Big breast emoboy gay porn Kyler Moss is a very wild boy and Robbie

Big breast emoboy gay porn Kyler Moss is a very wild boy  and Robbie
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The hot girl you were checking out in the bar yesterday?

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She just turned out to be your buddy's girlfriend. It was kind of awkward when he introduced her to you this morning, but you two acted as though you were seeing each other for the first time. Now, at around 4 in the afternoon, you're working away on your laptop in a secluded part of the beach. You're almost invisible to everyone else, well; there is only a hand full of people at this time.

And your girlfriend had gone to visit a friend; she won't be back until next morning. It was then, when you were working away in peace, when you look over your laptop to see her walking towards you. She looked amazing, her dark smooth skin in a pink two piece bikini. Her black hair, with streaks of red, fell just below her shoulders. She was smoking a Marlboro as she walked up to you. You had stopped working. You couldn't take your eyes off her amazing body.

She had curves in all the right places: her ripe breasts generously pushing against the tight bikini top, and her waist filling out the bikini bottom.

She came and sat down on the sand beside you. "So, what are you doing?" "Oh, nothing much, just working, you know. Jasmine's off to meet one of her old school friends." "Oh you guys and our work", Bipasha said, lying down, "even John's gone off for a presentation. You guys are so boring." "Well, what do you want to do?" you say, shutting down your laptop.

"I don't know. Anything fun, I guess." "Why don't we go over to my place, eat something, and watch a movie, maybe? I've got a great collection." "Sounds great!" Next moment you find yourself driving this hottie down to your place.

You keep giving her smooth thighs and ass a furtive glance and you're pretty sure she noticed you a couple of times. "Keep your eyes on the road, for heaven's sake!" she exclaimed with a smile. "What? They ARE on the road!" "Oh yeah? Even if I do this?" she said before taking her bikini top right off, and throwing it out the window. You don't know what to say, you keep shut.

"Even if I do this?" she murmurs into your ear as she slides her thong off and that goes out the window as well. You're about to say something witty, but then she cuts you off. "And is the fucking road making you this horny?" she says, virtually licking your ear as she does, before grabbing your erect dick all of a sudden. You abruptly brake the car and look into Bipasha's eyes. She jumps on to you, straddling you and kissing your mouth furiously.

You're moving your hands up and down her smooth, sexy, body, and squeezing her naked bum cheeks. She starts sucking your tongue when you spank her, causing her to stop. Then you start sucking her tits, licking them, squeezing them, slapping them, and doing whatever you can with them. Her hands are in her hair, and she's clearly having a great time. "Oh fuck, yes!


That's the fucking spot!" she says, grinding against your pants as you maul her tits. "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" is the message accompanying a tap on the window.

There's a policeman outside, clearly glad he caught you two. Bipasha immediately takes control. She climbs right out of the window and greets the officer with a smile. "Hello officer!" "Hello ma'am, I'm afraid I've got to take you two to the Police Station. You know sex in public places is not allowed." "Oh come on, is it really that big a deal?" "Oh yes, you two will be fined and have to do some community work." "But isn't there an alternative, I mean, an arrangement we can come to, to avoid all the snafu?

I mean, surely someone as powerful and masculine as you would be able to think of something. I'm willing to do anything, officer, anything." She kisses him softly on the lips. Seeing him smile, she drops to her knees, unzips his pants and starts jacking him off right there, on the road. Sure there wasn't anyone else there, but still, it was the road! He was an old man, and his cock was having trouble standing up. On realizing this, Bipasha engulfed his cock, and began furiously blowing it.


The old officer rested against the bonnet of my car and Bipasha went down on is cock. You were feeling awkward. Then, all of a sudden, the old guy held her hair, pulled her to her feet, and threw her on to the bonnet.

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Bipasha was on her fours, and pushed out her ass for him to fuck. The old guy wastes no time in ramming his cock all the way up her pussy, and Bipasha starts humping against him too. She's moaning and cooing like this is the best sex she's had, it was obviously fake, but nonetheless very erotic. She looks at you through the wind shield and winks, licking her hand and rubbing her pussy with it.

You can feel the entire car jerking as the policeman ploughs your friend's girlfriend. When the old guy started shouting, "I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!" Bipasha expertly turned around and slid down your bonnet on to the road, kneeling before the old man.

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She started beating off his dick, gasping and talking to him, "Come for me, baby. Come all over my big juicy tits. Give me all your fucking cum!!Make me your fucking cum dumpster. Oh, I'm such a fucking slut. Please, daddy, come all over my dirty fucking face!" He groaned and finally came all over her tits.

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He had a surprisingly large load; it formed a white paste all over her chest. He was smiling once he was done, and looking at Bipasha collecting the cum on her fingers and licking it off.

Once she was done, she got up, kissed him on the cheek, and got back in the car with you. The policeman was still standing there as you drove past him. "Now that's going to be hard to top", you joke.

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"Oh come on! You know I had to make him come so that we could go home as fast as possible", Bipasha replied, blushing. You finally pull up in your driveway. You watch Bipasha's naked form hop out of the car and into the house, as you slowly follow her. You enter the building, and hear her calling for you.

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She seems to be in the garden. You smile as you follow her cooing voice. You finally find her, lying sprawled on the garden grass, playing slowly with her wet pussy as she calls your name. On seeing you, she sends you a flying kiss. You ease out of your shorts and walk slowly towards her.

You see her sit up and lick her lips at the sight of your massive tool. You bend over to kiss her lips before you turn her around, making her stay on her fours, like a dog. She wobbles her delectable ass hungrily, and asks you to fuck her. To be continued.