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Interracial Gloryhole Cum For Blonde
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I worked from home and only visited the office once or twice a week. It was an old building and the south facing windows reached from just below the ceiling to about two feet off the floor. The manager's secretary, Susan, a very pretty natural blond with a good figure, was twenty eight and single I was forty six. She used to dress well and demurely but she obviously didn't wear petticoats under her long summer dresses and skirts.

It was a real treat when she was standing in front of the windows as the outline of her body showed through her dress so that it looked as if she was naked. One particular day I was standing across her desk checking what had been dealt with and what was outstanding.

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She had on a lovely dress which came right up to her neck, but as she was leant forward facing me I noticed that I could see right down inside the dress, past the most beautiful milky white breasts that I had ever seen and on down to her navel.

She was a quiet, stay at home girl with a night out with the girls now and then. I believe that she did have a boyfriend some years earlier but he had died. I felt so guilty about looking down her dress that I moved around the desk beside her so that I couldn't see.

I had made no advances or given her any indication that I fancied her but we would help one another, work wise, whenever it was needed. A number of the younger guys used to try to date her but she rebuffed them all.

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One Friday afternoon I breezed into the office and during the normal chit chat I said that I would be going sailing and setting off after work. She said "Oh, how lovely" so I flippantly said that she could come as well if she wished and was amazed when she said "OK". I still had no intention of it being anything other than a sailing trip and arranged to pick her up to take her to the boat.

We arrived at the boat in the early evening and got under way. We left Poole on the tide and I was pleased that it was a pleasant evening with a steady South Westerly breeze of around a twelve knots. We were heading dead East. We were making steady progress across Poole Bay towards the Isle of White when Sue asked if we ought to be getting back.

I said that I had intended to sail the whole week-end but would call in to Lymington so that she could ring her mother to tell her where she was and if she didn't want to stay, she could get a bus home. The boat has two separate cabins so she could have her privacy. When she got used to the idea of spending the week-end on the boat she said that if her mother didn't object she would like to stay. I must admit that her compliance caused my loins to begin to stir.

We arrived in Lymington and duly rang her mother who was quite happy for her to sail with me for the week-end so we went to the shops and on to the Angel Inn for a meal and bottle of wine.

We got back to the boat at around ten and spent a while chatting and listening to CD's while I made a cup of coffee and prepared for us to settle down for the night. I was feeling quite hopeful by now but made no advances. I had two sleeping bags which could be zipped together as one double. They were separated, so I joined them together in the forward berth whilst Sue was in the cockpit, telling her that unfortunately, I only had one sleeping bag, which was a double, but not to worry as she could have it and I would sleep in the forward cabin with some blankets.

So that's what we did. We settled down in separate cabins but continued chatting in the dark. There was a chill in the air and Sue could just hear me shivering, especially when we had stopped talking so she asked if I was OK.

I said that I would soon warm up and not to worry and I pretended to doze off a little but still shivering. After a little while I pretended to be asleep and Sue called out to see if I was OK, I didn't answer so she came into my cabin and poked me and said that I could come into the sleeping bag with her as long as it was only to sleep but I said that I would be OK and for her not to worry.

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She kept on and so, after a little while I agreed to join her in the sleeping bag and we assumed the spooning position as there wasn't a great deal of room in there. I asked if I could cuddle her to get warm and she said OK but no funny business, which I agreed to.


She had a good figure and I was able to put my arms around her waist, both over and under and my hands went naturally to those fabulous breasts and Wow, they were so firm.

She pulled my hands away but I asked her if I could keep them there until I warmed up if I didn't move and she agreed.

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So we laid there for quite a while and I didn't move a muscle. After what seemed more than an hour, she suddenly turned around and said that she couldn't stand it any more and jumped on top of me, kissing and rubbing her body all over me. We kissed and cuddled and stroked each other all over, especially those firm breasts with her nipples so hard and erect.


I worked my way down her body and kissed her all the way down to her feet and licking in between her toes, and then up in between her legs spending time around her pubis without going to her vagina and around her waist, turning her over and kissing and tonguing her coxis and working my way down her gap almost to her anus and then round her lovely firm glutes nipping them gently, nuzzling across to her hips and turning her on her back continued kissing her belly and working my way down between her legs, keeping away from her vagina but sliding and licking the inside of her groin, down one side to her anus and back up the other side, working my way to her labia majors but not entering her, swollen pussy but circling round and sucking on her labs, pulling them out with my lips and then letting them go, wow, she was so wet and writhing like a boa constrictor.

I eventually eased my way into her vagina and parted her labia minors sliding my tongue slowly up and down, not reaching her clitty but going down licking her anus whilst nuzzling my nose into the entrance of her vagina.

A few more minutes of this and I eventually worked my way up to her stiff erect little clitty with my tongue so I circled it and flicking it now and again with my tongue, then settling down to paying it more attention, licking and sucking.

She soon reached a loud climax lifting her bottom up off the bed and was excreting more juice than anyone I had ever experienced before. My face was covered with her lovely warm musty juices, up my nose, eyebrows and of course around and in my mouth. How much I swallowed I will never know. She really made the boat rock on its mooring, and also some of the others I expect.

Who cares? When the climax subsided I worked my way, kissing up her body paying special attention to those lovely breasts. Wiping my face in the discarded nightshirt we continued kissing and stoking and I moved between her outstretched legs and sliding my erect penis up and down between her labia majors, spending some time trying to poke her clitty into the end of my knob.

She was begging me to enter her so I gently inserted my knob in the entrance to her vagina and gently worked back and forward only poking the head in and out and working it a little further each time but, what is this? It would go in so far but then come to an abrupt stop! So I withdrew and pressed a little harder and pulled back, a little harder again with no avail, so yet a little harder again. I was afraid to go too hard as I didn't want to hurt her, but she was not complaining or seemed in any discomfort and then, all of a sudden it popped in and she grunted so I stopped dead, with just the head of my penis inside her and she was so tight, I asked her if she was OK she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into her and gradually, with all the juices we were making things eased a tad.

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I enjoy sliding all the way out every few strokes, feeling my knob ride up over the clitty and back in again, deliberately and without haste. We rearranged ourselves into various positions before settling down to our final climaxes. It turned out that she could climax over and over again, lucky girl.

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I had my suspicions that she had been a virgin and the bloodstains in the sleeping bag come the morning light would seem to have confirmed that. This was the first of many trips and we used to go most weekends and also went to Turkey on a two week bareboat holiday, Sailing anyone?


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