Horny babe with big ass yanks off her panties and gets creampied

Horny babe with big ass yanks off her panties and gets creampied
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The Family that Cums together Stays Together Pt.1 Chapter one: The Hunger Within In the summer of 2013 Brad and Ashley West were a typical upper middle income couple. They had been sweethearts from the fourth grade all the way through college. Married in 1994 they seemed to be the perfect couple. Ashley loved her life and never regretted for an instant her decision to become a home maker instead of seeking her own career. After graduation from college Brad had found employment and over the years had worked his way up to CFO of a large corporation and they had a very comfortable lifestyle.

They lived in a gated community in an upscale home and were active members in their country club. Brad was an active golfer when he found the time which had been getting rarer and rarer since his last promotion.

Ashley loved tennis and was quite good at it, much to the chagrin of the other soccer moms against which she played. Her love of the game was a huge factor in her model like shape at her age. Last year their son Doug had left home to attend college out of state and recently, Arianna, their daughter, had graduated high school.

Her and Brad were on the verge of becoming empty nesters leaving Ashley with more and more time on her hands. Ashley found herself looking for things to occupy her mind and time. Ashley missed her son Doug and it left her heart heavy each time she gazed at his empty chair at the dinner table. She had always been aware of her close bond with him.

He was handsome like his father and she often found herself wondering if he was as sexual as Brad also. She had always felt close to Doug and loved having him close to her. The way he looked into her eyes made her feel sexual and she felt a jealousy inside her whenever he spoke of the girls in his life. She just attributed that to the love she felt for him as his mother.

He looked and acted so much like her husband when he was at Doug's age that she always attributed the pulsing she felt in her clit to the memories of her and Brad back then. Ashley refused to admit even to herself that her throbbing was for her son.

No, she could never allow thoughts like those into her mind even if somewhere inside her she knew it was true. Arianna was exploring her options for college, and also contemplating going out of state, possibly even to the same school as her brother. That fact weighed heavily on Ashley's mind as she thought of all the nights she would be at the dinner table alone when Brad was out of town on business.

Ashley thought it would be nice to have Doug come home for the July 4th holiday and stay through the following weekend and have the entire family together. They had planned for Doug to arrive home on Monday the week of the 4th. If Doug had kept to that plan maybe their family dynamic would never have undergone such a dramatic change as it did.

Mr. Harris, their Landscaper had called on June 25th to say that his son would be by the following morning around 7 A.M. to cut the grass and clean and maintain the pool. Ashley had told him that would be fine as Arianna was spending the night at a friends and Brad would be working and she had a salon appointment for that morning. Ashley pictured Mr.

Harris' son Johnny in her mind as she talked to his father. Johnny was around 25 or so and very fit with the muscular body of a man that worked using those muscles. Unlike his father, who has a dark ebony color, Johnny has a caramel complexion which made her wonder if his mother was white. The image of him in her mind was troubling to Ashley as the thought of his physique or especially his presence lately instilled an uneasiness in her body and mind.

She found herself feeling anxious and a pulsing in her clit in his presence that left a guilty feeling lingering in her mind. Her and Brad had always had an active sex life and up until she was 35 or so she had never given a thought to another man.

Around that point in time though Brad's job began requiring more and more of his time. There always seemed to be another big deal to work on that left him tired and her wanting in the bedroom. Ashley loved her husband and would never think of actually cheating on him. Lately though she found herself more and more wondering what another man would be like sexually and curious as to what she had missed because of being with Brad her entire sexual life. Her female friends were always telling stories of their sexual pursuits in high school and college, talking about guy's huge cocks etc.

It never bothered her as long as she was being satisfied by Brad, but for the past few years the throbbing she experienced when hearing the exploits of others left her overwhelmed with curiosity and need.

She found her gaze more and more frequently falling to a man's crotch area lately. As with Johnny, the sight of a large lump in a man's pants made her wonder what she was missing that he could fulfill. Brad was by no means small but he was certainly not the size of the men in the porn sites that she found herself frequenting online lately.

She had to wonder if they didn't somehow manipulate the images and videos online. Some of the cocks she saw there seemed more aptly fit on an animal than a human, especially the black ones. She seemed always to wind up watching white women being subjugated by a hugely hung black man or men until she became so aroused she had to take out her large black dildo and find relief with it driving deep inside her. The nights Brad stayed away out of town on business she found herself thinking of those huge dicks and how they might feel.

The outline of Johnny's large cock entered her mind frequently as she lay alone unable to sleep, especially the memories of him stiffening, growing as he gazed at her and Arianna in their Bikini's. It was at those times her thoughts and desires instilled a need that always forced her to masturbate in order to rid herself of the throbbing at her clit and the yearning within her pussy. Those thoughts and desires, really more curiosities than desires were becoming more frequent of late.

As she lay panting after each tensing release she always felt guilt at her having thoughts of other men to bring her satisfaction, especially those of Johnny, a black man. It was those thoughts that caused her to blush when he was around and he caught her staring at him. She felt like he was reading her mind and knew her panties were soaked as she stared. He would just smile his magnetic smile and pull his tee shirt off over his head knowing she was watching him work.

Every time he did that she could feel her pussy filling with moisture knowing he was giving her a show. He was so confident of his manhood that he didn't feel the need to actually flirt by saying something and he never tried to hide his hard erection as her or Arianna showed off their bodies in their skimpy Bikini's. He definitely wasn't shy about being aroused by them and wanting them both to know it. He always had a question for her that had him standing beside her with his hard dick at her face level and a smirk on his face that told Ashley he enjoyed her uneasiness and inability to keep her gaze from his obviously pulsing glans.

The only time she ever saw him obviously embarrassed was once when he was wearing cut-off shorts and Arianna came walking out topless and wearing a string thong to sunbathe and his cock grew so large half of it was hanging stiffly down his thigh.

She had been about to go out and ask Arianna what the hell she was doing but the sight of his dick, especially his very, very, thick glans had her throbbing and squeezing her thighs so tightly she didn't think she could walk. He had turned his back to Arianna and removed his shirt and let it hang in front of his fat long dick as he walked to his truck obviously embarrassed. After he had driven off, probably to go masturbate, Arianna rose and re-entered the house. Ashley was perched on a bar stool pumping her crossed legs remembering Johnny's cock as she asked her daughter, "What the hell was that all about Arianna, you trying to get him to rape you?" "No, not that I'd mind it if he did though, I just thought I'd let him see what it felt like to have to see something so desirable and not be able to touch it.

It almost backfired on me when I saw his black dick hanging out of his shorts. My god mom did you see it?

If he had walked over and said "Let's fuck" I think I'd have just rolled on my back and spread my thighs. "ARIANNA! Girl don't talk like that, I'm your momma and I don't want to hear it. Go take that skimpy ass thing off so I don't have to watch your ass every time I look at you.", Ashley said. "Whats the matter mom am I turning you on flaunting my sexuality", she replied laughing?

Ashley almost said, "Yes", Her clit was throbbing still from the whole brief display her daughter had put on with Johnny. Thinking of Johnny and Arianna while gazing at her daughters perfect body did have her mind filling with thoughts no mother should think about her daughter. As Arianna walked from the rec room Ashley said, "Oh yeah Arianna", and as her daughter stopped and looked at her as if she thought her mom was going to scold her some more she said, "God he was huge wasn't he, as much as I love your dad I don't know if I could have said no either baby as she burst out laughing" Now it was her daughter who said, "MOM, you shouldn't say things like that to your daughter.

Then she winked and said, I promise I won't tell dad if you don't tell if I do", and then walked away laughing loudly. Arianna's thighs had her juices running down her inner thighs as she walked away. Ashley sat there with her mind filling with thoughts of her and Arianna and Johnny's big black dick until the guilt at her thoughts made her rise and begin Brad's dinner before going to her bedroom and masturbating to those same thoughts.

She had to change clothes as the crotch to her shorts and panties were soaked with her arousement juices. There was a growing awareness of the persistent need she was experiencing and also of her husband's seemingly waning sexual appetite. She knew he was not having an affair and she wondered if the sameness of their many years together was finally catching up with them and what she could do to change it.

She had tried sexy lingerie and acting the vamp but while he participated she could tell he was not as excited as she had hoped. He made love to her but it seemed they just fucked in the missionary position and he cum quickly and she lay there frustrated, unsatisfied as he rolled over and fell fast asleep. There was no intimacy in their marriage anymore and Ashley would lay there on those nights with tears streaming down her cheeks until she finally fell asleep.

Sex had never been an issue in their marriage until Brad had taken this last promotion. The unsated desire she was experiencing now was new to her and it seemed always present in her life now.

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No matter where she was or who she was with it was becoming hard not to allow sex to become a topic of conversation as she searched for answers to their dilemma. The morning of her salon appointment she found traffic around the area of the salon to be horrendous, creeping slowly she was sure she would be late. When she finally got close a policeman was waving traffic to detour around the street she needed to be on. She saw the fire department outside the salon and the windows were black and broken.

She saw Marcy her stylist standing close and yelled to her. As she approached the car Ashley asked her what had happened and Marcy informed her there had been a small fire and the salon would need to be closed for a week or so to clean up and repair the damage. Upset she just drove home and parked on the street so as not to block the drive in case Johnny needed to get in and out. She entered the house from the front and never saw Johnny.

Ashley decided to change out of her street clothes and get comfortable in her bikini. It actually was little more than a thong and thin top that barely covered her nipples. Tennis and frequent exercising had left Ashley as fit in her forty's as she had looked in her twenties. Her breasts were firm, almost perky even and her stomach was the envy of every woman her age that she knew, flat, fit and her groin was slightly concave with her hip bones slightly visible.

Looking at herself in the mirror she wondered what Johnny would think of her body if she ventured outside wearing it. Immediately she felt guilt at that thought. "Why did I think that", she asked herself, but the yearning in her pussy, she knew, was the answer. The thought of him had her wondering where he was and she proceeded to walk to the recreation room on the lower level and glance out the patio doors.

Nothing could have prepared her for what she saw out by the pool. Johnny was there. His tee shirt was soaked in sweat and sticking to his muscular body as he tried to pull it up over his head and off. But what shocked Ashley was the fact he was nude from the waist down. She gasped as her gaze fell to his cock and balls. There at the adjunct of his muscular bulging thighs was a sight that sent a lingering shudder to wrack her body.

Her thighs squeezed hard, knees seemingly turning to butter as she steadied herself against the bar. Ashley couldn't remove her gaze from the extremely thick girth of his cock as it hung at least 7-8 inches down over his big ball sac. She felt her breathing becoming rapid, clit throbbing wildly as she thought of the volume of cum his huge balls would spew through his large cock.

Her body trembled as she thought of him entering her, stretching her with such a thick dick. She quickly averted her gaze, her cheeks burning with embarrassment at her thoughts.

She didn't want to look but the throbbing in her groin demanded it and her lack of experience sexually with anyone but Brad had her afire with curiosity. Having removed his shirt, he turned, allowing her to see his tightly muscled ass and thin hips. If she had designed his body for herself she couldn't have improved upon what her gaze feasted on. He had the physique of a Greek god and the cock of a Centaur. Diving into the pool he began swimming strongly as she watched his muscled body moving fluidly, effortlessly.

Her breathing had deepened, her mind swarming with thoughts of him taking her roughly. He swam for maybe ten minutes as Ashley watched him, her body aroused, pussy clenching with the memory of his dick.

She knew she should leave, knew she would feel guilty every time she remembered her reaction to seeing him. In her mind she compared everything about him to her husband Brad. His dick made Brad's appear almost childish. His tight hard body was no comparison to her husband's softer toned one. Sure, Brad worked out a little but Johnny's body came from hard manual labor working with his father in their landscaping business. Ashley felt the wetness forming in her pussy and soaking her thong as she thought of being in Johnny's arms, his black cock thrusting deep inside her.

She couldn't deny, even to herself, that she wanted that experience. She saw how effortlessly he pushed his body from the pool to stand drying his hair with a towel he had brought with him. Her gaze never left his cock as it swayed side to side as he briskly rubbed his hair. Don't look, don't look her mind cried out to her, but the sight of his manhood flopping so erotically held her attention raptly.

She wanted to touch him to feel his heft and texture squeezed between her hands as she lifted his thick ebony man-meat. Her mouth craved his taste. She had never longed to feel her tongue on a cock like she did his as she stood gazing at it. Her lips were parched from her heavy breathing and her tongue slid over them as it would in anticipation of his cock sliding between them. That thought brought a moan from deep inside her and her thighs squeezed with her hunger. Would he feel and taste the same as Brad she wondered?

That thought excited her so intensely her fingers found her clit and she pressed it hard as she tried to stop its incessant throbbing.

As she watched he began drying his dick, squeezing it in the towel and stretching it, rubbing his balls as her thighs clenched rhythmically.

His dick seemed longer, its glans swollen larger now, causing her fingertips to begin a slow circular motion upon her pulsing need. Ashley gasped as she saw him walk to one of the chaise lounges and bend and pick up the shorts and panties she had removed the previous night when her and Brad had skinny dipped with Arianna not home.

Her breathing quickened, deepened, as he pressed her panties to his nostrils and inhaled her scent. His large cock jerked its approval, lifted and began stiffening. She watched mesmerized by his actions and his dicks reaction to them. He lowered his hand to his cock and wrapping it with her panties began to stroke himself with them. Ashley was aflame with need now, her thighs spread as she sat on a bar stool groping her pussy as she watched his dick growing longer, thicker, and jerking its stiffness.

God she wanted him, wanted to feel his thick dick inside her jerking stiffly. The thought of his muscled ass roughly driving his long ebony dick into her depths, stretching her while spewing his fiery black baby seed into her white body had her seething inside.

She hungered to know how his dick would feel as he entered her deeper than anyone had ever been inside her. She thought her mind was melting as he placed her panties in his mouth and was obviously tasting her as he continued stroking his huge dick. Knowing he was stroking his cock with her in his mind had her pussy clenching, yearning to feel him in her and her fingers slid down and pressed into her wetness.

Fingering herself with him in her sight had her hand flying, fingers pressing deeply inside her as the heel of her hand mashed her clit. She was close, so close, as her fingers swirled in the wetness of her excitement as she hungered for his monstrous cock. It was so big now. His fat girth made his cock appear shorter than it actually was but he was easily a foot or so long. Seeing it instilled a trepidation of him trying to press it into her body. She knew, no matter the pain, she wanted him in her.

Her emotions were in strife as she realized she was committing adultery in her mind as she lusted for Johnny's black cock, betraying her husband by the wanton need in her pussy. Her guilt was keeping her from throwing open heaven's gates and rushing through them to satisfaction. Johnny's hips thrust forward, buttocks squeezing tightly together as a glob of white pearlescent cum shot from his tip trailing a long stream that she knew ended at his manly balls.

The force of his ejaculation sent his cum shooting from his tip to land 4-5 feet from him. His eyes closed, hand pumped quickly and another less forceful stream erupted to follow the first. Ashley wanted to feel that forceful exodus from his black balls burning her whitest, most intimate of places, a place not even her husband had ever visited while he was embedded in her pussy to his balls.


As she watched, Johnny bent at the waist as he cupped his erupting glans with her panties in his hand and continued spewing from his large balls. That was the stimulus she needed! Her mind seethed with the knowledge he was using her for his stimulation. Her thighs clamped, her body bending to a fetal position as she slid from the chair to fall to her knees as she moaned her release. His actions had her body stricken, immobilized, laying on the floor, back arched, thighs straightened, tensed, hand roughly rubbing her clit as she bucked her pleasure.

She lay there gasping, panting for long minutes as shudders of pleasure wracked her sporadically. She felt the first pangs of guilt permeating her as her arousement slowly subsided and her breathing returned to normal. When she looked again he was gone. Her panties were laying atop her shorts as she had left them previously. She couldn't help but wonder if he wanted her to find them soaked with his ball juice. That thought brought forth another tensing orgasm that had her hand pressed tightly to her quivering cunt as her body trembled, shook, pussy clenching tightly then relaxing only to again tense as voltage like spasms roiled her body and mind.

She lay there until her body rebelled against the hardness of the floor tiles with an ache that demanded she rise. She stood. Her legs seemed weak, unable to support her as spasms of pleasure coursed through her still. She leaned against the bar collecting her thoughts until she could walk. "That was intense", she thought to herself as she walked out by the pool and stood staring at the wet streams across the concrete that still had globules of whitish cum melting in the Sun.

When she examined her panties she found the crotch filled with a huge blob of his cum and her pussy clenched at her desire to feel it spewing forcefully from his dick as she ground her pussy up into his explosive release. Her mind cried out against her next desire but the pulsing within her clit demanded it.

Her curiosity won out as she lifted his cum to her lips, extended her tongue and felt the slimy stickiness of a black man's ball cum beneath it. She laved it from the cloth of her panty crotch and tasted it. She was surprised to find it slightly sweet, not acrid like Brad's. She sucked it all into her mouth and savored his taste on her tongue before swallowing it. Her thighs squeezed tightly as she thought of him holding her head to his dick and forcing her to take his hot jism into her throat.

Mmmmmm she moaned as she felt her body becoming aroused by her thoughts and actions again. Picking up her clothing she returned to the house and after depositing them in the washing machine she untied her thong and bikini top and threw them in also. Chapter two; Ashley's distress Ashley couldn't rid her mind of Johnny's huge black dick.

He was larger than the guys in the porns she had been viewing online. Knowing there were cocks that big for real was an enlightening that would instill a hunger, as the one now filling her, every time she thought of them. She wanted to feel herself full, stretched, pounded, hurt until her inhibitions and guilt were swept from her on coursing waves of orgasm as Johnny made her love his cock. She needed something long and fat to fuck herself with.

It was then she remembered the party favor she had won at a sex toy party her neighbor Kathy had put on once years ago. It was a huge black rubber-like cock with a suction cup base. It was so big she knew she could never use it and it would have embarrassed her to even allow Brad to know she had it.

It took a few minutes of searching through boxes in the garage but she found it and smiled as her hand closed around it. Its glans was about the same as Johnny's but it wasn't near as thick as his horse cock. But it was over a foot long and would get to where she needed to feel it.

Being Black was just an added thrill. She now wondered if Kathy her neighbor liked black dick and was giving her a hint by choosing it as her gift. She had pulled her aside and told her at the time, "I know you and Brad have been together forever so I'm going to give you a special treat for yourself honey". Ashley took the black cock and thoroughly cleaned it per the enclosed instructions and then held it, felt its weight as she thought of Johnny. Laying on her bed she began sucking it as in her mind it was Johnny.

It even had balls. Her hips moved, undulated as the visions of Johnny fucking her inflamed her mind. Her breathing was rapid, deep and her clit was swollen, throbbing as she imagined him poised between her thighs, dick in hand as he prepared to impale her deeply.

Her pussy clenched repeatedly, moisture seeping from her yearning vagina. God she wanted his dick so badly it scared her. Could she actually fuck him she wondered, betray Brad and allow a black man to use her body for his pleasure, fill her with his hot cum. She told herself, no, she could never do that but the fever in her pussy belied her assertions. She would never admit it even to herself but if Johnny were there now she knew she would willingly spread her thighs for his huge black dick.

Ashley pressed the tip of the cock against the moist flesh of her vagina, moaning at the feel of its bulbous tip opening her, pressuring the nerves ingrained there as she spread to its girth. It didn't want to enter her, it was just too large. Her frustration grew, her breathing becoming ragged with her hunger to be fucked by it.

Johnny would make her take it, make her stretch whether she wanted it or not. He wouldn't care if he hurt her pussy. In her mind Johnny made her take it, forced his stiff dick to open her as her own hands pulled hard at it until with a loud gasp she felt it inside her clenching walls. Her pussy felt ripped, burned like it did when she lost her virginity to brads insistent cock. She felt full with just the tip in her, it hurt her but it was an almost soothing hurt as her hips began a slow undulation as in her mind it was Johnny fucking her, a black man entering her pussy causing streams of pleasure to permeate her essence.

The thought of her allowing a black man to desecrate her white body with his hot stiff cock excited and thrilled her as no other thought possibly could. As her arousement soared her pussy squeezed tightly then relaxed allowing the cock to press into her deeper. God, Brad never felt like this she thinks as the girth of her inanimate lover held her pussy open, pressuring her from within as she hunched forcefully up into its deep thrusts.

MORE!.more was her only thought as in her mind her pussy was raped, tormented by deep forceful thrusts that awakened a part of her that she never knew existed until her cervix was hammered, pressured, forced to relent as she endured the agony of pain she inflicted upon herself.

She couldn't stop, her hands emulating Johnny's hips as he persecuted her uterine opening with his hardness until the glans was embedded deeper than anything had ever stretched her before.

Her head thrashed from side to side as in her mind her hips pressed her pussy up into his stiffness, some primal part of her loving the ecstasy of his painful penetration. It was just as Ashley forced the dick deep into the depths of her soul, driven by primitive forces that have made women endure the pain of the deepest insemination possible, that Doug opened the front door and entered. He left the door standing open intending on retrieving his suitcases but was distracted by a sound coming from upstairs.

He knew no one was supposed to be home so he quietly slipped up the stairs listening intently as he climbed them. It sounded like it was coming from his parents' bedroom. Arianna would never be intruding in their parent's room so he suspected a burglar. He slowly turned the doorknob and cracked the door until he could see inside.

He saw a movement in the mirror of his mother's dresser and stared at the image displayed there. He froze, his hand slowly releasing the doorknob quietly.

He wanted to leave but the scene unfolding before him had him mesmerized, unable to command his feet to move. His mom was a beautiful sexy woman and he had thought of her sexually many times as his hands stroked his stiff dick, her and his sister were his favorite masturbation fantasies.

His mom was lying on her stomach, her hands forcing a black dick of some kind deep inside her pussy as she moaned loudly, "Fuck me, oh god fuck me harder, cum in me, give it to me", her hips hunching down into the dick, fucking it roughly. Only an inch or two of the dick was visible as she moaned, "Fuck me, oh god you're so big, so fucking hard, I love your black dick so much Johnny".

Doug had his dick out now. He'd never dreamed his mom was so sexual. Who is Johnny he wondered? No one could convince him his mom would cheat on his dad but someone was sure a part of her fantasy. Doug's dick felt strained, stiffer than he'd ever felt it. He was normally 9 inches but he felt like he was a couple inches longer right then. He used both his hands to stroke his dick as he debated entering his mom's room and "Accidently" catching her as she was with his dick out and pretending to not know she was home.

Precum flowed from his urethra and he was having to slow his stroking to keep from cumming as his gaze explored his mom's nude body. Damn she's hot he thinks as his dick pulses wildly in his grip. His mind fills with thoughts of fucking her in the ass while she's lying in the position she's in now. Her asscheeks are perfectly formed and the valley between them, squeezing and relaxing as she hunches into the black cock, calls out to his tongue. He wants to press his face between them and lick and suck her asshole while she tenses, cums on the dildo penetrating her deeply.

Suddenly she rolls onto her back and begins fucking the dick in and out of her pussy while rolling her clit with her other hand using long rapid strokes; her pussy thrusting up to meet each downward thrust of the dick as she moans her pleasure loudly. Ashley pulls the dick from her until the shaft is tightly gripped just behind its tip by the tightness of her vaginal muscles and then rams it hard back into her depths until again she forces it into her now stretched uterine opening until it feels ripping her deepest walls.

She knows she is out of control, unable to think, just respond to the feelings being inflicted deep inside her. The pained pleasure she knows is new, never before felt and she never wants it to end.

Damn she thinks, what would a real cock this size feel like being rammed deep inside me without being able to control the person wielding it. She knew she'd love it, want it daily, and that thought both excited and scared her. She had lost count of the orgasms she had experienced since impaling herself with the cock but she remembered her response to each one, hips lifting, out-turning, thighs straining as they straightened as she pulled the dick into her pussy hurtfully, inflicting the most wonderful pain of her life as her entire body shook and trembled as her pussy thrilled to the pressure within her.

She's insatiable, Doug thought of his mom as she fucked herself deeply, cumming repeatedly for long minutes until relaxing again she pistoned the long black dick in and out of her clenching pussy. He needed to cum badly but he didn't want to miss any of this, loved the sensations roiling his cock and thrilling his entire existence. Doug was so engrossed watching his mom he didn't notice his sister Arianna entering through the door he left open.

Arianna had come home early and was surprised to see Doug's car in the driveway and the door standing open. She was excited to see him. They had always been extremely close and she knew he loved her as much as she loved him. She couldn't ask for a better big brother. She always wound up comparing the guys she dated to Doug and it seemed they never measured up. When she masturbated she invariably thought of some hot guy but always had her brother in her mind when she finally orgasmed.

She knew it was wrong but she couldn't help herself. It was rumored that he had a big dick among all the girls he had dated and from the few times she had seen him in his underwear they appeared to be right. She had missed him terribly the last year. She had begged him to come home more often but he said he couldn't because of the hectic life of a freshman at school.

As she entered the house she expected Doug to be right there but he wasn't. She glanced around and didn't see him until her gaze lifted to the second floor.

She saw him standing by her parents' bedroom door and was about to yell at him when she noticed he was just standing there looking like he was transfixed on something. The movement of his hands drew her gaze to what he was holding and her mouth closed quickly and she stood there quietly staring up at her brother as he stroked his long, very long and thick dick.

She felt embarrassed, like she was spying on him, guilty at watching such a personal act. She quietly moved to the dining room around the corner from where he could see her. Her knees felt weak and she leaned against the wall and closed her eyes while trying to force the image of her brother's big dick from her mind. His glans looked thick and swollen and his fingers barely wrapped his shaft as he stroked it slowly. Try as she might she couldn't stop her clit from pulsing a steady cadence of desire or the clenching of her yearning pussy.

She could deny it forever to anyone else but she knew herself that she wanted to fuck her brother, to feel his big cock throbbing inside her. Her mind kept saying don't look but the incessant yearning in her pussy drove her to sneak a look around the corner again.

As her gaze fell on his jerking cock she felt a weakness wash over her body and her hand lifted her skirt and her fingers slid into the leg opening of her panties and her fingertips began a slow manipulation of her swollen bud.

She wanted her brother to fuck her, deep, hard, roughly until she cum on his dick repeatedly. Her breathing was deep, hurried, her hips undulating to the thrills her fingers imparted to her taut orb. She leaned against the wall, closed her eyes and allowed herself to be swept away by the stream of sensations flowing through her, her fingers groping her wet pussy, heel of her palm mashing her clit until on the edge of the abyss she stopped, panting her need as she again glanced up to where her brother was engaged similarly.

Doug was lost to the imaginings in his mind and the sight of his beautiful mom cumming her ass off. His eyes closed and his head lay back as his left hand cupped his dick head and his right pumped rapidly and then he was stifling the moan that accompanied his strong orgasm. Arianna saw her brothers' plight and in her own mind he was filling her pussy with his hot cum instead of his squeezing hand. Her hand worked feverishly for a few seconds and then her body was gripped in her own hard orgasm as she drew back into the dining room and sagged against the wall stifling her own deep moans of release.

Her fingers groped deeply inside her pussy as her palm mashed her clit hard while she gripped her pussy tightly, hips hunching, thighs squeezing as she shuddered violently. She felt the rivulets of her juices streaming down her inner thighs and soaking her squeezing hand. She fell to her knees and squeezed her thighs on her tightly gripping hand as her body jerked her pleasure sporadically until she knelt there spent, drained, as she became conscious of her surroundings again.

Glancing furtively around she ascertained no one had seen her actions. She again glanced upstairs but Doug had left, probably to go into the bathroom and clean up his mess from cumming. She could hear noises coming from her mom's room. Wiping her hand with the underside of her skirt she then straightened her clothing and proceeded to quietly climb the stairs. The bathroom door was closed as she silently crept to her mom's bedroom.

Standing where Doug had been she was greeted by the same erotic view he had been observing. Arianna's body was still inflamed from her watching her brother and now the sight of her mom's body moving so sensually as she stroked her pussy with a very large fake dick, a black one at that, had her again flowing wetness.

Like her brother before her she stood mesmerized, her gaze unwavering in its attention to every detail of her mom's beautiful body as she so deeply abused it. The pleasure embedded in her moans was obvious to anyone hearing them as she pressed the black dick as deeply as her body allowed and then held it as she used its extra length to imbue the pain she seemed to relish.

Her brother Doug was momentarily forgotten as her hand again found the leg opening in her panties and her fingertips again rolled her tautly swollen clit. Her mom was so beautiful and sensual, her body appearing so soft and smooth she found herself wanting to touch her. Arianna couldn't help but notice her mom's erect nipples, perfectly round and swollen.

Her mom's body moving so sensually had Arianna's own body undulating beneath her heated caresses. Watching her mother responding to the sensations the large cock instilled caused her to imagine her own pussy being tormented so deeply. Ashley was lost to the pleasure that overwhelmed her mind as well as her body as her responses seemed to induce that same pleasure into Arianna's body, drawing her to her mother seductively. She was shocked when she realized she wanted to kiss her mom's swollen clit, lick it, suck it into her mouth and instill pleasure into her mom's body.

She felt confused, aroused beyond belief at those thoughts and desires. She didn't want to think them much less be aroused by them; but seeing her mom like this had her emotions torn, conflicted. The love she felt for her mom and brother was being twisted, redirected in a sexually compelling manner that scared and confused her. She couldn't stop the thoughts of her and her mother making love from invading her mind any more than she could those of her brother fucking her moments before as long as she was being influenced by the sight of them.

She wanted to close the door and leave but she couldn't, she was as lost to her arousement as her mother was to the fever driving her hands as they pressed and pulled at the cock she was impaling herself with. What or who was she thinking about Arianna wondered? She kept hearing a name, Jenny or Johnny, being murmured as her mom fucked her pussy deeply. Oh my god, Arianna thought, Johnny was the son of Mr.

Harris their landscaper and maintenance guy. He was black also, like the dick her mom was using. Arianna pictured Johnny in her mind and the vision of his dick hanging from his cut-offs that day loomed large in her mind.

He would always grow so large as he watched her and her mom that it embarrassed both her and her mother to the point that they had to go in the house to keep from openly staring at him. But the day she intentionally showed him her body she knew had them both aroused and staring. She knew that she had masturbated with his cock as the object of her need and now she wondered if her mom had been doing the same.

He was hot in a physically sexual way. Surely her mother couldn't be thinking of fucking Johnny the pool guy, not mom, she thought; but then, Arianna knew if he ever approached her that she would willingly open her thighs to him.

Hmmm dad is working a lot lately and mom is a sexual person, she thinks as she remembers her words the day that they had seen Johnny's bare dick "What are you doing Arianna", Doug asked her in a whisper? Arianna jumped, pulling her hand from her pussy as she was suddenly brought back to reality. She felt herself blushing as embarrassed, she stammered, "Er, ah, I.I was", then she turned and ran to her room and closed the door behind her.

"He saw me", she thought, "Oh my god how will I ever look at him again"? Arianna threw herself down on her bed with tears welling in her eyes. She had never been so embarrassed in her life. She knew that Doug had done the same thing as her, experienced the same desires that she had towards their mom, but, because she hadn't confronted him it was her secret alone.

He had seen her and spoke to her and now they both knew what she had been doing and thinking of doing and she felt shame at his knowledge.

The fact that she had also seen him, didn't dispel the shame she felt. She had been watching her mother and playing with herself! Doug had to know what she was feeling and thinking about as she rubbed herself while mesmerized by their mom's actions. Doug smiled as his sister raced to her room flustered, knowing he had seen her playing with herself while watching their mom as he had.

He stood there watching his mom for a few minutes, amazed at her capacity to orgasm repeatedly for so long a time. Who would have ever guessed his mom seemed to be a nympho, normally she was the one that seemed so reserved and distant. Feeling his dick again stiffening he reached for the doorknob and quietly closed the door and crept downstairs.

He began bringing in his luggage while making as much noise as possible. He slammed the door harder than he needed to and yelled, "Hey, is anybody here to welcome the prodigal son home?" Ashley was lying panting with the dildo still embedded in her now sloppy pussy when she heard something outside her door it seemed. "Must be Arianna", she thought, before hearing her son yelling.

Oh my god, she screamed to herself it's Doug! Rising, the dildo hung heavily from her pussy causing her thighs to be held spread before she remembered it and slowly disengaged it from her tightly gripping pussy.

She smiled as she thought to herself, "I'll see you later big boy"! Donning her robe she raced to her bathroom and wet a wash cloth and cleaned her thighs and pussy as well as possible in her haste.

Returning to the bedroom she saw the huge wet spot on her sheets and quickly threw the covers over it. She glanced around and saw the dildo lying on her dresser and opening one of its drawers placed it in it.

Tying her robe together she then walked out the door yelling to her son, "Oh my god Doug, what are you doing here? I was about to get in the shower honey! Do you need some help with those", she asked? "Nah, I'm good mom. Arianna home yet", he asked? "No, she spent the night at Patty's and won't be here till later, honey", she replied. "Isn't that her car out front", he asked. Ashley walked down the stairs and glanced out the window before turning and saying, "Maybe she is home.

I guess she could be in her room or out at the pool". Doug couldn't help remembering his mom's actions and his gaze kept falling to the front of her robe as it parted as she moved. He felt his cock hardening with the knowledge she was nude beneath it and when he looked back at his mom her eyes were turned downward and he was sure she was staring at his outlined cock.

The thought of her looking at his dick caused a strong jerking of his dick that stiffened it and had its entire length straining his pants front. There was an uncomfortable silence as she stared mesmerized as his cock continued to pulse and jerk. Suddenly realizing that Doug had noticed her interested gaze, Ashley was startled and blurted out, "If I see her I'll tell her you're home sweetie.

She'll be as excited as I am to see you Doug. She has been lost without you to pester her". Ashley stepped forward and put her arms around her son and hugged him tightly. When he returned the hug Ashley couldn't help but feel the hardness of his young dick pressing against her body. She experienced a weakness that left her pussy feeling empty and yearning as it clenched her need.

Doug was unprepared for the hug his mother gave him and the sudden pressure of her body against his pulsing dick had his hands automatically falling to her hips as he pulled her to his body tightly.

The scent of her vagina vaguely wafted to his nostrils and the smell of her hair intoxicated and reignited his arousement. His dick ached as it strained against his mother's thigh as every small move of her body sent thrills racing from his cock. His mind was overwhelmed with the feel of her softness beneath his hands and her body pressed to his dick.

Knowing he was craving to fuck his mom, even grinding his dick against her as she squeezed him filled him with shame, but it also excited him beyond belief. She didn't push him away and he had never felt closer to her than he did at that instant. He felt precum oozing from his dick and his breathing was becoming deep, hurried as his cock strained against his mother's softness.

Ashley felt so slutty pressing her body against her son's hard dick. She knew she should be ashamed at what she was enjoying but for some strange reason she didn't. Instead she felt alive, her blood flowed hotly through her veins, pussy yearning her son's hard cock. He felt huge pulsing against her bare thigh as her robe had slid open as they hugged. She felt his hard throbbing just inches from her pussy and it was all she could do to restrain herself from positioning his dick at her clit and shamelessly grinding against his stiffness.

Her mind was torn, her inhibitions fleeing her as she realized if this continued she would be ripping his pants open and pressing her flooding pussy down on his hot dick. If she had known that her son was wanting the same thing at that instant they would have fucked right there in the foyer.

She didn't though and she was afraid of what he would think of her wantonness, his mother's wanting his cock. She loved him much too much for that. Leaning back she gazed into her son's eyes and wondered if that really was desire she saw in them. She placed her lips on his meaning to just give him a pecking kiss but once there she felt his mouth moving, sucking at hers and she lingered there for seconds that seemed hours before pulling away just moments from falling into an abyss that neither of them may ever escape.

"I have to go take my shower sweetie, you take all that on to your room and I'll see you after I get dressed, ok", she half gasped as her body demanded relief from the craving need coursing through her now.

She turned and half ran up the stairs to her bedroom, grabbed the dildo out of the drawer and ran into her bathroom and sprawled on the small settee there. Her mind and body was on fire. She felt shame flooding her as she remembered her actions moments before. Her emotions were torn, but the craving she felt for her sons large dick was forefront in her thoughts as she grasped the dildo and placed it where her body needed her son's cock.

She pressed it deep inside her and began fucking herself frantically as she remembered the feel of her son's lips on hers, the hardness of his dick against her as she wondered if it was her in his mind. She closed her eyes and allowed the visions of her and her son to flow freely through her inflamed mind as she coaxed one orgasm after another to tense her rigidly. Ashley felt weak, drained, after her outburst of sexuality brought on by the sight and feel of her son's hard cock.

Her body slumped, slid down until she was collapsed in a pile on the bathroom floor, crying, sobbing as she realized everything she had experienced that day.

Who is this woman possessing my body she wondered. How can I have these thoughts and desires? Even now as she sat there shamed, embarrassed to admit to herself that she could harbor such deep dark sexual desires, the memory of the day's events still excited her, made her pussy yearn to fulfill the fantasies that for now only existed in her mind.

She knew it was because of her and her husband's relationship that she felt so sexually unfulfilled. Ashley was determined not to let the day's events occur again.

"I am not this woman", she thought to herself as she stepped into the shower. Their shower was large, almost a small room and in it's center was an island of tile standing maybe two feet tall and long and wide enough to lie down upon. Using the remote she aimed the many nozzles so they covered the island, adjusted the water temperature and lay down upon it while remembering the many times over the years her and Brad had enjoyed sex there with the water cascading over them.

The hot water felt good streaming over her body. She felt dirty, slutty for allowing her imaginings to overwhelm her and control her as they had. Her body relaxed under the constant caress of the showers. One of the nozzles had a pulsing action that was aimed at her groin and each pulse seemed to reverberate through her body. She adjusted her position to have it spray between her thighs not on her body.

As she scooted her ass up to rid herself of the annoying feeling, it fell upon her clit and sent a strong voltage like sensation coursing through her. Her body trembled under the grip of the sensations until moving slightly the streaming water pulsed into her vagina. Hmmmm she thought, that feels pretty good. Raising her knees she assumed a missionary position where she could place her feet flat on the tiles and move her body around under the pleasurable stimulant.

She found that she could allow its pulsing to stimulate her anus instilling a craving to be penetrated there. Holding her pussy spread she was amazed at the feeling it created within her as it pounded past her entrance muscles to fill and warm her inside. The sensations that roiled her with it spraying her clit were indescribable. Ashley couldn't believe that she had never known the pleasure available in her shower.

She found that using the nozzle remote she could direct a separate nozzle to all three places of her pleasure and experience intense orgasms as she did nothing but tense and moan until her pleasure was so intense she had to close her thighs and roll away from the pulsing stimulation. All these years she had that remote, and hadn't used it a dozen times. She used to wonder why they had installed so many nozzles just to shower. She would definitely be experimenting with those nozzles she thought.

Finally sated she cleansed herself with a soapy body sponge, leisurely rubbing away the sins of the day as her body relaxed under the hot, caressing of the showers. It was then, while leisurely washing her body she remembered that Arianna had apparently arrived home while she was enjoying Johnny in her mind and the dildo in her pussy.

Did she hear me moaning as I played, Ashley wondered, or maybe worse, opened her door to see what was causing those moaning sounds. She knew the sensations of that large dick had her unable to stifle the sounds of her intense pleasure and unaware while uncaring of her surroundings. No, Ashley preferred to think that she just went to her room when she came home and knew nothing of her pursuit of pleasure in her bedroom. Besides, the rooms in the house were practically soundproof thanks to the previous owner's insistence they would be.

She had understood that he had many parties with stay over guests and didn't want them disturbed by the sounds of the gatherings below. Hmmm, the showers, the soundproofing? Ashley was beginning to wonder just what kinds of parties he was having here. Her new sexual awareness had her imagining orgies in the showers, women screaming their love of big cocks hammering their pussies.

Maybe when Arianna and Doug were both gone her and Brad could have those kinds of parties she mused, laughing as she tried to picture Brad hosting an orgy. That will never happen she was sure of. After drying herself she threw on a loose fitting housedress, slipped on a pair of pumps and went looking for Brad and Arianna. She didn't remember later consciously deciding not to wear a bra or panties but she hadn't.

She couldn't find either of them but the doors of their rooms were closed so she imagined they were in their rooms. It was just then that Brad called to say he had to go out of town for a day or so but assured her that he would be home before Doug got there Monday.

Ashley laughed and told him that he was already home and that he could say hi when he came to get his luggage later that evening. After hanging up the phone Ashley sat pondering the fact that, again, he wouldn't be there when she needed him sexually.

Ashley walked out to the pool and sat down in a lounge chair with her feet flat on the wood seat, knees in the air and pondered her and her husband's sexual situation. It was while lost in thought that Johnny appeared in her sight on the other side of the pool and seemed to be looking for something in the grass. Turning he noticed her and spoke saying, "Hi Mrs.

West, just lost something and I'm looking for it. I shouldn't be long". He started to turn back around but his head suddenly turned back in her direction and he seemed to be gazing at her legs, staring with a quizzical look etched upon his face. He seemed transfixed for a few seconds before again turning away.

He continued looking at the ground but his gaze kept returning to her. Picking something up from the ground he was examining it as he stood facing her.

Ashley noticed his dick was extending almost to his knee down his pants leg. He had on loose fitting slacks and his stiff cock was straining the material, his thick glans perfectly outlined against them. Ashley felt moisture forming inside her as she watched his dick jerking stiffly.

Her breathing had become deeper, more rapid and when she felt the cool breeze gently lift her dress as it blew beneath it she realized she hadn't wore panties and he had a perfect view of her shaven pussy.

Her mind screamed for her to close her thighs and lower her legs, but her muscles seemed frozen as her pussy clenched and relaxed repeatedly. She was brazen in her staring at his dick and when she saw his gaze return to her pussy her thighs began swaying, opening and closing, her hips undulating. She knew he wanted her pussy and she was sure he knew she wanted his dick. She closed her eyes hoping he would just approach her and take out his dick and fuck her right there on the lounger.

Her chest was lifting and falling heavily now as her clit was throbbing its need to be touched, rubbed, anything to quell the seemingly insatiable need she felt. When she opened her eyes he was gone and a disappointed moan escaped her lips as she lowered her legs and squeezed her thighs tightly. A part of her was relieved that he hadn't tried to fuck her and also felt guilt that she knew she would have allowed him to. Tears were forming in her eyes as she realized the woman she was becoming.

"Hey mom, want some company", Doug yelled to her from the patio door? Hmmm Ashley thought, maybe that's why Johnny left, he saw Doug. She didn't feel so rejected now that she knew there was a reason he didn't approach her.

"Sure honey, come on out", she replied as she wiped the tears from her eyes with her hand. "I guess Arianna is asleep or something", he said as he approached. "Probably because I know she would be excited knowing you're home otherwise", Ashley said.

Doug and Brad are so similar looking and acting, she thinks as he sits down beside her. He extends her cell phone to her as he says, "Dad called and wants you to call him, says its important". Dialing his number he immediately picks up and says excitedly, "Pack a bag babe, you're going with me tonight. Mr. Donahue and his wife are throwing a party tomorrow night and he wants all the execs working on this job to come and bring their wives along. Pack your sexiest outfit honey, he's the CEO of our holding company and it can't hurt to impress him.

I hear through the grapevine that only the people he has plans for promotion are invited to his home. We'll be back Sunday night if the kids ask. I have to run, love you, bye sweetie", and he hung up. Ashley smiled knowing her and her husband would be together alone the next two nights.

Maybe she can alleviate this hunger that seems to be ruling her life. "I have to go pack. Your dad said I have to go with him tonight on his trip. I'm so excited!", she says gleefully. Doug frowns exaggeratedly as he says, "I'm mad now, you and dad both leave when I come home early to surprise you".

"OH sweetie you know we wouldn't leave if we didn't have to", she says as she bends and places her lips on his intending to just give him a quick short kiss. But as her lips touch her sons a wave of passion courses through her and her lips linger long enough that he returns her kiss.

Again there is an electric like voltage to their kiss that draws them both into the vortex within both their bodies. When their lips finally part there is an embarrassed silence as they gaze into each other's eyes.

Awkwardly Ashley murmurs, "I'm sorry Doug, I have to run and pack baby", and blushing, she turns and walks quickly away. She wasn't sure if she was apologizing for having to leave that night or for not staying and continuing their kiss.

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Her emotions at the feelings she enjoyed as they kissed had her feeling disgusted at herself but even that disgust did nothing to quell the pulsing in her body their kiss had caused. And what was even worse was he hadn't rejected her kiss which definitely was not a kiss that should be shared between mother and son.

Did he feel the same emotional turmoil as she felt each time they were close? Did he feel the same attraction that had her body pulsing? The memory of his cock stiffly outlined against the fabric of his pants as he stared at her in her robe and the ensuing contact, tormented her both physically and mentally.

She needed a good fucking and hopefully that would rid her of those incestuous feelings and emotions. Chapter 3: The Decision Friday night in the hotel room was another frustrating night for Ashley as Brad was tired from working all day and then the flight to Miami and everything that entailed. She accompanied Brad to the conference and waited in the lounge for him while he attended various functions for his work.

She hadn't wanted to sit alone at the hotel and most of the meetings were only a half hour or so in length. She sat alone at a table politely declining the offers of companionship many men offered her. She had noticed a woman at the bar elegantly dressed, obviously well-kept and supposed her to be a high end prostitute.

She seemed to be a little tipsy. Their gazes met and she smiled at Ashley, raised her cocktail glass as a salute and inquired, "Are you also a conference widow"? Ashley smiled and invited the woman over after realizing that she too was waiting on her own husband. The woman approached her table and said, "Obviously your husband is also attending this boring ass conference so what say we just sit here getting soused together. My name is Gloria and yours"? "Ashley West, she replies, and yes I guess I am a conference widow also if that's the expression for a wife ditched at the bar while her husband attends this thing".

"West, West, ahhh yes, the CFO's wife, Gloria responds". "Yes.do you know Brad my husband", she asks her? "No not personally but I heard you two were invited to the party tonight", she responded. "Oh, are you going too. Please tell me you are so I will at least know one person there other than Brad", Ashley pleads smiling. "Have you met Catherine Donahue yet", she asks?

"No, should I have", Ashley replies? "You don't have a clue about the party tonight do you Ashley", Gloria asks? "I'm not sure what you mean Gloria, is there something I should know", she asks in return? Has Brad ever cheated on you Ash, or you on him", she asks? "Why would you ask that Gloria, what kind of party is it tonight that you'd ask that? Are you going to it", Ashley asks nervously? "No I won't be there Ash.

We weren't invited this year. Catherine considers us used goods now and Edgar only invites new blood for his wife and his games. Tonight if Catherine seems to be spending most of her time on your husband's arm you will know she has picked him and Edgar will ask you and Brad to remain after everyone else has left. Catherine likes to wield her husband's power to sate her enormous sexual appetite and her larger ego.

You will be offered a decision concerning your husband's future with the company. You can assent to him spending the night with her in their bed and you with Edgar and assure his steady rise through the ranks till he retires from the company or you can say no and he will remain in the position he now has until he retires or leaves the company.

Two years ago I was offered that choice and chose to allow it. We had both been faithful till that night and made the decision together. My husband wasn't told what I would experience beforehand and your Brad won't be either. Let me say that you will enjoy the night much, much more than your husband will. It's really not about Brad as much as the two of you and your responses to that first nights events I found out. It seems the owners of the company are a couple of voyeurs and they enjoy watching a couples reaction to the things they plan for them.

But you never know dear, Catherine might pick someone else. But I have it on good authority that you are the only new couple attending." "You're kidding me aren't you Gloria? What do you mean I will enjoy it more than Brad?

Is Edgar Donahue hung or what? My God you're serious aren't you. What happened to you that night Gloria, what should I expect if I do agree to it?" Ashley's curiosity is now burning, her mind overwhelmed with the knowledge she might have to decide Brad's future. And what of Brad, will he consent to all this she wonders?

"Only the women that allow it know what they and the others who have agreed experience Ash. I will say that if you notice, all the servants and cooks and bartenders are black men.

Every employee at the penthouse is a black male. And another thing that I wish someone had told me so that I wouldn't have dreaded saying yes is that you won't be touched by ugly ass Edgar", Gloria answers. Ashley orders another drink only this time it's a double. Just then Gloria's husband enters the bar and stands glancing around obviously looking for her.

She excuses herself saying, "Well Ashley good luck tonight. And in case you're wondering, no I don't have any regrets for agreeing to it, In fact I'm kinda jealous of you girl". She turns and takes a few steps and then returns and whispers in Ashley's ear. "Tonight the ladies that you see disappearing for a while are the ones that agreed to it when it was offered to them. It will only be a few but they will all smile and give you a knowing wink once they see Catherine on your hubby's arm".

Gloria hands her a business card and turns it over and shows her a number written on the back and says, "That's my number, call me tomorrow after you leave the Penthouse and we'll compare notes about the experience.

We'll have much more in common then dearie", she said with a wink. Then she walked to her husband and they walked out. Ashley felt a trepidation about the party but she also had a throbbing curiosity about what she may be in for sexually at the Donahue Estate. It was with that thought she realized Gloria had said Penthouse not Estate. Her avid imagination was only beginning to explore Gloria's reasoning in telling her about the black servants when Brad walked in. "That's it for the day sweetie.

What say we go grab a bite to eat somewhere nice", he asks? "Yeah, we need to talk Brad. Do you know anything about the party tonight, like why we were invited", she asked seriously? They hailed a cab and went to Gabbiano's Italian Restaurant for Italian. After they had ordered, Ashley divulged everything Gloria had told him. Brad didn't want to believe it but it did explain the meteoric rise of a few guys through the ranks when they shouldn't have even been on the radar for promotion including Chad Wells, Gloria's husband.

Brad had seen pictures of Donahue's wife Catherine and she was a very beautiful woman and the thought that she may wish to fuck him was very intriguing.

Brad wasn't sure how his wife felt about any of what she had just told him but he wasn't about to lose everything they had together for a piece of ass.

"I'll just refuse and stay where I'm at and begin looking around for something else honey. I just hate that I've been there all these years and they can just ruin it for us", he said pretending disgust. Ashley was proud that Brad would give up all his years of work to remain faithful to her.

She was a realist though and knew that the thought of sexing a beautiful woman to insure our future had to be as appealing to him as it would be for someone to offer her the same deal to fuck Johnny. "Brad, does it turn you on thinking of sexing Catherine Donahue.

You know we have never been with anyone but each other and we both know it's become a little sameo, sameo in our lovemaking. Do you think this might bring some life back to our libidos. You know, if you were assured of your promotions you wouldn't have to work such long hours and might have more energy in our bed." Then seeing the shocked look on her husband's face she said quickly, "I don't mean I want to do this but it is just one night and we may never see them again".

Brad couldn't believe what he had heard. "You mean you'd be ok with knowing that I was having sex with a beautiful woman while you were sexing her husband, that you'd still love me", he asked his wife. "Would you still love me knowing another man had cum in me and possibly made me cum Brad, would you", she seemed to plead? "Of course I would Ash as long as you didn't cheat to do it and I knew it was just sex and that it wouldn't influence our love or relationship.

I know I haven't been keeping up in the sex department honey. I want to but it just seems the fires don't want to ignite like they used to and I hate it, hate that you cry yourself to sleep because of my inadequacies as a man.

What I hate the most is that yes it does light the fires thinking of someone else but I don't want someone else, I want you." Ashley began crying at hearing her husband's truthful answer. " I know, I know honey I'm the same way", she admitted and felt as if a weight had been lifted from her. Do you want to do this tonight Brad, I promise you it will not change anything about the way I feel about you. Maybe it will rekindle the fires we used to have.

And besides, Gloria said Edgar would not touch me tonight. They finished their meal and Brad paid the check and had the waiter order them a cab. When the cab arrived the driver saw Ashley and quickly came around and opened the door for them as his gaze roamed her body brazenly. He appeared to be Mexican and Ashley remembered how a neighbor had once told her the Mexicans had the thickest cocks she'd ever fucked. Knowing he found her sexually attractive instilled a pulsing in her already sexually charged body even though he was just a taxi driver.

Ashley felt so much closer to Brad now. The fires in her groin were already flaring at the thought that someone new would possibly be in her pussy tonight. Her pussy was throbbing in anticipation of tonight. She wanted to do something nasty, something brad would never anticipate her doing. The thought of someone seeing her fuck tonight had her wildly excited. She had always known she had an exhibitionist side and it seemed to be driving her now. She gazed toward the taxi driver as she remembered the look in his eyes as she knew he was mentally undressing her in his mind.

She made sure he was watching before placing Brad's zipper between her fingertips and sliding it down as she whispered in his ear, "Think of Catherine doing this tonight while I enjoy myself while the driver watches us".

Before he could protest she had his dick out and in her mouth licking and sucking anxiously. Brads eyes closed and his dick immediately began growing stiffer than he had in quite a while. Ashley watched the driver adjust his rearview mirror, saw his gaze lock with hers while allowing him an excellent view of her mouthing her husband's dick Knowing he was watching had her pussy flowing moisture as it clenched and yearned to be filled. As he watched her perform she lifted her head and said, "Take the long way driver, please".

"Sure, I'll just drive until you tell me to take you to the hotel if that's ok babe", he replied, winking at her in the mirror. Brads dick was stiff, strained, as her lips slid over him, head bobbing rapidly before she again whispered, "Promise me you'll think of her and you won't open your eyes honey" "I promise, oh fuck I promise baby", he quickly cried.

Sitting, Ashley raised her knees and with her ass pointing towards the driver she lowered her panties down her thighs and ankles until freed of her feet she tossed them to the driver. She raised her ass as she moved astraddle her husband's dick and positioned his swollen hot tip and began lowering her wet pussy down onto him, fucking him as she watched the driver smelling the soaked crotch of her discarded panties, sucking them as she had seen Johnny do.

That sight drove her hips as she rammed her pussy down onto Brads up thrusting cock. Soon the driver had pulled off the road in a wooded area at a small park off the main roads. As quick as he stopped he freed his own dick and was engaged in stroking it slowly as he watched her pussy slide up and down Brads stiffly erect dick.

He appeared to be Mexican but he spoke fluent English. Ashley had her hands on the back of the front seats and leaned forward as her hips pumped rapidly on Brad's stiff dick. She watched as the driver stroked his dick for her pleasure and his own. His dick was thick, very thick about 8 inches long. Seeing his hard, swollen dick, knowing it was her that stiffened him stoked the already intense flames within her. She wanted to feel him in her and she motioned for him to come back there with them holding her finger to her lips indicating for him to be quiet.

He exited the cab and slowly opened the rear door and stood there stroking his cock. Ashley was on fire, out of control. She had never felt or acted so slutty in her life. She felt alive, blood coursing through her body hotly as she motioned the driver to sit beside them. Her hand reached for him immediately and she began stroking his dick hungrily. She had never touched another man's dick and feeling this huge cock that was twice the thickness of her husband's possibly even thicker had her mooaning and groaning as she ground down onto Brads dick.

The driver twisted and reached over and began rubbing her clit as she fucked her husband. No one had ever touched her sexually besides Brad and feeling his fingers rubbing her with her husband inside her placed an insane arousement in her body. The fat dick in her hand jerked and throbbed its desire to be in her. She had to feel him in her even with Brad there to see it. She couldn't control her need to feel him fucking her.

Her body lifted from Brad's dick and she again began sucking him as she knelt on the seat while positioning her pussy at the door for the drivers use. She moaned loudly around her husband's dick as the second man in her life began stretching her cunt lips around his extremely fat cock. The large cocked Mexican knew what she wanted and wasted no time giving it to her. Ashley felt his bulbous glans stretching her painfully. God he's thick she thought as his rough hands held her by her bare hips as he began hunching forcefully, stretching her pussy to accept his huge offering.

Her tissues burned as they stretched around his fat tip and the pain had her hand pressing back against his body. But he was not to be denied as he grabbed her hand and held her by it, holding her back on his dick as he buried his entire cock inside her tightly gripping cunt.

Ashley's breath was expelled as his sudden lunge forced his dick to penetrate her. She couldn't believe the pleasure she felt as he throbbed against her clenching walls.

She knew she couldn't be quiet much longer, the thrills his fat dick gave her as he began fucking her had her chest heaving already. Her head rose to her husband's ear and she whispered, "Would it turn you on to watch another man fuck your wife's pussy honey, see me cumming on his hard dick and hear my moans as he pumped me full of his hot sperm while Catherine sucked your dick. She pumped Brad's dick as he gasped, "Oh god Ash, I know I should say no, but yes, yes to be honest I'd love it baby.

Could you do that baby, could you fuck a guy with me watching", he panted. "Oh my god YES! Open your eyes Brad…oh god…baby he's so big&hellip.oh fuck&hellip.I'm sorry baby but his dick was sooo big. Ohh damn&hellip.fuck me&hellip.fuck…your dicks so big…so good", she began crying out, unable to contain the excitement she felt as the driver fucked his fat dick deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Brad watched as the big Mexican pulled her ass to the doorway and began fucking her roughly, his large hand on her lower back and the other pulling at her hip as he began a steady pistoning in her pussy. Brad was shocked by the way his wife's hips rammed her pussy back onto the drivers dick, meeting each of his forward thrusts with her own forceful rearward one. He saw her head flailing, heard her pleas for the man to fuck her hard, to make her cum. Brad was mesmerized by his wife's pleasurable plight, his own dick jerking stiffly as Ashley's pleasure became his own.

She had forgotten her husband's dick as her entire body was permeated by the voltage like streams that had her crying out loudly with each hard penetration of her pussy. He could never remember her being so lost, so out of control at any time in her life when they made love. He wondered if she was enjoying the man as much as she enjoyed fucking him her husband of all these years. He got his answer as her body began trembling, her hands squeezing her breasts as she moaned, "C.c…cu.cum…cumming…oh shit&hellip.FUCK&hellip.ME!

Don't stop, oh god …please…don't… stop! N…n…nev…never…c.c.cum…so&hellip.g…g.good…before…&hellip.oh god Brad&hellip.c.ca.can't…stop!

Fuck I love this!.oh shit he's hurting my pussy so good…so deep&hellip.aarrghhhHHHHHHHH. Brad felt a fear of losing his beautiful wife to this brute of a man fucking her. When the man, a taxi driver said, "Damn fella your wife loves this big beaner dick. You need me to fill your slut with my nut man", Brad didn't know what to reply, he felt humiliated by him asking if Brad wanted him to nut his wife. When Ashley screamed, "Yes!, oh god tell him yes baby, fuck I need it, need to feel him filling my pussy honey.

I've never felt cum shoot in me so deep, he's so much longer and thicker than you honey, PLEASE tell him to cum. Oh damn I'm so hot knowing you're gonna watch him cum in me ohhhhhhh god cummin again.", her words made him feel so inadequate as a husband and a man.

He had never seen her ramming her pussy down on his dick like she was his. Anyone could tell how much she loved his fat dick and craved his cum. Brad was too embarrassed to say anything, especially because he knew inside him he wanted to see his wife's reaction and hear her moans as she felt the drivers big dick spewing his creamy hot cum deep inside her. His dick had never been stiffer or he more excited than at this moment.

The man turned her to lay on her back and Brad saw the man's hugely thick girth sliding in and out of his wife's pussy. He was awed by the guy's dick size and now knew why Ashley couldn't control her reaction to his incessant deep thrusts. His wife's head was lying on his thigh as the Mexican lay down upon her and began fucking her with quick forceful thrusts that jarred the entire vehicle.

The look etched on her face could only be described as one of love as her hands pulled at his ass cheeks. Her legs over his thighs holding her body to his deepest most forceful thrusts as her hips worked exaggeratedly as she ground into his strained glans. Brads cock jerked stiffly as he stroked it while watching his wife grab the man's head and kiss him passionately, impaled by his tongue at one end and his dick at the other.

The man fucked his wife relentlessly like he wanted Brad to see and hear her love of his dick, and he did. Ashley cried out numerous times how she loved him then remembering her husband was there cried "God I love your dick, fuck me, fuck me, god please don't ever stop hurting my pussy. Brad could easily see his wife's wet juices coating the guy's dick with every stroke he made while raised on his hands and hear the squishing of his cock as she cum repeatedly.

He would fuck her slowly, ass grinding in small circles at his deepest point and she would moan loudly, "Yes, Yes, ooh god you hurt me so good", and her hips would begin undulating with his and every time his hips begin thrusting hard into her again she'd tense, hips lifting, pussy held to his forceful hunching as her entire body shook and trembled.

Brad watched her face, saw her eyes open in awed astonishment at the hurt in her pussy, then close as moans rose from deep in her lungs, each of his thrusts registering on her face as a squinting of her eyes and a pained cry as her head flung back.

And the man kept telling her, "Yeah baby that's it, cum on my dick baby! Let your husband see how much you love my big dick.

Tell him baby, tell him how much you love me, love this big beaner cock. Tell him how much better my dick is than his". Ashley looked up at her husband's face, a look in her eyes of her pleading with him to understand and then at the man's face as if to say she couldn't do that.

Then he began hunching hard into her pussy, hurting her painfully and she screamed, "Oh god yes, oh fuck honey his dick is so big, so fuckin hard, so much better than yours has ever been. Oh god I wish you made me cum like this. Cum in me, please, I need it so bad, fill my pussy up with your ball juice baby. Tell him to cum in me baby…please!" "You want me to nut your wife Brad, let her feel this hot Mexican cum squirting deep inside her pussy", he asked?

"Yes, yes please cum in my wife, she needs it, doit, drive it deep in her pussy and let her milk your balls dry", he said. Brad wasn't sure who needed him to fill his wife's pussy more, her, the man fucking her, or himself. He'd be lying if he said he didn't want to see his wife's reaction to her pussy being flooded by the man's monster set of balls. The driver began driving his dick into Ash's body roughly, forcefully, his hips moving faster than Brad thought humanly possible.

His wife was having her pussy assaulted, punished, his body mashing her clit forcibly with each downward ramming of his fat dick. His dick looked even thicker as brad watched it pistoning in her pussy and Ashley felt it too. Her hands gripped the seat in white knuckled fists as she tried to push herself away from his hurtful impalement of her depths.

Then her eyes opened, upper body rose, her hands held his hips and her head was flung back and she begged, "DOIT, oh god I feel it, give it to me, oh god its getting bigger. He's gonna cum in me Brad, watch him baby, oh god he's hurting me so fucking good. YES!, OH FUCK YES!.ohhhhhhgodDDDDDD its so hot, oh damn yes, don't stop, DON"T STOP! Oh god I love you, I love you so much…argghhhhHHHHHHHHIIIIIAAAEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Brad saw the man's ass squeeze tightly with each strong release from his balls and Ashley's pussy gyrated up into his hot spewing, her entire body writhing and then they kissed as he drained the dregs of his ardor into her with short forceful thrusts that had his wife begging for more.

They lay there for a few minutes kissing, her hands running over his body and then he rose, stood at the door of the cab and ordered her to, "Clean this dick up baby, its time for me to earn some money. Brad gaped in awe as he saw the full extent of the dick that had been lodged in his wife's pussy.

His cock and balls were covered in their combined juices as Ashley lifted him and began licking and sucking at their wet slimy expressions of pleasure.

She sat at the edge of the back seat and Brad knew she was enjoying what she was doing. She licked and sucked at him hungrily and when her hand fell to her pussy and she began fingering herself, hips grinding down into her grasp Brad knew it was arousing her sucking his dick deep in her throat. "Damn Brad your wife sucks a mean Beaner dick", as he placed his hands on her head and began fucking her mouth strongly with his now massively hard cock.

Ashley would never have allowed her husband to treat her this way and Brad would never have attempted it but she seemed to love being used like a common slut. He choked her repeatedly as he drove his thick cock into her mouth until her throat resisted its entry deeper. She cum while having his hand holding her mouth to his dick forcefully as he hunched into her throat. Never once did she offer any resistance to his dominance of her. Her eyes glazed as she sucked at his tip, cupping his balls, squeezing them like she wanted to force his cum from them to flood her mouth.

Her gaze never once turned to her husband, her head tilted up so she could watch her big cocked lovers face as her tongue raced around his glans. Brads balls emptied as his wife choked on the first of many hard thrusts into her avidly sucking mouth as the man moaned his frequent discharges down her throat.

She was beyond excited as she sucked at his tip, gathering each forceful expulsion with her tongue and swallowing it. His loads were massive, flooding her until white jism escaped her lips to run down her chin as she swallowed often.

Seeing Brads dick spurting, hearing his moans, the guy instructed Ashley to clean her husband up also. She licked and sucked the rest of his cum from him and used her finger to gather him off her face and suck it down her throat. When he pushed her towards Brad she at first resisted but then he placed his dick back into his pants and she reluctantly took her husbands cock into her hand and began cleaning him with her mouth, licking his spend from his trousers and tasting it before swallowing it.

The driver closed the rear door and got in the front and started the motor before exclaiming, "Damn I think there were more people watching than just you Brad my man as he pointed to the side of the taxi". There just feet away on a picnic table was a couple fucking wildly. The guys black ass was lifting and falling rapidly as the white thighs wrapping his hips excitedly pulled her pussy up into each downward thrust of his long black rod as he impaled her deeply.

Her moans and that memory would be burned into Ashley's and her husband's minds. Ashley slid alongside her husband and playfully toyed with his cock as she absent-mindedly said, "You seem so small now after that Brad.

I hope he didn't ruin me for you. I'd hate that. You know I still love you, even more than I did I think. Did it bother you knowing how crazy his dick made me? I just couldn't help myself, he felt so good in my pussy.

I know what women mean when they say they were overwhelmed by a guy's dick now. I always thought they meant they were excited by their size. What they meant was they couldn't think, that the sensations filling every cell of their bodies made any rational thoughts incapable of forming. Did I look as out of control as I felt honey? Tell me you love me still Brad, please I have to hear you say it!

"You know I love you honey, I'll never quit loving you unless you cheat on me behind my back. I feel kind of inadequate now though after seeing his dick and then that black guys fucking the white girl.

Did that make you hot seeing a black guy in a white woman, I thought it was very erotic? I almost wish he had stuck around so we could watch, that girl was loving his dick like you were our drivers. What got into you Ashley, I've never seen you like that before?

I kept waiting for you to tell him to fuck your asshole you were so into his dick." "Did you want to see him in my ass Brad, would that have turned you on", she asked seriously while gazing at his face? "Yes, I think I did honey. I know I should never want to see what I just saw but for some reason I felt like everything you were feeling was being shared with me and excited me as much as it did you." "I seriously doubt that baby, and whispering in his ear, if you knew how good his dick felt in me you'd take me home and chain me up.

I'm sitting here wanting him to fuck me again before I get out of the cab. And yes, it did turn me on a lot seeing that white girl hunching her pussy up to that black dick. Did you see how long he was? "Would you fuck a black guy Ash, you know, fuck him like you just did this guy while I watch?" Do you really want to know all this Brad, know my fantasies and everything? Don't ask if you don't really want to know honey because I won't ever lie to you." "Yes, I do want to know Ashley, I want to know all your secret desires and dreams.

When I saw that couple back there I couldn't help but imagine it was you he was fucking and it really excited me. Would you Ash?" "You really want an honest answer to that huh", Ashley asked with a coy smile on her face? "Yeah I do, so what is it, tell me", he asked again?

Well, all I'll say right now is that if I could have I would have stayed there and waited for him to finish with her and then sucked his black dick hard and fucked him like he's never been fucked in his life." Brad took her wrist in his grasp and placed it on his now hard dick again and said, "God what have we become in one day Ash?

I never dreamed you could even think of being so slutty. What's worse is that it really turns me on you being like this. You going to get mad if I fuck Catherine tonight? Do you want to watch if I do", he asked her? "Hmmm do you want to watch whatever it is that your boss expects from me, no matter what it is?

You know he might want me to fuck a dog or something crazy like that", she replied. "A Dog? Would you, I mean if that IS what he wants you to do, would you, to lock in my promotions", he asks actually wondering if his beautiful wife would allow herself to be degraded like that?

"BRAD!, she yells. You want me to fuck a dog for you", she asks, feigning astonishment and hurt? Brad sees the slight smile on her lips and smiles and asks again, "Would you, and remember you told me you'd never lie to me".

"Hmmm she murmurs before saying, maybe a horse, but a dog, I don't know. A dog is probably so small, but a horse, now that would fill me up good and can you imagine what it would feel like to have a horse blast his big balls of cum in my pussy", she laughingly exclaims! Brad has never allowed any kind of thoughts like that to enter his mind concerning his wonderful wife and now he is wondering if he even knows her or even himself as he remembers his sitting idly by while she was pummeled into more orgasms than he knew a woman could possibly have.

How could that have excited him then and even now as he sees it all again in his mind? And now he tries to picture his wife nude beneath a horse hunching her pussy up onto a stallions huge stud dick. His dick is rock hard as he envisions her cumming as the horse unloads his huge balls in her pussy. I must be sick he reasons, maybe this job is affecting my sanity he thinks. In his mind he compares the Mexicans cock to the horse dicks he's seen before and he is sure the man is as thick or thicker than the first foot of a horse's dick but not nearly as long.

He thinks to himself, I guess she could get a horse's dick in her if she took his fat dick. Ashley felt Brad's cock jerking in his pants and knew what she had said about the horse had excited him.

She had said it jokingly but after what she had just experienced, the thought of a horse's dick stretching her, jerking in her pussy and spewing his hot cum inside her actually excited her. She wasn't even sure she could do such a thing and would probably never know unless actually confronted with it but it was something to think about, something so slutty it actually appealed to her new liberated sexuality.

She remembered the heat in her husband's gaze as he watched her be fucked better than he had ever taken her, replayed his words in her mind of his telling the Mexican to cum in her pussy and remembered how that one statement had caused her to cum immediately.

She would never tell Brad but she was looking forward to tonight's events and hoping not only that Brad would be picked by Catherine but also that her husband did want her to fuck his dog. That had always been one of her favorite fantasies.

A fantasy that she had tried not to allow to inhabit her mind much less to really aspire to for real, But now, with no kids, she could use the companionship of a dog on those lonely nights alone when Brad was out of town. A smile crossed her lips as she thought, yes, a dog, a very big dog and hopefully a very horny dog. "Ok Folks here you go, safe sound and sated.

That'll be One hundred and four dollars and eighty cents." "You left the meter run that whole time and want us to pay you for it", Brad asked, astonished he would even charge them.

"Look buddy, that was fun, this is business. You're a businessman you should understand that you got to keep fun and business separate. I think if you ask your wife she will agree she got as good or better than she gave and she invited me I didn't ask. I don't mean to be an ass but I gotta eat and keep my energy up to take care of the women that ride in my cab.

Tell you what, make it an even c-note and we'll call it even. Brad shook his head as he grabbed a hundred from his wallet and threw it in the front seat. He felt humiliation knowing he was paying this guy to fuck his wife and even more when Ashley stuck her head in the window and kissed him good-bye.

Then with a smirk on his face the guy looks at Brad and says seriously, "Brad, you know what you experienced was worth a Benjamin any day.

You're just beginning to understand what you need from your wife. Here take my card and think about the ride today and if you need a taxi give me a call any time you're in town. I can come right to the room to help the wife with whatever she needs for the ride, you know, luggage and things", he said with a wink. Brad's dick pulsed and jerked at the thought of him in their hotel room with Ashley, surprising him that he found that arousing. He took the card and wanted to tear it up but the thought of the two of them naked in their bed, his huge dick causing Ashley to gasp her orgasms made him place it in his breast pocket.

"You're learning Brad, you're learning", he said smiling before pulling away. Ashley put her arm around her husband's waist and they walked into the hotel, the doorman nodding his head and displaying a knowing smile as he opened the door for them.

"Would you really let him come to our room after making us pay for our ride", she inquired? "Yes, I think I would", Brad replied. "Why", she asked with a quizzical look on her face? "So he could fuck you in the bed for hours and hours like you'd like while I watched you cum on his big cock. You want that don't you Ash", he asked softly? Ashley felt tears welling in her eyes and she had to turn her head to keep from seeing his face as she replied, "You know I do, you saw how I reacted to his fucking me.

I'd let you call him right now and have him fuck me till we had to leave this evening and love it". Ashley took hold of her husband's arms and stopped and turned him to face her as she said, Brad I don't want to feel the things I feel but I do. It's like my body has demons in it anymore, desires and needs that I can't control, hell I don't even know if I want to control them after today. But I know one thing Brad, I love you, I love you for still loving me after today, for allowing me to have that experience.

If you never want me to do something like that again I won't but we better buy a farm or something because I'm sure I will be fucking dogs, horses or something to relieve this incessant craving in my body anymore.

I promise you I will not fuck another human being unless you want me too." Brad smiled at her and said, I do love you Ash, I love you for what you just said also.

I don't know where all this is taking us but I do know we will travel the road together. We better go now, we have a party to attend tonight. On the elevator ride up Ashley whispered in his ear, "I'd suck your dick right here if you'd let me". Brad smiled and said "You're just excited because you remembered the fucking you got today, or is it the dogs and horses that have you all wet and dripping", he asked her teasingly? "Hmmmmm, both I believe. Would you care if I got a dog after Arianna leaves for school", I get lonely when you're gone?

"Do I get to watch it fuck you when I'm home", he asked hopefully? "Hmmm tell you what. You let me bring a big dicked black guy home and have him fuck me in our bed all night some night and I'll suck the dog's dick and fuck it. Brad's dick was tenting his pants when the elevator stopped, the doors opened and an older couple entered and began hugging.

The lady seemed quite refined and well kept. For her age her body also appeared to be fit also. Ashley smiled as the woman glanced their way. When the woman's gaze dropped, her eyebrow raised and she punched her husband in the side with her elbow and motioned with her head for him to look. They gazed into each other's eyes with a knowing look as a broad smile adorned both their faces. Leaning over towards Ashley she whispered, "Dearie you should take care of that now nodding her head towards Brad's obvious erection.

Don't mind us it won't bother us a bit and if it does it will be a good thing. If my Al here was that hard right now, I'd be down on my knees right here in front of you two enjoying that stiff dick.

Her eyes seemed to glaze over as she watched Brad's dick jerk strongly within the confines of his pants. Her breathing had become deeper and she sighed, my, my, Al, it's been so long since I felt something that hard I'd suck it myself" Ashley and Brad looked at each other and smiled at the woman's words.

Ashley felt a soft shudder course through her body as she remembered she hadn't made Brad cum earlier. A mischievous smile came over her face as she saw Brad blushing a crimson red.

Her gaze left her husbands embarrassed face and she turned to ask Al, "Al, would you care if she enjoys my husband's hard dick"? "Me, oh hell no, I found out years ago I couldn't sate her and I had to decide then if I was gonna leave her or give her the freedom to enjoy other people sexually. Here, let me show you something." Reaching into his pocket he fishes out a set of keys and places one in the elevator panel and turns it and the elevator stops.

"There now we won't be disturbed. Ashley has an evil look in her eyes as she lowers her husband's fly, reaches in and withdraws his dick before he can protest. Her mind is fogging with lust as she drops to her knees on the floor and begins sucking his cock. Pausing she turns to the woman and says, "I thought you wanted some of this?" The woman doesn't hesitate before falling to her own knees alongside Ashley and pulling Brads dick to her mouth and beginning to suck him in earnest.

Her head bobs frantically and Brad is moaning loudly as she pauses and pronounces, "That's a nice dick sweetie, I've had bigger but those are so hard to suck." Her head returns to his cock and she resumes sucking his dick like she wants to devour him. Ashley watched Brad's face and also Al's as his wife obviously enjoyed sucking Brad's hard cock.

Her moans as she mouthed his dick had Ashley's thighs clenching and her clit was throbbing relentlessly. God I must be insatiable she thinks as she watches the regal appearing lady express her excitement at having a hard dick in her mouth. At first Brad had a look on his face like he just wanted this to be over but soon his hips were hunching and his hands held her grey hair as moans escaped his lips.

"Buddy you can fuck her too if you're wanting. She ain't had a good hard dick in her for nary a while now. You want him to fuck you Annabelle", he asks his wife. "You know I do Al but this young man don't want my old pussy, he has that beautiful girl to get up inside of." "Nonsense Annabelle, Brad will be glad to give you his dick anywhere you want it, won't you honey.

At that moment Brad would have fucked a knothole if that was all he had available. Annabelle gathered her dress up around her waist and Al bent and began lowering her panties. Removing them he showed them to Ashley smiling. The crotch was soaked. "Hard to believe a gal her age can juice up like a twenty year old isn't it doll.

Ashley was gazing at Annabelles ass and shaved pussy and almost dropped to her knees and begin licking her perfectly shaped buttocks. Al and Ashley watched as Brad knelt behind her and began pressing his stiff dick into her pussy. "Ohhhh dang that feels so good Al, so hard, reminds me of you a few years back. Her surprisingly firm ass began pressing back into Brads stiffly pistoning cock.

"Oh god, damn your pussy is wet, oh yeah, that's it fuck that dick. Shit, her pussy is tight Ash. It was then Ashley noticed Al rubbing his semi-hard cock through his pants excitedly. She couldn't help herself as she knelt and while gazing up into Al's wrinkled face pulled his cock out and began sucking it into her mouth. Annabelle's moans had become excited. Her face was sideways on the carpeting of the elevator now, her perfectly styled hair mussed by the rocking action of her body as Brad attempted to fulfill her pleas to fuck her harder, deeper.

Hearing her pleas as her body shook with repeated orgasms instilled a heat in Ashley's own body. Brads dick made squishing sounds in her flooding pussy as he pounded her roughly as she cum repeatedly. The sight and sounds had both Ashley and Al's bodies inflamed beyond belief. Al's dick was now a good ten inches or more in length, but skinny, his glans barely larger than his shaft.

"Look at my dick baby, look how hard this young woman has it. Damn she's sucking the hide off it. You're a lucky guy to have a cocksucker that rivals my Annabelle for a wife mister". Ashley needed to fuck. Every cell of her body was crying out to be used by this man's skinny cock. She could feel her juices and the taxi driver's sperm running down her inner thighs as she stood and drew her dress up around her waist and held her pussy back towards Al's cock.

Al stepped to her and slid his thin dick into her and began fucking her well lubed cunt. Within moments his hard, thin dick was embedded deep inside her. She felt his small glans thrusting against her cervix, battering its uterine opening. Then he stopped and began moving his hips, his stiff cock angling around inside her until its tip was lodged at her cervical opening.

Al began hunching, holding a pressure on his dick as he forced her tiny opening to relent. She felt it opening her, causing a sharp pain with each of his thrusts. She had never felt this before, ever. Soon Al was moaning, holding a forceful pressure to his cock as she felt his dick entering her somewhere no one had ever been before during sex with her. She felt an internal pressure as something primal within her had her pressing onto his dick. She didn't know what he was doing but she did know it felt great, wonderful.

Al began fucking her then, his long dick penetrating her uterus deeper with each thrust of his hips. Ashleys mind filled with an anxious need. Each stroke of his dick seemed to pump pleasure into her until her body tingled, the stiffness of his dick felt along her entire birth canal. Al gripped her hips and began thrusting forcefully, driving deeper within her than anyone had ever been.

Her head flailed wildly as she tried to shake off the insanity his deep fucking instilled. His forceful fucking had her body flat against the elevator walls. The railing around the cars perimeter walls held her pussy extended back at an angle that seemed to guide Al's thrusts directly into her womb. Ashley could feel Al's excitement at fucking her much younger body. She couldn't help but hold her pussy to his painful thrusts, driven by some primal instinct to have him stretching her womb as he impregnated her with his hot sperm.

She could feel his dick punishing her womb. Her deepest walls accepted the brunt of his hard cock as it was forced into her entirely. Her hips gyrated wildly as they rubbed her womb against the pressure his small hot glans created at the center of her womanhood.

She felt its throbbing need permeating her womb, his deep heat instilling a desperate need for his cum. When she glanced at Brad and Annabelle she was on the carpet on her back, thighs widely spread, hips undulating, moaning as Brad's hips moved, rolled, thrusting as he enjoyed the feeling of Annabelle's pussy clenching his stiff dick tightly.

"Fuck me, yes there, ohhh god you feel so good…ahhh&hellip.ahhhh&hellip.ugh&hellip.ugh&hellip.harder…oh godddddyes&hellip.cumming again&hellip.don't stop baby…don't stop…oh damn you're hurting my pussy&hellip.doit&hellip.OHGODYES…right there!.aaaiiieeeeeaargghhhhHHHHH…&hellip.fuck you're killing me…&hellip.oh god…oh shit&hellip.yes…yes&hellip.aaarrrggghhhhhhhhgodddddddfuckme…&hellip.can't stop&hellip.Oh god Al he's fucking my pussy so good baby…&hellip.dicks so fucking hard&hellip.uhg…uhg&hellip.no…no not again…&hellip.ohhhhhhhhh…cum in me&hellip.oh shit I need you to cum baby……aiiieeeeeeerrrrggggGG!

Ashley recognized the grunts her husband was making and knew Annabelle was about to feel her pussy flooded. "Oh god Al, he's gonna cum in your wife's pussy", Ashley said to her thin dicked lover. Both Annabelle and Ashley simultaneously cried "Oh god yes, yes.cum.cum in me"!


Both men began spraying their lava like cum at once and the elevator reverberated with the sound of all four of them moaning, crying out their intense pleasure. Annabelle's body began shaking violently as she felt Brad's dick pulsing as he spewed against her pussy walls.

Ashley's legs gave out and she fell to her knees dragging Al to the floor with her where he lay atop her driving his expulsions into her womb's tight embrace. Ashley felt Al's dick spewing as his balls pumped searing jets of pure pleasure into her undulating body. Al's girth was nowhere near as thick as anyone she had so far fucked but his hot ejaculation against her womb's walls brought forth the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Her entire birth canal clenched as she felt his long cock jerking strongly with each lava like release.

Her pussy quivered its entire length with each belch of his balls. When he reached under her and began rubbing her clit as waves of orgasmic bliss coursed through her she thought her end had come. Her hips bucked, hunched, body writhed as each hot expulsion seemed to sear her mind as well as her womb. They all lay there on the carpet gasping, panting as their bodies sporadically jerked. Annabelle grasped Brads head and pulled his lips to hers and kissed him passionately as her thighs pulled her pussy up to his waning dick in one last straining orgasm.

Then she fell backwards and smiled as she softly spoke, saying, "It was wonderful meeting you two, hopefully we can do this again sometime." Ashley chimes in saying, "Yeah, say in five or ten minutes, right after I can breathe again.

That was one wonderful fuck Al, for an older guy you've still got it". "He womb fucked you didn't he sweetie? Isn't it great when you feel his hot cum scalding you so deeply baby", Annabelle said matter-of-factly. "Oh god Annabelle I still feel it inside me, its like his cum is trapped in my womb and is heating me from the inside out. I don't want Al to take his dick out of me it feels so good where it's at. Every time I move it's like a voltage causes my uterus to squeeze it…oh damn Brad, you have to learn how to do this.

Al tries to extricate his dick from the tight grasp of Ashley's cervix but it doesn't want to leave as her excitement wanes. When he finally pulls forcibly free, Ashley feels his glans like a lump that caresses her uterine folds as it slides down and out her tight cervical opening. That exodus leaves her body yearning its return and the thrills it causes brings forth a long deep moan of disappointment at his leaving. "Oh my god, I bet security is wondering what's wrong with this elevator", Brad says as he stands and begins adjusting his clothes.

Ashley heard her husband's dick make a suctioning sound as it left Annabelle's pussy attesting to her tightness. Ashley watches her as she lays there looking up at Brad, her hand moving to hold her pussy and its obvious how much she appreciates Brads actions.

Ashley can't help but notice how beautiful Annabelle is and thinking how she must have looked when younger. She wondered if at one time she also was shy, inexperienced and then had her own sexual awakening. Was she looking at herself when she attains that age she had to wonder. Brad bends and helps Annabelle to her feet as she states, "Damn I'm soaked. It's been years since I cum so much. I feel it running down my thighs". Al stands and between gasps as he tries to regain his breath says, "You don't have to worry about the elevator son.

The man that owns the building had that key system installed just so he and his wife could do what we just did. That key shuts off the security camera and turns on the off light on this elevator on each floor. Whenever you see a key slot labeled SX you know the same man built the building. "Where are you two from Brad? I guess somehow we forgot all the introductions in our haste to get to know you better", Al said as he laughed loudly.

Brad reached his hand to Al and they shook hands as Brad said, "Brad and Ashley West, we're from Louisville, Kentucky. We're down here for a conference concerning an acquisition my employer is making. Are you two from out of town also?" "Oh no we live here in Miami, permanent residents, In fact we live right here in the hotel on a permanent lease.

Been a while since we met a couple we both like so much. You two swingers, you know, in the lifestyle?" Brad and Ashley both laughed and realizing they may have offended Al and his wife they apologized saying, "We find that funny because believe it or not up until today we have been faithfully together since the fourth grade.

"Really, Annabelle said, you mean we were the first people you have been with in all those years, that's unbelievable in today's world." "Well, you were Brads first, but as to me, well we had this adventure in a taxi today that began with me blowing Brad and wound up with me impaled by a rather large Mexican Cock literally cumming my ass off. That was what had us so worked up when you boarded the elevator today", replied Ashley. Annabelle stepped forward and placed her lips on Ashley's.

Before she knew what was happening, she felt Annabelle grasping her ass cheeks, squeezing them while her tongue slid between Ashley's parted lips and began seducing her. Ashley was surprised and started to jerk her head away but the softness of her new friend's lips drew her into the vortex of desire that had her craving more. Ashley couldn't stop her own hands from exploring, squeezing, teasing as their kiss intensified.

She felt her dress being gathered, raised, then fingertips on her bare skin. Her breathing was hurried, her pussy on fire with a yearning that had her leaning back against the elevator wall.

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Her hips undulated with need, thighs opening as she felt Annabelle's hand between them. Her light touch upon her now taut clit brought a moan from her mouth. They kissed again and this time it was Ashley's lips sucking hungrily at Annabelle's, her tongue entwining, dancing with her new lovers'. Annabelle slid down Ashley's body until her hands held her dress up while holding her by her hips.

Ashley's mind was overwhelmed by the days events, first the taxi, then Al filling her womb with his hot cum, Brad fucking Annabelle to multiple orgasms and now this, Annabelle's tongue laving over her groin, mouth sucking closer and closer to her tormented clit as her gaze saw Brad take his dick out and begin stroking it.

"Oh god", she moaned, as she felt a tongue swipe lightly across her pulsing need. Ashley felt herself becoming overwhelmed, unable to cope with the incessant carnality she is being subjected to. She can't allow herself to think about this, she needs to push her away, to stop this madness her life has become. She feels a tongue slide into the sloppy hole of her pussy and begin to lick around inside her forcibly as it gathers her slick juices and moves to coat her engorged clit with them.

Ashley's mind succumbs, her body slumps, muscles unable to hold her up. She is vaguely aware of something hot entering her pussy and her reaction to it is to wrap her legs around the owner of so wonderful a cock. She feels something wet sliding along her ass crack, licking, sucking until her pussy squeezes down tightly on the cock inside her and she cries, sobs as she cums.

She loves it, loves cumming, loves the feel of people licking her, sucking at her ass. She can't process thoughts only feel and respond in the state she's in. Ashley feels something warm pressing against the puckered ring of her asshole, opening it, the feel of it holding her anus open while throbbing strongly instills a yearning within her that she can't control. Her body presses hard down onto Al's dick impaling herself with half his skinny cock.

They both fuck her hard as she hangs between their dicks, feet off the floor. She sobs hard, cries as her body refuses to relent and continues tensing, they use her, fuck her without care of her plight as her pussy quivers in orgasmic bliss. "Fuck me, please don't stop. Oh god Al fuck my ass&hellip.I'm such a slut&hellip.oh god Brad Oh god how can you love me…oh fuck I love this&hellip.oh fuck I can't stop cumming…I don't ever want it to end…fuck me&hellip.hurt me", she cries.

Annabelle turns the key to the left and the elevator begins rising. She stands there rubbing her clit as she watches Ashley's mind and body succumb to the awakening her body is experiencing. She knew that she had picked the right couple when Hernandez had called to relate his experience with them. There is no need for the party now so she will call it off. When the door opens at their penthouse Ashley is limp, head laying on her husband's shoulder moaning as Al thrusts his skinny dick deep up in her body and groans as his old balls fire a hot load into Ashley's beautiful ass.

Al lets his dick be pressed from her ass and stands aside as their manservants enter the elevator and lift Ashley from her husband's cock. Ashley looks bewildered as Annabelle's man servants begin undressing her. When she is nude except for her heels they lift her, one on each side and spread her thighs widely open. Her pussy drips cum, her inner thighs wet from the last hour of sexual pursuits.

Her asshole seems to gasp as it oozes cum that drips from her. Brad watches as Annabelle has her servants lift his wife until Ashley's pussy is at Annabeles face and she begins licking and sucking at his wife's pussy energetically. Ashley's face shows the intensity of the thrills Annabelle causes to wrack her body, her eyes rolling back in her head as her body writhes almost as if the grey haired woman was torturing her pussy with her mouthing. His wife's hands tightly gripped the black men's arms as she tried to lift her pussy from the intense sensations Annabelle causes to wrack her body.

Her hips begin hunching furiously as she realizes she is trapped under her mouthing caresses. Brad sees her relinquish control as she presses her pussy into Annabelle's extremely long tongue as her head flails wildly. Brad watches mesmerized as his wife's gaze catches his and she seems to convey her pleasurable plight to him as her eyes again roll back in her head and her body shakes, tremdles as Annabelle's hands cup her ass cheeks as she runs her tongue fully up inside Ashley's stricken body.

Annabelle glances back at Al and says while smiling broadly, "I can still taste Hernie's cum in her pussy Al", before again sucking strongly at Ashley's vagina. Al looks at Brad and asks, "That turn you on son, seeing your wife so obviously enjoying what Anna is doing to her? That woman has a tongue like a dog on her. From the looks of that jerking cock of yours I think you like seeing your wife lost to the sensations in her body.

Hard to believe until today she never felt another man's cock in that beautiful body. You want to see her get fucked good son, I'll have one of the blacks here nail her while you watch if so", he asks? Brad's dick jerks stiffly erect, straining at the thought of seeing his wife fucked by a black man.

It doesn't escape Al's notice either as he says, "Yeah ole Herman over there has about a foot of really thick cock he can use on her if you want. In fact I guess all our guys here have at least a foot of black dick she can have if you wish", he comments matter-of-factly! Brad remembers the black guy fucking that white woman earlier today and the thought of seeing his wife similarly situated instills such a craving for it that he has to grip his dick to try and still its deep throbbing need to cum at such an idea.

He wants to see it so badly but he just can't bring himself to admit such a thing to another human being. She is his wife and to ask a black man to fuck her is beyond his abilities he believes.

He didn't really have much to do with the things that had transpired so far today but to tell Al, yes he wanted to watch a black guy fuck Ashley didn't seem possible right then.

Al glanced at Herman and nodded his head yes and Herman began undressing, folding his clothing on the bar as his gaze took in Anna eating Brad's beautiful white wife.

When he finally walked from around the bar nude his dick was swaying menacingly in front of him with every step he took. Brad was mesmerized by the man's cock, at least a foot long and at least as thick as a beer bottle. Just the image in his mind of his wife being impaled by such a cock had his inhibitions to telling Al that yes, he did wish to see his wife fucked, quickly fleeing.

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He saw his wife's face as she saw Herman walking towards them, her eyes seemed to seethe with a heat like he had never seen displayed by them before. Her gaze never left his dick and her chest began heaving, gasping for breath as she realized his cock was for her, that he was going to fuck her pussy with his gargantuan cock with Brad her husband standing there watching.

"Well Brad the call is yours, do you want Ashley there to have what ole Herman has to offer her or not son", he asked seriously. Ashley listened to their conversation as every cell of her body cried out for her husband to say YES!

Brad glanced at his wife's face and as their gazes locked he saw the distress etched on her face. Her eyes begged him to understand her need as they kept darting to Herman's dick. She silently begged his permission to enjoy his black dick and when she mouthed, PLEASE, no sound, but the word plainly understood by her husband.

He replied to Al, "You already know I do don't you Al? You also know how badly my wife needs to feel Herman's dick fucking her don't you, you old lecher", as he smiled at the older man. Ashley moaned loudly at the knowledge she was going to feel a black dick fucking her white pussy. She looked at her husband and shaped the words, "I love you", with her mouth as she continued staring at Hermans huge cock as it stiffened and strained for her pussy.

Just the knowledge he wanted her pussy had her inflamed even more than Anna's long tongue had. Anna saw Herman walk up and she stopped and listened to the conversation. Moving from between Ashley's thighs she guided Herman between them. Brad stood waiting for him to begin fucking his wife but he just stood there glancing back at Brad expectantly.

Anna moved alongside Brad and grasped his dick as she said softly, "Honey you have to show your wife you aren't ever going to hold this over her, that you really want her to experience Herman's black dick. You have to express the love you feel for her by placing Herman's dick in her pussy.

Whenever you're here at the penthouse baby anytime your wife is going to suck or fuck a dick of any kind you have to place it in her as your way of telling her that her needs mean more to you than anything. Now go put that dick your wife is craving so badly in her pussy for her Brad.

The man servants had sat Ashley on a bar stool and left her there sitting in the middle of the room. Anna spoke again saying, "Spread your wife's thighs open Brad and ask Herman if he will please fuck your wife with his black cock and if he agrees then take his cock and place it in her pussy as a show of love for her." Brad's dick was hammering its need as he spread his wife's thighs. Her gaze was veiled with a lust unlike any he had ever seen filling her. Her pussy was clenching tightly, ass undulating with anxious expectation of Herman's dick entering her.

Brad steeled himself, his straining dick giving the courage to ask Herman if he wanted to fuck his wife's pussy with his black dick. Herman was supposed to agree and then Brad was supposed to place his huge cock in Ashley's pussy. Instead he stepped forward and lay his meaty cock on her pussy and said, I'm not entirely sure you want me to fuck your wife Brad, you should show me you're serious by wetting its tip with your mouth.

Those words elicited a loud moan of disappointment from Ashley's lungs as she knew her husband would never do such a thing.

Her hips began moving, rubbing her pussy and clit up into Herman's large fuckstick with the desperate need she felt to be fucked by his huge dick. Brad looked at his wife writhing, obviously pained by Herman's words and her fear he wouldn't comply.


He wasn't sure if it was his wife's deep need or his own to see her fucked by him that had him slowly kneel and place his hands on Herman's cock and begin licking his glans, sucking at it, head bobbing as his wife choked back tears of joy while exclaiming, "Oh god Brad I love you so much, oh fuck I can't believe you're sucking his dick so he'll fuck me baby. Thank you, thank you oh god its so hot watching you suck him Brad. Put it in me Baby, oh god please put him in my pussy, tell him he can put it in me Herman&hellip.please tell him", she pleaded.

Hearing his wife's pleas for this man's black dick as he was sucking him so he would fuck her had Brad's own dick about to explode. Worse he found that he was enjoying his labor of love and actually felt a disappointment when Herman removed his dick from his mouth.

That knowledge had him wondering about his masculinity as he stood. His gaze was transfixed on Herman's dick as he grasped it again and asked him, "Will you fuck my wife now please", as his own tongue remembered the taste of his huge cock and his hand felt the steel like core of his thick ebony cock. His feel caused Brad's dick to jerk stiffly as he placed Herman's fat glans at his wife's wet opening and began pressing it into her.

Herman immediately began fucking his weighty dick into her craven body as her moans filled the room, passion filled cries that had Brad's hand pumping Herman's cock as he fucked Ashley with it. He pressed hard on each forward thrust of herman's muscular hips as he filled with his own need to see all of him embedded in his wife's tensing pussy.

Anna came and took him by the arm and said knowingly, "You're not gay Brad, every man I've known likes to suck a good hard black dick stiff so it can fuck his wife good and deep. Nothing I like any better than watching Al suck Herman's big dick, but he gets carried away sometimes and makes him cum in his mouth and that pisses me to no end having to wait for him to suck it hard again. Ashley loves that black dick doesn't she Brad? All this has her completely unable to cope with the sheer volume of carnality she's experienced today.

Let's go masturbate over there on the couch and watch them", she says as she walks toward the couch. Reaching it she turns towards Brad and begins removing her clothing as two different black servants help her disrobe. They sit beside each other masturbating as they watch Ashley being subjugated by Herman's dick.

His muscular back seems huge as he holds her ankles widely spread as his hips fuck his fat dick deep in Brads wife's body. Her head is thrown back, eyes closed as he fucks her until his hips thrust hard, deep and her eyes open awed and her head jerks forward and she moans continually, fuck me, fuck me, oh god you're so big, so good, oh fuck you're hurting me, fuck me, fuck me hard, oh god I love your black dick.

Her gaze studies his face for some sign that he enjoys her pussy as much as she loves his dick as he fucks her relentlessly. He's like a machine as his hips piston his dick in her pussy, his gaze on her face watching her grimace with each deep hard thrust of his dick.

He wants to hear her pleas, wants Brad to hear them, to hear her love of his black dick as she writhes uncontrollably around the hard mass of his ebony dick lodged deeper than Brad can ever reside. Her legs encircle his thin hips as she pulls her pussy to his rough thrusts unable to get enough of the pain he causes with his animal like dick.

She is completely unaware that the world exists as he fucks his unusually thick cock deeper and deeper into her stricken pussy. Her world is blackened by his size, his manliness and her inability to cope with the pleasure his dick affords her. His dick just keeps growing as he fucks her. He feels hot, every imperfecton of his dick registering against her clasping walls as his inner core throbs and pressures her pussy open. Ashley loves all of this, everything she has experienced today, especially watching her husband suck a black dick so he would fuck his wife's pussy.

Knowing this man had subjugated not only her with his manly cock but also her husband had her craving to please him. His grins as she cum repeatedly, unable to prevent her body tensing repeatedly as he fucks her incessantly tells her he wants Brad to see her, to know how much she loves his manly black cock and how he could never make her feel what she is feeling now.

A part of her hates this arrogant man and she determinedly tries not to cum as he continues fucking her but it's a task she is incapable of adhering to as she cums wildly repeatedly as he buries his dick to his large ballsac.

She hates herself the way her body betrays her and how her inhibitions are being worn away with every tensing orgasm upon his dick. He waits until she's clawing at his body, begging for his hot cum, her mind lost to the insanity his cock has caused to reside there to lift her and place her on the couch between Anna and her husband Brad. She had no resistance left, his huge dick had pounded so much pleasure into her pussy that she craved more.

Her entire body quivered alongside her husband's body as Herman fucked her roughly. Her face grimaced with each bottoming thrust of his long dick, her tits flopping to the cadence of his movements as her body jarred from each forceful ramming. She couldn't restrain herself from screaming how she couldn't stop cumming, how no one had ever fucked her pussy the way he was, how she loved him and his nigger dick.

Herman looked at Brad and said, "Damn man I don't think your wife has ever been fucked before, her pussy is tight as a virgin on this nigger dick. He even went so far as to withdraw his dick and say to Brad, you want to fuck your wife a while fellar?" Ashley screamed her objection and begged him to put his dick back in her pussy. Brad was humiliated and he expected his wife to give him an apologetic glance but instead she grabbed Herman's head and kissed him deeply as he rammed his dick to his balls inside her again.

His rough thrust had her screaming, hips bucking, head flailing as he grinned and said, "The lady knows what she wants I guess", and went back to persecuting Brads wife's pussy with his steel hard black dick. Brad loved it, why he would never understand but he did. He loved seeing her lost to the feel of his black dick, unable to think, talk, only respond to the deep pain he instilled in her by cumming often, almost continually.

He turned Ashley over and had her kneel on the floor with her upper body between Anna's thighs and ordered her to show her host some real love. Anna rolled her hips up, thighs widely spread and watched as Ashley began deeply tonguing her aroused pussy. "Thank You Herman, she smiled, you timed that perfectly I was about to cum on my own", she said.

Ashley was lost to the feelings running rampant through her body as Herman resumed fucking her, only in this position he impaled her even more deeply. Anna was soon holding Ashley's face to her pussy roughly, almost uncaring it seemed of her welfare as she hunched fiercely into her flailing tongue as she cum.

Anna's face wore a determined look as she roughly used Ashley's face to cum repeatedly. It was as if she wanted her to know who the master was and that she was there only to provide pleasure to her in any way possible.

She held Ashley's tongue inside her as Herman rammed his dick fully into her, driving her tongue deep inside Anna's pussy eliciting strong moans from Anna's lips as she cum again. Brad saw a beautiful woman appear from a doorway and walk to them and roughly pull Ashley from Anna's pussy and kneel down and begin sucking Anna's clit, suctioning it with concave cheeks before laving it, fingering her pussy and generally pleasing Anna in every way she could.

"That's not nice Catherine, she is our guest tonight. Herman lay down with her atop you face up and fuck her nicely while Catherine sucks her clit as she just did mine. You want to do that don't you Cat, it's a nice way to say you're sorry for treating my guest that way", Anna said almost as an order. Herman did as he was told and Cat began sucking and licking Ashley's clit as she was fucked deeply, "Nicely".

Cat gazed into Ashley's eyes as she licked her through one orgasm after another. The look in her eyes was one of hatred for what she was doing but she performed the act admirably, expertly in fact, so expertly that Ashley was hunching wildly, writhing like she was going to explode if Cat didn't release her clit.

Anna snapped her fingers and another well-equipped black male appeared nude, stroking his animal like cock. Brad why don't you ask Marcus here if he wants to fuck your wife also. Brad was mesmerized by everything that they did to his wife. He seemed like he could feel everything she felt as they used her body. He loved it all even though he was just watching them.

As Brad slipped to the edge of the couch and grasped Marcus's long black dick he didn't hesitate sucking it into his mouth and sucking on it eagerly this time. He knew his dick represented pleasure to his wife and by proxy to him also. As Marcus began fucking his dick into Brad's throat Anna merely nodded her head and he withdrew his cock and tapped Cat on the back and when she moved he lowered himself and began forcing his dick into Brad's wife's pussy alongside Herman's huge dick.

Brad watched intently wondering if it was even possible and what his wife's reaction would be if it was. Ashley watched intently, curiously, as he lowered his dick to her pussy with obvious intent. When she felt him pressing into her with Herman still lodged squarely amidst her walls, first her mind screamed, No!, but as he entered her and began fucking his own meaty rod deeper and deeper into her stuffed pussy she screamed loudly, oh god YES!

YES! Oh shit Brad they're both fucking my pussy…oh crap it hurts so good……fuck me&hellip.oh god fuck me. His wife loved it, loved having one fat dick pressing into her depths as the other retreated to her entrance alternately. They were well versed at how to fuck a woman like this and they drove Ashley insane with the constant double pistoning within her.

She began cumming, her head lifted, bobbing with the intense spasms gripping her mind and thrilling her body. They fucked her like two well-oiled machines, her cum providing the lubricant to keep their cocks sliding efficiently as her mind seemed to melt from the constant friction of dicks fucking her pussy.

Brad felt her pleasure and just when he thought he was going to cum without touching his dick Anna pointed at his jerking protuberance and Cat fell to her knees and began sucking it in earnest.

Seeing this beautiful woman eagerly sucking at his cock like she needed its pearlescent elixir to live had his balls raising, jerking and he flooded her mouth with an orgasm that made him scream his release, holding her head and fucking her mouth roughly as he tried to rid his mind and body of the madness all this presented him.

He felt a perverse pleasure as he thought how similar Cat looked to his daughter Arianna. Was it just the sexual atmosphere present at that moment or something else he didn't know but the thought of Arianna sucking his cock had his balls again unloading in Cats suctioning mouth as his daughter's face remained stuck in his mind.

God what has happened to us that I could enjoy that thought of Ari sucking my dick he wondered as again that vision had his cock jerking wildly. He turned his attention to Anna and began sucking at her pussy as she watched his wife totally succumb to the pleasures she had found on two black dicks simultaneously.

Her body shivered, shook continuously as they fucked her steadily giving her mind no respite from the assault on her senses. Her orgasms no longer began or ended as her body vibrated intensely with each deep penetration of either of the black cocks enjoying her pussy.

Her orgasms were like an engine, an engine that their pistoning dicks kept running, unable to slow or stop as long as they fueled the insanity within her with their unceasing energy. Brad could tell his wife was no longer aware of her surroundings, her mind shuttered to any thoughts or sights other than their black bodies and the feel of their impaling dicks. Her eyes were barely opened, orbs within them rolled back into her head unmoving. Each inhaling or exhaling of her breath was a tortured pleasure that she no longer had the energy or will to fight.

She had given herself over to their incessant dicks and the never ending pleasure they persecuted her with. She was as close to being unconscious as she could be and still orgasm continuously.

Anna fucked her cum into Brad's face and informed him that they were not through yet but his wife needed to be rescued from herself before she cum herself to death. Seeing her rise both black men looked to her expectantly, neither of them ever cumming yet. "Take her to the bedroom and bathe her and let her relax Jonathan", she says. Then leaning into Jonathan's ear she whispers, "Call Edgar and cancel tonight's party dear".

"I'm gonna go for a swim baby", Al says to his wife as he walks away. Al had been forgotten as he leaned on the bar watching Ashley's pleasurable plight until he spoke. Brad is a little bewildered by everything transpiring and he keeps glancing at his watch as it gets closer and closer to the time they are expected to be at the party. "Give me your watch Brad", she says reaching her hand out to him.

"I, we, we have a party we have to attend tonight Annabelle. We really need to be going. Maybe some other time", he replies to her. "Call me Anna Brad, you did just cum in my pussy and eat the cum out of me so we can dispense with formal names, don't you agree? Now give me the watch and then take the rest of your clothes off and we will have our own party right here", she said, obviously annoyed at his reluctance to obey.

"You don't understand Anna, we have to attend. It's a job requirement of mine", Brad tried to explain.

"No, you don't understand Brad, the party was supposed to be tonight but now that we have met the company party is called off. If you must, call Edgar and he will confirm that the party is cancelled, his number is four on speed dial", she said as she offered him a cell phone. "You know Edgar Donahue", he asked confused?

"Yes dear, he works for us. Cat is his lovely jealous wife, the one that you just gifted a very large load of your wife's cum. Now be a darling and get out of those clothes. Brad wasn't sure what was going on but if Edgar Donahue worked for Al and Anna then so did he so he removed his watch and handed it to her servant.

He slowly undressed as he tried to figure out just what was happening. When he was naked the man-servant took his watch and clothes and left. Anna walked to him and her hand cupped his balls as her lips found his. Chapter 4: Home alone Arianna was quiet as her brother drove home from the airport after seeing their parents off. She was still embarrassed by the knowledge Doug had seen her masturbating while gazing at their mom.

She kept her gaze out the side window to keep from having eye contact with him. "You know we have to talk sooner or later Arianna", he said softly to his sister.

"I just want you to know I love you and nothing has changed between us. You don't have to be embarrassed sis, hell I thought it was hot", he said trying to console her. "You would Doug, did you go beat off thinking about me to", she blurted out? "If it will make you feel better sis, yes, yes I did. I thought about you watching mom and playing with yourself and just so you don't have to ask, yeah I cum thinking of fucking you." Arianna's clit became instantly alive, a craving filling her so intensely her thighs squeezed together.

Her head turned to face her brother, jaw slack as she said, "My god Doug I can't believe you said that, I'm your sister", she said feigning shock. Knowing he masturbated while thinking of her fucking his big cock had her filling with moisture, her body squirming in her seat as she remembered his dick and how she had craved to feel it in her as she watched him. They rode in silence for a while before she asked him, "Do you think I'm weird or lesbian or something now Doug because of what…you know.what I was doing", she asked seriously?

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"Hell no sis. Do you like pussy Arianna, I mean have you ever, you know, done it with a girl or anything", he asked her? "Did you really cum thinking about me Doug? Do you ever think about mom, you know doing things with her? I never thought about any girl before Doug, that's why it was so weird when I was watching mom. She is so beautiful and the look on her face was so passionate and I just wanted to touch her.

It was like I wanted her to know how much I loved her, to show her how I felt. I was so hot. I felt the same way when I watched y&hellip.I mean&hellip.when I knew you were watching me, I mean&hellip.".

Doug immediately picked up on her words and cut her off mid-sentence and asked her, "When were you watching me Arianna, how long had you been home before you came upstairs?" He remembered leaving the door open and realized right then why she had been so hot watching their mom. "You saw me didn't you sis? Did you like watching me? That's why you asked me about mom isn't it, you knew I was thinking about fucking her while I watched her didn't you Arianna", he accused her?

Arianna blushed and immediately became defensive saying, "So what if I did, you did the same thing big brother", she shot back at him. Doug smiled at her, a knowing smile, and said, be honest Arianna, "Did seeing my dick make you masturbate while you thought of fucking it", he asked solemnly?

Arianna was afraid of what they might do if she was honest but he had been honest in everything he told her. She saw his dick hardening in his pants and noticed how he squirmed and pulled at his pants as it snaked down his thigh. "Do we really want to go there Doug? We both know what is going to happen if I answer that.

It's pretty obvious that we both think about it a lot. Once we go there we can't take it back and what if mom or dad would find out or anyone for that matter. They continued riding in silence but Arianna couldn't restrain from glancing at her brothers cock as it was plainly outlined through his thin slacks. Each time she saw it jerk stiffly she had to repress a moan as her entire groin area cried out for her to reach over and squeeze him.

A part of her wished he would just grab her, throw her down and rip her panties from her and fuck her, make her do it. That would absolve her from the guilt of knowing she fucked him willingly. As they pulled up the driveway Doug pressed the garage control and opened the door, pulled in and stopped. After lowering the door he sat there silently. They both knew that once in the house they would be alone and the sexual anticipation between them was already electric in the air.

Arianna felt her breathing becoming soft gasps as she watched her brother's cock regularly jerking, lifting the strained fabric of his pants. She had never experienced such a desire to fuck someone, just a raw unabated craving for his dick, her brother's dick! It took every ounce of her resolve to open the door and say, "I guess we should go in." She ran in the house quickly and raced to her room.

The crotch of her shorts was soaked with the wet emissions that flowed from her as she had sat craving her brother's hard dick. She took them and her underwear off and crawled under the sheets thinking she'd take a nap. As she lay there her thoughts kept returning to the sight of her brother's hard dick as he stroked it while watching their mom masturbate. Arianna's fingertips rolled her clit softly, slowly as her inner arousement crept through her body until she was permeated with her need to cum.

She lay there with shudders of need coursing through her as she prolonged her release until her body was writhing, undulating. She needed something fucking her, something long and thick like her brothers dick. She remembered her mom's black rubber cock and decided to go look for it. She didn't feel the sheet lifted from her blouse, but when the cool air kissed her lower body her eyes immediately opened.

Doug was standing alongside her bed nude, staring down at her hand moving on her clit. "You thinking about this sis", he asked, his long thick dick jerking and swaying above her face. "Ohhhh no, no Doug, we can't, oh god please don't tease me like this", she begged. Doug dropped the sheet at her knees leaving her bare pussy revealed to his gaze. Leaning over her his hand slid between her opened thighs, fingers sliding between her pussy lips and up till they were spreading her slick juices over her swollen clit.

Her body began hunching, hips rolling as her moans increased in frequency and tone. He pressed his fingers into her wet craving, penetrating her deeply as her hips hunched, thighs opening wider, body betraying her as the words she moaned pleaded with him to stop, saying, "You know we can't Doug, oh god, please, please don't, you know I can't stop you Doug, oh god doit, DOIT!

I WANT IT! Don't stop&hellip.y.y.you…cum&hellip.oh god you're …making&hellip.me …cum!! Ohhhhhhhhhgoddddddyesssssss. The roiling pleasure at her pussy as he continued fingering her roughly had her upper body lifting, hands holding his arm as it moved between her squeezing thighs. Her face pressed against his thick meaty cock as she sat up.

His scent invaded her nostrils, intoxicating her, exciting her even more till her hand reached up and grabbed him, her lips sucking at his girth uncontrollably. Her mouth found his glans and her arousement had her mouthing him frantically, all the craving need she had felt for so long driving her as she felt compelled to wrest his cum from his balls.

Her gaze rose to his face and it was only then that she acknowledged in her mind that she was sucking her brother's dick. She felt a hard shudder wrack her body as her emotions freed her. She was doing it, no longer thinking about it, her resistance was gone, pride lost as she felt an intense closeness to Doug, a deeper love of him. For the first time she allowed herself to revel in her need of his dick without guilt or reservations The words "I love my brother", took on an entirely different meaning now, a meaning that inflamed her so thoroughly that her body straightened, back arching, thighs squeezing her brothers hand as it gripped her pussy tightly.

Her mind was freed as she mentally gave herself over to him, willing to submit to his every desire. Even in the throes of the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced her hand refused to part with his enraged manhood. Her chest heaved, hips writhed as she lay and watched her brother intently as he spread her still clenching thighs and knelt between them.

She felt the hefty weight of his dick as it lay upon her clit jerking its need for her pussy. It appeared even more threatening as she gazed down its entire meaty length.

It looked like a battering ram, its tip thick, visibly swelling and receding as it stiffened, jerked its desire to conquer her pussy's tight resistance to his entry. "Let me see your breasts Ari, I've dreamed of them so long", he quietly implores her.

Ari begins unbuttoning her blouse without any hesitation or thought. Throwing it aside she turns her bra until the clips are in the front and undoes them and tosses it to join her blouse on the floor. She feels her brother's dick stiffen as his gaze stares intently at her breasts. Her nipples begin hardening as an even deeper craving in her pussy has it clenching its need for his hardness. "You're so fucking beautiful sis. I've dreamed of this for so many years.

I love you so much Ari. He leans down as they gaze into each other's eyes and asks softly, "Can I kiss you", as his lips touch hers softly.

Ari's mind seems to explode as her lips part and they begin a kiss that explores their souls. Feeling her brother's body against her own, his skin beneath her fingertips drives a hunger that has their tongues engaged, sucking at each other's eagerly.

Their bodies hunch together, his fat dick mashing, sliding over her taut orb until the madness she feels has her moaning loudly, "Oh god Doug fuck me, I can't wait, don't tease me, please fuck me. Ari's hand reaches down to grasp his jerking cock and positions its fat tip at her wet sensitive flesh and attempts to press it into herself.

The feel of his hot glans pressed against her vaginal opening creates an even more intense need in her. Her pussy feels so empty, craving the feel of his meaty cock inside her so badly she begs, "Do it Doug, put it in me, oh god you're so fucking big." Doug's dick stiffens against the resistance of her tight entrance flesh and he begins forcing his dick to conquer it and claim that which he has craved so long, Ari's pussy.

Her body refuses to allow it and he hesitates, unwilling to cause his sister pain. Feeling the pressure at her inner vagina ease, Ari's mind feels panic, as she think he's changed his mind. Her ankles instinctually pull at him, her arms wrapping his body as she excitedly moans, "No, don't stop, please don't stop", as she grinds against his hot glans.

"I don't want to hurt you sis, I just can't you're too small inside. I love you too much to hurt you Ari", he explains. Ari's intense need and frustration has her almost screaming, "Oh god Doug you're hurting me in the worst possible way by stopping don't you know that. Fuck me Doug, hurt my pussy, I don't care, just fuck me, PLEASE!" Hearing his sister's pleas stiffens not only his dick but his resolve to give her what they both crave so badly.

He raises her thighs and holds them with his arms as his hips grind his tip into her until again he feels her body squeezing, forcing him from her. But this time he meets that resistance with a forceful lunge of his hips.

He feels her body opening, stretching slightly as he holds a steady pressure against his cock. Again his hips thrust hard and her pussy relents and engulfs his thick glans entirely. Ari's hands race to her brother's hips as she tries to stop the sudden pain of his impalement of her. "OH god, oh shit, don't move, oh my god Doug don't move. Oh shit its so big, so fuckin big. That's good, oh fuck you feel so good, so full.

NO, no, not yet. Oh god I love you so much big brother. My pussy is burning worse than when I lost my virginity". Her hips begin rolling, circling the hard mass at her center as she tries to open herself to his further entry. She needs to feel him deeper, needs to feel his heat permeating her moist walls as he's fully embedded within her. Feeling her tight pussy gyrating as his sisters hunger over-rides her pain Doug begins fucking her slowly.

He chokes back his emotions as they overwhelm him as he stares at his baby sister's face while feeling her pussy massaging, milking his hard cock. That realization, that he's really fucking Ari, his sister, causes his dick to stiffen and jerk strongly within her pussy. Thinking that stiff straightening inside her may be a precursor to his hot spewing a loud moan escapes her as her body lifts into his now harder thrusts. Doug hears Ari's moan and feels his sister's rougher hunching and her actions excite him even more driving his thrusting to become even faster, harder, as he feels his dick forced deeper into his baby sister's hungry pussy.

"Oh god, too much&hellip.don't stop&hellip.oh god Doug.fuck m.m.me!", she cries out. The feelings his big cock cause have her stricken, unable to move as he fucks her roughly. Her head flails wildly, upper body lifting, bending to the intense orgasm that grips her. Each thrust of her brothers' dick stretches her painfully as a primal force grips his mind and demands he bury his dick to his balls in Ari's tightly clasping pussy.

He's never been so excited, so out of control, unable to restrain his urges to be in her fully. Each time she cums he feels her warmth engulf him, lubricate his girth and fuel his quest to be in her fully. He knows he's hurting her, feels her pussy tightly against his fat tip as his thick dick distends her walls. Her screams as he drives his fat girth further into her tell of her agonized joy. Her own desperate need to feel his balls pressed tightly against her, her clit mashed by his body has her holding her pussy to the stiff impalement of his instrument of pleasure no matter the pain.

The tissue of her deepest walls feels ripping as he fucks her relentlessly instilling an even more desperate craving for his cum. Doug senses his sister's need and he wishes to fulfill it more than he's ever wanted anything in his life. He loves Ari even more now if that's possible. This secret they share will bind them forever together. The feel of a boys' skin against her own as she fucks has always excited her.

The feel of Doug's against her own had her skin crawling with an electric like tingling. The knowledge that he wanted her, needed her so badly he couldn't control it had a madness inflaming her mind and an inferno blazing in her body. Fucking her brother freed her of all inhibitions, her pride given over to the sensations his huge cock caused to permeate her essence.

She could be his slut, he her master as she gave herself to him entirely, willingly. She fucked his dick frenziedly, unable and unwilling to repress anything to give him the same pleasure that coursed through her in waves. The intense pain his dick inflicted instead of subduing her primal instincts, heightened them, turned them into a craving hunger for more of her brother's long, thick dick. They kissed for long minutes, each second their bodies moving, undulating together as Doug's dick inched deeper and deeper until Ari's moans were a continual expression of what she felt.

His body teased her clit, touching it slightly just as her body resisted further entry, his balls touching her ass similarly. God she needed to feel him mashing her swollen bud, grinding into her to relieve the insane craving she felt there.

She pressed her hand between their bodies, her clit demanding to be touched, but her brother grabbed her wrists and held her down by them. Her moans became tortured with her hunger until she begged, "Fuck me Doug, hurt me, just do it, please don't hold back, god I need you in me, fuck me hard"! He did!

His hips began a hard thrusting. Each time he rammed deeply into her he would grind against her. With each hard thrust she screamed, her body writhing in pain. Her back arched in response to his body finally mashing her clit, grinding it between them as she orgasmed intensely. She had him fully in her and now her mind could only acknowledge one thought, one need, cum, his cum and she again pleaded, "Cum baby&hellip.arrrrghhhh&hellip.doit!

Fuck me! Oh god don't stop&hellip.need it…give me your&hellip.arrgghhhhh…cum…argghhhh…PLEASE! Instead Doug began fucking her rapidly, long fast strokes as he pistoned within her pussy. Her head lifted, then her shoulders as her eyes opened widely in awe of the sensations streaming to her mind. Her entire body moved, jarred by the ferocity of his assault on her deepest sensibilities. She couldn't scream, her lungs were locked, and she couldn't breathe as her orgasms melded into one long continuous insanity that took away her ability to process any thought except, CUM, CUM IN ME!.

She knew she was going to die impaled on her brothers dick, she didn't care. All that mattered was that he fuck her, fuck his wonderful dick into her pussy forever to keep heaven alive in her body as their act doomed her soul to hell forever. She felt his dick swelling, stiffening until her entire vaginal cavity was strained by his cock's jerking admission of its intent.

She screamed, her pussy felt ripping, burning with his deepest entry yet. He held it there, throbbing against her tormented flesh until, swelling, his dick seemed to explode his hot cum against the burning, soothing it, finally sating the need that had caused this incestuous act. Ari moaned her satisfaction as again and again her brother confirmed her womanhood and his love of her.

Her orgasm was renewed with the first hot scalding of her pussy. Each subsequent lava like flowing kept her pussy gripping his jerking dick tightly, milking it with her hip movements as his groans told of the pleasure he was finding within the confines of her pussy. "I love you sis". He moaned to her as his body jerked, tensed, with each expulsion of his balls into his sisters convulsing body.

"Oh shit Doug, you'll never know how much I love you big brother. You're the best fuck in the world. I want you to do that to me all week-end till mom and dad gets back", she replied. "Just hold me Doug. I really need you to just hold me and lay here with me. Do you regret it big brother", she asks? "No!, not for a second Ari. You were the best, nobody has ever made me cum like you just did sis. Ari I love you, this just makes me love you even more", he told his sister as he put his arms around her and held her to him tightly.

"Doug would you fuck mom like you just fucked me if she let you", Ari queried him. Doug remembered his mom with the dildo and the way her lips felt beneath his when they had kissed in the foyer and by the pool. He also remembered the feel of her beneath her robe as she pressed against his dick.

He didn't need to answer her as his dick began jerking strongly against Ari's ass. "You would wouldn't you Doug, that's why your dick is getting hard again isn't it, cause you're thinking of fucking her.

You want to fuck me again while you think of mom's pussy, I want you to again. I loved your big dick in my pussy, no one has ever made me cum so much. Do you think mom would ever fuck Johnny for real Doug", she asked seriously.

Thinking of his mom fucking Johnny and his black dick had Doug throbbing, stiffening. He pressed his fat glans against his little sisters pussy again and began forcing into her cum filled slickness. "Oh god Doug you feel so good, promise me you'll fuck me whenever I need it, please promise me&hellip.oh damn yes……fuck me…&hellip.oh fuck you're so big and fat&hellip.oh damn Doug&hellip.I.I.I'm&hellip.gonna&hellip.oh fuck me&hellip.oh god it…h.h…hurts me so good!" Her hips began a slow rolling, hunching, pressing back into his dick as he held it to her deepest flesh, back arching as her pussy grips his stiff hot cock tightly.

"Th.thi.tthink about mom while you fuck me Doug, think about her pussy squeezing your dick like mine is&hellip.oh god it gets so hard when you think about mom&hellip.j.j.jerks so good inside me.

Will you let me eat her pussy while you fuck her Doug, will you please", Ari pleads with him? His sister's words drive him as he turns her face down and straddles her thin thighs and begins fucking her deep and hard, fucking his meaty fuck stick wholly inside her with each falling of his hips.

Her head flails, her hips lifting into his hardest thrusts as she begs him to fuck her, hands gripping the sheets as she pushes against them holding her pussy to his deep forceful assault.

Doug thinks of fucking their mother as her hips undulate, lifting, rolling as she clenches his dick tightly as she sobs her joy at him fucking her again, begs him to fuck her all night.

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Her pussy has become a swamp of her cum as he fucks her relentlessly, her thighs soaked, the bed puddling with her wet emissions as his fat dick pumps it from her. Doug remembers his mom's words as she pleaded for "Johnny" to fuck her pussy and he asks Ari, "Would you let Johnny put his black dick in your pussy sis?" Ari is afraid to answer him, afraid he will think less of her if she is honest and tells him she gets hot thinking of him fucking his black dick deep inside her and cumming.

The memory of Johnny's dick in his shorts is enough to have her hips fucking her brother's cock frantically, her pussy filling with a wetness that is undeniable as she thinks of his black dick exploding inside her white pussy.

"You like thinking of his black dick fucking you don't you sis, you want his nigger cock in your white pussy. I bet you'd like to suck his cum from his black balls wouldn't you.

If he was here right now you'd suck his black dick while I fucked you or let him fuck your ass wouldn't you baby girl", he taunted her? She could only moan her excitement at his words and the thoughts they caused in her mind. Doug knew she was excited at the thought of Johnny fucking her with his black dick and he fucked her faster, harder as he told her to think about having a black dick cumming in her while she fucked her brothers dick.

Her head flailed wildly, her hands squeezed her tits hard, pinching her nipples as she cum hard. Her body moved frenziedly as her hips hunched back into her brothers deepest most painful thrusts. She screamed loudly, unable to contain the pleasure wreaking havoc within her body when his hand reached under her to rub her clit roughly as in her mind Johnny was pounding his black dick deep in her body.

"Tell me you want to feel a black dick cum in your pussy Ari, say it. Say, I need a black dick emptying its cum in my white pussy while my brother fucks my asshole", Doug implored her. "Oh god I do, I do Doug, I want it so badly.

I want a whole roomful of black guys to fuck my pussy, ass and let me suck their black cocks. Don't hate me Doug, please don't hate me but it really turns me on thinking of black dicks. Will you hate me and mom if Johnny fucks us both", she asked, as her hips pressed her pussy forcibly back into his rough thrusts as his own excitement at the thought of his mom and little sister fucking black dicks drove his assault on her pussy.

"There are five black guys on my soccer team at school with huge dicks Ari, would you fuck them all at once if I got them down here tomorrow", he asked her with his dick throbbing hard inside her as he awaited her answer.

"Oh my god Doug are you serious, you'd let five niggers fuck your sister's pussy while you were there watching me…oh god yes…yes…oh fuck I'm cumming Doug&hellip.yes.yes…I will…I'll fuck them all big brother&hellip.oh god can they cum in me Doug, will you watch them cum in me&hellip.aaaiiieeeeeEEEEE…fuck me…FUCK ME DOUG!

Oh god I'm cumming so good…black dicks cummin in me…aarrghhhh&hellip.arrrghhhh…&hellip.Do it Doug…call them…oh god yes I want their black dicks fucking me…cum in me…uunnggg……fuck me…unggghhh…oh fuck your dick is so big…love you so much!

Doug fucked his sister for hours that night learning just how much it did excite her thinking of fucking black cocks.

He surmised she got it from their mom after seeing the depth of her need to fuck Johnny. He wondered if his mom could actually fuck around on their dad or if she just enjoyed masturbating thinking of fucking black men, like he had thinking of her and Ari, never dreaming it might actually happen.

He did know it hardened his dick thinking of Ari fucking his friends at school. He didn't bother telling her he was a member of their group they called the Mandingo's after the big cocked black porn star Mandingo. They had fucked many girls of all races that wanted or needed to experience big cocks fucking them as a group. He would never have thought in a thousand years he would have them and himself fucking Ari though.

He hoped to include his mom as one of their conquests also After she had expressed her excited desire to be fucked by his friends and himself he had called them and they would be here tomorrow morning before Ari got up.

He had kept her awake fucking until he knew they would have time to be here when she awoke. To be sure he had ground up one of their mom's sleeping pills and gave it to her in a glass of orange juice before she fell asleep impaled on his dick. She was insatiable he found out, like mom, he couldn't help but think, after seeing his mother's capacity to cum repeatedly. It would be nice having her at school with him now. He was sure she would help him fuck any girl he wanted if they happened not to be impressed just by knowing he had a big cock.

His friends would love having her to fuck also. He grinned to himself as he thought of her and his friends' tomorrow morning and all day till Mom and dad got home. He wondered what they would say about what he had done with Ari and especially what he planned on doing if they ever found out?

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