Force sex with wnife japan

Force sex with wnife japan
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As I said in the last story, My friends Dad owned an Adult novelty store. When My 14th birthday came around, Brandon wanted to throw a little party for me. Just him, me and his Dad. I brought the usual things, Boxers, (There sooooo comfy!) My amazing silver bullet, and clothes.

When I arrived there Brandon welcomed me in. They had a two storey house with a rancher for a garage. (Where the novelty items are kept) I sat down at the kitchen table waiting for Stan, Brandon's Dad.

He came out with a small cake, and a gift bag. Brandon also had a gift. I took a bite out of the cake, and carefully unwrapped the gift. To my surprise, I found an eight inch, purple jelly twist vibrator.

I gazed upon the wonderous item.

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What fun I would have with this! "Thank you! I can add this to my collection!" "Your very welcome!" There was a second bulky gift in the bag. I pulled out to what seemed to be a DVD. I looked at the cover wich read, "Blonde Bombshells 3" On the back it read. "Ultimate fun with Chrissy, Tammy and Dildos! Watch them as they engage them selves in pleasureable fun!" Stan had to leave to work a late shift at the store. He would be back at morning. I couldnt wait to watch the movie.

The door slammed shut as Stan left. I looked out the window as distant headlights moved across the road. I changed into my PJ's.

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A Pair of pink low rise panties, and a brown tanktop. I didnt mind Brandon seeing me in my underwear. He put in the movie and we started to watch. A blonde girl walked into a room, took of her clothes, and pulled out a plastic Vibrator from her cunt. She turned it on, and engaged in Masturbation.

We watched the movie untill it was over.


I was very horny. "Hey Ally, want to come up to my room? I want to give you my gift!" "Sure!" I grabbed my jelly twist, and rushed up the stairs to Brandon's room. He handed over a card which said "you get one free pass to a pussy licking fucking ass raming party!" I threw the card on the ground and jumped on Brandon.

I kissed him on the lips and on the cheek. I got up and stripped down to nothing. I grabbed hte jelly twist, set it to medium speed, and strated the fun.

Brandon watched in amazement as I cummed all over the carpet.

I groaned, moaned, gave him the works. I went on his bed, and spread my legs apart.

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Right away he strarted munching my pussy. I cummed again, he lapped up the maiden oil pouring on his face. his blonde hair got a little wet from it. "God you taste good! Damn it!

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Can you suck my cock?" I jumped of the bed, and started sucking on the hard dick that was waiting for my greeting. I sucked it for about 5 minutes. I pumped it, and licked the cum. I licked the top sucked up and down shaft.

Cum exploded in my face.


It dribbled down my Breasts. I was tingling from the sensation of orgasm, and excitement. He laid down on the bed. I climbed on top. I placed his cock in my opening, and french kissed him, while he was fucking me. I sat down on his cock, still facing him, and moved in a circular motion, While he thrusted up and down. It felt amazing. I reached down and grabbed hte jelly twist, and placed it in my asshole. I set it maximum speed and waited for the orgasm. I was about to pop with pleasure. I moved around so fast untill the juices flowed.

I was tired of this postion, so I bent over on my hands and knees and let him doggy fuck me. I placed the vibrator in my Cunt at full speed. I couldnt contain my self much longer. I strarted to climax. I turned around so that he was ontop. He moved so that my legs were over top of him.

He fucked me this way until he cummed.

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He took his cock out and I sucked it again. We fucked untill about 1:30. I woke up at 2:30 AM to go to the bathroom. for some reason my panties felt wet. I heard a voice just as I was leaving the door. "Going anywhere?" I looked to see Brandon sitting up in his bed. "Not anymore!" I climbed back in the bed, took of my panties, and kissed him. Putting my hands down his pants, I could feel his hard cock. I took it out, and started sucking on it.

"ahh, uummm, mmmmmmmm." He took my head and bobbed towards his cock, in an in and out motion. I was so horny that we decided to do the Power 69! (I saw it my friends shirt so I decided to add it to the story.) I sucked his balls, while he franticly licked my clit.

I exploded all over his face.

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After that ordeal it was about 3:00 in the morning. We went to stan's room to see if he was their. Instead, we saw Stan, and what looked like to be a box full new toys! WE quickly snuck into the room, and ravaged through the box.

Dildos and pocket pussies galore! I grabbed a dildo, anal beads and some cherry scented lube, while he grabbed a ribbed pocketpussy.

We quickly went back o his rom, sharing our toys among each other. We fell back alseep. I left the house, with a bag of my find!

When I got home my mom was still sleeping in her bed with my stupid asshole stepdad. I went to the kitchen to get something eat.

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The usual. Frosted cheerios. As I was eating my breakfast, and reading a magagzine, I felt strong hands push me against the kitchen wall. "Dave? Is that you?" I felt the hands pull down my pants, and slip a hard dick in my cunt. "AAhh, STOP! that hurts!!!!" "Sssshhhhhhh. . Take it nice and easy babe." Teh rape lasted for about 5 minutes.

I hated my dad. this was the second time in week. He left me their sobbing on the cold kitchen floor. I got a hold of my self, and decided to run away. I packed a few belongings in a plastic grocery bag. a few change of clothes, my purple jelly twist, ofcourse, and m y other stuff.

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I rushed over to Brandons house. I hestaited before knocking. "Would this be a good idea?" Yes. I knocked and the door. "Come in!" "Hey Stan. I have a question to ask. things are getting pretty ruff around my house, an I was wondering if I could stay here, for a while. If that would be okay." "Sure!

Make your self at home! Brandon will be delighted.


Of course you will have to pay me back." "" "Ohhh! OYu just have to work at the skin bar! We ahve our own strip bar too, so you'll work their every two days." "Ummm okay." "I'll get your costume from the store.

" "Im home!" "Hey Ally!! Waht are you doing here?" "Staying here with you! For a while." "thats great!" Stan was back around 2:00. He had in his hand what seemed to be knee riding fishnets, a dildo,(The cheap jelly ones) and a lowrise see through pantie.

"Put this on, and boot your little ass over there!" I raced over with my gedup, and didlo. I switched it with the jelly twist. When I got their, I put my money strap around my leg, and went up to the pole. I heard distant whistles, and WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP! And the occasional fap fap fap of some distant horny buiness men. I got up and strated working it! It felt wonderfull! the cold metal slidding between my tits, the smooth feel of the pole ridding up my pussy, I got the dildo, and started rubbing it between my breasts, I put it my mouth, playfully licking it, and softly licking it.

I shoved it up my cunt, and started pole swining, dancing around in my my three inch heels. I meade about 50$ after that ordeal, and was on to table dancing. Each table has a built in pole. I went ot each table, and worked it hard. I even gave hummers to desoerpate men, to cheap to pay hookers. For the whole day I made 562$. I handed 100 Stan, and 300 brandon. Well done! You can definetly stay!