Zwei sexy Mädchen mit Strap on

Zwei sexy Mädchen mit Strap on
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1: A fish starts it all It had been a long Saturday at the beach, not too hot, just nice and warm with a gentle breeze running on shore. I had been sitting, since six am and it was now lunchtime, on this flat rock fishing, and I had not had even a nibble at my bait.

I was just thinking of packing my rod up and going home for some food when I heard the bell at the tip of my rod ring. A bite, at last, I thought, as I grabbed the rod and struck into what was at the far end of the line. I felt a fish moving on the line as I slowly reeled it towards the rocks. I thought that it seemed a big one as well from the way it was struggling. As I brought in closer a put my left hand down to pick up my landing net, putting it in the sea I juggled the net and the rod to get the fish over the net.

When I saw the fish for the first time, it was a big sea bass; it looked about seven pound, which is a decent size. I managed to get the bass to the net and lifted it out of the surf, hoping that the net pole would not break. I pulled the net to me and grabbed the bass in the gills and held it why I de-hooked it.

I then still carrying the bass in the gills moved back to my bag. I took my priest and gave the bass a sharp tap on its head between its eyes and the gills to kill it instantly.

I got my scales from my bag and hooked it through the gills and checked the weight of six pounds. That will do for dinner for my mum and me I thought. I phoned mum and told her that I was bringing dinner back with me.

The next thing I had to do was to clean the fish, so I got out my knife and slit its belly from the gills to the vent and put my fingers in and slid all the guts out, I then washed the fish in a nearby rock pool. As I went to bury the guts in a hole on the beach, I felt something hard in its stomach.

That is strange I thought as I never had found anything hard inside a fish before. I pushed it out of the guts and found a green stone about an inch square in my hand.

I washed it in the rock pool and looked at it again. It was a bright green oval stone looking like a large emerald. I put it in my pocket and packed up my fishing gear and made my way to my bike and rode the 2-mile home. When I arrived home, I gave the bass to my mum, and she surprised me by putting her arms round me and gave me a big cuddle saying "You are a clever boy catching such a big bass, I will prepare it ready for dinner." This was strange, as mum had not cuddled me for ages.

My name is Danny West, and I am nineteen years old, and I live with my mum Megan in the small Cornish village of Marazion, and I work as a trainee surveyor with a land agent in nearby Penzance. Mum works in the office of a local campsite making the bookings and placing visitors on the correct pitches. My dad was killed when I was seven when the fishing boat, out of Newlyn, he was working on sunk when it was hit by an unknown object with the loss of all hands.

We were able to buy our house in Marazion with some of the compensation that mum had received. Mum had not remarried after dad was killed, in fact, I don't remember her even having a date in all that time. She is thirty-five, long blonde hair and what I thought a fantastic figure a real MILF. She is so young as she was only sixteen when I came along and she married dad at seventeen.

I have a twenty-year-old girlfriend, Amanda, in the village. Who I see every weekend and sometimes during the week, if she was at home. As she is at the Cornwall campus of Exeter University at Falmouth studying to be a nurse, I would be seeing her, later on, today when we babysit her young sister Anne for her parents Carron and William, while they go out for a meal. *** 2: Amanda gets wild I walked to Amanda's house, which is down near the harbour, and knocked on the door right on the dot of seven pm her mum opened the door.

"Hi Danny, come in, Amanda is in the lounge," she said giving me a kiss on the cheek which was strange as she has never done that before. I open the lounge door to see Amanda sitting with her dad and sister watching the television. Amanda jumped up and ran up to me taking me in her arms and giving me a small kiss on the lips; again I was shocked, as we had not even kissed before.

It was becoming a strange day altogether. Amanda's mum came in and said to her husband "Come on let's get going, don't forget Amanda, Anne must be in bed at 8.15, we should be back just after midnight. Have fun you two." and with that, they left for their dinner date. I sat on the settee next to Amanda, while Anne sat on the floor in front of us; we all watched what was on the television.

I felt Amanda move closer to me and take hold of my hand. She raised it to her lips and kissed the palm and then took my index finger into her mouth and gently sucked on it, moving it in and out. I thought what has brought this change to her, she was normally very strait-laced, and rather prim and proper so what had turned her into a potential sex fiend.

At ten past eight Amanda told Anne to get up to bed and go to sleep, she stood up and said good night and came and kissed us both on our cheeks and went up to her room without a word of dissent. Well, that is what I thought. Now that we were alone Amanda put her arm around my neck and snuggled into my neck and softly said. "Now that we are alone darling shall we get to know each other a bit better." "What has brought this on, you don't normally even kiss me." "I don't know, I was talking to mum about how I was feeling towards you and how far I wanted to go, what to wear and how I did things and when you came in tonight it all seemed to fall into place." "I thought it strange when I got here tonight your mum kissed me." "Mum says she really likes you." "I like your mum as well but not as much as I like you." "Mum has arranged tonight so we can be together, in fact, they will not be back until tomorrow afternoon, and Anne has gone to mum's sister two doors down the road, so we have the house to ourselves." "That is nice of her, does your dad know what is going on." "I think mum told him and that it was nothing to do with him, as I'm twenty it's up to me what I do," Amanda said as she leant over me and kissed me hard on the lips opening her mouth and forcing her tongue into my mouth.

I did not know how to respond, as this was my first time in this situation with a girl, and I also thought that it was Amanda's first time as well, but now I was thinking it was not. I responded in like and she relaxed a bit and put both of her arms around my neck and held on tight.

I responded by placing my arms around her body and pulling her to me, and we carried on kissing like this for a while, we were both enjoying it. I pulled away and asked her. "There is something I need to know, have you done this with anyone else before?" "No, you are my first one, what about you." "I am the same as you, a complete novice." "Then we are both virgins," squealed Amanda "Yes, we are both learning together," I said as I kissed her again. Amanda, still kissing me, moved and took my right hand and placed it on her left breast.

I thought I was in heaven, I, for the first time had my hand on a breast, even if it was covered in her jumper. "How far do you want us to go?" I asked "Let's see what happens, I am willing to go as far as we need to," replied Amanda.

I was now playing with both of her tits over her jumper, and she seemed to be enjoying the manipulation I was given them. I now moved my hand down and put it under her jumper and moved it back onto the tit I had just vacated. She was wearing what I thought was a vest so the tit I held was still covered by material but it was only a thin covering.

Amanda's kissing was getting more intense with a renewed furore, and I was squeezing both her tits on and off and gripping the nipples. Amanda was moaning in the back of her throat.

Amanda suddenly jumped up and in one movement pulled her jumper off; she then undid her skirt and pushed it down onto the floor. I saw that all was she had on black stockings with a suspender belt and a black teddy. "Did your mum tell you what to wear for me?" "Yes she did, this is all mums, she wears it at times, I don't know why 'cos she and dad don't have sex anymore due to dad's illness.

Do you like it?" "Yes I do, I think it makes you look very erotic and sexy." "Good, that is the effect I wanted," Amanda said as she came up and stood between my legs and I slowly ran both of my hands up the back of her legs from her calves to her bum, which I squeezed gently. Suddenly Amanda grabbed my hand, "Come with me I have got something I want you to do." as she pulled me out of the room, switching the light off as we passed, she dragged me upstairs but not towards her room, but she led me to her parent's room.

It was a large room with a king size bed that had the covers turned down. On the cupboard by the bed were a bottle of wine and two glasses.

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Amanda poured the wine and gave me a glass. "To us and our future." she toasted. I noted that also on the cupboard was a large packet of Durex. "You think of everything," I said, indicating the Durex. "That was mum's idea, better safe than sorry, she told me," she replied.

How could I fault such a thoughtful mother not wanting her daughter getting pregnant? "What mum don't know is that I don't need them, I have been on the pill for the last seven years, and as you are a virgin like me, there is very little chance of us having any disease." "The only problem I can see is that we are both virgins, and neither of us knows what to do," I remarked. "That's ok mum thought of that, she told me what I have to do to you and what you have to do to me, other than that we will just have to pick it up as we go along." "I better phone mum to tell her I won't be home tonight." "Don't worry mum thought of that as well, when they left they went around and told your mum, you would be here tonight." "She didn't tell her about what we are doing?" "No, don't worry." With that, Amanda pulled the top of her teddy down so her tits was on show to my virgin eyes.

I had never seen such nice tits before in the flesh they were about the size of a large orange about 36c and the nipples stood out proud. I put my hands on them and felt the soft but hard, the nipples were like nuts in the palm of my hands. Moving us onto the bed, "Kiss them and suck my nipples." Amanda instructed, "oooh, that feels good, oohhh." as I manipulated her tits.

"Now it's time I did something to you, let me undress you," Amanda said as she moved to remove my shirt and trousers. I was a bit embarrassed being there with no clothes on. "You have a great body, and your cock looks nice as well," she said as she pulled me onto the bed and up close to her and rubbed her body against mine. My cock started to harden. "Good reaction." she said touching my twitching cock with her hand. "Do I take your clothes off now?" I asked "No, the rest of my clothes stay on, for now, mum said that as you are a virgin if we tried to fuck straight away you would go off like a loose cannon.

Whatever that means, and that I should make you cum first, you then will be able to fuck me a short while after, when you have recovered. Just about enough time to get my cunt wet and worked up enough and ready for your cock." "Ok, what do you want me to do." "Nothing, just lie down in the centre of the bed and let me do all the work for now while you have the fun, maybe I will enjoy it as well, and don't touch me." I lay on the big bed, and Amanda moved over me, and gently took my cock in her hand and picked it up, as she touched my cock it swelled up and started to get harder.

Amanda gently started to stroke up and down just moving the foreskin when she pulled downwards. I felt her blowing on the top of my cock when the head was uncovered. All of a sudden, I felt my cock getting wet, I looked between us and could just see her running spit down her tongue onto the head, then she started to slowly lick the head before taking it into her mouth. She took her time to make sure that my cock was wet as she engulfed more of the cock until she had nearly all of it in her mouth.

When she tried to take the rest, she started gagging so she stopped and sucked all the way back to the head. I was enjoying her administrations, and I put my hands on her stocking covered legs before I could get any further she snapped.

"I told you no touching!" "Sorry I could not help it your body is fantastic." She went back to sucking my cock, it was now as hard as it has ever been and she was taking it all the way to the back of her throat now and sucking as hard as she could. Amanda now started to rub her hand up and down my cock in time with her sucking. I now felt that I was about to cum. "Amanda I'm going to cum soon," So she started to stroke and suck quicker.

I started to feel my spunk building up to a fever pitch "I'm cumming, cumming arrrh." I cried as I came fully in her mouth, she just kept on sucking my cock until I was dry, and then she lifted her head back showed me the cum in her mouth and then she tipped her head right back and swallowed the lot.

licking her lips. "That was good, I enjoyed having the power over you and to make you cum for me, and it didn't taste too bad, a little bit on the salty side but tasty. "Wow, I have never felt anything like that before," I told my new lover. "Just lie there and recover I will get some more wine and a snack before you can start on me." Amanda came back 10 minutes later with a new bottle of chilled wine, a bowl of Strawberries and a can of spray cream.

That is strange I thought, no plates for the strawberries. Amanda got back on the bed and fed me a strawberry which she dipped in a glass of wine, the taste was completely new to me. The next one she sprayed some cream on my belly button, dipped the strawberry into it, fed the strawberry to me then she then proceeded to lick the cream off of me.


That's erotic I thought, wonder what else she is planning. "Now it's your turn I will try not to touch you but I cannot promise, I have been looking forward to this for ages." Amanda told me. "You will have to tell me what you like and where and how to touch you as this is my first time and I have not had my mother instructing me like you." I took Amanda in my arms lying on our sides facing each other.

I ran my left hand from her face down to her tits, which I squeezed gently, not wanting to hurt her. The bra part of her teddy was pulled down, and two perfect tits came into my view. I leant over her and kissed and sucked both the enlarged nipples. Amanda put her head back and moaned gently just like a kitten purring. I ran my hand down towards her pussy but did not touch it; I followed my hand with my lips.

Then on down her leg until I reached her toes, I moved to the bottom of the bed and started to slowly to suck her toes very sensually. As I was doing this, I was rubbing my hands along the back of her stocking covered legs right to the patch of skin between the stocking tops and her pussy, just flicking her pussy as I moved back up.

I thought it was about time I had my first taste of pussy, I very slowly kissed my way down the back of her legs, which I was holding upright and pushed them back so that they ended up over her head.

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As I kissed down, I reached the bit of bare skin at the top of her stockings, which I gave a lick before moving onto her pussy. When I reached Amanda's pussy I could feel the heat coming off of it, I planted a big kiss right on her pussy, and she let out a small scream. "It opens at the bottom, just pull It," she said.

I caught the closure bit of her teddy in my mouth and pulled it apart. What greeted my eyes was not describable, my first sight of a real pussy, much better that one's I had seen in magazines. I kissed the top of her pussy and found a hard lump. "Suck my clit," cried Amanda, "the bit sticking out." Who am I to ignore what a hot girl was asking me to do, as I took her clit into my mouth and gently sucked she did let out a scream this time as she had her first orgasm. I moved my mouth down a bit further, her pussy was getting hotter and also wetter the further I got nearer to her cunt.

When I reached there, I kissed her little hole and put my tongue into it and wiggled it about. She came again with another scream; apart from screaming Amanda had not really said one word since I started on her, except instructions.

I wet one of my fingers in her juices and pushed it gently into her cunt, it felt hot and tight in there. How the hell was I going to get my cock in there, it was too small.

"I won't get in there I'm too big," I said "Yes you will, it will open up for you, your cock was made for my cunt." Amanda whispered, "I love what you have done to me so far, just carry on doing what you want to do, lover of mine." "What like this," I said as I drove my finger into her cunt and tickled the inside.

"Yes just like that, then get your cock into my cunt and fuck me." I moved into position and released her legs, which she put, round my waist; the feeling her stockings made on my back was stimulating. I pushed my cock into her cunt very gently until I felt an obstruction. "Do you want me to carry on without a condom," I asked, "I can't get in any further." "Silly that's my Hyman you have to break through it, it will be painful for me but only this once and yes.

as I said I am on the pill, I want to feel you doing it to me and I won't if you use a Durex." I pulled my cock out of her cunt and then pushed it back as far as I could go. I kept this up for about 10 minutes.

Amanda was whimpering and moving her ass about, and her legs were gripping me tight. All of a sudden Amanda screamed the loudest scream I heard from her tonight as I broke through the obstruction buying my cock fully in her tight cunt. "Yes, Yes, now fuck me properly, go in and out slowly at first then build up to as fast as you can you go and you will make me cum." I got a good rhythm going, she now had her legs crossed over my back and was working as hard as I was.

"I'm going to cum," I cried. "So am I …" When I came deep in her pussy, and she felt my stream of cum hitting her womb, it pushed her over the top into a screaming orgasm. "Fuck, fuck that was good I hope each time we fuck is as good as that." whimpered Amanda. We cuddled up together and fell asleep in each other's arms. *** 3: A Sunday in bed When we awoke on Sunday morning, I had my arm around Amanda, who's head was on my chest.

I kissed the top of her head, and she woke up slowly. "Morning darling, how do you feel this fine morning?" I asked her. "Morning my love, I feel great, a bit sore, but satisfied now that we have consummated our love, I want it again now!" she said as she moved her head down to engulf my hardening cock in her mouth and start to suck it hard. When she had it hard enough, which did not take her long, she moved astride me and held my cock upright and gently lowered her cunt onto it and slowly sank down until I was fully in her.

Amanda sat like this for a moment, then gripped the hem of her teddy and in one swift movement pulled it over her head and off. She grabbed my hands and put them on her tits, "Play with them while I fuck you," she said leaning her hands on my chest as she started bouncing up and down on my cock, her pussy was getting very wet and making it easier for her to fulfil her purpose of getting another load of cum into her cunt.

Which she succeeded in doing in 15 minutes flat. "That was good Danny, you filled me up again. Let's go, and I will cook you some breakfast." as she jumped off me and ran out of the bedroom just as she was dressed in only her stockings and suspenders. I joined her, also in my birthday suit; to eat a well-cooked full English, as Amanda was a damned good cook. "What are we going to do today?" I asked Amanda as we cleaned up the breakfast things into the dishwasher.

"First we are going to have a nice bath together in mum's spar bath, Lunch in the pub then we come back here, and you can fuck me again." Well, I thought that was a good deal so I took her by the hand and led her upstairs to her mum's room and the big bath in the en-suite.

As she filled the bath, we sat on the bed cuddling and kissing each other. I took off her stockings and belt, and we got into the bath and made sure we washed each other all over, in every nook and cranny of our bodies we could find, in fact, we found out more about the others body in that bath that we knew before.

We dressed to go to lunch, Amanda put on a black corset and stockings, a mid- thigh skirt and a blouse, very sexy as the corset could be seen through the white blouse. We walked down to the local pub with our arms around each other.

We saw some friends on the way down the village, and we wondered if they knew what we had been up to, as we neared the pub my mum approached us. "Hello kids, been having fun?" "Mum," I said. "Don't worry I know what it is like when you are young and in love, you look lovely today Amanda, look after each other and don't do anything I would not.

See you when you get home Danny, whenever that is." "Thanks, Mrs Westco, I will look after Danny as he will look after me for the rest of our lives." "Whaa" said mum, her mouth remaining open, realising what Amanda had said as we walked in the pub door for lunch. After a nice lunch and a pint, we walked arm in arm back to Amanda's house, she led me straight up the stairs to that big bed where last night we both lost our virginity to each other.

Amanda and I stood by the bed with arms around each other. We kissed and then nibbled each other's necks; Amanda started to suck my neck to give a love bite so I did the same to her. "That's our marks to show the world how much we love each other, I love you Danny West with all my heart, and I want you to make love to me again." "I love you as well my darling Amanda Striker, and I would be very happy to make love to you again." Amanda dropped to her knees and undid my jeans and pulled them off as she picked them up to put on the chair something dropped out of the pocket.

"What's this?" said Amanda. "That's a stone I found inside a fish yesterday, I don't know what it is, but I think I will get it made into two rings for us, as it seems to me that since I found it everything has gone right for us." "That's a good idea I will love a ring with a part of this mounted in it, now talking of mounting it is time for a good fucking, doggy I think." said Amanda putting the stone back in my pocket.

"Good come here and let me take your clothes off except your sexy Basque which is as far as I am concerned you can wear it all the time." "Mum won't be happy if I did, it is hers, I will have to get some of my own in different colours." We stripped each other and jumped on the bed and played with our bodies kissing all the bits we could find.

Amanda stroked and sucked my cock as I sucked her pussy until we were ready to fuck again. Then she knelt down and put her head between the pillows and lifted her ass up as high as she could get.

I moved round to her beautiful rear end and gave her pussy a lick. I placed my cock up to her cunt and pushed it all the way in as she was soaking wet. I grabbed Amanda's tits and pulled her to me and then fucked her cunt hard and fast. I seemed to last forever Amanda was screaming my name and kept telling me to fuck her hard and that she kept coming over and over again. Amanda was very vocal today, I thought as I kept fucking her.

I was holding back as much as I could, I was enjoying this and did not want it to end. In the end, I just had to cum, and I came hard filling her cunt up with cum. I rolled off of her, and she came and lay down by me with our mixed cum leaking out of her cunt and kissing me hard on the lips. "I love you," she cried.

Something told us we were not alone; we looked up to see Carron, Amanda's mum standing in the doorway smiling. "Looks like you two have been having fun, did you enjoy it, baby." "Yes mum, it was great, no real pain and plenty of orgasm's together." "Good I'm glad you two did it together, you make a lovely couple. Now I have something to tell you.

Dad has left me, run off with his cousin Bethany *** 4: Amanda's mum gets the action The next six months passed with only one hitch, which I thought was odd. I had gone to see Amanda one Saturday night, and I left my stone at home, when I tried to get close to her, I was rebuked.

We always had some form of sex on a Saturday night since the first weekend.

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Amanda did not reject me fully it was that she would not have sex. I visited jewellers in Penzance and showed him the stone to see if it could be split and made into two rings. He said he did not know what stone it was, but he thought it could be cut into two and polished. So while Amanda was away on her last placement at a hospital out of the area, I had him make the two rings. So when Amanda came back three weeks later I proposed to her, which she accepted, I gave her one of the rings as an engagement ring, and I wore the other one.

Again she let me fuck her silly that night. I was now thinking had the stone something to do with it. It was funny that when I had the stone on me in any way it was not only Amanda that reacted, her mum also acted differently to me. One Friday I had a Phone call from Amanda when she was at university saying that she was stopping in the halls that weekend to do some hard revision for one of her final exams on Monday, as were all her group.

She also said that her mum needed me to do some jobs for her, as she no longer had a man in the house since her dad ran off and that her mum would look after me, as she was not going to be there. I thought that was a strange thing for her to say. I got up early on a Saturday morning, had my shower and made my way down to Amanda's house at 10 o'clock, Amanda's mum Carron opened the door in a black gown done right up to her throat.

"Morning Mrs Striker." I started to say "I've told you before Danny you can call me Carron." "Ok Carron, Amanda said you had some jobs for me today." "Yes, since Bill ran off with that bitch, I have found it hard to do certain things. The sink in the utility room is blocked and can you please cut the rear lawn for me as when Amanda's here next week we are having a BBQ." "Ok Mrs S.Carron, I'll get straight to it." I got a large bucket from the shed and in a few moments had the sink cleared and flushed out.

Now for the lawn, it was a fair size lawn for the area as most of the houses in the village were on small plots, but this one had a 100ft garden luckily it was not all laid to grass. I got the mower out of the shed checked that there was Petrol in it, Carron had got some during the week in a can, so that saved one job. I set to cutting the grass going up and down in nice neat rows, stopping each time I got near the shed to empty the grass box onto the compost heap.

Even with the powered mower, it took me nearly 2 hours to finish it and clean the mower. I replaced it in the shed and cleared up the garden and went back to the house to see if she had any more jobs that needed doing. When I opened the door, Carron was making a drink, still dressed, as she was when I arrived.

"Would you like a hot drink or a cold beer, Danny?" asked Carron. "Oh a cold one please, I'm all hot and bothered." "Why don't you have your drink then go and have a shower and change into some clean clothes that Bill left, he was about the same size as you, I will lay some out on Amanda's bed, you can use her shower." "Thanks, I will do that." I finished off my beer and went upstairs to Amanda's room and turned on the shower, Which I had shared many times with Amanda when I came out there were a shirt and trousers laying on the bed just as Carron said she there would be.

I wondered if she had spied on me in the shower. No Amanda's mum would not do that, or would she, no man in the house she might be desperate how long was it now since Bill left six no seven months.


I dressed in the clothes left for me and returned to the kitchen. "I'm in the front room," called Carron, "with another beer for you." as I walked in she handed me a beer and said, patting the settee, "Come and sit beside me and talk to me." "Ok, what do you need to talk about?" "You and Amanda! Now that you are engaged what plans have you made for getting married, work, where will you live, and children?" wow I though luckily Amanda and I had discussed this a few weeks ago.

"We want to get married in 3 years. I shall have qualified by then, and have been promised a partnership in my company. We should by then with two wages be able to afford a cottage in the area, and as to children, we would like two, one of each, but we have not decided when, but not for at least four years." Carron moved her arm along the back of the settee to rest on my neck and started to stroke it.

"You are good to Amanda and me, what with helping me out and keeping Amanda happy. You're a good boy, and I love you for it. I want to reward you for it, did Amanda tell you that I would look after you." "Yes, she did but." "Good," Carron said as she stood up and undid the front of her Gown slowly saying. "It's been a long time Danny, Amanda agrees you should help me out." Dropping the gown to the floor, she returned to sit beside me.

She was wearing nearly the same outfit that Amanda wore the night she seduced me. Black stockings and suspender belt, black Basque, but this one had platform bra which held her 36d tits up but left them clear just covering up her nipples, a skimpy black g string and of course high heels. She had a great body for a woman who was forty and had had three children, a flat and firm stomach with no sign of fat.

"Do you like what you see, do I match up to Amanda." "Yes Carron, you and Amanda are like two peas in a pod. Talking of peas where is the little one." "Don't worry about her, she has gone away with my sister for the weekend." "Does your sister know why?" "Don't be silly, She.

would only want to share, and Amanda would not like that. She says it's all right you helping me with a problem once in a while, but she doesn't want to share you with all the family or anyone else." With that, she took hold of my hand and placed it on her right tit the nipple was hard and erect.

As she leant over to kiss me, she said, "Do I seduce you or you me?" "Seduce me." I gasped. "Good just what I wanted to hear," she said as her mouth came down on mine, tongue flicking mine.

She carried on kissing me for a good 10 minutes; well it had been a long time since she had kissed anyone. I felt her left leg move over my lap, which gave me access to the back of her leg and bum. I ran my right hand up and down her leg from the calf to her hip then I moved it a bit further to her ass.


I stroked her rear end and slid the gusset of her G-string to one side and slipped my finger into her pussy. She was soaking wet, as I entered her cunt she started to moan very deeply in her throat, more of a growl. I moved my mouth away from her lips down to her left tit and pulled the bra away from it. I then took the nipple into my mouth and started to suck and flick it with my tongue and then gave it a nip with my teeth.

She started to mew, like a cat. She suddenly jumped up, dropped to her knees in front of me, and undid my jeans, pulled them and my underwear down.

"Up," She said so she could get them all the way off, then lifted my shirt over my head. She returned between my legs and took my cock in her hands and began to stroke very slowly, I suddenly felt that my cock being engulfed in a warm wet place as she put her mouth right over it.

Carron started to deep throat me from the start, sucking all the way up then straight back down, When she had it fully down her throat, she started to hum. Even Amanda had not done that it felt fantastic. "You will have to tell Amanda how to do that," I said holding on to her head. "Does it make you want to come?" Carron asked.

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"Yes," I managed to reply. "Well don't, at least not yet, I might let you cum in my mouth or this time I might need you deep in my cunt." "Change places it is your turn now," I said to her. We quickly changed around, and I pulled her ass to the edge of the settee.

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I pulled her G-string to one side, and I then went down to her sweet-smelling pussy, I could feel the heat coming from it before my tongue touched her. As I licked her cunt, it seemed to open up so I put my tongue in it then three fingers and fucked with them, she was enjoying my manipulation of her cunt this way. "Get them off and fuck me, rip my knickers off and stuff your cock in me and fuck me hard." she cried.

I could not ignore what a lady was asking, So I grabbed her G-string and ripped it from her body exposing a shaven pussy to me, and then I moved up to her and pushed my cock straight into her cunt right up so my balls slammed against her anus. I then fucked her as hard as I could, as that was what the lady asked for. "Fucking hell fuck fuck" she screamed, "My God I am cumming cumming ARRRHHHH." She came hard and squirted all over me, as I came deep in her cunt.

When she had calmed down, she started kissing me all over, including cleaning our juices off of my cock. "That was the best fuck I ever have had, never cum like that before, or so quick. Now I know what Amanda sees in you, apart from being good looking, you're a damn good fuck.

Let's go upstairs and carry this on in my bed." We went upstairs and spent the rest of the weekend sucking and fucking. *** 5: A threesome The following Friday was Amanda's last day at university she had a month off before she started a job at Truro hospital as a theatre nurse.

I was wondering if her mum had said anything to her about our weekend in bed together. If she had Amanda did not let on that she knew. Her Brother had graduated 3 weeks before Amanda and had started work in Southampton straight away so he would not be home at all now. We decided that the rest of the family should go out and celebrate Amanda leaving university.

So on the Saturday night, it was arranged that Carron, Anne, Amanda, my mum, her aunt Grace and her husband Allen and I would all go the local country club to celebrate. I took Amanda, Anne and Carron in my car the rest went in Allen's.

The country club is a very posh place, and we were all dressed up accordingly. After a fantastic meal and entertainment, we made our way home ,as we got back to the cars I heard Grace say to Carron that they would take Anne back and drop her off around lunch on Sunday.

When we got back and went indoors, Carron and Amanda kicked off their shoes. "That's a relief." sighed Amanda. "Who wants a drink?" asked Carron. "Yes please, I'll have a whisky," I said Amanda wanted one as well.

We sat on the settee and Carron got the drinks and came and sat on the other side of me. Handing us our drinks she explained. "Well that was a good night, good food, good drink, good company, what we could do with now is a good fuck." Carron smiled. "Mum, what are you saying, if you want a threesome with Danny and me, you're a naughty mummy. What if Danny or I don't want too." Talking across me "I somehow don't think Danny would turn down the chance to have a threesome with a sexy milf and her daughter," Carron said smiling and looking at me.

"I thought that once with Danny would not be enough for you mum, am I to share him the rest of our lives." laughing at her mum. "Well that might be a good idea, I could always have my coil removed." "Mum, no you won't, any children that Danny has will be mine." "Hang on! Don't I have a say in this matter." I asked.

"NO," they both said in unison. "Get upstairs and strip." ### FIN (for now)