Sensual sweetie Kail gives love rocket riding pleasure

Sensual sweetie Kail gives love rocket riding pleasure
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The Horny Donkey By Lazy Dave This story started in Spain or better Majorca, the German news was full of it, trying to shock the public. "Donkey Pedro rapes German tourist". They showed a picture of a normal looking donkey stallion and of course, a well built German girl, about 5 foot 7 inches, 140 pound, blond haired, long legs, and a very good figure. My first thought was, that donkey has good taste, and my second thought was "Thank god they didn't find out the truth" It started as a experiment really; I met this German girl Denise in a bar in Palma.

I was looking for an adventure, and after a few hours, Denise rendered me speechless telling me about her fantasy. I mean I had heard about girls getting it on with dogs and of course with donkeys and Horses. I had also seen some of the films in internet, with some East European girls fooling around with donkeys and horses, more show than getting on with the job.

However with Denise, she wanted it, and she wanted to be filmed, doing it. Something made me start to think her fascination was only the sexual fulfillment but she had heard that she could maybe sell the films.

I told her that I was prepared to film her for a small fee; I would have done it just to watch anyway but money is not dirty. We drove around the island the next day and her enthusiasm had not faded in any way. She started getting hot just talking about it and swiftly she removed her string and started fingering herself to get things rolling. It's hard driving with a sexy woman masturbating next to you. In preparation, I had bought a few things in a sports bag, tubes of lubricant, climbing gear with rope and harness, blankets and some towels from the Hotel.

We were well into the country as we came across an old stable with an abandoned Finke and some donkeys idling in the midday sun, I had seen them a few days before, it was perfect and there were no houses in the area so we would be undisturbed. I hid the car around the back of the Finke and Denise was off looking at the donkey's, suddenly, Denise gave a squeak of delight, she had found a donkey stallion, there were in fact three stallions two donkeys and a horse.

One was young and friendly and came up to Denise, and an older one and the horse stayed in the corner of the paddock. Denise started to stroke him, which the young stallion obviously enjoyed. I went into the stable to prepare the "set" for the film, the stable was in fact an old barn, and with plenty of things lying around that, I could use to make a support for Denise and restraints for the young male so he would not hurt Denise while fucking her. I had just finished with the Cameras and lights and the podium as Denise came tumbling through the door, with a very horny donkey following her and sniffing under her miniskirt, his cock lazily bouncing under his belly.

Denise smiled at me, said that he like the smell of her pussy juice, and started to undress teasing the donkey. I put a bail of hay in front of the donkey's hind legs so that he could not move forward toward Denise's support. Denise slid under the donkey and started to massage him, this is were the stallion came into sight, after about five minutes of washing and rubdown Denise had at least eight inches of stallion in her hand as thick as my forearm.

She leaned down and took what she could into her mouth. Due to its thickness, it looked like she could only manage two or three inches of his cock in her mouth and would be stuffed, without warning to my amazement she started to deep throat him, of course I was taping all of this as she stuff half of his cock down her throat with a truly wicked smile on her face.

Very slowly she pulled him back out and asked, "Do you want him to fuck me?" I laughed and said that it she should get at ease with him first.


She immediately returned to stroking and sucking the stallion's firm member, pushing herself onto the donkeys cock and making little choking noises she started going even deeper onto him.

Her mouth stretching as she took almost this entire monster deep in her gaping throat. As Denise became more confident, she crawled under him and positioned herself on the support. As his cock was resting on her tummy and she stroked it, I lubed her smoothly shaven pussy, massaging more into her soaking hole.

Denise slid further up the crate guiding the donkey with her experienced hands to position the tip between her dripping wet lips. She was really in a hurry to get the donkey inside her and I had to caution her to slow down and take her time.

She squeezed the donkey's cock up and down the gap in her lips a few times, and then positioned it for penetration.

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She held it there for a few seconds, and then started sliding her way down the podium. I watched in disbelief as the donkey's cock, started to recoil with effort, refusing to enter her tight little pussy.

Denise started arching her back trying to force his cockhead into her wet opening. Despite her determination, I could tell by the look of concentration on her face, the physical exertion was already more than she had anticipated with and the donkey was stretching her further than she had ever been stretched before. Suddenly Denise's eyes flew open and she cried out in disbelief, as the donkey cockhead seemed to launch itself into her tight little hole.

Denise now realized that he was now in her and as the shock and pain subsided, she gave me a tormented smile. The donkey had thrust four inches into her, and she relaxed a little as her muscles adapted to this huge penetration.

She started to stroke his cock, lubricating it as she moved down to take a little more. The donkey now getting impatient and wanting to fuck her suddenly pushed another four inches forward in a single plunge. Denise groaned loudly, as the donkey impaled her onto his cock, I was afraid that she had been hurt but it was soon clear that the groan was of ecstasy at being so stuffed and she started rotating, her hips to reduce the pressure and depth of the pony's thrusts while allowing his penetration to deepen only slightly each time.

Gradually, she worked eight inches back into her expanding hole and let him start fucking her at his own pace. She said he was stuffing her, but stayed far enough up the podium so that the bail of hay prevented him from going any deeper. She was moaning and grunting as the pony ejaculated into her. With her pussy completely full of donkey, there was little room for his cum to go and I could see her belly swell up as he released the contents of his balls into her womb.

Denise moaned as the pressure inside her womb increased, cum started forcing its way down between his cock and the walls of her vagina and started dribbling out onto the podium under her. With this throbbing member deep inside her, Denise started coming, thrusting her hips up and impaling herself onto the spasming member of her four-legged lover. With her hands, she scooped up some of the cum oozing from her pussy and rubbing it all over her tits and belly. Totally exhausted from this ordeal Denise just lay there with this donkey cock slowly slide out of her ravaged, cum drenched pussy.

The first film was finished.

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A few days later, Denise said that she wanted the next film to be different; she wanted to have him fuck her from behind. I said that it would be Ok to try, but to be careful because she would be completely helpless and the donkey would have control. Denise told me that it was the most natural position and she would be able to cope with his eight inches and take him like a mare. I didn't want to tell her that the donkeys cock was more like ten inches, let her find out for herself.

As a result, we went off again, the donkey came up to Denise instantly and started to sniff her, it almost looked as if he tried to direct her towards the barn. The older donkey looked on with interest now, but stayed in his corner we couldn't see the horse anywhere.

Denise walked into the barn, striped off her miniskirt, and top, the donkey watching her, his member slowly emerging from its sheath. Denise went to work on him, stimulating him to his full ten inches. Denise got down on her knees and I placed a bale of hay behind her to protect her, Denise looked directly into the camera "I want him completely inside me this time".

I just smiled and told her to get a little relaxed with him first. The look on her face was determined as Denise parted her knees to allow a better entry and slowly rubbing the donkey's member in her eagerly waiting pussy wet with yearning and lube.

Suddenly the donkey felt her opening and drove eight inches into her, Denise gasped as he slammed into her, held back only by the bale of hay. I was getting extremely aroused as I filmed this action, I watched in astonishment.

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Every time the donkey slammed his member into her, I could see the silhouette of the donkey's cock plunging in and out of her tummy. Denise was grunting with passion, as she was shunted forward with every plunge. This was unbelievable, after some time, Denise cried out "Give him to me" "I want him to fuck me", Denise cried out her obsession.

"Let him go" I was hesitant at first, but by the noises she was making she really was getting into it, and she even started to push back onto the donkey's cock, grunting loader than ever.

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As the donkey pulled out I quickly removed the hay ball, the donkey moved forward, impaling her with his ten-inch member. "Aw god he's in my womb" she shouted out, He fucked her silly for five minutes, and Denise was just panting and thrashing on his cock, making animal noises in an absolute fuck frenzy. Without warning, the donkey erupted in her womb releasing his balls into her. Denise moved forwards to release the pressure, but still her stomach started to swell up. As the donkey pulled back a eruption of cum squirted out of her ravaged pussy, I moved in with the camera to film this gapping hole, now slowly closing up, with donkey cum running down her thighs out of her overloaded womb.

I finished the second film. The third film followed the closely after the second film, Denise recovered quickly and wanted to wash herself off, so she went outside to the water trough, started to turn the lights off as Denise screamed and came running back into the barn.

The older donkey was in fact a small pony and he was very interested in Denise. Denise tried to move away as the pony advanced, his cock was not much longer than the donkeys but it was much thicker, as thick as my fore arm and just as long too. Denise looked at me in panic as I turned the lights back on. "You should be Ok you're all lubed up and relaxed enough for him" "Try it," I said. Still trying to escape Denise trip up over the bail of hay and now bending forward, the pony mounted her.

Denise was forced down onto her hands and knees, and it was too late to help her. The pony started prodding his massive cock towards her traumatized pussy, as the pony felt her hotspot he just lunged into her. Denise cried out in anguish as he entered her already tender pussy, but still the resistance in her soaked pussy caused him shunt her forward with every thrust he made.

Every time he impaled Denise she grunted like animal. Denise submitted to the assault. This animal was fucking her for all she was worth, he was not much longer than the donkey about twelve inches but he was good two and a half in width going on four at the base. What a girl, Denise was grunting and panting at every lunge he made, "Help me".

She cried letting out a guttural groan, "He's so big" "I can't take any more". Denise's eyes flew wide open in disbelief as the pony's balls started slapping her cliterous. Loud enough for the camera I said that he fitted her perfectly and as I looked at her belly, I gasped out load. I could see the shadow of the pony's cock as he nose-dived into her womb deeper and deeper; driving the air out of her lunges and then pulled back out.

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All of a sudden the pony member started twitching, sending Denise into an ear splitting orgasm, as her vaginal muscles spasmed, seizing the pony's cock deep inside her as he flooded her womb, pumping it full once again with gallons of cum.

Now bursting at the seams like a pregnant woman, her womb went into spasm as if she was giving birth to a child. Denise started thrashing on this pony cock having her own mega orgasm, cum squirting out of her pussy as her tormented muscles squeezed together milking the pony's cock. Her orgasmic spasm lasted almost a minute before this exhaust pony's cock slid out of her gaping cavity followed with a flood of sperm cascading down her legs making puddles on the floor.

"And now we look for the horse OK" I said, but not today, Denise just smiled at me. The third film was even better than the others were.


For the fourth film, Denise wanted the pony again, I agreed to the idea. Although she wanted to be securely immobile, she did not want be push around the floor again.

"I want the pony's entirely in me from the start". I asked her to warm up with the donkey, but she just showed me her tight little pussy, and said "He's be in there before" "Don't worry I can handle it". Ok I thought, it's your cunt. As we arrived at the farm Denise went to look for the pony, but instead the donkey came to us.

Pushing him aside she went into the barn to carry on her search, Denise called me into the barn, and to my surprise, the pony was bigger, a lot bigger than the one that fucked Denise last time. I turned to leave saying that this was too risky, but Denise said that he couldn't be much bigger and started to soothe him. After a few minutes, the pony was sniffing Denise too, only his nostrils were flaring and he became a real erection.

This animal had an enormous cock hanging there, fourteen inches long and three inches thick. I turned to Denise and said, "This is going to be painful". She now looked slightly panicky but did not back off, so I started to make a podium to get her high enough for the pony.

Denise knelt down and I guided the pony to the podium, I told Denise to stay up the top end so that she could control the depth of penetration.

I lubed up this little bitch, hoping that that he gave her a once-over that she would not forget, I then coaxed the pony towards her lube saturated pussy. This pony had been waiting for this and started to push forwards, however her pussy had become tighter over the few days without donkey or pony attention, As with her last pony lover, I could see the physical exertion on her face as the pony tried to enter her defiant little pussy.

The pony's cock recoiled an till her lubed pussy gave to the pressure and this animal just launched into her. Denise cried out in shock, realizing that this was going to be a ruthless fuck. Her four-legged lover was trying to embed his colossal member in her, Denise was taking a good twelve inches, and groaning with pounding she was receiving, her pussy stretched wider than she had ever believed possible, and her belly bulging and shrinking with every thrust.

Denise started to relax as her pussy adapted to size of the invasion, I could not believe it, but she was thrusting back every time the pony drove into her gasping as he opened her cervix and entered her womb, pushing the uterus wall up and forcing the air out of her chest. It was amazing, Denise was swallowing fourteen inches of pony in her pussy and she wanted more.

Denise pushed and shoved her hips onto the pony, crying out for him to get in further, but there was no more room. With all the physical effort Denise, explode in a mega orgasm with her pussy tightly embracing the pony.

Her womb also seemed to explode as the pony shot his load into her. Denise started making some astonishing noises as she filled up with cum, her belly bursting at the seams, stunned she fell forward with exhaustion letting go of the pony. I could hear slurping noises as this massive cock plopped out of Denise, and gurgling noises deep in her pussy as it shrank, pouring cum all over the podium.


After Denise recovered from her ordeal, she tidied herself up a bit and I packed the film equipment away, as I went to the car Denise went to the donkey to say good-bye. The donkey evidently could smell her sex and tried to mount her in the paddock, Denise was trying to get away from him but he was not going to let her leave without fucking her first.

The donkey chased her for a good five minutes, and finally Denise gave in to his approaches. Denise only had a string on under her miniskirt and as he bend forward the donkey took his chance, because Denise was still soaked and loose from the pony, he hit home straight away, sinking his twelve inches into her in one plunge. This knocked the wind out of her lunge and she groaned with fulfilment, as the donkey went deep on her.

A donkey was raping Denise, and she started to enjoy it too. Groaning with pleasure she started to coax him, "fuck me you beast, fuck me", "you've be in there before". After he slapped her cliterous brutally for three minutes, Denise started a massive orgasm. Her insatiable pussy clamping together, started milking his cock, her womb guzzling up his cum, the donkey giving her every last drop.

Now Denise was really beat, as she slumped into the car, I noticed a local car driving away. The next day it was in the news all over Europe, it was the best promotion that we could have.