On her back this time

On her back this time
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men of two worlds Part two Chapter three: Running wolf The cubs were growing, I taught them a few basic commands. Such as, stay down don't move, trail, attack and cease attack.

They had learned how to hunt on their own. Their usual hunting time was when I worked with my 2nd bow. The first bow was very rudimentary it barely qualified as completing the basic part of my spiritual quest.

But with it and a very rough arrow I had killed a rabbit. Which I proudly cooked and ate. Now I was working on my spiritual bow and had begun to make a better quality of arrows. My first arrows were going to have fletching from the feathers of an Eagle. The feathers I had found while setting snares.

They would make sure the arrows flew straight. I had searched long and hard until I found the smoothing stone and my chipping stone. My hammer stone had been easy to find, I tripped over it. The flint was abundant and I had been able to make many arrowheads. Also I had made three fine scraping stones and a couple of fine flint knife blades of which I had wrapped leather from the wolf hide around to make a handle.

I felt a change in the weather, Rain. I crawled into my shelter which I had made by interlacing limbs of a cedar tree. It gave me a shelter 8' x 6' x 4'. With all my furs it was quite cozy.

As the rain began I put my eye to lacing some of the rabbit skins to make a pair of moccasins. They would not last long since the skin was thin but would do till I was able kill a larger animal. The cubs which I had named Wolf and Lobo waited til it actually started to rain before coming inside. Then they had to shake the water off themselves and on to everything else. Wolf was the largest of the two and had all the looks and actions of a Timber Wolf. While Lobo has all the earmarks of the Red Wolf.

They looked nothing like Brothers. A week later, my bow made and a full quiver of arrows I began my search for a Deer or Bison I laughed maybe even a Bear. I really was looking for any animal with a thicker skin.

My footwear were already showing excess wear. I had discovered a beaver dam and set up a blind and watched. Beaver skin were a lot tougher than the rabbit I was wearing now. I watched the pond formed by the beaver's dam. After about an hour I noticed a small wake coming toward me.

I drew my Bow and tracked the beaver. I was waiting til it altered its path. Less than twenty feet from me the beaver seemed to get excited. Before it could dive I stood and loosed the arrow which hit the beaver in the back of the neck.

I lay down my bow and waded to collect my beaver. I waded back to my blind and picked up my bow. Once I was back in my camp I skinned the beaver and began to work the pelt. I roasted the beaver and cut off chunks for the pups. The meat was a bit grainy but was sustaining. A week later I lay the tail on the ground and pulled a partially burned twig out of the fire pit. I used the charred end of the twig to trace the out line of my foot. The tail was just large enough to make two shoe bottoms.

I used a large thorn to make holes so I could lace the tail to the beaver skin. I wet the leather and shaped it to my feet. I kept them on while the leather dried. I continued to move to the south west and I knew not why. Then I had the dream again. The she wolf told me I was going in the right direction and to trust her cubs. Chapter four: Sean Murphy/ Running Wolf There always seemed to be something that needed doing thus neither the arrows nor the rifle stock was completed.

I did my hunting by snares and traps. Louise had begun to toddle all over the cabin and had learned enough words that when she repeated them it was like a muddle in my head. My new talent allowed for me to leave Louise alone at the cabin.

I could keep an eye on her by just casting my mind to her. I was bringing things from the lean-to to the cabin. I had my bow in my hand when I looked up and a large buck was looking at me. His body was angled away from me and he was looking back over his shoulder.

Perfect kill shot. if I only had an arrow. I felt another person near by .they had an arrow. I thought to him "Shoot me the arrow." Running Wolf stepped out behind a White man with a bow. There was a Buck in front of him. He held a bow but had no arrows. He felt the presence of someone in his mind.

He heard "Shoot me the Arrow." Running Wolf had an arrow notched on his bow string. He gave it no thought he raised his bow and fired. He watched as the white man reached out, caught the arrow. lifted his bow notched the arrow and fired. It happened so fast the buck was only able to take three steps before it folded with the arrow in his heart.

The voice was back and it said, "Thank you!" The white man never looked back at him. instead he walked to the buck pulled his knife and began skinning the Deer. At first Running Wolf just watched. then he shook his head, pulled his knife and began to help skin the Deer.

Sean looked up at Running Wolf and smiled.

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But neither spoke it wasn't necessary and neither spoke. the others language. Mind to mind seemed to work alright. They shared the load carrying the Buck to the Cabin. The wolves fell instep with them. Running Wolf noticed that the wolves seemed to make choices.

Wolf remained with him and Lobo seemed to have chosen the White man, Sean, as he told my mind. He must be my spiritual guide as the She Wolf predicted. Sean opened the door to the cabin, the wolves rushed in and to Louise.

Louise did not hesitate she grabbed both around the neck and hugged them. He began cutting most of the meat in strips and opened the door to the smoke house he had built. He began to hang the meat, Running Wolf rushed to assist him. After hanging the meat Sean pulled out a large cast iron skillet with a very long handle and threw in a couple of venison steaks.

Soon the cabin smelled of the odor of cooking meat. He looked at the wolves they were beginning to drool.

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The table had been in the wagon and sustained damage in the wreck but Sean had repaired it and three chairs. He already had a pot of beans on the fire and soon they all had a good meal.

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Sean mashed up some of the beans and cut her small pieces of the meat. He had to make sure she ate, because she wanted to give everything to the wolves. Running Wolf pitched in and helped with the different projects that Sean was working on. His first project was a road out of the Valley this entailed cutting down many trees. The trees were to be used for other things including firewood. After five months they were beginning to vocalize in both languages Louise now about 18 months old seemed to have no problem understanding and speaking Comanche, Sean was becoming uncomfortable with the state of the supplies.

He asked Running Wolf if he was aware of a White settlement near by Running Wolf began to talk and Sean began to listen and to read his mind at the same time. The images was as clear as if he was able to see the exact route. When Sean had unloaded the wagon he had found his Father's strong box.

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It had a few pages of plain paper and a quill pen and a bottle of ink. Also there was over three hundred in gold and silver that his Pa had saved and from selling his store in Virginia.

Sean and Running Wolf talked long into the night as to what Running Wolf needed to do while Sean was gone. Sean drew out one of the precious sheets of paper and set up the ink well.

He had Running Wolf think of the way to the White man's village. Sean began to draw and write directions until he had a serviceable map.

Sean took out $100.00 just in case he couldn't sell his pelts. They were a mixed bag but should go for at least $1 to $5 a pound. This should run about 65# which could fetch close to $200.00. Sean estimated it would take at least two weeks to make the round trip. Sooner if he could pick some horses or mules cheap. I entered Louise's mind and told her what I had to do. Her answer was don't take the doggies. Chapter Four: Sean I hefted the pelts onto my back 65# wasn't too bad my 19 year old body could handle it okay.

I guessed I was about 6'3'' and weighed 180# and I knew it was all muscle. It took me three full days to reach the town. I spent the night in the bushes just outside so I could enter in daylight. The first place I headed to was the General Store. I must be living right the General Store was joined to the Stables and Black smith.

I entered the store and was greeted by a tall lanky man wearing glasses. He smiled and said" Welcome Sir how can I help you?" He held out his hand and said, "I am Thomas Myers." I shook his hand and introduced myself, "Sean Murphy." "First I would like to sell my pelts." "let's see what you've got.

I lowered the pelts on his counter. He began to check them over. He would fluff them and blow on them and run his hands thru the fur. I could see he was impressed but being curious I slipped into his mind. He was thinking, 'This is just a kid I can probably get them cheap.' "Well Son I guess I could offer you .Let's see. How's about $150 for the lot?

" I had already seen how how much he was willing to pay. I laughed and said, " Don't be insulting My Pa used to own a store and bought pelts, he taught me how to grade pelts. Lets say $235." 1. We dickered for awhile till we agreed on the price of $217 and we both were happy. Next we began to dicker for two horses both broke to ride and to haul a wagon. And Tack for one. Then I bought a two wheeled cart. All for $78.50 next was, Coffee, Flour. A slab of bacon, salt, beans and some seeds.

Some hard candy for Louise and Running Wolf. I figured I needed a sewing kit a bolt of cloth and 10# of sugar, 2. I had been eyeing a .36 Navy Colt and holster he told me, " He had loaned a cow puncher $10 for it … Then he went and got himself killed. Ah what the heck promise me more good furs and I will let you have it for the $10." I asked him where is the Land office I need to file a land claim.

He pointed it out. Big Sign over a small door US LAND OFFICE. Underneath was the Government agents nameJohn Jacobs, I entered and the clerk asked if he could help me. "Yes Sir I wish to file a land claim I am Homesteading a valley off the wagon road three days East of here. I showed him the map he pointed out where I needed to place my stakes and he recorded everything.

My fee for 160 acres was $13. He asked why I chose that area and I told him the story and about my parents being buried there. I also hinted I would homestead the rest of the section as soon as I have the funds probably next month.

I went back to the General Store they had my wagon loaded and the horses one hitched and the other tied to the rear.

I climbed up on the seat and started to wave goodbye when I heard a scream. I looked around. There were two drunken cowboys one with a quirt beating on a young Indian girl about 17 years old. The one with the quirt drew back to hit her and I slammed into him with a mind slap which sent him to his knees. I pointed the cart in that direction and told the girl to get on board.

She didn't hesitate she started my way and the other cowboy grabbed for her. I twitched my finger and said uh uhn. To re enforce it I was pointing my pistol at him. Luckily he didn't call me on it.I had not loaded it as yet. The Indian girl huddled close to me on the cart seat. I looked over at the General Store clerk. He smiled and waved I nodded and waved back. As we left the town I asked her name she answered, "Bright Moon!" She was looking over her shoulder. I smiled and told her "They won't bother you again." Three hours later we heard two horses coming up behind us.


I could tell by the way she grabbed my arm that it was our two cowpokes. They rode around us and grabbed the horses head stopping us. " We are the Martin brothers. You took our slave and we don't like that." "Funny but I don't believe in slavery." " I asked this young lady if she needed a ride and it seems that she did." The one I had mind slapped earlier pulled his pistol.

As he cleared leather the pistol went off and he screamed."My foot. I shot my damn foot." Moon and I were laughing, I glanced at the other cowpoke and he was starting to grin, " Aw come on Montee I think we need to get you to the doctor." He grabbed the reins of Montee's horse and began leading him back to town.

By now I was holding my sides from laughing. What made it more hilarious was the fact it was a true accident. I had not influenced him at all. He had shot him self without my help Which was funnier than what I had had planned.

I had planned on him pulling his pistol and falling backwards off his horse. Now that I think about it I like this way best, it being all his fault. We continued on for another two hours, then I made camp for the night. Moon gathered firewood and lit the camp fire. She pulled a sling from her belt pouch, walked off into the woods.

I pulled the cart top over to the side to make a cover in case it rained. A few minutes later Bright Moon came out of the forest holding a plump rabbit. She motioned for my knife.

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She quickly skinned it and cut it up then she cut a few sticks and staked the rabbit pieces over the fire. After a tasty meal I handed her a blanket and wrapped up in one my self. I closed my eyes, a few moments I felt her move against me. At first I thought it was for warmth until she grasped my hand and placed it on her naked flesh.

I jumped up and said, "I didn't rescue you to do as they had planned for you." " Put your dress back on." She looked confused but did as I asked. She huddled back next to me I put my arm around her and we both drifted off to sleep. The next day we met three wagons and were passed by 5 horse back riders all waved and minded their own business. When we stopped for the evening it was in a large clearing there was another wagon with a family. A Mother and Father and two small children.

I could see they wished to inquire as to our relationship but when I introduced us I left that unsaid. Bright Moon departed the camp with her sling.


A short time later she returned and had 2 rabbits. I invited the Abel's Family to join us. While we ate we swapped life stories yet I still left out Moon's story, It was up to her to tell it if she wished.

I rigged the wagon sheet again and again Moon snuggled up to me. I put my arm around her and pulled her close and soon we were both asleep. The next morning she was up with a fire burning and the coffee perking. I broke out my skillet and sliced some of our bacon. Oh what a pleasant … aroma coffee and frying bacon. Tom and Mary crawled out with smiles on their faces. Mary filled a pot of water and dumped some oatmeal in it. By the time it was all ready to eat the kids were up saying they were hungry.

After we ate and cleaned up it was time to head out. They were on the way to the town Tom said it was called Wiley's Gap. I gave them directions to the cabin in case they felt like stopping by on their way home. We left out at the same time in opposite directions. I told Bright Moon about Louise and Running Wolf but she seemed to be most excited by Wolf and Lobo. The morning of the third day we reached the turn off,(the new road we had made) only to find a wagon and 2 riders sitting their scratching their heads.

I called out, "Excuse me gentlemen. If you are not going would you move so that I can." One of the riders turned in his saddle and asked, "Do you know about this road, is it safe?

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" I told them the story they nodded their heads when I mentioned the big rock that pushed my family's wagon over the side. "My partner and I built this bypass it is a bit steep but nice and wide." "When you get to the middle of the valley there is a turn off, that is the road to my house." The wagon driver asked"How's about water do you have any." " I do at that, a nice spring fed creek and a pond." "No kidding my boss runs a freight service and the next water hole is over twenty miles, Just wait till I tell him about this." "I am Otha and this, he nodded to his partner is Dirty Bill." They let me lead and followed me down and on to the house.

They watered their stock then waved and headed back on the road. Running Wolf only had eyes for Bright Moon. He had gone into courting mode. She told him I was father then she asked him how many horses did he think she was worth. I sat back and pretended that I couldn't hear them. I pulled out the sack with the hard candy. I broke off a small piece and gave it to Louise. It was a little sticky and she licked the sticky off her hand. Her eyes popped open and she shoved the candy into her mouth.

The next time I looked at her her whole face was a sticky mess. She was trying to stretch her tongue to try and lick it off. After putting up with them for three weeks I felt like I was going dingy. I might as well have been clearing the field by my self.

One morning Running Wolf came to me and said He had to go after horses. I told him to leave the White mans horses alone. I had to explain about brands and if he took them and if they found them they would hang us. I know he still didn't understand but he did agree. He took one of my horses and rode out.

Bright Moon brought me lunch to the field and saw him riding away, " Where goes Running Wolf?" "After horses." She just smiled and headed back to the house.