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Huge shroomed Monstercock Hot brunette gives best handjob ever nuru massage style
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Sorry that the first episode wasnt about pokemon that much for those of you who wanted it to be I honestly didnt think people would read it if it was all about pokemon.

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Anyways heres next chapter. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT THE HELL?

Wait before I start at crazy town let me tell you about the still less than sane part of today. We woke up today and found out about why our parents left early.


Aparently they left for a buisness trip, for a MONTH. Honestly probly not the smartest choice for them to make right?

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I'm also still a little shaky telling you this. Mika and I just started working at the daycare. What a fucking twisted place that is. I made a friend of sorts. He warned me and I thought he was joking. His name is Adam. But he was right becuase I swear one of the frickin Loppunys wanted me to screw it. And im pretty sure it would have pounced on me had my Garchomp not jumped out of his pokeball to stop it.

I actually had forgotten about my pokemon and didnt see any harm in letting the rest of them out. Not a big party just Braviary and .well I forgot to tell you that Im not a master but I guess you could call me somewhat famous.


A lot of people know me as Drake I went by that name in Jhoto and Kanto. I used to be a dragon trainer. But my other party member is Victini, yes the legendary pokedex number 000. I was actually hesitant to let him out. I was right to be paranoid too becuase my fears were confirmed. As soon as I let him out all the pokemon ( theres about 30 for each person to watch, a holy shit amount right ?) and all the workers and current trainers that were there to see him.

I think he started to get uncomfterable with everyone staring at him becuase he started to cry ( he's a little shy not a attention hog) so I put him back in his pokeball. Big mistake for me. As soon as I did everyone started pelting Mika and I with questions. Of who we were and how I got Victini. ( its pretty easy to tell Mika and I are dating especially after I gave her a huge kiss after the freak Lopunny incident). Of course Garchomp saved my ass again after he walked to the middle of the crowd to us and we followed him out.

We found refuge in the break room. Adam was there and he actually knew who I was and didnt pelt me with questions.

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We pretty much hid for the rest of the shift and got Braviary to watch the pokemon and feed them in exchange for some candy after work. After we got off of work we found out that Adam was one of our neighbors after we walked the same way home.

Mika was tired and went in with Ashley.

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I asked Adam if he wanted to go into town with me, he said sure. On the way there we talked about work, I told him about the Loppuny incident and after that he stared at the floor lost in thought. At the store I bought some groceries some pokefood and Braviary's candy ( I actually got some for Garchomp and Victini too they helped and trouble too today) then we started the walk home. As we got near home Adam said he should show me something.

I gave the pokemon their food and candy and put the groceries away we went to my room Mika was already there watching tv.


She whispered to me that we were lucky becuase she was thinking about being already naked for me when I got home. Sorry I missed that.

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She said hi to Adam and he nodded back to her, he seemed realy toungue tied about something. He started typing into my computer, Mika and I watched intently. Pokephiliac was what he typed into the search box. Almost instantly he turned around and I know why. Becuase on screen there were 100's of pictures of people having sex with pokemon. I've heard about people who did that, I just didnt know there were this many, this is what Adam tried to warn me of.

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I turned to look at he and found he was on the floor holding his head in his hands . and crying.

I was thinking of something to cheer him up and decided to get my Gardevior, after all it is a caring pokemon, bad idea. As soon as I let her out Adam freaked out and flung himself into a corner. I returned her. Mika asked him what was wrong, I was afraid I already knew the answer. He replied through tears " I'm one of them." I knew he didnt want people to think of him as a freak.

I felt sorry for him becuase I knew somehow that he had gone through the same incident as me, and couldnt stop it. Mika and I comforted him, we told him the truth, we didnt care if he did do that he's still our friend. We told him that we didnt think he was a freak or wierd. After we calmed him down we said if he wanted to he could spend the night, he said he would like too.

We went out back to watch our pokemon, mainly to show he could control himself. Then he started crying again, this time they were tears of joy. We started talking up in my room.

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Mika actually said it would be hot if she got screwed by a pokemon. Adam laughed at that. That shocked me a little bit. But I have to admit that would be a nice sight. When we started to lay down I thought about how it did me good to befriend Adam. And sorry that theres no sex story there will be more next chapters. Go to soloceons daycare secerts. typing in pokemon with no theme or genre you can find it.