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Jamaican girl ride and suck big black dick
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Brian, and Jenny and their son chris were coming over about 11 o'clock, to spend the day with us and enjoy a few drinks, a few laughs and a barbie'.

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chris is the same age as our son, though brian and jenny are some 7 years younger than ourselves. Incidentally this took place in the summer of 2002.

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We had organised everything, ready for our guests to arrive, and true to form they arrived about 20 minutes later than expected, no matter! Jenny would have been 29 at this time, brian 27, chris 3.

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I was 36, and my wife was 35. Jenny was wearing a floaty little number and a short skirt and her aroma started my cock twitching from the moment she hugged and kissed me to say hello.

Jenny is about 5' 2" and is a size 12, she has a 36" bust with perky breasts and inverted nipples. She has red hair(cut in a bob') and green eyes, eyes that say many things, but when she gets a certain smile on her face they definately say " i wanna suck your cock and fuck your brains out". So anyway, we get the drinks going, the boys are playing happily, and the girls and chatting away. Brian and I are tending the BBQ. Brian isn't much of a conversationlist, a bit shy, and outside films, football and computer games, he has a fairly limited topic range.

While I was stood taking a sup of my beer, I glanced over at jenny. Ah, she was gorgeous, of course, I couldn't see her eyes behind her jackie o' sun glasses, but her smile was brilliant and her laugh infectious.

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She smiled at me, and moved her legs slightly so they were apart, and I could get a glimpse of her panties. I stirred again in my shorts. (I was wearing bermuda swimming shorts).

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I went into the house to get something or other out of the kitchen, and jenny came in shortly after to use the loo. While i was busy sorting out the mixed salad, she came out of the toilet and into the kitchen, she was folding something up and putting it in her little bag.

"That's better" she said, "Now the air can circulate", I looked at her and she gave me a wicked little grin, put her arms around me, and gave me a quick peck on the lips.


She stepped back and did a little twirl, her short skirt rose up and her knickers were gone. Suffice to say, I strained in my shorts, and she saw me bulge a little. She came up close and whispered in my ear "you know how I said to you, I could but I won't because of who you are married to, not because you are married" (something she had said to me years earlier when I made a modest advance to her, she was single then), "yes" i said, apprehensively, "well." she continued "now we are even in the life stakes, you may get your chance today!" and with that she allowed her hand to fall from my shoulder and caress my cock and balls through my shorts in a lingering way, then pushed her tongue into my mouth, squeezed my cock firmly and disengaged.

She smiled coyly at me over her shoulder as she walked outside. Woah, i thought, where did that come from all of a sudden.


I carried on and then joined them all outside again. A little while passed, and there was a fair bit of covert flriting coming in my direction from jenny. We had put the food on the barbie and brian was doing the turning etc.

My wife had gone in, with jenny and the children. Brian asked me for some more wood chips, so I went to my garage to look for some, while I was scouting the garage, the door opened and closed behind me, I turned half expecting to see brian, but instead I got jenny.

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Without a word, she walked over to me, and gave me a full on tongues and all kiss, which seemed to last forever and made my head spin. When she broke I became aware that she was massaging my cock through my shorts in a meaningful way, "what if the others come in?" I said, "shh" was her reply, then she said "You know how I told you I didn't like the idea of sticking a cock, in my mouth?" "mm" I said, "well, i am going to do for you, what I have never done for another man, and will never do for another man", and with that she dropped to her knees, pulling my shorts down my thighs, then she blew on my ever stiffening cock, cool, then warm, cool again, "ooh" she cooed, "you have a gorgeous cock" she said pulling back the foreskin,"and you are all shaved, you dirty bugger" she said.

Next thing I knew, she wrapped her finger around the base of my cock ans slowly slipped it into her mouth, she moaned as she kept lowering her mouth onto it, until her nose was pressed against my body, and I could feel the tip of my cock in her throat, then adn only then did she close her lips around the base of my cock.

Slowly she pulled back, and as she did so my cock started to appear from between her lips, glistening with her saliva! She did this several times, and then started to altrnate between sucking my cock and wanking it with her hand as it came out of her warm moist mouth. "Ung, ung, ung" i said as she worked her magic, "if you keep that up much monger I am going to cum" I said, "oh goody", she replied, "I like caviar" she said "something salty just wets my appetite, and I want to taste your hot salty semen".

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She kept wanking me furiuosly and licking my cockbetween words. The all of a sudden, just as I fely my sap rising, she stopped. Stood up and pulled my shorts back up.

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"but I think we have been in here long enough" she said and turned around, winked at me and walked out of the garage. "Fuck." I said outloud, "whats up?" came a male voice, I turned to see Brian standing in the door way, "Uh?" I said thinking of something to say, I could hardly tell him the truth now could I? "Oh, I can't find any woodchips" I said, hoping I sounded convincing. "Oh well" he said, "did jenny ask you if she could get a lift into the village?" "uh, oh yes, I'll take her now, and get some chippings while we're at it!" (And boy was I going to make sure we were at it alright!