Team skeet com full story

Team skeet com full story
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The comment section has been restricted to members only due to spammers and other idiots. Please feel free to PM your comments to me. Lucky Mann Carol II: It Runs in the Family (Please read my story Carol first. The intro here will make much more sense if you do.) It's been eight years since Carol had given me a blowjob while I drove down an Arizona freeway. Many things have taken place in the mean time, and her family and I have drifted apart. Over time, while the relationship between Carol and I began to grow, I had grown very close to the oldest boy and two girls.

I frequently attended their school activities, and they joined me on family friendly outings.

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They had begun referring to me as Uncle. I have missed them. I have since moved to the east coast. Carol and Bill divorced. Carol took the kids and moved to California. Bill continued to be a workaholic and has remarried. A few years after our little tryst, I saw Carol and the girls while in LA on business. I looked them up, gave Carol a call, and offered to take her and the kids to dinner. The oldest boy had returned to Arizona to live with his dad.

The two girls and youngest son were still with Carol. Following Carol's directions, I found her apartment in a run-down complex in a less than desirable neighborhood. Carrie, who had just celebrated her 17th birthday, met me at the door. She hadn't changed much. She was still the tall, slender, slow to develop, girl I knew in Arizona. After a big hug and a kiss on my cheek, she invited me in and led me to their living room. I have never been so shocked in my life as I walked into Carol's living room.

There on the couch, undisturbed by my presence, or her mother sitting in the same room, Carol's youngest daughter, Deb, was making out with a boy. She was with what appeared to be a local black gang member of about 16 years of age. Deb was a few days past of her 16th birthday. Carol, sitting on the other side of the room, seemed to be ignoring the goings on with Deb on the couch.

Making out doesn't really describe what I saw. Deb's head was rolling back and forth on the back of the couch with a smile on her face. Her blouse was fully opened and laying to her sides. The punk was greedily sucking Deb's small right nipple. She didn't have much tit yet. His right hand was up the loose fitting leg of her shorts. It looked like he was giving Deb a hard finger-fucking.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?" I yelled at no one in particular. Looking at Carol, I continued to yell. "HOW THE HELL CAN YOU ALLOW THIS SHIT?" The boy jerked away from Deb and sat bolt upright. In a panic, Carol tried to explain.

"That's her boyfriend. They really don't do much more than that. I don't see anything wrong with." Calming just a bit, I interrupted, "Maybe you don't see anything wrong, but I'll bet the cops sure as hell would.

Deb's is barely 16-years-old!" At the mention of the cops, the boy jumped up and hauled ass out of there. "I don't think I want to be associated in any way with what's going on here. If you allow that punk to feel up and probably fuck your 16-year-old daughter, I want nothing to do with any of you." "After what we did?" Carol protested.

"You dumb bitch! That was years ago, and we were both adults!" I replied. With that, I turned and walked out. Carrie followed me to my car crying. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she pleaded with me. "Uncle, please don't be mad at me too. I don't do that. I promise. Besides, I wanted to tell you about my boyfriend. Mom has signed the permission paper, and I'm getting married in three months. Please, please come to my wedding." "Carrie honey, give me a chance to cool off.

Then send me an invite to your wedding. You know I'll be here for you if I can." I hugged Carrie, kissed her cheek, and left.

Three months later, I attended Carrie's wedding in LA. She was such a beautiful young bride. But then, aren't they all, especially brides so young. Being cordial, I spoke to both Carol and Deb, but avoided them as much as possible. I didn't see or hear from any of them for the next six years.

At that time, I found myself in Arizona on business. I took a chance and called Bill. He was available, so I met with him for lunch. He filled me in on what was happening with him and his ex-family. He was happily remarried to a lovely girl.

The last he knew, Carol and Deb had become whores in LA. I had expected as much. Carrie had moved back to the Phoenix area with her husband, Ted. They still lived nearby. Having several important meetings that afternoon, I had to take my leave of Bill soon after lunch. I gave him my card and asked him to call me so we could have a relaxed dinner before I left town. He then gave me Carrie's phone number and said.

"I'm sure she will be happy to hear from you." Later that evening, I called Carrie. She seemed excited to hear from me. Bill had told her I might call. Since I hadn't had dinner yet, I asked if she and Ted would like to go out for dinner on me. She quickly agreed and gave me directions to her home. Carrie and Ted lived near the motel I was staying at, so I was at their door in about twenty minutes in my rented pickup truck. Carrie greeted me at her door before I even had a chance to knock.

She nearly leaped out her door to hug me tightly and lightly kiss my lips. The last time I had hugged Carrie was at her wedding. At that time, she was tall, slender, and nearly flat-chested. She had probably weighed little more than 100 pounds. Carrie had changed considerably. She was definitely taking after her mother in that Carol weighed in at about 350 pounds.

Carrie was only about 200 pounds, but it seemed much of it had gone to her chest. Carrie had grown one hell of a set of tits, and the dress she was wearing gave a wonderful view of the upper part of those tits.

After the greeting at her door, Carrie led me to her living room where Ted was watching TV. He seemed somewhat disinterested in my presence and only grudgingly acknowledged me. "Well, are you guys ready to go to dinner?" I cheerfully asked. "I am!" Carrie said excitedly. "I don't think I'm going tonight. You two go ahead and have a nice time. Where are you going for dinner?" Ted replied rather curtly.

"I thought we'd go to the club just down the road to have dinner, and a drink. Maybe I'll get a chance to dance with the bride this time. If you remember, I didn't get that opportunity at your wedding. Please come along." "No!

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You two go on. I'll be fine right here." Ted seemed adamant. I handed him my card and said. "OK! If you're sure, we'll be going now.

You have my cell number. If you change your mind give me a call. Let's go, Carrie." Carrie nearly bounded out the door and to the truck I had rented.

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Her light weight summer dress fluttered in the breeze as she preceded me down her walk. The loose fitting skirt of her dress flew up several times and gave me glimpses of her legs. Even with the added weight, Carrie still had the nice legs of the track runner she had been in high school. By the time I reached the truck, Carrie was already seated in the passenger seat.

On the way to the club, she began telling me some of the events of the past six years. Carol and Deb had indeed become whores in the LA area, and she was happily away from their crap.


When I asked if she and Ted had any kids, Carrie clouded up. She blinked back a tear. "No. We've been trying for years with no luck." "Have you been to a doctor?" I asked. "Yes. He said Ted has a low sperm count. They're OK, just not too many of the little swimmers. I guess we may never have kids. We don't even have sex as often as I'd like any more." The single tear she tried to blink back escaped and ran down her cheek.

As we pulled into the club's parking lot, I leaned over and lightly kissed Carrie's cheek. "It'll be OK Honey." I told her. "You just keep trying. You'll see." With a weak smile, Carrie asked. "Do we have to go in here?" "No. Where would you like to go?" "I don't know.

Maybe we could just get a burger and ride around a while. Do you remember how us kids used to like to ride around with you?" "Whatever you want to do is fine with me. Is the Jack-in-the-Box still three blocks down this road?" "I thing so." Carrie answered.

It was, and Carrie's mood lightened considerably as we ate our burgers and chatted. When we got back in the truck, Carrie scooted over beside me, and kissed my cheek.


She stayed close as we cruised all over Phoenix, chatting along the way. Eventually, we pulled into a park on the western edge of town. I placed my arm over her shoulder and squeezed her to me. "You know Carrie, the last time I saw you, you were still just a skinny kid." Pushing her chest out, she replied. "Well, I'm all grown up now." Staring down at her large tits, I told her. "You certainly are. I think I better take you home before I do something we may both regret." She smiled and said.

"It's OK, what did you have on your mind?" "Forgive me, and please don't be insulted, but I've been wanting to get my hands on your chest all evening. I just love big tits." Carrie turned so her back was more toward me, laid her head on my shoulder, pulled my right hand to her left breast, and said. "Feel free." "More like a free feel." I chuckled as I slid my right hand down the front of her dress and under her bra. Carrie had a fabulous set of tits. Though they weren't as bit as Carol's tits they were quite large.

Since Carrie was only 23 years of age, her tits were still very firm. Carrie released the first few buttons of her dress, which allowed me to unlatch her front closing bra. Those magnificent tits fell free. They sagged just a little. I soon had her nipples standing erect.

Carrie moaned and pushed her chest out to meet my hand. I then found another similarity to her mother. Not only was Carrie beginning to look like her mother, she liked her tits handled roughly as well. Her mother had really gotten off on having her tits mauled.

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I happily obliged Carrie's need to be firmly fondled. I opened a couple more dress buttons and had both tits fully exposed. A hand worked each tit hard. Then Carrie shocked me with her bluntness. She asked. "Uncle, did you fuck my mother?" Slowly and softly, I answered her question. "Yes, once." "I thought so. What else did you do?" Swallowing hard, I said. "She sucked me off once." "Did you like it?" "Sure did. Why?" I asked. Turning to face me, with a big smile on her face, Carrie said.

"Because I like doing that, and I want to suck you off, if you'll let me." "Hell yes, Baby! Like your mother, you're the one that's married, not me. Go right ahead." And she did. Carrie was quickly laying face down in my lap, my cock deep in her mouth, giving me a pretty good blowjob. While Carrie sucked my cock, I pulled her dress up and exposed her ample ass.

Running my right hand under her panties, I began petting her pussy. Sliding my fingers from her clit to her asshole quickly had Carrie squirming and wiggling her ass. I felt her moans through my cock more than heard them. While she continued to suck my cock, I worked her clit until we were both about to explode.

Just as the first spurt of cum shot from my cock buried deep in Carrie's mouth, I shoved two fingers as deep as I could into her hot pussy. Carrie sort of vibrated her ass and gave a long groan as she continued to drained my cock of cum. She sat up, dabbed her lips with a napkin, and kissed my lips. I returned the kiss and pulled her tightly to me. We sat quietly like that for some time when Carrie spoke.

"Uncle, would you do something for me? I need a really big favor." "Sure, hon. What do you want?" I didn't expect what I heard next. "I want you to fuck me." "What? You want me to what? I wouldn't mind doing you, but what if you get knocked up by me instead of Ted? What would he have to say about that?" She calmly said. "I hope I do. It is the right time of my cycle to get pregnant.

If you do knock me up, I won't tell him. I'll get him to fuck me the next couple of days, and, if I get pregnant, it will be 'his'." Still a little unnerved by Carrie's proposition, I looked into her eyes. With her tits still hanging free and her dress up around her waist, how could I refuse her request?

"OK! I'll fuck you, but not here. Get dressed. I'm taking you to my motel room." She kissed me firmly and whispered. "Thank you, Uncle." I just smiled at her.

We said very little as I drove to the motel. I couldn't help but think how lucky I was. I was about to fuck the daughter of an old fuck. Once in my room, we quickly undressed and got into bed. Carrie was still very well lubricated from being fingered in the truck. After just a little foreplay, I climbed between her legs and positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy. As we hugged, I slowly and fully entered her.

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She raised her legs and wrapped them around my waist. While slowly stroking in and out of her pussy, I could feel my cock hitting her cervix. I mauled Carrie's tits. Pinching her nipples soon had Carrie writhing under me. As I felt the first surge of cum rushing forward, I drove as deeply as I could into Carrie's baby making chamber. Just as my cum erupted from my cock, I took both nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and pinched as hard as I could.

"Cum with me, Baby." I urged her. Carrie exploded beneath me. She dropped her feet to the bed and began thrusting hard up to me. "Ummph, ummph, ummph!" She snorted and bucked like a rodeo horse. With each thrust up she grunted, and it was all I could do to stay in the saddle and keep my cock deep in her pussy. As my orgasm subsided so did her's. We lay quietly together until I softened and my cock slid out of her pussy. Quietly, Carrie asked. "Again, Uncle. Please do me again." "Of course, Carrie, but it will take me a little while to recharge." In the mean time, I entertained myself by fondling and nibbling on Carrie's tits.

After a while, I left her lying naked on my bed as I went to get us some sodas. When I returned, Carrie was firmly twisting and pulling her own nipples. I kissed her, handed her the drink, and sat on the edge of the bed. As we drank our drinks, my cock lay limp between my legs. "You know Baby, I like to do you again, but I'll need a little help getting ready." She grinned and sat her soda can on the nightstand. She rolled over toward me and immediately sucked my soft cock into her mouth.

Her suction and tongue soon had me rock hard again. She rose off with a sucking smack and continued jacking my renewed cock with her hand. "How's that?" She asked with a grin. "Wonderful! Now get on your hands and knees." When she was on her hands and knees, I came up behind her and entered her pussy from the rear. I then pushed her shoulders down until her ass was pointing up at me. Grabbing her by the hips, I began working my cock in and out of her cum starved hole.

This time it took longer before I was ready to cum again. Carrie was gently rocking in rhythm with my strokes. She'd push back as I pushed in and visa versa. She was almost cooing each time I shoved my cock into her. "Mmmmmm, mmmm, mmmmm." Then I began feeling the urges from my balls again. Firmly gripping both of her hips, my thrusts became more urgent. Finally, with one last hard thrust, I slammed my cock fully into Carrie's neglected baby maker.

I could again feel my cock's head against her cervix as I bathed it with another load of cum.


Carrie pushed her pussy back to me and held it there. Again, we stayed in that position until I was drained and my softening cock would not stay in any longer. As my cock fell out of Carrie's pussy, I gave her ass a firm slap and crawled up beside her.

As we chatted and fondled her tits, she stayed with her ass in the air for another 20 to 30 minutes. She said that position increased the chances of impregnation. "If you say so, baby." I agreed. By then it was getting late. So, we showered and I drove her home. As she started to get out of the truck, Carrie gave me a quick kiss, and gently squeezed my cock. Then, as she squeezed, with a big grin, she said. "I sure hope this guy has done a good job." For Carrie's sake, so do I.

"I hope my little swimmers get the job done for you." I told her.