Gay sex man with boy movie These two commence things off with some

Gay sex man with boy movie These two commence things off with some
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I taught English at a small school in Japan and taught the same individual students every week. This had led to a number of trysts with housewives and a few relationships with some of the single women I taught.

Gay is not something accepted very well there, so if any of the men I taught were gay I never knew it. There was a 24 year old, Naoyuki who was small in stature, essentially fluent in English, loved shopping for clothes and was always going on about the latest Hollywood chick flick and whatever he found cute.

I just assumed he was gay but didn't know it yet. I was in my late 30's at the time and regretting never having a bi-curious adventure. I thought Naoyuki would have been perfect, but though I looked younger than I was and could pass for 30, I was drinking too much at the time and getting no real exercise. I was about 30 pounds overweight.

I knew that this young pretty boy had never given me any thought even if he had thoughts about crossing the line. Six months into our lessons he quit. Fast forward 18 months. I was preparing to move back to the states in 3 months so for the last 3 had been off the sauce and joined a gym.

My 6-3 frame was back to my regular 200 pounds, my stomach was flat and my muscles even had a little definition. And who should I run into outside the train station but Naoyuki!

He was with 2 friends and a chubby Japanese girl. I reintroduced myself, and Nao was shocked at how good "Sensei" looked. He introduced me to his friends and invited me over to his place for a "drinking party," as they say in Japan.

They were headed there now. I said I could meet them there, that I had to stop by my place first. He left me with a detailed map. I bolted home, showered, made sure my asshole was clean and packed my backpack with a bottle of aloe vera gel, a disposable enema, and condoms. I had a feeling in my gut something was happening and at the very least might be able to bag the chubby chick for the night. In Japan, as I'm sure you've heard, discretion is paramount.

I hoped, but tried very hard not to assume.

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Another teacher was fired for coming on to a woman. Even though she was single and 35, the next day her mother called the school to complain. The teacher was shit canned.

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The woman was reassigned to me and I made damn sure I never even made eye contact with her. I found Nao's condo. By the time I got there I realized that an invite for drinks hardly meant that Nao wanted to dick me.


So I had been wondering about the chubby girl, Mari, on the train and my thoughts were back in hetero fantasy land when I got to his place. It was big for Japan, and very western - I could've been back home in Orange County. When I took off my shoes and got into the living room Hiro and Shin were sitting on the couch.

We greeted each other, though their English was worse than my shitty Japanese. "Where's Mari?" She had to go home. I was pissed. I sat down and had to listen to all the inane questions gaijin -foreigners get asked, and answer through Nao, the only bilingual person there.

We did finally get around to if I was married and why not. Did I like Japanese girls, and did I have a Japanese girl friend and why not. I bounced the same questions off of them. Shin and Hiro were married. What about Nao. He said he didn't like Japanese women, but liked American girls because they were cute.

His friends agreed. No he had never had sex with one he bashfully conceded. I mentioned that Mari was cute. The three of them giggled and then shocked me by saying that she was "gang bang girl." Mari was married to a man 10 years her senior who she hated. Not an uncommon situation in Japan. She would spends evenings with Nao and his two buddies doing whatever they liked.

They all liked her but a relationship with her was off, not only was she married but was looked at as damaged goods. Shock number 2 out of Nao's mouth: "Sensei, in America, do you do circle jerk?" I said no. He looked at me like I was hiding something, "Hontoo? (really?) They kept asking, giving me looks and giggling. I explained that I knew guys who did but when I was younger I didn't have friends close enough for that - an honest answer.

I was then, nearly 40 years of age, invited to participate in my very first circle jerk. I admitted to being embarrassed and that outside of porno had never seen another man's prick.

They asked if I had a big "plick." I don't and they didn't believe me. I asked them, and they laughed and insisted on seeing mine. I was hesitant, and Nao, sitting beside me on the couch, started stroking my bare leg below my short's hem, and telling me it was okay. I was most nervous because I already had a hard on and didn't know how that would be received as we hadn't even started watching any porno.

When I finally shed my shorts and boxers they went on about my dick in Japanese staring at it, pointing at it and nodding at each other. It seemed positive so I relaxed, picked up my beer, and a cigarette out of my backpack (the first of either in a long time). It was very odd sitting in a living room butt naked with 3 other men. They seemed very relaxed and actually carried the conversation while I became acclimated.

They were already rubbing themselves while they drank and talked. I felt that if if touched myself I'd blow my load.

I asked Hiro and Shin why they did circle jerks if they had pussy to go home to. They laughed and agreed that their wives were boring. I was comfortable enough then to check them out. They were all about 5-5, or 5-6, and each had a light tan complexion. Their pricks blew me away. Mine is on the slightly larger that average side. Theirs were on the small side, but not too small and they all had a beautiful shape (I never thought I would be thinking that about cocks). Their peckers arced toward their bellies and had great looking arrow shaped heads.

They then asked if I was gay. They wouldn't believe my denials (not married at my age, many English teachers who come to Japan for the boys, and so on). It got to the point that they sounded as if they were trying to convince me I was.

"No, never even tried it. I told you this is the first time I have ever seen another guy's hard on. Why? Are you guys gay?" They giggled and looked at each other. Nao put his hand on my thigh and said "We're not gay, but we want to try.

We thought if you were we could try." I asked why they hadn't tried on each other. More giggles. They wanted a white guy, and they didn't want to suck or be fucked. "So you want a guy to be your bitch?" They remembered the word. "Yes. Bitch!" The ball was now in my court and I loved being a cock tease for the first time in my life. I was all aw shucks, I wouldn't be any good, I never did it before, and would just be a big disappointment.

They kept reassuring me, while I dressed. Finally I looked at Nao and asked to speak to him in the kitchen.

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There I told him if I was gonna' be their bitch, he would have to be my master and be very strict. I told he could slap me, spank me, pull my hair and tell me to do whatever he wanted (asshole licking and water sports were out) but the other two couldn't.

I told him to slap me. I felt the third one. We went back in the room and he explained the rules. He turned to me and told me to strip and slapped me because I hadn't already done so. When I was standing in the center of the room nude he grabbed my hair and told me to get on all fours.

He then proceeded to spank me. Five slaps with his hand and they stung like hell. I was sure his hand print was on my ass and that it was as red as my face. When he started to try to fuck me unlubricated I asked, very subserviently, that he use the gel in my bag.

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I soon felt his finger lubing me up. Then his dick. Slowly at first, until it was in, then he picked up the pace. I was moaning, it was intense, but not painful. I thought I was playing the whimpering, grateful twink very well. Oohing and awing about what he was doing, telling him how much I loved his cock.

I was bent over a couple of huge throw pillows and I could feel my dick sliding back and forth across the edge of them, slick with my drippings, while Nao drilled me. He then started spanking me with each thrust. Shin then kneeled in front of me and I started licking his tan arrowhead. Nao said something to him in Japanese and he turned around and kneeled on the couch with his ass in the air.

Nao told me to lick his balls, so I moved the pillows up to the couch and buried my face in Shin's rear and licked between the base of his balls and his asshole. He was delirious and Nao started back in my ass. A minute later Shin turned around and started fucking my face.

The taste of the pre cum on his shaft was great, and the feeling of his shaft sliding in and out of my mouth was amazing. I looked up and noticed he wasn't looking at me, but to his left. I looked over and there was a full-length mirror. What a picture!

There I was with my bare ass in the air and some little tan guy with nothing on but a big old pair of suede Timberland boots banging the hell out of my tail while another guy has got a groove on fucking my mouth.

I was in full blown lust. Nao's phone starts ringing. Shin answers and hands it to Nao. I look in the mirror, and he's got the phone on my back, the receiver to his ear, carrying on a normal conversation while he is slamming me with a thrust, a slow pullout and another hard thrust. He hangs up grabs me with both hands and really picks up the pace.

Nao started grunting when he started coming and then collapsed backwards. Seconds later Shin grabs my hair, starts to pull my head back and his dick out of my mouth. I started to freak. I didn't want a facial, so I started blurting out, "nomitai, nomitai! " - I want to drink, I want to drink! He went back in my nnouth and instantly blew his load down my throat.

I collapsed backwards on the floor. Hiro came over with his dick in his hand aiming for my mouth. I told him to hold on. I know cum doesn't age well so I wanted to drink the taste out of my mouth.

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I kneeled in front of the table and no sooner took a swig that Nao grabs the bottle out of my hand, grabs my hair and pulls me over onto my back, slaps me while Hiro straddles my head and starts working his pretty little penis in and out of my mouth.

The poor guy was so turned on watching the three of us before he shot his wad in about three thrusts, and like with Shin, only after the fact was I amazed that I had no problems swallowing their cum. This from a guy who gags on his on toothbrush. They took a leisurely shower together while I sat on the toilet feeling Nao's spunk drip out of my ass.

The night was young. See part 2.