Sexy big ass blonde amateur gets fucked

Sexy big ass blonde amateur gets fucked
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A Surprise for My Wife! Being young and in love is wonderful thing, and having a partner that is every bit as interested in sex as you, along with placing her in sexually compromising situations, can lead to some very satisfying and incredible sex, and its not just the sex!

it is the means by which one gets to the end! If you know what I mean! As a service rep traveling around the country, away from home a lot.

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Left me and my girl almost always wanting! especially when you are home only on the weekend at best, or every other weekend at worst!. This time away, would always be spent thinking and fantasizing about what kind of sexual situations or sex play either of us could come up with, that might make our sex lives more interesting, and lovingly enjoyable.

I had suggested on several occasions that my wife send the kids off to her mothers for the weekend and that she meet me at the door wearing nothing but heels.

She did this more than once, the results were predictable, and as one can imagine very, very, enjoyable!. She had always told me, knowing about how I felt when away, that if any of the other service reps I knew and worked with were in town, and away from home and family, that I should invite them over for a home cooked meal!

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On this particular weekend, I was on my way home, and then got a call to take care of an unexpected business problem at the last minute!. I was at first going to bring two other reps home with me for dinner and then I wasn't. It was an on, and then off again situation, Confusing? yes, and it was just as confusing to her?. I had bragged about her to my friends on more than one occasion and not just about her cooking!, and that she, would be more than happy to cook food for them along with being the perfect host!.

She said, that she would do it even on short notice, and would not mind at all. However she, and I were both in for a big surprise that night, one that neither had planned on, and that did turn out to be a very exciting and a satisfying sexual adventure! My wife did as I had previously asked sending the kids to her mothers, gotten everything ready, had taken a shower, set a nice romantic dinner with candles, beautiful table cloths, and spirits.

She was standing in the living room wearing only red hi heels!

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(Her Favorite,and Mine), all the lights were off including the porch and hall lights, I unlocked the front door and with my two friends following close behind, heard her say honey, I have a surprise for you!

I turned to my friends and stuck my finger up to my lips knowing what she might have in store and gestured for them to be quiet!!!. Now you have to understand that my wife was, and has always been a closet exhibitionist ever since I can remember.

At the time, she had only been naked in front of one other man and that was quite by accident!. I use to take her parking at our local park and would park (before and after we were first married) in one of the lots and walk her out into the many dark and secluded areas where other couples went!. One time in my haste to get her naked and bonk her brains out. I had unbuttoned the back of her thin yellow sundress and slipped it over her shoulders and turned her around where she was facing one of the tree's and had her put her hands up high against it.

At the same time I pulled her panties down to her ankles and she stepped out of both! I had this incredible hard on for some time in anticipation of this event!


She almost never wore a bra or slip when we parked and was standing there totally naked with her hands against the tree when I stuck it to her, she was wet an horny and I was hard so it went right in!!!.

neither she, nor I, at first noticed, because of the half light of the evening and our eyes getting accustomed to the dark, a couple that was almost right next to us! doing the exact same thing!

and, that the man was black, and the women was white!.

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My wife at first freaked!, but then calmed down and realized that they, were of no threat, and that I was not going to stop, and that it was to late to do anything about it anyway!.so she just stood there and took it, getting more excited from the thought! and let them watch, as I continued to do her!!!. So this, was now the scene, almost 9 yrs later. I knew immediately what she was up to and quickly said, before walking into our living room, honey, close your eyes.

I have a surprise for you too!. I had grabbed her hands as I put my arms around her and held them tightly behind her back and pulled her bare breasts up against me, as I gave her the most deep and "passionate kiss" I could muster, a naked woman just out of the shower with the smell of shampoo conditioner and perfume has to be the most wonderfully appealing fragrance one can imagine?.

The submission of a naked women to a fully dressed man along with the touching of her bare skin and the feeling of her warm bare body against you, slightly trembling with anticipation is so sinfully deliciously and inviting!!!.And is most difficult to ignore! I then said as I held her even tighter dear, I would like you to meet Bill, and Walt they both work for one of the companies we do business with, and we often stay in the same hotels!.


My wife was speechless for several moments, was squirming and trying to free herself from my grasp! as I turned her toward them, neither of them at first could say a word, as my wife stammered, looking at the floor, softly said hello, and then gave me a half smile along with the most dirty look I had ever seen.

I then said very sweetly is food ready dear, all the time she was still trying to to free herself from my grasp! My wife at the time was in her late 20s and even after four children, still looked really good even with some, of what she thought were horrible stretch marks and a bit of a tummy from our last child. She finally started to calm down and if it wasn't for the half light of the candles one could have easily seen just how flush and embarrassed she had become.

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I then said to Bill and Walt as I let loose of one of her hands and spun her around, isn't she the most beautiful and attractive thing you have ever seen?. Both could only nod their heads they still not quite sure what to say or do! I held her wrist quite tightly and said I will make you a deal, if you serve us dinner in only an apron I will take you on that cruise trip to the Caribbean. You have been wanting so badly to do!.


Deal, she hesitated only for a moment and slowly said deal! After the amount of time she had spent standing naked in front of men she did not realize, her embarrassment was already beginning to fade and now with the trip firmly in her grasp the inhibitions she had, were almost all but gone!.

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I of course had been planning on this trip for sometime, so it in reality had only given her the excuse to do something she had only fantasized about! The only other thing I said was, I get to pick the apron!

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she shrugged her shoulders and said with a resigned sigh, I know the one!, it was more like a bib than an apron and just barely covered her breasts and left her sweet pink little pussy sinfully exposed!.

My wife was a magician when it came to making good food from almost nothing, and had come from a big family she always seemed to buy more than we needed and would cook extra petite fillet's so that we could have the leftovers for breakfast something we still do today. The extra Caesar salad and several more baked potatoes seemed to come out of nowhere and she easily had enough for everyone!

After several trips back and forth she almost forgot she was not wearing anything until I patted her bare butt several times and then I stopped her after everyone was sitting and relaxing and pulled her onto my lap saying what an incredible woman she was as I kissed her again! Several weeks later I ran across Walt in one of the airports and he still absolutely, could not believe what had happened that night and that my wife, or any woman would actually do what she did!

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