliberate and exaggerated. When she moved her right leg forward it bared a lot of skin, it slipped almost completely from the split of the skirt she was wearing, I was treated with the sight of her upper thigh, almost to the crevice of her legs.

It appeared that the wrap around skirt had been altered some what to allow for more exposure. My eyes remained glued to the movement of Mary Jane's legs, until she was standing beside me and it became impossible to see anything further.


I turned my head upwards to thank her for bringing my plate, letting my eyes scan her body as they rose to meet her own. It was obvious that my wife had been working her magic, for as my eyes passed up the profile of Mary Jane's I noticed her nipples pushing out in to the material of her tank top as thought they were going to poke right out.

Once my eyes came into contact with her face it was easy to tell that she was a bit embarrassed as her face was almost bright red in color. I held back all comments other than expressing the appreciation of having her bring my plate, and swallowed hard. Mary Jane's exit from the room did nothing to calm my emotions, I watched as she swayed her hips, and adjusted my growing manhood to a more comfortable position.

Both girls came back in with their own plates, embarking in a general pitter-patter of animated small talk. I mean animated as both the girls were of French background they had a habit, well it was more a custom of the French to talk with their hands.

I participated in the conversation with my more demure English way, keeping one hand occupied with my fork and the other in my lap occupied with my cock. It appeared that my wife was doing things on purpose, because she had Mary Jane going, she was responding moving not just her hands, but her arms, in fact her whole upper body was involved in the conversation.

I was treatedthanks to my wifewith the pleasant scene of seeing Mary Jane's firm tits, with their little rigid nipples bobbing up and downswinging left to right as she replied to my wife's statements.

Suddenly the conversation was interrupted when my wife ' accidentally' or so it seemed let her hand come into contact with the outer side of her wine glass, knocking it in Mary Jane's direction spilling the liquid contents all over the front of Mary Jane's tank top. Once the wet liquid had made contact with the material Mary Jane's top took on a transparent look, it was almost as though she was bare breastedit was a good thing I had my hand in my lap, for at this sight my cock surged in size.

Mary Jane quickly jumped up from her seat and headed for the kitchen with my wife close behind, however not before she shot me one of those wicked little smiles she used to give me when she got into a real playful mood.

While the girls were off fixing Mary Jane's clothing problem, I once again found my mind wondering back to that summer evening we had gone to the movies. No sooner had we gotten back to the car then my wife suggested that she was hungry, wanting to stop for a quick bite before we headed home.

As I got into the driver's seat, I saw that my wife had once again undone her little wrap around skirt, exposing her lovely sex to my viewing. Telling me to concentrate on driving us to the restaurant safely she busied herself on her own, playing havoc with her cunt.

By the time we had arrived and I had placed the car in park, I found my wife releasing a second orgasm, her blouse undone, her legs spread wide, her hands working both ends of her own spectrum, so I just sat and observed the wonder scene that was transpiring before my eyes. Once she had ridden things to their end, she relaxed, her body rippling with small tremors, while she sat there limp and so lovely exposed. The restaurant was a cross between as fast food place, and a more general family restaurant, there was a section for those who wanted to be more immanent, quieter, those who had brought children, and those who were in a rush to eat and get on their way.

My wife directed me to a place far back out of the limelight of things, more secluded perhaps than in the other parts of the room. Once settled, my wife excused herself to head off to the ladies room, so I waited patiently thinking that she was going to put her undergarments back on and be a bit more respectable for the rest of the evening.

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Was I surprised, perhaps more taken back than anything else, when my wife came back from the restrooms area. I sat there certainly with my mouth wide open, staring at my beautiful wife strolling towards me.

Her blouse was held closed by a knot tied just under her breasts, she had not rebuttoned her blouse, but had either rolled it or tucked the edges under each side, allowing it to open wide enough to see a good portion of her tits.

The skirt had been rearranged so that the slit was now located in the front, right between her legs, so that as she took those long strides towards our table I was provided with an even more pleasant view of her long naked legs as they advanced through the opening of the skirt. Staring, taking in all that was being shown, I concluded that I was able to see much more skin than usual, and then realized that my wife's skirt was riding much higher on her legs.

While the skirt normally came to rest about half way between her hips and her knees it was riding so high on her legs that the hem was just barely covering the bottom of her sex. That was the very first time my wife decided to tease me mercifully, there in public, in a family restaurant, with others sitting not that far away, even if they were not able to see very much.

My day dreaming was interrupted by the sounds of my wife asking if I wanted tea or coffee with my dessertbringing me back to the reality at handten years later. Having settled on a choice, the noise of the dishes being manipulated prevented me from turning back to my dream and the resulting even more pleasant happenings of that particular evening.

I was a bit disappointed when it was my wife who brought the dessert, placing my plate and commenting that I should be careful not to choke on my food. She then set both her plate and Mary Jane's in place before she settled down and applied herself to her dessert, yet watching me, which I found to be funny.

After a few minutes had passed, my wife called to Mary Jane, telling her it was time. This was a statement that made no sense to me, time for what I was thinking, and then Mary Jane timidly came into view at the threshold of the door. My eyes I am certain bulged in their sockets, Mary Jane was covered now in a very very sheer blouse, see through it was.

Tied in a similar fashion to that one my wife had worn so long ago, while it was not buttoned, it was not spread open as far as my wife's had been, but this was even better because the material was so sheer that it was like having Mary Jane exposing her tits out in the open.

To further accent her display, even though Mary Jane was wearing the same wrap around skirt she had on before, it had been arraigned exactly as it had been when my wife had worn it.

The skirt had been raised to almost the bottom of Mary Jane's little pussy; the slit however appeared too had been arranged with a much wider spacing, almost to the point that it remained open as she took her steps towards her chair, providing me with several glimpses of her bare cunt and its puffy pinkish lips.

Mary Jane walked around to the side of the chair closest to me, placed herself sideways, facing me on the seat, then spreading one leg at a time seated herself at the table, her legs disappearing from my view. I then understood why my wife had warned me not to choke on my food. Although I had not made any remarks, complimentary or otherwise, Mary Jane was beet red in color, from either embarrassment, humiliation or just plain lust I did not know and was certainly not going to ask.

I was not going to spoil any game plan that my wife had set up, if she was still testing Mary Jane's resolve, I was going to go along with it as I was reaping most of the benefits. With dessert finished, leaving everyone with their tea, Mary Jane was directed to remove the excess dishes from the table. In doing so she must have been instructed before hand how to complete this required task, as she reached first for my wife's cleaned plate and brought it back to place on hers.

Then she reached for the utensils, one at a time taking them and placing them in front of her. Each time she reached over to me wife side of the table, I was provided the profile view of her tits as they hung forward when she extended her upper body. Much to my delight, when she began to reach for my dirty dishes, she turned her body towards me and allowed me a direct view into the blouse, allowing me the delightful view of her two bare breasts.

Once she had assembled the dirty dishes, in reverse motion she moved herself off her chair, one leg spread wide open, facing towards me, at a time. Again I was treated to the nicest of views right up to her little puffy pussy lips. Mary Jane came back with the teapot, offering to refill my cup, passing to the right side of my chair; she placed her left hand on my shoulder, and lent forward to pour with her right. In the peripheral vision of my right eye I could tell that her left nipple was popped at least a quarter of an inch straight out from her boobie.

Trying hard to continue being the kind gentlemanly uncle I turned my head in her direction to thank her for providing the refill. As I turned and before I could bring my eyes up the level of her I was afforded the more than pleasant view of her bare right tit and its accompanying deep rose colored nipple, Mary Jane had managed to lean in such a manner that her sheer blouse was gaping wide open.

She allowed me time enough to have a good long look at her precious assets, before she straighten up, forcing me to shift my eye sight to her still flushed faceclearly all this exposure was causing her some embarrassment.


Mary Jane then went over to her aunt and assumed a similar position, refilling her tea cup also. I noticed however that as soon as Mary Jane placed herself beside her, my wife removed her right hand from the table. I was certain that I distinctly heard a sharp gasp. This drew my attention to Mary Jane's face where I saw or at least it looked like she was biting her bottom lip, her face was contorted that was sure, however she continued to refill my wife's cup with the same decorum that she had mine.

It took but a few minutes, to complete her task, but in those few minutes, my wife surprised me even more when she turned her head towards Mary Jane leant in close and flicked at the tip of Mary Jane's left tit with her tongue.

Mary Jane straightened herself, removing her tit from my wife reach and stood for a moment with her eyes closed.

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I could swear that I saw her body shudder, but since I was at the other end of the dinning room table I can not state this as fact. As Mary Jane returned to the kitchen, I watched in awe as my wife brought her hand back up from under the table, she brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them in the most sensuous of ways, before she reached out to take and other sip of tea.

Smiling her wicked grin, my wife commented that she had really enjoyed the dessert; however it was time for me to return to my trains and leave the two girls alone to finish cleaning up. She complimented me on my good behaviour, telling me that this was just what was needed, to fortify Mary Jane's self consciousness, to help her understand the power she could envelope her well being with, she was really pleased with me.

I returned to the basement, letting my mind review all that had transpired during the evening supper, and almost mechanically operated my trains around the board. I thought I heard a voice calling to mebeing in a stupor I did not respond until I heard Mary Jane calling out to mealmost yelling my name.

Quickly I shut off the transformer, bringing the rickety rack of the trains to a halt and walked over to the bottom of the stair well. Looking up to the landing, Mary Jane was there standing her legs spread wide enough to allow me a good view up under skirt that she had been wearing this afternoon.

Her legs were wide enough apart to allow me to see that there were two little chains hanging from inside her bare cunt, the ends of these chains held two little bell like balls, that I knew well. Mary Jane was carrying, or at least holding my wife's 'Wally balls' as we called them.

This particular set of sexual toys had the added attraction of the little chains, upon which two bell like balls, similar to those that you might find around a cat's neck, were solidly attached.

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Depending on how the person carrying the balls walked the bells would make a sound loud enough to attract any one's attention, and in most cases direct their attention to the area from where the sound was coming. These balls had been sitting in their case for a long time now; I was very pleased to see that my wife had decided to bring them back into use.

I knew now that Mary Jane was going to placed in a very delicate situation, which was only confirmed when Mary Jane informed me that her aunt was taking her out to see a movie at the new theater in the wonder mall that had been built not too far away.

She told me that her aunt wanted me to know that they had no idea when they would be back, but she wanted me to make sure that the outside spot light was in good working order. With that Mary Jane blew me a kiss and disappeared from my sight leaving me alone with my thoughts. It was well past midnight, before I got around to checking the out door spot light, it worked on the movement property, staying dark until it detected some thing in the range of the scanner they it came on. I had purchased real bright lights that lit the whole front yard area, especially the driveway as I often came home late with the car full of stuff to unload.

I had the timer set for a good twenty minutes, before it need to be reactivated, that way I always had enough time to do my business with out any problems. Once I was certain every thing was in order I poured myself a scotch, set myself in my favourite chair and turned on some Mozart. The music lulled me into calmness, while the scotch fortified my fanciful thinking. Thinking about what the girls was doing, wondering what my wife was doing to Mary Jane, with Mary Jane, or having done to Mary Jane by others.

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I began wishing I had been invited along, even if it had been just as an observer, the more I thought about what may have being going on, the longer and harder my cock became. Finally I could not longer hold on, I toddled off to the washroom and jacked off in front of the wall unit mirror until I came shooting gobs and gobs of my seed all over the counter top.

It was quite a sight I must say watching all this creamy white liquid shoot out the end of my cock, I could see my piss hole open as it expanded to let loose the stream of cumthis I thought, was precisely the same scene that my wife saw when she sucked me off.

I cleaned myself and the counter top off then decided it was time to head for bed, I had no idea where the girls were not how much longer they were going to be if they decided to return this evening or not so I might as well hit the sack and get some shut eye. Just as I was going to open the bedroom lights, I heard our car pull into the driveway and sensed the spot lights brighten up the outside area.

Quickly I moved over to the bedroom window and peeked out to see what I could. I watched as my wife parked the car just at the far end of the drive and wondered why she would do this as there was lots of clear space to bring the car right up to beside the house. I was going to leave my spot to go see if there was a problem when I realized Mary Jane had already opened her door. Before I could move I was stunned to see a completely naked Mary Jane exit from the car and close the door.

I decided then it was perhaps better to spy from the spot I was in than going out front to ask what was going on, so I continued to look out on the scene that was being played out. A stark naked Mary Jane walked in front of the car, exposing herself completely in the beaming head lights of the car and the probing spot light of the house light, she was lit up as though it was day light, every detail of her firm young body was in evidence, for any one to see if they were looking.

She managed several pirouettes, her arms held high in the air, before my wife extinguished the car lights and exited herself. Now my wife still had her clothes on, yet you could readily see that her short sleeve top was not buttoned; as she waved Mary Jane into the house her movements exposed both of her mature breasts, naked as I liked them. Just before they disappeared from my line of sight and entered the house, I saw my wife give Mary Jane a good swat on her bare bottom; it certainly did not look like a love tap to me.

There was lots of giggling going on as the girls tried to sneak quietly up the stairs and into the bathroom. As the shower came on, I decided that it was time to get under the covers and hopping that I might be going to receive two succulent visitors into my bed.