Storage depot fun with big tit girlfriend

Storage depot fun with big tit girlfriend
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============================================================== Please, read my story "My Sister, My Mom and Me Part 1, My Sister' first, otherwise this one will not make a lot of sense.

============================================================== Since the first time Liv and I fucked, losing our virginities, we started fucking like rabbits.

Once, sometimes twice a day, from the hour we arrived from school until leaving some safety time before the time Mom usually came home.

Liv was a smart girl and was on the pill, so no risk there. Unfortunately, our grades went down and Mom was severe to us the poor woman could not even suspect why but we explained we were playing more games we actually were… and watching too much TV, but we would fix that.

Mom bought it.

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Anyway, we started dedicating more time to study, but still found some time for us twice or three times a week. Of course, we improved a lot our performance, and gave hints to each other about how to blow a cock, lick a pussy stimulating the clit, hold and caress the balls, suck boobs… And, of course, how to fuck getting the best pleasure, positions, and so on.

We eventually decided to play games, so once a week one of us would choose a video that best fitted our fantasies, and we tried to mimic the actors in everything they did.

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I once chose a backdoor flick, but Liv chickened out. She let me play, anyway, with her rosebud with my finger well lubed first with my saliva and her vaginal juices while I sucked her pussy, and she seemed to have a huge orgasm then. We kept that pleasure routine for several months, our grades were back to normal and we were very happy, until the unexpected happened: We were in my bed, I was fucking her doggy stile, both of us looking at the screen with a hung young guy fucking a mature busty woman the same way.

I loved Liv's boobs, but watching those huge jugs bouncing really turned me on! The sound was loud, we were making noise, and both of us had our backs to the door while we watched the video.

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Then, we heard "What the hell…", looked back, and found Mom by the door, dropping her briefcase and covering her open mouth with her hand in horror. It was the first time she arrived home early in years… Liv jumped ahead out of the bed, trying unsuccessfully to cover her nudity with her t-shirt and, almost hitting mom, flashed to her room, slamming her door. Mom stood there for a while, saying nothing, her hand no longer covering her mouth, looking at the video, then at me and back at the video again.

I was still on my knees, my cock still hard, and I saw when she took a last look at the screen, then stared at my erection, and finally, slowly, turned around and left to her room.

I put on my boxers, stayed in bed, and heard no noise outside for a couple hours: I guessed no one of us would dare to face each other soon. I didn't know what to do, I thought about how Mom would be disappointed at us, shocked, and how she would punish us.

I considered being dispatched to a military school far away from home. I also thought that all those happy moments with Liv were over. I felt sorry for Mom, how bad she would be feeling, how she had taken so good care of us on her own all these years. Then I decided to go to talk to her, ask for her pardon, and let her tell me whatever she wanted to. I walked quietly to Mom's room, all the house was dark. At the door, I tried to listen to her TV, to see light under the door.

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There was a dim light, though, and everything was quiet. I thought she might be sleeping, so I decided not to knock and opened the door quietly and slowly. I made no sound.

It was my time to be surprised: Mom was in bed, her back to a big cushion by the headboard. Through the dim light she had left on in the bathroom, I could see she was naked and touching herself, legs wide open.

Her eyes were closed and she was using earphones that's why she hadn't heard me. I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. My instinct told me to run away, but I simply couldn't: I was hypnotized by the scene, her sexy naked body and the gorgeous big hooters bouncing slightly while she played with her pussy.

I don't know why but I paced ahead, one, two, three steps, and I was close to her bed when she sensed something different and opened her eyes. She stayed put, staring at me surprised, and quickly put the dildo she was using on her nightstand, pulled a sheet between her legs over her body, covering her pussy and barely her boobs her thighs, hips, and the side and top of her tits were still totally visible and removed her phones. Even with the dim light, before she covered herself, I could take an idea of all the glory of her body.

It was even sexier than I could have imagined: round boobs with big aureole and nipples. I saw her bush and remembered when I took a glimpse of the dark shade in her panties when she bathed with Liv and me when we were kids. She turn a bedside lamp on. I saw her moving her eyes to look down, and only then I perceived I had a huge erection, and my cock had slipped out through the boxers opening.


I didn't know what to do or say. I tried to hid my cock inside my boxers, still showing a revealing tent. Then, she smiled and said: "Well, my little boy has grown and I barely noticed it. Come here, Kevin, sit here with me." She always called us Kevin and Livia. I sat down close to her in bed. She started: "Kevin, I can't tell you the shock I had when I saw you.

I couldn't believe my eyes, my son and daughter in bed, naked, doing it. Then, when I was here, thinking in the dark, I kind of saw a video of our lives: when your father left home, the way I had to leave you alone to focus on my job, the three of us together all the time I was home in the evenings, weekends… I thought how selfish I have been, absent most of the time and suffocating when we were all together.

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I never had a personal life, never dated again, and somehow I forced you two to behave this way too. You and Livia never had a chance to spend time with friends, grow with other people the same age around, experience new things in life." She started to sob and I put my arms around her neck, her head resting against mine on my shoulder.

"And of course you have sexual curiosity, desires. That's what happens when you are teens, when the hormones flow. But we never shared or discussed that, you never had the chance to interact with kids your ages.

I bet all you had was the internet, and then you started exploring together." I nodded. "And let me be totally honest with you: of course I had my desires, I was young and had all my life ahead when my husband left home that way… but I never dated again, afraid of other frustrations, letdowns. And do you know what I did? I relieved my sexual distress with you, when you started to grow: I dressed sexily, I bathed with you, I saw the way you looked at my body in underwear, I saw you when you were excited and having hard-ons looking at me walking, with tight clothes and cleavage.

I did this to get aroused too, to come to my bed and relieve myself with that piece of junk" and pointed at the dildo. "And when I saw you that way in your bed, I was shocked and horny at the same time, I saw you naked, I saw a man and not the boy I used to see. I saw your erection, the video, and I didn't know what to do or think" she continued. "What were you watching?" I blushed, but she was so open, and we were always honest among ourselves. "It was about a woman and a young guy." "Is this the kind of video you like?" "Yes, Mamma, I like MILFs with boys, and teen boys with girls." She looked puzzled but aroused: "What is a MILF?" I blushed and answered: "Mothers I would like to fuck." She didn't say anything, thinking.

"I saw the woman was brunette, with big tits and a round ass. Do you like women like her?" "Yes, Mamma, just like…" and I stopped. "Like what?" she insisted. "Like you, Mamma, I like MILFs that look like you and teens who look like Liv. But I really like women with big boobs, like you, they make me crazy!" My cock was even harder, and pulsing.

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She may have sensed it moving, so she looked down and saw it. Finally, she smiled and asked: "Is the way we are talking doing this to you?" I could not hold it anymore, so I opened myself: "Yes, Mamma, the way we are talking, the way I saw you naked when I came in, seeing you half naked now so close to me with a hard cock. You are driving me crazy!" She opened her big smile and said: "I feel that way too. Do you want to see me?" "Yes!" I answered immediately, not even thinking, not believing she asked that.

She slowly took the bed sheet covering her body down, revealing partially her boobs, stopped when the nipples were about to be shown, and finally showed them all. I was so close, I could not believe what it was happening.


"Now let me see you" she commanded. I removed my boxers and she kept looking at my hard, straight cock. "It's a beautiful one you have, Kevin.

Can I touch it? You can hold my tits." I did not answer, I palmed her big boob with my right hand, feeling its softness, weight, size, shape. She was much bigger than Liv, I knew that, but I had no idea they were so soft yet firm, and heavy. Her aureole and nipples were dark pink, and the nipples were big and flat, not a little like Liv's. I was enjoying too much touching her that only then I felt her forefinger touching my cock, slowly, from the base to the swollen head.

We both knew there was no return from there: I came down and took her right tit in my mouth, kissing it lightly, then taking in my lips and finally sucking it hard like I probably did when I was a young kid while I caressed and felt the size and weight of her left boob. Her hand still caressed lightly my balls, and I sensed the way she was feeling their size and hardness.

After a while, she took my right hand and, with hers, started caressing her pussy. I was surprised with the velvety touch of her hair, the size of her swollen lips and how soppy her vagina was. I was used to Liv's, but Mom's was so different, so womanly, that I needed some time to explore it. I touched the lips, gently probing my middle finger inside, until she pulled my hand up to touch her clit: it was huge and hard, somehow like an olive.

She shivered hard and whispered: "Kevin, I can't take any longer: put it inside me." I was dying to see and lick her clit, but it could wait: her offer was much more tempting. She moved her body down, resting her shoulders on the cushion, and I knelt between her open legs.

For the first time I took a good look at her inviting pussy, took my cock in my hand, aimed and soon I was penetrating her. Her lips were so engorged and wet that I thought it would be easier, but she was incredibly tight.

"Go slow, Kevin, I haven't taken a real hard cock for a long time" she said, smiling at me. Anyway, I just slowed down my movements and soon her vagina was accommodated to my hardness and I felt her pubic hair first, and then her pelvis, touching my crotch. She was already shaking and moaning, and I knew neither of us would last long. I pumped vigorously, smashing her crotch, my body close to hers while she held my back.

I sensed the movements of her bouncing boobs and raised my body with my arms to see them: they were amazing, so hot, and I immediately started to cum. She then held me by the hips, increasing the strength of my hits in her crotch, my cock deep inside her, and also started to cum.

It was a long, pleasant, incredible sensation for me, and she seemed to feel the same way. It looked like my spunking spasms and her shaking body were in the same rhythm. Finally, we stopped and I collapsed on top of her, enjoying the supporting firmness of her full, strong body.

We stayed there, catching our breath while she caressed the back of my head. I moved sideways and we kept hugging tightly, her jugs pleasuringly pressed against my chest, my half hard cock still held between her firm thighs.

"Kevin, it was so good, I am so happy" she said, and kissed my lips lightly. "I will wash-up and take a look at your sister, she may still be distressed while we are all happiness her." She walked that sensual way to the bathroom, naked, and came out in a couple minutes with a short silk kimono I knew well: its semi-transparency and cleavage had caused me several erections and motivated many jerk offs. She came back soon, smiling: "She is sleeping like an angel.

Let's get some sleep too and we can continue in the morning." She undressed and we enjoyed ourselves spooning for a while, until I slept heavily. I could not wait for the morning to arrive.