Daddy long dick Her Wet Dream

Daddy long dick Her Wet Dream
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We went to a mall and I was wearing only this light weight, white cotton dress that if you looked really close, you could see my nipples thru the dress and I had no panties on. It is fairly long and has buttons all the way up the front. I only had 5 buttons closed, so when I walked you got a good look at my legs and if I bent down, you could get a great shot of my tits. It was just before Valentines day last year and we went into Victoria's Secret and there were quite a few guys shopping for their girlfriends and wives.


I selected a few pieces of lingerie and went into the dressing room and as I tried them on, I would come out of the dressing room to show my husband and after the second timeI did this there were 4 guys all standing near by waiting for me to come out again.

My husband was enjoying this so much he went and got mefour more sexy outfits that were lacy andeven see thruto try on including a really sheer long white see thru gown.As I tried the first 3 of theseoutfits on, I would come out of the dressing room to show my husband and the guys were all enjoying the show.

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When I went back in the dressing room and put thewhite gown on, I could not believe how sheer it was. It was as if I had almost nothing on and you could clearly see my tits and shaved pussy.

Iwas soexcitedthat before I went out to show my husband, Ihad to play with my clit and Ipushed 2 fingers inside me and I was really wet and you could smellmy sex.


After a fewstrokes with my fingers I stopped and went out to show the gown tomy husband andhe was not there. But the 4 guys that were watching me were still there and their eyes were bulging out and their tongues were just about dragging on the floor. I acted surprised to not see my husband and asked them if they knew where he was and they all stuttered no, but I could see him looking on from behind a rack of clothes.

So I then asked them if they liked the gown and all nodded yes as I turned around to show them the back. The one guy was right there next to me and as I was going back into the dressing room, I caressed his cheek and lips with the fingers that were still wet with my juices and his eyes popped out as he realized what the smell was.

I gave him a kiss on the cheek and thanked him as I went back into the dressing room. I was so horny that I put my dress back on and when I came out my husband was there and I told him we had to leave because I needed him to fuck me.

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As we were leaving I waved goodby to the guys that were watching me and we left the store. On the way out, my husband saw a shoe store and there was a really good looking young guy working there and no one else in the store.

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He told me to go in the store and try on some shoes and really give the guy a good show. I really wanted to go back to the hotel, but as I said, I will do anything he asks me to so I went into the store and asked to try on 3 different shoes and told him what size.Before he came back with them for me to try on, I unbuttonedone more of the bottom buttons and one more of the top buttons on my dress.


Now you were able to see my tits even without me bending over and the bottom of the dress was open almost tomy pussy. When he sat on the stool in front of me to help me try them on and I liftedmy foot,the look of surprise on his face was precious as he looked up at me and I just smiledback at him.

I walked around with the shoes on a bit and then sat back down andleaned forward to help him take themoff and he could clearly see my tits right in front of his face.

As he was putting the second pair on, I made sure to keep my legs spread so he got a really good look at my shaved pussy and his hands lingered a bit long on my legs and feet. I again walked around with the shoes on and as Iwas sitting back downI complained to him that I ran 4 miles that morning and that my legs were really sore.Since there was no one in the store, hesaid that maybe he should give my legs a quick massage before I tried the next pair on and I said that would be nice.

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So I sat down with my legs apart and put my right leg upand he started to massage my calf. I told him that it was my thighs that really hurt and he worked his hands up my leg and was rubbing my thigh. I was so horny that I could feel my juices running down my leg and I could not hold back any longer, I spread my legs further apart and told him "higher".He got the hint and worked his hands up to my pussy lips and started to stroke them as I just sat there with my eyes closed and moanedand toldhim not to stop.

He started to rub my clit and then stuck a finger inside me and started to push it in and out.I opened my eyes now and looked at him looking up at me and I was so horny and I did not care who saw me.I slid to the edge of the seat and then I unbuttoned the other buttons of my dress and started to play with my tits.

He then pushed a second finger inside me and was still rubbing my clit with his other hand and I could not hold back any longer, I closed my eyes, leaned my head back and he made me cum right there on thechair in the middle of the shoe store. I sat there for a few minutes as he was still gently rubbing my clitand then looked down at him and said that it was great. I still had my dress completely unbuttoned and as I stood up, he also stood up and I put my arms around his neck andI kissed him and pushed my tongue past his lipsas I rubbed my body against his and I could feel him rubbinghis hard cock against me.When we stopped kissing, I said we need to take care of that and I started to rub his cock thru his pants as he reached up and started to massage my tits.

We were still in the middle of the store and I pushed him back until we were behind the counter and I got down on my knees behind the counterand continued to play with his cock. He then reached down and started to unbutton his pants and I helped him pull down his zipper and reached in and pulled out his cock andstarted to stroke it when he told me that a guy was coming into the store. I sneaked a peak around the counter and saw that it was my husband and I told him it was ok and that he was my husband and he wants to watch.

The guy was a bit nervous until I said hi to my husband. I then stood back up, while still stroking his cock and kissed him again as he started to play with my tits again as my husband looked on.

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He then told me that he was going to cum and I got back down on my knees in front of him and stroked his cock andthen he shot his cum on my face and tits as I keptstroking his cock until he was finished.

I stood back up, took my finger and scooped up some of his cum and licked my finger clean and then kissed him again with his cum still on my tongue. I then took2 morescoops of his cum from my tits and licked it clean and then went to my husband and kissed him as he played with my tits.I finally buttoned only 2 buttons of the dress and as we walked out of the mall to our car, my husband told me that one of the guys from Victoria's Secret saw everything that happened in the shoe store.

I looked over my shoulder when we got close to the car and he was behind us, so I unbuttoned the dress and took it off, turned around and blew him a kiss and we got in the car and drove away. We had some great sex that night. My husbandtold me that night that he wanted to watch me suck another guys cock and since then we have had quite a few experiences where I have.