Una Chica Bailando quot_Menea Sacude quot_

Una Chica Bailando quot_Menea Sacude quot_
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Tommy Goes to the Beach It was one of those hot summer days that was great for the beach but not for school. I didn't feel like sitting in a hot class room all day so I decided I was going to the beach instead. I got out of bed as usual and prepared for school, and as usual dawdled for a bit, more so today so I could to let my parents leave for work before I left to catch the school bus.

After they'd left I put on my beach shorts, collected a couple of Porn Magazines I keep hidden in my room, packed them into my beach bag and with a towel a bottle of water, and some suntan lotion I started off for the local nude beach on my bicycle. It was about four miles to the beach, and it was a popular free beach with the locals.

Being a work day I didn't expect there'd be too many people there, if any. I had a particular secluded spot where I usually sun-baked and read my porn magazines. I arrived at the beach, and walked my bike along a sand track through the dunes to my spot which was hidden from the view of other surfers. It was about 10:00am and the sun was just right for lying in the sun.


I got my sun lotion and began massaging it into myself. As I did this my dick started to respond and I gave it special attention. I didn't want my balls or dick getting sun burnt today. I lay my Beach Towel out and selecting a magazine from my bag I lay on my stomach and began reading a porn story. My hard-on soon grew to Max, and became uncomfortable sandwiched between my stomach and the towel, so I decided to take a swim.

The surf was about 30 yards from where I lay; I stood up looking each way along the beach, and headed to the surf. There was no one in sight as I plunged in and enjoyed the feel of cold salt water on my naked body, especially between my crutch and around sweaty arse-hole.

The cold water didn't affect the size of my erection, and the occasional wave swinging it about under the water felt real good. It was still covered with oily suntan lotion and every now and then I gave it a few yanks to keep it happy.

When I'd had enough I headed back to my towel, my dick swinging horizontally in front of me. It sure was great being a bloke, having a dick and not those little knobs girls have between their legs.

I'm sure that having a wank feels a lot better than fingering your clit. As I arrived at my towel I noticed the heads of a two females coming into view over the dunes, and I quickly lay down so they wouldn't spot my hard on.

I was lying on my stomach and looking their way as they settled down about twenty feet from me and removed their Bikinis. One of them looked to be about 15 and the other one in her early twenties. The older girl had well developed boobs that hung ever so very slightly,and had pink areoles and large erect nipples.

The younger one had a good hand full and appeared to be still developing, with small but firm looking nipples. I gave them a nod and a wave and they smiled and waved back.


After a while I rolled onto my back and continued reading my book. Soon after I heard them giggling, I glanced over and saw them staring at my dick. They got up and headed for the surf holding hands and giggling as they went, I sat up and rested on my elbows enjoying the view of their bums wobbling as they walked.

I lay down again and continued to read my magazine, after a while I heard them approaching again. They had stopped giggling and when they settled onto their towels, I sat up, looked across at them and I asked how the water. They smiled and said it was nice but a bit cool. My dick had become fully erect and was elevated at an angle above my stomach. I decided I'd go say hello to them, so I grabbed my gear and walked over to them, my dick bobbing about as I approached them and asked if I could sit with them.

They both smiled and said "OK" in unison. Their eyes never left my dick till I lay on my stomach in front of them. I introduced myself as Tommy and I was 15 years old. They introduced themselves as Jill and Sarah, Sarah was 23 and Jill was only 14.

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Sitting in front of them I had a clear view of their pussies which they didn't seem to mind at all. Jill was a blond and Sarah was a brunette, and we chatted about Jill and me wagging school and how good it was to have a nude beach so close to where we lived.

Neither of them appeared self conscious about being nude with me sitting in front of their open legs. Sarah was the bolder of the two and had spread her knees and feet well apart. This caused the lips of pussy to gape slightly, and it was my turn to stare as I saw it glisten with her juices and they were large and fat (which I took to mean she was turned on.

She had shaved her pussy hair except for a small heart shaped patch along the upper edge of the pubic triangle.

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My dick was getting very hot again, being squashed onto my hot towel, so I rolled over and sat facing them with my legs crossed.

My dick pointing towards them, it felt as though it was going to explode any minute. Their eyes immediately locked onto it and both of them wouldn't take their eyes from it. Jill asked why it was so big and I said "because of the heat from the sun and because me looking their pussies made it even harder".

Sarah asked if that's a normal thing with boys and I explained how all boys get a hard-on when they see a naked girl! I explained that boys continually make a lot of sperm which is stored in their testicles and I held my ball bag up for them to see. When they become too full it is uncomfortable and makes their dicks hard and it had to be regularly released. Sarah asked me how it gets back to normal size. I said "all boys regularly play with their dicks by rubbing it with their hand". I told them that my dick had been hard now for about an hour and I had to massage it soon to get the sperm out otherwise it would squirt out by of its own accord all over the place.

I told them I was about to massage it when they came onto the beach and I'd have to go for a walk behind the dunes to do it now". I told them not to go away and that I'd be back soon. Sarah asked me if I'd mind doing it there so that they could watch me. I said, "OK Sarah", and told them to sit on either side of me so no one could see if they came along the beach.

I pulled my foreskin back and exposed the purple head and poured sun lotion over it and began to pump it up and down. I went at it slowly at first because I wanted to delay Cumming for as long possible. I liked them watching me. They stared in fascination as I rubbed my dick for about two minutes, till I felt my orgasm building up. I said "I'm going to cum soon" and I sped up my movements, till suddenly a gush of sperm shot from my dick onto the hot sand in lengthy streams.

"WOW" I said that was the best wank I've ever had, what do you think girls, did you like watching me?

Jill said "Yea it was great, I've always wanted to see how a boy did that, but I'd liked to have had a go at doing it for you". She asked me why there was skin covering the end of my dick and why it seemed to slide up down when I rubbed it, and why was it there. I asked them if they ever played with their pussies and they looked smiled at each other. Sarah said we don't have to do it to ourselves because we've been doing it to each another for a while now and that's the reason Jill wags school, so we can meet here".

It seems that Jill and her parents had recently moved next door to Sarah and her husband and they formed a close friendship when Sarah asked Jill one day if she'd like to have a swim in her pool while her husband was at work. They ended up skinny dipping and had developed a close relationship over a period of time. I smiled and as Jill as she was the young school girl I directed my answer to her.

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I said "Well Jill, you know that little knob you play with between the lips of your pussy, well that's the same as my large knob under my foreskin, and the skin is to protect it, the same and the lips her pussy protected your little knob". I asked them what they do it to each other seeing that now they had seen how I did it, and I'd like to see them do it. Sarah said "sure, OK", so Jill lay flat on her towel and spread her legs wide and Sarah asked me to keep an out for anyone coming along the beach.

She knelt beside Jill and placed her fingers on each side of her pussy separating them and exposing clitoris and cunt hole. She gently rubbed her fingers along Jill's vulva spreading them wide apart and gently rubbed the Jill's clitoris.

She continued massaging her this way for a few minutes and then bending her head down she sucked on her clitoris. I bent right beside Sarah's head and saw her move a finger into her arse-hole. Jill was writhing with pleasure as she experienced one orgasm after another. Then it was Sarah's turn. Jill got up and Sarah knelt on the towel with her bum in the air and knees apart. You know what that'd look like, and I was very quickly getting another hard on.

Jill knelt behind Sarah and separated the cheeks of Sarah's buttocks and while she was massaging her clitoris and pussy, she licked and prodded her arse hole with her tongue while Sarah frigged herself. After they'd finished with each other they sat on their towels and Sarah said, you certainly must have enjoyed that look at your dick, it as swollen as it was before. I lay back on my towel and suggested they take care of it for me this time, Sarah got the sun lotion out of my bag and they moved beside me again.

Jill grabbed the oil from her saying she wanted to have a go first. She took hold of my dick in one hand and pulled the skin back from the head and with the other poured it on liberally. I felt it run down between my crutch and over my bum hole onto the towel. "Steady on" I said "I have to take this towel home for Mum to wash you know"! Jill followed my example and rubbed her small hand along my dick like she'd seen me do. She said it felt soft on the outside but hard under the skin.

She giggled because on her downward stroke the head would appear for a second and would disappear again on the upward stroke. She thought was very funny. At the same time, Sarah slid her hands between the cheeks of my bum and found my bum hole and ball bag. She ran her fingers through the crack of my bum with one hand and gently massaged my balls with the other.

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My bum hole gradually loosened as worked her finger into it. I hadn't had anything in my bum hole before and this felt fantastic.

I didn't last long with both of them working on my crutch and a stream of cum shot from my dick onto Jill's face and chest as my arse-hole gripped Sara's finger which was wedged inside it and I could feel the constricting spasms of my bum hole around it as I came. We spent the next few hours sunbathing and talking about each others lives and what our interests were.

It turned out that Sarah's husband was a merchant sailor and spent a lot of at sea. She was an oversexed girl and had to rely on her vibrator and her fingers, while her husband was away until she met Jill. I told them it was getting close to school finishing time and Jill and I would have to be home soon.

Sarah wanted us to have sex one more time before we left and said Jill had asked her if she could watch her husband and her have sex sometime. Sarah had told her that he didn't know about their relationship and it would be a bit hard for to that happen. She "you and I could I have sex Tommy and Jill could watch us".

I told her that was a great idea, but that I'd never had sex before and she would have to help me. "That's OK, Tommy I'll show you what to do." She got me to lie down on my towel and she lent over me and put her lips to mine forcing my lips apart her tongue in my mouth and kissed me.

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I'd never kissed a girl before and my dick was soon hard again. We sucked each others tongues and she tickled my nipples and tickled hers across my face, she then reversed her position, straddling my chest and took my dick into her mouth and sucked the head, she then took it all into her mouth and moved her head up and down on it.

I thought that if this was having sex I didn't want to wank any more. Jill had done all this with Sarah previously and was nothing new to her. But what happened next, she had never seen. Sarah told me to get up and she took my place on the towel lying with her legs apart and told me to kneel between them, she raised her bum off the towel opening her pussy wide.

She held the lips apart showing me the small opening of her cunt hole. She said "take hold your dick Tommy and put your knob against this little hole". She put a finger into it to show me where it was. I did, and because it was so wet it slipped into the opening.


She said "now push all the way in Tommy and move it in and out", I did and this, and found another new experience…&hellip. Fucking. With Jill watching closely from all angles I slid my dick in and out of Sarah's tight cunt till I could take it no longer. She could tell that I was about to cum and took a hold of my buttocks with both hands and held me tightly against her crutch as I shot my load into her while she convulsed with her own orgasm.

Jill said "can I have a turn now and I said we would have to meet another day and that it was time for me to go home now". We had another swim and cleaned up, got dressed and walked up to the road. We said goodbye and made a date for another day at the beach.