Vollbusige MILF mag es langsam und tief

Vollbusige MILF mag es langsam und tief
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Words from the Author: This is the last chapter for the moment, chap 9 is in the works but I'm busy at the moment, so I will possibly be posting some of my older stuff instead. Also I've realised something, to all those who dislike my style and my writing technique FUCK YOU, I will not let you or anyone else change how I do things, if you don't like it FUCK OFF. If you don't like how the story is progressing then stop FUCKING reading it.

"It can't be." Sue said completely in shock, the tall yet slender figure, with a hazel flat top and blue eyes smiled. "It's me honey, it's Bruce." He said calmly and filled with happiness. "Dad is it really you?" Charles's tears began to flow. "It's me Son… I'm back." Bruce responded. "Dad." Charles said as he launched himself at his Father wrapping his arms around him, Bruce held his Son tight as Charles cried into his uniform. "It's alright Son Daddy's home." He looked over to Sue who was still frozen on the floor, Bruce released Charles and Charles responded the same, Bruce walked over to Sue and knelt before her.

"Bruce your dead." She said with cold lips. "I promise to tell you everything." He explained, with a simple blink she threw her arms around her Husband and held him tight, Bruce did the same, it felt wonderful to have his Wife in his arms again.

After the shock calmed down they moved to the lounge room to get the answers they seeked. "Where have you been Dad, it's been two years and they said you were dead?" Charles said asking the first question. "For the last two years I've been in a Afghani prisoner of war camp, I lost my dog tags when my squad was captured, because of this, command thought I had been blown up by enemy grenades, there was a lot of death around that battle site." He took a sip from a glass of juice that Sue had poured for him.

"A month ago, command swapped a group of Afghan prisoners in exchange for us, I was lucky enough to have been picked and was brought back to Australia." He took another drink as he continued.

"Once home we were debriefed and checked over by military Doctors, we were all a little undernourished and dehydrated, but we were fine, we had to remain at the compound until the Doctors were satisfied that we were healthy enough to leave, we were given some money to get us home from the compound, and here I am." He drank down the last of the juice as he waited for his family to respond to his explanation.

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"You couldn't have called from the compound to let us know you were alive?" Sue asked a little angry. "I wanted it to a surprise, I was made aware when I got back that they had given me the status of KIA." (Killed In Action), he explained once more. "Are you still in the Army?" Charles asked concerned. "I have been honorably discharged, I still have a military record and can be called back into action if they need me, but from now on I'm nothing but a man with a military pension, once this uniform is removed I plan on putting my military life behind me, and spend the rest of what God gave me with my family." A tear began to crawl down Bruce's cheek as he emotions began to take over him.

"It's great to have you back honey." Sue cried out as she thrust her arms around him once more, her tears poured drenching his uniform as she sobbed and wept. "It's alright my love, you'll never lose me again." Bruce held his wife tight in his arms and smiled, his heart was full of happiness, Charles rose from the floor and began to leave the room, he looked back from the doorway and began to head to his room.

Once there he closed the door behind him and laid down on his bed. "It's over." He thought to himself. "With Dad back, Mum won't need me anymore, I guess things will go back to the way they were before any of this happened." He turned onto his side as his tears began to flow, he started to weep into his pillow.

These were not tears of joy but of loss, he would never feel his Mother's touch ever again, he would never get to taste her juice on his tongue, he tried to remember the taste and the feeling of it embracing his taste buds, she would never hold him in her arms and they would never make love again, he had only just learned how it felt for his sex to be inside her and just as quickly he had lost it again, his Father would be the only one under this roof who would get to sample the sexual fruit that was his Mother.

As the afternoon dragged into nightfall and then into night altogether, they barely said another word to one another, they washed and headed for bed without a hint of good night, Charles cried himself to sleep back in his old room, he had not spent a night in here for weeks and it felt odd to him. In their room Bruce and Sue laid side by side like he had never been gone, reluctantly he leaned over and kissed his wife's arm, Sue turned her head looking at him, she knew what he wanted, but she still had mixed feelings of having him back, her feelings for this man were nothing like they were before, she had given all that lost love to Charles, Bruce could detect Sue's reluctance.

"I'm sorry Sue, I just thought…" He rolled over so his back was to her, Sue slid up against him and pressed her breasts in to his back as her crutch pressed against his backside. "No I'm sorry Bruce, I'm sure it's been a long time since you've had sex." Sue saw Bruce nod. "Then take me Bruce." She said rolling onto her back, he rolled over to look at her, she had slid her nightie up and was rubbing her pussy to make it wet for him.

"Oh god Sue I've need you for so long." He said full of lust and need, he rolled between her legs and slid his pants down revealing his hard cock, it was a little bit bigger than Charles's and looked even harder, she knew he would give her no foreplay, he took his cock in his hand and placed his head up against her lips.

"Ready my love?" He asked. "Yes my love." She said reluctant, he pushed his head passed her lips and into her opening, in an instant Sue screamed from the top of her lungs, Charles appeared in the doorway to find his Father kneeling there on the bed with his hard cock in his hand and Sue in the fetal position. "Dad what happened?" Charles asked in a panic. "Your mother and I was going to have sex and then something happened." Bruce answered shocked and scared. "Dad get dressed and I'll explain." Bruce did as his Son asked and they went into the lounge room, Charles explained about the rape and the effects that it had caused, he of course left out the fact that for the last month he had been having various forms of sex with her to aid her in her recovery, Bruce was stunned by the events that he had been informed about.

"I think it might be better if I slept on the couch tonight just in case." Charles agreed. Once everything had been settled Charles headed to his parents room to speak with Sue.

"Mum are you alright?" He asked as he lay by her side. "I thought I had beaten this Charles, we had sex and everything was fine." She said distraught, Charles pondered a thought.

"Let me try something Mum." He said moving between her legs and lifting up her nightie, he could see a slight glisten of juice between her unused lips and slowly he moved a finger between them, he slowly pushed inside her until he could go no further, Sue gave out a purr of pleasure. "I don't understand." She said her voice echoed with a moan.

"It looks like your body has become comfortable with me Mum, and apparently it doesn't trust Dad." He pulled his now wet finger from her pussy and slowly sucked it clean, it was like sucking on bliss as her juice fired up his buds.

Watching her Son suck her juice from his finger made her pussy tingle, she could feel her blood begin to boil, but she held herself back, she couldn't risk the chance that they might get caught, her left hand gripped her right breast in an attempt hold herself back, Charles let his finger escape his lips and restored his attention to her, his cock was hard in his pants and he craved her, but like her he knew that the chance of getting caught was too great, Sue could see the bulge in his pants making her crave him even more, Charles's breathing was becoming harder as he slowly moved closer and closer to Sue, he reached down to his pants and began to pull them over his cock freeing it, just a little more and he would be inside her, Sue thrust her right hand over her mound blocking his entrance.

"Mum just a little." He begged. "Charles we can't." She said knowing full well if she had the chance she would take him here and now, Charles nodded his head in agreement and pulled his pants back up again, with that he left the room, he returned to his bed frustrated and expecting a restless and lust filled night. Sue laid back and pulled the sheet over her still naked body, feeling the light material sculpting her body and brushing against her hard sensitive nipples made her feel like she was going mad, she had the two most important people in her life under the one roof, and she couldn't sate herself with either.

The night was filled with restless sleep for all, Charles and Sue couldn't get over their lustful emotions and Bruce found the couch uncomfortable, they slowly made their way to the kitchen and sat down to have a cuppa, Sue was dressed in her silk nightie and dressing gown, Bruce and Charles were in their boxer shorts, exhaustion and sleep were written on all their faces, Sue presented them all with a mug, coffee for Bruce, Tea for Charles and herself.

Sue sat down at the table and looked into her mug, as she sat forward over her mug Charles could see down her cleavage out of the corner of his left eye, he could feel his cock becoming hard under the table, he closed his eyes trying to keep his mind away from his sexual desire, his Father was home and because of this he had no claim to his Mother, Sue noticed what Charles was doing and instantly realised what she was doing, she sat up and closed her dressing gown tight around her covering anything that would arouse him.

"So your Mum tells me that you had been wearing a cast before recently?" Bruce asked. "I hurt my hand, but I got it removed last week." Charles responded. "So Charles how is school?" Bruce asked taking a sip from his mug. "It's going fine." Charles said opening his eyes and smiling at his Father. "So have you got yourself a girlfriend?" Bruce asked with a smirk. "No not yet." Charles responded feeling a bit embarrassed, once again his eyes turned to Sue's direction, Sue's own eyes connected with his gaze, they could see need and want in each other, but to Bruce the look was nothing.

"Your seventeen and no girl friend, your Mother and I was going out for a while by then." Bruce explained with a smile.

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"Do you remember honey?" Bruce said questioning Sue. "Oh yes I remember as if it were yesterday." She answered her voice less than inspiring. "I think I'll go get ready for school." Charles said excusing himself. "Is something wrong that I'm not aware of?" Bruce asked concerned.

"It's called being a teenager honey." Sue said watching Charles leave the room with worry on her face. Charles collected his clothes and made his way to the shower, he turned the taps on too hot and almost burned himself in the process, he altered the heat and tried again, this time is was right and he drenched his hair as he placed his hands up against the wall hanged his head down with his chin touching his chest, he sniffed as she felt the tears beginning to fall, he let out a moan of sadness, he needed her and couldn't hep but crave her, he fell to the bottom of the shower and cried as he held himself.

"Oh Mum I need you." Charles said to himself, he had never felt so alone as he did at this moment, up until now his Mother had always been there and more so recently but what he need she couldn't give, not any more.

He closed his eyes thinking of Sue's body and how beautiful and amazing it was, he laid back on the tiled floor and felt his cock becoming hard, he placed his hands on his face and slowly slid them down gliding them over his neck and down past his hard pecks, he stopped a moment to flick and tease his nipples, they were hard against his finger tips, he left his left hand on his chest to continue stimulating his breasts as his right began to descend down his belly and through his pubic hair and finally to his hard erect sex, he glides his finger tips up his sensitive stretched skin until he reaches his head, he strokes his fingers up and down his shaft giving only light touches that send shivers of pleasure through his body, his nipples become harder as his body craves what it has been wanting.

He wraps his fingers gently around the base of his shaft until he has a tight grip, he slides his hand up his water lubed cock before giving a pleasure filled pull back down again, he gives out a loud moan as he imagines it's his Mother's hand and not his own that strokes his penis. He tries to hear the sound of his Mothers moaning in his mind as he continued to stroke up and down over and over as the pleasure centre of his mind is continually hit with hot flashes of lust and joy.

He begins to rub his cock harder and faster as he continues to imagine it is his Mother that is making him feel this way and not himself, with a quick squeeze of his hand he imagines it's Sue's pussy squeezing his cock inside her, he gives out a long groan that's only stopped by the flooding of the shower water in his mouth, he spit's the water from his mouth and it splashes over his neck and chest.

"So Charles tells me you have been seeing a Doctor about your condition?" Bruce asked Sue with a sip of his coffee. "Yes a Doctor Gulara, she has been very helpful." She said responding and yet her mind was with Charles. "I think we should see the Doctor today and see what I can do to help you&hellip. Don't you agree?" Bruce continued. "Yes dear." Once again Sue was not in the conversation.

"I better go tell him to hurry or he will be late for school." Sue commented trying to find an excuse to be alone with Charles. "Let me, you finish you cuppa." Bruce said standing and leaving the room before Sue could protest. Charles's tugs and pulls were becoming more frantic, he needed to cum but he was holding back in the vain hope that his Mother would enter the bathroom and finish him.

"OH MUM I NEED YOU!!!" He screamed out begging for her, he could feel his cum getting ready to boil to the surface. "Charles your going to be late for school." Bruce said knocking on the door to the bathroom. "MUM!!!!!" Charles screamed as he sent long shots of cum into the air that splashed back down on him. "Charles are you alright?" Bruce asked as he burst thought the door, Charles sat there in shock as Bruce saw him lying there covered in his own cum.

"Oh sorry Charles." He said before disappearing quickly, Charles sat there panting and in shock, his Father had just caught him jacking off, but what really scared him was that he didn't know if he had hear him call out for his Mother while he was coming. Charles finished his shower and quickly got dressed and headed for the front door, he felt a hand on his shoulder and he looked back to find it attached to his Father.

"Sorry about bursting in on you like that." Bruce apologized. "It's alright Dad." Charles said feeling a little embarrassed. "Listen if you ever need to talk about anything man to man, I'm here for you." Bruce said before removing his hand from Charles's shoulder, Charles nodded and left. As Charles arrived at school he was met by a hysterical Mel. "What going on Mel?" Charles asked curious. "Oh man, you are in so much trouble, Emily is going around school telling everyone that you raped her." Charles stood there shocked.

"What did you say?" Charles asked shaking. "She says that you raped her, the Teachers and Principle came looking for you, Emily's currently in the office spilling her guts like an Orc who's been sliced with a swords of +50 against Orcs." Not knowing what else to do Charles ran heading to the office.

He arrived to the angry faces of his Teachers, the Principle walked out from a room adjusting his tie when he spotted Charles. "My office now." He said calmly but his voice was filled with hatred and disgust, Charles could feel the eyes of the Teachers piercing his body as he followed. The Principle a man of fifty five was large in height and build, he played A grade rugby for the town's team, his build made him very intimidating, he closed the door behind Charles and pointed at the chair before his desk.

"Sit." He ordered, Charles did so placing his bag on the floor, in response the Principle sat in his seat and placed his hands together on his large desk. "What the fuck have you done Charles?" He asked sounding more like an accusation than an actually question.

"Principle Simpson, whatever she has told you, isn't true." Charles begged. "So you didn't have sex with Emily in the school toilets a few weeks back?" He asked his tone not changing. "Yes I did." Charles spoke honestly. "But I never force her." "That's not what she tells us, she says that you loured her to the toilets and then raped her on the cement floor." Another accusation. "NO I DIDN'T!!!" Charles demanded.

"Then tell me your side of the events." Principle Simpson said sounding a little more calmer. Charles explained what had happen between him and Emily those weeks ago, going by the expressions on Simpson's face he looked to believe him. "Charles, Emily is pregnant." Charles's jaw hit the floor hard.


"Pregnant?" Simpson nodded, he rose from his desk and walked around to Charles. "In all the years you've been here, except for a couple of fights you've never been trouble, I also believe that you aren't a rapist, but I've had to contact the police regarding the accusation." Charles's eyes filled with tears as his face fell into his hands and his body shook from fear and sorrow.

"Oh god, what's going to happen to me, I don't want to go to prison." Simpson patted Charles on the back, he heard a knock at his door and answered it, two men dressed in uniforms stood in the door way. "Is this the boy?" One asked, Simpson nodded.


"Your coming with us." He said pulling out a pair of handcuffs and clicking them in place behind Charles's back as he was escorted crying to the police car, he was watched by his fellow students including Mel. Bruce and Sue sat in Gulara's office waiting to be seen, Sue was a little nervous because Gulara had caught Charles and her after sex in this very hospital. Bruce squeezed her hand seeing the worried look on her face.

"Is everything alright Sue?" He asked with a smile, this brought her back to reality. "Everything's fine." She responded. "I'm sure we can find some way to help you with your condition." Sue smiled and nodded all the time thinking about Charles, he had already helped her, but that was over now.

"The doctor will see you now." Said a Nurse, the couple rose from their Chairs and headed into Doctor Gulara's office, they were greeted with a smile as Gulara closed the door behind them. "Sue nice to see you again, and who is this handsome gentleman?" She asked looking over Bruce.

"This is my Husband Bruce." Gulara was a bit surprised. "I thought he was dead." Gulara stated. "I've been a prisoner in Afghanistan for the last few years." Bruce explained feeling a little uncomfortable.

"Oh I'm sorry I should pry." Gulara said concerned. "That's alright, now I've heard about Sue's condition, what can I do to help?" Bruce asked with a smile. "I thought Charles was helping you?" Gulara asked confused. "Charles, how could the boy help Sue with such a difficult and personal problem?" Bruce asked confused himself.

"Oh ah, confidence exercises." Gulara explained. "Confidence exercises, what kind of solution is that?" Bruce was slightly furious with Gulara's answer. "Charles was the only one who Sue trusted, and being her Son could do no more." Gulara explained. "Oh of course." Bruce said feeling somewhat foolish. An odd yet familiar sound echoed Gulara's office when Sue realised her phone was going off, she reached into her bag and pulled out the phone answering it.

"Hello." She said waiting for a reply. "Hello is this Sue Wesner?" Asked a voice that sounded with authority. "Yes who is this?' She asked. "I am Constable Peter Greves and I'm informing you that we have arrested your Son in regards to rape allegations." Sue went white with fear. "What?" She asked scared to her limits.

"I think you should come down to the station so we can have a face to face." The Constable suggested. "Sure I'll be there soon." She hung up the phone and Bruce and Gulara were waiting to hear what was going. "Charles has been arrested for rape." Sue spoke as tears poured from her eyes.

After a set of quick goodbyes Bruce and Sue made their way to the police station, they walked up to an officer who was standing at the counter. "Can I help you?' She asked.

"Yes our Son has been arrested for rape, a Constable Greves called and said to come have a word." Sue explained, she nodded her head and escorted her to his desk. Constable Greves was a thin man who looked kind hearted.


"You must be Sue and Bruce?" He asked holding out his hand "Yes we are." Bruce responded shaking his hand. "Please sit and let me explain the situation." They did as told. "This morning we received a call from your Son's school in regards to a rape, the allegations came from a Emily Kroner, a fellow student, she informed Teachers who informed us, the girl is claiming to have been raped in one of the school toilets and because of the rape is now pregnant." Both Sue and Bruce were shocked.

"My Son would never do that." Sue protested. "Whether that is true or not we have to investigate the possibility." Constable Greves explained further. "What evidence do you have in regards to the rape?" Bruce asked sounding more professional. "At the moment we only have the statement from the victim which is being contradicted by your Son, we currently have no evidence apart from the victim being pregnant." Greves explained.

"So you don't really have any evidence that the rape actually occurred?" Bruce stated. "No we don't, but we have the right to hold your Son for twenty four hours, so he will remain with us until this time tomorrow unless we find evidence." Greves said finally sitting in his chair. "Can we see him?" Sue asked distraught. "Yes." Greves said nodding.

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He escorted Bruce and Sue to the holding area where they found Charles in shock staring at the floor. "Charles." Sue called out, Charles blinked and turned his attention to her. "Mum&hellip. Dad…" He said running to the bars and trying his best to hold them. "I'm scared." Charles said as he began to cry. "It will be alright Son, you must be strong." Bruce said full of pride. "I didn't rape her, I promise." Charles said as more tears fell to the floor.

"We know you didn't honey, we will fight to prove your innocence." Sue said her tears adding to his. "Son what happened?" Bruce asked. "A couple of weeks ago me and Emily had sex in one of the school toilets, but the condom broke, now she's pregnant and claiming that I raped her." Charles explained. "We will fight this Son." Bruce said full of hatred for the girl. "I'm sorry but your time is up." Said Constable Greves unexpectedly, they squeezed Charles tight once more before letting him go and leaving the holding cells, they saw Charles fall to the floor as he let out a scream of sadness and sorrow.

"MUM…… DAD&hellip.!!!!!" He screamed after them. After a few more things from the Constable they headed home, they sat in the lounge room shocked and scared for their Son, it was worse for Sue who had known what it truly was like to be raped, with this one thought a rage filled Sue, she rose from the couch and out the front door furious, she walked next door and smashed her fist against the front door, she was greeted by a thin woman with long blonde hair.

"WHERE IS THAT BITCH OF A DAUGHTER OF YOURS!!!" Sue screamed. "How dare you, your Son raped my Daughter." Miss Kroner argued. "That little slut is a liar, my Son did no such thing." Sue argued back. "Your disgusting Son forced himself on my little girl and now she is pregnant." Hatred was starting to flowing into Miss Kroner's words. "My Son told me everything, they had sex and the condom broke, that's how she got pregnant." Sue explained sounding a little more calmer. "What?' Miss Kroner questioned.

"Oh god it's true Mum." Said a scared voice from behind her, Miss Kroner turned to find Emily crying. "What do you mean it's true?" She asked her Daughter.

"Oh god Mum, I lied, Charles didn't rape me, he got me pregnant by accident." She explained her words full of tears and sorrow, Miss Kroner turned back to Sue. "I'm sorry Sue, we will be calling the police to let them know that our Daughter lied." With that she closed the door, Sue ran back to her house and ordered Bruce into the car, they drove to the police station where thy were just releasing Charles. "Oh God I thought I would never see you again." Charles said his tone full of happiness.

"Nothing will keep us apart again Son." Bruce spoke. That night was filled with joy and laughter, they had once again come so close to losing one of their own but the fates decided it was not meant to be, that was when they heard a knock at the door, Charles got up from his chair and answered the door, he was shocked by who it was.

"Charles can we talk?" Emily asked scared and shaking. "Why the hell should I?" He asked anger starting to well up in his voice.

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"I want to explain myself." Emily said starting to cry. "Fine." Charles responded, Charles walked out the door and they walked to the nature strip.

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"Charles I'm sorry for what I did, I've been feeling sick for the last week and I went and got one of those pregnancy tests and tired it a school this morning, it came back positive, I was so scared what my parents would think, that I responded by telling everyone that you had raped me, it wasn't till this afternoon that I realised what I had done was wrong, I'm so sorry Charles." Her tears fell like waterfalls, Charles took her in his arms and held her tight.

"Emily I should be angry with you, but I can kind of understand." He said comforting her. "Oh Charles thank you, don't worry I won't Burden you with this baby, I will take full responsibility so you don't have to." Charles held her tighter and said.

"No, this baby is mine as well and I will take on the mantel of being a Father." Emily released Charles enough so she could look him in the eye. "Thank you Charles." And she buried her face back into his shoulder. They remained there like that for a half an hour talking like they had been together forever, they finally parted ways and kissed gently, Charles watched Emily as she entered her home and than he did the same, once inside Sue piped up.

"Well what's going on?" "I'm taking responsibility for the child." He said full of pride. "YOUR WHAT?!!!" Sue asked furious. "That little bitch tells the cops that you raped her and this is how you react." "Mum, we have come to terms with today and now we are only thinking about the future." Bruce walked up to Charles and placed his hands on Charles's shoulders. "I'm proud of you son." Charles smiled. "Oh honey, I'm proud too, you've made a very adult decision." Sue said walking over and holding him in her arms.

They ended the night how it had started full of happiness. In his bed Charles was going over the memory of having sex with Emily and it made him hard, but not for Emily, but for Sue, he rose from his bed a man possessed, he made his way to her room finding her sleeping alone, his Father must have been sleeping on the couch again, he closed the door behind him and opened the blinds a bit so he could see, Sue was lying there in her nightie with the sheets down at her knees.

Charles removed his boxers and pulled the sheet the rest of the way off of Sue, she rolled onto her back with a groan, Charles moved to the other side of the bed and laid by her side, he moved down to her feet and slowly began to plant soft kisses up to her ankle, than up her shin and over her knee, he heard his Mother moan as he continued to kiss over her thigh, he slid her night up until her waist was visible to him, he kissed his way up to the string of her panties and than gently pulled her legs open and continued to kiss her panties until his lips were over her lips, he licked her through her silk panties catching a small taste on his tongue.

Sue stirred waking up and wondering what was going on, she looked down finding Charles at her pussy, she squeeze her silk cover breasts in her hands giving out a loud moan. "Oh Charles that feels so good." He looked over her panty covered pussy into her eyes, he gave a couple more licks before moving up her body until he was face to face with her.

"Oh Mum I so want you." He stated. "Then take me Charles… Take me." She ordered, Charles thrust his lips over hers and she pushed hers hard against his. Their tongues explored like never before and after a few moments parted again, Sue pushed Charles away as she rose from the bed and removed her nightie and panties, Charles sat there watching as she moved toward him and pushed him back hard, his cock pointed towards the sky as Sue moved onto the bed and brought her face to his cock, she threw her legs over his head and brought her hips down a bit, Charles was presented with the beauty that was were pussy, he hooked her thighs with his hands and brought his face to her sex, as Charles started to lap at her pussy Sue licking up and down on his hard cock, she had so missed the taste, even though it had barely been a day it felt like it had been forever.

Charles pulled her hips closer to his face and began to dart his tongue deep inside her before pulling it out and darting it back in, Sue answered this pleasure by taking his head between her lips and began to suck it hard, Charles stopped long enough to give out a loud groan, this only gave him more of an incentive to eat her with more effort, he lapped his tongue around her now more than open lips, each time he completed a circuit he would flick his tongue against her clit which made her moan with his cock in her mouth, Sue began to slide her lips down his shaft until it was comfortable in her mouth, she than began to slide her lips back up again until his cock was almost slipping out of her mouth, she than opened her mouth and began to tease his head with her tongue.

"Oh Mum that feels so good." Charles commented as he felt her consume him again, she gave him a few quick bobs before taking it slow again, Charles returned to his own meal and continued his lapping and enjoying a continues stream of pussy juice that she was presenting to him, Sue lifted her head off of his cock and removed her pussy from his face.

"Oh god Charles I need you inside me." She throwing her legs over his hips, Charles could feel his head pressing against his Mother's hot lips. "Oh fucking ride me Mum." He ordered, Sue smiled and slowly began to lower herself onto her Son's hard meat, Sue took her Son's entire cock inside her and sat on her hip for a moment enjoying the feeling of his cock twitching inside her. "Oh Charles I've missed this." She placed her hands on either side of his head and began to lift her hips up sliding his cock through her wet channel, once again she waited till his cock was almost falling out before thrust her hips back down again, soon she was in a pattern of up and down thrusts, Charles grabbed onto her tits that were hanging in front of him and squeezed and caressed them before taking them in his mouth and sucking them hard, Sue gave out a loud moan of pleasure, the combined feeling of having her tits sucked and having her Sons nice hard cock thrusting in and out of her drenched pussy was pushing her to the edge.

"Oh Charles I'm going to cum, but I don't want to do it on the bed or your Dad will get suspicious." She got off of him and backed up to the corner of the cupboard, Charles got off the bed and walked over to her, the corner was out of the way of the light coming from the window making it hard for him to find her opening, Sue took hold of his cock and guided him back in, he started fucking her again harder and faster trying to help her reach climax, Charles himself could feel himself getting close to, that was when something went wrong.

Bruce walked into the bedroom apparently tired of the couch, Sue and Charles dared not move, but as he organised the bed Sue's orgasm hit her, she tried her best to keep quiet, the real problem was that her pussy was squeezing his cock so tight it pushed Charles over the edge too, he tried to fight it, that was when Sue felt something coating her insides, finally Bruce was done and he turned away from them, he didn't see them in the shadows, Charles finally was able to pull out of his Mother, he backed up and they spoke not a word, he collected his boxers and left the room, Sue was in shock.

"Oh god he came in me."