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Ebony hunk photographs cock and masturbates
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A Ghostly Haunting Chapter Seven by Simon Fear Detective Lawrence made her way through the woods towards the Selmer House. Every now and then she turned to look behind often hearing a twig snap or the sound of leaves being tromped on but she never saw anything.

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Finally when she got to the edge of the woods and the house in site she distinctly heard a growl not too far behind her. She quickly turned around but nothing was there. "There's nothing there, you're just scaring yourself," she said to herself. She wanted to take one more good look around the house while it was empty to make sure she hadn't missed anything.

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While she now suspected the Real Estate Agency for the attempted rape on Ashley Logan, and previous cases involving young girls in the past, she wanted to make sure that the mom, Lisa Logan was not the perp. There had been just too many details that did fit. She reached in her pocket and pulled out a lock pick kit, and then quickly unlocked the back door, entering the utility room. She looked around and then proceeded through the door that went into the Living Room.

The fold out bed/couch was still set up for bed setting. She looked through some table drawers and then checked the sheets for possible vaginal secretions or penis secretions. There were several stained places in the sheets. She took a pair of scissors out and cut small portions out of the stained areas and placed each piece in different small vials, which she placed in her pockets.

They would be tested for the mom's vaginal secretions and Ashley's and also for the possibility of a man's semen. If it only came up with the mom's and daughter's DNA then that would assume that both mom and daughter had had orgasms on the bed. If it came up that there was another DNA then she would look into the Real Estate Agent Mr.

John Reihnholt and even possibly the father eve though he claimed to be in the city during that time. Det. Lawrence then proceeded upstairs to the second floor. She looked around Ashley room and noticed wet stains on her sheets. She collected some samples and placed them in another vile labeled Ashley's sheets. She then proceeded up to the third and entered Mr.

& Mrs. Logan's room. The box that had contained Mrs. Logan's vibrators and dildos was still out and empty. Det. Lawrence was still waiting for the results from the lab on those.

Det. Lawrence went through the room checking drawers, under the bed, and in the closet for any possible clue. She then walked into the Master Bathroom. She began looking around and then peered into the bathroom. It had been used today, probably a few hours ago. There was still some standing water near the drain and soap scum.

Then something against the other wall caught her eye. She took a closer look and noticed that there was semen on the wall of the far end of the shower. She took another vile and using the edge scooped some of the semen into it then put a cap on it.

She figured it to be Mr. Logan's cum, so she labeled the vile "Steve Logan ?".


She would check and see if it matched with any of the stains on the couch/bed in the living room. She looked at her watch and noticed that it had been an hour since she had left swimming hole. Placing the vile in her pocket she flipped off the light and proceeded out. She was almost to the door of Master Bedroom when she heard footsteps coming up the stairs.


She quietly moved to the landing and looked over the railing. The footsteps continued on up the stair as the entered on the second landing. In a moment the person would pass by Ashley's door. She kept watching but did not see when the footsteps started up for the third floor.

How did she miss the person. Should have passed into her line of view. She open the closet door in the hallway and walked and then keeping the door open only a crack she peeked out waiting for the person to step onto the third landing. When she heard the person stop at the landing she strained her eyes but could not see anyone.

The footsteps then proceeded in the opposite direction from her and entered the Master Bedroom. She had not seen anyone. She let out a sigh when a strong rough hand grasped her shoulder from behind. Det. Lawrence bolted out of the closet and drew her 40. caliber glock and pointed it into the closet. Nothing came out. Grabbing her small flashlight from her belt she shined it into the closet and saw.nothing.it was empty. She slowly lowered her pistol when she heard a low growl from her side.

Turning to her side she saw a large German Shepherd glaring at her his teeth bared. She raised her gun at the beast when it issued a bark. Det Lawrence slowly backed up, "Easy there boy, down, I'm leaving now." The dog followed her movements as it continued to growl. Suddenly the dog leapt at her. Det. Lawrence fired her pistol at the dog.


As it sailed through the air and hit Det. Lawrence she stumbled back and fell down. She quickly sat and moved her pistol around the hall. The dog was now where to be seen. She looked at the stairs then back to the end of the hallway where the dog had come from.

Where had it gone, well she didn't want to stick around to found out. She quickly turned around and screamed. The dog was in front of her blocking her path to the stairs growling. Where did it come from, and why wasn't dead. She knew she had hit it. She slowly backed up keeping her gun on the dog as she moved to the office at the end of the hallway. If she had too, she would get in there, shut the door and climb out the window.

The dog slowly followed her. As Det. Lawrence took another step back she stopped as she bumped into something. She spun around to face the person when hands grabbed her arms, and a foot kicked her in the stomach knocking her down.

Her gun flew over the railing and landing on the second floor landing. Det. Lawrence glanced up and saw a tall muscular man standing before, and evil look in his eyes. She noticed that his clothing was very old fashioned. "Sir I don't know who you are or why your here, but you have just assaulted a police officer and your under arrest." The man sneered at her, and in a low sinister voice spoke, "You have no authority over me Ma'am.

You are trespassing on my property. The girl and her mom living here are my and you will not interfere." Det. Lawrence opened her mouth to speak when the big man reached down grabbed her arms and hauled her to her feet.

"Let go of me, you are asking for so much trouble." The man laughed as he threw her against the wall. The air got knocked out Det. Lawrence as her head swam. Through her blurry vision she saw the man walked to her and then grabbed them hem of her dress slack and very roughly pulled them down. Det. Lawrence tried to swing her fist at the man but he just simply grabbed her hand and pinned it behind her. He then pulled a large hunting knife from his belt and slid under the waistband of her pink thong cutting the flimsy material from her.

Det. Lawrence gasped out as the air touched her smooth and almost hairless pussy. A small patch of black pubic hair showed above her slit. Det. Lawrence looked into her assaulter's eye, "Wha.What are you doing? Let me go. Please don't raped me." The man leered in her face, "What makes you think that I want anything to do with you?" Grabbing her neck her spun her around to face the large German Shepherd.

"You must be punished. All bitches must be punished. I do not want anything to do with you. But my faithful friend here, he wants you." Det. Lawrence gasped for breath as she realized what the man intended for her, "No.No please no." The man hit her in the side, and she double over in pain.

The man then grabbed the back of her neck and forced her to her hands and knees then roughly turned her to face him again. Her bare ass was now facing the dog, her pussy lips showing between her thighs. Tears formed at her eyes as she pleaded, "Please don't, I'll leave, just let me go." The man ignored her as he whistled. The dog slowly moved forward till his cold wet nose pressed against Det. Lawrence's pussy, causing her to moan.

The dog then began to lap her lap as the man held her down. Det. Lawrence tried to struggle free but the man was too strong. She then tried closing her legs together but the dog then nipped her ass cheek bring pain to her forcing her legs open again. The dog then began licking her pussy again. Det. Lawrence tried to ignore it but the long wet tongue of the great dog was sending pleasure through her pussy.

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Det. Lawrence moaned out.

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The dog continued to lapping her pussy, as Det. Lawrence felt her own juices begin to seep out from her pussy lips. A low tingling began to build deep with her. Det. Lawrence whimpered as she knew she would soon be cumming. Why was her body betraying her like this. She was not into animal sex. It repulsed her but her body had a will of its own. Det. Lawrence groaned out, "UGGghhhh please no, UUggggg, not like this." Her body trembled as her orgasm built. The dogs tongue work on her pussy as it slipped inside her pussy.

"AAHHHhhh, MMMMmmmm" Det. Lawrence thrusted her ass out without realizing what she was doing. The trembling grew stronger as her orgasm began to reach its peak. "UUUgggghhhh God nooo, uuhhhhhhh, Nooooo pleassssee, Uggghhhh oh shit yeessssss, UUGggggghhh fuck make me cummm." Did she just asked to be made to cum.

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Damn what was happening to her she thought. The dog slid his tongue further into her pussy. "AAAaahhhhhhhh fuck uggghhhhhh, yeesssssss, ugghhhhh I.I'mm CUUMMMMIIINNNGGG. AAAHHHHHHH." Det. Lawrence's body shook as she came, her juices heavily flowing out of her pussy and down her thighs. The dog continued to lap up her juices as her body shook again her orgasm still hitting her. "UUGGggghhhh fuckkk aahahhhhhh." Finally her orgasm slowed then she was done.

She gasped as she struggled to understand what had overcome her. The man's hand was still on her neck. She hoped that he would let her go now, "Please sir, please let me go now." The man just laughed, and evil laugh, "I do not think. You seemed to enjoy that so I think we shall continue. Come on boy, you had your appetizer, now for the main course." Det. Lawrence screamed out, "NOOOOO." The dog jumped on her back putting his paws on either side of her. She felt his penis touch her ass cheek as she realized she was bout to be raped by this beast.

The dog began humping against her, trying to force himself into her pussy. After several attempts Det. Lawrence felt the tip of his penis touch her pussy lips. She tried to clamped down her pussy muscles, but because she was so wet now the dog easily slipped in her. Det. Lawrence cried as the big dog behind pounding her pussy, "UGGHhh, uhhhh, aahhhh, plea.please sto.stop this.please.ugghhh." She felt her orgasm quickly building again and she knew it would not take long for her to cum.

The dog pounded fiercely at her pussy. Det. Lawrence squinted her eye shut desperately trying to shut out her moans and cry of pleasure and the sensations flowing through her pussy. Det. Lawrence screamed as she came again, "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, YES YES YES, OOOHHHHH FUCK UGGGHHHHH!!!" The great dog rammed his Dick one last time into Det.

Lawrence's pussy as he came, she could feel his jizz flow into her, filling her up. Det. Lawrence's body gave one more strong spasm, then she collapsed onto the floor.

The dog jumped off of her but was stuck as he had knotted inside her. The dog jerked causing Det. Lawrence to shudder. She had seen dogs have sex and get stuck and she knew that it would take about 10 or 15 minutes before he got lose. Detective Lawrence closed her eyes, hoping that everything would go away and that this had just been a nightmare, when she realized that something was something different. She could not feel the dog inside her pussy. She glanced up and saw that strangely dressed man was gone.

She looked behind her and noticed that the dog was gone too. Det. Lawrence struggled to her feet, grabbing her slacks she stumbled down the stairs, her knees weak. She decided she would just put her pants on when she got away from there.

She didn't want to stick around any longer in case the man and his dog came back. When she reached the second landing she saw her gun laying on the floor.

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She picked it up and held it before as she continued on down the stairs till she reached the bottom. She looked around the entry and then took a quick glance down the hallway.

No one was there. She quickly opened the front door and ran outside. The sun was begin to set, it was getting late. She glanced at her watch as she got to her car, 8:00 PM. As she fumbled for her keys in pants pocket she heard the dreadful growl from the beastly dog. Glancing back she saw it standing on the front porch, the man next to it, scowling at her. She opened her car when she heard the dog bark. She glanced back again just in time to see it jump off the porch and run after her.

She tossed her pants into the passenger seat and got in and slammed the door shut just as the dog jumped up on her door. Barking and snarling at her it started hitting the driver side window with it great paws. Det. Lawrence fumbled with the keys as she stuck it in the ignition, when she heard the window crack.

She started the car and threw it reverse just as her window shattered spraying her with glass fragments. The dog reached in with his powerful jaws and bit down on her left arm. Screaming in pain she slammed on the gas, spinning the tires she sped backwards, as she ran over the mailbox.

The dog let go, and threw the gear into drive and sped forward. The dog did not follow. As drove away she picked up the mic to her police radio, "Dispatch, this 13 niner, I need assis." She broke off communication over the radio when she heard a growl behind her.

Shaking she looked in her rear view mirror. "What the FU." She screamed as the dog jumped forward from the back seat biting her right arm, sinking his teeth into her flesh. Det. Lawrence screamed as she jerked the steering, the dog shaking her arm back and forth. The car careened off the side of the road and bounced across the ditch and into the woods, still on the Selmer property.

As she bounced her foot slammed on the gas pedal, speeding the car forward, Det. Lawrence looked up just in time to the big tree in front of her. The car slammed into it, folding up on itself, Det.

Lawrence's head went through the windshield a large shard of glass piercing her neck. Det. Lawrence neck broken she was alive just enough to know that could not breath, blood bubbling from her mouth. As her eyes weakened she looked forward. The dog and man stood in front of her car watching her, she heard the man say, "Just what every bitch deserves." The light faded from Detective Lawrence's eye. At the swimming hole, Ashley Logan and Vicky Reihnholt swam about, laughing and splashing each other with water.

Ashley dived under the water and the swam back up her head breaking the surface. Vicky was about 5 feet from smiling at her.

The she too dived under the water. As Ashley treaded the water she felt Vicky swim up and to her, felt her hands on her naked thigh as she spread her legs apart. "Vicky, what are you doing, you will suffocate down there." Vicky ignore her as she pressed her face against Ashley pussy, her tongue sliding into Ashley warm pussy. "MMMMM, that feels so good Vicky, don't stop." Ashley pushed her through and felt of Vicky hair, as she ran her hands through, feeling the pleasure that her friend was giving to her pussy.

Ashley closed her eye, "OOOHHhhh fuck that feels so good, UGgggghhh." "Hey what are doing over there, playing with yourself with out even inviting me over." Ashley snapped her eyes open, and Vicky's grinning face just above the surface of the water, still 5 feet away. Ashley shivered as she felt her pussy still being licked, her hands resting on someone head, who was still between her legs.

Ashley heart leapt into her throat, she felt the blood drain from her face. Vicky seeing Ashley face go white, got worried, "Baby what wrong, what is it?" Ashley barely whispered, "Vicky help me." Vicky did not understand her friend, "Ash sweety what is it, wrong." Ashley felt a pair of hand creeping up the back of her thighs till they rested against her ass, squeezing them.

The tongue from the person under the water continued to slide into Ashley's pussy. Ashley scared shitless felt her bladder release itself into the water. Vicky sensing something wrong began to swim over to Ashley, when Ashley screamed out, kicking her legs as she struggled to swim for the bank.

Vicky swam harder after her friend kicking her legs through the water, as she heard Ashley scream, "VICKY HELP ME, VICKY!!!" As Vicky neared the area where Ashley had been just a moment she felt a pair slide up her own thighs and caress her ass cheek. Vicky looked back behind her as she saw the pair of small girlish hands break the surface reaching for her. She could see the form of someone under the water, the long hair flowing out. Vicky screamed out as she kicked out and swam with all her might to the bank.

Ashley jumped out the water and ran up onto the bank. "Vicky hurry get out of there!!" Vicky's fingers felt the edge of the bank as she tried to pull herself up her hands slipped and slipped back into the water. Turning around in the water, she screamed out, water rushing into her mouth. She saw before her in the water the face of a beautiful girl looking at her, her eyes filled with sadness.

As Vicky's lungs filled with water she felt herself slipping further down into the water. Suddenly a pair of arms shot into the water and grabbed under her arms, pulling her back up. Vicky gave one finally kicked with her legs as she shot upward. Vicky's head broke through the water as she grabbed a hold of Ashley's arms. Ashley pulling up and back dragged her friend up onto the shore. Vicky coughed and gurgled as she threw up the water that had gone into her lung.

As they both laid on the bank, Ashley held onto Vicky as she struggled for air. Finally when Vicky stopped coughing and hacking up water her breathing got calmer she wrapped her arms around Ashley there naked bodies pressing into each other.

When both girls finally calmed down they looked back towards the water. They both gasped as they saw a head emerge from the water about 10 feet away from, the eyes barely above the surface as the girl watched them for a moment then sank back below the water.

Ashley spoke first, "What the hell was that?" Vicky shook her head, "I think that the was the ghost of Samantha Selmer." Ashley stared wide-eyed at the now calm surface of the water, "Then it's true, my house is haunted, ghosts are real." Pulling Vicky closer to her, "Did she dragged you under the water?" Vicky shook her head, "No, no I just slipped, but she was there watching me, with sad eyes.

What did she do to you?" Ashley blushed, "She uh.she was licking my pussy." Vicky giggled, "It felt like she tried to caress my ass when I swam after you. So she didn't try to hurt you an any way?" Ashley shook her head, "No, it seemed more like she just wanted to pleasure me than hurt me. And.and I think she has done it before to me." Vicky gave her friend a puzzled look, so Ashley told her about when she had taken a nap the day before and had woken up cumming in her bed, and then how she thought she had heard movement in her room and thought she had felt a hand.

Vicky studied Ashley for moment, "You saved me. I thought I was going to drown, but you risked yourself when you reached in to grab, thinking that she might pull you in as well." Ashley blushed and looked down, "I had to, I mean your my girlfriend, I couldn't let something awful happen to you." Realizing that she had said girlfriend she blushed even deeper, knowing that she had just revealed her true feelings.

Vicky stared thoughtfully at Ashley, "Do you really mean that, do you see me as your girlfriend?" Ashley nodded her head not looking up. Vicky leaned forward and placing her hand under Ashley's chin lifted her head to look into her eyes. Ashley saw tears streamed down Vicky's face. Then Vicky kissed her. When they broke the kiss, Vicky smiled, "You have just made me very happy, because I have been thinking of you as my girlfriend as well." Vicky gazed back at the water, "I don't think that the ghost of Samantha intends us any harm.

Remember when I told you earlier about what had happened to me?" Ashley nodded her head. "I think that when I saw her run past and that guy, whom I believe to be her father let go of me, I think she was helping me." Ashley was about to say something when both girls heard a gun shot in the distance. Vicky looked around, "I think that came from your house Ashley. Does your dad own any guns?" Ashley nodded her head, "He owns a 9-mm and my mom owns a small .25" Vicky jumped up, we should get back, your parents must have seen Lt.

Selmer and reacted in self-defense thinking he was a real guy." Ashley stood up as well, then looked around, "Hey, where are our clothes?" Vicky then noticed that they were indeed missing there clothing, "Shit do you think she took them?" Ashley shook her head, "I don't know but we can't stay here, maybe she doesn't mean us harm, but it could be a ruse to trick us into trusting her." Vicky pushed the wet hair out of her face, "How do we explain ourselves to your parents that we're naked?" "We can sneak in and quickly go to my room, and you can borrow some of my clothes.

They might be a little small on you, but then I don't think you will mind." Vicky saw Ashley grinning at her, she laughed and pinched Ashley's butt. Both girls began walking back to the house, being careful not to step on thorns since they were barefooted. As they neared the edge of the woods, they heard a muffled scream come from inside the house. Both girls froze.

"That sounded like a woman's scream." "Mom must be in trouble, to hell with being naked." Both girls began to run when they stopped suddenly. A young teen girl stepped out from behind a tree blocking their path, she had her head lowered. Ashley and Vicky both noticed that the girl was stark naked, a patch of pubic covering her pussy, her body glistening wet, her long brown hair soaked and plastered to her pale but slender body.

Both girls hugged each other their naked bodies pressed close together. Both girls jumped when they heard a voice speak. It did not seem to come from the girl, but instead it came from everywhere, a soft girlish voice, "Beware, do not go back to house, danger awaits for you." Both girls trembled then they heard another scream come from the house. Ashley screamed out, "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US?

THAT'S MY MOM IN THERE, LEAVE US ALONE!!!" The young girl slowly raised her head as her green eyes sparkled at them. Her face was very beautiful, but her eyes were indeed very sad.

Vicky recognized her as the girl she had seen under the water, "That's her, that's Samantha." The young ghost girl smiled softly at them then they heard the soft voice flow from every where again, even though her lips did not move, "No, not your mom. Another. Someone not friendly to you. Do not go to the house. You are safe for now. Stay." The young girl's body shimmered then just vanished. Vicky and Ashley held close to each as they heard another scream from the house.

They crept behind a large oak tree and sat down and waited. Soon they heard the front of the house open. They heard the sound of feet running across the gravel in the front drive, then barking and screaming as a car started up, then glass break and then the car peeled out of the drive.

They still dared not move. They heard the car drive off in the distance, when they heard tires squealing on the pavement in the distance as the car careened of the road, and the sound of the car as it hit something.

Both girls trembled if fear wondering what was going on. Then silence enclosed around the girls as they huddled together. They almost screamed when they heard the soft voice again, "It is safe for now. You may go. He can do no more today." Both girls slowly stood up and moved to the edge of the woods looking cautiously around them, waiting for something to jump out at them.

Finally they made it to the back door. It stood wide open. Ashley had known she had locked it. Vicky went forward first and looked into the utility room, then called to Ashley, "It's ok, and guess what." Ashley gave her girlfriend a puzzled look. Vicky smiled and reached in the door and then pulled out some clothes, "Here's our clothes." They quickly got dressed and went into the living room.

All was quiet. Ashley picked up the phone and called her dad. Mr. Logan was driving home in the expedition his wife sitting next to him in the passenger seat when his cell started ringing. He pulled it from his holder clipped to belt and looked at the caller ID "It's Ashley." Mrs. Logan stared at her husband as he answered it, "Ashley is everything alright?" Mrs. Logan looked on anxiously as she saw her husband face grow worried. "Are you and Vicky hurt.

Ok locked the doors sweety we're almost home." Placing the phone back he stepped on the gas pedal speeding the Expedition up. Mrs. Logan looked at her husband questionably, fear creeping through her, as her husband took her hand into his own, "Ashley and Vicky were out in the woods when the heard a gun shot come from the house, and then screaming.

They hid and then they heard leave the house and leave. They're inside right now but both doors were open. They are ok right now." Mr. Logan continued speeding home as he picked up the cell phone and called the police, "This is Steve Logan. I just received a call from my daughter at 421 Shadow Brook Lane. She and her friend heard gunshots and screaming come from our house. I am on my way there now can you send out some officers." Mr.

Logan paused as he listened to the dispatcher. After a moment he said, "Thank you will be there when you arrive." He put the phone back down, and looked at his wife, "She said that she had received a call over the radio from Detective Lawrence requesting assistance but was cut off. They didn't know where she was, but they think she might have been at our place and ran into trouble." Mrs.

Logan squeezed her husband's hand as he went around the curve. They did not see the car off in the distance in the wood, the front end wrapped around the tree and the car itself folded up.

Ashley and Vicky ran out the front door when they saw Ashley's parents pull in as the Expedition skidded to a halt on the gravel.

Ashley ran into her father arms, then hug her mom. A young teen girl, naked looked through the second the floor window. They were safe for now. To Be Continued.