You boys swallowing gay man cum and cute having big dick xxx Elder

You boys swallowing gay man cum and cute having big dick xxx Elder
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My wife and I live in a 3 bedroom home. We are middle age and quite happy sexually. My wife loves to turn me on. A few years back, she had her breast enlarged, so she would look hotter in the sexy outfits she buys. She is always buying very sexy outfits that make me so horny, to see her in them. I wanted her to have more of a sex drive, so we set up an appointment with a hormone doctor.

The result has been beyond our wildest dreams. We have always rented out a spare bedroom to young men with little sexual experience for extra money. My wife is always walking around the home in sexy outfits that leave a man wanting. The hormone treatments my wife takes make her constantly horny. She thinks about fucking and sucking my 10 inches most of the day.

I love how sexual she has become. It makes me fantasize about sexual adventures I would have never thought of before. One day I decided to buy for my wife a remote control butterfly. We tried it out almost immediately and the results where amazing. She walks around the house using the butterfly, to calm down her sexual desire while I am at work. I was beginning to understand why our young male tenant was spending more time than normal in the bathroom.

It has been a few weeks since I purchased the butterfly for my wife. I thought it would release some of her sexual desire while I was at work. It made her want me even more. I told her that I had a three day weekend coming up and she made plans.

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I came home from work a little early Thursday and sat on the porch to smoke a cigarette before surprising my wife. While I was on the porch I heard my wife moaning with pleasure. She was wearing a sexy lavender flair dress that curved her braless breast and waist.

The dress was just short enough that as she bent slightly forward I could see her white satin panties along with the bulge of the butterfly. She was gorgeous in that position. I could see her pussy juices flowing down her legs. The interesting thing about this was that the young tenant was peeking around the corner of the hall near the bathroom.

I could see him caressing his medium side hard on. My wife was staring to slowly move her hips back and forth as though there was a man standing behind her move his dick slowly in and out of her pussy. It was a sight to experience. She reached for the remote and increases the speed of the vibrator. Within no time she started to moan loader.

I could tell she was Cumming as her pussy juices flowed like a river down her legs onto her matching lavender 5 inch heels. Her body started to shake and her knees buckled. She reached with shaking fingers as she dialed down the vibrator to a slow hum. I watched the tenant slip in to the bathroom to finish what he started.

I watched as my wife took a kitchen towel from the table and walked to the kitchen sink. She wet the towel with warm water and cleaned her shoes and legs. Then she cleaned the floor. She walked to the wash room and placed the towel in the dirty clothes hamper.

I watched intently as she removed her soaked satin panties and added them to the dirty clothes hamper. She walked through the kitchen and saw me standing at the screen door. A smile lit up her face. She knew I had seen her cum and it turned her on to know that I had watched her in her most uncontrollable desire. She could see that I had a huge hard on. I could tell it was turning her on. She walked up to me and took off my pants and walked me to the couch in the front room.

It left a great view for the tenant when he came out of the bathroom. My wife handed me the remote for the butterfly and I dialed up just enough to hear her start moaning. She pushed me down onto the couch and stared to taste the flow of precum. The taste made her take all of me down her throat for a moment. We where both turning each other on. I happen to see the young tenant staring at us and I waved for him to come over and watch.

He moved behind my wife and had a great view of her with no panties, while her pussy was dripping freely down her legs. I dialed up the vibrator more. My wife said; "Oh baby, please fuck me.

I need that hard dick in my tight pussy. I want it so bad." That was all I needed to hear. I knew she was so horny for dick that her hormones had taken control.

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I told her. "I will fuck you if you let our young tenant fuck you." She said," Anything baby, I need some dick." I motioned the young tenant to get behind my wife. She did not realize he was behind her until he touched her fine ass with his hands. HE pulled his pants and underwear off. I told him," Stick your dick in her slowly and start moving it in and out of her slowly. She was shaking with anticipation. Her tongue was steadily licking the precum she was milking.

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The tenant moved closer to her pussy and lifted his dick and slowly inserted the head. My wife started begging as the tenant moved slowly in and out of my wife.

My wife said;" Please make him fuck me hard".


This turned on the tenant so much that he swelled to the point that he made my wife's pussy grab his dick tight. I dialed up the vibrator just as I started to cum.

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I told the tenant to fuck her faster. She was so wet that we could hear her pussy slouching as I came down her throat. This turned her on even more and she reached between her legs and started massaging the tenant's balls. He started to moan and as his moans became louder my wife began to moan loader. Her hand was holding my hard dick as I watched them both cum together. As soon as the tenant finished Cumming my wife turned around and took his dick in her mouth and started cleaning him off with her tongue and lips.

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I began to get extremely turned on. I started to see my wife dripping pussy juice down her legs as she cleaned the pussy juice and sperm off the tenant's dick. All this time the vibrator was still on and I decided to get off the couch.

I got in position behind my wife and slowly slipped my hard 10 inches into my wife. As the head entered I slipped all ten inches inside of her. She moaned with extreme pleasure as I filled her full. I did not move and she begged me to fuck her while she continued to clean the tenant's dick.

I started to move slowly in and out of her with full strokes. I was driving her crazy. She started to deep throat the tenant. It did not take long before my wife's pussy was gushing with juice and slouching with each stroke. The tenant was so turned on that he started to moan with my wife.

"I want both of you to cum in me", was all she needed to say. The tenant shot a huge load down her throat as she took his entire dick in her mouth. He came so hard that he collapsed to the floor. This turned my wife on more; I took the butterfly remote from the couch and dialed it up.


My wife said," Please fuck me hard, I want it faster." I responded my fucking her a little faster. This drove her crazy and she started moving her hips back and forth trying to make me go faster.

Her body started to shake and I began to fuck her hard and fast. She was gushing pussy juice like a flowing river. Her moans were getting loader and suddenly she convulsed hard and her pussy soaked my dick and balls. Her body collapsed onto the floor. As she laid there shaking.

The tenant helped me lay her on the couch and cover her with a nearby blanket. I kissed her cheek and sat on the floor next to the couch by her. The tenant got up and kissed her cheek and thanked us both. I asked why and he said that he was a virgin until them.