Kelly Wells is a well known pornstar who is always

Kelly Wells is a well known pornstar who is always
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1. The Capture I am 18 years old, beautiful with irresistible luminous dark blue eyes, honey blond hair and mmmm a virgin. One fine night I wanted to get drunk badly so I left to the local pub. I was sitting all alone with a beer and suddenly a lady flashed a brilliant smile on my face. We introduced each other and she ordered two shots of tequila for each of us. The chat continued until I had a shot of tequila then I remember nothing.

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2. New to the Stella slave training academy When I woke up, I was immediately blindfolded and dragged across a large corridor.


Then the blindfold was taken off. I was standing in a room painted black; it had paintings of women undergoing sex torture. There was a large desk in the centre of the room which had an engraving "Stella slave training academy" I could make out a naked girl lying curled in the corner of the room and I screamed out loud on seeing it.

"Ssssh keep quite", murmured a guard.

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Then I heard an opening of a door and a tall black man walked towards me. He was dressed up in a hooded black suit with a red cloak covering one of his arm. "Welcome to Stella slave training academy, I am Lord Vulcan, this is your new home were you will be trained vigorously for one year until you graduate as a perfect sex slave". I interrupted "Where am I? What the fuck are you taking about jerk?

And suddenly a cane crashed on to my ass. As I massaged my bum I saw a lady dressed in black leather with cane in her hand.

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Then I made out that she was the same lady I met in the bar. "Obedience Sandy, you are supposed to refer me as Lord and I introduce you to madam Sassy" said the lord.

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"Now expose your flesh to the lord", commanded madam Sassy. Soon I was stripped and made to sign a bond. Close-ups were taken of my ass and breasts, even several close-ups of my vagina with my legs spread wide after madam fluffed bush and rubbed Vaseline into every part of my inner and outer labia.

For one shot madam spread my labia with her fingers opening my vaginal entrance. Another shot was taken from behind while I touched the floor again with the madam spreading my ass cheeks.

For another shot the collar was added and I was ordered to assume a hopeless expression, which was not difficult. "Your records tell that you are a virgin so first I will take your virginity away", said the lord. I whimpered but I had no other go. The lord pushed me on to the desk and bent me over exposing my holes. The lord took of his robes and began fingering my cunt as I slowly massaged my pussy.

He thrust his tongue between her parted thighs and began licking my dripping snatch. As I shoved his tongue up my vagina, he felt an obstruction and said "Here was a real virgin, in every sense of the word, just waiting to get fucked for the first time".

My cunt lips were closed so tightly together that he needed his fingers to pry them apart. By now his prick was so hard there. The lord climbed on top of me and turned me over so that he was now on top of me.

Then in one quick thrust, he pushed his dick into her tight, eager cunt, ripping my precious pussy sheath apart with a jolt of virgin blood dripping and my hymen was torn. I began to buck my hips up and down as my lord continued to fuck my little twat with long, forceful strokes. My cunt gripped his dick like a clam and refused to let it go.

We fucked wildly, our bodies moving in perfect unison. I regulated my body movements so that I would receive the full impact of my lord's thrusts. I took a deep breath and moaned loud. The lord pounded me for about 15 minutes. Making one final thrust into my little pleasure hole, his cock erupted in a shattering orgasm, shooting thick loads of come deep into my cunt.

"You are not a virgin Sandy, Now you will proceed with Madam Sassy and she will outline your schedule and you will be called slave number 99", said the lord as he picked up his clothes and walked into the adjacent room. I accompanied madam and she took me for examination, there were nude girls sitting as far as I could see in the dim light. I was led into a large gym and then to an adjoining room for a psychical fitness assessment. I was weighed and every part of her anatomy was measured flexed and soft; my fat index measured and recorded.

"The syndicate has classified you as a soft-body sex slave, you must train here at least five days a week, an hour to start, mostly cardiovascular to increase your stamina and some weight training", said madam sassy. When it was over madam led me into the dining hall and said "listen to me carefully 99 you must attend the classes along with the other slaves, at night either you will be allowed to sleep or you will be posted and don't try anything stupid, If caught you will be punished severely".

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As I walked into the hall I saw the other slaves, they were served with fresh horse semen. On seeing the others eating the semen I lost my appetite. My first class was simulated sexual intercourse. There were about 50 slave girls along with me and attendance was taken by calling out numbers.

Large metal dildo's fixed upright on the floor and we had to ride on it. We were not even given lube but I was forced because all the others started the exercise.

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I squatted spreading my legs and pushed the dildo into my pussy. All the slaves were squatting and spread knees bouncing their asses up and down to a beat by an electronic metronome.

I found it impossible to keep up for more than twenty or thirty bounces at that speed. The trainer watched me carefully noting my performance level.

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When the beat finally stopped after probably ten or fifteen minutes I just dropped flat on the floor gasping for air. After the class at night I was led out in the hall way and told to sit, most of the rock tunnels seemed to have benches along on or both walls. There were sex slaves sitting for a far as I could see in the dim light.


Suddenly I heard a call "slave 99 you are posted, leave now to room number 4 ". To be continued.