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Sexy girls videos and I am looking for a
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The next three weeks went by in a blur. I was actually sore from all the sexual activities Allison and I shared. I was surprised that she was not raw, in every orifice. I arrived home each evening to find the place immaculate, a warm meal, and a spectacular lover. It was absolutely wonderful. I could see this going on forever. About three days into these proceedings, I took Allison out on the town. We visited clubs, ate exotic foods, and purchased clothes, shoes, jackets and more clothes.

My small three bedrooms home was soon being overrun with the purchases. To her credit, Allison always thanked me for whatever we found, and purchased. She showed her appreciation in any number of ways, both in and out of the bedroom. I was initially wary of Allison, but as the week progressed, I became more comfortable and relaxed.

She had me believing that this was a mutually agreeable relationship, perhaps even the beginning of something permanent. Four weeks into the relationship, I had already advanced two additional payments toward Allison's debt, and I did so happily.

That evening the subject of her loan came up over dinner. Allison was a great cook, and had prepared one of her signature meals. Over dinner she asked if I was truly happy with the arrangements. I told her I was, and I asked her for her opinion on how things were working out. She sat her fork down in her plate and met my gaze full on. "Jack, I want to be honest, part of my agreement was that you would repay my debt, and you have certainly brought the balance down, and the payments current, and even paid early.

I had hoped that you could find a way to completely repay the debt so I could finally be free of this damned ankle bracelet." She said in a low voice. "I am here because we made an agreement, and because I want to be here, with you. Living under the threat of having the loan foreclosed on it's like …a threat, constantly hanging over me. What more can I do to prove to you I am yours?

I have done everything I can think to reassure you. Could I ask that you find a way to free me from this?" she said pointing to her right ankle. "I'm not trying to be a bitch, truly. I just want to have what we share to be from our hearts not under some threat. Does that make any sense?" She asked. I understood, and perhaps it was the wine, the food, or the general feeling of being so very comfortable with her that I allowed myself to think that she actually meant it.

Like an idiot I nodded, and assured her that I would make an effort to finish off her loan, and have the bracelet removed. The downside was that I was going to have to put in more hours to earn the additional pay.

We talked about a real future together, about moving away from the bay area. Allison wanted to live a normal life, and she was curious as to the financial resources we would be able to squirrel away to make that happen.

"Jack, you can't keep doing what you do indefinitely. At some point you should look forward to retirement, and to having time and money to do something for you…for us. I knew that there were many more contracts that I could fill, and if I really wanted to make some BIG cash I could start with taking on the really big hitters in the game.

I had always stuck with the smaller contracts, and being very selective I was consistently bring home a nice paycheck. If I started going after some of the really big debtors, I would receive the same percentage for collection, but of a much bigger sum. This translated into more risk and far greater rewards for me.

I explained that all too her. She smiled and said that she would have the home fires lit and a warm welcome for me no matter what time I returned from a day's work.

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We made love that night. It wasn't the white hot sex we had been sharing, but two people expressing their emotional connection through physical intimacy. There was passion, excitement all the storybook details that I once thought were pure fantasy.

I awoke the next morning to the smell of fresh eggs and a hearty breakfast. Allison had been up for an hour and spent the time making me a wonderful breakfast. I was up and through my morning exercise routine and a steaming shower walking toward the kitchen when I caught a glance of Allison with a hand to her ear. She must not have heard me coming, but she spoke in hushed sentences anyway.

I had not been aware of her voice comm. device. She had never mentioned it, and something in my head set off a warning flag. I ignored it initially.

I made a small noise down the hall, and she quickly hung up, placing the comm. in her pocket before I arrived.


Her movements were very smooth, so as not to garner attention, which again set off warning flags. I dismissed the incident, and redoubled my efforts to bring in delinquent accounts, spending long days searching out the deadbeats, and zapping their lives away, collecting my bounty payments on each one. Within three weeks I had all the money required to pay off Allison's debt completely.

As the last payments were made we received confirmation of loan satisfaction, and at mid night on the 14 of August, the bracelet on Allison's ankle released and fell free. We woke up the next morning to find the bracelet beneath the covers. Allison was all smiles, and there was a true happiness radiating about her, she was practically glowing.

That morning we made a decision to celebrate the event properly that evening, upon my return from work.

That day was particularly busy. I was elated with Allison, and now I had hopes that we would start a life bound to each other by desire rather than commitment.

As a way of earning a larger immediate paycheck, I called Tom and let him know that I was in the market for multiples, and that if they were located in a relatively small geographical area I would discount the collection fee by 1%.

Meaning that Tom would be able to pocket the addition income that directly, benefiting him personally.

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This served as a huge motivator and soon I had several contracts to fill. I went from doing two a week the sometime three a day, including weekends. The money zoomed through my account, and I was constantly shifting funds between accounts to conceal the sources and amounts. Tom even provided some insight and help with secure off-shore accounts.

In less than a week I was able to completely clear Allison's debt. It was a surprise for her to wake up the morning following the final debt repayment. Her ankle bracelet fell free from her right leg promptly at midnight. Allison was free. She let out a shriek of pure glee and gave me a wonderful hug. We frolicked in bed for almost an hour before I had to get out and start earning our future retirement money.

I spent the entire next week working 60 hours day and night making collections. I was totally spent the Friday night when I finally returned home, anxious to get some rest and see Allison.

I walked into my front door and noted that the lights in the dining room were turned low. Another romantic supper, with Allison and I was famished, both for the meal and for the woman. I removed my jacket and shoulder holster, hanging them on the coat rack behind the front door.

I walked down the short hall way toward the dim lighting calling her name. As I rounded the corner I saw her, and my face lit up in joy. She was seated at the dining room table, but the table was bare.

I had expected candle light, fine chine and a huge hot…something. I was momentarily taken aback, but more disturbing was the look in Allison's eyes. There was a smile on her lips, but that emotion didn't reach her eyes. I started to say something when I heard a noise behind me. I was too late, to distracted, too confused, too trusting, hell just too foolish.

The barrel of my D-link was pressed against my head, and behind it was a man I had never met. He looked me directly in the eyes, as I hear Allison's voice from the dining room. "Sorry Jack, I have new plans" and at that moment, the man pulled the trigger.

My world went black. There was no pain, no feelings nothing. I was simply there one moment and not the next. My head felt like hot coals were resting on my brain. The pain, deep shooting pain, started behind my eyes and erupted throughout my body. Each nerve ending, each fiber of my being was crying out for attention, all at the same instant. I screamed, and struggled to reach my hand toward my splitting skull.

Suddenly my eyes began to work, although the images were diffused and out of focus. During that episode I was conscious only of the pain, but why was I feeling anything? How was I having a comprehensive thought?

I could hear a voice who was speaking? The pain and confusion was maddening. Fortunately for me someone attended my needs, and soon I was back in a world of blackness and comfort, removed from the pain by chemicals introduced into my body. I awoke. My head was no longer on fire, although I had the sensation of pins and needles working in waves across my body. I opened my eyes to see the Hospital room, bright, white crisp, clean, a mild smell of antiseptic in the air.

I steadied my gaze and soon realized that there was a nurse in attendance, taking my temperature, reading my life signs and generally looking after me. I wanted to ask where I was, who she was, how did I get there, what happened. The nurse looked at me and just asked me to be patient, explaining that she knew I had questions, and that I would soon have answers.

I feel back into oblivion. The following morning I woke up to see Blackmon sitting in the single seat that occupied my private room. He was dressed in a dark suit, looking every bit the business man he was. "Well tinker bell is waking up…finally" he said. I started to say something but the words were hard to form. I could hear myself, and even to my ears I must have sounded like a stroke victim.

"Relax Jack. You are safe. You are in our facility in south Tampa, secluded, private, and fully staffed. You sir are one tough son of a bitch." He said. "The nurses tell me that you can understand me, if that true give me a sign" I nodded slowly and deliberately. "Good. Ok, let's get to the good news and bad news.

On the good side, you should make a full and complete recovery, although it may take some time. Be patient, go easy. It will happen. I'm afraid that about concludes the good news however, Sorry.

" "On the other side of the coin, your house was burned to the ground. Your car went with it, as did all your personal possessions. It was only through the quick actions of your neighbor that you were pulled from the fire. The neighbor saw you were wearing a company supplied medical alert fob on your necklace and pressed it. The company gives priority to its own, and an ambulance snatched you up before the fire dept. and city medics arrived. Not knowing your status, they did what they thought best and brought you here.

It is a good thing too, because you would not have received the right type of treatment if they had taken you to a regular hospital." "The receiving nurses here in the ER thought you were gone. Luckily before they decided to move you to the processing side of the operation, someone noted that our fingers on your right hand were moving. They called the notification board and through a series of conversations we opted to place you in this wing for observations, and ultimately recovery.

To stop the police asking questions we listed you as DOA. Because the property was purchased in your real name, the entire incident found itself in the paper, drawing attention to who you are. Tom Heard, had to disavow and purge all records of your employment and activities.

You no longer exist, and you don't have a job. "What's worse is that you now have a healthy hospital bill. You have been here for almost a month. Total 24/7 care in a private room, even with the discount the bill is still substantial. We need to discuss how you plan to repay this to the company." Blackmon said. I glanced down at that moment and saw a familiar box. The ankle bracelets arrive in that same container, and for a moment I was scared that Blackmon was about to secure it on my ankle.

Blackmon was undeterred. "So, Jack, how would you like to handle this? Cash? Credit? Or can I interest you in a loan?" he asked. I was floored stunned beyond words. It must have shown on my face. Blackmon smiled. "Jack, perhaps we can help each other here. Let me ask you, how much did Allison Walker take from you?

Oh I figured the house, the car, and your possessions, those I have a good guess at. But on top of that what did she get? Your local bank account is completely empty. I imagine she had help getting through to your account digitally, and transferring the money.

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I have not yet been able to see you're banking records, to get a clear picture of the total amount." I closed my eyes, thinking about the deposits I had made, and money to start our new life. Now it was gone. I was certain I had hit rock bottom. Blackmon looked at me, his gaze steady unwavering. "You know Jack there is just one or two little things to discuss.

Did you realize that the final repayment on Allison Loan was mis calculated?


Apparently her interest rate was not added to the small balance properly. Now normally I would just write off the difference and let it go. The amount is barely over $20.00. Still this represents a problem, and this is where I think we may have some mutual ground. What I would like to do Jack is to purchase from you, the debts incurred to you by one Allison Walker.


She owes you. I would be happy to pay out the total sum of $190, 237.75. That money would be transferred to your account, and you could use a substantial amount of that to repay this hospital for your care. That would leave you with just under $28,000.00 in cash. Not a lot of money, certainly not enough to allow you to replace your home and possessions, but a start. Let's face it jack, it's about all you have at the moment." I looked into his eyes and nodded agreeing to the sale.

"Ok, all this debt was incurred by Ms. Walker, I will add that tally to her open account. This brings me to my next question: As you are no longer employed through Tom, could I interest you in taking a collection job for me? As it turns out I am going to need someone to bring Ms. Walker in. Are you interested?" Again Blackmon smiled, adding, "The bounty on this one will be higher than usual, because of the extenuating circumstances, let's say 10%?" Now it was my turn to smile.

I was released from the hospital two days later, recovering quickly. Blackmon was there to meet me offering me a ride to the nearest Car rental agency.

In the car, Blackmon handed me new credentials, a driver's license, complete with my picture and credit cards, all in the name of Mark Clevenger. He also reached behind the seat and handed me a briefcase, which concealed a new shiny and fully charged D-Link pistol. I thanked him. Looking over at me, Blackmon asked, "Jack, how you managed to survive being shot directly in the head with one of those.

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I am curious." I had asked myself the same question, trying to figure it all out, and then in moment of clarity it came to me. The last collection I had done, on the night I was shot had been a very busy one. I had worked on three different cases that day, and only late in the afternoon had I finally caught up with the last one.

During the course of the day I had expended all three rounds in my D-Link. Bone tired I had neglected to change the battery that evening, as I was dead tired. That was what had saved my life. I had placed the D-link on the coat rack, and whoever had picked it up didn't realize that there was only a residual charge left on the capacitors. Still it had been enough to take me out for almost a month.

I explained it to Blackmon. As we reached the rental car stand Blackmon had one other gift for me. "Jack, you were probably not aware of this, but the D-Links are all company property. As such each is fitted with a tracking device. According to the frequency of your old gun it is currently in Orlando. Here's the tracker, for the D-Link, and please return this Ankle Bracelet to Ms. Walker when you see her. He said again with a smile, driving off.

I was on the road in twenty minutes and using the I-4 corridor making a fast track toward Orlando. The tracker was providing me the co ordnance of the D-Links current location. I drove at a leisurely pace, I had options to consider. I arrived in Orlando later in the afternoon. Traffic here is always a bitch. Thanks Mickey Mouse. I used a map and soon had an idea of exactly where the gun was. I made a slow cruise down the street, verifying the location.

I then moved up the block, to take in the neighborhood, get a feeling of the area. About 40 minutes elapsed when I watched a car pull into the driveway of the house as I watched.

A tall thin guy got out and approached the front door, which sprang open, revealing Allison. They shared an unabashed kiss in the doorway, and I watched as the disappeared inside. Rage welled inside me as I thought of the deceptions, this bitch had wrought.

But things were going to start improving for me, and quickly. I remained on station for a bit longer before needing to drive away, to answer the call of nature. I grabbed a quick bite and after about an hour returned to the same street, parking at the opposite end.

I was fortunate, to arrive just as the couple exited the house, dress for a night on the town. Allison was wearing a dress I recognized, as I had made the purchase myself. They were gone, in mere minutes, leaving me to ponder my next move. I realized that they would be gone for a while, and there was no better time to make my approach.

Leaving the rental I walked down the street, in the opposite direction, and found my way onto the next block, where I moved between two houses, and approached Allison's new place from the rear.

It took all of 20 seconds to defeat the lock on the door and step inside. It was dark out and no one even noticed. I brought with me a small knap-sack. I went through the house, carefully, no lights, nothing to give away my presence. Using the tracker I was able to locate my old D-Link in a closet in an unused bedroom. It had been carelessly tossed on top of the same bag that Allison had brought from her apartment when she moved in with me. I had never looked into the bag before, never been that curious.

Today was different, and I had my opportunity. The top was just some flotsam from her life, pictures, mementoes, basically just crap. Deeper inside the bag though things got interesting. Toward the bottom was a small metal box, which I opened.

It contained rings, jewelry and cash, a lot of cash in big bills. Damn, again I realized what a fool I had been, played, and used. Payback would be a bitch. I took the time to go through the belongings separate out the items that I though held a value, and pack those into my knapsack. I cleaned up and replaced the bag where I had found it.

Retrieving my old D-Link, I quickly swapped out the battery pack, and heard the caps charge, the adjusted the power level to its lowest setting, stun.

Even at the lowest setting it was like being hit with 4-6 Tasers at the same time, leaving the targets stationary for up to an hour.

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I then went through the rest of the house, and pieced together the story. I then found a comfortable chair and waited, the party was about to start. 11:45, and I was resting when I heard the sound of a car in the drive way. I got up and moved to my preplanned position, upholstering both D-Links as I moved into place. The door lock must have been difficult to unlock in the dark, as I heard them fumbling with the keys for a while.

The laughter and the way they spoke to each other, told me that alcohol had definitely been on the menu. The door swung open on oiled hinges, and I remained behind it hidden from the returning occupants.

The gentleman allowed the lady to precede him into the house, and Allison walked in first, her laughter following her light footed entrance, dumbass wasn't far behind. I stepped out and applied the D-links to each of their heads in the same instance, pulling the triggers in the same movement. They hit the floor and I gently pushed the door closed.

No one noticed, and I had work to do. I trussed them each up, tying both of their hands, but securing only his feet. I left them on the floor of the living room, and I waited for a few minutes to allow the shock to wear off, and while they remained in a state of paralysis, I wanted to let them know what I had planned for them.

I sat on the couch, quiet and comfortable, until I saw the first stirring of consciousness return to each of them. When I spoke I kept my voice even, and quiet. "As I see it, you two owe me. Allison fucked me over, and you shot me with my own gun. Turnabout seems fair play here." I looked into the eyes of each of them as they lay on the floor, drooling. "The coin decides who goes first" as I flipped one of the Gold coins I had retrieved from Allison's stash.

Her eyes open wide in recognition of the loss. Calling it in the air, the coin landed face down. The gentleman would be first. Ratcheting up the controls on one of the D-Links to full, I waited to hear the satisfying squeal of the oscillators building the charge.

Allison's eyes tracked me as I walked over to her new boyfriend. She began to make sounds, unrecognizable and soft, but the pleading was evident in the tone. I turned the guys head so as to allow him to see Allison. "Alright jackass, before you take the final flight, I just want to let you know. She was using you. She uses everyone, that's what she does, that's how she goes through life. Whatever story she told you, however she managed to convince you to help her, it was all a lie.

So as you pass into the next life, look directly into her eyes, and know that she was planning to do to you what the two of you tried to do to me." His brow furrowed, as he contemplated what I had explained.

"If you are of the religious persuasion, now would be the time to ask for forgiveness." I placed the barrel of the D-Link directly against his head. Then as I watched his expression change through anger, remorse, fear and ultimately hate, all as he stared directly at Allison. She was trying to look away, but the paralysis was complete. She stared directly back into his eyes.

I pulled the trigger. The guys entire body convulsed only once, he went completely limp, and within seconds the smell of urine filled the room, he had pissed himself.

Now it was her turn. I grabbed two of the couch seat cushions and piled them up then grabbed Allison and hauled her onto them, leaving her hips raised high above the floor. I retrieved a large bottle of KY lubricant from my bag and threw her dress over her back to reveal her tight beautifully formed ass.

With a single motion I reached down and ripped the thong she had been tearing free of her body tossing it toward her face. I then ripped the top off the sex lubricant and using two fingers, spread her labia apart. The bottle was squeezed hard soaking her twat inside and out. I then stood over her and removed my belt, folding it in half and holding onto the buckled end.

I moved quickly, striking her upturned ass with the first torturous blow, venting my anger. She cried out, but could not obtain any volume even through the pain. "You fucked me Allison. You took my money, burned my house, destroyed my car, cost me my job, and damn near killed me in the process. Now it's time to pay up" I fired off a series of hard blows with the wide belt, leaving red stinging welts across that perfectly formed backside.

Then as I watched the teas streak down her face to puddle on the floor I dropped my pants, as she stared straight into the eyes of the body lying across the short expanse of floor. Moving behind her I proceeded without ceremony. I was not here for her pleasure, I was here to deliver on a promise I had made to myself, as I lay in the hospital room, unable to move. With no preamble I forced my rock hard cock directly into Allison's opening, feeling the firmness of the flesh as I entered her.

I plunged deep, no need to wait, no desire to create a response, this was for me. I rammed my cock until I felt it bottom out and collide with her cervix. I'm sure it hurt, but that was her problem.

She squealed, in both pain and surprise. I rested my hands on her hips and using the leverage allowed myself to withdraw from her soaking gash, only to plunge in again. Within a minute I started a rhythm, slowly building speed. I could feel every nook and cranny of her pussy as my cock moved into her. My mind's eye saw to two of us back in my house practicing this same movement on my California King bed.

It had all be a lie, the sounds, the pleading for more, all of it had been a sham. Well this wasn't, I was taking what I wanted and delivering a message to boot. Allison Walker was using her sex to manipulate people, and I had been foolish enough to allow myself to believe the illusion.

Now she had been reduced to just what she was, a useful appliance, a cum dumpster. I continued with my use of her, taking the time to slow myself, allowing my body to fully become aroused, and desire to burn white hot. I plunged and withdrew now at a steady cadence, feeling myself rising with excitement, knowing that I was about to explode inside this bitch.

I felt the tickle in my scrotum, the fullness in my crotch, as I drove harder into Allison. When my orgasm could no longer be denied I grasped her hips in an iron vice grip and pushed my cock into her sweet pussy as hard as I possibly could, while all along pulling her hips back to meet the final thrust.

For an instant I felt the world stop spinning, the release was like pure magic. I shot my first load deep inside her, groaning involuntarily as I came. The second wave followed the first closely, my cock roaring forth dumping its thick load. Two additional waves followed, before I started to ease my grip on those gorgeous hips. I was momentarily dizzy, the release had been more violent than I had expected. As soon as I was able I recovered my composure, and started to dress again.

Looking over I remembered what needed to be done, and removed the ankle bracelet from my knapsack. I flashed it at Allison. "As it turns out you still have an unpaid debt that is to be collected." I snapped the bracelet firmly around her right ankle, not bothering to pull down her dress or cover her exposed, now dripping sex. As the bracelet closed it beeped twice and started to blink green, indicating that it was fully active. I pressed the small button under a latched cover, the signal for the retrieval team to collect their spoils.

I gathered my things, and prepared to go. Allison was crying freely now, her eyes forming a continuously river of tears. I wasn't sure if they were tears of fear, hate, or shame, and frankly I didn't care. In 24 hours she would be another slab of meat, waiting processing in the Tampa facility. Fuck her, she had attempted to kill me after my acts of generosity and kindness. I pulled the D-Link out again, and set it to the highest power setting. She would be completely unaware of what happened to her for the next 24 hours, which technically constituted the rest of her life.

I looked her directly in the eye; the tears were heavy now, her eyes pleading for mercy.

Life's a bitch, and then…I placed the barrel against her head just above her eye brows and as her eyes grew even larger, I pulled the trigger.

Her head jerked back as though someone had pulled her hair violently. Her eyes rolled up into her hear, her complete body went slack, a state of rest that only the dead can achieve.

The contents of her bladder voided. A fitting end, to one who had used so many for her own purposes. I scribbled a small note on a piece of paper and laid it on the boyfriend. The EMT's would take him as well, his organs, bones, and skin, whatever.

He was just meat to be processed, and who knew maybe a bonus. I left through the back door and along the same route I came in, and waited in the rental car.

I waited there until I noted the ambulance drive up to the house, and back into the driveway. I had left the front door unlocked. It was time to get some rest, and tomorrow I had to start over again. "Jacks Dahl is dead," I said as I started the car "My name is Mark Clevenger, and I'm a reaper." I drove off without a backward glance. Lessons learned.