Homosexuell Jungs Danny Montero Und Darius Ferdynand

Homosexuell Jungs Danny Montero Und Darius Ferdynand
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Mark called early the next morning. Terri missed it, as she did his next, worried phone call. She spent a good forty-five minutes on top of the toilet, trying to burn off her morning arousal. Working with her fingers to cut through the insistent burn of hormones and heat that kept telling her to find someone with a cock.

To get pumped full of boy juice. Terri pulled on her nipples, gasping, shivering and squirting as her fingers worked on her clit.

It took a long time to finally satiate her body's demands. Only then did she pick up the message. "Terri. It's me," Mark said. Just his voice undid a whole morning's worth of work. "Dad has me working outdoors all day, so I can't come over until after dinner. Hang in there, I think I know what's going on!" "Hang in there," Terri thought, sucking on her fingers. Easy for him to say. Even when she got dressed, in the lightest summer dress she could find, her nipples bulged against it.

They craved more stimulation. When she walked her panties felt tight and hot against her slit. The girl in the mirror was past nymph and well on her way to fertility goddess. Terri's long blonde hair rode in waves across her shoulders, bouncing in time with her walk. Her flawless, hairless skin looked almost like rubber in the basement lighting, but soft and warm. Plus there was the issue of her tits.

If she stuck her chest sideways they nearly oustripped the thin bathroom mirror. Terri gritted her teeth, ignored her chores, and tried to do smart stuff. To fight back. To replace cravings with rational, intelligent thought. It didn't go so well. Her thoughts seemed to toy with her. When she picked up a magazine, her fingers started to trace big pregnant bellies on the models in the pictures. To muse at the packages of the boy models. Reading a book, even an old favorite like Little Women, was a disaster.

The words swam in front of her, re-arranging each other until she gave up, nursing a headache that jumped back and forth between ears. Her e-mail inbox had filled up with concerned inquiries from college friends.

Terri didn't even know how to respond. "Dear everyone. Have become horny and sexy. Thinking about spending the next twenty years nursing babies.

How are you?" Plus it was hard to type with long painted nails. She skipped dinner, even though her stomach screamed with irritation, arguing that she was giving up beef ribs and buttered corn. Not to mention big bowls of strawberry ice cream. Terri even peeked in on the scene. Ronald and Darrel were the only two sitting down. The three girls circulated around them, watching their needs, ready to spring if either so much as lifted a finger. Anne's constant, placid smile sent Terri back to her room with renewed determination.

In the end, the best Terri could manage for Project: Smart Stuff was to watch Sex and the City reruns while slowly rubbing at the slick juncture between her thighs. The women on the screen seemed almost alien, prancing around in the Big City, practically ancient not to be swelled up with kids. Didn't they know how ridiculous they seemed, childless in their old age? * * * Mark, when he finally arrived, didn't look good.

His eyes were wild and fierce, and he didn't bother to wait for Anne to get the door. Instead he simply stumbled into the basement, and fell on the bed. Terri snatched her hand from between her oily legs and raced over to him. "Mark? Are you alright?" she said, timid. His face was screwed up tight. "Went the whole day without masturbating," he explained. His face was grey, and he had a layer of sweat across it.

"I don't feel so hot." "No, no! Mark, no!" Terri said, racing onto her knees. Mark obligingly opened his legs, and she tugged open his fly, freeing his oversized penis from his pants. It was dark red, and twitched. The cock was outsized and massive, like it belonged to a different animal, almost comical in its length and width.

Terri had to use both hands to jack on it, inhaling a day's worth of Mark's scent the whole time. Dribbles of cum shot out, right away, staining her hands and her nice yellow dress. Mark laid back and let her massage it out of him. "Whatever this is," he said, watching a spurt catch her on the lips and hair, "it's… It's… unstoppable." Terri licked her lips. The salty tang was enough to chase away hunger pains. By the time Mark was done twitching, a puddle of translucent cream laid underneath him, and Terri was coated in spurts of cum.

Once they had calmed down and put their clothes back together, Mark waved a computer printout in his hand. "I had a friend of mine at school analyze some of our drinking water," he said, still twitching. "It's like a chemical soup. There's stuff in it he's never heard of. And the stuff he had heard of was all bad." "What sort of stuff?" Terri said.

"Testosterone and estrogen, in big quantities. And changed, somehow. Other hormones. Pain-killers. Aphrodisiacs. Growth-enhancers. It's like drinking a laboratory, Terri! And it's changing us from people into… some kind of breeding animals!" Terri wasn't about to argue. Especially with the smell of Mark's cum in the room. It was already pounding her head with needs and desires.

"It's got to be coming from that Factory," Mark said, shaking his head.


"They have access to the water supply. I need to find out who's in charge of it. Can I use your computer?" Terri pointed to it, in the far corner. She had given up on it after getting confused by trying to type an upper-case letter. Caps lock just made them ALL big, and she couldn't remember any other way. "What do you want me to do?" she asked. Mark was already peering into the screen. "I don't know. Just… hang around, I guess." * * * Terri tried to hang around.

First she cleaned the room up. That was soothing, at least, even if it did mean mopping up a lot of sperm. Her boy worked on the computer, flicking past screens.

He had his legs open. His cock flopped between his thighs. "This shouldn't be this hard," he said, growling. "Why can't I think of what to do here?" Terri chewed on a fingernail. Her brain drank the scent of cum and cock, bathed in it, driving down what was left of her. What did girls do for their men, when they were frustrated?

She hated to see him bothered. Terri went and got him a drink. Mark took a long gulp before realizing what he held. He spurt it out, disgusted. "Terri, this is chemical water! Don't you remember what I was just talking about? Hormones, et cetera?" Terri shrank into herself. "I'm sorry," she said, contrite. "I guess I forgot." Her heart pounded. When he had turned, she had gotten another long look at his cock.

* * * An hour later, and Mark sat with his head in his hands, staring at the computer screen. "How many shell companies can there be?" He shouted, at it.

"Hundreds? Why aren't they in the IRS records?" Terri put the bowl next to him, and waited, nervous. What if he didn't want it? She was trying so hard to be good for her man, but she didn't know anything about computer stuff… "What's this?" "Ice cream!" she said, encouraging. "Don't worry about the water or anything.

It's homemade." "Homemade out of what?" he said, suspicious. But the first spoonful got rid of his worries. Terri watched, relieved, as her man devoured the bowl. She took it away immediately, cleaned it, and put it back with the others. When she returned, he was typing away again, deep into another avenue.

"The Pastor makes it," she said. "Pastor Flynn." "Pastor…" Mark grunted, rapping the table with his fingers.

He snapped them together. "Tax-exemptions!" Terri stroked herself, gently, while he worked. When she came, she bit her lip, so that she wouldn't disturb him. * * * "It's no good," Mark said, finally, defeated. "I just can't concentrate." It was dark outside, night fallen out of the small basement window. That was the opening Terri had been looking for. She crawled, head-first, into the tiny space between the computer chair and the desk.

It was warm and rich with Mark's scent, and she made herself fit, twisting herself inside. "You keep working," she suggested, pulling out his cockhead for the—however many times it was. "I'll make sure you can concentrate, okay?" Mark looked uncertain. Then she bent down to it, putting her tongue on top of his cock, and licked all over the tip of it.

She was instantly rewarded with another gout of cum. His balls were endless. They were huge, too, and hung over the side of the computer chair. Her boy paused for a moment, then started typing, once more.

* * * Terri's mouth was exhausted, and she had lost track of how much jizz she had swallowed. Lots. She was thirsty. Even when Mark was soft—which was brief—she had quietly lapped at his cock, happy to nuzzle on it to help him concentrate. "There," he said, sitting back. "I don't know what good it'll do us, but I know who is responsible. Something called Breed Ministries. Didn't you say that Pastor Flynn lives here?" Terri nodded.

"He's responsible. He has to be. His church runs a whole series of industries through a mess of shell companies. And they're all about kids. Baby food. Baby clothes. Maternity wear. Not to mention huge investments in a series of major chemical corporations. And all run out of some backwood hick town in the middle of nowhere.

Man." He peered down at her. "We're just breeding stock, to them." Terri eased out of her warm little cocksucking nook. Her back hurt, and she laid back on the mattress to loosen it. Her dress was sticky and crackled with cum. Her face was matted with it, where it had dried, and her face was a mess.

She had never felt so content, so happy. "Now what?" she said, lazily. Whatever he wanted. Terri had already named their first eight kids. "Tomorrow, first thing, we get out of town. Then we find someone in the government who believes us. Is that okay?" Her man had worked things out. Of course everything would be okay. Terri slid her legs open.

"What should we do until tomorrow?" she asked, and hiked up her skirt. * * * Mark had been exhausted, so they had only fucked twice. Simple, primal fucking, with the man, on top, spilling his seed into his woman, below. They had fallen asleep still entangled, with his cock falling flaccid inside of her. When she woke up, Terri crackled with dried sperm.

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It coated her, a frosting of dried protein, the product of so many gouts of Mark's sperm. She licked her lips, remembered each beautiful spurt, swallowing each of her man's urgent floods of warm, delicious cum. Terri realized there was something she had to do. She had to throw up. The blonde barely managed to make it to the bathroom in time. Her stomach emptied out, and left her starving and thirsty. But not so hungry she didn't manage to wash the most obvious dollops of cum off, and pull on a simple blue dress along with three-inch heels.

The girl in the mirror winked at her, highly satisfied. Mark was gone. But she heard a man gasp, from upstairs, followed by a hot wind of pancakes and bacon, rushing down the stairs.

That made sense. He had probably been as hungry as she had been, emptied out by the work of her mouth. Terri wandered up the stairs. The sun was already well up, filtering through high windows to bathe the big house in a quiver's worth of rays.

The day had dawned warm and pleasant, and promised to be beautiful. Terri tip-toed through the house, mind free of little worries for the first time since arrival. In the kitchen, her boyfriend was half-naked on a chair, his shorts around his ankles. He had Patricia, the brunette, sitting on top of him. The new maid wore a red silk chemise that looked almost dainty, except for the rigorous pounding she was receiving.

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Her pussy struggled to hold onto the size of Mark's cock, and her face was a pleasant agony. The bottom dropped out of Terri's world. She sagged against the doorframe, ill and nauseous once more.

Patricia's eyes slid to her, and then Mark turned. He didn't stop fucking her for a moment, still bouncing her lithe little body up and down his cock. "Terri. I'm sorry… but… she's pregnant. I had to… fuck her…" he said, as if that explained everything.

And part of Terri agreed. He was a man. It was his job to fuck broadly and deeply, to whatever woman presented herself. Anne stood in her usual spot, in front of the counters, managing a steady flow of pancakes from the griddle.

She was radiant, wearing a white dress with lacy sides, and a sunburst insignia on the front. "Mom," Terri pled, desperate. "What… what's going on?

Do something!" "I am, dear," Anne said. "Just be patient for a moment." And then Terri's Mom stepped away from the hot griddle, and casually unleashed the top of her dress.

She had bare tits underneath, big shapely ones that bulged out, with red nipples. Anne took hold of one, and lowered it onto a sparkling clean glass. Milk jetted out of the nipple and filled the glass. Anne's calm smile simply grew a slight bit deeper. "Milk," Terri said, helpless. Her Mom produced milk. Why… how? "Of course, dear. The dear Reverend couldn't do anything about the infertility, but he gave me some wonderful pills to take.

They've made me so happy, all the time. And, of course, there's these delightful side effects." Anne walked over to Mark, who had both hands on Patricia's tits. He squeezed, and Terri's chest glowed, remembering his rough hands on her boobs.

"Drink up some more," she urged, on Mark. He already had a milk mustache, Terri noticed. And despite the vigorous sex, he eagerly grabbed the glass and downed the still-warm breast milk in one go. His cock glistened, wet, and bits of cum drooled out of Patricia. It had all mixed together into a sticky swirl. "You can go ahead and touch yourself, honey," Anne said, turning back to her daughter.

"It's okay. Everything is going to be okay." "No…" Terri whined, her hands already reaching underneath her dress.

Even this betrayal had her hot, watching her man fuck another woman senseless. Patricia was about to hit her limit, her eyes rolling back as she pounded up and down like a helpless toy on Mark's cock. She lost control entirely, falling backwards onto the table, splattering a neatly set place setting. That's when Candice emerged, grinning, from underneath the table. Where she had been apparently licking at whatever flung juices landed her way. "What's happening?" Terri whimpered. She pushed inside herself.

Her folds felt moist and warm, and she couldn't keep her eyes off of Mark. He barely seemed to notice that Patricia had fallen off, as Candice eagerly lowered herself on his dripping pole. He grabbed her boobs firmly and restarted his rhythm. "My milk tends to hit people pretty hard," Anne explained. She hadn't bothered to pull her dress back up, and milk spattered on the floor from her teats.

"And after all that ice cream last night, plus a full glass this morning… Mark wasn't really in a state to refuse anyone. Especially not two pregnant girls." The ice cream. It was from… her Mom's… Anne pushed another warm glass of milk into her hand, freshly squeezed. Terri stared at it. It was still foamy, on top. "Drink up, Terri.

It's good for you. And," she winked.

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"It'll be good for the baby." The baby? Terri touched her stomach. The throwing up. The buckets of cum. "Birth control" her Mom had provided. She was pregnant.

She was going to be another horny little Mommy, just as milk-filled and knocked up as everyone else in this town. Just another cow in the herd. She drank the milk. It was as warm and creamy as the soft scent indicated.

"See, honey? Everything will be okay," Anne said, reassuring and soft. She patted Terri's light pink cheeks. "Don't worry about a thing." She had to raise her voice over Candice's screams.

The former Professional soon joined her fellow girl on the floor, dazed and twitching. Mark looked around, wildly, blood raging with her Mom's drug-laced milk. He spotted his girl and rose up from the table, erection bobbing in front of him.

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It pointed at her thighs, insistent and hard, and ready. Terri lifted her skirt, and braced herself. He had her against the side of the wall, ripping the dress off with his free hand, the other supporting her ass up on the wallpaper. Terri gasped with each push, shoved between the wall and his dark red penis, her slit straining to hold his entire aching hardness inside of her.

"I'm pregnant," she started to chant, as Mark climbed to his orgasm. "Preggy, Preggo, Pregnant." She would have big tits just like her Mom, and stay at home and clean things and wait every day for another long ride on Mark's cock. "I'll give you kids five minutes," Anne said, moving to clean up the table. "And then you have to put some clothes on." "We're going to Church today." * * * They groped at each other in the back of the car, still needy, crazed by the milk and the smell of each other.

But something wore off just before they arrived, and both Mark and Terri broke off their assault, readjusted their clothing, and fixed each other with scared looks. "You're pregnant?" Mark said. His voice was cracked from growling. He kept shaking his head, to clear it. Terri just nodded, wide-eyed.

"It's yours," she blurted, and haplessly pulled her panties back up. "I'm… I'm sorry," Mark said. "I don't know what happened. She just flashed her… and then I just had to…" It didn't seem important. Especially not once the twosome were surrounded by the citizens of Calving, all in their finest, on their way to the Church in the center of town.

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Terri slipped her hand into Mark's. Everyone was there. All of the happy, horny populace. Any number of muscle-bound men, wearing blue jeans with cock outlines etched in.

Pregnant women slowly creeping towards the entrance, escorted by doting husbands or boyfriends. And the non-pregnant girls, competing with each other for male attention, on full display with naughty skirts and shiny tops that outlined heavy tits.

A gust of wind advertised just how few were willing to wear underwear for Church. Anne was enormously popular, in a big hat and a dark red dress that approached demure, especially when surrounded by the others.

Worst of all, so many of Anne's cronies came up to her and Mark, stared at her belly, and gave her a big smile and their most heartfelt congratulations. And inside, presiding over his herd with his usual big grin and greasy hair, was Pastor Flynn. He paced the raised altar with obvious energy, watching everyone file obediently in, and quietly take their place in the pews. When he saw Terri and Mark, he rubbed his hands together, then waved a greeting to Anne.

Terri sat down, next to Mark, and tried to think. She was pregnant. It was a miracle she had thought otherwise. Mark had fucked her long and deep, over and over. She was his, now. They'd have to get married or something. He would work, and she would stay home and clean up and cook and wait for him in a brand new outfit, in his favorite color, with underwear if he was bad and without if he was good… She shook her head.

Mark kept glancing over at her, and then, with big eyes, at her belly. She clutched it, protectively. Terri looked up. Pastor Flynn was halfway through his sermon, and commanded the townfolk without even bothering with a microphone. Anne sat bolt upright, hanging on each word.

Every other face was turned towards the man with the dark hair, and nodding at the end of each sentence. Although, she noticed, dimly, that didn't stop their hands from moving around. Girls had their hands on the boys, underneath their pants or rubbing the bulge in their jeans. Many of the men had one hand on the inside of their girl's thighs, and removed juicy fingers from plump, well-stroked snatches.

The air was getting sticky and sweet from the work of the men and women, quietly getting each other off. "And now, I'd like to invite up all the parishioners newly blessed with the Spirit!" Pastor Flynn said.

He pulled out a very large index card. "Deanna, Brianna, Sarah, Colleen, Susan, Ally and Michelle, Candice and Patricia, Erica. and, of course, Terri!" Terri heard her name called. Her Mom tugged her up. "That's you!" she said, encouraging. "Go on up! You have to accept the blessing!" The blonde stood up, on heavy legs, and walked through the pews. The people she passed smiled at her, and patted her stomach, encouraging. She walked with the hordes of other girls, all of them pleased and cheerful, with all sorts of hair colors and any number of casually revealing outfits.

Terri ended up between a somewhat older woman, who kept rubbing absent-mindedly at her impressive rear end, and two giggling High Schoolers who kept touching at each other. Flynn walked in front of them all, inspecting the army, at the ranks of swelling tummies he had created. Then he whirled, and turned to the audience.

"Lets give them a big round of applause!" he said, and pounded his heavy hands together. The cheer became a roar, and the roar became pounding waves of approval. Flynn leaned in close, to Terri. "And after the service, why don't you and your young man stop into my office, hmm? I think we have a lot to talk about." Terri nodded, and then walked back to her seat. * * * Flynn's office was in the very back of the Church.

Anne escorted the two wan teenagers to the door, and opened it for them. Mark and Terri walked in, hands clasped. It was a far cry from Flynn's austere room in the House. Flynn's office was colored with stained glass, and the ceiling rose to the rafters.

The carpeting was plush and rich. Flynn himself relaxed behind a red-colored desk, his arms crossed behind his head. Behind him was a chemistry set of beakers, flasks, and pills. All arranged with precision on long rows. Many were totally clear, but others were dark red, and a few even completely black. The pills were generally large and white. Terri dolefully picked out her supposed "birth control" pills in one. "Have a seat, please," Flynn urged, politely. He indicated two plush chairs.

"You're…" Mark searched for the words, falling into the seat. "You're not going to get away with all this, you know that, don't you? We're leaving. We're getting out of here." "Oh?

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Then maybe I should have you killed," Flynn said, in that same polite tone. Both Mark and Terri froze. Flynn laughed, and it boomed and echoed. "I'm kidding! You're welcome to go. Be my guest! No one has to stay. Religion only works if you want it to, I find." "Or if you force it to work," Terri was almost surprised to hear her voice.

"Terri," Flynn said, turning to her. His eyes, she was surprised to note, were even admiring. "You probably will find this hard to believe, but I have a lot of respect for you. You were one of our hardest cases ever. Chemically speaking, of course." "We're going," Mark snapped, standing up. His cock twitched in his pants. "Terri, lets go." Flynn put his hands out. "Tell you what," he said, placating. "Why don't you stay a little longer, and I'll tell you how I did it?" Mark bit his lip.

"Just so you have something to tell the government," Flynn said. Mark sat back down. "We already know. The water. Chock full of chemicals." "The water supply?" Flynn snorted. "How pedestrian. How basic. You think I could turn an entire town of relatively sane if small-minded people into sex-mad maniacs just by messing with the water?

Please!" "Then what?" Mark demanded. "Where was it?" "Everywhere!" Flynn said, throwing his arms wide. "Everywhere and everything, son! We've had our eye on this town for years! We started with a baseline of hormones in the water half a decade ago, making sure that everyone in this town was nice and fertile when the time was right. Fertile and happy, not about to break the status quo, peaceful, calm.

The crime rate in Calving is the lowest in the State!" Flynn indicated a few of the largest beakers. "The Church—my Church—started the factory once we were sure everyone was good and horny.

That gave us access to food supplies, outside influences, all of that. All the food had our special little drops on it. The Diner should've glowed green, we had so many chemicals pumped inside. And why stop there? Bras with time-release powders, just for kicks.

Office supplies that messed with your rear end. All mixed together in a time-sensitive stew of sex and rutting." He pointed a finger at each of them. "You know what's going on in your bodies, right now? Two dozen of my hormones fighting your brain. Some of them tickling your pleasure centers, making every little thing you do very fun and exciting. Some others sending strong signals to your oh-so-educated minds, giving hints that thinking too hard isn't very nice.

And, of course, others coaxing that animal side we all have to come out of hiding, to get down to the serious mammal business of getting laid and producing the next generation." His finger drifted downwards. "And that's just your heads. Mark, look at those muscles, huh? You're just squirting testosterone, these days. Making you big, and strong, and, lets face it, a little dumb if someone wafts a bit of pussy in front of you. Terri, I'll bet you can't stop smiling, can you? Looking forward to keeping your man happy?

That's all that estrogen we got in you, specially designed for growing girls like yourselves." "And the best part is that, after a little while, you boys and girls keep doing it to yourselves! Mark, you don't know it, but you're lit up with pheromones like a bee. Girls can't resist you. You smell too damn good. And Terri, you uncross those legs and every male in an enclosed room wants to get in between those thighs." Flynn put his feet on the desk.

"And still we nearly didn't pull it off! Oh, not just because of the holdouts. A little extra attention for the ladies who think too much does wonders.

Not even for those drifting through town, if you can slip them a special something. But because of people like you, Terri, and your simple bull-headed refusal to let your body do the talking!" Terri shifted in her chair. She could almost feel the drugs swimming through her, once Flynn had named them. Knocking her up, swelling her big, making her happy and dumb.

"What do you mean?


This isn't enough for you?" she said, in her new little-girl voice. "I'm big and fat and pregnant, just like you wanted." "And still fighting back! Amazing! Terri, your Mom's ice cream had enough stuff in it to knock a bull-dyke feminist into a Mother of Ten. It turned those roommates of yours into dolls and toys.

I'm not sure they could recite the alphabet between the two of them. But you held on! Even if you are fingering yourself right now." Terri looked down.

Her finger had, as usual, slipped between her thighs. She ground her teeth and pulled it out. "Why are you doing… this?" Mark said, waving his arms around. "All of this!" Pastor Flynn stood up. The slightly pudgy man with dark eyes disappeared, in a flash, as he loomed over the two of them.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the burning brimstone of a True Believer thundered above them. "Because this is the work of God!" he roared. "This sinner's world has forgotten the work of God—to bring others into it! We were given these big brains to care for our children, to instruct them in God's work, not to forget our basic duties as part of God's herd!

To multiply! To grow and increase! All for the greater glory of the Lord!" Terri blinked, and the bellowing, statue of a man disappeared. Pastor Flynn paused, sat back down, and ran a comb through his hair.

"We…" Mark said, his voice trembling. "We appreciate your speech. But now we're leaving. Come on, Terri." "Leaving?" Flynn said. He pushed something forward on his desk, casually. "When you've been marinating in the scent of our special estrus blend for the past five minutes?

Take a look over at your big… pregnant… girlfriend… over there, and tell me you're leaving." Mark's eyes fixed on the open jar. The liquid inside was dark red. Then his eyes slid over to Terri. Over her tits. Down onto her milky white thighs, and her skimpy dress. Then onto her belly. He swallowed. "Terri, I'm… sorry, but I've got to stick my cock in your… your pussy," he said, bobbing his head. He turned towards her.

His cock had leaked a trail of cum onto his pants, all the way down to his knees.

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"We've got a nice outdoorsy job for you," Flynn said, encouraging. The scent appeared to effect him not at all. "And then, once Terri has gotten nice and plump, we'll get you back doing computer work for us.

It'd be wasteful, otherwise." "Fuck him," Terri's body urged. All parts of it. Her glowing, perfect boobs. Her plump, full lips. Certainly her nice, inviting pussy, with the heavy lips and nerve-filled clit.

"Do it, it'll be fun." Terri ran for it. She rose up on wobbly, lubricant-stained thighs, and made it to the door, tossing it open. She raced by her surprised Mother, mouth open, panting and groaning.

Trying to get free of the sex-juiced air, the hormones telling her to go back and let her man take her, on the floor, wherever he pleased. She made it to the Church, padded down the center of the pews. But her body wasn't made for running, anymore. Her tits were heavy, and her bra was a joke, so they hurt as they ran, the nipples rubbing up and down the inside of her dress.

The dress flew up with each step, exposing her panties. And her hips were too wide to run properly. Plus her hair kept getting her eyes. Terri ran anyways. She struggled in the heels, to run fast. But tossing them off seemed impossible to even imagine. She slowed to a walk. Her feet hurt, after all. And she had the baby to think about. It felt good to slow down, to let the comforting flow of hormones rush over her.

She stopped. Right in front of a cow pasture. A cow, a big brown one, mooed at her. Terri sighed, and mooed back. * * * EPILOGUE: The brand new hospital was very clean, very efficient, and very boring. Terri had nothing to do but wait on her back and count the hours. She counted hours on the clock above her bulging stomach.

Her belly button had popped out early on, and she had just kept getting bigger since then. Mark, her adoring husband, stopped in twice a day. They gave him time off from the factory to visit his pregnant wife. First he would fuck her senseless, pounding her with his still-massive cock. Then they would talk about work at the Plant, and about post-baby plans to move into the new housing development, next to that Robert guy he was friends with.

After that, he would milk her. And that inevitably lead to a second round of fucking her. He usually did it standing, with her pussy braced on the side of the hospital bed. Brianna, the nurse, visited once a day. She was a real scatter-brain, probably because of her own growing tummy, but she at least remembered to change the batteries in Terri's vibrator.

Once a day was usually enough. Every other day Anne would stop by, to let her know how the House was getting along. The two girls were filling in nicely during her absence, even if they tended to forget about work whenever a boy stopped in.

She had a perfect record, sending visiting couples home with an added member of the family. Plus she never failed to bring a homemade bucket of ice cream. Terri was looking forward to making her own. And once, Pastor Flynn stopped by. Back in civilian clothes, for once. "Terri!" he said, bouncing in.

"So good to see you. And the little one, I see. I hope you name him or her or them after me." "Not likely," Terri said. She concentrated, and a spark crumbled up from her Mommy-addled brain. "Bastard." "Whoa, careful, the kid can hear that," Flynn said, with mock concern.

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"I'm leaving, you know. Soon as I have the baby. We're going to get out." "Fine by me," Flynn said. He shrugged. "I'm leaving too. New towns to conquer, you know? And we're going to try a city, soon." "Which city?" "A big one," Flynn said. They looked at each other.

"But I should say, Terri. There's worse things then getting plugged regular by a loving husband, and taking care of a baby, and getting the housework done. But if you want to get back to your old life of running away from college, I wish you the best. Here, I'll get your brain back on the road." He took the remote, and changed the channel to CNN. "There.

Some depressing news, some books, and you'll be back to your old self in no time. Just try and stay away from milk-based products." And then he was gone. Terri watched the news, determined, for a good fifteen minutes. Then the vibrator, deep within her snatch, ran dry on batteries.

She managed five minutes more of silly people yapping at each other. Then Terri sighed, turned the channel to her Soaps, and let her dancing fingers replace the vibrator. She wondered, idly, if there was any ice cream left in the hospital fridge.