Nude male swimming gay porn Zaden pumps in and out shoving his

Nude male swimming gay porn Zaden pumps in and out  shoving his
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Chuck Chicago Assignment IV -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I want to thank everyone for the amazing comments. I am so flattered. What is interesting about this story is that it is based on an actual event that happened in my career as a contract construction manager. My story occurred in Memphis TN, and I added the incest which is purely fantasy for me, but I did have a project manager who invited me to her home to cook chili and we did end up in a very hot relationship that lasted the entire contract.

I still call her occasionally and we still have some pretty hot phone sex. When we left our story Brenda and Chuck were about to surprise Brenda's son and daughter in a big way: The sounds from the mancave were unmistakable. They stripped naked and entered the kitchen, as they moved to the door they heard the Scottish Brogue coming from Shelly's pretty little mouth. She was begging her 'loover, shoov yer loovstick into me arse' They stuck their heads around the door and Briana was sucking her brother's cock while Shelly was lapping at her pussy, and Sean her brother was slamming his cock into her tight little ass.

They walked into the room and began fucking on the floor right next to the kids. It was a few seconds before they noticed the intruders. "Fuck, mom, what the fuck?" Briana was freaking out. "Holy shit." was Cary's remark. Brenda and Chuck didn't miss a stroke, they fucked until both fell into a heap after cumming harder than they ever had together before.

"Did we do okay?" Brenda asked the kids. Sean ,moved over and positioned himself to fuck Brenda, "Oh yeah, Baby, I'll take some of that." she said as she stroked his fat hard cock and guided it into her waiting cunt. Chuck moved over to Shelly, "May I?" he asked as she spread her legs to take his swollen member. "Aye" was her immediate response. Briana looked at her brother and smiled.

"Looks like we aren't going to have to sneak anymore baby bro'" and with that she mounted him and fucked like there was no tomorrow. Chuck sank his cock deep into the beautiful little lassie's love box.

She purred as he stoked in and out of her amazingly wet, hot pussy. "You'll be fookin' me haird now, woncha Hon?" she said to him as he increased his stroke. Her green eyes flashed as she reached her first climax, her hips thrust forward to bury every centimeter of his steel hard cock into her quim.

"Aye, that's it." she shouted "Aye, and it's makin' me cum." her hips pumped faster as she went over the edge for the second time. Chuck was breathing hard as he pumped his cock into her as fast and hard as he could. He wanted this to be a memorable fuck for both of them.

He felt his balls begin to tingle alerting him that he was about to spray this gorgeous baby's internals with his hot spunk. "Oh fuck," he blurted, "Oh baby, here it comes." he grunted loudly and spilled his seed into his bonnie lass' beautiful tight pussy.

Shelly continued to pump against his cock as she experienced one last mind blowing orgasm. Brenda lay under her lover and allowed him to stroke his cock deep into her cunt. She sighed loudly as she reached her initial climax. She hugged the broad shoulders of the young man above her. "Come on, lover, have all you want." she said as she looked into his intense eyes. "Oh baby, that's some cock you've got there.

That's it baby, stroke it into Mama Brenda, fuck me nice and hard honey. Am I as good as my baby girl?" Sean seemed distracted by all this chatter. Brenda was having the time of her life. She didn't even seem bothered by her sore pussy. She was completely elated with what was happening. She looked over at her son and daughter. Cary was lying on his back and Briana was riding him in the cowgirl up position. She smiled broadly. "Get 'im, baby." she said to her beautiful daughter.

Briana smiled back, "Oh, I'm getting him, Mama, I'm getting him real good." Her breath was becoming labored as she neared her orgasm. Cary was watching his mother fucking his good friend. He was enjoying his sister's pussy, but his mind was on what his friend was feeling as he pumped his cock into her hot cunt.

He had fantasized about his mom often. He knew that Chuck was fucking her recently, but he also knew that for a long time she went without male attention. He had wanted to offer to relieve that situation, but had no idea how to approach her about it.

Now, he was watching her get fucked within five feet of him. As he thought about it, his cock was being ridden by his very hot sister. He closed his eyes and dreamed about fucking his hot mother. Within seconds he was pumping his spunk into Briana's cunt. "Cum in me, baby." Briana encouraged him to get his release. He grunted loudly as he emptied his balls.

Briana slumped onto his chest. She began kissing his face and shoulders. Brenda's heart filled with love as she saw this. Memories flooded through her. She thought of her older brother pumping into her, and her father burying his face into her pussy, she was overcome by emotion. A tear ran down her cheek. She was so happy. She couldn't wait to taste and feel her precious children.

She closed her eyes, and allowed the dick in her pussy to bring her to the edge of the precipice, and push her over. As the McGowan kids were preparing to leave, Brenda pulled her son to her side. "Want to sleep with Mama, tonight?" she asked him.

"Oh yes, Mom." he replied "I've been waiting so long for this." Brenda kissed him on his cheek. "Me, too." she said. Briana gave Sean a deep passionate kiss as he reached the front door. "Thanks for cumming." she said giggling at her joke.

"If you miss me, you can fuck Shelly and think about me." Shelly vigorously nodded her head in approval. "Aye, big brother. I'll be wantin' some lovin' later." He chuckled at his sister's suggestion. Brenda kissed both of them on the lips, spending a few extra seconds kissing Shelly as they reached the door.

Shelly kissed Chuck deeply, their tongues mingling together. "Thank you fer the fook." she said as she looked into his eyes. "Oh, baby, thank you." Chuck said breathlessly. His eyes were still on her breasts. He had spent so much time sucking those magnificent nipples and he'd wanted more. He was sorry that they had to leave.

As soon as the door closed Brenda let out a squeal of delight. She grabbed her two babies and hugged them deeply. "We have so much to talk about." she led them into the mancave and asked if anybody would like hot chocolate. Chuck found this particularly amusing. They had just spent the evening fucking and sucking, now let's have hot chocolate and cookies. he thought. Briana sat next to Chuck. She moved close to him and snuggled against his chest. "Thank you for being so good to Mom." she said sincerely.

He reached over and kissed her forehead. "I actually believe I might be in love with her." he admitted. Briana snuggled even closer. "I am so happy for both of you." she said. "Mom has been so lonely for so long. I know she is happy now. She is so full of life and energy. I haven't seen her this satisfied in forever." Chuck kissed her again. "Baby, I am getting so much more than I am giving. I can say that I am happier than I have ever been. And to add two great kids to the mix, that's just amazing." Briana snuggled closer to him and sighed deeply.

She truly did like Chuck a lot. She felt totally at ease with him. Her hand wandered to his crotch and she squeezed his half swollen member. He responded with a slight jerk. "What's the matter, do you miss Shelly?" she chided. "Do you want me to call her back?" she continued, Chuck's cock was growing larger and harder as she continued to squeeze and stroke its length.

"She was pretty special." Chuck joked right back, "Maybe, you think she could get here quickly?" Briana punched him hard on his shoulder. "I may just sleep alone tonight." she protested. "Oh no your not baby girl. Chuck has something very special for you tonight.

Briana wiggled closer and she removed his cock from his pants. "I see. " she said as she leaned over to take his cock into her wet hot mouth. Chuck moved a little to allow her full access to his rampant hard on. Her mouth was so wet that he was immediately aroused. He wanted to skull fuck her until her eyes fell out, but decided instead to accept her first act of love with restraint. Brenda entered the room with a tray of hot chocolate. She looked at the sofa where her daughter was blowing her boyfriend.

She set the tray down on the table and immediately jumped toward her son. "Hey, baby, show me what your big sister has been teaching you." Cary took his cock out of his pants and slid them down his legs. His cock was granite hard about seven and a half inches long, slender and straight as an arrow. Brenda gasped when she saw it up close for the first time.

"Oh baby," she purred, "that is so nice. Is it all hard just for Mama?" she asked as she stroked it with a gentle, admiring hand.

Her other hand cupped his balls. "My these sure seem heavy, maybe mama needs to empty them for you." Cary just breathed heavily as his mother made him wild with excitement. "Did sissy ever do this?" she said as she sucked his cock into her mouth and rolled her tongue around the head. "Yes Ma'am" was Cary's reply, coming form a lust weakened throat.

"How about this?" she continued as she slid her tongue down the length of his shaft and licked his balls luxuriously. Cary was losing composure with every move she made.

"Yes Ma'am," he repeated. "She has sucked my cock everyday since I turned ten." he offered. "MMMMmmmmmmmmmm" Brenda replied as she began to earnestly suck his cock as if it was the most important thing she had ever done. She continued to suck him deeply with her whole throat and mouth. She was totally engrossed in this effort. Her hands massaged his ass cheeks and thighs as she dedicated her entire being to sucking his young virile cock. She came up for air.

"Oh precious, I have wanted to suck this for so long." she went back to giving him the premier blow job. She stuck two fingers in his ass as she manipulated his balls with her free hand. Across the room Briana continued to suck on Chuck's cock in much the same manner and with the same reverence that her mother was showing her brother. Here were two women making oral love to the two men that they loved unconditionally.

Mother and son and Daughter and boyfriend, performing an act of love that was unparalleled. Chuck was the first to make the move to sixty nine. He took Briana's small frame and pulled her pussy to his mouth. His head lowered as he began to stoke her clit and fuzzy pussy lips with his broad tongue. She sucked in her breath. She didn't miss a stroke. Her mission was clear. Empty this man's balls down her throat and bring him pleasure.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her mother's head slowly bobbing over her brother's lap and cock. She watched as she positioned herself over his face and lowered her pussy to his lips, and the set was matched. They went on like this for wjhat seemed like hours. Cary actually came into his mother's mouth but she did not release his cock. She continued to suck and orally love him through a half dozen of her own orgasms. Briana was also experiencing the magnitude ten orgasms as Chuck licked her clit and fingered her ass until she was consumed by lust.

She was the first to break the oral bond as she climbed onto Chuck and fucked him furiously until they both fell exhausted into each others arms. Spent from an orgasm that had them both choking for air. Brenda finally released Cary's withering cock from her mouth and she led him by the hand to her bed. Chuck and Briana followed as they went into Briana's room.

The hot chocolate sat on the coffee table getting cold. Chapter Two: Brenda patted the bed next to her as she lay back on it. Cary climbed into her bed, an expansive king sized pillow top, that virtually engulfed anyone who lay back in it. Brenda placed her arms around her sons neck. She kissed him sweetly, first on the lips, then on his nose.

She bent to lick his nipples as her hand traveled down his chest to cup his softened manhood. She stroked it gently.

"Looks like Momma has worn her baby out." she said with a tinge of disappointment in her voice. "Don't worry," Cary replied "He'll be back soon.

Sometimes Bri has to suck me for a while, but I always come back." Brenda's eyes flashed approval as she began to bite his hardened nipples. "Wow, Mom, your tits are amazing." Cary said as he took her tits into each hand. "Do you like them, Baby?" Brenda asked "Momma likes having them sucked, do you want to suck them?" With that Cary bent and took one swollen nipple into his mouth.

He sucked it with such gentleness and love, that Brenda swooned. "Oh Baby, did sissy teach you that?" she crooned.

Cary allowed the nipple to escape his lips but traced its circumference with his tongue. "Bri taught me everything I know about pleasing a woman." he answered. "MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm." was Brenda's approving response. "What did sissy teach you about eating pussy," She asked moving her hand more quickly over his hardening cockhead. "Let me show you." Cary responded, and with that he lowered his face to her crotch. His tongue made small circles around her protruding clit.

Brenda sucked in her breath in a single gasp.

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Cary positioned himself between her legs and began an all out assault on her womanhood. He took his hands and spread her pubic hair to expose the beautiful pink slit that was actually throbbing in anticipation. "She told me that the most important thing about eating pussy was taking my time to enjoy the meal." Cary said. He slowly licked her labia and sucked her clit into his mouth.

His tongue ran around her clit in slow circles that caused her to arch her back and thrust her hips into his face. She was ecstatic. Her baby boy was munching her mons and bringing her immeasurable joy. She wriggled closer to his face to get the full length of his hard tongue deep inside her.

"Oh Baby," she purred "That's it, right there, right there. Lick me baby, I'm so close." Cary intensified his assault as he knew she was drawing close to her climax. He drove two fingers deep into her love canal and slipped his thumb into her asshole. The pressure of his fingers and thumb and his relentless licking, biting and sucking on her tender sex caused her to explode in a rapturous orgasm of dynamic magnitude. She screamed loudly as she released her cum into Cary's face and mouth.

AHHHHHhhhhhhhhh, MmMMMmmmmm, she whined from her throat as she reached the pinnacle of pleasure. Cary in his excitement licked and bit, almost chewing, her clit as he tried to hang on to her thrashing body.

"Oh baby, I love you so much." Brenda finally was able to speak again. "Oh, Sissy did a gooood job teaching you, didn't she." she pulled her son to her breast and cuddled him until she stopped shivering from pleasure.

Chuck had Briana in front of him lying on his side, she was facing away from him with her back and ass pushed up against him. He cuddled her close. "Holy shit." Briana giggled as she heard the wail from her mother's room. "Cary must have shorted out her vibrator." Chuck laughed sincerely. He was impressed with not only the physical attributes of Briana, but was also impressed with her sense of humor and intelligence. He assessed these two children who apparently had sexually satisfied each other for years without detection, and had still excelled in school work, sports, and were socially successful as well.

Briana had a cute personality. She was fun to be around, very bright, could carry conversation on an adult level, and she was amazing in bed.

What was notto like. "Sounds like I have been replaced." Chuck quipped.With that Briana pushed back against his hardening cock. "Well if she doesn't want you anymore, I'll take you." she offered, smiling and beginning to get horny again. Chuck slipped his now hard cock into her wet pussy, stroking slowly and gently.

"MMMMmmmm, that's nice." Briana said as she picked up the gentle rocking motion of this lovemaking. She was completely taken by her mothers new lover.


He had a gentle spirit, an awesome personality, lots of smarts and a cock that fit perfectly in her well lubricated pussy. What more could a girl ask for? Chuck's pumping cock reached her g-spot and was slowly bringing her to an epic cum.

Her legs tensed, she grasped his arms which he had around her waste and flooded her canal with her love juices. Chuck followed with his own ejaculation. Overall it was a relatively quiet and comfortable fuck for them both. She nestled back into his arms and slipped into a peaceful, satisfied sleep. Chuck kissed the back of her neck.

He really liked this kid. Brenda and Cary woke earlier than Briana and Chuck. As they passed Briana's room Brenda looked in and commented to Cary "Look the little whore is trying to steal my boyfriend." she giggled. She was suddenly consumed with emotion. 'My boyfriend' she thought to herself, 'I have a boyfriend.' They scurried off to the kitchen to start breakfast.

Cary busied himself with scrambling eggs, and making toast. Brenda was frying sausage and bacon and hash browned potatoes. Whenever she passed her son she would either kiss him on the lips or reach into his shorts and jerk his cock.

" Today, I want all of us to sit and talk about our future, okay?" she asked her son. "Sure"he replied as he slipped her top over to suckle her nipple. Chuck and Briana came into the kitchen yawning and stretching. Briana's hair was tossed all over her head, Chuck was surprisingly well groomed. "Did you sleep well? Brenda chided her lover. "No." he replied, "your daughter wouldn't stop fucking me" he shot back with a grin on his face.

Brenda punched him on his arm, as hard as she could. "Pervert" she squealed. "hey wait" he said, "I thought I was Stupid Fuck." "That too, asshole." she screamed laughing at their name calling. He grabbed her and kissed her so passionately that she lost her balance. They wrestled playfully as their son and daughter watched hugging each other from across the kitchen.

"Hey, knock it off you two." Briana finally said. I'm very hungry after having to fuck that old man all night." Everybody roared with laughter as they sat down to an awesome breakfast. Chapter three: After eating breakfast, Brenda instructed everyone to go into the mancave. As they entered Briana whined that she didn't get her hot chocolate the previous night. Cary joined her in her protest. "Shut the fuck up!!" Brenda said raising her voice. The kids giggled knowing they had struck the nerve of their mother.

"I want for all of us to talk about a few things." Brenda started "First I want Briana to tell all of us about her and her brother and how it started and where it went from there." Briana started telling her story. "When I was in seventh grade," she began "There was a girl named Cindy Taylor who used to bring dirty picture books to school and show them to me out on the school yard.

They had all kinds of pictures of naked men and women doing differfent things to each other." she continued " One day she was sharing her book with me and I saw a picturfe of a woman with a man's penis in her mouth. I said Ewwww.but she said, No Yummm!!. I was really confused. Then she told me gthat she did that with her brother all the time and had been doing that ever since he came into her room and made her do it the first time over a year before.

I was kind of excited, because her brother was really hot and I asked her what his looked like and how it tasted. She told me to come home with her that afternoon, and since Mom was working until 6:00 in the evening, I went. When we got to her house she took me to her room. She had tons of these books and other pictures everfywhere. I asked her where she got them and she said that they were her Dad's. She said that the whole family read them together.

About then her big brother came in. He saw me and asked what we were doing. She told him we were looking at the books and he asked what I thought of them. I told him that I kind of liked them. He asked if I had ever done anything like was in the books and I said no. Then he pulled his thing out and asked if I wanted to try. I was fascinated by his cock.

It was about 3 or 4 inches long and it had a helmet shaped knob on top. He started to stroke it and it got bigger, until it was about maybe 6 inches all together. He held it close to my face so I could see it more closely. Cindy moved over by us and took it in her hand. She showed me how she licked it and then she just like swallowed ity into her mouth.

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Her brother let out a deep sigh and he began to pump his hips making his cock go in and out. Cindy released it and asked if I wanted to try.

I took his cock into my mouth and after a couple of minutes I was into sucking it. I really loved the way it felt as it slid in and out. I moved my tongue around to feel the underside of it. That seemed to really excite him. I kept it up until he suddenly grunted and a salty thick fluid filled my mouth. I gagged and Cindy yelled, "Swallow, swallow." I did and she was laughing so hard.

"Wow" she squealed. "He really must have liked that." Her brother was lying back on her bed with a big grin on his face. "I did indeed" he said as he shook his cock as if to dry it in the air. "Oh I liked that" was all I could say. Cindy told me I could come over anytiome I wanted and suck her brother and then she added, "or maybe we could have girl sex" I looked at her with a puzzled expression and she just patted my arm, and said "More on that later." Well as soon as I got home I went jup to Cary's room and showed him some of the pictures in the books Cindy had loaned me.

His little dick got hard and I went down on hoim just like I did on Cindy's brother. He got pretty excited and before long he started to pee, in my mouth, what a surprise.


I pulled away from him and he peed right in my face." Briana was laughing. Brenda squealed with laughter, she had been intently listening to her daughter tell her story. "And, tell me young man," she looked toward Cary, "What did you think of your first blow job?" Cary looked kind of embarrassed when he started to tell his tale. "I'm sorry I peed in your face." he started looking at Briana "I wasn't prepared." he drew a deep breath and began his story. "When Bri came into the room she had these books with all kinds of pictures of naked women and stuff, they were really hot.

I had been playing with myself for most of the afternoon because nobody was in the jhouse and I loved making my pecker hard. Bri comes in with these books and shows me real pussies and tits righht there in living color." Everyoine chuckled at his description of the 'reading material'. "Then sh asked me if I wanted her to kiss my pecker. I thought what the fuck? my sister is offering to kiss my dick. I would hhave been crazy to say no. But she didn't kiss it, she fucking swallowed it." Chuck almost fell off the couch when he said that.

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"She sucked it into her mouth and just kept making it feel so fucking good, I thought I was going to pass out it felt so good." I didn't really know what was happening, because before when I played with myself, I would just get this really strong tingling feeling in my balls and then I would have to go to the bathroom. Well, I got the feeling and I tried to tell her, but she was just sucking away when I started to pee.

I couldn't stop it, so I just peed and it hit her in the face." Briana leaned over to give her brother a kiss on the cheek. "It's alright baby bro, " she said "bedcause you sure load me up with hot yummy cum everty time now." Her comment caused Cary to puff out his chest a little as he was pretty proud of his maturing process. "Anyway, after that she has come to my room, or wherever and sucked me off, everyday since that day.

When we study together she always takes a break when we do sixty nine or she will just suck me if she is in her period or whatever. She started letting me actually fuck her about a month after that first time, and then she taught me how to suck her." Brenda interjected "Nice job with that one baby." looking approvingly toward Briana.

Briana nodded her head in acknowledgement of the compliment and looked back toward her brother expectantly. "Briana is my best friend, I love her more than I can say. She has taught me so much and she has even brought her girlfriends over here for me to have sex with. She has never refused anything I have asked her to do. I am so lucky to have such a beautiful hot sister." With that Cary leaned over and kissed Briana on the lips deply and passionately. Briana kissed back, a tear was streaming down her cheek.

The two siblings stared into each other's eyes.

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Brenda looked at Chuck. She touched his hand then ran her hand up his arm. "Baby, I love you." she said "I am so happy." They kissed and both couples lay in each others arms for a long time. Chapter Four: The morning passed slowly as the two couples necked and played with each other in the most relaxed, unhurried manner. They all stripped naked which allowed exploring each others bodies.

There was sucking and carressing and licking, but in an almost casual attitude that made it all seem so affectionate. No grabbing, no demands, just casual family sex. Briana sucked both men's cocks and her mother went down on her. She returned the favor as Chuck slid his hard cock into her waiting wet quim. Cary got another amazing blow job from his mother. It was the perfect weekend morning. Brenda pulled away as both men entered Briana from the front and rear.

She went to the kitchen where she made drinks for everyone. When she came back into the room Briana was in the throes of a massive orgasm with both hard cocks slamming into her as they also reached the pinnacle of their sexual arousal.

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Brenda smiled. 'What could be better?' she thought to herself. 'My Babies and my lover together in the best of all possible situations'. That afternoon the four of them decided to go to a local landmark for deep dish pizza. The kids were especially excited because this restaurant had been featured on numerous TV shows and had killer reviews.

As they were seated the waiter handed each of them a white permanent marker and told them to feel free to autograph the walls and surrounding furniture. Each one signed their name and put the date and then Chuck surprised them all by writing : "Brenda, light of my life, will you marry me? Love Chuck" Briana let out the loudest squeal of all, Brenda began to cry happy tears as she nodded emphatically and nearly shouted "YES, YES, Oh yes Darling Yes." was her unmistakable answer.

Everyone around them cheered and offered congratulations. Brenda could not stop crying. Her eyes were red, her nose was running. She was the happiest person in that restaurant and possibly in all of Chicago.

The kids were very happy too. Briana kissed her mother, and gave Chuck a kiss whispering "I'm going to so fuck you when we get home." Cary shook Chuck's hand and told him that he was vey happy for all of them. Brenda just cfied. "I thought this would make you happy." Chuck said looking at his weeping bride to be. "Oh baby, I am happy." she blubbered, and with that she threw her arms around him and kissed him so hard his lips were bruised. They ate pizza, the adults drank a pitcher of beer and the kids had a pitcher of soda, therre was an atmosphere of celebration in the air.

When they left the restaurant they drove along Lakeshore Drive towrd Navy Pier. Chuck parked and they all climbed aboard the Ferris Wheel for a ride above the skyline. All four were in the same basket. Briana said "Have you ever been blown this far off the ground?" they all laughed at her suggestion, then Cary whipped out his hard cock and said "No." They road twice and Cary did indeed get his wish, as did Briana.

They wandered through the shops and common areas of the pier. It was a special afternoon following an incredible two days of revelation, and family bonding that would last a lifetime. As they drove home, weary from a wonderful day that started perfectly, got better, and was ending in a most spectacular way. Brenda clung to Chuck as he drove to their house. The kids snuggled in the back seat, Cary with his head in Briana's lap and his hand inside her panties. His fingers were bringing her to her fourth and most intense orgasm of the ride home.

Chuck leaned and kissed his future bride on her forehead. "Can maybe just you and me sleep together tonight?" she asked. "I wouldn't have it any other way." was his reply.

She sighed and fell onto his chest. Their night was spent making love in the softest, sweetest, ways possible. Chuck kissed and licked her entire body. He licked her toes, then her legs, up to her pussy where he spent most of the night massaging her clit with his tongue. She swallowed his cock and made him fel as though he was flying all night long. They slept about a third of the time, until exhaustion finally overtook the pair and they were gone for the night.

Chuck jumped into the shower at 5:30 AM. He told Brenda to cover for him at the plant as he dashed out the door to his hotel where he quickly redressed, and left for the plant. Brenda was already there, in his office preparing reports for corporate review. When he walked in she winked at him, "Did you get the car started?" he looked puzzled at first, but then answered "Oh, yes, it was the battery, they say I'll need a new one soon." The others in the trailer sensed that the bullshit machine was working overtime.

The morning went by slowly. All Chuck could think about was ripping Brenda's clothes off and fucking her silly. Brenda had similar thoughts, so the day seemed to drag for them both.

When it came time to go home, Brenda left earlier than Chuck by almost an hour. She left a note for him to come directly to her house and be hard when he arrived. He choked back a guffaw, as he read this note while in a meeting with his contractors.

At the end of the day, he sped as quickly as he could past his hotel, threw three changes of clothes and his toiletries into a bag and sped over to Brenda's house. Brenda threw the door open when he reached the stoop. "Damn, you scared the shit out of me." he said "Good, because I'm about to fuck the shit out of you." Brenda shot back and they raced to the bedroom and dove onto the bed leaving a trail of discarded clothing behind.

Briana walked into the hall and saw the various garments strewn everywhere. She picked up Chucks thong and put it to her nose. She enhaled deeply smelling the cock and balls gthat had just been cradled by the garment. Her pussy became very wet. "Cary," she shoujted, "Let's go over to the Taylors" Cary needed no further encouragement. They whisked out the door on the way to play. To be continued: Thanks for reading, please leave your comments.