Kelakuan anak sma zaman sekarang masih pakai seragam nyepong

Kelakuan anak sma zaman sekarang masih pakai seragam nyepong
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Part 14 I knew we had seen the last of Delia for the weekend, and I assumed that the remainder of our weekend would be as busy and dull as usual. When I got home from soccer practice late on Saturday afternoon, Judy was in a good mood. She said, "I ran into Lola at the grocery store. They didn't have plans to tonight, so I invited them over." I walked over and gave Judy a hug and started squeezing her tits right through her shirt and bra. Just the thought of Lola and Judy in the same house together had gotten me instantly hard and I hoped to get a quickie from Judy, but she just stood there letting me grope her until I let go.

She said, "Lola and Ralph will be here around 8:30" and then proceed to finish putting the groceries away. I said, "8:30? Isn't that kind of late for dinner?" "Oh, they aren't coming for dinner. Their daughter has a late piano recital and I think they're coming over after they drop her off." At dinner, Judy drank more wine than she usually would with the kids around.

She wasn't drunk, but seemed to want to get into a party mood. I helped her get the kids to bed at 8pm and knew they would be out cold any minute after their long day of sports and other activities. I poured myself a big glass of wine trying to get a nice buzz like Judy had.

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Since the kids were upstairs behind a closed door, I figured a little music in the downstairs family room wouldn't bother them. Actually, I knew from past experience that they could probably sleep next to a freight train once they were out. It was a warm night with perfect weather, so I opened the sliding door to let in some fresh air. I was sitting out back in a chair by the pool thinking about Ralph and Lola.

Because of the low light and confusion of the night he fucked Lola while she went down on Judy, I wasn't sure if he even knew that it had been Judy in there that night.

Lola's seemingly casual comment to Judy about how she should fuck Ralph also was turning through my mind - was that just the girl version of locker room talk, or did she really mean it? Lola seemed pretty free with her own pussy, so maybe she let Ralph fuck other women as well. But, if he has such a quick trigger and was such a bad pussy eater, it didn't seem like he was the type to play around very much. I heard some voices from inside the house and got up to great Lola and meet (at least, formally) Ralph.


After our greetings, I poured some more wine for everyone and we went out back to enjoy the nice evening weather. Ralph seemed like a nice enough guy and was reasonably fit and good looking, but also a little shy and reserved.

Was that because he knew who Judy was, or was it just the way he was.? Judy and Lola were both very relaxed and I never got the impression that Ralph was concerned with me, so I concluded that he was in the dark about Lola.

The poor bastard probably didn't even know that Max had fucked his wife right after he did, but then again I didn't know Judy had fucked Max again later, and then there was story about her and that kid yesterday.

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Guess I shouldn't be so judgmental of poor Ralph! As the girls were going on about some new store at the mall, Ralph and I resorted to the old standby of sports. We talked about the local pro football team's prospects for success in the upcoming fall season and agreed that if they wanted to make a push for the playoffs that they needed to do it this year while their players were still young enough to be competitive. As Ralph and I were talking, I heard Judy's phone get a text message.

I glanced over as she read it and noticed a little smile on her face; she then announced that Max was on his way. What the hell? What on earth was Judy up to?

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I had been thinking of ways to corner Lola in the bathroom later on and grab a quickie, but this was a giant curveball. We were all on our third glass of wine and getting a bit loud and silly when Max showed up. He had come from dinner with some friends and seemed to be equally as tipsy. I had met him before and kind of knew him. He was one of those loud gregarious types who tends to dominate the conversation, but he was also a good natured guy and easy to be around.

The night was turning a bit cooler, so we decided to move inside. Judy led us back into the house through the kitchen and into the family room. I thought we were all going to hang out in the family room, but she continued down the hall and looked back with a grin saying "follow me." We all followed her into the guest room and I thought that maybe she was going to ask for advice about the future remodel, but instead we found the room lit by candle light with some armchairs from the living room set up around the bed.

Judy and Lola sat on the edge of the bed and told us guys to make ourselves comfortable in the armchairs. I sat in the middle one with Max on my left and Ralph on my right. We were all wondering what was going on when Lola spoke up. She said "I think Tom already knows this, but I don't think you do, Ralph.

Max over there" and she pointed to him with a sly grin on her face, "he's been fucking Judy for a little while." Both of us looked over at Max and he had a calm smile on his face. I heard Ralph kind of stutter but then he kept his mouth shut. Lola continued talking as she lifted up Judy's skirt to reveal her naked and bald pussy.

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"You see this pussy right here - this is what Max has been fucking. Max, won't you be a darling and please come over here?" Max stood up and walked over to Judy and Lola, and both of them took his pants off and removed his underwear while he took off his own shirt.

Judy started rubbing his cock. Lola looked right at Ralph and said, "I need to help get him ready so he can fuck Judy" and then she turned to Max and started slowly sucking on his cock.

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Ralph didn't say a word and just watched with eyes as big as saucers. As Max started to get fully hard, Lola started sucking him harder and faster. Judy scooted back on the bed and lay there with her legs spread.

She started to gently caress her pussy lips and then slid one finger in and out. Lola looked over at Judy and seeing that her pussy was now nice and wet, she motioned Max over to Judy and he began fucking her. Lola turned back to us and said, "who wants to be next?" Ralph was too shy to move, so I said "I do!" Lola walked over to me and had me stand up so I could take off my clothes. Ralph's eyes were darting back and forth between Max fucking Judy and Lola playing with my dick.

He watched as Lola started slowly sucking me.

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Her mouth felt great, but I could tell she didn't want me cumming in her mouth as she was just getting me ready for Judy. Max started pounding Judy harder and harder and finally groaned as he dumped a load into her pussy.

He got up off of Judy and sat back down in his chair. Judy tilted her head up and said to Lola, "You know what to do. We have a deal." Lola resignedly let go of my cock and climbed up the bed and put her head between Lola's legs. Judy pushed her head down gently and as Lola started sucking the cum from her pussy, Judy said "ahhhhh.

that feels better." It only took Lola about a minute or two to clean up Max's cum from Judy's pussy, after which she sat up and said "Next." I scooted up onto the bed quickly and stuck my dick right into Judy's juicy pussy.

I started fucking her hard and fast and tried kissing her face and mouth. She kissed back a little, but turned her head to the side.

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I heard Lola say "Ralph, get undressed because you're next in line." I was fucking Judy as hard as I could and looked back to see Lola holding Ralph's dick in her hand. She wasn't blowing him, probably because he might cum if she did. About a minute later, I came in Judy and she pushed me aside and motioned for Lola to get busy. Lola once again got between Judy's legs and was slurping up my spunk. She still had her own skirt on, so Ralph flipped it up and stuck a finger in her pussy.

Judy was pushing her hips up and down at Lola's mouth as Ralph fingered Lola's pussy. Lola then got up and said to Ralph with a smile "You're next". I knew Ralph wouldn't last long and I just sat in my chair thinking about how incredible it was that Judy wanted to pull a train like this. But, we weren't done yet because Lola got undressed and walked over to Max and knelt between his legs and started sucking the cock that he had been stroking. She started sucking aggressively and I thought he might blow his load, but then she backed off and kept a more moderate pace.

Ralph started cumming inside of Judy and, like me, she pushed him aside as Lola crawled over to eat her husbands spunk from her friend's pussy. Judy immediately started bucking her hips into Lola's face. Max got behind Lola and fingered her pussy and started licking it.

When she was done with Judy, Lola sat up and said "Next." Max got on Judy and started fucking her again.

By now I was starting to get hard and Lola came over to service me. She was sucking hard on me and playing with her pussy. Ralph looked over at us and started playing with his limp dick as it got hard.

I looked up at Judy and she was just laying back with her head to the side while Max jackhammered her pussy. She started playing with her tits that had worked their way out of her top and as she did this, Max blew his second load into Judy.

Lola left my cock and went back to work on Judy, as Judy started to writhe on the bed and moan. Just before it seemed like she was about to cum, Lola stopped and looked back at me, saying "Next." As I started to get up, Ralph looked over at me. He was stroking his cock furiously and with an anxious face, he said "Would you mind if I go now?" I said "No, go ahead" and thought to myself that I wouldn't have to wait too long.

Ralph got on Judy and slid his dick into her super slippery pussy. Lola came over and started sucking me again and I figured that Ralph might take longer this time, and especially because Judy's pussy must be really loose by now. That's why I was surprised to hear him cum so quickly and before I knew it, Lola was headed back over to Judy's waiting slit. This time, Judy forced Lola's head hard into her pussy and as soon as she felt Lola's tongue, she started pumping her hips really hard.

Lola was trying to get al the cum out and as she finished, she started to pull her head up. Judy, though, was too close to climax and slammed her face back down and again and said "Lick it! I'm almost there" Lola started licking again and in no time Judy was thrashing about wildly before arching her back and pushing Judy's head away. Judy then fell into a contented relaxation on the bed with a long audible sigh.

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It was my turn, but as I moved toward Judy, she closed her legs and rolled over onto her side. Before my disappointment could really begin to register, Lola got up on all fours on the bed and motioned me up behind her.

I quickly stuck my cock into her pussy and she rapidly started pushing her hips back and forth to meet my thrusts. After a couple of minutes, she stopped and reached around and pulled my dick out and then positioned it in front of her asshole.

She looked back to Ralph and said "Watch this!" I looked down at my cock in front of her ass and she started to push back.

I grabbed her hips and slid my whole cock into her ass all in one motion and then just held it there. Lola was panting and saying "OK. OK. OK. Do it. Fuck my ass!" I started fucking her. Not super hard, but not too slow because she wanted a good fucking. She looked at Ralph again and said "He's fucking my ass. Do you see that? His cock is in my ass and he's fucking it." Ralph just sat there and kind of played with his limp dick as he listened to Lola and watched me fuck her.

Lola started moaning and pushing back harder and faster onto my cock. Since I had already cum once earlier, once I felt the wave of orgasm riding up, I didn't want to miss my chance at cumming again.

I started fucking her harder and harder and she started moaning a low growl. I got a good hold of her hips and sunk one hard deep thrust into her ass as I came. I held it there for a moment and then started to fuck her again a little more slowly as my climax was subsiding. This put Lola over the top and she came with a loud moan before falling forward.

As I backed up from her, her ass was slightly gaping with cum around the edges and a glob leaking out down her thigh. Max got up and started looking at the two women lying on the bed. He was stroking his cock pretty hard and looking at one, and then the other.

Finally, he moved towards Lola and rolled her over onto her back. She tilted her head up a little and watched his cock slide into her pussy. He started slowly, but picked up some steam and Lola seemed to get a small second wind and begin grinding him. Max and Lola fucked for a little while, but he must have felt like me and didn't want to waste a chance at another orgasm and came inside of Lola as soon as he felt he could.

Not a lot of moaning, but more like the sense of relief that he could pop again so soon. He collapsed on Lola and rolled off into the space between her and Judy. Judy had emerged from her stupor and was sitting up in bed.

She reached over giggling and played for a little bit with Max's spent and sticky dick. He got up and went back to his chair and Judy licked his cum off of her fingers.

Lola finally sat up and looked over at her husband. He was stroking his now erect dick and looked like he was wondering if there was anywhere he could put it for relief.

With a sympathetic smile, Lola got down off of the bed and walked over to Ralph. She stood in front of him and started squeezing her tits and fingering her pussy. Some of Max's cum was sliding down her thigh and she scooped it up and licked it off of her fingers.


Ralph was now beating his cock faster and faster. Lola knelt down and started licking his balls and the tip of his cock.

Right as he started to cum, she quickly put the cock in her mouth and swallowed his third load of the night. After that, Lola stood up and gathered her skirt and blouse and gave Judy hers as well. Both women were quickly dressed and, aside from their messy hair, they both looked remarkably fresh. Us guys also got dressed and we all walked together to the front door. Judy and Lola did their usual hugs and goodbyes, and us guys just kind of weakly shook each other's hands. Max went to his car followed by Ralph and Lola.

Judy and I both could see mine and Max's cum running down Lola's legs and Judy started to say something, but then thought the better of it. We could hear Ralph saying to Lola, "I can't wait to get you back home."