Nubian shemale with pierced cock wanks

Nubian shemale with pierced cock wanks
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It has been an exhausting day for Jocelyn today. Four hours riding in a mobile news van and four hours in a small town near the Oklahoma state line reporting a story. Now Jocelyn and her camera man are finally free, all she wants to do is get back to her motel room, and relax with a bottle of wine before her long ride back to Dallas tomorrow morning.

As she gets to the motel lobby, she decides to take a quick detour to the motel bar for a quick drink before she heads upstairs to bed, after a long and boring day she wouldn't mind socializing for a little while. As she gets to the bar she notices it's empty, she feels a little sad that no-one is there, but it doesn't stop her, someone will come along soon, she is almost certain of it.

The small bar has been set up like a lounge, with a long row of stools at the bar on her left, and on her right there are rows of coffee tables and black leather sofa's. Even though this motel is a budget deal at the last-minute, she can't help but feel as though she is in a five star hotel for a small town.

There is relaxing music playing in the background, along with the dim lighting of the room it is a perfect way to relax after a long day. Jocelyn sits on one of the stools in front of the bar and a barman quickly notices she sat down and walks over to her with a friendly smile. " Welcome miss, what can I get for you today?" He is professional and polite.

" I think I'll have a glass of wine if that is ok?" As Jocelyn daydreamsshe has failed to notice me walking over to her and sitting down in front of her. CLAP! snaps her out of her daydream as I clap my hands in front of her eyes. Jocelyn jumps almost spilling her drink. She looks in front of her, her heart begins to pound as she sees me sitting in front of her giggling at her daydreaming. Her face turns red and she wants to get up and walk away to save herself the embarrassment.

But instead of getting up and leaving Jocelyn waits for me to talk, after all, if I wasn't interested in her I wouldn't have come to this small town to talk to her, at least hear me out. " Sorry, I know you didn't expect to see me here, but I got a call that you would be reporting a story out of Dallas. Giving me the opportunity to be with you again, with no chance for your husband to see us together." I said smiling at her. " John, please I can't keep seeing you. I'm married." " I offered you this job and you accepted it, knowing there were certain expectations from you." I said.

" You are very attractive woman and I need to be with you again." As those words come out of my mouth she feels her heart racing, she can't help but think she wants to mount me again like the first time I fucked her. Jocelyn smiles looking down blushing then she sees a cheeky grin appear on my face, I know she is horny and wanting to be fucked.

" What room are you staying in?" I ask. " I'm staying in room 3oo, why do you ask?" Jocelyn can't believe I'm asking her. She thinks to herself she can't surrender to me again. " I will see you soon." Jocelyn finishes her drink, she stands up walking out of the bar towards the stairs in the lobby.

Jocelyn walks down the hall to her room, putting the key in the lock and going into her dimly lit room, slowly closing the door behind her. Jocelyn decides to go and take a shower, it's been a long day and she just wants to refresh herself before climbing into bed for a good nights rest.

After washing herself thoroughly she switches the shower off and gets out of the shower, quickly grabbing a towel and drying herself off. Once she is dry she wraps the towel around herself opening the door to the room where you can't wait to climb into bed. As soon as the door is open she walks into the room and looks to her left, she jumps out of her skin as I'm leaning against the wall with a smile on his face.

"How did you.?" She stutters, more out of surprise than fear, she finds herself being turned on by me standing there. " I paid the motel clerk $500, so I can get access to your room I want you again." I talk calmly to her, she can't help but relax, she knows she should be running to the phone and contacting the police, but she knows my wealth and political power influences a lot of people.

As she goes to open her mouth again, I walk towards her, quickly putting my finger over her mouth. I place my hands on her waist pulling her towards me, she finds herself eagerly pressing her body against me. I lean forward firmly pressing my lips against hers, she wraps her arms around my neck completely immersed in this passionate embrace. As she continues to kiss me, my right hand quickly loosens the fold in her towel causing it to slowly glide down her skin to the floor.

The cold air in the room quickly wraps around her causing goosebumps to appear. I suddenly pick her up, she wraps her legs around my waist as I carry her to the bed, slowly laying her down and begin softly kissing her neck. Jocelyn finds herself gripping the covers of the bed as the pleasure increases. I slowly begin to work my way down, kissing everywhere softly and tenderly, sending waves of pleasure through her, carefully kissing each nipple, she feels my warm tongue gently massaging them.

Jocelyn moans softly as I continue moving from the left, to the right taking extra care to be as gentle as possible. As I begin to go down further, I firmly grab her wrists, she grabs hold of the covers tighter, it's turning her on so much that she can't escape me, I'm taking advantage of her again, Suddenly she feels this amazing sensation on her clit, my warm tongue slowly massaging it, wave after wave of pleasure shoots through her body, her nipples are getting hard, she tries to move away but my firm grip on her wrists keeps her in place.

The pleasure increases, she feel it building, moaning with delight as she feels herself about to cum, I start licking faster and more firmly and this increases the pleasure. Jocelyn is moaning louder, her body tensing up before finally releasing wave after wave of pleasure, she feels herself cumming, it feels amazing. Jocelyn writhes on the covers while being held firmly in place by me. As the pleasure lessens, I stand up slowly undoing the belt on my trousers. Jocelyn watches as she lays there catching her breath feeling more turned aroused.

As my trousers drop to the floor her eyes widen as she again sees my monster penis, remembering the pain from the first time of penetration. I tell her to sit up and she finds herself doing what I want without question.

As she sits up she feels my hands on the back of her head. One hand gripping her hair the other supporting the back of her neck, she opens her mouth wide, as I slowly enter her mouth. Jocelyn quickly feel it filling herr mouth and reaching the back of her throat, I hold it there for a few seconds before pulling it back to the front of her mouth.

I continue fucking her mouth, her arousal is becoming uncontrollable as she begins massaging her clit feeling the pleasure building again, it's turning her on so much to be dominated like this, she has never had a man turn her on like I do, she finds herself cumming again before she realizes it, her moans softened by the Huge throbbing penis in her mouth. Her body shaking as her eyes close and she feels the most intense orgasm she has felt since our last time together.

It continues for the next sixty seconds wave after wave of pleasure running through her. As her body calms I slowly push her back down on the bed spreading her legs. Her heart racing even more looking at me, she remembers the difficult penetration and pain from the first time.

It was so difficult to take it in her tight pussy, she remembers all the blood after wards. I press it up against her, slowly the large head of my penis begins to slide its self in, she is feeling it stretching her. Jocelyn screams " Please don't fuck me, No, don't go that far, please don't. I won't tell anybody if you stop now. I'll blow you anytime and swallow, just don't fuck me, please.

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It's too big for my pussy, let me suck you off." My body between her legs pressing her into the bed, her knees spread wide. Jocelyn's head is slowly moving from side to side with her hands on my chest trying to push me back. Pleading, Jocelyn is begging, " NO!

NO! NO! STOP. please, you're too big stop. I'm married for god sakes; I'm begging you to stop. Please don't rape me again. John think about what you're doing, you're trying to rape me again." Her begging is making me want her even more and I've already to far gone to stop as I said " You know you loved my cock up in your tight pussy Jocelyn." Jocelyn is begging and pleading with me, " No John, please no, the last time your big was in my small tight pussy, it tore me in half.

It took me over a week to recover from the soreness and for the bleeding to stop. Please don't do this again please NO." I force myself on top her, " Fuck no; you're going to get it inside you Jocelyn." I rub it over her clit as I said, " Don't worry Jocelyn; you're going to love this big cock deep in you and you will be begging for more later on." I start to penetrate her with that large cock head. She threw her head back scream, " NOOOO! NOOOO! NOOOO! GOD NO!


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YOU'RE FUCKING KILLING ME, I CAN'T TAKE IT." As it goes in deeper, my hands pushing her shoulders down into the mattress. As I push myself all the way in her, she bites my shoulder trying to soften the loudness of her voice.

I begin thrusting, blood starts to seep from her pussy. The intense pain is mixing with pleasure as she feels full like nothing ever felt before, her legs have a mind of their own, shuddering every time I thrust into her. I grip her tighter, thrusting harder, deeper and faster with every stroke, and she slowly feels the pleasure building, she feels like she is going to lose control as I all the way in slamming my cock head against her cervix, it's unbearable as she begins to moan at the top of her lungs, I suck on her neck as she finds herself Cumming uncontrollably, screaming and trying to writhe as I hold her tighter.

Jocelyn feels the monster size of me more than ever as she becomes more and more sensitive, the orgasm keeps on going it's the most amazing feeling she ever had. Jocelyn looks down seeing the blood covering her thighs, she screams " Oh God John, I'm bleeding again.

You split me open again when you pushed it in." I'm lying on top of her with my abdomen pressing on her belly as I fuck her hard like a piston.

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She feels the pressure on her belly when I ram into her.We were grunting and moaning then all of a sudden I cry out " I'M CUMMING IN YOUR PUSSY JOCELYN! I'M CUMMING IN YOU." Jocelyn is shocked when I start growing larger in her pussy and she knows I'm going to cum in her. She feels the first shot of my cum deep in her cunt. I didn't ask if I could cum in her or take it out. That fucking bastard is going to get me pregnant!

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She cries out " JOHN! NOOOOO! TAKE IT OUT! STOP CUMMING IN MY PUSSY YOU DISGUSTING PIG. TAKE IT OUT YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!" I keep cumming and cumming, one shot after another and soon it is seeping out of her pussy. This went on for five minutes as we grunted and groaned. Jocelyn is cumming again; the combination of the monster cock and me cumming in her sends her over the edge.

My cum is now all over both of us and we are lying in a puddle of cum and blood. Jocelyn laying there breathing deeply, wiping tears from her face. Jocelyn begins to sit up, feeling light-headed. Smiling to herself as she slowly begins to stand up. As she walks towards the bathroom again for another shower, she can't help but think to herself that this is the night she will never forget. I enter the room again, grabbing the dresser in front of me as I look in the bathroom, seeing her walk to the sink and bend over.

I have always been attracted to women with nice asses, and I thought Jocelyn's looked amazing in tight fitting dresses, or skirts and slacks. In the second that it took her to reach the sink, I'm in full fantasy mode, imagining what it would be like to have her.I'm suddenly behind her, grabbing her waist. I push her back into the room, pushing her face down on the bed, I kiss the back of her neck, then kiss my way down her back. " You are beautiful," I said softly as I begin to fondle her ass cheeks and stare at her ass.

As she lay there watching me a new and exhilarating sense of eroticism grows in her; an eroticism that feeds off of the lust of me enjoying her ass. Her legs are spread open wide. Pillows are placed under her hips to get her ass raised off the bed.

The spreading of her legs makes the cheeks of her ass spread open and leaving both her cunt and her ass open to what ever I decide to do. Now I love using her wet cunt for my pleasure, its her asses turn to be attended to for my pleasure. As I stand at the end of the bed looking at her spread thighs, I pour warm scented lotion on both ass cheeks.

My hands begin to spread the lotion all around her quivering ass, rubbing it in circles. The flesh of her ass glistens with the lotion as it soaks into her skin making it softer and smoother. Damn she has got a nice ass I think to myself. As I rub lotion into her ass never once do I touch her wet sore cunt. I know its wet because I see it oozing moisture. My fingers slide between her ass cheeks barely grazing your asshole.

Over and over I slide my fingers just grazing that tiny tight orifice. And every time I graze that little opening, she jumps groaning and grunting her displeasure to me. It doesn't matter how much or how little noise she makes, I know that she adores having her ass caressed. Jocelyn moans into the sheets beneath her face, squirming as she feels the bed behind her dip.

I settle myself on my knees between her legs, making it impossible for her to close them even if she wanted to, the sensitive bundle of nerves around that virginal orifice flares with pleasure, as did her pussy when my thumb drags down the center of her slit. Jocelyn moans and squirms as I start probing her asshole with my finger; it feels strange and foreign but kind of good too.

It sent tingles up her spine and down into her pussy, which is sore. She feels me caressing outside of her asshole and then my finger pressing against the tight orifice. Her body jerks, she feels my finger sliding into the tight hole and she gasps, squeezing and forcing it back out. Behind her she hears me groan and she realizes that I'm aroused by what she had just done. My finger is pressing against the tight hole again, pushing into it as Jocelyn squirms. It feels wrong, Dirty, Nasty, and oh so hot.

I pull away and Jocelyn moans with disappointment, banging her fist on the mattress in frustration. My big frame leans over her and she froze, feeling the length of my cock sliding up her ass crack. Her brain screams a warning as her sore pussy throbs with needy excitement. Quivering with anxiety, there is no stopping me now, not until I have my monster cock crammed up her tight asshole. Then she feels something thick and hard prodding at her tight hole.

She panickes when she realizes that I wasn't going to loosen her up with my fingers, she hadn't been expecting to have to take my cock immediately. I wanted her to be tight, and I figured that I'd given her virgin asshole enough of a workout that she should be ready. " John wait! Pleaaaaaaaaaase.


Oh god!" Her voice drags out as I push inwards, the head of my cock popping past the tight ring of her sphincter. It is HUGE. She barely breaths as she grasps, the sheet with her fingers. Jocelyn automatically clenches, trying to force me back out, but the way her legs are spread hinders her attempt and she can't close them because my legs are in the way.

" Oh Jocelyn. you're so tight. just relax it'll get better." Her hot tight asshole is squeezing my cock like a vise. " Bear down on my cock Jocelyn, it'll help." Jocelyn did what I said, moaning as I slide deeper rather than pulling out of her. She thought that since she is squeezing that it would push me out, instead I managed to slide more of my cock into her burning tunnel. My cock is so thick, she feels the channel straining to hold me, her ring clenching down as her body tries to force itself back into the size it had been before.

" It hurts… John please take it out." " Shhh…" It is sheer torture but I stop my forward progress, holding myself immobile in the tight vise of her virgin asshole. Jocelyn moans as I rub my hands over her cheeks, biting back a little sob.

Her anus burn with the straining effort of being stretched so wide, she feels a deep throbbing cramping in her stomach that my soothing hands can't rub away. Despite that, she is still so aroused that she feels her pussy dripping. The log in her ass shifted and she groans as she feels me pulling out a little; it is strange, igniting another kind of ache as I receded, and then I gently push back in and she shudders. The amount of cock that is sliding back and forth in her deflowered asshole is only a few inches but it feels like a battering ram.

" Jocelyn. fuck you've got a tight asshole. that's it.

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squeeze my cock with your virgin ass." She moans. She isn't trying to squeeze my cock in a pleasurable way, she just can't stop her body from clenching down and trying to force the uncomfortable object out of her. The lube keeps my length slick, her gripping muscles can't get a firm enough hold to stop me from sliding deeper, instead her protesting anus just massages the portion of my cock that I'd worked into her.

Groaning, i thrust in deeper, spearing her with more than half my cock as Jocelyn cries out, trying to fall forward and get away from the fiery log that is forcing its way up her, but the pillows piled beneath her and my hands on her hips hold her in place. Her fingers digging into the mattress as she gasps for air, feeling as though her lungs are being tightened in a vise, the erotic pain blossoming inside her lower body.

Leaning forward, my cock slides farther inside of her. Bucking in response, Jocelyn muffles her scream as she accidentally forces her asshole further back onto my cock as I groan, reaching around with my fingers placing them over her mound, holding her lower body in place as I search out her clit. When I find it, pressing my fingers against the slick little nub, Jocelyn bucks again and the rest of my cock slides easily all the way in her asshole.

Whimpering, Jocelyn rests her head on the mattress, her hole spasming around the base of her my cock. She knew that I'm finally all the way inside of her because she feels the rough, wiry hairs of my groin rubbing against her splayed cheeks. Her body feels overwhelmed and confused by the conflicting sensations rushing through her. My fingers rubbing against her clitoris made her want to hump her hips up and down so that she can cum, but the fat cock in her asshole made her wonder if she would be able to orgasm while it burned and throbbed inside of her.

Then I begin to pull out again as Jocelyn writhes, whimpering, at the strangeness of my removal. The skin around her anus burns despite the slickness of the lube as my cock rubs roughly by.

About halfway out I stop and begin to plunge back in, making both of them groan for different reasons. When Jocelyn tries to jerk forward, to get away, she ends up rubbing her pussy against my hand and that made her clench and squirm beneath me.

The sharp pain of her anal defloration is slowly subsiding into a more generalized, duller ache as her body begins to become accustomed to her new dimensions. She lays quietly and submissive as I begin to thrust in and out of her asshole a little harder, feeling the burn but no longer fighting it. Closing her eyes she tries to focus on the pleasure of my fingers rubbing her little clit, feeling the eroticism of the slick cock moving in and out of her even if it is the wrong hole.

Her nipples rubbing against the mattress beneath her with every thrust of my cock and that feels good too. When Jocelyn starts moaning a little with mixed pleasure and pain, her body instinctively moving up to meet my cock as her tingling need to cum increases.

The anal fucking she is receiving still hurts, but it is starting to hurt in a good way. It mingles with her arousal and the pleasure in her pussy, making it bearable. " Oh fuck. that's it Jocelyn. give up that ass to me." Now she is moving with me, humping her hips backwards and rubbing her pussy all over my fingers. The erotic sensation is building up in her as I start fucking her ass with abandonment, taking it as roughly as I did her pussy as Jocelyn whimpers and squirms beneath me.

It hurt as she feels my cock rubbing over some place deep inside her that is building a tension she'd never felt before. Her asshole burns, pain and pleasure clashing together inside of her as I ravage her virgin ass, my fingers on her clit ensuring that she can never completely fall into a place that is too painful for her to take. The friction of my pistoning cock flares as I savagely fuck her ass, whimpers forced out of her with every thrust as her own pleasure climbs higher.

The orgasm slamming into her with all the finesse of a freight train, shocking in the intensity of the sensations that rip through her. Jocelyn howls as I pillaged her ass, feeling her body convulsing around my cock, her hips bucking wildly as she squeezes and arches, lost in the wild spasms of her climax.

Dimly she is aware that the cock in her ass is becoming thicker, the thrusts harder and rougher. She sob with the overwhelming sensations as her orgasm grows and multiplies, despite the fact that my hands are now on her hips, holding her in place as I ravage her asshole. There is no need for pressure on her clit to keep her orgasm going, it is spurred on by every drag of my cock over the sweet spot deep inside of her.

My cock pumping buried her dark cavity as she finally went limp beneath me, unable to move her watery muscles after the orgasm which has wracked her body.

Only the inner muscles of her rectum are moving, massaging my lengthening cock as the cum boils up in my balls. Jocelyn feels me moving, pummeling her from behind, and her whimpers are drowned out by my shout of triumph as I surge forward hard, burying myself in her ass as hot cum jets into the dark space.

The pulsing of my cock made her moan, she feels each spurt forcing its way past her tight sphincter and into her. The liquid bathing her insides, filling her more with my cock blocking the way for its escape.

Jocelyn moans, her asshole clamping down and milking every last drop of cum from me. My heavy weight collapse on top of her, covering her with my body. Hands ran underneath to cup her breasts as I tenderly kiss her shoulder, both of them panting as our breath returns and they came down from the sensual high. Jocelyn turns her head to meet my lip for a kiss; it is a very soft and gentle one, belying the savage fucking I'd just pounded her virgin asshole with.


Not virgin any longer, she thought. Now I had taken all of her, she knew that I wasn't going to stop just because she is married and she didn't want me to. She is my slut. I slowly raise up off of her, I stood beside the bed. " Jocelyn, I will see you again soon."