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Slender tranny floozy enjoys hardcore anal fuck untill orgasm
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*** Chris found himself in the middle of a beautiful green wilderness. There were beautiful trees and shrubs, luscious green meadows visible through a clearing in the forest.

Beyond that, rolling hills. It was beautiful alright, but Chris didn't know what was happening. A second ago he was in the dark hallway of his friend's creepy old house and now he was in a tropical wilderness?! He was thinking that he was going crazy, or that it must be a dream. A voice filled his head. "Chris", it was Steven's voice! "Steven?" he answered, his voice laced with pure fear. "Yes Chris it's me", Steven's voice sounded distant and strange. Chris looked around at his surroundings.

Steven was nowhere to be seen. He spoke back; "Steven where are you? . Where am I?" "Chris, don't worry. You're going to have to trust me ok?" "What?" Chris answered confused, "Trust you with what.

Tell me what this is all about! Where am I and what is happening?!" "Just do what I tell you Chris! I know you're confused but you have to trust me.

I'll tell you what this is all about but for now you have to move. You are not safe. Go through the clearing in the trees. Get out of the woods and turn right. You will see a cabin. You need to go there. Do you understand?" Chris had no clue as to where he was and he wanted to argue and question the whole thing, but he was fearful for his safety so for now, he reluctantly went along with it.

Walking out through the clearing into the unknown, he had crossed the border into the meadow. He turned his head to the right, looking for the cabin which Steven had told him of. Sure enough, there it was, a small quirky log cabin which just sat there alone in the meadow with the woods to one side and behind it, a beautiful lake.

The place was stunning for sure but Chris wasn't bothered by how it looked. He was more concerned about the notion of being unsafe as Steven had informed him without detail or explanation. He turned and began walking quickly towards the cabin, hoping he would be safe there. Chris moved through the big empty meadow as fast as he could without running, his senses were all on high alert.

He could hear every sound, see every sight, feel every pebble, every bump under his feet as he walked. He heard the gentle rustling as the wind ruffled the leaves on the trees, the gentle sound of water trickling as the small waves lapped at the bank on the edge of the lake. He saw the tiny ripples on the water as the sunlight bounced off of it, the trees swaying elegantly in the gentle breeze. It was a very pleasant scene but still he was panicking. It was difficult to see how he could possibly be unsafe here but he could surely feel that something wasn't right.

Where was Steven's voice coming from? That was what was most confusing to him. Where was he? It was all very weird.

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He just kept walking, his mind working harder and harder as the seconds went by. His breaths grew shorter and more hurried. His feet began to move faster and faster in the direction of the cabin as his sense of unease escalated. He was nearly there, just a few more paces before he reached security. He reached the cabin and let his pace drop a little as he hesitantly explored the outside of the tiny building.

The cabin was surrounded all the way around by a well kept bed of unfamiliar purple flowers. Chris frowned a little as he looked at them. They were unlike any flowers he had ever seen before, with just one oval shaped petal on each head.

They were indeed very strange. To be honest, they smelled like the back end of a dog. Even without trying to, Chris could smell the ghastly stench of these simply weird flowers. He tried to take his mind off of them by exploring the outside of the building further, gazing over every visible inch with his eyes. It was a very simple rectangular shaped building with one window and one door, both on the front side of the cabin which faced the lake.

He decided to approach the door, which was also made from wooden logs.

He hesitantly knocked on the door, he didn't know if anyone would be there. How would he know? He didn't even know where he was. In fact come to think of it, he didn't even know if any of this was real! A few minutes ago he was in Steven's living room, kissing him against the wall. He would have given anything to be back there now, but it seemed like he was stuck with this for the time being, so he had no choice but to go along with it. After a short amount of time had passed, there was still no answer at the door from inside the cabin.

He wondered if he should let himself in. He didn't want to intrude onto someone else's property. The cabin was clearly lived in by someone, the flowerbed was neat and well kept and that surely meant that somebody must have been maintaining it.

Chris decided to go and look through the window. He stepped away from the door, off of the stone doorstep and stepped cautiously towards the small glass window at the other end of the small front face of the building. He stood at the edge of it and steadily, slowly began to lean over to one side until he was just about able to peer around the frame of the window and through the thin glass. "Can I help you?!" Chris almost jumped out of his skin when he suddenly heard a strange and unfamiliar voice from behind him!

He turned around sharply to see where the voice was coming from. Chris's jaw dropped! Before him stood the most gorgeous sight he had ever beheld! A beautiful young man stood there.

He was totally naked. Chris's eyes scanned over every part of the young man's stunning body. He was hot! He had long untamed brown hair which flicked in the breeze. His big, wide, ocean blue eyes were captivating.

His lips were full and pink.

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His face was chiselled and attractive and he had a body to die for! His eyes proceeded to glance down over his well worked Pecs which were covered lightly with a small quantity of wispy brown hair. His stomach was just as pleasant with well defined and clear abs bulging out around his little belly button. As his eyes scrolled down further though, they stopped their descent over the mystery hunk's body as they locked onto what had to be, the most glorious piece of manhood he had ever laid eyes on!

"Heh-hum!" the man grunted as he waited for an answer from Chris. "Oh!" Chris replied nervously as he removed his eyes from the man's penis. "I'm sorry," he said trying to regain what little composure he had before he was distracted by this naked beauty, "I'm Chris, and I…well I guess… I'm a little bit lost." Chris cautiously replied, not knowing what to say to cut through the awkwardness. "Ok, well it's nice to meet you Chris, my name is Joseph".

"Joseph, umm, where is this place. I hope you'll forgive me but I'm a little confused".

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"Don't worry, they always are. Come inside and I'll see if I can help you." Joseph said, and he winked. Chris didn't really know how to take that.

Why did he wink? How did he intent to 'help' him? What did Joseph mean by `they always are`? Who was he referring to? Whoever he meant though, Chris was glad that he had found somebody who might be able to help him out of this weird situation, maybe even shed a little light on where he was and what was happening. He followed Joseph into the cabin, making sure he got a good look at his gorgeous smooth round ass as he walked behind him.

The cabin seemed much bigger inside than it did outside. It seemed completely disproportionate, almost like it was an entirely different place. The whole situation was getting weirder by the minute. Chris frowned, puzzled as he looked around.


"Take a seat Chris," Joseph suggested pointing to a futuristic looking green armchair which sat in front of a small wooden table, "can I get you anything?" he added. "Umm, could I have some water?" he asked, sitting down. He was a bit tired and dehydrated after that brisk jog through the meadow. "Of course, I'll go and get you some. Make yourself comfortable". Chris sat and looked around the room trying to make sense of it all in his head as Joseph disappeared down some steps.

The very fact that the steps existed didn't make sense, the cabin looked too small from the outside to even have room for a staircase. It was very modern and futuristic inside, predominantly white but with splashes of bright vibrant colour everywhere, it did not add up! Joseph re-emerged up the stairs with a couple of mugs filled with water.

He placed them on the table in front of Chris's chair, then collected another identical green chair from behind a bed which was in the same room, and pulled it up to join him at the table. "I suppose you're confused by all of this aren't you?" Joseph asked.

"You could say that" Chris replied finding it hard not to stare at his nakedness. "Don't worry, it's bound to be confusing, this is all new to you, you're fine here with me. You should try to relax". "Oh it's new alright, I am trying to relax but I'm having a tough time of it" he emphasized.

"Well, that's what I'm here for" blue eyed Joseph said with a friendly smile.

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"I'm here to help you get what you want". "What do I want?" Chris questioned. The reply was silent, a subtle wink as Joseph took a sip from his mug. A thought came into his head about what he could have meant by that winkbut without clarification he didn't want to act on that thought, he may be wrong so he ignored it. He couldn't resist taking another quick glance at Joseph's still naked body. He knew he'd been caught when a smile immediately appeared on Joseph's face, but he didn't mind so much because the smile suggested that he was ok with him looking.

He took another look, this time for slightly longer. He noticed that Joseph's little pink nipples were hard. It was fairly cold in the room, which was another thing which didn't make sense as it was so hot outside. Surely there was no air conditioning in such a basic looking log cabin in the woods. "I think I know what you want" Joseph hinted seductively, still smiling. "Yeah"? Chris answered. "Yep". "What's that"? "Why don't you tell me"? "I don't know…" Chris hesitantly responded, "I guess there is something on my mind".

"Oh really, and what might that be I wonder"? Chris paused for a second. He took another look downwards over Joseph's perfect nude masculinity. His eyes stopped at the feature which he was most interested in. It looked bigger than before, thicker, and that gave him all the encouragement he needed to stand up out of the green chair and make his way eagerly around the wooden table.

Joseph stayed sat down, but reclined slightly in his seat further exposing his naked body and making it more accessible both to the eye, and to Chris's hands which hastily descended onto it and began to massage his chest and hard nipples. Joseph's smile was now bigger than ever, Chris's face in contrast was concentrated and focused.

He was lost in the moment. "I knew there was something I could help you with" Joseph whispered as he craned his neck up to Chris's left ear. The sexy whisper sent chills through Chris's body, he inhaled deeply as he felt his nipples harden and rub against the inside of his tight t-shirt. His senses were in overdrive. He no longer thought about the weirdness of the situation, the confusion of where he was and what was happening, the only thing on his mind at this point, was how much he wanted the red hot hunk in his hands.

He gazed down again to see Joseph's cock now standing at full mast pointing up at him, like it was begging for attention. Before he could think about going anywhere near it though, he felt hands grab the back of his head and pull him in to Joseph's face where their lips came together in a succulent smooch. He continued to massage his chest and shoulders as their lips intertwined passionately and his manhood too began to thicken and press into his underwear under his black trousers.

He was beginning to feel restricted by his clothing and yearned to join Joseph in freedom and nakedness, but his hands were busy and the moment was too good to interrupt.

As if he had read Chris's mind, Joseph's hands released his head and tugged the bottom of his t-shirt upwards. The kiss halted momentarily while it whipped up over his head and flew across the room onto the floor and their lips locked again. The front of Chris's trousers were now almost at the point of ripping as his quickly expanding dick raged inside of them, trying to escape like a caged beast.

He shuddered as flesh met flesh, those hands hit his upper back and glided sensuously down his sexily smooth lower back and onto the bubble shaped bump of his trouser covered ass. Then his fingers curled around the hem and slid around to the front where they met the button above his zipper.

Chris felt his button pop open giving his cock a brief glimpse of freedom before it hit the restriction of the zip. As they continued to kiss intensely, Chris continued to massage Joseph's beautifully sculpted unclothed body. He felt the first tug of his zipper as it began to gently descend until it could descend no further and his cock was released further so that now, all that stood between it and freedom was the soft white cloth of his boxer shorts.

Down went Chris's trousers and he kicked them off from around his ankles after doing the same to his shoes. He anticipated the next touch of Joseph's soft, caring hands. He wondered where he would next feel them make contact with his hypersensitive body.

The back of his thighs were the area of choice as they latched on to them and squeezed making him moan. He moaned louder when he stopped squeezing, and they started to brush upwards slowly, delicately, sensuously over his smooth, goose bump covered, over sensitised skin and came to a halt at the curved line where thigh turned into the soft, supple, peachy roundedness of his sweet young ass cheeks.

Chris shuddered at the feeling which Joseph was giving him; his cock twitched and stretched the soft material of their cotton prison. Joseph gave a gentle tweak to the bottom of each of Chris's cheeks through his boxers.

Chris marvelled in the mixture of short sharp pain and the strange pleasure which accompanied it. Those masterful hands drifted down once again onto his thighs where the stopped and plucked at the bottom of those increasingly pesky boxers.

He felt them tweak at them again, this time more vigorously causing them to move slightly so that the hem revealed a small glimpse of his ass. Again, another tweak quickly followed by another, more of his silky smooth, lily white cheeks were revealed.

One more tweak and all that was keeping his underwear from falling to his ankles was the tented point in the front of them. Joseph removed his hands from Chris's thighs.

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They stopped kissing. Joseph pushed Chris away so that he was able to stand. The two young men looked each other straight in the eyes and stood silently staring. Chris smiled sweetly, wondering why he'd stopped. Joseph saw the smile and winked before he started to gracefully descend onto his knees. Eye contact was kept at all times. Chris stopped smiling and gasped in anticipation of what he hoped was about to happen.

It was Joseph's turn to smile sweetly as he acknowledged the sharp intake of breath. Chris felt those hands again, this time on his lower stomach. Those magic fingers brushed downwards into his short pubic hair and under the hem of his boxer shorts, slowly, gently. He felt the warm fingers leave his body and the hem of his boxers began to peel away from his hips. He felt his aching cock begin to fall forward, the hem sliding gradually down his shaft causing him to twitch excitedly.

Eventually, at last, his cock was free as his underwear, in Joseph's hands, continued to descend off of his cock and down his legs until he was able to step out of them. Joseph threw them away into the room. They were both completely naked. Chris was stood in front of Joseph who was knelt down in front of the green chair. Chris's hard, aching, twitching cock was right there in front of Joseph's gorgeous face as they gazed hungrily into each other's eyes.

"Close your eyes" Joseph purred deeply. Chris did as he said. He raised his head, closed his eyes and waited for Joseph to make the next move. The atmosphere was electric. The sense of eager anticipation over-ruled everything else.


Chris braced himself, inhaling deeply once again, preparing himself for that initial burst of sensitive, intimate pleasure! *** End of Part 2.

To be continued… *** Thanks for reading part 2! As always, comments and positive votes are greatly appreciated. Thank you.