Dick Slapped Jessica Receives Rough Gagging

Dick Slapped Jessica Receives Rough Gagging
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D, Our Friend D is another of our good friends. He is a man of Mexican descent, very handsome, possessing a very nice uncircumcised cock. His cock is not only long but it is very wide. D lost his ability to get an erection and therefore must use chemical injection to give himself a very nice long lasting erection.

His erection is not only nice and rock hard but it lasts for 3-4 hours. He arrives at our door, knocks, we greet him and escort him to our guest room where he gets undressed. I watch him as he gives himself and injection and as he strokes his cock, getting it circulating in his cock, his cock hardening and lengthening. He and I walk out into our great room, he still stroking hid now hard cock and stands for a short while at our kitchen island where he chats with my lady while she works at a table on a puzzle.

My lady is nude as usual and greets D, she as usual continues their warm discussion.

D, after a short while, moves next to my lady, he still stroking his very hard cock. He leans over my lady's shoulder to see what she is doing, his hot hot rock hard cock slightly glazing her side.

He moves his cock slightly up and down her side, she feeling his movement, reaches to her side, taking hold of D's cock. My lady slowly moves her hand up and down D's beautiful hard cock pulling it into sight where she gazes at and pulls its foreskin back over its head revealing a small drop of pre-cum. She holds his cock close to her lips and quickly licks away the drop of pre-cum. It tasting so sweet, she again pulls back D's foreskin and takes the head of his cock into her mouth.

It feeling so soft and warm, she continues to suck on his cock making it larger and harder. D pushes his hips forward so as to get his hard cock deeper in my lady's mouth and she responds by sucking harder. At this time, my lady reaches for D's hand and guides it to her pussy. She opens her legs and presses D's hand to her pussy. She whispers in hie ear, "Play with my pussy. Make me hot and wet. Play with my clit than &hellip. push 2 or 3 or 4 fingers up into my pussy.

Fuck me with your fingers as you soon will with your gorgeous cock. D is almost ready to cum himself but in time, my lady removes D's fingers from her pussy, sucks on them, licking her fingers clean of her juices. She than takes D's hard cock in her hand and leads him by his cock onto our bedroom.

She lays down on the bed, spreads her legs wide open, still holding onto D's rock hard cock,slowly moves his cock up and down her hot, wet pussy/ he pussy gete wetter and wetter, but before my lady asks D to slide his gorgeous cock into her pussy, she asks him to eat her, " Please eat my pussy. Take your tongue and move it up and down and over and around my clit and slide it in and out of my pussy.

Suck on my clit, suck it hard so that cum". He Lifts her hips, his tongue still in her pussy and she cums, hard and long. She pauses a second or two and reaches for his head, drawing his body up and over her body. She takes hold of his still rock hard cock and says,"Now I want that wonderful cock of yours as deep as it well go in my hot, wet pussy.


My lady lifts her legs over her chest giving D full access to her wanting pussy. D, holding onto his hard cock, slides it around and around the opening to my lady's pussy, finding her vaginal opening and drives his cock as deep as it will go. D continues to drive his big hard cock in and out of my lady's until my lady again whispers to D, "Please cum inside of me and keep fucking me as as long as you can.

I love feeling my cum soaked pussy with your cum covered cock sliding back and forth in your cum and my pussy juices". They do, cumming simultaneously, one orgasm after another. This D does, their cum/juices oozing out of my lady's pussy, making a large wet spot on the bed.

They rest, D's cock shrinking slightly, it slipping from my lady's swollen pussy. D visit's often but now &hellip. he goes home with a big a big smile on his face !! D arrives again &hellip. This he already injected and is already stroking his majestic cock. As usual, we sit in the living room watching an adult movie, D continuing to stroke his hardening cock.

I ask D if he has ever received or given a massage. He responds, "No, but I'd like to learn to give one. We have a massage video, so I turn it on and later she if my lady would like a massage. This will allow D to practice. The video begins with the lady on her stomach, the masseuse stroking the lady's head, neck and shoulders. The masseuse continues down the torso along the buttocks and inside her legs just slightly touching her uvula.

Her back done, the masseuse asks the lady to roll over on her back. Again the masseuse begins massaging the lady's head, neck and shoulders. Her breasts now exposed, the masseuse begins to massage her breasts, using an upward motion toward he nipples and cupping his hands, moves his hands around and around her breast(s), approaching her nipples.

Her nipples harden noticeably. Here, I tell D that we add a little additional variation by leaning over and sucking the hardened nipple, moving our tongue around the nipple and slightly nibbling on them.

The masseuse now continues down the lady's torso, stopping momentarily at the lady's pussy. I tell D that we will again modify our procedure slightly, spreading my lady's legs wide, giving us access to her pussy where we will concentrate on rubbing her inter and outer labia, stretching them outward, and opening her vaginal opening for our inspection.

Again, using our fingers or tongue, we will stroke her clit and slide one, two or more fingers into her pussy massaging all parts of her uvular area.

D is obviously enjoying his instruction as his cock has now become its hardest and longest. It this point, I suggest that we ask my lady if she would like a massage. I ask, she ponders a minute or two and than agrees. I set up our massage table, D now watching an adult movies which have inserted in our DVD player.

He continues to stroke his rock hard cock, insuring that his cock stays nice and hard and now very long. The table is ready and we place my lady face down on the table. I start at my lady's head and D starts at her feet (this allowing D to gaze at my lady's pussy as he progresses. We both proceed, meeting at her buttocks.


However, D has strayed slightly but running his hands along the inside of my lady's legs with a slight amount to time spent in her uvular area. He noted how wet her pussy already was. His cock hardens and lengthens. I ask my lady to turn over and we both marvel at how gorgeous her body is. I again at her head with D at her feet. I again arrive at her breast but at this point a suggest that D join me there, I concentrating on one breast and he on the other. Again, D is enthralled.

We move our hands around her breast ultimately concreting on her nipples. They hard nicely and we both spend the appreciate amount of time sucking and playing with her very nice breasts. We now return to our appropriate ends of my lady and continue toward her middle.

D continues to enjoy his view, his cock now throbbing up and down being very, very hard and staying quite long. However it doesn't take D long to arrive at his goal, my lady's now dripping wet, very hot pussy. He spreads her legs slightly, gazes at the beauty he see there. He does as we discussed while watching the massage movie, gently grasping her labia, massaging he soft tissue between his fingers than stretching them open exposing her weeping vaginal opening.

She is obviously enjoying her massage and anticipating the arrival of a finger or more or a warm, hard tongue. My lady spreads her legs as wide as possible, grasps D's head as lowers his head to her pussy. D extends his tongue and drives his tongue between her labia, sucking one labia and than the other finally driving his tongue us as deep into her vaginal opening as it will go.

He moves his tongue around and around in her pussy, her pussy juices flowing abundantly. He now removes his tongue form her vagina and moves upward to concentrate on her clit. He sucks on her clit, her clit hardening. She finally thrusts her hips upward to meet D's tongue, moans loudly, reaching one huge orgasm followed by another and another and another. My lady now moves her hand down D's side, pulling him around to the side of the massage table and gently grasps his large throbbing cock.

She massages it for a few minutes, keeping it very, very hard and guides him the head of the massage table so that she can guide his cock to her mouth. She slides the foreskin back over the head of his throbbing cock again detecting his pre-cum, easing the head of his cock into her mouth and sucks away the first drop of pre-cum and all the pre-cum presently oozing from his cock. She continues to suck on his very hard, long cock realizing that would soon cum.

Wanting D to cum in her hot, wet pussy, she slides to the end of the massage table guiding D by his cock along with her.

AT the end of the massage table, she raises her legs toward her head and guides D to her now totally exposed, very wide open pussy.


Still holding D's cock firmly, she guide his cock to her vaginal opening, the head of his cock embedded there.

She moves her pussy up, D's pushing his huge cock forward. His cock slipping deeper and deeper into her sopping wet pussy. He presses forward until his very rock hard, extremely large in diameter cock is in to its hilt.

She can take a bigger, much longer cock but she is satisfied with this beauty. D is beside himself and thus starts moving slowly in and out, in and out, stretching her pussy wider and wider to accommodate his huge width. D continues his in and out, his cock staying huge and rock hard.

My lady has one orgasm, then another, than another. D feeling her pussy getting wetter and wetter, and accommodating his huge cock, lunges forward, pushing his cock tight against her pussy, gowns, pumping load after load of warm creamy cum deep in her stretched pussy. My lady holds D tightly, loving the feeling of his huge cock sliding in and out of her cum filled pussy. Because of D's injection, his cock stays rock hard even after he has cum, this to the delight of my lady.

She moans again, another orgasm approaching, this delighting her, she asks D to continue fucking her as long he can and as long as she continues to orgasm. To my lady's delight, D continues to move his cum cover rock hard cock in and out of her cum filled pussy.

I am extremely excited watching this fantastic scene and start sliding my hand up and down my own cock I to cum. D is now a very regular visitor. He can hardly wait to get his rock hard cock into my lay's dripping wet pussy and my lady is totally enamored feeling D's rock hard cock deep in her wet, hot pussy, waiting for D's cum to lubricate her pussy and his cum. I too get to sample D's cock.

Now and then when my lady is unavailable, I get to suck D's fine cock. His cock is so fine for sucking and his cum is so sweet, I will always substitute for my lady. However, D much prefers my lady. I wonder why? D will visit again soon !!!!!

Yes, D arrives again. My lady loves to fuck doggy style. Therefore when D arrives this time, something new is in store for him. Yes, D arrives. He strips naked and injects his flaccid cock. However, it is only flaccid for a very short time. Jacking his hardening cock, he enters our living room hoping to get my lady instantly hot.

This usually doesn't happen but its worth a try. D saunters over to where my lady is sitting and gently rubs his cock up and down her arm. A small drop of pre-cum smears her arm. She run her fingers thru the per-cum, licking it from her fingers. Longingly, my lady looks a D's gorgeous cock, slowly raps her fingers around it. She stands, D's cock in hand and leads D to the center of our living room where she drops to her knees, still holding D's now rock hard cock.

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She bends over and has D move behind her, positioning D's cock to her vaginal opening. She runs his rock hard cock up and down between her pussy lips until she finds the opening to her pussy at which she pushes back allowing D's cock to slide into her pussy. She moves back and forth getting her pussy hotter and hotter and wetter and wetter. She is finally satisfied and comfortable and slams her pussy backward so that all of D's cock I now deeply embedded in her pussy.

My lady now asks D to fuck her hard. It isn't long before both my lady and D cum, again D's cum lubricating my lady's pussy in such quantity that my lady swoons due to the wonderful warm feeling of D's cum.

D's rock hard cock continues to slide in and out of her cum filled pussy, cum oozing out around his cock. D slides his still hard cock from my lady's pussy and immediately drops to his knees, pressing his face to my lady's cum filled pussy and begins to suck out his cum. He sucks as much of his cum from her pussy and than again positions himself so that he can again slide his still rock hard cock back into her her very cum wet, still raised still hot pussy.

They now fuck slowly with my lady finally whispering to D to fuck her harder and harder. He does and they do fuck an much longer time during which my lady cums over and over.

In time D is ready to cum again and again his creamywarm cum lubricates my lady's pussy. Delighted, my lady again allows D's still rock hard cock to slide smoothly in and out of her still wanting pussy. D's still hard cock slowly slides from her pussy and I now get to suck and lick D's cum and my lady's juices from my lady's dripping pussy and from D's cum, pussy juice coated cock. This is fantastic as I love to eat my lady's pussy and to suck D's cock. D visits again !!!!

My lady has asked me to shave her pussy. I delay doing so until D arrives for his visit. I want D to join in the shaving event. D arrives and again gets naked and again shoots up his cock.

Soon his magnificent cock rock hard as usual and with hard cock in hand, he joins us in the living room.

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We sit and chat a while, as D's cock gets to its normal rock hard and full dimensionslong and very thick. I ask my lady if she minds if D joins me in trimming her pussy. She is delighted and happy for D to experience her getting a/her pussy trimmed. I therefore lead D and my lady to our massage table, lay her on her back on the table and get our shaving material shaving cream, razor, hand towel and a pan of warm water.

We being all set, my lady opens her legs as wide as she can exposing her lightly hair covered, lush pussy. D becomes totally engrossedcontinuing to pump his already hard cock &hellip. my lady and I wanting to keep his rock hard cock rock hard. First, I take my beard shaver and trim all the long hair from around her pussy.

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This done, I soak the hand towel and gently wipe my lady's pussy, open her labia and dampen both inside and outside of both labia (she has no inner labia),her vaginal opening and the area between vaginal opening and her anus. Now clean, I apply shaving cream to the entire area, accidentally sliding a finger or two in the pussy causing her to raise her hips slightly. She is ready. D watching intently, constantly stroking his already rock hard cock.

I now pick up the safety razor and slowly start shaving her pubis, the hair there growing every which direction. This takes so time. D's cock pointing in the air, his eyes glued to my lady's wide open already dripping pussy, he dripping per-cum. Finished with her pubis, I open her labia and begin removing the hair in and around her labia.

Here I need an little help holding her labia apart so I ask D to help. His is more than willing, his cock still dripping per-cum. I reach over to his cock and with my finger slip a little pre-cum to my lips.

Yummy !!! I ponder a little and have D move momentarily to my lady's head, have her turn her head. Allowing D's cock to slip between her lips so she too could enjoy his pre-cum. Again, yummy !!! D returns to his task, holding my lady's labia apart so that I can shave each side of both labia. His hands shake and his cock continues to drip.

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I think he is enjoy his task. I now shave around her vaginal opening, D dipping hid fingers into her pussy and licking her pussy juices from his fingers. Also yummy !!!! At this time, I ask d if he'd like to help.

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He readily agrees, his cock still dripping so I give him the razor and he tentatively continues her trim. I decide to take advantage of the situation, slide to the floor and while D continues his barber duties, I slip D's delicious rock hard cock into my mouth and suck gently.

D is somewhat distracted but continues still so engrossed with my lady's beautiful pussy that he proceeds with his shaving of her labia, around her vaginal opening, accidentally sliding a finger or two into her seeping pussy, and around her anus. At some point in his barber he became aware of my sucking on his cock.

It grew harder and longer and was about to cum when I decided to save his cum for my lady's pussy. I stood, played with his wonderful cock again and again allowed him to concentrated on trimming my lady's pussy. He was almost done, all he needed to do was wash off all the shaving cream and inspect for any nick or scraps and repair any damage.

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To make sure that was well, he lowered his head so that he could see any damage any hair left behind. This allowed him run his tongue up and down her pussy, suck on her labia and run his tongue in and out of her pussy. She was now so aroused that she garbed D's head and pulled hard into her pussy, giving D better access to her pussy. My aldy raises her hips to meet D's hard tongue allowing D to slide his tongue in and out of her pussy.

He at this point, concentrated on my lady's clit, sucking and sucking harder and harder bring her to a huge climax. She cums nearly passing out. D continues to suck on her clit until she draws his head towards her mouth and whispers in his ear &hellip.

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"fuck me !!!!" D slides upward until his rock hard cock lodges near her pussy. My lady reaches down, grasp's D's cock, moving it up and down her pussy slit. She immediately finds her vaginal opening, and again whispers into D'' ear &hellip. " fuck me Hard!!!!" D draws back slightly and rams his long very rock hard cock into her extremely hot and very, very wet pussy. She raise her hips, pulling her legs back towards her shoulders opening her pussy completely and screams &hellip.

" Push your rock hard cock deep ,deep into my cunt". Again my lady moves her pussy to meet each of D's lunges. Pushing his rock dhar cock as deep a possible into her pussy. D cums and cums, my lady cums and cums, his cum and her pussy juices gushing out around his cock, both cums coating mu lady's now swollen pussy lips and the entire length of D's still rock hard cock.

My lady swoons, feeling D's cum coating the inside of her pussy. They rest but soon that rock hard cock will again enter her very, very hot and still very, very wet pussy.

Will D return? You bet !!!!!