Chicks screw dudes anal with massive strapons and splash jism monstercock splashing

Chicks screw dudes anal with massive strapons and splash jism monstercock splashing
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I have just got back from a three week trip overseas. My girlfriend has picked me up and driven to undercover parking at the Hyatt to make out: His Story After kissing you for a while in the front seat we will climb over and get into the back. You have parked in a spot where we will not be easily seen in the back. I told you not to wear panties under your dress and you have obeyed me. I hope you have followed all my other instructions! Quickly my hand reaches under your skirt and I slide a finger between your folds to find how wet you are, I am not disappointed.

I run up and down your slit and find your clit hard and wanting attention. After rolling my finger around and over it a couple of times I feel you pushing your hips into my hand. I know what you want, this first couple of orgasms are going to be all about you, the way I love it. I push two fingers easily into your pussy and thrust them in and out, the squishing noise confirming how wet you are.

I am kissing you passionately and bring my fingers up to our mouths to taste. It has been so long since I last tasted your sweet juices. After sucking them I plunge them back into your pussy and back to our mouths, over and over. My cock is throbbing in my pants and I need to get it out for you to suck on.

I can feel that I have been dripping precum and when I bring it to you eager mouth I squeeze out a large drop that runs down my shaft. You reach forward quickly and lick it off moaning as you do. I feel the warmth as you suck it into your mouth slowly and then withdraw, your tongue flicking over the tip looking for more precum.

I squeeze it again for you and more juice oozes out onto your tongue. You pull my head down and kiss me deeply, I am so horny and taste myself on your tongue. It is time for me to do what I have been dreaming about for over three weeks. I move down between your legs and lick you from your clit to the warm wet opening of your swollen pussy.

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I can scoop up a tongue full of your juices each time I reach your opening, you are literally dripping wet. If anyone comes past now they are going to be treated to a show because I will not be able to stop. I can feel you are close to cumming but I want to feel myself inside you before you have your first orgasm.

My cock is throbbing and as I rub the outside of your pussy I can literally feel the precum moving up through my shaft. I'm close to cumming and haven't even entered you yet, I will have to be careful. Both of us are in an uncontrollable state of arousal. I have thrust into your wet pussy about five or six times when I know I have to pull out or cum far too soon.

As I pull out you pull me up to your face to suck me. I have to warn you to go slow, I am fighting off my orgasm. I pull my cock out of your mouth and squeeze out a huge amount of precum for you to lick while looking directly into your eyes. So long without this has made me want to enjoy it for as long as possible. I move back down to your sweet pussy and you have already pulled your lips back exposing your swollen clit for me to lick and suck.

I decide to concentrate on your clit and let your pussy fill up with juice for me to suck out when I eventually move down to your entrance. I can't wait till I will get a mouthful of your pussy juice. I am thinking ahead to when I will go all out to make you squirt in my face and let me swallow your ejaculate, but that will be later, when we get home. For now all that matters is for you to cum hard on my tongue and mouth. I am licking, swirling sucking and doing all the things you love me to do to your clit.

I have my tongue and fingers moving over it while your stretch open your lips, pulling up to fully expose that little piece of flesh that brings us both so much pleasure. Your stomach starts quivering as your first orgasm approaches. I am so looking forward to sucking the juices out of you when you push my head away from your clit when it gets too sensitive to continue licking.

I tickle your stomach then move my hands under your butt to hold on tight when you cum. I know it is going to be a good one, it has been a long time coming. The moans start and I hold on tight, I want to carry on licking you even after you beg me to stop. Your hips are pushing up wildly as you cum and I lift you up so your back is arched and relentlessly flick my tongue over your clit.

You are wriggling, trying to get away but I hold you in place, not slowing down. I want to see if you can cum twice, once immediately after the other. I think it is working you have been cumming for more than 15 seconds and there seems to be no end in sight.

This is such a turn on for me. I can feel my cock pounding with my heartbeat. I need to fuck you so badly but first I want to get all that pussy juice I have been dreaming about. Your orgasm finally subsides and I look up at your face. You are laughing telling me how that is the best you have ever had.

You look exhausted. I move down and literately suck in a whole mouthful of your pussy juice. Wow, finally. You roll over and get on your knees looking back at me, inviting me to fuck you from behind. The car is getting hot and I think you want to get this over with and drive home for more comfortable slow sex. You know it won't take me long in this position. I enter you easily you are so, so wet, and warm and feel perfect.

I am not able to control myself and cum hard very quickly. You were building up for your 2/3rd orgasm and seem disappointed that it did not last very long.

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I try to continue fucking you but cannot stay hard long enough to get you off. You tell me to lie on my back and you squat over my face and tell me to lick your clit again. Your pussy is very wet and swollen I try hard to concentrate on your clit. Suddenly you tense up and I think you are going to cum but then you start moving your hips side to side and pulling your dress off over your head. You have a nipple in each hand and tweak them into long points then knead your breasts pushing them together and licking the nipples like you are dancing in a nightclub.

I have never seen you do this before. It suddenly occurs to me that maybe you are giving someone a show. I roll my head and am sure I see a shadow disappear below the window.

Are you really giving someone a show? This turns me on incredibly and I lick your pussy and clit which is grinding into my face. You don't know that I have worked out what's happening and you cum hard again, crushing my face and flooding my mouth with our juices.

It is getting really hot and I suggest to you to crack open one of the back doors. You agree and reach over to pull the handle. If there is someone out there this will give them a chance to watch from closer and maybe give you more to get excited about.

While still rubbing your pussy on my face you look back and see that I am hard again. You spin around to a 69 position and promise me the best blowjob of my life while nestling your pussy on my mouth again. I am aware that you now have a good view out the open door, did you do this deliberately? Could there really be someone out there watching? You are really getting into it, your pussy is contracting and dripping continuously, like never before.

You are forcing my cock to the back of your throat choking every now and then but not backing off.

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You are totally sex crazed, I wish I could get my hands on the big dildo I told you to bring with you, I can see your pussy is begging to be fucked. I have reached around and have two fingers inside your pussy rubbing and looking for your G spot. I have to concentrate on your reactions to know when I have hit the spot but it is difficult because you are so wild with passion.

I wonder if you are watching a show being given for you, you are in a position to get a good view of the person watching us if there is someone there. Your mouth comes off my cock and you jack it off with your hand licking the tip every few strokes. It is quiet and I am sure I hear a zipper being pulled down. You have slowed down now and I am sure there is something going on outside the car. You realize you have stopped and start grinding on my face again and moaning like you are going to cum again.

I am listening intently to see if I can hear any tell-tale signs of movement outside the car. Nothing. Then you are on my cock again sucking and slobbering, making new noises, lots of squishing and wet sounds.

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After a couple more minutes and a lot of moaning you say you want me to fuck you again, then turn back to face me. For no apparent reason you grab your dress and tell me you are going to blindfold me with it.

It is nice soft fabric and feels good as you wrap it around my head. There is no way I can see anything through the three or four layers. Then you move down and mount me. I think you are facing away from me which makes me think again that you want to see out of the open door. With one hand cupping my balls you start riding my rock hard cock. Not knowing what is going on has me incredibly aroused. I am getting close again and you know it. You tell me to relax, you want to make it last for me.

Slowly your pussy grinds on my cock. You are leaning forward to get better penetration, your hand squeezing my balls and moving around to rub your clit and pussy entrance. This goes on for some time, I am loving every minute of it. I am amazed you are this horny, you have cum so many times already.

You are moaning continually and the sounds of your wet pussy fucking me are driving me crazy, so much noise. You lean forward even more and my cock slips out of your pussy. Quickly, almost in a panic you reach back and guide me back into that hot wet hole. Your hand was so warm, warmer than you pussy and so wet. Your hand moves away and I feel it on your clit, you are rubbing it furiously. There is so much noise down there, wet sloshy noises. You have leaned forward now and suddenly you cum again, you are moving so wildly that I slide out of you again and rub on your clit.

Your orgasm goes on forever, and as you recover you push me back into your pussy. You are now leaning forward and moving up and down slowly. There is more noise than I would expect and you suddenly surprise me with a small shuddering orgasm and then another.

You are still shivering as you climb off me and crouch between my legs to suck me again. In this position your butt and pussy will be facing the door opening. I start realizing that you would never do this, it would be too dangerous except if there was already someone there. You start working seriously again on my cock. Your whole body is moving backward and forward as you suck me.

It is so noisy again. Sex noises. Suddenly you take your mouth off me and start moaning. You reach a hand between your legs and rub your clit. You are cumming again, incredible. Your orgasm keeps going and you start sucking me wildly again, your butt moving around crazily. Again you lift your head up and moan through another orgasm, your one hand jacking me crazily and your other hand between your legs.

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My cock feels like it will burst as you start sucking again. Your body is moving like it is being jackhammered from behind and the noises you are making sucking me drive me wild.

I reach down to jack my cock and am surprised how wet it is.

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It's almost like I have cum already. It feels amazing and I feel my orgasm approaching. I reach for you head and push you down as I cum in your mouth. All goes quiet. I am worn out, and in a state of hypnosis. I cannot think straight but feel the car move as I start taking off the blindfold. You are above me, your face bright red and sweat running down your temples.

You open your mouth and let the cum drool out onto your hand then rub it all over your body. Wow, what a sexual woman you are! There is cum in your hair, on your top lip and cheeks and all over you neck. I must have really shot all over you. I smile at you and you smile back. I point to your lip and you stick your tongue out a lick it into your mouth. When I point to your neck you use two fingers to scoop it up and then lick it off your fingers with a smile on your face.

Wow, that was amazing. You quickly reach back and close the door and start getting your dress on. I ask you to lie back so I can lie next to you and kiss you for a while. You smile and lie back. Oh shit, there is someone outside! I hear a door shut and the car next to ours pulls out of the parking. That was close. Lucky they didn't come a little earlier.

I kiss and caress your face then move my hand between your legs. You clamp them shut telling me it is too sensitive down there, but I reach down and slip two fingers into your sopping pussy. How did it get this wet? I can feel cum running out as I rub your G spot. I want to go down on you again.

I lift the front of your dress but you don't seem to want me to proceed. That is not like you. I insist and when I get my face between your legs you squeeze them and beg me not to, you are too sensitive.

I look down and see a huge pool of juices on your dress and you pussy looks more swollen than I have ever seen it. The smell of sex is unmistakable.

I can't believe how horny I still am. I push my fingers between your clamped thighs and rub them over your clit. You respond as usual, obviously not too sensitive now. Slowly I feel you relax and let me reach deeper. Your pussy is on fire.

It is so wet that I get three and then four fingers in easily. You are moaning again and begging me to finger fuck you. Four fingers in you cunt and my thumb rubbing your clit, so wet as they squish in and out reaching up to rub your G spot. As I push them hard into you, your legs come up and you have the quickest orgasm I have ever seen.

I look down and watch as you squirt all over my hand. I can see it flooding out of your pussy in pulses, on and on. I bring my hand to my mouth to taste you but you grab my head and pull me down to kiss you on the mouth. I bring one finger at a time into our mouths and you hungrily suck them, not sharing very well.

I can feel you have reached down and are playing with yourself, but not for long. Your hand comes to our mouths and I lick the juices off your fingers. Your head is below mine and you're getting most, I can feel you swallowing.

Wow, I have such a horny girl. I love it. Her story. Peter has been away for over three weeks and I can't wait to be with him again. He obviously feels the same, he has been sending me photos of himself jacking off and fantasies while away, which have kept me going, but I'm very horny and ready for the real thing.

He sent me an email before he started his journey home telling me what to bring to the airport and what to wear. A dress and no panties, blindfold and the big realistic dildo he bought for me recently. He has no idea how often and how I have been using it while he's been away. It is so nice to see him again.

We quickly get in the car and I drive to the Hyatt undercover parking where we will have less chance of being seen. I am desperate for real sex and know that this will be a wild session.

We move through the preliminaries quickly and then jump over to the back of the SUV. I have parked next to another large SUV on one side and a wall on the other.

We should be safe here, and anyway this won't take long, I am in a hurry to get home and do this properly. He has his hand between my legs, they are already spread and I know my pussy is wet with anticipation. Mmmm, I love this and what is coming. He really loves licking my pussy and it is tingling while I think about how it will feel when he goes down on me. He brings his fingers up to our mouths and we both lick and suck on them.

Very nice, he wants more and repeats this a few times. I love the way he lets me know how much he loves my pussy and all its juices. He sits up and I know I am going to get to suck his cock. I have been dreaming of this for weeks. I absolutely love sucking his cock and making it cum. Lately I have concentrated on facials, it is so erotic to rub cum all over your face, and the cosmetic benefits are now being talked about.

I can see how horny he is by the amount of lube dripping out of his cock. I lick it off the shaft then suck to get more. He reaches down and kisses me deeply, my mouth must be wet from his juices. This goes on for a while then I realize it is now my time as he moves down and lets his tongue drive me wild.

My eyes are closed as I lie back and enjoy this attention I have been dreaming about for weeks. My pussy is contracting and I open my eyes to look down at him. Oh fuck! There is someone looking through the window. I can't help myself and cum immediately. I am trying to see who it is when I am aware that Peter is looking at me with a confused look on his face.

He obviously wasn't expecting me to cum so quickly. He goes back down lapping up my pussy juice and I look back at where the face was earlier. I see a handsome face with his hands cupped so he can see better, wow, I am so turned on.

I decide to act it out for the lucky man and reach down to stretch open my pussy lips. As long as I am being eaten there is no chance that Peter will see the voyeur. I have always had this fantasy and now it is happening. I am going to have to orchestrate the action to get the most out of it.

My whole body is quivering with anticipation and the thought of a stranger watching what a little slut I can be. I am going to do it all for him knowing that we are fairly safe here. What harm can a little exhibitionism do? The knowledge that we are being watched makes me so excited, I can feel my heart pumping wildly.

I am about to get fucked and I am going to make it look good for the stranger. As his cock enters me I open my eyes wide and moan loudly, loud enough to be heard outside the car. The stranger is still peering in and I know he must have a hard-on watching this. I start wondering if he will start jacking off while watching. That would be amazing but unfortunately I would not be able to see unless. Peter his cock in my face and he is squeezing an incredible amount of precum out of his slit.

I make a show of licking it off his shaft then sucking it hard to get as much of the liquid out as possible. There is still more coming out and I lick it off provocatively then rub his cock over my face. I sneak a peak at the window and see the stranger smiling in appreciation. He winks at me. Peter goes back down on me and the fun begins.

I can now look directly at the stranger while I am getting sucked and licked. I wonder what he is doing while he watches. I am going to make it impossible for him not to jack off. The thought of this excites me incredibly. I am getting the most incredible tongue lashing and am being watched, my longtime fantasy. When I cum he has his hands holding me tightly so I can't get away, this way he can make me cum over and over arching my back and pushing myself into his face, which I do until the sensitivity is unbearable.

I am thoroughly worn out. I have to lie back and relax, but I need to keep control of the situation. I want the watching to continue. I make eye contact with the stranger and lick my lips to tease him. Then I get on my hands and knees exposing my pussy for some hard doggy style. I need to feel my man's cock in me now. He enters me hard and starts fucking me wildly.

I am really getting into it and can feel an orgasm coming when he groans and cums in my cunt. I can't believe it, it normally takes so much longer and I really want another orgasm. Peter continues to fuck me but his cock is softening. I tell him to lie on his back and move up to face fuck him.

He has just cum in my pussy but at this stage nobody seems to mind we are both so horny. I know he will not be able to see our watcher while he is smothered with my pussy. My clit is getting all the attention. I pull my dress off exposing my tits for the first time, that should keep Mr. Voyeur happy for a while. Rubbing and squeezing them then licking each nipple, I wish I could see what state his cock is in.

I can imagine it straining to get out of his pants if it is not already. If only I could just see it.

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My mind is spinning - how can I get to see it. Suddenly Peter tells me to open the door, it is so hot in here. The SUV on the side would cover him and he would actually be more secluded. Now how can I get to face the door and not let Peter see what's outside? Yes! I have an idea! I will blindfold him. After I have the blindfold is on I can turn around and fuck reverse cowboy and have a perfect view out the door.

Hopefully the perv outside will work out that I want to see him playing. The thought of this send tingles through my body and I cum again, squeezing the cum out of my pussy. I can't believe Peter is still licking me furiously, but I'm loving it. Time to put the plan in action.

I reach back to open the door. Then I grab my dress and suggest to Peter that I blindfold him. He agrees. Duh. As soon as the blindfold is secure I turn around and move down to sit on his beautiful hard cock.

No sooner is it in me than I see Mr. Stranger move to the doorway and grab his cock through his suit pants. It looks huge and there is a telltale wet stain where the head juts out at the side. Wow, wow, wow. I am hoping he will release it when he answers my prayers and pulls down his zip. Shit that was loud, I groan and moan to try to drown the noise. He has a hard time pulling his dick out of his pants but finally it springs lose.

I am mesmerized. No wonder he couldn't get it out, it is huge! I have to keep grinding down so that this will last. I cup my Peter's balls and rub my clit. The voyeur is stroking his cock for me, it is so close. How could I be doing this? This has progressed so quickly. Then I think of all the articles I have read about all men secretly wanting to see their woman fucked by another man.

Maybe he wouldn't mind this mild form of that fantasy, after all I haven't even touched it. But fuck, it is so tempting to reach out and touch it. He is looking directly at me and down at my pussy and motions for me to jack him.

He wipes some precum from the tip of his cock and offers it to my open mouth. I suck his finger hard and he immediately repeats this time squeezing a larger amount onto two fingers. I again lick and suck his fingers. My hand is on my pussy and really wet and I can see he needs some lube on that huge shaft. I decide to help him out and scoop up some of the plentiful pussy juice and wipe it on his shaft. As I touch his cock he grabs my hand with his and moves it up and down then positions my hand under his cock while he rubs the top.

I start giving him an underhand hand job, his cock is pulsing and feels incredible. So big and hot and hard. I see him tense up and streams of cum shoot onto my arm.

He is having a hard time not making a sound as he cums. I am afraid that he will shoot into the car so I use my other hand to catch the cum that is still pulsing out. He is still rock hard, I think I have cum a couple of times but am not sure, I am in a daze. My hand is full of his cum and my other arm is covered in it. There is only one thing to do, I look at him and lick my arm clean then rub the hand full of cum on my pussy and Peter's cock.

Hopefully he will think it's his cum. That huge dick is still rock hard, angry looking would be a good way to describe it. Peter's cock in my pussy feels really good and knowing that the stranger's cum is being fucked into me turns me on even more.

I have a cock in my pussy and another within stretching reach of my mouth, oh how I want to suck on it while being fucked. Peter has always teased me about being spit roasted and here I am so close. I can't help myself. I lean forward and take the tip in my mouth. There is still cum dripping out which makes me suck wildly for more. He is thrusting towards me trying to get deeper when I feel more cum pulsing out of his cock.


I have to swallow as he's cumming, I can't leave a mess, and am surprised how easy it is. I am swallowing as fast as I can but can't manage. I move back, his cock springs out of my mouth and five streams of cum splash on my face.

I have to wipe it into my mouth to hide the evidence because I now desperately want that cock in my pussy. He has cum twice in about two minutes. Oh to be with a young man. I'm hoping it will stay hard and ravage my cunt, I need to feel it in me. I turn around and lean down to suck Peter's cock and know that my pussy must be inches from the stranger's cock. He doesn't waste any time and it is immediately being forced into me. My pussy is so wet it gets in much easier than expected but I feel completely full.

As he starts pumping me I feel an orgasm approaching. I am sucking on my lover's cock which is covered in the strangers cum while he fucks me from behind. I am trying to steady myself as he slams into me repeatedly. My pussy is throbbing and making all sorts of noises. Spitroasted with extras! I am cumming continuously and wonder if he can cum again when I feel him explode in me.

I reach to my pussy to confirm and feel the cum dripping out. I have to keep my hand there to catch it but I know my hand will overflow so I bring it to my mouth and Peter's cock and suck it up while blowing him. My other hand is now catching the mess dripping out of my full pussy. It is filling up quickly and I have to repeat the process, I love the taste off all this cum. Without warning Peter reaches down and starts jacking off, I know he is going to cum.

He grabs my head as he cums and pushes it down hard.

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As the slippery wet cock hits my mouth it is flooded with cum. I am going to use this cum to disguise the other cum that may be on my body. He lies there exhausted. As he unties the blindfold I let the cum run out of my mouth into my hand and rub it on my tits and stomach. He points to my lip and neck indicating that there is cum there and I lick my lip and scoop the cum off my neck and suck my fingers.

I can keep him horny forever doing things like this. It's time to tidy up here, I may have gotten away with this. I lean back and close the door. As I do I see a business card lying on the floor. It has a large puddle of cum on it. The stranger obviously wants a repeat, I'll have to think about that.

I am putting my dress back on and Peter asks me to lie down and relax for a while. Hmmm, just what I need to let this experience sink in.

My dress feels like it has been soaked, there has been a lot of body fluids splashing around for the last hour or so. The air is thick with the smell of sex, pussy, cock and cum. I feel like a dirty girl but I love it. I am completely sexually satisfied and now I get to cuddle with the man I love, it doesn't get any better. He is kissing me and looking into my eyes when we hear a door close and the SUV next to our drives off.

That must have been the stranger's car. No wonder he was so confident that no-one would be able to see him, what luck for both of us. An unbelievable combination!

A handsome stranger with a big dick that loves to watch is parked next to us at the right time and arrives at his car just as we start our lovemaking! And he has the courage to follow it through. What are the chances of that ever happening again? I am thinking this when I feel Peter's hand reaching down to my pussy.

I cannot believe he is still horny and I am afraid he will wonder why there is so much cum still in my pussy. I can feel it is still oozing out.

He keeps trying to reach my clit and I eventually relax my thighs to let him in. He fingers me for a while then moves down to lick me.

I can't let him do this, there is too much cum still in me. He starts finger fucking me and I don't know how but whatever he is doing is working me up again to a shuddering orgasm. My pussy feels so full again and he is relentlessly hitting my G spot and at the same time rubbing my clit.

I can't stand it any more and as I cum I lift my knees up and realize that I am going to squirt. A combination of my juice and cum starts pulsing out of my pussy. It feels amazing. I am hoping he is not being sprayed in the face but really don't care because of the waves of please coursing through me. When I can finally open my eyes I look down and he is lifting his hand to his mouth, juice running off his fingers.

I quickly reach for his neck and pull him down to kiss me. I don't want him tasting the strangers cum. Incredibly I have got away with this up to now and don't want to be caught out so close to the end. While I am kissing him I am surprised when his fingers start entering our mouths. I suck on them quickly to get as much of the cum as possible. I reach down to my pussy and literally scoop up a handfull of the cum still dripping out of my cunt.

I want it in my mouth and have reached a level of horniness again where I throw caution to the wind. I bring it to our mouths and continue to kiss my lover. I have to suck and swallow while kissing there is so much cum. I have come to love this whole situation. What is that noise? It sounds like my telephone. I look around but don't see it. Why can't I find it, I am confused. I open my eyes and the phone is louder. Sunlight is streaming through the shutters.

The SUV doesn't have shutters! Was that a dream? How could it have been so real? I reach down and touch my pussy. It is so wet that I wonder if it really did happen.

The sheet below me is soaked.


At last I have got to the end of this dream. So many times I have been awakened before the conclusion. Would I really go through with it if the opportunity presented itself? And how could it be so real? I can still see that strangers cock being jacked off and shooting in my mouth and on my face. The detail is burned into my brain. I reach down again and rub my clit till I have a powerful orgasm. Today is the day I get to see Peter again after more than three weeks away from each other.

I will wear what he suggested and bring the toys he mentioned in his email. I wonder what will happen!