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First time xxx vedimia khalifa
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It was hot on the SS Tipton. Really hot. The giant cruise ship was currently slowly cruising along the quite waters of the Caribbean Sea, where the sun beat down on the sky deck of the ship with a relentless, burning heat.

For Cody Martin, the sun was especially hot. Cody had sensitive skin, and although he had applied a massive amount of sunscreen before his shift, he felt like the rays of the sun were penetrating the lotion and slowly baking his skin to a crisp.

He wiped the sweat off his brow, and then folded another towel. I hate this job. Looking over at the juice bar, he saw his twin brother, Zach. At least he has some shade, and can sneak a quick smoothie whenever he feels like it.

He's always the lucky one. Cody shook his head, and folded another towel. Then, out of the blue, came a feminine voice. "Cody!" Cody Martin looked up from his table, and smiled when he saw who it was. Bailey Pickett was Cody's girlfriend, which sometimes surprised even him. The Kansas farm girl was very attractive, with light brown hair and matching big brown eyes, with high cheeks and a perfect smile, with perfect teeth.

She was Cody's dream girl, sharing his interest and intelligence, and the only one able to match wits with him here on the ship. "Hi Bailey." "How's your shift going?" "Hot. Really hot." "Yeah," agreed Bailey, fanning her hand in front of her face. "Tell me about it." "What have you done today?" "I finished that science project for Ms.

Tutweiler, and then took a nap." "Lucky you. I haven't finished it yet." Bailey sidled up closer to him and lowered her voice. "Guess what I got in the mail today," she said, quietly. Cody looked at her quizzically, trying to remember. "Uhhh…" "The birth control pills, and the morning-after pills," she whispered, so low that Cody could barely hear her. Cody brought his head away, and smiled. "So…" said Cody, not quite sure how to say it. "So," repeated Bailey. "I'm going to get rid of London for a few hours, and you're going to visit my room." Cody smiled, even wider.

"That sounds like a plan. Text me when she's gone?" "I will," she replied. Bailey leaned towards him and Cody kissed her on the lips, lingering there for a second before Bailey pulled away, smiled at him flirtatiously, and walked away. Cody stared after her as she walked away, his gaze transfixed to her swinging hips. She had nice hips, he reflected. Wow. He thought, as he absentmindedly folded another towel. I'd almost given up on ever having sex with her!

But now…I'm nervous. Cody admitted to himself. He had every right to be, he believed. Having never had sex before, or had nothing sexual at all done to him, Cody wasn't sure if you would be able to perform "adequately". He didn't know if Bailey had had sex before, he didn't know if he would be able to please her, he didn't know… Stop thinking about it, he commanded himself.

There's not point in it. We'll just see tonight. Cody went back to his towel folding, unconsciously shifting his position to hide his growing erection in the tight shorts of his uniform as he thought forward to what was going to happen that night.

Zach watched as Bailey kissed Cody and then walked away. He noticed the farm girl's wide and luscious ass, swing and jiggling as she walked away. "Damn," he muttered. How had Cody gotten that girl? He wondered. It surprised him very much that Bailey, who was good looking enough have nearly any guy on the ship, had chosen Cody.

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After all, Cody was…nerdy. And weak, and way to smart. Then again, Bailey was all those things as well. Except weak. Bailey could probably beat Zach in an arm wrestling contest.

Not that he'd ever admit it. He shook his head, and cleaned off the table of the juice bar, again. He hated this job. But at least he didn't have to stand out in the sun folding towels, like Cody did. Zach could practically see the beads of sweat dripping down off of Cody's forehead and past his green eyes. Zach's friend London Tipton walked up to the bar, dressed as usual in the latest fashion with lots of pink and glitter.

It did make her look good, though. "Hey London. The usual?" Asked Zach. "Yes please." Zach turned away from London to make her usually smoothie, while she sat herself down on one of the stools. The teenage boy turned around and handed London her glass, and resumed wiping the counter down. The beauty took a sip through the straw, as Zach dragged the damp clothe from side to side. "What are you doing tonight?" Asked Zach. "I don't know yet. I want to go shopping, but the stores on this stupid boat don't have anything good." Zach nodded, pretending to sympathize.

London was the heiress of one of the richest men in the world, Mr. Tipton. She often liked to go on wild shopping sprees while spending tons of money on clothes and makeup and other such things. Zach had to admit, though, that almost all of the items that London wore made her look fantastically good, showing off her ample bosom, gorgeous figure, and perfect ass.

Zach had lusted after London for years, ever since he had first met her in the Tipton Hotel many years ago. He'd never had the nerve to do anything about it, however, as London was several years older than him. Even though they were both seniors in the Seven Seas High School here aboard the ship, London was 23 years old, having had to retake several different grades several different times.

Zach didn't mind. The longer he got to look at the Asian beauty, the happier he would be. "What are you doing tonight?" London asked him. "Nothing that I know of." "You aren't doing anything with Maya?" She queried.

"She has a lot of homework to do tonight," he replied. Maya was Zach's smoking-hot girlfriend. He had met her when she started working on the ship as a waitress, and had eventually succeeded in asking her out.

He hadn't yet had sex with her, but he was expecting to anytime now. And he couldn't wait. He had a box of condoms sitting under his bed in his room, just waiting to be opened. "Oh," said London. Talking with London could be very difficult. She was, in short, dumb. Even Zach, who was no genius himself, was often frustrated with London's lack of intelligence. She had a very short attention span, and never understood it when Zach and his friends made her the butt of their jokes.

His attention was diverted from the hot Asian heiress then, when he saw two attractive, familiar, and identical figures walking his way. Zach tossed the rag he was holding to the side, and stepped out from behind the juice bar as the two figures approached.

"Hi Zach!" They both called, at the same time. "Janice! Jessica! What are you doing here?" He replied, confused. The two girls were identical twins, who he and Cody had met when they lived in the Tipton Hotel back in Boston. They were both blond, with brown eyes and high cheek bones. Jessica had been his first sexual experience years ago, during one of the trips when they had visited Boston.

It was a great time, Zach remembered, picturing those thin lips on his cock, driving up and down. It got him hard just remembering it. "Well," replied Jessica. "We liked it so much when we came here for the fashion show…" "…that we decided to come back here…" continued Janice. "…for our vacation." Finished Jessica.

The twins often did that, finishing each others sentences and such. It could sometimes get quite confusing. But their good looks made up for it. "How long are you here for?" he asked them. "Just the weekend," answered Janice. Zach nodded. He remembered Cody then, and called out to him over at the towel station.

"Yo Cody, look who it is!" He called, motioning at the two girls. Cody's eyes perked up when he saw the twins. "Janice, Jessica! What are you doing here?" Zach tuned out the two girls as they explained to Cody, and his attention was drawn to London. She was still sitting at the juice bar, with her back turned to him. Something about the slump of her shoulders, and her posture…it made him think that something was bothering her.

He left Cody to talk to the twins and went to sit next to London. "Are you okay, London?" He asked. She looked up from her smoothie and glanced at Zach before looking back down. "Yeah," she replied, not very convincingly. "C'mon, London. I've been your friend for years, I know when somethings bothering you, and when you're lying to me." She looked back up at him, and gave him a tired grin.

"Its…my dad." "What did he do now? Get another wife?" "No, not that." Mr. Tipton was infamous for his many different wives, often marrying one and divorcing her a few weeks later. "Did he cut your allowance again?" "Yeah, but only by a few thousand dollars. That's not what's bothering me." A few thousand! What the fuck! She must get like a million a month! "So what is it?" "He…keeps scaring my boyfriends away." "How?" "Threatening them, blackmailing them…I don't have enough time to get close to them!" "What do you mean by close?" "Like I had this boyfriend a few weeks ago, Dan.

I really like him! But we only kissed a few times, when he disappeared. My dad doesn't want me to have relationships! How does he always know?!" Zach began to see the problem. And he also saw a way to get this to his advantage.

His devious mind working fast, he came up with a quick plan. "Maybe he keeps eyes on you, to make sure you don't get involved with anyone." "Maybe. But how can I ever get close enough to someone to…well…be close to them!?" "Do you mean…have sex with them?" Zach wasn't quite sure how to proceed, he wasn't used to speaking about his type of stuff.

"Well…yeah," she said, just as unsure. "Well, maybe you need to find a guy who your dad thinks is just a friend and doesn't worry about." "That's a good idea, but who?" Wow. She really is dumb. I guess I'm going to have to prod her along. "Well there's Woody…" he said, talking about there big, and sortof disgusting friend.

"Ewww, no!" "Well there's Cody…but he's already dating Bailey…" "Yeah." She said frowning. "Who else?" "Uhhh." Wow. "I don't know. What guys are you friends with?" "Ummm…" She said, racking her meager brains for the answer.

Zach decided to leave her alone to figure it out, standing up and walked back to Cody and the twins. As he did, he heard her say "Ohhh…" About time she figured it out.

Now all I have to do is get her alone, and I should be have a good time with her. Finally!

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I've been waiting for this moment forever! Wait…what about Maya?

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After several seconds of consideration, he figured out his plan. What she doesn't know can't hurt her. I'll just make London think she wants to keep me and her a secret, so it doesn't get out. Perfect. Content with his plan, he rejoined the conversation between Cody, Janice, and Jessica. At the moment, they were talking about skin cream. Wow. What is wrong with Cody? He has a hot girlfriend like Bailey, but he talks like he's gay.

I don't get it. Whatever. "So." He interrupted Cody in the middle of his sentence. His twin brother shot him a dirty look. Zach ignored him. "What are you girls doing tonight?" "We don't know!" they chirped, together. "Hey Cody, you and Bailey should show them around the ship!" "Uhhh…Bailey and I are…doing something else tonight." Zach looked at him, confused. "What could you have to do?" "Uhhh…school?" Cody replied, embarrassed. He's lying.

I know it. But what is he doing tonight? He stared at his blond-haired brother, who was growing steadily redder. Could he be…no! It's about time! Good for Cody. I hope its good. I'll talk to him about it later.

"Okay," he said, dropping it. "How about I introduce you two to my girlfriend?" "Ohhhh" the twins said. "Zachy had a girlfriend!" "Why yes I do! I'll go show you her room!" He grabbed both of the girls' waists, ushering them toward the stairs. Looking back at Cody he winked, before leading the girls away. Later that night, Cody was pacing nervously back and forth in his room. His roommate, Woody, was currently visiting his family, so Cody had the double-bed room to himself for the next week.

He was getting more and more nervous by the minute, as he waited for his cell phone to vibrate, letting him know that Bailey was alone and ready. Cody was trying not to worry, but it wasn't working. He was a worrier by nature. While he had been waiting Cody had started and finished his science project, done his math homework, and read ahead the next few chapters in history. And now he had nothing to do but think. And worry.

It was growing close to nine when his phone finally vibrated. He practically leapt across the room to his bed, picked up his phone, and navigated to the Inbox. London's gone. I'm ready. Come over. That short, precise message sent a thrill of uncertainty through him, but he got ready anyways. He was already dressed in jeans and a button up shirt, but he still had to throw on his shoes.

After tying them he took his room key of the table, stuck it in his pocket with his phone, and left his room. He traversed the halls to Bailey's room, which was at the end of a long, empty hallway.

Cody walked quickly down the hall and knocked lightly on her door, shifting his weight from foot to foot. The door opened, and Cody saw that the room was dark. He could just make out his girlfriend's outline as she motioned him in. He walked through the door and past her, stumbling in the darkness. Bailey shut the door behind him, and he felt her moving around the room, unseen. A second later, a dim light emitted from the bedside table, where a small reading light was set up.

In the dim light, he caught sight of his girlfriend, and the sight blew him away. Bailey was dressed in a dark-colored slip, like something one would buy from Victoria's Secret. Most of it was see-through, giving him an almost unobstructed view of her body.

The end of it came down slightly past her belly-button and slowed out in a sort-of skirt, showing the matching lace bikini bottoms that were also partially see-through.

It made him speechless. "What do you think?" She asked, in a husky voice. "Uhh. Uhh. Uhhhh." Was all he could say. She smiled, showing off those brilliant white teeth.

"I think you're a bit over-dressed, don't you think, Cody?" She moved up closer to him, close enough that he could smell the flower-scented perfume she wore. Bailey let her hands draw close to his neck, where she started unbuttoning his shirt. As she did she stood up on her toes, giving him a kiss on the lips. He kissed her back passionately, their tongues entwining.

Bailey reached the bottom button and undid it, sliding her hands back up his stomach and chest to his shoulder, where she pushed the shirt off of him. He let it fall to the floor.

Bailey's mouth drew away from his, traveling down to his neck where she kissed him once…and then on his chest, his stomach, showering him small, loving pecks as she crouched down. Her hands went to his jeans where they undid the button and zippered down the zipper, and then pulled them down to his ankles. Cody stepped out of them, as Bailey's eyes went to his boxers. She could clearly see the outlined shape of his erection through the tight fabric of the boxers, and she slowly stood up, reaching into his boxers as she did.

Bailey gave him another kiss, as her hand closed around his engorged shaft. Cody gasped as he felt for the first time another human being's hand on his cock. With her other hand Bailey pulled his boxers down, and Cody shifted his hips so that they fell down. Bailey kept on kissing him as she gave his cock a few pumps, bringing it to full size. Cody had a bigger than average dick, at about seven inches.

She broke away from the passionate kiss, pulling him lightly by the cock to her bed, where she motioned for him to sit on the bed. "Lay back baby, and enjoy the show." Cody did as she commanded, lying back on the pillows as Bailey let go of his inflamed shaft and backed away to the foot of the bed. She began moving slowly, turning, twisting, moving sexily. She reached up to the right strap of her shift, slowly pulling it off and letting it drop down to her arm, baring more of her large breast.

He could see that they were fairly big, and also perky. Bailey twisted around again, hiding her front from his sight. He saw the other strap of her lingerie come off, and she turned around again. The slip was down around her waist now, and her breasts were free. Cody could see that they were indeed big and perky, although her nipples were hidden from his sight by the tips of her fingers. The slip was falling off of her now as she shimmied her hips, and it fell of completely, leaving her naked but for the black lace panties she wore.

Her stomach was flat, with no traces of baby fat, and her legs were shapely as well. Cody's cock thrummed with sexual energy as he stroked it slowly.

Bailey twisted around again, and he saw her hands fall to her sides. She wriggled her hips seductively as she hooked her thumbs in her panties and brought them down, showing off more of her luscious ass. They dropped off completely and Bailey spun back around, her tits now covered by one arm and her pussy by the other hand. Now shy, Bailey slowly dropped her hands away from her private parts, revealing her beauty at its best. Cody's eyes first traveled from breast to breast, and then down her stomach to her pussy, lightly furred by brown pubic hair trimmed into a "landing strip".

Her pussy lips were slightly puffed out, and Cody got even harder looking at her. Bailey moved closer to the bed, placing her palms lightly on the foot of the bed, crawling forward slowly, her big tits swinging leisurely beneath her.

She climbed up past his feet, past his legs, up over his cock, where she crouched on his hips and resumed kissing him. Bailey began rocking back and forth slightly, and Cody could feel his cock rubbing up between her ass-cheeks. His hands had reflexively gone to Bailey's back, and he began moving them around, up and down up her soft skin. He brought his right hand farther down to rest on her ass, squeezing slightly.

His left hand left her back to travel hesitantly to her front, where he grabbed Bailey's left breast. He kneaded it gently, feeling the sift firmness of her supple tit, and the hard pointy nipple in the center. Cody pinched her nipple, eliciting a small gasp from his girlfriend.


He brought his right hand up from her ass to play with her other tit, rolling and pinching that nipple as well. After a few minutes of furious making out, Bailey began to crawl backwards, kissing him as she went.

His neck, his chest, his stomach, and lower… Cody groaned lightly as Bailey's mouth gave the tip of his cock a quick kiss, the spasm of sexual energy sending a shock of pleasure through his body. She licked the length of his cock slowly, drawing another groan from him. He moaned even more when she began slowly jacking off his inflamed cock, putting her mouth around the engorged, purple cocktip as she did.

Bailey swirled her tongue around the edge of the crown, causing Cody's toes to curl and uncurl several times. Bailey went deeper on his cock, taking down several inches before coming up to breath again. Cody's hands went to the back of her head where his gently guided her back down to his shaft, taking in another two inches before coming up again.

She did it again and again, going down farther each time with Cody's hand on the back of her head pushing her down lightly. She finally got it all in, her mouth around the base of his cock and her nose in his light pubic hair.


Cody heard her begin to gag and let go of her head so that she could withdraw. Her mouth came off of his cock, and she gasped for air. Bailey smiled at him, and he smiled back. "Are you ready?" She asked him. "Are you?" Bailey smiled again and crawled back up so that her hips were sitting on his. She reached back and took hold of the base of his shaft, guiding it gently to her damp pussylips. Cody gasped as the head of his cock was engulfed with the warm tightness of Bailey's teenage pussy.

Bailey whimpered, as she sat back slowly on his seven inch cock. All of a sudden she cried out in pain, and Cody knew that this was her first time as well. "Are you okay?" He asked, breathless.

"Y…yes." She grunted, obviously in a little pain. "Do you want to stop?" Please say no, please say no, PLEASE… "No, just give me a second," she answered, gasping. Thank you. Bailey sat there on him motionless, waiting for her body to get used to the foreign object that was his cock in her cunt. After several long minutes she began to move again, slowly sitting back on his cock until finally, all seven inches were engulfed in her fiery pussy.

She brought her hips back up, her warm cuntlips sliding wetly along the length of his fuckstick. "Uhhhnnnghhh." Moaned Bailey, her pussy filled to the brim with Cody's cock. Cody groaned too as the swollen shaft of his cock penetrated Bailey's cunt again and again as she began bouncing up and down, her breasts bouncing at the same time.

After several minutes of Bailey riding him, Cody decided to take charge.


He put his hands on her sides and bumped his hips to the right, causing her to fall to the side. He rotated with her, coming up on top of her as she fell to her back. She smiled at him as he started thrusting his hips back and forth, sawing his cock in and out of her tight lovehole. Bailey started moaning even more, and soon shouted out "Unngghhh! Harder, harder! Ohh…ooh I…I'm going t…to c…um!" Her voice rose higher and higher as she shouted, until she screamed.

Cody felt her pussy release its sex juices, gushing around his inflamed cock as she climaxed. Her pussy spasmed around his shaft, and he felt the pressure building inside his balls.

Bailey's body thrashed and gyrated underneath him, and Cody could feel the eruption within him wanting to be released. "I'm. Going. To. Cum!" He grunted, pounding in and out of her cunt. "Yes! Cum in me! Shoot your load in me!" she screamed as her orgasm went on and on, her pussy on fire. Cody thrust his cock deep into her pussy one last time, as he felt his cock explode. "Ungggghhhhh!" A spurt of hot liquid shot up into Bailey's pussy, followed by a second and a third.

It kept coming and coming as his balls released their pent up load, shooting stream after stream of cum deep into Bailey's fuckhole. "Fuck!" He yelled, his cocktip on fire. As his eruption died down he stopped thrusting, and collapsed on top of Bailey. The two teenagers breathed in heavily, exhausted from their sexual ordeal. Cody rolled off of his girlfriend, very satisfied. Zach was sitting on his bed in his room on his laptop. He had taken the twins to meet his girlfriend, and they had seemed to hit it off.

He had left them in Maya's room, and had gone back to his room. He tapped away absentmindedly on the keyboard, not really concentrating on the paper he was supposed to be writing. Zach was extremely bored. With Woody on vacation, Cody nowhere to be found, and Maya hanging out with Janice and Jessica, Zach had nothing to do. The silence was shattered when he heard a knock on his door. He frowned, not sure who it could be. He closed the lid of his laptop, and set on the table.

Zach swung his feet off the bed and stood up, walking over to the door. He twisted the doorknob and pulled the door open, revealing London's perfect face. Zach scanned her figure, noticing what she was wearing. London was dressed in a pair of tight, purple gym shorts that showed off her hips and the faint outline of her pussy.

The shirt she wore was a black, sleeveless tank top that was short enough to show off a hint of her flat stomach. "London!" He said, slightly surprised. "What are you doing here?" "Remember what you said earlier?" "I'm not sure. Remind me again?" Zach thought he knew what she was talking about, but he wanted her to say it.

"About…guy friends?" "Oh yeah." "Well…I did some thinking, and I figured out a guy friend that I can…get close to." "And who would that be?" "Well…you." Zach decided to act suprised. "Me? London, I have a girlfriend!" "Well…you've never really been…faithful…to your girlfriends." "But I really like Maya!" "But…" "London, I'm sorry, but you were wrong." "Fine.

I'll leave." London turned around and started walking down the hall. Okay, good. Time to bring her back. "Wait…London!" The twenty-three year old girl spun around hopefully. "Yes?" "I…I hate seeing you like this. I guess, if it really means that much to you…" London didn't wait for him to finish his sentence, but ran up to him and kissed him furiously on the lips.

She jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist, and Zach brought his hands down to her ass to support her weight. He backed up, swing the door closed with his foot. London drove her tongue fiercely into his mouth, and Zach kissed her back, their lips meshed together. Zach walked slowly over to his bed, his hands still cupping her fleshy ass.

His knees hit the edge of the bed, and he let himself fall forward. London fell onto the bed first and Zach on top of her, still kissing. His hand went to her hip, where he grabbed onto the thin material of her shorts and pulled down. London kicked her shorts off the rest of the way, revealing the thin, black lace thong that she was wearing.

Next London reached for Zach's pants, unbuttoning his jeans and shoving them down off his hips. Zach kicked them off. Next London tore of his shirt. "London, you can't tell Maya about his," He said, pulled out of their kiss. "Yeah, yeah.

Get back here." Zach grinned, and dove back in for the kiss. He grabbed the hem of her tank top and pulled it off, to find that she wasn't wearing a bra. He estimated them to be about a 34B, which he thought was big for an Asian. They were perky, with big, wide areolas and long, pointed nipples.

Zach moved his mouth from London's and began sucking on her left nipple, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from London. After several moments he moved to the other breast, sucking that one to full hardness as well. At this time, his cock was fully hardened, and he could feel it pressing against the restricting fabric of his boxers.

London felt it too, and reached down to pull them off of him. His inflamed cock sprung free, slapping against the taut skin of London's stomach.

Zach was still sucking and licking London's tits, but brought his head up to ask her a question. "Londom, are you on BC?" "What's BC?" God. "Birth control." "Ohh. No." "Then give me a second." Zach reluctantly climbed off of London and reached under his bed, bringing out the box of condoms.

He withdrew one, ripped open the package, and brought out the condom. As he stood there, unrolling the condom over his cock, London laid on the bed, staring at his engorged member with worship, and nervousness.

"Is it going to hurt?" She asked. Zach smiled at her. "Only for a second. And then, I promise, it will feel great." Having put the condom on his eight inch cock, Zach climbed back on top of London, slowly pulling her legs apart as he kissed her deeply. Zach reached down and slowly pulled off her thong. "You shave!" he exclaimed when he saw her beautiful, bare pussy.

"Is that okay?" She asked, worried. "Okay? It's great!" He positioned his hips in between her thighs, grabbing the base of his cock and aiming it at her bald pussy. He rested his purple cocktip against her slick cuntlips, preparing to enter. "You ready?" He asked. London merely nodded, closing her eyes and preparing for the pain of her hyman breaking.

Zach pushed in lightly, her tight pussylips enveloping his condom-clad cock. London gasped again, and Zach thrust in farther. She cried out as the pain started, sending several sharp lances of pain through her body. Her breathing deepened, and Zach paused where he was, waiting for her to settle down. After several minutes she opened her eyes and nodded, and Zach pushed in farther. When his cock was fully embedded in her fuckhole he pulled back out and then thrust back in, causing her to grunt.

He withdrew again and drove it back in, and then again, and again. He sawed his engorged member in and out of her sensitive cunt, and they both groaned and moaned and shouted out in pleasure.

"Arghhhhhggunnnhhhh!" Screamed London as an orgasm began to wash over her. Spasms of sexual energy went through her body as she had the best orgasm of her life. She screamed and thrashed, gyrating on the bed underneath him.

As her pussy clenched and unclenched Zach felt his own pent up climax come along. "I'm going to cum!" He shouted, thrusting in and out faster and harder. And then, he heard a pop. "Shit!" He said, knowing her should stop and pull out but unable to muster up the willpower.

"What?" She screamed, barely coherent. "The condom popped!" He shouted, as he felt the eruption coming closer and closer. Her eyes snapped open. "Get it out of me! You can't…come…in…me!" She grunted the last few words as Zach pounded harder and harder. He heard the wisdom of London's words, however, and pulled out reluctantly.

She slid down off the bed and began sucking on the tip of his cock while jacking him off with her hand. "Ah…ah…AH!" He shouted, as he erupted. The tip of his cock spewed its white seed like a geyser into London's sweet mouth, and the girl frantically swallowed it all as fast as she could. One, two, three, four roped of cum shot out of his cock, followed by several smaller ones. As the spurts stopped and London swallowed one final time, Zach smiled in content.

I can tell that this is going to be fun, this affair. After her boyfriend had left her with the twins, Maya had spent the rest of the day with Janice and Jessica. She had grown instantly close to them, drawn to their charm and laughter. They had talked all day and Maya had forgotten to finish her project for school. Even as she sat there alone in her room, trying to concentrate, she knew that she wouldn't be able to, so she left her room.

Maya traveled the hallways, looking for the room that Janice had said she and Jessica shared. She found it eventually, and knocked on the door. Hearing no answer, she knocked again, louder. With no answer forthcoming, she slowly twisted the doorknob, and found that it was unlocked. Maya pushed the door open gently, and peaked in. The sight made her stop in surprised Inside the room the lights were set to dim, and soft music was playing from the iHome on the nightstand, probably what they hadn't heard her knock.

Janice and Jessica were kneeling on one of the twin-sized beds, facing each other. Their arms were around one another and their mouths were pressed to together in a passionate yet tender kiss. Maya must have made some sound, because the two blond teenagers broke their kiss and turned their heads to look in her direction.

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Their eyes opened in surprise, and their hands went to cover their naked bodies. Maya stood where she was in the doorway, dumbfounded. "Maya!" They exclaimed, together. "What are you doing here?" "I…uh…came to see…uh…if you were doing…anything." "Well…" Said Janice.

"Yeah, I see." "Can you…uh…come in and close the door?" Asked Jessica. "We don't want anyone else walking by and seeing this." "Yeah.

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Sure." Maya walked forward and shut the door behind her, standing awkwardly in the middle of the room. "So&hellip." She said. "I guess you want an explanation?" Inquired Janice. "Well…yeah." "Okay." Responded Jessica. "We already told you that we're models, so we travel a lot." "Most of the time, we don't have enough time to meet guys and hang out with them, and get…close." Continued Janice. "We both have a…uh&hellip.high sex drive." Said Jessica. "After awhile we both got tired of not having guys to satisfy our urges, so we turned to each other." Janice said, taking over again.

"But…that's incest!" They both shrugged. "Yeah?" "Well…" "Its not like I'm forcing myself on her, or the other way around," said Jessica.

"Yeah…but still…" "Maya, don't judge us if you haven't tried it." Janice said. "Incest!?" "No, another woman.

You've been with guys before, right?" Asked Jessica. "A few," she admitted. "Well being with another woman is even better in some ways." "They know what makes you feel good, more than a guy would." "Granted, there's nothing quite like a man's cock, but it's a different feeling." "If you want…you could try it out. Now. Here. With us." Finished Jessica. Maya was dumbstruck.

Not only had she just caught Janice and Jessica having an incestuous relationship, they were offering to let her join. And she'd be lying if she said she didn't want to. The thought of another girls tongue on hers…was tempting.

And this wasn't the first time it had crossed her mind. This was just the first time it could seriously happen. "Well…" "C'mon! Lose those clothes and come join us!" Exclaimed Janice.

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She hesitantly moved her hand to the hem of her tee-shirt, and drew it up her stomach. Maya's shirt slowly peeled off as she debated in her mind whether or not she should do this. As the shirt came off of her head, Maya decided that yes, she wanted to do this.

It had been awhile since she'd had anything but her own hand, and she'd relish any other human contact. Sure, she could have had a lot of different guys since then, but for some reason, she hadn't had the urge.

Maybe that meant that this was the right choice, being with a girl.

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Or two. Maya tossed her shirt to the side, revealing her medium sized tits hidden by a red bra. She bent down and shoved her shorts down, using her feet to push them down farther, showing her thin black thong that she was wearing. Janice and Jessica stood up off of the bed and approached her at either side.

Janice was on her right and Jessica on her left, and both reached for her. Janice pressed her naked body up against Maya's, bringing her head close to hers for a kiss. The blond girl's lips pressed up to Maya's, her lips lingering on hers for a few long seconds while Jessica's hands explored her curvaceous body.

They eventually found their way to the clasp of her bra, and within a few seconds Jessica's deft fingers had undone her bra and it fell to the floor. Janice ended their kiss, moving her lips to the side of Maya's neck, giving the soft skin there a kiss, and then moving down. As Janice continued kissing her body, Jessica began kissing Maya on the mouth; not a sweet, tender kiss like Janice's but more passionate, and fierce.

Janice's mouth eventually reached her naked breast, kissing the large mound of flesh several times before moving to her nipple. Janice lightly bit the hard object, drawing her teeth out along it and causing Maya to shiver. The blond teenager moved onto her other breast as Jessica's tongue dove into her mouth, with Maya returning in kind.

The two girls began lightly pushing Maya backwards towards the closer twin-sized bed, until the backs of her knees were pressed up against the edge of the bed. Jessica backed away from Maya, and Janice firmly pressed on Maya's shoulders, sitting her down on the bed. Janice crawled onto the bed to the left of her and Jessica climbed on to the right.

The twins pushed Maya back even further until she was lying back on the bed with her feet dangling off the edge. Jessica lay down next to her and moved her lips to Maya's, biting her lower lip and then moving her tongue into her mouth.

Janice's hands traveled from Maya's round breasts down her flat, tanned stomach to the waistband of her black thong. Her thin and delicate fingers slowly slide under the thin strap, her fingernails scraping lightly against her skin, causing Maya to shiver. Janice pulled the thin thong down off of her hips, Maya raising her ass of the bed enough so that they slid easily down her legs and off of her feet.

Janice's eyes were drawn back up to the spot that her panties had been hiding. Her light brown pubic hair was trimmed into a thin and short landing strip, which ended where his pussy lips started. Janice bent her head down and lightly drew her tongue along the edge of her slit, ending at her hooded clit. Maya, not able to see over Jessica's head was surprised at the touch and gasped lightly as a thrill was sent through her body.

Janice slid off the edge of the bed and knelt between Maya's open knees. She bent her head down again and put her mouth against Maya's cunt, and slid her tongue through the tight lips.

Janice's hand went down to her own fuckhole and shoved two fingers inside and began fingering herself. Jessica stopped making out with Maya and straddled her face, shoving her lightly furred, blond pussy on her mouth. Maya instinctively licked Jessica's pussy and the girl moaned in pleasure.

Janice continued to eat out Maya's cunt as she did the same to her sister, the two girls moaning and grunting. Maya was moving her hips up and down as Janice drove her tongue deep into her pussylips, and Jessica was humping her hips up and down on Maya's face.

Maya groaned as the pleasure from Janice's tongue began to bring her to an orgasm, and Jessica did the same as Maya's tongue worked furiously. Janice flicked her tongue against Maya's clit, and she climaxed. Her pussy spasmed and she screamed, the sound muted by Jessica's cunt, which also caused the blond girl to climax. Janice had sped her fingers up and the sensation of the two fingers going in and out of her pussy made her orgasm as well. The three teenage girls panted and moaned as their orgasms finally began to subside, and they lay back, Maya and Jessica on the bed and Janice on the floor.

Does this mean I'm lesbian? Thought Maya. No. She decided. It just means I like it both ways. And I'm fine with that.! She decided.