Jasmine Vegas House Warming Techniques

Jasmine Vegas House Warming Techniques
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Note : This story is completely fictional! I had always been fascinated by the feel of womens clothes against my skin, and today was no different. Mom was away on a business trip to Canada, and dad was away at work for the next couple of hours. I had always had an effeminate look to me, with me being 6'1" and thin as a twig at 19, I was scrawny.

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I had bought a black wig to go with the outfit that I had picked out. It was black 6" heels, black pantyhose, a black garter belt and panties, with a short black skirt and a little black tube top. I was hard just thinking about what I would look like. I took a shower and completely shaved myself.

My legs were silky smooth and my ass was too. The only hair left on my body was on the top of my head. I dried myself and immediately went to my room. I put on the panties and bra first. I had bought some silicone tits to slide into my bra so that I was now a C cup. I then slid on the garter belt and then the pantyhose. I just love the way the pantyhose feels against my smooth legs.

I tucked my package away and slid on my skirt. Next I put on my tube top and zipped up my knee high boots. I applied some mascara, some black lipstick, and with the final touches, I put on my wig. I admired myself in the full length mirror. Damn, I looked like a $1000 dollar hooker. I was so hot I had a hard time keeping my hands off myself. I was just lying around the house all dressed up when suddenly I looked out the window and saw my fathers work truck pulling into the drive way. I started to panic and went upstairs into my room.

I jumped under the covers and took off my wig. At least he would not see me dressed up in my slutty outfit. I heard him open the door, I heard the thump of his duffel bag as it hit the floor, I was starting to sweat from my nervousness.

I could hear him as he came up the stairs, hopefully going into his room to take a shower. I then heard a knock on the door and without warning, my dad opened it.

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I could see a somewhat puzzled look on his face when he opened the door to my room. He saw my makeup. He came up to the side of my bed and asked what the hell it was all about. Now my dad is an intimidating man, 6"4" muscular, toned, in his mid forties, about 220 lbs, with short black hair. He came up to the side of my bed and pulled away the covers, only to discover his son, dressed as a high-class whore.

He kind of jumped back, looked at my body and then in my eyes. He just shook his head and walked out the door and into the hall muttering "my son is a fag" over and over. I could hear him start the shower, and then I heard him step in. I was just lying there in bed, kind of ashamed that he had caught me in this predicament, I heard the shower turn off, and then I heard his bathroom door open. What I heard next was a surprise. "Son, will you please come in here?" my father said without the slightest hint of animosity in his voice.

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I don't know why, but I had still not changed from my costume as I walked into his room. He sat there on his bed, completely naked and exposed with his half hard cock sticking out between his meaty legs. I looked down at his package and it must have been about 8 inches uncut and halfway hard. I kind of gasped as he ushered me in. He asked me how long I had been dressing up.

I told him it was about 4 years. He kind of shook his head then he asked me if I was gay. I told him no, and that I considered myself bi-sexual with cross-dressing tendencies. He grabbed me by the waste and pulled me in close.


He whispered in my ear that at first he was shocked, but after thinking about it, he was really turned on. When he said this I looked down at his cock and could tell, the monster had grown to about 11.5 inches, rock hard.

I gulped a nervous gulp and he pushed me to my knees.

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Before another word was said, I was sucking on his huge man-meat. I could only go down about halfway on his enormous pole before I started to gag. He gently placed his hand on the back of my head and started in an up and down motion. Every time I went down as far as I could, he would push me a little further. Once we got a rhythm going, I was able to swallow about 8 inches of his fat cock. I could feel his pressure building and without warning, he shot his juicy load straight down the back of my throat.

I was a little surprised at the intensity in which he came, but I swallowed every last drop like a good son, I mean daughter should do. He stood me up and said that he hadn't had a blowjob like that since he was in high school. I thanked him and told him to wait right there. I ran back to my room and grabbed my wig and an 8 inch black cock that I had bought at a porn store down the road.

I came back into his room with my wig on. I pushed him onto his back and mounted him. I then whipped out the black cock in front of him.

I started to give it a blowjob, right in front of his face. I was going to town on it until I turned myself around so that we were in the 69 position.


I gave him the cock and told him that he knew what to do with it, as I engulfed his increasingly erect cock into my eager mouth. I could feel his hand push aside the panties, the I felt the cock head at the entrance to my anus. Dad licked my asshole, and slowly inserted the cock into my waiting asshole.

My ass was on fire, but it felt so good, I didn't want to tell him so. He started to move the cock in and out of my tight virgin ass, with increasing momentum. I had his cock almost all the way in my mouth and his two golfball size nuts in my hand when I felt his finger slide in with the dildo that was crammed up my ass.

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He lifted me off of him and placed me on my stomach, so that my virgin ass was in the air waiting for its rightful first poke. I could feel him shift his wait on the bed, as I felt the fleshy tip of his cock prod at my tight hole.

Even though he had just loosened my ass, I could still feel that burning sensation as he entered me for the first time. He slowly worked his way in and started going in a rhythmical motion. When he really started pounding, I swear I could taste his cockhead in the back of my throat. I felt full, I felt whole. Somehow this seemed natural.

My face was planted into the bed, and my hands were outstretched and gripping onto the blankets. He was doing a sawing motion, long deliberate strokes, almost pulling himself out completely, then ramming it back in. This felt so good to have a real cock in my ass finally. I could feel the pressure building in myself and in him. He started to shoot his hot sticky load deep into my ass, I barely touched my cock, and it spurted out a hot sticky load right onto my hands.

I rolled of my dad and laid next to him. I showed him my load in my hand and he told me not to waste anything, so he watched my intently as I licked my own juices off my hand. He then made a motion down to his cock, and I knew what he wanted me to do. So I took his cock into my mouth once again and cleaned him off from top to bottom of his shaft that was still halfway erect.

I then cleaned both of his balls with my slutty mouth. He tasted so good, the sweet salty semen that could have been my little brother or sister. I looked into his eyes, and he looked into mine.

I sighed a sigh of relief and curled up next to him, with my head on his lap. I began to play with his flaccid penis, waving it around, sucking on the head and slapping my own face with his fat long cock. He started to get hard again, so I decided to give him some more head. I was focusing on the head of his shaft, sucking it like a tootsie pop, as he was writhing in ecstasy. He was still laying on his back when I swung my girlish hips over his waste and placed his cock between my ass cheeks.

I looked at him seductively and raised my ass so that the tip of his penis was right at the entrance to my hole again. I asked him what he wanted from his little slut said, and with barely a response he shoved his whole cock deep into my ass.

I was in a state of shock as I just slid down it and rested with his cock in my ass and my balls on his pelvic area.

He raised his knees so that I had something to lean back on as he grabbed hold of both my boots and spread my legs apart so that he could look at his little "girl" riding her big daddy. He pulled a cowboy hat off his bedpost and gave it to me. I put it on and I was daddys little girl riding a BIG bull. I was bucking my hips and waving the hat around in the air with one hand on his chest for support.

I was moving up and down and so was daddy, going in the opposite direction, when I went up, he went down. This continued on for about 10 minutes, me waving the hat around holding onto his chest while I had an 11 inch bone up my ass. I could feel him start to thrust as if they were his last few, so I quickly pulled off of him and shoved my mouth deep onto his cock, just in time for the first few shots to hit me in the face, as the rest I swallowed happily.

We both lay down, exhausted from the unbelievable sex that just happened. He looked at me and said "now that I know your little secret, you're going to be my personal whore." With that I smiled and draped an arm across his chest as I fell asleep in my dads caring arms.