Brunette slave doggy fucked in bondage

Brunette slave doggy fucked in bondage
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My name is Rachelle, but most people here know me as Star.

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I absolutely love it here at The Pink Pony. Being so close to Vegas it isn't like most the strip clubs you might go to. Relaxed laws, utter privacy and over the top spectacles make this place amazing. Only top notch girls can find work here, but once you are in the money is incomparable to any other club. One of the best attractions here is our own special brand of sexual wrestling.

In it two girls go into a ring wearing almost nothing, which doesn't usually stay on for very long, and they go at each other. But when I say "go at each other" it is a little more complex than you would think. The ultimate goal is to force the other girl to cum, but it is a fight type setting and you have to play to the crowd.

So you are torn between wanting to hurt or expose a girl for the benefit of the crowd and wanting to make her feel good. Both girls get paid well for the fight but the winner of course takes home the purse. Another catch with the crowd is that at the end of the night all the guys, or girls, can place a vote for their favorite girl; you get bonuses for how much the crowd likes you.

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Additionally, the more a crowd likes you the more guys are going to line up and pay for your attention afterwards. So as you can see it is a bit of a tightrope, but I couldn't think of anything I would rather be doing. There are a couple of more idiosyncrasies to the match. If a girl is pinned for a three count or forced to submit, instead of losing the match the ref instead gives a set amount of time (and possibly a toy) that the other girl has free reign with in order to try and force her to cum.

This is how most of the matches are won. The last little detail is that it is broken up into timed rounds so we can catch our breath or play to crowd. It is a wild event and last Saturday was one of my favorite yet. The DJ/announcer started it all of over the intercom, "Fellas make a warm welcome for the Princess of Pain, the Tormenting Temptress, the Beautiful Star!" With that I was picked up and sat at shoulder level on the hands of two amazingly buff men without shirts that carried me out ringside.

I was only wearing a small dark blue bikini top and matching thong. I have always thought that dark blue looked good against my slightly golden skin and platinum blonde hair. While carried out, I was waving to the howling crowd, but I was more focusing on the massive hands on my nearly bare ass. They were nice rough strong hands on the soft skin of my well worked ass. One of them had let his hand slide a bit so it was actually pressing inside my crack. I didn't mind at all, I would have fucked either of them in a heartbeat anyway, chances are at some point I probably already had.

When they sat me down by the ring I gave them both an exaggerated peck and made my way into the ring. I stepped one leg over the top rope, most girls would have trouble with this feet but being 6' it came much easier to me.

I stood for a second with the rope taut between my legs and an innocent look on my face as the crowd erupted. The DJ then came over the loud speaker again, "Ladies and gentlemen, how give a warm welcome to the nastiest little thing in the bedroom or in the ring, Vixen!" We didn't really have friends here because we spent almost all our time fucking the clientele, but I knew Vixen and knew that she was as vicious as she was sexy.

She was smaller than me at about 5'8" but like every girl here she was extremely fit. She was carried out in the same fashion.

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Her tiny black thong bikini was beautiful on her pale skin and jet black hair. As she crawled into the ring, she did a bit of stretching.

First she put one leg up over a turnbuckle so her legs were split widely to the crowd as she reached for her toes. I took the opportunity to stretch also by doing a series of toe touches to try and give the crowd a good view of my ass.

The ref then joined us in the ring. Sheila, or the girl most people knew as Ebony, was a very tall, very curvy girl with the darkest skin and hair you would imagine from someone with such a name. She wore a spandex black and white striped top that was so small that her DDD tits were forced out the top fully exposing her huge hard nipples. The matching shorts she wore were driven so far up her ass they almost appeared to be a thong.

Upon entering the ring, she spread her legs and began shaking her great ass violently at the crowd. After the cheers slightly died down the bell was rung and we were off. Vixen and I locked arms at first to try and get a feel for the other's strength. I was able to push her back just a touch when she spun behind me and grabbed me from behind. She took the opportunity to give my tits a few squeezes from behind. I didn't try to get away while she was doing this as I know this type of thing is always good to get the crowd going.

But after her brief copping a feel, she quickly jerked my top off. The bikinis they gave us were intentionally made out of a material that the strings would slide rather than tighten when pulled. I took a second to feign embarrassment at exposing my huge tits and hard pink nipples that I am in actuality very proud of. The two of us locked up again but this time I was able to convert over to a headlock and I guided her face directly into boobs. I shook them about bludgeoning her with my secret weapons.

She had nowhere to go and no way out, so instead she reached out and gripped my pussy. I loved the pressure she put on it. She was squeezing hard enough that I had to toss my head back at the pain but it still felt so god damn good. I had to release her though, because it was getting too much for me, but as we broke to make distance I felt her fingers slide hard against my crack making sure to keep hold of the tiny material that was barely covering my cunt.

It came off just as easily as the top did, and I was standing their completely naked. The crowd went nuts, and it got me very excited. But somehow I felt like I was losing having so quickly lost all my clothes while Vixen still had on everything, well by everything I mean a few inches of material covering her vitals. I thought that I must make the most of the situation and did a little more crowd play.

I licked two fingers and then roughly rubbed them on my clit before I started slapping it. I knew I wouldn't have much time and it was only seconds before Vixen had tackled me from behind and we were rolling around on the mat.

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In all our tossing and turning there was groping galore. At one point I managed to position myself on top of her as if I were riding her cowgirl. I took the opportunity to grab her luscious tits and squeeze as hard as I could.

When her top broke away into my hands, I continued to slap them about. I then leaned way over, driving my naked pussy high into the air, and clamped down my teeth on one of her nipples. She squirmed erratically underneath me and the instant she felt my teeth release the sensitive nipple she bucked me forward.

I'm sure she was trying to throw me off of her, but she just didn't have the strength. I did fly forward, but only far enough that I was straddling her face. I took her hair into my hands and forced my cunt down onto her pretty little face. The crowd became a loud static cheer as I forced her to eat my pussy.

I gyrated all about as she madly sucked and licked my crack. Her mouth was all over the place one second she would be sucking on my clit and the next second I wouldn't know if she would have her tongue driven in sopping cunt or tickling my tender asshole.

I did know I couldn't let it go on much longer because she was just too fucking good. I wanted to cum in her face so bad but that would mean losing the match. As I tried to stand she held my thighs and her face stayed attached to my pussy.

She knew just how close I was. But as her grip began to break, she knew that then wasn't the time. This didn't stop her however, from ramming two fingers in my dripping hole a few times before I got completely free. The bell then rang to signal the end of round one. Now was my time to earn some crowd points, and I was actually a bit happy I was completely naked because in this bit of the game Vixen was now disadvantaged by that extra little bit of covering between her legs. We both quickly exited the ring on opposite sides and went strait for the cheering crowd.

The first guy I came to I barely even saw before I had his hair in my hands and I was forcing his face into my tits. I twisted quickly so that the heavy weight of my boobs was pulling against me as they were slapping his face. The next guy I came to I began grinding on. My bare ass gyrated and rolled on his hardening cock.

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I knew I was going to leave wet stains on the front of his pants by how hard I was flowing but I didn't mind, and I am sure he didn't either. Moving to the next of the almost randomly chosen guys I turned to present my ass to him. Once again I leaned over but this time I delivered a series of hard strait thrust strait into his crotch as hard as I could. Once satisfied with the time I had given him and about knocking him over I stopped in front of him to let him have a final look before I moved on.

But the guy next to him then began to spank me, and I rather liked it. I turned my ass towards him to give him a better shot and the next thing I knew he had jammed his fingers up inside my cunt.

Shocked but very excited I repeated the thrusting movements while letting his fingers fuck me. Hell I would have let him stick his dick in me if it would get me top votes and a few clients that night. With that the bell rang for us to return to the ring. I turned around and grabbed the cock of the man who hard been fingering me. It was rock hard as I roughly shook it in much the fashion that I would have delivered a hand shake.

Going back to the ring I "shook" as many cocks as I could grab before crawling in. Round Two and I was feeling very hound and horny. Vixen and I locked arms again and we were almost immediately on the ground. She was very fit but I was just a little stronger than her so I managed to work my way into laying on top of her while she was face down.

I then spun around so that her meaty round ass was right in my face. I reached in between her lovely cheeks to grip the tiny thong, but not before giving her a quick pussy rub.

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As I ripped off the last little bit of her modesty the crowd went wild and without a second's hesitation I drove my face between her wildly thrusting cheeks and buried my tongue in her tight pink little asshole. I loved her taste, it was some type of amalgamation between her normal body chemistry and the sweet lotions that we girls here at the pony like to use.

Either way she was absolutely delicious, but she was putting up too much of a fight for me to make her cum, I couldn't keep my tongue on her hole long enough. So I decided it was time to fight dirty. I slid my bare ass up her back, most surely leaving a trail of my juices on her back as I moved to a seated position.

I then grabbed both her legs under my arms and crouched back to bend her body in a reverse "C" type figure. This did two things for me.


It gave me, and the crowd, and great view of her exposed and immobilized cunt, but it also put her into a position she would most definitely have to submit and give me the free time I wanted with her asshole. Sure enough it wasn't long until the sexy Ebony declared that I had five minutes of free reign on her. I left her where she lay but pushed her knees up against her huge tits, so that her nether region was entirely exposed up in the air for the crowd to see before I began to eat it. I pulled her cheeks far apart as I shoved my face in her sweet, sweet crevice.

After some frantic sucking of her clit and tonguing of her slit, I found her little asshole once again I ran my tongue in circles around the tender patch and then forced it slightly within the steel tight gate. I explored the inside of her rim as much as I could given how much she was clenching. Soon I could feel her slightly rocking against me. She was starting to moan. I thought I had her. But then Ebony blew her whistle signaling my five minutes were up.

I didn't want to stop, and I don't think Vixen wanted me to either, but a few seconds after the whistle she quickly jerked away from me to stand before she came. Upon standing she roughly rubbed her clit in circular motions as if to kill the pain of having to stop so abruptly.

We both knew the score and we knew at any time either of us could be put over the edge. Pinning or subs were going to be the immediate goal. We locked up again but this time, she quickly slid an arm between my legs and was lifting me up by my naked twat. I was quite surprised, as even though I have always been very thin it was still shocking she could lift someone my height with such ease.

Her forearm rubbed my wet cunt as I was hurled into the air and found myself resting on her shoulders. One arm was locked over my shoulder and firmly gripped my right breast while her other ran between my naked thighs and secured itself on my outer hip.

Try as I might I knew I was at her mercy and it wasn't long until Ebony awarded her five minutes of control and a giant dildo. Now by giant dildo I mean it was more of short sword equipped with handle and all. I knew I was in for a good fucking and wasn't sure I would be able to keep my head. She lay me down over by the edge of the ring.

She pulled my legs to the outside and as I lay on my stomach they dangled below. I knew this gave the crowd a perfect view of both my holes as I lay there helpless.

She whipped me a few times from outside the ring with the mammoth cock before she rammed it in my burning cunt.

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Oh she was so sadistically exquisite with her thrust. She was hitting so hard inside me that she was forcing me to rock with every successive jab. It hurt so much to be drilled so hard but my god did it ever feel fucking good. I bit down tightly on my lip as tears near came to my eyes.

I tried to choke away the feeling that was building all over my body as it was being violated and abused for the amusements of all the onlookers. I had all but given in to the ecstasy when Ebony came to my rescue, she exclaimed that my five minutes were up and so was Round Two. As Vixen pulled the monster cock from my aching orifice a long stream of myself trailed from the phallus. I felt the same terror that Vixen probably had after her sudden stop earlier and needed to give my pussy some immediate attention.

I ran to first guy I saw and shoved his hand into my crotch. His strong rough fingers helped to ease the neediness of my hungry hole, but they didn't quite compare to the weapon I had just been treated with.

I reached over to the guy next to him and guided his fingers to my cunt also. Before I knew it I was once again turned around, bent over and there were three guys with hands all over my ass, all in my pussy, and trying to penetrate my ass.


I loved all the attention but I was still in trouble of being too close to cumming. I never want to slow the show down and being as I was still so incredibly horny, I turned to face the group and grabbed two rock hard cocks through their pants.

I then told the three of them to "Take it out, and I'll suck it." I dropped to my knees as I was presented with three eager cocks in my face. I took the two outer dicks in my hands and began stroking as I tried to work my mouth around the enormous head of the guy in the middle. I abused the three cocks full force; I was all geared up and I was not showing any mercy.

I alternated which cock I worked my mouth on while beating the other two with each hand. Then without any warning I felt the warm jet stream of cum shooting into the back of my throat. He had gripped my hair firmly to ensure that I had nowhere to go and my eyes must have almost popped out of my head as he flooded my mouth with his wonderful but surprising nectar.

I then felt another shot against my cheek, and as my hair was released I quickly moved my mouth to cover the other spewing fountain. There was a distinctly different flavor with this one, and I felt so god damned horny at the thought of what a good fucking slut I was to suck these guys off in such a short amount of time. At that moment the bell rang for Round Three, but I wasn't leaving here unfinished and I knew with what had just happened they wouldn't make me.

Soon Vixen was kneeling at my side licking the cum from my face where I wasn't able to attend to the second guy soon enough. We both took turns sucking and stroking the final dick until he was about to blow, I aimed him at Vixen and she graciously opened wide as we watched the shots of semen delivered into her mouth. I then gave her a great open mouthed kiss. She pushed a bit of his cum into my mouth and we took turns playing with it on our tongues and between them until I finally swallowed.

As Vixen crawled into the ring in front of me I couldn't help but grab and spread her sexy ass as I shook it between my hands. We never even stood up inside the ring before we were going at it. And this time it wasn't near as reserved. Her hands went immediately for my pussy and mine for hers. I fingered her with all abandon, accepting that if I was going to cum I was going to cum and I couldn't stop it.

But evidently, she got close first and wasn't as willing give in to the pleasure because without warning she was trying to put me in another submission hold. She had locked her leg around mine and started to apply pressure; but as she did the most sublime of things happened.

Her dripping little fuck hole pressed up against my own. My aching cunt craved the contact of her soft yet burning pussy. I pressed hard into her and began to grind against her. Wetness was running down my thigh and my burning was getting the better of me. Both our cunts were so smooth and so sensitive, it was enough to drive me over. I felt the first wave of my orgasm start to creep up my body. But just then Vixen cried out. The unmistakable flood sensation had hit her also.

I joined her cries and we were like a duet of banshees, fucking each other until we couldn't take it any more. Technically the match was a draw but I had to consider it a win as a whole. Not only did I get to fuck a beautiful girl, my pussy had been teased incredibly, I got to suck three cocks, feel god knows how many more, and I knew that I was about to have plenty more lined up fuck me senseless as soon as I left the ring.