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Into the oven Story: #46 Copyright ©2009 Written: March 23 2009 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: KaosAngel Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ******************************************** "So.

are we going to do our thanksgiving tradition this year?" Jessica asked sitting across the table from Stacey, "Um sure, what tradition is that?" Stacey asked not really paying attention as she had her nose stuck in a book Jessica had made for her with the printings of over a dozen dolcett stories downloaded from the internet.

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Looking up at Jessica, Stacey could see she had a wicked smile on her face staring in Stacey's direction, turning around Stacey finally made a connection with what Jessica had been asking and why she was smiling, behind Stacey was the large industrial oven that she often used to roast large quantities of meat for her cooking school classes.

Its in this very oven where things really start to heat up around the holidays in this house, every thanksgiving and christmas since the two lovers had moved in together Stacey spent the night playing cannibal cook while Jessica got the role of the helpless meat animal cooked in the oven for the merciless cannibal's supper.


"Are you sure you want to?" Stacey asked breaking Jessica from her wicked stare and day dreams of herself nude in the oven, "Sure why not?" Jessica replied with a wink, "Well after that accident last christmas and the barbeque whoopsy on the 4th of July, I would think you would not want to play out that little game anymore?" Stacey replied, "Come on, it was just a little heating problem and the 4th of July Barbeque was just some hot air" Jessica replied with a laugh, "Just a little heating problem?, A little hot air??" Stacey asked back, "The heat on the oven shot up to nearly 300 degrees in seconds and if it was just a little hot air why do you still have the burn marks" Stacey said pointing to Jessica's shaven pubic mound, "I could have really cooked you!

BOTH TIMES!!" Stacey added.

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"Yes but it didn't, you were there to catch it and pull me out of the oven and you were there to bush away the burning coals, besides you know I want you to really cook me anyway" Jessica shot back, "Yes we were lucky" Stacey said, "I am very lucky to have you watching over me" Jessica said and got up to move closer to Stacey and knelt down at her feet, "But I wouldn't mind if you left me in the oven or tied to that spit" Jessica added with a wink and placed her head in Stacey's lap.

Later that night the two of them rolled around the bed lapping at each other pussies each thinking the same thing, "I wonder what my pussy would taste like cooked?" Jessica thought, "I wonder what her pussy would taste like cooked" Stacey thought as she continued to tongue fuck the pussy in front of her for awhile and they both fell sleep in each others arms.

The next morning, Jessica and Stacey went down to the kitchen for breakfast "So tomorrow is thanksgiving, have you decided if we are sticking to our tradition?" Jessica asked as Stacey fired up the stove to cook bacon and eggs, "Ok if you really want to, we will" Stacey agreed, "Oh thank you thank you thank you!" Jessica said as she ran over and hugged Stacey and gave her a kiss.

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Over the next 24 hours preparations were made, vegetables cut, sauce's mixed, marinade seasoned, "With all this it looks like your planing to cook me for real" Jessica said with a wink over to Stacey who was pouring a maranade into a old cast iron wash tub, "Maybe I am" she winked back and went back to pouring. When they were done Jessica and Stacey were standing together looking around at the kitchen, everything was ready for Thanksgiving dinner a real turkey cooked to perfection would only need to be heated ready to eat after Jessica and Stacey had their playtime, with a final look Jessica flipped off the light and the two headed up the stairs for a long night of passion in anticipation of the day ahead.

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When the sun came up Jessica was up and bouncing on Stacey, "Lets go lets go, time to get up" Jessica said and took off down the stairs, "Ok ok im up" Stacey replied and followed her down, after giving Jessica a good morning kiss Stacey walked to the middle of the kitchen and uncovered the cast iron wash tub she had filled with marinade the day before an gestured for Jessica to get in, "MMMMM" Jessica moaned as she slipped into the tub, "You stay in there and soak while I set up the prep table" Stacey said as she walked over to the table.

Jessica was very happy soaking in her marinade she was rubbing her pussy and parting her lips to make sure a good amount of the marinade went inside and after about an hour of soaking it was time, "Ok Jess time to get you prepped and into the oven" Stacey said as she turned to Jessica and patted the counter where a large roasting pan now sat with her hand gesturing for her to hop up.

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Jessica squealed with joy and jumped up onto the counter into the roasting pan and without having to be told spread her legs like a good meat-girl, "Good girl" Stacey said as she started to rub up and down Jessica's body feeling the oily seasoned marinade all over her and sticking two finger into her pussy, "You even let the marinade soak inside your pussy?" Stacey asked as she licked her fingers clean tasting a mix of marinade and Jessica's pussy juice, "You really do want me to cook you, don't you?" Stacey said and then went about her prep work.

Stacey returned her attention to Jessica with a bowl of stuffing and placed it on the counter between Jessica's legs, picking up a speculum, carefully inserted it into her pussy and opened her up as far as it could allow, "Oh that's really cold" Jessica said feeling the cold steel speculum inside her, "You will be hot soon enough" Stacey replied with a smile and started to spoon stuffing thought the opening of the speculum into Jessica's pussy, when she was done she pushed a carrot into her anus and one into her pussy to hold the stuffing in, "Now I just need to tie you, wings beh--- Oh ah I mean hands behind your back" Stacey said with a smile and Jessica sat up, it was difficult for her with the carrots jammed up her hole's, but she managed.

Stacey tied Jessica into classic turkey roasting pose with her wings behind her back and her thighs spread wide, ankles tied together, to keep her from closing her thighs, cooking twine was tied to each knee binding them to the roasting pan, "Now when I pick up the pan to move you into the oven, try not to squirm the pan will be heavy I don't want to drop you" Stacey said as she opened the oven door and turned on the oven to 100 degree, "You wont drop me" Jessica said with a smile as Stacey picked up the roasting pan and slid her into the oven, "I love you" Jessica said as she went in and the door closed behind her.

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Stacey pulled up a chair next to the oven and sat down to watch her cook through the glass window, her fingers finding their way to her clit and started rubbing, Jessica was starting to warm up when the coils of the oven started to heat up and turn red, as time passed she started sweating, "Oh wow, this is hot, should it be this hot?" Jessica thought to herself as the coils got brighter, looking through the glass as best she could Jessica could see Stacey sitting in front of the oven with her fingers deep in her pussy and her eye's closed.

Jessica was really hot now, she knew something was wrong, "It shouldn't be this hot" She thought to herself as the beads of sweat were pouring off her and colleting in the pan, with the little movement she had Jessica look down at her chest and could see her nipples were turning brown, "WOW!, Im really being cooked!" She thought to herself and looked out the glass window again to see Stacey coming down from an orgasm and open her eye's, "OH NO!" Stacey said jumping from her chair when she saw the temp was reading 300 degrees.

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Stacey reached for the oven door handle and it fell off in her hand, "CRAP!!" She yelled and started pushing buttons but nothing was happening, "Jess, I can't get the door open and the controls aren't responding" Stacey said through the glass window she could see Jessica was sweating a lot, "Its ok, I love you" Jessica said looking into Stacey's eye's and smiled at her as she lay her head down and passed out from the heat.

By now Jessica was really starting to roast her meat could be smelled by Stacey outside the oven as she used a crowbar to pry the oven door open and a puff of steam rolled out, Stacey looked into the oven and could see Jessica was still alive but just barely, she was half cooked the cool air was enough to wake her up and she opened her eye's, "Im so sorry this happened to you Jess" Stacey said placing her hand on Jessica's chest and rubbed her cooked breasts, "Its ok, you know I wanted to be cooked, I love you" Jessica said softly unable to form more then a few words.


Stacey let her fingers move down her body from her chest to her pussy and started to rub Jessica's clit, Jessica's eye's opened wide as her pussy contracted in orgasm around the carrot after a last look into Stacey's eye's Jessica closed her eye's and faded away, "I love you too" Stacey cried and pushed Jessica back into the oven. THE END