Wicked whore gets double penetrated by two cute ambisexual guys

Wicked whore gets double penetrated by two cute ambisexual guys
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Fbailey story number 550 Slow Comfortable Screw Lillian, a nice lady in our church had an emergency operation and had to stay on bed rest for six to eight weeks.


Several of us in the church signed up to take turns checking in on her and seeing to her needs. We were one of the first couples to visit her and that was when she requested us to visit her husband in prison. We didn't even know that her husband was in prison.

She told us the necessary information and then she whispered more information to my wife, which she chose not to share with me. That was strange. The day we visited Lillian's husband, it was fairly easy for us to get in. My wife filled out a form and put a strange emblem in the upper right hand corner.

It was the letter B surrounded by the letter C. It looked like a brand on a cow in a western movie. We had to remove every piece of metal that we had, most of which could go in with us but just had to be inspected first. Then there was a question of my wife's sexy bra. It was the one that I liked best. It was from Victoria's Secret and it was pink and brown with a pair of matching panties. The bra had an under wire and a front clasp. The clasp was plastic but the wire was metal. Anyway she wound up removing it, putting it in a brown paper bag, and letting the male officer fondle it through the bag.

On the other side of the metal detector she was told to put it back on and she did. We were in the visiting room only a short time when Ted came in and introduced himself to us. We sat down and talked for a moment then I watched as Ted looked around nervously. My wife leaned into him and whisper something into his ear.


He smiled and then one of his hands went up under her sweater. Oh my God she was letting him feel her up. I just sat there and waited.

What to hell, he probably needed that more than I did. I couldn't imagine years away from my wife and sex. It lasted about a full minute. Then my wife said loud enough for the two of us to hear her, "Your wife asked me to let you feel me up because she couldn't be here herself." Oh that explained it.

Then my wife said to me, "I'm going to go into the lady's room and remove my bra, I'll slip it into the waist of my skirt but I'll need you to put it in your pocket for me when I come out." I said that I would. She came out and I put it in my pocket and then she cuddled into Ted again. When he slipped his hand up under her sweater I knew exactly what he was doing. What I didn't see was that his other hand was up under her skirt playing with her hairy pussy. Her panties were inside her folded bra.

That cuddle lasted more than a minute. Apparently there was an unwritten rule about molesting your female visitors. As I looked around other men had their hand up something, or down something, getting a good feel too. One guy had most of his hand down the back of his wife's stretch pants and most of his fingers up inside his wife's pussy from behind.

They were enjoying it and as long as the guards couldn't see him the one-minute rule didn't seem to apply. As I looked around I noticed that each male inmate had just one female visitor. I was the only male visitor in the room. Also there were no children present either. My wife took every opportunity to allow him full access of her body. He managed to give her a few orgasms too just to watch her squirm.

She loves to have me rub her clit and says that it is much better than when she does it herself. When they kissed it was full on with tongue.

I was pretty sure that she was stroking his cock in his pants. All I know was that neither one of them wanted the visit to end. On the way home she asked me if I was okay with what she had done for Lillian's husband. She promised to make it up to me double even triple. Then she asked if we could go back in a couple of days. I told her that it depended on how well she made it up to me.

I got a blowjob on the way home for starters. That evening we went to see Lillian and tell her about the visit. Lillian asked her how the Brief Congical visit had gone, hence the B C brand in the upper corner.

My wife had requested a special contact visit knowing what she was expected to do. Hell, she could have told me in advance, I would have understood.

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I listened to my wife tell Lillian everything including him finger fucking her to several orgasms. When she mentioned paying me back triple, Lillian said that she would be happy to repay me ten times over.

Then she invited me to get in bed with her to start paying me back. When I questioned her Lillian said, "Look the only sex I've had in the past ten years is a one-minute quickie every now and then in that Brief Congical visiting room. I would love a slow comfortable screw and I don't mean the mixed drink either.

Please climb in here with me." I asked, "But what about your bed rest?" Lillian smiled and said, "If you are gentle, nothing bad is going to happen. Look, your beautiful wife made my husband happy, now it's my turn to make you happy.

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Please come in here with me." She pulled the covers down. I had always admired Lillian as a pretty woman but lying there naked like that she was even more beautiful than I had expected. Her breasts were full and firm, and they stood up proudly, her tummy was flat and smooth, and her pussy had just the right amount of fur on it.

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I looked over at my wife and then I started to undress to get in bed with Lillian. Lillian gestured for my wife to join us. I watched her remove her sweater and her skirt. Her breasts had scratches and fingernail marks on them and her pussy looked red and swollen.

Together we climbed in bed with Lillian, one on each side. Lillian touched my wife's breasts and said, "You must have really gotten him excited. He hasn't done that to me in a long time. But then again I sit in his lap facing him and let him fuck me.

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Maybe you will let my husband fuck you too." My wife looked at me and then said, "I don't know, I've never cheated on my husband before." Lillian said, "Neither have I. This will be my first, but I'm sure looking forward to it." She then turned to me and asked, "Can we cuddle afterwards? I really want someone to just hold me in their arms afterwards." She turned back to my wife and said, "A one-minute quickie followed by me rubbing my slimy crotch on one of his knees to clean up afterwards, isn't a thrill after the first few hundred times.

However, he likes the proof that we actually did it and then he can jerk off to our scent for days afterwards." I kissed Lillian like I kiss my wife when I really want sex. I held her firm breast and then I sucked that nipple into my mouth.

I saw Lillian pulling my wife's head toward her other breast. Then I watched her latch on to Lillian's other nipple. Together we sucked on them while Lillian stroked the backs of our heads. While I was busy searching around in Lillian's pussy to get the lay of the land my wife's hand found mine.

She rubbed the back of my hand as I tickled Lillian's clit. Then I felt Lillian's hand on my cock. It was not an urgent feel it was the start of her slow comfortable screw. My wife and I took our time caressing Lillian all over. She even took over for me on Lillian's clit when I started fingering her pussy.

Lillian moaned and thanked us both. She wished that she had confided in us years ago. When Lillian asked me to enter her, my wife moved her hand toward my cock and guided it into our friend. I tried to do everything just the opposite of what I thought her husband might do. I entered her so slowly that it was hard to tell if I was actually entering her at all.

My wife caressed my back while Lillian caressed my ass with both of her hands. My elbows were on the mattress tight to her breasts, my arms were up under her shoulders, and my hands were holding the back of her head and her smooth warm neck.

I had my knees on the mattress between her legs holding them wide open as I lay there inside her. I could feel my cock growing harder and twitching in need of further stimulation. I slowly pulled back and then I slowly entered her.

Lillian told me that she loved me, then we kissed. My wife just rubbed my back. It was one of those rubs where she goes every so slowly and just barely touches the skin. It's the kind of backrub that makes the hairs stand up. I just love those backrubs. It was her way of giving her approval.

I moved my legs to the outside of Lillian's legs closing hers in the process, that way I get much more feeling. My enthusiasm was building. Lillian could sense it and she said, "Go for it if you want too.

I've had my fun." I pulled out most of the way and then thrust into her. It was hard, it was deep, and it caused her to loose her breath. Lillian said, "Oh my God, that has been a long time. You feel so good inside me and it has been a lot longer than a minute too." My wife replied, "It has been fourteen minute, Lillian." I pulled back and then I started fucking her for real.

I could not slow down because I needed to cum inside that woman. I fucked her for as long as I could but all too soon I had to cum. When I did, she closed her eyes and she moaned in yet one more of her orgasms. When I lay there letting her recover Lillian said, "I love you." Then she opened her eyes and realized that it was me. She turned toward my wife and said, "I'm so sorry, I got carried away." My wife said, "It's okay.

I don't mind. Really!" I rolled over to my side of the bed, pulled Lillian onto her side, and then let her cuddle into me. My wife spooned her and the three of us took a nap. An hour later I woke up and my wife was looking at me, then she smiled, and mouthed the words…I love you. I moved and Lillian woke up. Before we left my wife gave Lillian a sponge bath making sure to clean her pussy real well. She didn't want some other church lady finding my generous amount of cum inside a bedridden woman.

Several nice kisses to each of us and several thank-you's later, we left. On our way home my wife asked me if I would allow her to fuck Ted. When I said yes, she asked me if I would allow her to go by herself. She told me that she might not have the courage to do it if I were there. However, she knew that if she were to sit on Ted's lap facing him that he would fuck her. I might consider it rape if I were watching it. Again I said yes, that she could go alone. I knew that it would not be rape even if he did have to make the first move.

She could not wait two days for her next visit, she went the following day. I went over to check on Lillian. She called the person that was scheduled to come in and help her and told them that she was in good hands. I figure that I was making love to Lillian while her husband was fucking my wife in less than one minute. I knew that I was getting the better deal. I also knew than when Lillian told me that she loved me, that she meant it.

As we lay there afterwards cuddling, Lillian told me that her husband had gotten drunk and raped a woman. The woman turned out to be the daughter of someone very important and he got the book thrown at him.

It was a state senator's daughter. We were still cuddled when my wife called and said that she was on the way. We were in bed when she let herself in. She quickly stripped and got in bed with us. As my wife told us about her Congical visit she and Lillian fingered the other's pussy that contained their own husband's cum.

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Ted had fucked her all right, three times. She had not been in the room with him for more than five minutes when she climbed on his lap and told him to fuck her. He did not need a second request. She then worked on him until he could get in her a second time. She had left a good trace on each of his pant legs. Then just before their visit was up he got inside her for a third time. My wife told us how great a quickie could feel. Lillian told her how great a slow comfortable screw felt.

My wife said, "We can become very good friends in the next fifty to seventy-five years. We can share husbands and maybe even live together." Lillian said, "I'd like that." I replied, "Me too." The End Slow Comfortable Screw 550